Nene Leakes Dances the Jive on Dancing With The Stars!

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I’m just tuning into DWTS tonight and already there is a SHOCKING TWIST! Tonight is a double elimination! That means that Billy Dee and one other couple will be going home unless Billy Dee has a huge fan base I don’t know about. Nene is in a hot pink dress and a strangish short bob kind of wig. Nene is dancing the jive and Drew Carey danced first with the jive tonight and did well. They immediately panned to Nene’s reaction and she seemed to be in an intense conversation with Tony. Nene has a bit of the Nene sour face when the cameras catch her. I think she is super nervous about this dance.

OMG! Nene could be going home! Billy Dee is somehow safe this week! How is that even possible?

They are literally cutting to Nene after every dance to catch her reaction! It’s funny! I really hate her dress. It’s not like she gets a say in that so she probably hates the dress and the wig. She’s definitely not as happy tonight as she was last week. She must be very worried she is going home.

Holy crap! This is the first time I have seen the female ice skater. TOTALLY unfair to have her on this show. She Is perfection!

Nene Leakes Season 6 Episode 14

I loved Candace’s dance and thought the judges were super harsh!  Oh Diana is that swimmer who swam from Cuba! I am sorry to see her go.  To be honest, I don’t know who most of these people are!  I am really starting to think Nene is going home.  They have gone to her after every dance.  That kid from The Wanted or wherever he is from was really good!  I want to be blogging RHOBH reunion now but alas they are going to make us wait until the end for Nene’s dance. To me it seems like a sure elimination.  When they eliminated the swimmer she was sad she could not do her dance. It seemed like they just decided to let her which for timing purposes seemed wrong. I am sure they have the show mapped out either with or without the eliminated people dancing. If Nene gets eliminated, it would not surprise me for her to refuse to dance.  For the record, I don’t want Nene to get eliminated!

So the last three dancers are up and it looks bad for Nene. One of the three are going home and the others all look young.  In their package Nene says Gregg chose the jive. Side Note: They all chose this dance before they even knew who their partners were. Before the show started they had to pick the dance style for tonight. I am so worried. I really don’t want Nene going home in the first elimination. Tony says “You want to make your husband happy then, right?” Nene says she made him happy this morning so….. LOL she was just kidding. It was funny and cute and I am already mourning her elimination.

As the dance starts she has her game face on and looks good. God this is so unfair. I like her dress now that I see the whole thing and the wig is growing on me. They did not show her footwork at the beginning which was odd because the jive is about the footwork.  Speaking of feet, Nene’s feet seem heavy. I’m sure like all of us southern girls she has big feet. If you take a size nine or bigger in the southern you have to beat some bitches down to get to the shoe aisle first.  But I know understand the phrase, “light on your feet” because Nene is the opposite of that and I am not sure the cause of that.  That said, I thought she was even better than last week and I am truly going to be sad if she goes home tonight. And here facial expressions were good at times and comedic at others but my God what they are putting this woman through. So wrong.

She was dancing in flats tonight which for her is probably like normal people trying to dance in seven inch heels. After the dance and before the scores she ran into the audience to hug Gregg.  I’m sorry. I am feeling for her tonight. OMG! Michelle Brown, blogger extraordinaire from the ATL and was just behind Gregg in the audience looking AMAZING!  She is such a social butterfly! Love her. Nene was great once again in her interviews and she got three sevens.  I was hoping for one eight because they only had a week for this dance and I thought it was better than last weeks.

OH WAIT! Sean Avery is an asshole! I forgot about him. Hopefully he will go. Please let him go. He is a creep. Die hard DWTS fans will vote for Karina though. He did pretty good on his dance, not that it matters for last week’s elimination. Sean really looks like he never wanted to be there in the first place. Karina is not in love with Sean either. They got all 7s.

The third couple that could go is some kid who is hot and some sort of a pop star sensation. He has a bajillion followers and will not be going home. CAN WE JUST GET ON WITH THIS?

Nene may or may not be wiping away tears behind the band guy as he gets his scores. (two 7s and on 8).  This is too much. I don’t know why I care so much that Nene might go home.


What did y’all think?


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45 responses to “Nene Leakes Dances the Jive on Dancing With The Stars!

  1. I thought they didn’t send people home till Tuesday.

    • Tim

      They did away with the results show. It all takes place on one night now. It’s supposed to be a cost cutting move.

    • They sent TWO people home tonight. The woman who swam from Cuba to Florida and Sean Avery, Andy’s gay lover ALLEGEDLY. It was a nail biter of a show because they told us right away Billy Dee Williams (the obvious choice) was safe.

      I gulped wine for two hours thinking NENE was out. It was horrific having to watch the whole two hour show. I don’t think they have Tuesday anymore…

      On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 10:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        …then that explains why Sean Avery never smiles.

        Badum Bump –

      • I personally think they left NeNe for the end to keep viewers watching. These people aren’t dumb… TPTB know we will stay and watch until the end if she’s still awaiting results. Last week, I’d love to know viewership AFTER NeNe’s first up dance. I tuned out and deleted it from my DVR before it even finished airing…. TT, do you know if ratings went down after her dance first up last week?

        And something rubs me wrong with that skater girl. She doesn’t look normal. I think she needs to remove the many layers of Disneyface and be herself and natural! Then she’d be beautiful. But still unfair advantage. Those skaters have many MANY YEARS of ballet training.

        And Sean Avery is an azzhat. He’s a creeper.

        Just my humble opinion, naturally.

  2. Tiffany Reed

    I thought her footwork was bad. It was a bad choice from Greg. She also should have worn heels. Those flats made her feet look like submarine sandwiches. The color of dress somehow did not complement her. I think she and drew carey tied for worst. I’m not even counting billie d, the vote must be rigged. Her legs are gorgeous and I really liked her hair. Her first dance was more entertaining to me. Nice recap!

    • beth

      “Those flats made her feet look like submarine sandwiches.” LMAO

    • too funny, submarine sandwiches, good one!

    • amberwaves

      I’m sorry. There’s going to be nothing that makes me happier than to hear Nene get sent home on DWTS. This is one sister who needs to have her a$$ checked a few more times so she can stop believing her own hype. I’m over her big time this season. RHOA is all she will ever have for more than a season. Period.

  3. Katrina

    Tamara, I loved your recap. I was not able to see it today. I was with you all the way! Why did they eliminate 2 couples? Those skaters will be very hard to best, but I hope Nene does her best.
    I wonder why they told the women she was going home and then made her dance? That seems cruel and undermines your confidence.

  4. You all must be young, there are thousands of women 55 and over that LOVE Bill Dee…….and those are the people who are seriously voting!

  5. O.O

    So I’m going to be good tonight. I agree that her feet looked heavy . I wonder why some big people are light on their feet . ( Not calling NeNE big just tall )Remember how fat Heavy D was? He was light as a feather on his feet jumping spinning and carrying on. Perhaps NeNe should study him.
    The wig was better than the George Washington one she’s been wearing . Just a few shades darker would be nice. ( I’m not saying black people can’t wear blonde! … I don’t feel like getting a tongue lashing tonight)
    She did better than Wendy Williams did when she was on and better than I could ever do . I have nooo rhythm I actually have trouble clapping my hands and bobbing my head at the same time so I shouldn’t comment on anything but her demeanor, hair and makeup.( I probably won’t stick to that though )
    I’m pleased with NeNe’s behavior no neck rolling ,shouting or calling people Casper ! Yay NeNe.
    I would like to know who’s keeping that poor Billy D Williams there! Lol ! His face looked like please let me go home.

  6. Tai

    Hey all it is on now on the west coast. Did you all notice Diana the swimmer expression when they said Billy Dee was safe? PRICELESS

  7. Angel

    I thought Nene’s wig was one of her best ever looks. The dress did not seem proportioned right for her frame, and so poorly made it popped open. I have always admired the costuming on this show, but so far not doing her any favors even with color choices. I think the pros and maybe stars have input. The flats did not bother me. Meryl wore flat red high tops. I think Nene is light on her feet for a big girl. I am of same height and similar build, wish I had her moves. You are so right about large shoe sizes flying out the door, I wear 12 AAA, impossible to even find. I have to stuff shoes with insoles to make narrow enough. Wear sandals in 11 most months that we do not have snow on the ground in IL.

    I loved your enthusiasm for the show, TT. I am not a Nene fan on RHOA, hated her on CA, bad attitude, fighting quitter. DWTS is such hard work and shows what a person is made of in how they handle the process and pressure. I appreciate she is working hard, not playing a fool, and acts gracious. Cannot expect more. Go Nene!

  8. Barbara R.

    Billy Dee Williams was a heartthrob back in the 70’s. I think that a lot of women are being nostalic and paying homage to the way he was. Google his photos. He was fine!

    • Angel

      So right about Billy Dee, I was around then. One of the best looking men in movies or TV. I think he is not ugly now, just old and his body has broke down. I can relate. I also have replacement parts here and there.

      • Barbara R.

        I understand. I’m with you there. And I forgot that he also has the Star Wars fans and they probably know how to explode the vote. Billy Dee may end up winning this horserace.

  9. barbinga

    Thanks for this recap, as I flipped while watching the reunion and never caught her. While reading it occurred to me that if she stays, I’d highly appreciate them picking a dozen different styled wigs and let her explore a new look that way. I know you liked that practice photo of her, but I secretly hoped she noticed it from another angle and would be shocked or something. Guess it’s what she’s going for.

  10. I was hoping the Diana Nyad stayed longer. She wanted to be on DWTS, it was on her bucket list. I watched her attempts over the years, that is one fine woman. Sirry she is gone.
    Yes, still watching out here, good dancing.

    • Angel

      I, too, was sorry Dianna went this soon, Billy Dee is ready to go, I believe, and Sean Avery appears to be somewhat a jerk. He is forcing the pleasant attitude. He was complaining about everyone else walking around smiling, he was not joking.

    • dlyne32

      She accomplished her goal. Her dancing skills were not that good and remember it is a competition show. Someone has to go.

  11. I understand Dianne N. wasn’t a great dancer but being voted off so soon it will take me a few weeks to be able to watch again.
    I’ve read everything I could find on her over the years and she has one of the purest souls I’ve read about. Done with my opinion.

  12. Angel

    I have never missed an episode during all the years of DWTS. Although the judges sometimes score in what seems a biased or nonsense judgment, and some really good dancers are voted off unexpectedly early, and even bad dancers hang on too long sometimes. In the end, the right person usually wins, or at worse, takes 2nd place. No bad dancer has ever come closer than 3rd. IMO, that did happen last season, Bill Engvol has a huge following and was very likable. He was not bad, but clearly stayed an extra couple of weeks based on votes. He had great rapport with his pro. She is the same one Sean Avery has this year. I thought she acted almost uncomfortable with him. The guy seems to have zero charisma. Engvol had it in bucket loads.

  13. JoJo

    I haven’t seen the show yet, between the RHOBH & Sony-Miami Masters Tennis, I missed almost everything else on tonight except Blacklist.
    BUT. Reading this recap was adrenaline pumping. I didn’t skip to end to see who went home, so I was reading like it was probably written, play by play, blow by blow. I was as bummed thinking she was getting the boot then excited to see she made another round – like TT! Good for Nene.
    This DWTS gig has certainly generated more positive comments & support for Nene than I expected would last. I thought she surprised everyone the 1st show by doing better than expected & acting very humble and appreciative. I was expecting that to be an aberration, then by this 2nd show, everyone would be done with her again. Nice surprise.
    Maybe this is one of the rare type of reality gigs that brings out the best in the usual worst reality people from other shows or vice versa?
    Funny, I never thought I’d support Nene in this show after her ass-showing on RHOA & CA. Maybe the great recap helped;)

  14. RVA

    I think the judges have lost sight of the point of this show and so it’s not fun anymore. I agree with TT, they are very HARSH in their judgments, they seem to forget these aren’t dancers, and it seems they expect them to come out the gate and be perfect. I too loved Candace’s dance and I thought they were extra harsh.
    they suck all the fun out of the show for me.
    I’ll probably just stick to TT’s recaps and looking for clips of Nene and perhaps Candace.
    Thank you TT.

    • Billie Dee, bless his heart, was SO ready to go home but alas “reality” TV has nothing to do with reality. Sean Avery cussed out the producers last week because they portrayed him as an asshole in the package. He was on GMA this morning spilling the tea. He said he knew they would get rid of him because he told them off. So poor Billie Dee will need to haul the heating pads and Epsom salts out for one more week then off he’ll go back to geriatric bliss, which he earned. NeNe loves a quick paycheck now that her star has dimmed so she will cackle and grin for the producers to try to stay on. She’s doing better than expected so maybe she’ll get a couple more paychecks before those feet swell and she can’t take a quick step

      • I totally agree with you about Nene and Billy Dee. I have been noticing something very disturbing to my black sensibilities. That is, every time white people need someone to “coon it up” they turn to Nene Leakes and what’s even more disturbing is she gives them what they want and “den” some.. Nene is the new buckwheat. Or is it Sheryl Underwood? No Nene is the new Buckwheat and Sheryl is mammy.

      • Pre1

        Harsh review. Do you have anything nice to say about anyone on the show?

  15. myinfo

    Sorry but I hated Nene’s pink outfit and wig. She danced OK. She had a lot of pressure waiting to dance and not knowing if she was going home.
    I hate the dumb changes this season. I zoned out a few times. This WAS my favorite show. Now I am only watching when Nene dances.

  16. Tamar voice

    NeNe should definitely keep the hair and makeup folks from DWTS post her elimination, which I believe is coming soon. Last week I thought she was really good, and last night was just horrible! She did enough jumping around last week, and I was hoping to see something more graceful from her this week. I know the dance was chosen prior to the show airing, but I feel like so far she has given us the same dance for both performances. The only thing that changed was her hair and outfit. Time to go Big Bertha.

  17. Pre1

    The choice of dance was horrible but she did do OK. I liked her hair & dress. I doubt she has much say in that. But overall I think Candace Bure’s judging was harsh. She did a really good job. I understand Billy Dee’s condition but he needs to go home. I’m really rooting for Nene! Seriously!

  18. jrleaguer

    I have not watched the show on a regular basis in many years. I seem to know fewer of the “stars” each season when the are announced on GMA. Hate to hear that Diana Nyad left so soon.
    While I was flipping channels, I did happen to see the paralympic athlete (sorry, do no recall her name) and she was amazing. The athletes on the show usually do well. They are used to the discipline and training that is needed for the show and do not moan and whine every 5 minutes.
    I remember Cloris Leachman staying well past what she should have due to her fan base several seasons ago.

  19. MaggieG

    I believe that Cody Simpson is Gigi Hadid’s (daughter of Yolanda Foster with Mohammed) current boyfriend. He has a large following world wide.

  20. As embarrassed as I am to admit that I not only did not want Billy Dee to go, my kids like Cody Simpson. DWTS is not on here in Sweden, so I appreciate your enthusiasm and color commentary on the events!

  21. Jess

    I love NeNe I could relate she is real and not like some of the fake black woman out there who made it and forgot where they came from…best of luck NeNe I will watch until they vote you out…

  22. KReality

    She didnt Dance e as well as she did last week. The practices really showed how bad her lacefront wig is. And those shoes were hideous.

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