By the way, Apollo Goes to Court …Next Month….Maybe

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UPDATE: Last night after posting three recaps in a row and consuming a large quantity of Merlot my calendar popped up with a reminder of Apollo going to court today. I thought that was the second date at the time, but in actuality, the date had been pushed a month so they could work on a plea deal. OOPSY! Monday mornings at 1 am are not my best thinking times. :)

I would just take this down but your comments are too interesting! When I was reading them just now I started to think that what we were seeing on last night’s show was Apollo realizing that the gig was up and he didn’t have to pretend to be into Phaedra anymore….Thoughts?

UPDATE 2: For those looking for a particular post on Apollo or his arrests, you can find them all here.

This will be no nevermind to Phaedra. Apollo never moved in to the new house and has been living in the Smyrna condo all this time.

You can read everything HERE.  And of course after court I will have the best tea!


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37 responses to “By the way, Apollo Goes to Court …Next Month….Maybe

  1. Michelle

    I thought his court date was pushed back to April 25

    • hmm now that I think about it.. it may be april 25th… should I axe this or do we want to talk about it? I don’t want to research anything tonight,,,,

      On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 1:31 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • KReality

        That’s correct, he petitioned and was granted a postponement until April 25 so he can evaluate his options…which means wiork out a plea deal. But any way you slice it, he’s going to jail. He violated his parole while committing these crimes.

  2. Katrina

    I think Apollo is a snitch or undercover! So federal government came in last year and confiscated his computer and other stuff. Then he goes to Mexico and nothing is said about it. Then, the following year, he gets indited and gets out with minimum bond. Apollo gets out of Jail, married and gets Phaedra pregnant, then they have another baby, then move to a new home, now it is time for Apollo to go back to Jail.

  3. bombero129

    If it weren’t for those little kids they have, I would say good riddance to Apollo. He treats Phaedra horribly and doesn’t see wrong in anything he does. It would be better for her if he went to jail, but not for those kids, and those 2 kids are really the ones who Apollo’s stunts hurt in the end.

    • Jarlath

      I don’t think Phaedra is a victim exactly …. Her “Southern Belle” shtick is just that.

    • O.O

      I don’t see how the kids having Apollo in their lives would be beneficial to them at all. The only thing that they’ll learn from him is how to be disrespectful to all women including their mom. Boys need to be taught their role in life as men which as far as I’m concerned is to serve and protect . Apollo is a kept man . So there goes that. They also need to understand that they should treasure their wives through the behavior of their dads not necessarily through lectures . So there goes that .
      Apollo will cause his vicious cycle to repeat in his sons lives.
      They’ll also learn how to be criminals because he doesn’t seem to care to do right . Although Phaedra is a criminal she’s so fake that she will pretend to have good morals and that she’s pure as the driven snow to have the respect of her children . Apollo isn’t smart enough to do that and would probably bring the boys with him on his crime runs .

  4. Riley

    Tell me T…when people break parole don’t they usually go to jail and not get out on some measly 25,000. bond ? Especially on these type of charges . Or do I smell a rat?

    • gapeach

      Yes – breaking parole generally evokes one’s freedom and off to the slammer they go to serve the remainder of their sentence…at least that’s what happens with most criminals…

    • KReality

      The federal government is extremely lenient with certain crimes and the cases take forever before they go to court sometimes at least a year. If a plea deal is reached it’s always extremely less than the mandatory minimum

  5. papa smurf

    Yeah, I think that he’s pretty much done with Phaedra. When he had seen that she was obviously upset, and took off, after seeing him with Kenya. He should have followed her immediately, and stayed with her. Instead, Nene & Porsha had to tell him he was wrong. Then he goes to her and says a few flip things THEN GOES BACK….As much as it pains me to say it, I felt sad for Phaedra. That’s not a real marriage, that’s just going through the motions. He would cheat on her in a hot second. In his mind, all men cheat. Of course a felon would feel this way…

    • JustasIam

      I feel no sorrow or pain for Phaedra. She married an ex con, whom she was invovled with, on the wrong side of the law previously. She got pregnant, married him, took him on national TV, had a baby, stunted in front of the camaras, had another baby. In between all that, she treated everybody like crap. I feel no pitty. Guess pastor will have to raise those boys if Phaedra goes down with her boo.

    • Valerie

      Man, I used to really like that guy too. He’s turned out to be such a loser. This whole story is just fascinating to me. I can’t get enough about it. This is the best place for me to follow all the shenanigans so thanks Tamara for all your hard work.

  6. Mina

    So wait, he lives in a condo in Smyrna?? Where have I been? God I love this stuff! So while they are filming what we are watching now, they really weren’t living together? I have not been keeping up as I should… Anyone have time to tell me what the deal is? Thanks!

    • 1Fortheroad

      Remember earlier this season when they were at dinner discussing Kenya ..and Apollo handed Phaedra mail..which he stated came for her at the other house…guess TT has cleared up what he was really conveying when he said that

      • Deb

        Apollo has been so rude and has shown contempt for his wife all season. I do feel bad for Phaedra but she is no southern belle! Her Mom is a pastor and the things she has said and done on this show doesn’t seem like she was raised in church. Why would a successful lawyer want to be a mortician????? Why did she lie about Aiden’s due date? I don’t dislike her and do feel bad for the kids, but something is not right!

      • Mina

        Oh, that’s right! I remember now. Thanks 1Fortheroad!

  7. Tai

    Is it me or the wonders of the cameras angles. But does Phaedra Parks attorney at law look like she has aged a lot this season? She looks stressed beyond capacity. Also is it possible that the situation with Apollo and his fraud case been brewing in the Nida Parks household for awhile? Hence the distance between the two. Also did Phaedra marry Apollo to save face because she got pregnant before marriage or so that neither one could testify against each other? Southern belle went out the window this season.

  8. Angel

    This morning I read some kind of press, already forgot where, about Phaedra having stunning weight loss and being a spokesperson for Xederine, I’m pretty sure I am misspelling this name. Anyway, two things got my attention, I was thinking this was one of those OTC diet pills deemed unsafe. I must be incorrect, maybe one with similar name was withdrawn from market. The second thing, the article listed all of her accomplishments in a flattering way. It listed her law and mortician stuff, RHOA, working on a spin-off, author, mother of 2 sons, no where did it say “wife”. Typically, lists like this wanting to express how busy this person is, and especially one saying this helped supply her energy, say wife or single parent. This is more confirmation that marriage is over and done, all except the legalities.

    • JustasIam

      That cold speech by Apollo last night told it all. He basically said she’s a good mother. Now let’s keep it moving. Didn’t say she was a good wife or that he loved her. He didn’t even want to try her guava tasting strawberry in the other scene.

  9. Judy McKenzie

    I’ve made disparaging remarks regarding Apollo s IQ. However, I Really don’t think he’d be able to put together the elaborate escapades he is alleged to have committed. How in hell is she going to beat this and keep her kids? Even worse, did she just have the kids to avoid the slammer?? Just wondering.

  10. Angel

    Oh, yeah, Apollo having never moved into new, renovated house is news to me. It may be another reason he’s coming and going with the backpack. He may have kids things in it, assuming he gets outings with oldest son, and shuttling personal things house to house. “Things that make you go hummmm.” I cannot believe their separation has anything to do with her being suspicious of Kenya. I expect she knows him to have actually been unfaithful with women, among other things.

    I wonder how the criminal life factors in. Any crimes committed during marriage still has testimony protection? She wants to distance herself from appearance of involvement by divorcing him, even though, she may be mastermind? Do you think separation/divorce is as simple as he’s cheated and being a jerk to her?

  11. Bella

    Apollo reminds me of Mauricio Umansky. The way they treat their wives. The way they get all hyper when someone mentions cheating. The way they both stare other women up and down in the presence of their wives on national TV. The Phaedra/Apollo in Mexico reminded me of Maurcio/Kyle in Puerto Rico with the husbands storming off leaving the wives with no regard to their feelings. I almost felt bad fpr Phaedra until I realized the Karma Gods rewarded her with low IQ, nonchalant Apollo for a husband. Maybe Apollo can get an education after his sentence, divorce this woman and find an appropriate partner for him. One he actually loves and respects and vice versa.

    • Deb

      Mauricio doesn’t act anything like Apollo. I’ve never seen him be mean or rude to Kyle. Last night Apollo could care less if wife slept outside.

      • Bella

        Mauricio cursed up a storm and had Kyle run after him when he overreacted to what Kim told him on the beach. She kept calling after him and running after him and he just ignored her and stormed off like she did something to him. That’s not how you treat your wife. He constantly stares at other women’s breasts on TV. Can’t he at least spare her the embarrassment and do it off camera? That’s disrespectful IMO. This whole season Kyle has said how her husband was upset with her for not defending him enough. He is the one accused of cheating! Why guilt trip Kyle? That looks like he’s trying to deflect heat off of himself. I can’t stand pot-stirring Kyle but why should she be the one made to feel bad for his alleged actions? We don’t know if he did cheat, but he should try to protect her and her feelings instead of making her suffer for it as if she made it up. To me treating a person poorly varies. The level of respect, emotional and psychological treatment etc is part of it. Don’t know if this has changed but not too long ago Kyle was not allowed permission on their At&t account. She was at At&t trying to get something on her account changed/checked but they refused her because the account was in Mauricio’s name and only he had permission on it. Kyle had to wait for Mauricio to drive there to handle the situation, like a teenager has to wait for their parents. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Valerie

      And Bella, remember when Kyle said something like, “I don’t want to get any of my lipstick on your collar” and Mauricio said something like, “You’re my favorite of all the women who get lipstick on my collar” (I know that’s not exact, I’m just paraphrasing) and it got all quiet for a second? So that happened. I know that’s off topic. So sorry.

  12. Katrina

    So I guess they have been seperated for most of this season. They may have grown further apart, while Phaedra was oregnant. I rrmember Tamara doing a story about Apollo being seen in another city, without Phaedra, during the pregnancy. It seems like RHOA is showcasing 2 totally seperate events into one. The texting stuff was brought up at the reunion. The hotel stuff came up later, after season 5.

  13. JustasIam

    Well, that show was taped in late Sept., after Apollo’s run in with the Feds. They said even though Phardra’s birthday is in Oct, they were having the little (vondom pinatta) party at that taping. Correct me if I’m wrong. Tamara, seems your’re the only blogger in ATL posting current events on Apollo. Others seem to have tight lips when it comes to their friend. Ole’ Phaedra does like to sue though. But you can’t sue when someone is telling the truth. Tell the truth and shame the devil. OK!!!

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