Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Mexi-Loco

RHOA Mexico

Tonight, on the RHOA,  we return to Mexico where it is 1:35 a.m. and Kenya and Apollo are in a one-on-one conversation at the bar that seems to have been rented out just for this scene. Enter Phaedra. I love how Kenya is all nonchalant with her “Hey Girl!” reaction. Wow, they showed that in the preview but not on the actual episode. Anyway, Kenya and Apollo try to explain themselves to Phaedra who looks like she is about to hit both of them upside the head with her yellow, bedazzled, pocketbook.

Nene and Porsha are finally given their cue to arrive. It was a bad call by production. They should have held those two up at least another ten minutes. Also, the editing last week was that Kenya was crashing a boys night out. Not true. Kenya said on her blog that everyone was invited and the usual suspects arrived late AGAIN.  Gregg walks in with Nene. Was he there at the cigar party last week? Anyway, as Apollo says, he was saved by the bell.

Phaedra walks out of the bar and Nene and Porsha follow her like ducklings. Does that make sense to anyone? No, no it doesn’t. Even odder is that Gregg is not in Nene’s wake when they leave. Ah, they are not actually leaving, they are angling for camera time. Phaedra has a drama so they need to get up in it or else they did their hair for nothing. Kandi smartly hangs with Todd. Kenya and Apollo agree to squash things and be friends. They shake on it. Gregg and Nene and Porsha try to give Apollo marital advice. Read that sentence again, because that happened.

RHOA Phaedra's Yellow Bag

BTW That Yellow Bedazzled Pocket Book Made a previous appearance in August for an ATL scene that apparently won’t air.

Surprisingly, Apollo actually leaves to go talk to Phaedra. I’m surprised that he didn’t wait to be the last to leave so he could return to a slumbering wife.  Instead he finds Phaedra outside the room locked out because she didn’t have a key. Why didn’t she just go to the front desk and get a duplicate key? Because apparently that was not in the script. Apollo doesn’t have a key either. He tries to get Phaedra to go back to the party but she is not having it. She tells him to go get a key and he says he doesn’t want to walk to go get the key? Why didn’t she go?  Apparently, the lobby is a long walk. I’m sure the bartender can make a call and send somebody. Finally, Phaedra suggests just that.

At some point, can we talk about what Nene was wearing? I didn’t get it. Thoughts? I want Miss Lawrence’s kaftan!

Kenya gets more camera time than any of these other women. What she is doing is paying off for her.

The next morning, Apollo meets Phaedra for breakfast and tries to be funny and cute. Phaedra shall not be moved. Phaedra is studying for her mortuary finals. She tells Apollo that she wanted to slap the dog piss out of Kenya so she left. Apollo has nothing to say. So he plans a birthday party for Phaedra’s upcoming birthday. That’s a decent gesture I suppose, but Kenya will be there.

At the party, Nene and Kenya joke together! Apollo and Phaedra arrive later than the rest and they are already bickering. During the piñata smashing, Porsha manages to knock the elaborate toppings off the cake. Then Kandi makes a speech telling Phaedra she values their friendship and that she loves her. Time for Apollo to speak, he basically says she’s a good baby mama and that they should keep moving forward. WTF?

It’s the very last night and, unbeknownst to everyone, Kenya has planned a redo of Pajama Brawl #2013. Oh LAWD. Things were going so well.

Porsha’s question is, “Do your prefer wild sex or romantic sex?” She says wild sex, but she also like romantic sex. She pictures romantic sex being with an older man. Basically, she has never had romantic sex. Hell she may even be virgin. Nene, Peter and Gregg are offended.

Nene’s question: Name something that annoys you about another couple in the room. Oh no. Here we go. I know Nene is about to tell SOMETHING. Nene says she is going to take it to her sista, Porsha. She is annoyed by ignorance. She refers to her old man sex comment. Peter jumps in to jump on Porsha too. Peter muttered something when Nene cut him off. It didn’t seem like a big deal but it pissed off Gregg. Then Nene brings up that Kandi asked Nene if she still had her period. Nene thinks anyone who thinks someone in their forties could be menopausal is ignorant. Really, Nene? Please enlighten us on the magical menopause age so we can all mark our calendars. Nene thinks she can still get pregnant. Todd tells Nene that it is all in the delivery.

Miss Lawrence’s question is, “What would you define as cheating?” Lawrence says a one night stand is not cheating.  He says that cheating is an emotional connection. Lawrence says all men cheat. Lawrence asks Phaedra and Apollo their views. Phaedra says the first time someone cheats on her and she finds out she is out the door. I don’t believe that for a minute. Apollo’s ways are no secret. Apollo says he thinks everyone cheats, because that is what all cheaters think. Porsha asks if he thinks Phaedra has cheated. He says not yet but it could happen. Nene says, “Phaedra with those big legs you don’t think she cheats?” Phaedra laughs. I don’t get the joke. Apollo says if Phaedra cheats she hopes she uses a condom.

Kenya sends the men to her room so the girls can talk without Peter interrupting. I guess we will find out what exactly set Gregg off in there. Side Note: Miss Lawrence was sent off with the men. You know he was offended.

RHOA Phaedra call Kenya Rachet

Kenya asks the ladies if they have anything important to say to clear the air before returning to Atlanta. Kenya tries to get Nene to explain her issues with Marlo but she would not go there.  Kenya brings up the Apollo conversation with Phaedra. Phaedra says she has asked her many times not to interact with her husband outside of her presence. Phaedra says she thought about slapping the dog shit out of her. Kenya says that is not going to happen. Phaedra calls Kenya a home wrecker. Kenya says that she and Apollo decided to be friends so she can’t really speak for her husband. Phaedra says she knows what kind of manipulative and rachet type of chick Kenya is. Kenya says she will listen to Phaedra but she is not going to be insulted. Porsha starts screaming at Kenya. Kenya goes for the jugular with Porsha and makes all the usual beard comments. Kenya and Phaedra agree to not trust each other and the producers send everyone to Kenya’s room where the boys are going off.

In the guys meeting, Peter brings up to Apollo the issue with Kenya the previous night. Apollo says he expects his wife to trust him. Gregg says that he has something against Peter because at Kenya’s charity event Gregg feels like Peter got up in Nene’s face. The truth is that Nene got up in Peter’s face. Peter had quietly left and was waiting for Cynthia when NENE got up in his face demanding to know why he left, so he told her. Gregg needs to go read my recap of that event. Gregg says that Peter disrespected him and his wife. Gregg is dead wrong in his telling. Gregg is drunk and off the chain. Peter is keeping his cool. Apollo says he is not jumping in this one and tells Todd to step away and let them go at it. Only neither one of the old farts is going jump.

Things cut off for me so that my DVR can record the Blood Sweat & Heels Reunion so somehow I missed a bit. But clearly at some point the guys all make up because on WWHL they all seemed pretty chummy. So once again they tease something two episodes out.


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132 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Mexi-Loco

  1. Cassie

    Oh my goodness, I can’t not believe this episode. At first, I was mad at Kenya she takes things to far. She really tries to get under Phaedra’s skin.
    All she had to do when Phaedra sat down is say I just wanted your husband to admit the truth that he lied on me and I got that out of him. Then I was mad at Apollo, the way he treated Phaedra it was appalling. I hope this was editing because it appeared that he did not give a damn about his wife’s
    feelings. Then I am totally mad at all of them for letting Nene get away with all that bullshit. Nene calling Porsha ignorant then Kandi and they just basically let him (yeah she is the man) get away with it. Oh, but let Kenya say something about them they suddenly grow balls. Tamara, I know you have said this many times that Nene has nothing to do with who is on the show and who is not. The way it looks to me is that they think if they take Nene on they will loose their jobs. Then, poor old Greg please take a sit. Your wife got you being a puppet also. Did you not look at the episode when it aired your wife got in Peter’s face. You are rewriting the whole seen.
    Peter needs to say you are the man he needs to cuss him out and Cynthia needs to step up and be the woman she needs to be. OUTRAGED

    • Terri

      Why won’t Phaedra check Apollo,!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hello ,he constantly humiliates her over and over so sad, Kenya is a mastermind to get bak on the scene being on this show was so smart, plus she is beautiful,,,,,,,and if any one say otherwise is a hater. ,clearly ,,,no one wants a criminal,and loser like Apollo,he is a joke and so was Cordell,so why people keep saying something about Kenya marriage status is a joke ,she could have called 1-800-inmate,to get a husband as Phaedra did,lol,so sad she did that. Pathetic too!!!!!!!!anyway or any of these men none of them a catch! at all ,alllllllllllllllllllll!,,,and porsha plezzzzzzz,,,,can unsay down low brother,that’s a catch. Ooooooh, yeah Kenya wants that too,,so let’s wrap it up ;a old man /Greg/and a career criminal/Apollo/and a bad businessman /peter/ and just a pointless short guy /Todd/ …….so Kenya can’t get a man ? Lol plezzzzzz the former miss USA ,how about standards ,black women ,,?not desperate ,,,,,,,,,is more like it .. Kenya is winning

      • O.O

        I’m with your assessment of Kordell , Apollo, Peter and Greg but Todd has a job, why is he pointless? He seems to love Kandi and it seems as of he’s a healthy balance for her. Also you said something about black women should have standards, shouldn’t all women have standards regardless of color?

      • Katrina

        This is not Kenya’s first season. She chased Walter last year! Now she wants to pretend it did not happen. Kenya knew Apollo was an ex-con, when she was flirting with him last year. Now Kenya has d*ck jokes!

      • AmberKnows

        By her own admission Kenya has clearly stated getting DICK is not a problem for her. Hell, even a toothless prostitute can get DICK and get paid for it. The problem Kenya has is that she CAN get the DICK but she CAN’T get or keep a MAN. Big Difference. HUGE.

        Furthermore, her compulsion to seek him out and be friends is bordering on obsession. Civilities aside, why does she NEED to be friends with Apollo, someone who has slandered her character and insinuated her to be a low level hood rat? To get at Phaedra while keeping a storyline or is it just that she likes his attention? Don’t do THs about not wanting him because he’s a convict while pursuing him like he’s the last Coca Cola in the desert. If she don’t want him… I CAN’T TELL!

      • Pre1

        Todd has a job! He’s not pointless. He actually loves Kandi. He didn’t seek after her, Phaedra hooked that up.

      • 'TheJam'

        phaedra won’t check him because she knows it will get ugly on camera and it will embarrass her. It’s clear she gets at him behind closed doors by the couple of times that the mic was on when they got into it, and also because apollo keeps saying things like she a “monster” and “always mean”

      • “Why won’t Phaedra check Apollo,!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hello ,he constantly humiliates her over and over so sad, Kenya is a mastermind to get bak on the scene being on this show was so smart, plus she is beautiful,,,,,,,and if any one say otherwise is a hater. ,clearly ,,,no one wants a criminal,and loser like Apollo,he is a joke and so was Cordell,so why people keep saying something about Kenya marriage status is a joke ,she could have called 1-800-inmate,to get a husband as Phaedra did,lol,so sad she did that. Pathetic too!!!!!!!!anyway or any of these men none of them a catch! at all ,alllllllllllllllllllll!,,,and porsha plezzzzzzz,,,,can unsay down low brother,that’s a catch. Ooooooh, yeah Kenya wants that too,,so let’s wrap it up ;a old man /Greg/and a career criminal/Apollo/and a bad businessman /peter/ and just a pointless short guy /Todd/ …….so Kenya can’t get a man ? Lol plezzzzzz the former miss USA ,how about standards ,black women ,,?not desperate ,,,,,,,,,is more like it .. Kenya is winning”

        Don’t tell me you people understood that. Why do you bother to read such nonsense? It’s painful to even try. Wtf language is it?

      • I believe that was a first post that I moderated. I allowed it through just so you could, um, handle that situation. I’m nice like that.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 7:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Bravogirl24/7

      Kenya SAID ………I got 99 problems and DICK AINT ONE OF THEM. And I believe her, cause if I looked like Kenya I’d be running from DICK 24/

      • Oracle5

        Kenya has fake boyfriends, so, Kenya, (“beautiful black PEARL”) when are you going to come out of the “CLOSET”?)

    • Lorene Howard

      Kenya Moore is working hard for her money. Her role on RHOA is to wake up that dull cast out of their comfort zones. Well, she has managed to make NeNe look like an idiot in front of a charity event; caused Porsha last night to go on a cursing frenzy, and revealed the Southern Belle (Phaedra) to be a woman who is extremely insecure. Reality TV is entertaining and nasty. And if the cast can’t take the heat, then they should go home. Bravo pays them too much money to sit b ack and look pretty. No wonder Kenya won the Bravo Rooky of the Year Award!

  2. Michelle

    Kenya needs to stay out of people’s marriages. If Apollo is a felon, convict, and broke your friend’s ribs, why is it important to be friends with him.
    Greg and Peter they are too old for that mess and yes Peter needs to stay out of the women’s business and Cynthia needs to address that with Peter.
    Also I don’t get Kenya being mad at Nene and then joking on the trip. I don’t get. Too much phony behavior.

    • Brianna

      Kenya isn’t trying to be friends with Apollo. She just wants him to be honest about what it really is because Apollo is using Kenya to make Phaedra feel better in their marriage. He made up the stuff he told his wife, there were no suggestive messages between the two. Apollo just stated that to take the heat of of himself.

      • AmberKnows

        She continues to want to be his friend even though he repeated the previous allegations that he could sleep with her if he wanted to. Kenya is the one who inserted herself in their marriage and continues to do so this season. Be civil, say hi and keep it moving. What is so desirable about a friendship with Apollo? Not a damn thing.

  3. vivaladiva831

    Kenya needs to leave Apollo alone-for one thing I don’t think he is lying that she sent him suggestive texts (even though I think Apollo sent them right back). However, if she wAnts to be cleared of any wrongdoing then she needs to Stop chasing him down for all of these conversations to resolves, get closure, put an end to it, whatever. It is between Phaedra and Apollo and Kenya needs to stfu about it and let them deal with it between them at this point.

    • The Jam

      She showed screen shots of the texts a long time ago, he clearly initiated, there was never anything sexual said in the texts. He was trying to get her meet him for some “business” post booty tape-gate and he clearly lied by saying she offered to fellate him and now he is agreeing with her that she never propositioned him.

      • The Jam

        I’m not saying she hasn’t been inappropriate, but she never offered him sex apollo was down to play ball and i believe phaedra is well aware of that.

    • It’s easy for you to say Kenya need to stfu… but until you have been publicized on a national platform as a home wrecker, when it has been all lies, you cannot begin to imagine how shameful it must be. It’s very evident that her behavior in Anguilla didn’t do much to help with the whole situation but at the end of the day lusting is one thing and acting on your lust is another

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Actually It was brilliant what Kenya did she manipulated Appollo on screen to admit he was lying about what happened in “text-gate”. Appollo was just not smart enough to stay away from Kenya. I don’t care how many times Pheadra’s calls Kenya a whore it’s her husband that looks like a punk and she needs to address that immediately. I say again that any man who admits to the world that he wants/could have sex with another women if he WANTED to, while being married is the biggest loser in the universe! Apollo has NOTHING to offer Phaedra but his love and fidelity, with his no job ass and he can not be faithful. Women kill me wanting to put the other women on blast when nothing COULD pop off if your husband/man/boyfriend does not allow sex to happen. Get a backbone Phaedra. Whatever it is that’s got you looking crazy and stupid on national tv you need to squash it cause Appolo is not worth the humiliation. Men are like busses, one runs every 15 minutes you can catch another one.

  4. It’s funny to watch Phaedra make excuses for Apollo and blame Kenya. Everyone remembers what Apollo whispered in Todd’s ear before he and Kenya sat down to talk, right?

    Phaedra is a bad drunk. So is Gregg. He looked like Fred Sanford getting ready to fight Peter. I’ve started liking Peter. Not sure why. And I’m not clear why it’s ok for Gregg to get into “women bisned” but it’s not ok for Peter.

    I hate how they are all afraid of nene. And how she still thinks she is above them all. She needs to fall a bit more I think.

  5. Lurker

    Kenya, NeNe and Cynthia are out of line.

    Kenya: stay out of married people’s business. I never talk marriage problems with my single friends. There is a disconnect that they just don’t get. I really dislike how she goes in on Porsha’s marriage. IT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS. She did the classy thing with NeNe by apologizing for Pillow Brawl. Apologize to Porsha and move on.

    NeNe truly believes her shit doesn’t stink. There is no cure for that. Production made sure to contradict NeNe and Greg’s version.

    We all love to hate NeNe but be real. She is funny as hell when she gets along with the girls and very uncomfortable to watch when she loud talks and points. I only watched DWTS because NeNe was on it.

    NeNe, have a big girl convo with Kenya before the reunion. Don’t be friends but be cool. You and Cynthia were best of friends all this time. So disappointed how that played out.

    Cynthia: the way you let NeNe treat your man…..

    • Porsha stuck her nose in the conversation claiming to be more qualified to understand marriage than Kenya. First off, it’s not hard to understand marriage if you’ve even been in a committed relationship. It’s pretty much the same thing. It’s not like being a parent. Secondly, porsha’s marriage was a disastrous failure at best. A paid whoredom/beard arrangement at worst. So, that’s like coming out with a nene George Washington wig on and claiming to be a hair stylist capable of gining style advise. Just no credibility. Porsha should have kept her mouth shut instead of trying to back Phaedra up. She got put in her place and she deserved it. Her place is in the corner wearing a giant dunce hat, btw.


      Say what you all want about NeNe but she totally cracked me up when she told Peter that he wasn’t a bitch, he was just acting like one!
      I know that haters are going to hate on NeNe but no matter what you say NeNe has been the break out star of this show since day one. Like it or not NeNe is the Head Bitch In Charge.

      • And how disrespectful is that to her supposed very good friend Cynthia? Your BFF calls your husband a bitch?? There is no coming back from that in my world. Peter was just an innocent bystander. He was quietly leaving. Honestly, from what aired, you may have assumed that he was leaving because he didn’t care for Kenya handling things as she did.

  6. So happy to have found this little slice of happy happy fun time. Can’t wait to get to know you all. Looking forward to many nights keeping my house awake laughing . Keep on keepin on

  7. HannahKingRose

    My question is why doesn’t Nene allow Greg to have a tv in the basement. Obviously he didn’t watch the same episode the rest of us did. Nene was the one who walked up on Peter and assumed he left because he agreed with her. When he told her different, her panties got into a major wad. Don’t ask for someone’s opinion unless you want it. Peter does put his nose where it doesn’t belong all on his own. This one time, Nene asked for it. Nene was pissed so that means Greg has to be pissed even if he’s not sure what it’s all about. Him calling Peter out was ridiculous marking lines in the sand. Then here comes the mouth of the south Nene with her calling Peter a bitch. Of course Cynthia is standing there like a stone doing nothing. I know that I am married to a completely different man than Peter. My husband is the best one in the world for me, however if it had been my husband, I would have had a few words for her. I would have said my husband was talking to me not you, you asked him his opinion and he gave it to you. Then you call him a bitch. You Nene are the bitch and if you don’t want to be spoken to like a man don’t ask his opinion when he didn’t send for you. Thank you.

    • O.O

      Very well said Hannah I totally Agree with you.

    • KB

      I agree. Greg was waaay off base when he confronted Peter. I personally don’t have a problem with Peter having an opinion. If Bravo is giving him camera time to talk then why wouldn’t he. To me he seems like he’s just being himself. He’s older so I guess He thinks he’s sharing words of wisdom, good, bad or indifferent. I find him more entertaining than some of the wives. As inappropriate as Kenya has been in her dealings with Apollo, she had me cracking up when she was arguing with Porsha. Porsha tried to post up and Kenya pulled her card when she said kordell and Porsha had an arranged marriage and he put her behind out. I fell outta my chair when she said that. If Porsha doesn’t want people to think she was in a bearded marriage then she should have never put the thought out there.

  8. HannahKingRose

    Oh yes and I don’t care for Peter and all his foolishness, but this one time is not his fault. It’s Nene being Nene.

  9. O.O

    It would of been entertaining to see the guys go at it but I guess Peter knows he would of been arrested for elder abuse .Apollo must of wanted Greg to get a beating, calling off Todd the way he did , lol.
    I’m not sure why women in their mid 40s and apparently men of a certain age are offended when younger people label them as old. We have all been in our 20’s and 30’s and considerd anyone two years older than us old . Just because Nene likes the comfort of a senior citizen doesn’t mean the younger women should feel the same. Plus its porsha saying it .Some women begin menopause at 46 so I’m not sure why NeNE was so offended about the oh you still your period question ( they tell us what to expect when it comes but there are no talks about what to exoect in the end so it could of been a valid question). Nene has been very well behaved for the last two episodes but should be the very last person calling ANYONE ignorant.
    I’m really tired of hearing Cynthia talk about her ex fibroids , she didnt have major surgery to remove them which in my case the surgery was worse than giving birth two times so she needs to cut it out .
    Porsha, -bless her heart.
    Apollo – Phedra should never of let him start talking on camera because he’s an embarrassment . I think Aydin has a better vocabulary than he does. Porsha would be a better fit for him.

    • wow. You are not very joooovial tonight. :)

      On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 11:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        I’m Sorry … Maybe I’m in the stages of menopause or have entered ….I’ll be good from now on or just lurk. Lol

      • O.O

        Lol @ joovial . She’s sure paying a high price for having a eye candy husband . Maybe he’s payback for all the rotten things she’s done to others .

      • WHEW! For a minute there, I thought you were going to be good. Don’T NO BODY WANT THAT! OO!

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 1:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Katrina

      Not every women in their 40s, is going through menopause. Phaedra just had a baby at 40.Kenya says she is trying to have a baby and she is over 40. Menopause is a very sensitive subject for some women!

      • O.O

        I cant understand why its so upsetting, if you don’t die young then menopause is coming .Why in the world would anyone want to have a period forever? AND I didnt say anything about 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 or 45 . I said that menopause USUALLY begins around 46 which means NOT every woman starts at that age . The beginning of menopause doesn’t mean you don’t ever get a period , it starts to become irregular until it makes its final exit. I’m guessing that’s why so many women have old age pregnancies . It’s quite exhausting that every single thing is so offensive .

      • The average age for menopause starting is 51.6. So you are wrong.

      • Clearly you are an idiot and probably a man. It’s the PERIMENOPAUSE WHEN THE CRAZY STARTS! DO NOT ASK ME HOW I KNOW THIS! That starts in the 40s. All of those women expect Porsha are likely there. The whole 51/52 average age is for when your periods stop completely. For ten years or so, YOU GO THROUGH A CRAZY DECADE ! Also if the average age of stopping your periods is 51 that means half of us go through it BEFORE 51, IN OUR FORTIES and the other half end their cycles AFTER 51.

        Do not argue with a hormonal woman about menopause!

        *Perimenopause* Physical clues that you are approaching menopause may start years before your final menstrual period. This time is called “perimenopause” (meaning “around menopause”). It is the result of changing levels of ovarian hormones in your body. Estrogen levels decline, but they do so unevenly. Sometimes they can even be higher than when you were younger. Irregular menstrual periods, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbances and mood swings are common, normal signs of perimenopause. At this time, women may still be able to get pregnant, although it does not happen often. Birth control is recommended until one year after the last period if pregnancy is not desired.

        *Natural Menopause* Natural menopause is a spontaneous, permanent ending of menstruation that is not caused by any medical treatment. In North America, most women experience natural menopause between ages 40 and 58, averaging around age 51. Some women reach natural menopause as early as their 30s and a few as late as their 60s. Today, most North American women spend at least one-third of their lives after menopause. Women often experience menopause around the same age as their mothers and sisters. Smokers may reach menopause about two years earlier than nonsmokers. No clear connection has been found between age at menopause and race, age at first period or use of birth control pills or fertility medications.

        *Postmenopause* Postmenopause is the time after menopause. Some menopause-related symptoms (such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes) may still occur because your body is only making a small amount of estrogen. In this time, your risk increases for diseases associated with low estrogen levels, including osteoporosis.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 4:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Monihew

        I can see how it might be a sensitive subject, but a fair question. Let’s not forget, if you have had a hysterectomy you don’t have a period either. So the question could be taken that way as well.

      • I don’t really care. It’s not an an issue for me and I wish everyone would shut tup about it.

      • You sound hormonal.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gabriella

        TT’s info is correct. There is a huge variation of ages for a woman to have her last period. I have a couple of friends who had it at 46, one had her last period at 44 and never had any children. My mum had hers at 48 but I had mine at 52. Another friend was 57. I think women who are delaying motherhood for whatever reason, would want to be aware that not all women can still have babies in their forties at the drop of a hat.

  10. KB

    I can’t believe how Apollo was treating Phaedra. In these episodes he acts like he can’t stand her. It’s so sad to watch. I bet you now tho, that his tune has and will change now that he’s in trouble with the law. I remember when he was in WWHL with the other husbands he was acting like she was the love of his life. I think he has cheated on Phaedra already and she’s only sticking with him to save face with all her detractors who thought she was a fool to marry him.

  11. Sandy Adams

    I just think that they all should get along and try to be polite when it comes to each others feelings, Peter is entitled to his own opinions as well as all of the other members what they all need to do is respect each other and stay in they own lane and if you don’t want nobody to know anything about you or your business keep your business to you and your spouse stop trying to get on T.V and try to make television, your lifetime personal friend…….. That everybody act you age and peter need to know how far to voice his opinions and Cynthia needs to tell him to stay out of the female gossips and as far as Ne- Ne she needs to control her mouth sometimes know what to say and when to say it and Greg need to tell his wife when she’s wrong period point blank….. Stop the Fault and everyone work on they own personal business…… Kenya just a hot ass mess all the way messy messy messy

  12. I started perimenopausal @ age 45 and full-blown menopause @ 47. So NeNe you need some education. Phaedra gurl, you got bigger worries than Kenya. I think the franchise is grabbing for storylines. An era coming to an end. TT, a great recap. I know you and Banjo has had a long cold winter. Please let Spring begin!

    • LoLo

      @ZenJen53…menopause comes at ALL ages! I started peri menopause @ 38 and full-blown menopause @ 40! So the menopause conversation really had me laughing. Its a part of life and women’s health. Women of all ages need to be sensitive to it….because its coming. I can easily sympathize because I went through it so early…its nothing to feel ashamed about…..geez

      • Same with me. 40, taking the meno pills and waiting for it’s final exit… Loved that reference OO!

        This old vag (for babies) has it’s business closed sign in bright lights! And I’m not complaining. I never had children but I had an adorable, loving, beautiful son, canine that is, English Bulldog. My parents loved him literally until he breathed his last breath (he passed away at their home last May.). My father passed In October. I ain’t got no time or babies anymore!

        Business Closed! lmao!

  13. Gregg is wrong – Nene came after Peter and he answered her. Nene calling Peter a bitch is all the way wrong and Cynthia just stood there. If that bitch Nene called my husband a bitch it would have been on. Gregg is the bitch he is nothing but Nene’s lap dog aka bitch.
    Kenya needs to stay out of and away from married men period. She just does this to upset Phaedra.
    And who give a damn about Nene’s period. Alot of women do go thru the early stages of menopause in their 40’s.

    • The Jam

      I re-read this like 3 times just because of how many times you wrote ‘bitch’. This pleases me :-)

    • O.O

      Peter doesn’t need Cynthia to defend him .

    • Bravogirl24/7

      Why does Kenya or any other women need to stay away from “married people”. Married people need to act like they are MARRIED. I get approached by married men all of the time. It is annoying and embarrassing as well as creepy. It makes me want to agree with what Ms. Lawrence said. ALL MEN CHEAT! (Not all men, just the ones I’ve met).

  14. diamondgigi

    The PhonyHWof ATL is getting on my nerves. Why or why did we have to have this fake azz ish with Gregg and Peter. Clearly NeNe felt that Gregg did not defend her honor the night she GOT up in Peter’s face and now is making him confront Peter while they both have had one too many drinks. Then she comes in all gangster putting her hands on the wall preventing another woman’s husband from leaving so she can confront him like the man she is. Cynthia for this woman to call herself your friend she crossed the friend line long, long ago and for you not to stand in defense of your man is trifflin’. Keyna has clearly weaved her crazy thread all up and through this and everyone does not seem the wiser for it. However, I could not be any of these so called women cuz bit aI love Geneva, but the girl NEEDS bangs and pieces of everyone would be flying all over mexico and Atlanta. I do believe if the fight went down w/Peter and Gregg my money is on Peter.

  15. ECA

    Favorite line of the night:

    Peter to Greg: F*%k you man!

    Greg to Peter: You can f*%k me all night man!

    Love you TT, me and my mom are long time readers.

  16. Sharnee

    The problem with Phaedra and Apollos union is that they got married for convenience and not love and it’s starting to show. And as far as Ms. Peter his bitch slip is sure showing, lot of praise to Ms.Lawrence did u catch that

  17. Katrina

    Nene said that Peter is acting like a bitch. He has demonstrated it on this trip, several times.

    • O.O

      I think Peter is talking and acting up so much because Cynthia is boring and they will get kicked off the show . This show and attention is what Peter has always wanted (because he is an opportunist and jerk ) and he’s not going down without a fight so he’s trying to make a footprint .

    • Curious: what does it mean t call a man a bitch? You do realize that at the heart of that insult is an insult to all women, right? It inherently implies that women are less than men. But you ladies keep giggling at it.

  18. MomofAJ

    What is wrong with anyone, man or woman, telling someone else they acted inappropriately, especially if the inappropriate party asked? Cynthia is SCARED of NeNe because there AIN’T NO WAY she would have been all up in my husband’s face and call him a beeyotch to boot without a response from me! Oh hell to the naw!!!

  19. Cassie

    I believe at the birthday party. Apollo was trying to prepare Phaedra for his jail sentence letting her know that it is ok if she has her needs met by someone while he is in jail. The filming was done prior to his arrest I am sure there was chit chat in the streets and he knew it was a matter of time before he went down. I believe he doesn’t want Phaedra to divorce him but to wait on him. He said if his wife cheats it not what he wants but if she does at least have the man wear the condom. One thing about our girl Kandi she is truly a friend. She seems to stick by her friends. Unlike Nene she thinks her friends are disposable. Just drop and throw them away. I hope Cynthia has learned her lesson.

    • Bella

      Apollo does not love Phaedra. It is plain obvious he wants nothing more than to get out of that relationship. He is giving her the ok to cheat because he cheats on her. He can’t stand her and it’s as clear as day.

      • Monihew

        You are so right. I actually felt terrible for her. There is nothing worse than being with a man that does not love you – unless everyone else knows it too.

  20. LoLo

    This episode was too much! I do believe that Kenya is using Apollo to get under Phaedra’s skin and she’s playing right into her hands…just like NeNe. I have dealt with infidelity in a marriage and I always CHECKED my former husband. HE was my problem not the other woman! I feel as if Phaedra is handling this all wrong. she needs to STOP showing Kenya how insecure and messed up her marriage is…smh. Kenya doesn’t want Apollo…he is just part of her master plan…but he is not the educated one…so I can understand him not getting it…LOL
    I believe that NeNe wants to ends her friendship with Cynthia and Peter and she is using Greg to do it. Greg is not stupid and his interpretation of what happened is clearly wrong. He was right there…he saw how it went down…not you want to start a fight about it 3 weeks later??? I agree with Peter when he said..”why didn’t you say something then? NeNe has been talking about Peter for while now…I think she’s trying to dump the couple. They are now beneath her…LOL. Cynthia has a problem with letting go of things and people. Its time for her to put her BIG girl panties on and let go of this disrespectful friend.
    For some reason I don’t think Todd enjoys being on the show..but since he is Kandi’s fiancé now he has to go along for the ride. I do believe he is a positive influence for her. I wish them the best.
    Poor Porsha…smh.
    I see Marlo returns next week….they have her on the show for something..I wonder what it is?

    • Katrina

      Marlo is on the show to give Kenya a women to dish with. They will have to bring a new person on the show, so Kenya will have a friend.

  21. I surmise that Miss Lawrence was sent with the men to gather up some tea and shade for Miss Kenya!

    • No. All non Housewives needed to leave as it was a scene for only the full fledged Housewives. Really, that’s all that should be included in these trips anyway.


    I usually don’t feel sorry for Phaedra but in this episode, I have a huge amount of empathy for her. Apollo has disrespected her so many times. He played right into Kenya’s hands. Apollo should have said that he’d be happy to have the conversation as long as his wife was present. He’s dumber than a bag of hammers. Nene calling anyone else ignorant with her high and mighty attitude is laughable. Nene is so ignorant about so many things. She is ridiculous and needs to come off her high horse. Peter is not my favorite but Nene chased him and asked him what was wrong. He didn’t “come up” on her. Gregg is clearly just doing Nene’s bidding but it was 100% wrong. Has Nene ever admitted to any wrongdoing? Seems to me she just gets louder and louder and is constantly deflecting onto others. Cynthia should have snatched that Donald Trump hair piece off her head when she called her husband the B-word. I loved it when Kandi made her botox comment to Nene and I love how Todd put her in her place. Nene is the poison of this show and I cannot stand her at all.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I agree with much of your post.

      Nene’s comment that Phaedra is ‘ignorant’ is truly a case of the pot calling the kettle black. (I can say that because my skin is black, lest anybody get offended on nobody’s behalf!) ‘Ignorant’ is Lenethia Leakes’ middle name.

      I noticed that Nene spoke very harshly to Porsha in this episode. In fact, she patronised her. I hadn’t noticed that before. Nene can be very rude. She knows who she can “bully.” It seems that Porsha is gaining confidence in herself. I hope that one day she will reprimand in kind. Tick tock, tick tock.

      There are no words for Apollo other than ‘fool personified.’

      When Apollo left Phaedra, his wife, sitting in front of their hotel room, in the early hours of the morning and REFUSED to get a ‘damn key,’ he confirmed how much of a donkey he is. Phaedra must be exasperated. She has to be. I wish Apollo would come to TT’s blog to read all about himself. He is making a huge impression. As an absolute disgrace.

      As for Kenya, she is keeping the drama flowing by placing herself at the centre of most conflicts. Was anyone else irritated by her meddling? The ‘beanbag question game’ was pitiful. It’s quite a feat to simultaneously insult AND antagonise your guests.

      Gregg’s defence of his wife, weeks after the event is absurd. If he was that angry he should have called Peter. They are friends and this could have been handled properly OFF CAMERA. My guess is that Nene told him to “check” Peter.

  23. gerly1

    This episode was the most staged I’ve seen to date on RHOA. Why after weeks did Greg all of a sudden get a broom up his ass about the charity event? Seriously? And why would all these grown men and women do pillow talk round 2? How many people in real life would have gone along with that? Don’t get me wrong I understand a lot of this is staged, but last night was ridiculous.

    Kenya just enjoys pushing these peoples buttons and they seem to enjoy letting her. Kandi and Nene arguing about periods was the most ridiculous argument I have ever seen. It just goes to prove these ladies will argue about anything!

  24. myinfo

    Bravo’s editing of both RHOBH and RHOA is bizarre this season.
    The famous promo where Brandi tells Lisa “checkmate” was never shown.

    This year RHOA’s editing is too weird. I don’t even believe the shot of Apollo supposedly looking at Kenya in her bathing suit as she climbs the stairs. We are to believe as the camera is on Apollo he decides to stare at her butt.

    It also seems to me that Production is directing Kenya to create scripted drama.

    Why so many dumb fights this year. After the brawl that should have been the last time anyone put their hands on anyone.

    When Peter and Greg were going at it, I thought finally Apollo learned at least one lesson and that is to not break up a fight.

    • KReality

      Well Andy isn’t in full control anymore since leaving bravo so that may have something to do with it. I still like Kenya but I think she may helping with the fuel to set up some of these messy encounters.

      Far as editing its so obvious. I m think Appollos speech for pha bday was definitely edited.

  25. Good Day

    They’ve taken the show into a real dark place this season. What happened to the storylines? It seems like this whole season nobody has a real storyline except for Kandi. The other ladies moments have revolved around them trying to undermine each others’ relationships; The whole thing just seems really odd and desperate . They definitely need to return back to the more funny light-hearted stories like dropping a single or launching a fashion line. Hopefully after this season they’ll tell everyone but Kandi to go ahead and exit to the left because nobody but her is really doing anything but fighting.

  26. LewLew

    Kenya has some screws missing. She is so desperate for attention from a man (preferably Apollo) but she’ll take whomever she can get it from. She’s in heat for a man. Where in the hell is her so called African Prince? Why was she the only woman hanging around all those married/committed men. Kenya and Apollo have disrespected Phaedra more than enough. The line has definitely been crossed.

    Nene, you better watch Kenya. She want your spot as Queen of Atlanta Housewives. I can see right through her scene stealing sneaky behind. The housewives should get together and have her fired.

  27. myinfo

    Kenya won Bravo’s “Rookie of the Year” and most memorable outfit – dressing like Phaedra
    Brawl of the year – was the Apollo beat down

  28. papa smurf

    Just because Greg doesn’t have an opinion, unless Nene says it’s OK, she thinks the other ladies husbands are not suppose to have any, let alone dare to express them or disagree with the queen rich bitch Ms. Nene.
    You can’t rewrite history, no matter how much you yell & get up in someone’s face. Nene got into Peter’s business at the fundraiser, and didn’t like what she heard…tough shit. That was his opinion, and you asked for it. Peter can handle Greg & Nene, no problem. But Cynthia should be ashamed for not sticking up for Peter. I love that Kandi checked Nene with her botox response. Nene is a bully, and i’m sick of everyone trying to kiss her ass.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Nene needs to meet her match. Not in a brown nosing, you’re fabulous way. Hello Kenya.
      She needs to meet someone who will stand up to her and call her out in a “who do you think you are? you’re renting, stop fronting/what LEVEL do you think you’re on” kinda way.

  29. I hate that yellow bag Phaedra had and wonder what was so hard about getting a room key and having it at all times when outside of your room for both Phaedra and her hubby. Apollo was too rude to her for seemingly no reason (intentionally edited that way or not) and he should have at least showed some concern about his wife sitting outside their room at 2 in the morning. She and Apollo should have been divorced by now.

    Nene can dish it but can’t take it, Porsha is still off in never never land with a healthy dose of electric trains and romantic old men, and Kenya is still stirring the pot. How is it that she stayed for Phaedra’s birthday party wearing fake smiles? The only thing new was that two old men were getting as energetic as they could get up in each other’s faces when we all knew that was just going to fizzle out. I want to see if Cynthia is truly going to confront Nene or if she will rethink it and back down too.

  30. Angel

    The Leakes’s prenep must state that Gregg has to be Nene’s lapdog, never have an opinion that isn’t hers, and publicly stick up for her even if he has no idea what’s going on.

  31. For me, Khandi throwing shade at NeNe for her Botox use was priceless. Nene did not come for her after that??? She knew better! Khandi clearly was ready to her silly ass. Cynthia allowing another woman to call her man a bitch? Now that’s a punk move. No man or woman should allow anyone to call their partner anything other than their name, that includes sweetie, honey, etc. NeNe has locked Nay-Nay in the closet for now per her handlers but remember Nay-Nay is a strong secondary and can BURST out at any time and Kenya knows the code to unlock her. Porsha, needs a storyline because her stupidity is her only story, Apollo is all window, no shade, Phaedra looks more ridiculous with each episode with her short stupid sayings and observations. Poor Todd I think this is more than he expected cause he keeps a doe-in-the-headlights look when he has to engage. I know they won’t recast this train wreck, so thanks TT for providing this forum for me to smh and say WTF. Guess I’ll keep watching and drinking then come here to vent

  32. Nads

    Did anyone notice what Marlo says in the preview for next week? She tells Kenya something to the effect of: ‘you should tell them you don’t like them,’ after she asks Kenya how the trip wow. mmmm we though Kenya was the puppet master but it looks like Marlo is really the one running Kenya. She knows this is the only way to get on the show. Kenya better watch her back Marlo will stab her in the back too. LOL…..

    Even though Kenya has thrown so much shade at Nene by “partnering up” with Marlo for airtime I really believe she secretly wants to be her friend like so damn bad! I mean the girl tries waaay too hard.

    Hate Nene all you want but I still think she runs these girls. Twirl on that! 😉

    • Marlo wants on and she will try anything to get that peach. I suggest she go find a doctor to marry and join the ratchet women on “Married to Medicine” cause the women on RHOA are scrambling to hard for camera time to share with her. Who is using who-Kenya is not stupid she befriended Marlo to get a NeNe. She worked to hard to get it so she will not let Marlo steal her peach

    • kb

      I think that I agree with you on that Nads. I don’t think that Kenya is killing Nene with kindness with some ulterior motive to try and bring Nene down. I believe Kenya was trying to kiss up to Nene and you can tell be cause she was doing waaaaaaaaay too much. Giving her the main suite in Mexico, doing “pillow talk redux” because she regrets what happened at the last one? Just more grandstanding in an effort to get Nene to like her. People think that Kenya is some mastermind when it comes to Nene, no….she so desperately wants to be the popular girl’s (Nene) friend. For what reason I have no idea. All Nene is going to do is ignore her, and clown her making her look like a fool. I imagine now with all the recent negative tweeting back and forth since the 1st pillow talk party between the 2 of them, they are no where near where to being friends, but I believe at the time of filming, Kenya was trying to suck up.

      • mrjustincase1

        let us not not forget Kenya has a degree in phsycology,and uses it very well.there is a plan with Nene,and Nene is dropping her guard,but lastly how does a woman called the head doctor,and has a pimp named Apollo,like Iceberg Slim,Pretty Tony,or Goldie,get off calling another woman a whore,and if you can`t stand for someone to talk to your man,don`t bring him to work wit you

  33. FYI someone tweeted me that Nene has defriended Cynthia! Oh the shade!

    • NeNe is about to run out of allies. That reunion should be turned all the way up!!

    • myinfo

      Cynthia finally found a backbone.
      Did the friendship contract include don’t call my man a bitch?

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Yes indeed. That was a special annotated clause.
        Would love to see Cynthia cuss Nene out. Sigh.

    • HannahKingRose

      Well damn! Cynthia must have grown a pair and actually disagreed with Queen Nene. At that point Nene had no alternative but to banish Cynthia from the kingdom. She probably even said “off with her head” lol. Nene has made the statement that she was so above all of the women of RHOA and I remember Cynthia wondering if Nene was including her. Obviously she was. Nene you might need to increase your palace guard and get a few food tasters too boot at this rate. You are running out of loyal subjects and frightened peasants lmao.

    • mrjustincase1

      sorry about the typos

  34. CityGirl81

    Geriatric Greg needs to have several. His out of line wife stepped to Peter, not the other way around. Phaedra is ridiculous and marrying down was the biggest mistake of her life. She looks crazy being married to such an inarticulate man and she needs to place her anger with Apollo, not Kenya.

  35. This menopause conversation is really getting on my last nerve. Every woman is different and there are so many variables re: starting age, severity, etc. Most women (who aren’t taking hormonal supplements or who haven’t had a hysterectomy) exprience about 10 years of the “perimenopausal” symptoms – those lovely mood swings, night sweats, irregular periods, etc. You have to go 12 months without a period to be considered menopausal, and then everything after that is considered post menapause. The women on these shows who are in their 40s and 50s have to be expriencing some hormonal changes, unless they are on the pill or have had surgery. Remember that stupid episode of RHONY where Ramona thought she was pregnant (she was 52 or 53 at the time)? It’s all just ridiculous. NeNe’s comment was beyond ignorant, but since women don’t really talk about what to expect when you are menopausing (just my play on what to expect when you are expecting) it’s not surprising.

    • Sorry, I posted this comment before I saw the “hormonal” and “smelly” exchange between TT and TeeCee. Please ignore my comment and just chalk it up to my hormonal rage. :-)

  36. myinfo

    How about Phaedra PINK straw?
    That looked like a cheap Easter hat from Dollar Tree.

  37. I don’t know anything about Dobby or Harry Potter. I can only surmise this is some sort of “shade” for which I’m ill prepared to respond. Tootsie is out.

    • You don’t know who Dobby is on Harry Potter??? How is this possible? He was a self depreciating house elf who had a very close, but odd, relationship with Harry Potter. He eventually died and Harry was very sad! I can totally hear him saying, “Clearly, I’m an idiot!”

      *Harry* : Promise me something. *Dobby *: Anything, sir. *Harry *: Never try to save my life again.

      *Harry *: You’d better clear off before my bones come back, Dobby, or else I might strangle you. *Dobby *: [*jumps off the bed*] Dobby is used to death threats, sir. Dobby gets them five times a day at home.


      On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 7:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • No worries TT. I am not a Harry Potter fan, so I wasn’t familiar with the comparison. When I googled the character of Dobby I was overly sensitive about the unemployment reference. Just chalk it up to me being menopausal and unemployed. That said, I’m still more comfortable with the BH thread than the ATL thread (half of the time I don’t even understand what the ATL crew is saying). xxoo

      • Harry Potter had a very close place in his heart for Dobby, just like I do for you. :) I’m sorry if you thought it was anything other than the loving, humorous reference I intended.

        That said, Clearly, you are an idiot if you don’t know I kinda like you by now. :)

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 9:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  38. I live for the day, all these women find a legitimate reason to get mad about crap….last night and thus far…all high school bs

  39. TT: Yep, clearly I am an idiot. Oh, and wait: clearly you are an idiot! :-)

  40. eastjames

    I can’t believe that no one is going to bring up that the real reason Greg and Peter are fighting is because Nene wants to do Peter! Also the reason Nene starts shit with Peter from time to time is built up sexual tension.

    • Redhotmama

      Yes to this! When NeNe and Gregg were on the rocks, Nene was way more flirtatious with him than Kenya has been with Apollo, and still is to a point. The only difference is, Peter takes it in stride because he’s not interested in climbing that moose, while Apollo seems to be like a kid in a candy store when he’s around Kenya. This episode had some hilarious lines, but lord, how come Phaedra, the self professed southern belle, hasn’t told Apollo that old southern philosophy that children should be seen and not heard. Lord, when he said ‘juvial’. Bahaha, and also, “I never get to do anything nice for you because you’re so mean all the time.”

      • personally, I think “Juvial” should be a word that means having fun while being juvenile. Also, if I married an uneducated man (never going to happen) I would not call out his ignorance on national TV. In fact, I would not correct him to his face. I would just simmer while filing for divorce.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 11:22 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  41. I can’t really take Phaedra seriously for calling out Apollo. After all, she said on national TV, “I ain’t got no key” during the scene when she was locked out of the hotel room. Seriously?

  42. Bella

    Phaedra looks more and more insecure the more she insults Kenya and ignores Apollo’s ill treatment of her. And why is there so much emphasis on being married, having a man, keeping a man etc? Why do so many women seem to place their worth on having a man? I have been in long term relationships and I have also been single. I have been proposed to by a good man with lots of money who promised to take care of me, whom my family adored but I said NO because I didn’t want to get married! Not everyone wants marriage. I still believe I am valuable and worthy even when I;m single. Women who put so much emphasis on having and keeping a man are setting women way back! Get it together. I am team Kenya all the way. Phaedra is so insecure it’s really pathetic. You can’t control your man like a prison guard just so you can keep him. Men are humans. If they want to stay they will stay and you won;t have to hold them on a leash. Treat him like a dog he will start to act like one. Apollo is dumb as bricks but he is better off without this angry controlling woman, He needs to find himself.


    Is anyo0ne else sick to death of the RHOA taking their sweet time with their cast blogs?

  44. DeeDee

    Kenya Moore had a health scare last season w/breast cancer right? So why was she smoking cigars in Mexico? She’ll do anything for a storyline and a dollar.

    • mrjustincase1

      Most people do most things for a dollar,but it`s bad to do foolish things for nothingThink,Think,Think,out of all the housewives in Atlanta,Bravo hired an actress from L.A. to be a housewife,she gets paid extra for keeping it cranked up.While people are calling her crazy she is using her psychology degree,to go to the bank.She reminds me of Bruce Dern(the man who killed John Wayne).Dern had always been just a character actor until he killed John Wayne in a movie,then his career took off.They wanted him to kill somebody in every movie they were making at the time.T he first thing Christoper Williams said was how smart she is,and altho Phaedra is educated she cannot match wits with Kenya,and for those who want Phaedra to smack Kenya,you should know Kenya is a pretty good kick boxer,so don`t wish that butt kicking on Phaedra

      • Oracle5

        Kenya, watch your back! Don’t get sucker punched by Phaedra or anyone else, Phaedra, said that “it can happen” that you can get smacked.

      • quite playing. Phaedra is not a fool. She knows that Kenya will kick her ass..I also believe that Kenya could have kicked Porsha’s ass but she knew it was to her advantage not to. I know you have saw Kenya work out on the show. She dont be playing and look at her arm muscles. I can hear Phaedra now,”Hold my purse so I can slap the dog shit out of her”. get real

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