Lindsay On OWN Is Not To Be Missed!

Lindsay Lohan

Have y’all been watching the Lindsay Lohan reality show on OWN? I know it comes on Sunday nights and that is a super busy night for everyone’s DVR but it’s really worth trying to see if you can.  The great part about it for me is it’s actually a real reality show. There is no scripted bullshit. I like that they acknowledge they are being filmed. I’m about to watch the third episode and I thought I’d give you little bit of feedback.

First, Lindsay has a young male assistant who runs her life for her. It appears to a very trying job. Lindsay spent the first month or so of filming living in a hotel and trying to lease an apartment. It seems that her assistant literally does everything from waking her up to dealing with her real estate agent. He is also the go between for production. On the last episode he was the main person on the show as he was tasked with telling the camera crew that Lindsay could not be bothered to get out of bed and film. His name is Matt and he’s a saint.

Linsay Lohan

Meanwhile, production is not happy with Ms. Lohan  cancelling shoots left and right. In addition to Matt being ever present with Lindsay, she has a sober coach.  He is having a rough time getting her into good habits. She also hired some girls to unpack her clothes and fold things. Matt is frustrated that Lindsay has hired new “assistants” without telling him.  In this episode. he and Lindsay’s driver are sent to her mother’s house to load a huge moving van with all her crap. I would like to hire a Matt.

Lindsay’s sober coach says that moving within the first year of sobriety is generally a bad idea due to all the stress. Her father, Michael, arrives to help with the unpacking. Matt and the driver have to take most of the crap she doesn’t want back to her mother’s house.  Lindsay is not speaking to Matt. They are not fighting, she just can’t be bothered to acknowledge his existence. Matt is going to quit if she doesn’t speak to him soon. He can’t run her life without talking to her.

The crew is literally standing on the sidewalk outside Lindsay’s apartment waiting hours for her to allow them in. Out of 12 scheduled shoot days, she has been late for seven of them.  Then Lindsay cancels the shoot. The head of production calls Lindsay. Lindsay can’t film because she has a dermatologist appointment on the day she agreed to shoot and needs to go to her AA meeting. The producer tells his production team to go to her apartment and set it up, put away the eleventy billion mounds of clothing and get her place together. These are camera men and boom operators and lighting people being asked to fold Lindsay’s panties. All of this is going on while Lindsey is wearing black yoga pants and a see through white, form-fitting T-Shirt with no bra.  She has very large, dark areolae in case you are interested.

Lindsay goes to lunch with her personal trainer and bitches about production. The cameras should have already been set up when she arrived for lunch! She doesn’t want her show to be like the Kardashians. She doesn’t want to share her struggle for sobriety with anyone but her sober coach and her therapist. Um, wasn’t that the whole point of the show? Lindsay tells the trainer she should not have done the show. She wants to quit. Lots of people are questioning her sobriety. She says that is none of their business.

Enter Oprah. Oprah is going to come to slap some sense into Lindsay. As Oprah rolls ever closer to Lindsay’s mother’s house, Lindsay is speaking to the producer while someone brushes her hair. She is complaining about how stressful filming a documentary is. Oprah says she is fine with dumping the whole show.

Oprah and Lindsay sit down and Lindsay says she is stressed. She was hoping to be in a routine and calm and she’s not. Oprah says, “Okay, so life just showed up and it didn’t go the way you wanted it to.”  Oprah says she is creating chaos, like she is accustomed to. Oprah says either this is what you want to do or it isn’t. She will shut it all down today if she doesn’t want to do it. Lindsay whines a lot. Oprah asks her if she has been sober, she says yes. Oprah says let’s celebrate that, and Lindsay starts bawling. Oprah asks about her being out with that one guy in NYC who she used to do drugs with.  She says that absolutely was not true. Um, didn’t we see pictures of that? I don’t think Oprah is buying the sobriety story. Oprah says the vultures are waiting to pick her bones. Oprah says if she were in her position, she would not let the vultures have her. She would not give them the satisfaction of picking her bones. Then basically Oprah tells Lindsay she needs Jesus. Oprah then drops the f-bomb a couple of times. She tells Lindsay that if this is what she wants then don’t fuck it up! Then she tells her twice that she really needs to cut the bullshit.

We came really close to losing Matt the assistant this week, and I don’t see him on the previews for next week. He generally gets more camera time than Lindsay. I hope he sticks it out.

Is anyone else watching this?


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41 responses to “Lindsay On OWN Is Not To Be Missed!

  1. Katie

    I’m watching and it is so nice not to see a glossy manufactured “reality” show. Plus I feel invested. I want this chick to get her shit together, but it almost seems impossible. Glad someone else is checking it out!

    • Buck Henry

      Thanks Tamara, I’ll think I’ll watch it also. It sounds like it’s really a reality show (like the first season of RHOOC) that just films what is going on and doesn’t try to script drama. Oh by the way Tamara go to thedirty and search for Lindsay and her time in Dubai and other places in the middleeast. Some say she was a high end play for pay girl for the real rich elite.

  2. I only have one functioning brain cell left after the waste known as RHOBH. I’ll have to pass on watching Ms. Lohan do her crying, denying, lying, thing. But I will read TT’s recaps!

  3. stevod

    watching! it’s actually a really well done show because it’s a legitimate documentary for a change.

    favourite moment so far was in the first episode when she arrives at her mother’s house who, when approached for a hug, doesn’t even look at lindsay directly and instead leans over her to the camera/crew. i need to find a gif of that.

  4. barbinga

    Since I have a zillion Sunday shows, I’ve only managed to catch a portion of an episode. I’m hoping she reruns the shit out of it, like she does with Sweetie Pies or her other ones.

  5. Urethra Franklin

    I have been watching & riveted with this show. Though it is a reality show it does have a documentary feel to it, and the directors style gives it a very dark tone. Almost like that Queen of Versailles documentary.

    Lindsay is clearly a hoarder and so far we have seen her spend endless hours organizing tons & tons of clothes. Why doesn’t she just hire a closet organizer to take care of that for her? She has tons of clothes & junk but her apartment is almost completely void of furniture.

    Plus she is the MOST dysfunctional person I have ever seen. Who needs that many people on the payroll just to wake your ass up? She has several assistants, a life coach, a trainer, & a sober coach, and yet she still can’t function…. She is a mess.

    LL did this show because she needed the money. PERIOD. But what she really needs is to go live somewhere quiet & simple like Colorado and chill the fuck out for at least 2 years.

    • Well said Ms. Franklin. I’m obsessed with this train wreck. Watching her unpack her clothes while wearing a fur and smoking was such a “moment”. You could use this woman as a case study for psychology graduate students.

    • Xanadude

      She’s definitely a hoarder. On top of that, the narcissism of all involved is riveting…take Sheree, add talent, and mulitply by three (Lindsay, Dina, and Michael) and you have just the faintest of ideas of how self absorbed these people are. Dina literally almost knocks over Lindsay in an attempt to get a better camera angle in one episode.

      • Urethra Franklin

        If Dina got a job, that would take the pressure off of ATM/Lindsay so that she could focus on herself instead of exploiting herself & compromising her sobriety for paycheck.

      • Pam

        It is sad that her parents see her as an ATM. They are both train wrecks and her life coach needs to keep both of them away from her. Actually, she is doing fairly well considering this was her example while she was growing up. I so hope she can do like Robert Downey Jr. and get on the right path and stay there. She is talented but she is so flawed thanks to her useless parents and I am sure many others that have treated her as a comodity and not a person. I hope she sees her worth and moves away from the things that bring her down.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ UF: I agree with you. She jumped into this show too soon, and she knows it. She said as much to her trainer/counselor. I feel badly for Lindsay. This is HER struggle for sobriety. She knows her triggers and weaknesses. Oprah is doing everything to exploit this young lady. Withholding the check for the apartment, badgering her to film before she gets unpacked (yes, she has a lot of clothes and probably is a hoarder), shit talking about her on the way to interview on the last ep., etc… She can’t even attend AA mtgs. bc of the papparazzi. Oprah and her team are constantly adding obstacles to this girl’s sobriety, and that is disgusting. She’s also had to deal with her mom getting a DUI, and her father exploiting her for tv time, too, since filming began.

    • Mina

      Miss Franklin, you said it. She just needs to go sit down somewhere, as my gramma would say.

  6. Riley

    So this is what real reality shows look like. And yes…you bet I’m watching it!
    Like you T, I sure hope Matt doesn’t quit. She’s lucky to have someone much patience. ..cause he’s certainly going to need it. The only “real” thing missing is Lindsey. She has to stop the BS. Part of recovery is being REAL. With everyone…but mainly ones self.

  7. I love this how. It’s authentic. Having worked with addicts for many years this show exemplifies the struggles of those people who want to help someone clearly drowning in trouble but who tosses the life preserves back at them.

    • barbinga

      Ya know, from that perspective I hope Kim Richards is watching. Maybe when you see certain traits in others you’ll recognize it in yourself?

  8. bravocueen

    I am watching and am relieved that it is unscripted. I’m with those of you who are rooting for this chic to get it together. I really don’t want her to fail. I’m also glad that Oprah is not babying her in order to keep the production going. If L succeeds it will be a miracle. But I’m rooting for her. And props to her “assistant.” He needs a raise.

  9. Anoneemouse

    I am watching too! She is a genius at always playing the victim!

  10. bombero129

    How much is the going rate for assistants like Matt these days? I wonder how much he gets paid?

  11. NYNY

    Just stopping by to say thanks and love that you love it.

  12. Wampascat

    I started watching out of idle curiosity. What a mess this girl has made out of her life. I can’t muster any sympathy at all. She’s had all the chances in the world and she keeps wasting them. Oprah was too soft on her. She should have said point blank to honor the contract or get out of the apartment the production company is paying for. Lindsay can’t be bothered to get her ass out of bed to be on her own damn reality show? Please!!!

  13. Lulu

    I missed the first episode but have watched the last two. Does OWN broadcast on HD? Yes, she is a train wreck. Seems to be a bit out of shape as well considering how young she is.

  14. Xanadude

    I watch it as G-d intended – at midnight on Sunday night while in the same frame of mind Lindsay is in – half out of it. It IS really good television, since there doesn’t seem to be any artifice to it – it will be interesting to see, after it completes, if Lindsay/Dina/Michael will issue denials about production taking things out of context, etc.

  15. Bren

    Poor Matt and his quest for five minutes. That’s all he needs. He took quite a lashing over those keys. Michael and Dina make my skin crawl. But Lindsey just can’t quit them. She’s mentally trapped.
    The clothes were a trip and you can tell she’s been living place to place for awhile. I love a beautiful dress just as much as the next person, but there’s no need for that. Hope the sober companion is legit because I’m rooting for her.
    I like the show. I don’t know, maybe I am intrigued by television shows that feature people desperately trying to convince the world that they are someone they are not.

  16. jelley

    I looooove this show! I wondered if you were watching actually. Surprisingly, I’m really rooting for Lindsay. I really hope she gets it together. She’s very articulate and somewhat self aware, although immature and whiney at times.

    • jelley

      Oh and I couldn’t believe how broke she is! Couldn’t even afford her own apartment. I guess OWN paid for her month plus hotel stay? How sad that I realistically might have more money in the bank than Lindsay Lohan.

      As a side note, her lips are overdone and really distract me in every episode.

      • How could you not believe how broke she is? Being an addict is expensive and keeps people from working. Y’all always seem to overestimate people’s incomes #Nene

        On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 11:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mina

        She is starting to have Suzanne Somers face with those lips. And she used to be cute

  17. Daph1

    I’m fascinated by this show and the chaos that is Lindsay’s life. It’s mind boggling to me how out of touch with reality some celebs are: how many people with jobs, families, responsibilities, etc, are able to move and unpack without 10-20 people helping them? I do find it refreshingly real for a reality show.

  18. Kjsmithjd

    $100K is the going rate.

  19. I am wondering, how will Lindsay pay for that apartment when the show is over. I imagine Oprah is paying for everything. It would be a good show if it were not so real. This can’t help Lindsay’s career, or whatever is left of it.

  20. Bethany Rhoades Onnen

    Please keep reviewing this show!!!! I’m dying to know what goes on & I don’t get OWN!

  21. to a point i get her objections. key took so long her crap is everywhere. makes for boring & possibly embarassing shooting. same w doing a walkon w a buncha models when she was a hugely grossing star. so what if she’s starting over. she doesnt have to start w walkons. but if those clothes were so important to her she could have folded/stored them away herself instead of waiting days for asst to do it.

  22. Little bigs

    I’ve kinda given up on her. I think she’s way beyond the point of despair. I hope she gets better but I think it’s too late for her … She looks so old now and ratchet…
    I wish her the best and hope she can make a comeback but …. I just don’t see it. Sorry lindzzzz

  23. Waygonnnancy

    Her pain & sorrow is palatable. Oprah was right with her creating the chaos because that is her “normal”. I feel such empathy for her, she really is struggling.. . .

  24. SueCarol

    Nope. Not going to watch either. Lilo is a train wreck and her “career” as anything other than a mess is over. A shame really.

  25. Lucy94

    Does anyone know what kind of ratings this show is pulling? Train wreck doesn’t even begin to describe it. Girlfriend is looking rode hard and put away wet. I do wonder what will happen to her after this is over. She certainly doesn’t seem strong.

  26. at times you don’t see Lindsay on cameras those must be her low moments ….. I wish her well, I feel bad she had parents who allowed he to do drugs, smoke and drink…. now they sit back and worry about her.. where were they when she needed them to be parents. I want her to succeed and get her life back on track she is a strong girl and she can do it. But she also has to distance herself away from bad influence… With this show she just might make it, and that will be the break she needs to get her life together.

  27. Angel

    I am wondering how her parents make their money. I know her father had several stints in prison. Her father also is overcoming addiction problems and I suspect her mother currently is using. I wish Lindsey the best. I think she is talented and I am enjoying getting to know the real girl through this show. I agree with many issues of the show she has articulated so well. I suspect she carried a heavy load for her family at times. Never give up Lindsey!

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