WWHL With Kandi Buruss!

white party on WWHL with Kandi and Tiny?

I swear to God you guys try to work me to death on Sunday nights! But for once on a Sunday I am feeling really good. The sun has come back to the ATL finally! So I can handle an episode of RHOA a 90 minute Blood Sweat and Heels Reunion and now whatever this  WWHL  turns out to be. I’ve just seen the pic so far and it seem a bit odd that they are both dressed for a white party when spring has only sorta kinda started to have sprung.

Oh. You might have noticed I didn’t buy into the whole Housewives Awards bullshit they are trying to make happen. Likewise I will not be reporting the results of things like best hair flip and most memorable outfit. It’s all ridiculous. I will say that Kenya is winning like Charlie Sheen so you can be assured she will be returning next season. You can take that to the bank.kandi RHOA

Kandi says that she could not believe that Cynthia did not defend Peter when Nene was calling her husband a bitch. I have a hard time having an opinion on this because I don’t date the kind of men that would ever find themselves in that situation. I date very dominant, very large men, it’s my only “type.” With one exception, I can’t imagine any female stepping to my man like that. It just would never happen. I have no ….experience in that. Now I have mouthed off to a couple of men who tried to go there but my man quickly shut me down and um, handled some business he had. /shrugs.

Side Note: WTF with that green tie Andrew?

Oh and Kandi is on with Tiny, her former Xscape member and star of T.I. and Tiny or whatever. It’s a small and a tiny, y’all.  Tiny clears up the rumors about her marriage by saying like any couple they fight and get back cool and now they are back cool. She sort of creeps me out in the whole, I might have nightmares sort of way. Sorry. Just saying.

They are replaying the fight between Phaedra and Kenya where Phaedra calls Kenya a “home wrecker.” To me a wife calls someone who who has slept with her husband and is trying to take her man. I don’t think Kenya did either. However, Kenya sure goes to GREAT lengths to keep on denying it. And even Miss Lawrence said that Kenya and Apollo have serious chemistry. My HD TV does NOT lie. Those two are hot for each other. Sorry Kenya.

Andy does a montage of Phaedra’s screw faces. It was funny.Oh holy shit is T. Kyle the bartender? Please check out his gif page here!  LOVE HIM . I use his hard work all the time. Show him some love. He’s wearing a FREE TERESA t-shirt and a black. So Adorbs.

Side Note: Kandi’s hair tonight is SPECTACULAR and she looks amazing.

Questions for Kandi:

Why don’t you ever put Nene in her place? Kandi says she feels like she said a lot today. She feels like she always speaks her mind. (I agree)

What is going on with you and Mama Joyce? Kandi says, “I mean that’s my Mom!” She says they are good but she has not changed her mind about them getting married. Andy points out that is eminent and are getting married in a few weeks.  According to SFTA they are getting married April 4th and it will be a spinoff. Kandi says Mama Joyce has said she will not object at the wedding. lol.

Somehow my DVR shut off right there. How is that possible?  What did I miss other than the poll, mazel and jackhole (Btw, please tell me if you know).

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22 responses to “WWHL With Kandi Buruss!

  1. a little birdie

    The jackhole was some NASCAR guy who went up to this woman and mistook her for Donner Summer. He was like really excited to see her. Andy said it’s rude to mistake black people for other black people but it is even more rude to mistake them for dead black people. Don’t remember the Mazel

  2. Urethra Franklin

    Andy gave the Mazel to the Lady Gaga video ft himself & the RHOBH housewives.

  3. JoJo

    Nothing of the WWHL show shut off for me and I didn’t see the results of the Poll, which I believe was ” Whose side are you on, Phaedra or Kenya.” Was the issue on whose side everyone’s on regarding the issue of Apollo the last 2 episodes?
    If anyone knows, please let me know if I got the Poll question right and what were the results. Thanks.
    I though Kandi not only looked particularly cute, and in an all-white, well-fitting pantsuit, but a lot thinner!

  4. Jennifer N

    Andy asked if there would ever be an xscape reunion. Does anyone know what Tiny meant when she said Kandi and Tamika had a feud ? Kandi said Tamika needs to publicly apologize.

  5. Riley

    Kinda lost on a couple of things. Kandi likes Apollo and thinks he is cool. WWHL is not prerecorded. Everyone knows what Apollo has done. Certainly she doesn’t think it’s cool to steal people’s pensions.
    And on the post for RHOA comments …….the show IS prerecorded so Greg didn’t see any episode ahead of making his incorrect observation on last night show.
    One more thing. Andy has made so many references to Cynthia’s hIr. Doesn’t he realize they are wigs??? Or am I in the Twilight zone????

  6. deedle

    Andy said the jackhole was for the guy mistaken black women for other black women that have PASSED AWAY he did not say dead. Also Kandi said there will not be a reunion because Tamika put some bad things about her out there that were not true and although she apologized to Kandi privately she will not forgive her until she apologizes publicly. Kandi looked great and happy and I that is the BEST I have ever seen miss piggy look…EVER!

  7. diamondgigi

    WWHL was just ok, however, I did like Tiny as a guest she was more candid with her responses. In most cases when she played Tiny Tunes I felt her answers were quite diplomatic, or she lacked knowledge about what has REALLY been happening on the show.

  8. gerly1

    TT I’m relieved I’m not the only one that thought the awards were dumb. I’d rather have heard more from Kandi about the show!

  9. KB

    I think Kandi handled NeNe just right when she tried to call her ignorant. Especially with that Botox comeback. That was a good one!

  10. I can see how Tiny could give Tamara and anyone else nightmares. Something(s) is/are not right with her. Sorry! Kandi did look nice but Tiny was a scary distraction. Sorry!


      I’m with you! I found it uncomfortable to look at her and even hear her voice. I had to shut the tv off. Couldn’t take her.

  11. I just can’t with Tiny. She’s not normal. And I’m trying to be as respective as possible but she creeps me out. She just doesn’t look normal. And WTF is TI with her… I’m sure he can clearly do, ahem, better.

    Trying to keep it classy… I’m failing terribly. Sorry TT. I’m an azz. But an honest one.

    • Brewhaha

      She has been with TI since before he made it big, when she was the breadwinner. At minimum, I suspect he must feel loyal to het because of that.

  12. Kitty Mamma

    Andy gave Michael Waltrip, the part-time NASCAR driver, car owner, and Fox commentator the Jackhole award. I have to disagree with this. During the pre-show he spotted the “look alike” Donna Summer from afar, then approached her from the back and quickly said something to her and never stopped moving. In all my years of watching NASCAR I have never seen a black lady approached in the pits and (pseudo) interviewed. Andy is an asshole bc the lady, Star Walker, was flattered bc she is a Donna Summer fan and actually attended her induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rant over.

  13. I’ve seen Tiny on her show with TI and she may not be the sharpest woman but she was really off on WWHL. She looked subdued and there was something off with her. She looked sad at times.

  14. kym

    Don’t forget the part where Tiny said Kenya needs to be “slapped” several times always in Apollo’s face…LOLOLO!

  15. MamaC

    On Peter, Cynthia, and Nene’s insult, TamaraTattles said, “I have a hard time having an opinion on this because I don’t date the kind of men that would ever find themselves in that situation…”

    Love that shade! Very well done!

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