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I slept in this morning and am just now getting to this episode of Bethenny. Let’s see what happens. This should be good. Bethenny does not suffer fools well, she knows she was cancelled and she is just going through the motion for these last shows.

Porsha comes out in a fuchsia dress with a super low back and 16 pounds of some Asian women’s hair on her head. Porsha said life is wonderful and everything is good her new single Flatline is out and she is happy. Bethenny asks what made her want to do a single. She says she used to sing in her twenties and make demos and send them out. Porsha basically says she made the single to give herself an outlet for her emotions after the divorce.  She says that now that she is single she can return to music and express herself without any restrictions.

Bethenny mentions all the divorces that occur with housewives of every franchise and asks Porsha if the show contributes to the high numbers. Porsha basically says that with every marriage your first priority is to make the world think your marriage is great even when it isn’t. Do y’all agree with that? She says that the cameras magnify the situation. She says when she is filming she doesn’t really realize what is being put out into the world but when she watches it back, she realizes that all the flaws in the relationship are showing up. Porsha says she learned it was important to be able to decide what marital advice she should take in and what she should discard.

Porsha RHOA

Bethenny seems jealous that Porsha’s divorce only took nine months. I would be too in Bethenny’s situation. I read on Reality Tea the other day that Bethenny finally moved out of the penthouse she and Jason were both still living in and bought another apartment nearby.  Bethenny says that Porsha “didn’t get anything.”  Porsha says that she didn’t ask for anything. She says that now in social media people are feeling sorry for her as if she went to court and lost. She says there was no judgment because she didn’t ask for anything. Porsha said she was so traumatized by the divorce that she just wanted it to be over. It was consuming her life morning, noon and night. Bethenny says she understands. Poor Bethenny has been going through this for I don’t know how long. Too long.

Porsha says the week before they were set to go to trial she could not take it anymore. She just wanted it to be over. So she called her lawyer and told him to just get the divorce decree signed. The only thing she asked for was for Kordell to pay her medical bills and her hospital bill.  If I recall correctly, Porsha went to the hospital basically for stress. She says Kordell didn’t have medical insurance for her or his son while they were married! Bethenny was shocked and horrified. Why was she buying Louboutins instead of getting health care?  Porsha doesn’t understand the issue there.

Anyway, Kordell paid the medical bills and she got in her car and drove away. Now that she is single she has her own health insurance and everything is fine. Bethenny asks how she supports herself and if her money comes just from the show. Because Bethenny knows that these girls do not get paid what all the tabloids would have you believing. Porsha says that he weave line, Naked Hair is expanding and doing well and she is starting her own lingerie line also called Naked. She very excited about it. I think she will do well with a lingerie line with her name on it, as long as there is someone to run the business end for her and just mail her the checks.  She says the line is for all sizes of women including the extra thick girls.

Bethenny asks about all the fancy gifts that she posted on Instagram, which include a Dior tiara and a Rolls Royce just to name a few.  Bethenny asks if she has a secret admirer and she says yes and no, some of the things she bought and others were gifts. She’s lying through her teeth and Bethenny knows it. Bethenny asks about the crazy rumors about Porsha dating an African dictator’s son and Porsha says that was news to her when she read it on instagram. (Side Note: France just charged that dude with some sort of crimes against humanity charge or something. Allegedly. I mean they did charge him with something this past week that seemed like a bad thing but I don’t recall the particulars.)  Bethenny points out that something is going on with all those gifts.  Yes, Bethenny and that something is publicity for her single. I could post a picture of a Rolls Royce steering will and a pile of Chanel boxes too, that doesn’t mean I have those things. It should be pointed out that Porsha was not IN any of the pictures. We all know how Porsha likes to post pictures of herself.

Bethenny asks her about her relationship with her cast mates. She says the have been very support of her new single. Which is true, even Phaedra was tweeting for people to go buy her single and she has been very quiet on twitter about anything other than her public appearances and what church she is at each Sunday, so that surprised me. She says that she and Nene are doing better and she is no longer in the bad friend zone with her. Porsha says she was just in the studio with Kandi recording her song from the play for Kandi’s soundrack from A Mother’s Love. She doesn’t have anything bad to say about Kenya when given the opportunity.

RHOA Porsha

Next, Bethenny plays a game of Would You Ever? with Porsha.

Would you ever marry a guy that makes less money than you? Yes, if the sex is just amazing, I mean….

Would you ever tell a housewife if her husband made an obvious pass at you? YES! If I had a man and he was doing that I would expect the housewife to tell me, and if you didn’t I would consider you in the bad friend zone.

Would you ever slap a housewife and if so which one? No. But she does think about it a lot. Bethenny asks her which housewife and she says Kenya.

Would you ever date a married man? She says no she wouldn’t. But she looked really odd when saying it. Just an observation.  Bethenny says have you ever? She says no, not knowingly.

Would you ever tell a friend her husband is gay? (Wow these are like Pajama Brawl 2013 kinda questions!) How would I know? Like did I see him with someone or something? Bethenny says yes. She says then yes she would have to tell them. Bethenny slyly says, “I bet you a lot of people’s husbands are gay!”

Would you ever hire a private investigator to follow someone you suspect is cheating on you? No because if you are already thinking he is cheating, he’s cheating.

Would you ever date the son of a dictator? No.

Would you ever make a sex tape?  Well, is it have I or would I? (Audience gasps, Bethenny grins) Bethenny says so you have. She says WHEN SHE WAS MARRIED (now that is what you ask for in the divorce, Porsha) and when she was in committed relationships.  And there boys and girls is my lead for this post. Now she is backtracking and saying she takes video on the phone while having sex. Hilarious conversation ensues.

Would you ever marry another professional athlete? She pauses. Maybe. If he was retired.

Would you ever take a girls’ weekend with Kenya?  She says she did. She was forced too and she didn’t like it. Bethenny says what about off camera. She says one of us would kill the other. Bethenny says maybe it would be different without cameras there. Porsha tries to answer but Bethenny literally becomes distracted by the peaches the questions were on because they are more interesting than Porsha.

So are you surprised Porsha did ask for anything in the divorce?


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25 responses to “Porsha Stewart On Bethenny

  1. Bella

    She is way too desperate for attention. I seem to be the only person offended by her ignorance. I hate the way she speaks, She sounds so uneducated it upsets me that a woman her age acts like she does, and she is much older than I am. I agree with your previous assessment TT, I think Posrha may well be a virgin. She is just trying WAY too hard, WAYYYY. Too hard for me to fall for anything her childish self has to say. It’s a shame because inspite of the over the top fake hair she is really pretty, but because she is so “ratchet” and dumb I actually forget how pretty she is. I hope she is gone next season.

    • Bella

      Sorry for the typos/grammar errors. I know, I should be more careful especially after accusing Porsha of being dumb. I should have proof read.

  2. Relax Bella. TT doesn’t get with anyone for typos but she will get you for ignorance and inaccuracies and I think your assessment of Porsha is spot on. Her constant use of “uhmm” before answering anything is annoying. Usually it’s a filler while you think but obviously this child doesn’t think so she needs speech therapy…desperately. Just cause folks have unbeweaveble amounts of hair plopped on their heads doesn’t mean they need to create scary hair lines, yet too many have. Here’s a chair Porsha

  3. jelley

    Agree. I think porsha is the prettiest atl housewife but she’s just a pretty little idiot.

  4. Also I hope someone let’s that poor chile know whether with your phone or with a video camera that produces a tape, a film is made of you having sex so it can be made public. If she used a phone who was recording? Kordell cause I don’t think he was participating

  5. lori

    I don’t even believe that she didn’t ask for anything. I think she just lost.

    • Truth^! Her entitlement issues are HUGE! She was even whining to her attorney (on the show) about ALL of the sacrifices she made for her ONE year of marriage. You know – having to look fabulous, nanny … ugh! I just can’t with this one!

  6. myinfo

    I think Porsha has a boyfriend already and probably had one about 2 seconds after getting rid of Kordell.

    Kordell is so strange. I don’t like anything about him from the way he talks, the way he looks and thinks.

    She is better off without him.

    I do like Porsha. I think she is sweet and pretty. She will be fine. Kordell will always be miserable. I bet you that he is sitting alone in his master bedroom eating pizza on a “cream” color chair by himself and crying.

    • O.O

      Bwhahahahahahahaha @myinfo “eating pizza on his cream chair crying”. So funny . Maybe I’ve been out of the dating game for too long but I’ve never heard a man go into such detail about a chair.

  7. CityGirl81

    Porsha is the epitome of stupidity. Her hairline isn’t even taken orders at this time. Her single is whack and she has poor money management. I just want this airhead to go away.

  8. I don’t believe Porsha has a sex tape with Kordell (or anyone else for that matter). Nor do I think she is a virgin. She is just another poser wannabe who will say anything to remain relevant.

  9. JustasIam

    Portia better save those RHOA coins, because at this point, she’s just a cheerleader for the other housewives against Kenya. She has no storyline. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    • Nope, not the only one at all. I don’t believe for a minute she can run any business. I also think she needs to save every dime from RHOA because as soon as the ratings drop she will be the first one gone. She’s lucky that for now, Bravo probably won’t make a single cast change due to the huge ratings. We may bitch about the show but we tune in every week.

      On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 8:36 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        I think that if ones marriage is in trouble then the marriage has no business on display on television .

      • O.O

        TT what’s your proffesional assessment of porsha ? I read on your blog that you have a degree or two in phycology .I think she may be delayed. Her behavior is not that of an adult, she’s kind of looks and sounds as if there’s nothing but air between her ears but then sometimes when attacked she can come with the a fast snappy comebacks.

      • She’s just dumb.

        On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 12:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  10. O.O

    Sigh, I think porsha should just smile and host parties and be a mysterious semi celeb . I’m guessing that she was told that she was married for two years or under and had no children with him ( Thank God!) so she wouldn’t be able to keep anything but the ring.
    Hmmm the car thing is curious . She’s dumb enough to take her whole check and use it as a downpayment to lease a Bentley and not think about how she’s going to pay for it if she gets dropped from the show because she has faith.
    Sigh once again about the tmi sex video . As I said before she should just smile and nod.

  11. beth

    I listened to a clip of Flatline on iTunes … it was as good as Lady Gaga’s song 😉

  12. Mari Anne Souza

    I love Porsha, and I give her a pass. She’s not mean nor malicious, but she can defend herself when provoked. I’m a mother and a grandmother, and I think that comes into play, with how I see Porsha. She’s trying. Personally, I hope she stays on the show, along with everybody else.

  13. Poorsha got some serious issues going on in her life. Its being reported that Khandi is just about had it with her and this diva mentality she has with the play, she’s made unreasonable demands, is not showing up for rehearsals, I mean what’s up with this dumb girl.

  14. “Porsha basically says that with every marriage your first priority is to make the world think your marriage is great even when it isn’t. Do y’all agree with that?”

    Yes, I agree. You don’t want the world OR (especially so) your family to know that things aren’t all roses. This not only buys time to fix the issues but time to do so without a million unsolicited pieces of advice.

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