Blood Sweat and Heels Reunion Recap

Blood Sweat and Heel Girls on WWHL

This photo is from WWHL not the Reunion.

It’s the Prouds on one side and the Louds on the other. I am TOTALLY Team Proud let’s see if the reunion changes everything. I am a bit behind so I am just going to give some general comments and try to avoid a blog transcribing every detail. I still have WWHL to recap tonight!

Well, Daisy got a new wig. It is better but super long. I just can’t see her as the long-haired sultry type. Her dress is a blinding pink with parts of a purple chandelier as a necklace.  For the record, everyone seems to have missed the mark with their outfits tonight, even the always on point Demetria, who looks fine, but has looked better.

Demetria and Melyssa seem to have a friendship beyond the show and are working out a few little things the other said that hurt them on the show and apologize. Everyone says everyone is different when the cameras are not rolling. I believe that. This is season one when people still think they can make a good impression. Brie says she is the same on and off camera. The Prouds gang up on Daisy.

I love Geneva, but the girl NEEDS bangs. If you crossed Geneva’s forehead with Teresa Giudice’s forehead they would both benefit.  I don’t understand the arm pads in Geneva’s dress. At all.

Mica Blood Sweat Heels

Mica at the Uptown affair putting the K in Klassy

Mica tries to explain about Terry and the fact she is/was his side piece and she had no idea. It is unclear whether he dumped his twenty year relationship for her. Who has that tea? Mica refuses to answer when Andy asks if she is still with Terry. It seems clear they are not and she is just trying to make his primary partner jealous.

Melyssa says she caught her ex-fiancée cheating by snooping and finding a sex tape of him with another woman. Andy asks how much of the tape she watched. She says she watched the whole thing three times. Daisy chimes in, “Really? Comparing techniques, or what?” Melyssa says at first she wasn’t clear it was not her until she saw the big tramp stamp on the girl! The question EVERYONE WISHES ANDY WOULD HAVE ASKED IS, “Are you talking about Flo Rida???” But of course he doesn’t. Who ever it is still texts her every Sunday saying he is kicking himself in the ass for losing her. Later a viewer asks about why she broke up with Flo Rida and if they will ever get back together. She says absolutely they will not and the reasons for the breakup will probably be in her book. Because of course she is writing a book.

Mica talks about everyone asking what her nationality is, and whether or not she is black or white. She’s black.

They rehash Demetria writing a blog about the conversation at Daisy’s brunch to death and back. It’s all ridiculous. Demtria is blogger. She blogs. Get over yourselves.

A viewer thinks that Demetria is judgmental. Perhaps, or perhaps she just has opinions. Mica jumps in to say Demetria judged her. Demetria asks for clarification. Mica says she called her an alcoholic. Demetria asks Mica if she saw herself on camera. Mica is totally in denial about her alcohol issues. Demetria asks if she thought her behavior at Geneva’s work party was appropriate. She says she went to have a good time and she had a good time. Andy says, hey now, that a whole nuther segment ladies. Chill.

Um, I am not sure why the show came back briefly to Mica in a black bra, black control top underwear and a lace overlay knee length bodysuit. But that just happened.

Mica Blood Sweat Heels

I’m not drunk.

When normalcy, or what passes for it on Bravo, returns we have a replay of Mica flashing her vag at the Uptown party. Mica and Melyssa think the whole thing is hysterical. Mica says she apologized. Geneva said that she had to literally pull the apology out of her. Melyssa says she doesn’t remember the night she was way over-served. Brie was hoping that Mica might come face to face with her problems when she saw them on TV rather than thinking is was hysterical. Mica responds with well, I saw things in you on camera that don’t reflect the person I know as well. Mica is not ready to admit she has a problem. We need to just all move on. Mica denies ever saying anything mean about the other women. Um, Wesley Snipes anyone?

Brie just said to Mica she is the other woman in her relationship with Terry. This is true he actually lives with the woman he has been with for 20 years. Mica is shocked that she would say such a thing. Denial is more that just that long river through Egypt y’all.

Next time for Mica to play the victim card over her behavior in The Hamptons. Daisy of course wants to jump in because she is clueless to the world around her and has no idea this segment does not concern her and she should not speak unless spoken to on this issue. Melyssa knows this.  Daisy is one of those people who becomes easily offended and outraged ON BEHALF OF OTHER PEOPLE. Nothing annoys me more. Andy finally has to tell her to shut the fuck up so he can do his show. Andy asks Mica why she came to The Hamptons when she was in such bad shape emotionally. I’ll be damned if Mica doesn’t deny even that. She says she was not in bad shape at that time it was just everyone attacking her. Um, girl, you drank two bottles of wine IN THE CAR on the way there and then had to stop for drinks at your play cousin’s before actually arriving. I’d love to hear your definition of “being in bad shape” if that doesn’t fit it.

Demetria and GenevaAndy asks Demetria to give her side. She says that at every event she attended with Mica, it basically turned into a shit show because of her behavior, specifically her being drunk. She is speaking calmly and without malice. She says she was invited to stay at Brie’s parents home and …Mica who is likely drunk goes off and says she is not going to sit there and let her finish because what she is saying makes no sense. Andy and the entire free world of educated, intelligent people agree. Demetria says Mica has a victim complex. PREACH! Demetria points out that no one in The Hamptons knew her father had passed.  Mica goes into full victim mode while denying (of course) that she plays the victim role. The amount of denial out of Mica is MIND BLOWING. I just can’t wrap my mind around how someone can lack any shred of self-awareness.

It’s clear that Andy doesn’t like Mica. He asks her what she meant when she called Geneva, “Wesley Snipes.” There is an audible gasp in the room and suddenly a lingering silence. Mica rolls her eyes and says Oh God!, she was referring to the Noxeema Jackson character. Daisy keeps trying to butt into the conversation, Geneva tells her to shut up because this has nothing to do with Daisy. Good Lord Daisy, take a cue from Melyssa and just sit there and try to look pretty until it is your turn to speak. As Noxeema would say, ” Get along now. You take care. Be good to yourself..”

Andy asks Geneva if she regrets the detox comment. She does and she says she apologizes for saying that since Mica is a broken person who was going through something bad. Mica tries to hug her and she is all like bitch, I don’t wanna hug you. I LOVE Geneva.

When we return, the topic is Mica’s alcoholism.  Melyssa says she doesn’t think it is a problem. Neither does Daisy. Apparently, Mica perceived the Prouds of laughing at her. She cries. Geneva was laughing at Melyssa thinking she doesn’t have a problem. Brie was whispering something to Demetria. I am assuming it was along the lines of “as long as she has these two enablers she will never face her issues. Demetria pleads with Mica to get help. Andy asks why she is crying (she is drunk, Andrew you know this…) and Mica has no answer. Demetria says it is because she needs attention like she always does. THAT is another one of my pet peeves. When I taught elementary school, there were always kids who acted out a lot and got in a lot of trouble. They were my favorites and the reason I hung in as long as I did.  Every time an adult would say the kid was doing something for attention, I wanted to slap the dog shit out of them. It just meant the kid needed some attention. So I gave them some. You know what when the “bad kid” came to my room they were good as gold. This would piss off their teacher and they would not send them to my room anymore for “punishment.”  This should not be about punishing Mica. It should be about changing her behavior. Sorry. End of rant.

Mica walks off and Andy was all like, dude, we are in the clubhouse, there is no place to walk to. Either D or Geneva said “I knew she was going to do that.”  Someone said “Fuck You!” Mica, most likely. Denial.

Eventually filming resumes, apparently Mica does not want to talk about it and they move on. Andy asks if she thinks she has a drinking problem because of her father who she said had a drinking problem. And she says, wow. I sure do have a history of family genetics and with all these people telling me I am exhibiting signs I should seriously consider my drinking habits and consider getting help. Just kidding! She continues to deny while Daisy clutches her hand.

Brie says that when she went to college for broadcast journalism she had to do a whole year of diction classes to lose her Noo Yawk accent. Everyone seemed shocked.  Really? Clearly it is an affected accent.

They all want us to know that they are on a reality show and we don’t really know them. We want them to know we don’t care. We are talking about their behavior on a reality show anyway.  That said, I think they are talking more about the weird people on twitter who tweet TO the people on reality shows and try to read them. Those folks are crazy.  Speaking of crazy weird, Daisy and Mica have been holding hands in a death grip since she left the stage.

The DVR shut off and took a potty break before picking back up for WWHL so I am not sure if Andy announced another season. I already know there will be one.


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47 responses to “Blood Sweat and Heels Reunion Recap

  1. Tracie

    No, Andy did not announce another season. Also, Melyssa clarified that she is friends with Brie, Demetria, and Geneva. It was good to hear .

  2. a little birdie

    I could not believe that Mica has no salf awareness at all. She was showing her underwear at a business function. Who acts that way at work functions? Brie is boring but I do like her and I think she told Mica in a very dignified way to get it together. I really grew to like Melyssa. She wants to be everybody’s friend.

    Mica clearly has issues with boundaries. It is shown in her drinking and her behavior and it was clearly shown in her relationship. How can she say she was the one being cheated on when she was clearly the side piece?

  3. Michelle

    First I wonder why the reunion was in the clubhouse in comparison to Married to Medicine which was not. I’m team loud. The other ladies are too stuck up with their noses in the air. None of them are perfect and all have done wrong. Unless these ladies are medical professionals they can’t diagnose Mica as an alcoholic. As viewers we can’t either because we only get a snippet of what’s going on.

    • Clearly, you are an idiot. If you need a medical professional to diagnose Mica….something is seriously wrong with you.

      On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 11:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kimster

        Thank you!!! Mica’s antic’s all season long with regard to alcohol and it’s affects on her were well documented throughout the season. I think people forget the Geneva work event (complete with Mica yelling like a banshee and flashing and dancing on tables) in addition to the Hamptons episode.

        I’m Team Proud. It’s ok to indulge in alcohol…but know how to handle it and know when to say when. Clearly Mica has NOT grasped that. Mica needs to own her own issues as well…

    • Brianna

      Mica diagnosed herself every-time she would excuse her drinking for grieving. On the way to see her dad she had multiple drinks and stops. If that retard she was with really loved her than he wouldn’t let her drink herself silly just to get by with day to day life. Also, Mica should see who her real friends are. She’s so delusional she can’t see that the “Louds” are only there for entertainment and the prouds are legit friends that don’t want to see her hit rock bottom. However, that will happen soon enough.

  4. diamondgigi

    I love Geneva, but the girl NEEDS bangs. That is the best laugh I had all day.
    You were spot on with this reunion recap. Love me some Demetria and Melyssa. I do get that these girls were different for the camera, especially Brie and glad she admitted because it was unreal how she always seemed so guarded. As for Ms. Daisy, glad, so glad she had on a better wig but I too was not feeling her in long hair. She may be a bubbly person but to me it makes her appear childish, in an adult world, which is not a good look. I could take another season of the ladies. Of course Geneva will need bangs, Brie will need more personality, Daisy will need to keep the reunion wig and drop the orange lipstick, Demetria is ok as she is for me, they just need to stop the crazy edits that make her look like a mean, uncaring girl. Mica will need to slow down on the booze and acknowledge she has a problem. Meylissa will need to make some money at her real estate job but she can remain the way she is I like her.

  5. O.O

    I have a client who says she knows Mica ,they also live on the same block so I’ve sent a text asking if she has the breakup info.

  6. Barbara R.

    What, no mention of the horrible, tacky dress that Mica was wearing with the BROKEN ZIPPER on the side? I couldn’t believe that they would let her appear like that. Mica’s behavior is so irrational and outrageous that if she was in my circle of friends I would avoid her like the plague.

    • BonVivant

      It wasn’t broken, the dress had cut-out panels on the side, which was a rather unfortunate runway trend for the past two seasons. I am hoping that look is going to be retired REAL soon. But from the looks of Resort season collects for NEXT year…we might have to wait…ugh. I hate it.

  7. angela

    I cannot stand geneva she literally makes my skin crawl. She’s mean,judgemental and mad all throughout the show. When they were watching polo it was disgusting watching her drool over the polo player, she’s gross, classless and have no clue what she contribute to the show beside her negative attitude.

  8. Mica’s an alcoholic, but a jovial one at least. And really, I just have to say that while I like Demetria, her delivery is shit. She needs to not blame editing for making her seem so mean because it’s all about tone: calm does not automatically equal nice and respectful.

    Wesley Snipes…..there’s something that just rubs me the wrong way about her other than the bad makeup. And yes, she needs not only bangs but hair with volume. That flat hair on the show just made her look more and more of Noxeema (sic).

    Brie is sheltered. I know the kind of Long Island girl that Brie is. Sheltered is the best term for her and her world. Melyssa, I have no problems with, and Daisy just looks less a hot mess than usual. I wish she would speak to someone who has gone through a color theory class to teach her which highly saturated colors — since she insists on using them — go with her complexion, and I wish she would put lipstick in the corners of her mouth.

    I need to get to WWHL cos as a black guy who strangely has a thing for Andy Cohen. He’s down with the Swirl. Hi Andy.

  9. Blanca

    I am team proud + 1 (Melyssa). I also find it rather interesting that that Mica was so pressed about about her skin tone and questions about it but had no problem referring to Geneva as that Wesley Snipes character. I think being unapologetic about that put down but so hungry for apologies says much about Mica’s character or lack thereof. She is rather delusional.

  10. JoJo

    I’m certainly not a medical professional. So I’ll just say that Mica is a sloppy, messy drunk in almost 85% or more of the scenes I saw her in on the show. And what makes it probably more disturbing or her issues deeper, is that she was in this state while knowing cameras were filming her. Then, seeing it replayed, thinks it’s hysterically funny instead of what an occasional extremely drunk person likely would do when sober – be mortified and simply admit they had over-indulged. Even try to explain it was because they were so nervous on camera, they tried to calm their nerves by drinking and then it got way out of hand. Not continue to deny, ‘vociferously’ they are a drunk or an alcoholic and it’s something or someone else’s fault. That’s what I saw.

  11. This reunion annoyed me to no end!! Everyone was offended and felt judged, yet everyone offended and judged. Now THAT is a dose of reality.

    I agree that Daisy was annoying last night. Her storyline wasn’t strong enough to be discussed for long, but she needed some air time. (She looked pretty, so for that, I don’t blame her.). That being said…Geneva had no place telling anyone to shut up, and her kegel balls only get bigger when Demetria is there to back her up.

    Demetria is a well-oiled machine, but no one likes to be around someone who never shows a chink in their armor. That being said, she shouldn’t belittle herself in order to make others feel comfy.

    Brie won’t be back. Snoozefest…

    Mica, oh Mica.

    Can I just say that the whole Wesley Snipes in drag comment is going too far. She DOES look like him. Just like my grandmother looked like James Earl Jones. It is only a put down because GENEVA has a colorism issue. If we said Mica looked like…I dunno…Kareem Abdul Jabar, we’d giggle and keep going.

    Melyssa rocks, but she needs to never rock that Mellie Fitzgerald State Dinner hair helmet ever again.

    And once again…Brie is boring.

  12. MomofAJ

    Y’all know y’all saw when they posted the side-by-side picture of Geneva and Noxeema on the screen. They looked like they could be “sisters”. Truth, no shade. And what DOES Brie do for a living?

  13. Dee

    That comment about Geneva looking like Noxeema Jackson was funny & had nothing to do with colorism. Geneva is reaching with that 1. Bravo did the side by side photo (shady) during 1 of the episodes & they do look alike. Anywho, Melyssa was my favorite out of the bunch. I enjoyed the show & I hope they have a season 2

  14. Jennifer

    I’m annoyed by the inherent racism in a biracial person forced to call themselves black. They are biracial which is legitimate.

    • AnaBanana

      Are you talking about Mica? No one is forcing her to pick a race. People ASSUME she’s biracial because of her skin tone,but she insist that she is not. She’s said repeatedly that both of her parents are black.

  15. sequoia

    Actually, Brie didn’t say that when she went to college for broadcast journalism she had to do a whole year of diction classes to lose her Noo Yawk accent. She said she had to lose her Long Island accent. It’s even worse. Think Jill Zarin.

  16. Kennedy

    Hi, here is the DSM IV definition of Alcohol Dependence, ALCOHOL DEPENDENCE

    (A) A maladaptive pattern of drinking, leading to clinically significant impairment or distress, as manifested by three or more of the following occurring at any time in the same 12-month period:

    Need for markedly increased amounts of alcohol to achieve intoxication or desired effect; or markedly diminished effect with continued use of the same amount of alcohol
    The characteristic withdrawal syndrome for alcohol; or drinking (or using a closely related substance) to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms
    Drinking in larger amounts or over a longer period than intended.
    Persistent desire or one or more unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control drinking
    Important social, occupational, or recreational activities given up or reduced because of drinking
    A great deal of time spent in activities necessary to obtain, to use, or to recover from the effects of drinking
    Continued drinking despite knowledge of having a persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problem that is likely to be caused or exacerbated by drinking.

    Mica presented with at least 4 of these criteria throughout the season.

  17. Tasha

    Love the recap! I am 100% Team Proud with a hearty dose of love for Melyssa, who really surprised me. It was nice to see how she navigated creating a new career/identity yet still had that video vixen persona hanging over her head.

    Daisy was just a hot mess this entire season. She was doing too much and in everybody’s conversation. A and B, Daisy, A and B. C your way out, darling!

    Brie is boring. If there is another season I’d love to actually get to learn who she is and what she does.

    Geneva and Demetria were my favorites. Demetria is a little too “above the fray” at times, so she needs to relax a bit but girl was speaking truth every episode. “Who told you these lies?” might be my favorite line from the entire season.

    Mica has some issues with alcohol, and needs to get some help. No woman over 40 should be that sloppy, that often, in public. And the Wesley Snipes thing got under my skin like nobody’s business. An extremely light-skinned woman shading a darker skinned woman by saying she looks like man? No, sorry, back up sistah. Colorism 101. Mica knew she was wrong with that one.

    • O.O

      Why does everyone think that its about color? Who cares if Geneva is dark skinned? Who cares if Mica is light skinned ? It just so happens that Mica’s read hit the nail on the head in every way including skin tone. Was it below the belt ? Yes .Was it mean? Yes !
      She called her Wesley because that’s who she looks like with that horrible hair makeup and inappropriate style of dress for her body type .
      There aren’t any rules when people are throwing low blows . All these light skinned dark skinned rules ,you cant say this cause you’re light and I’m dark are tired .Why aren’t there aren’t any rules restricting the low blows dark skinned people can throw? Geneva needs a new team , the right beauty team can make her look more attractive .

      • kb

        Race NEVER entered my mind when I heard that comment and I am an AA female. What makes her resemble Wesley Snipes is her eye makeup and the size of her eyeballs. It has nothing to do with her complexion. I think that she is overreacting when she brings color into it. I think what she said to Mica FIRST by calling her “detox” was just as demeaning, (even she admitted that was not the proper thing to say at that time). Where I come from, if you can dish it out, then you need to be able to take it, otherwise keep your mouth shut. I will say this also, I know that Daisy has gotten a bad rap for being overly protective of Mica, but she certainly (in my humble opinion ) comes off as a loyal friend. It was very evident when she went after her, and then held her hand. Whatever gets said behind closed doors between her and Mica (if anything at all) regarding Mica’s alcoholism is one thing, but the outward show of loyalty she shows to her in public says a lot about Daisy as a friend. That’s the kind of quality I look for in a friend. Loyalty. Sticking to someone you care about no matter what. I’ll probably get a lot of heat for this one.

      • Not from me. But I did find the hand holding very odd. Maybe I’m just not the hold hands with my girlfriends type.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 5:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  18. In the WOW there are some crazy people on the Interwebs department… some Scooby Doo Esq. type commenter just tried to post that I should not be saying bad things about Geneva because her fans are ride or die, my blog is horrible and I don’t have enough ads…. it was a cornucopia of crazy!

    The craziest part is that I AM TEAM GENEVA! I stated that first thing on the blog! I simply said she has a super high forehead and needs to keep her bangs, and that her arm padded dress was odd.

    Y’all the ones making harsh out of line comments. I have deleted a dozen moderated post from posters who want to make their first post here insulting someone’s looks hardcore.

    I always wonder what these people are doing tryna troll my awful blog anyway….IJS

  19. kjsmithjd

    I love BSH and Demetria most of all. Mica has serious problems and will eventually get help, I believe. (I highlighted “Mica,” right-clicked and Googled it and MICA is an acronym for Mentally Ill Chemically Addicted. How strange is that?)

  20. Luvlee2u

    Thank you for the recap TT

    I’m so happy Bravo had a Blood Sweat and Heels reunion. I love the concept of the show. Seeing women trying to make their dreams come true in New York is hard. Reputation and work ethic is all you have.

    Over all I am team proud and loud. Demetria is classy and composed but lacks a lot of sympathy (a least that is how she was edited). Geneva took a lot of ish from the girls at first then lashed out and did not stop. I wish she would have showed the fun witty side she showed on her date more. Brie was reserved. Almost to reserved. Melyssa was cool. I really liked seeing her start her career and talk about how you have to sacrifice to just start in real estate. Daisy was bold and loud. It works for her and she owns it. Mica… I feel for her. Emotional scars are something that is real. I think she was an emotional wreck all season. She needs help but not for alcohol but to heal with her daddy issues. I think the drinking will slow down when her healing happens.

    • Jae

      I don’t think Demetria lacks sympathy so much as she just doesn’t have time for bullshit. She’s very much an “I say what I mean and mean what I say” woman.

      Does she sound tactless at times? Sure, but she gets her point across and usually only has to say it one time.

      I’ll take brutal honesty any day over sugar coated bullshit.

      • Demetria like Phaedra is not a “southern belle” it is a ridiculous concept for any black woman to claim in the first place. She may be from the south, but she is more a New Yorker than anything else. NTTAWWT. it’s just the facts. She’s Yankee through and through.

        On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 10:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        TT, just wanted to let you know I had a chuckle out of this response since I was stumped by NTTAWWT.
        I like keeping what’s left of my mind active by trying to figure out all of the new, internet initials used nowadays. It’s fun. You especially, write a blog or a response talking about something specific, and then throw in maybe a FFS, GTFOH, or WTF & a lot more, along with the commenters. So, I just usually just figure them out by trying to get the gist of the blog post or reply paragraph and then often get the ‘initial speak.’

        We’ve heard often on this site the issue of Southern Belle and may people’s opinions. Now I’m very curious about it. From what I think I get from your reply, I don’t think you believe that someone (Phaedra specifically) or any Southern-born, raised & bred Black women should even refer to themselves as southern belles? Maybe even Southern white women, and then you say but NTTAWWT – it finally dawned on me there’s an urban dictionary and I figured out it’s Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.
        Because of your earlier mentions of a slew of new posters making silly claims and their posts didn’t get through – I had come to my own, wrong guess before I found the urban dictionary: No Time To Argue With White Trash (now that could come in handy sometimes, no?)
        Is using the term in any circumstances insensitive because it’s an antiquated term more associated with the dark time of slavery in our country? An offensive if not painful reminder of a time identified with the plantations and cotton fields where wealthy white ‘Southern Belles’ were the ‘Gone With the Wind’ white women whose interaction with black women were only as slaves: house servants and field workers.
        Does the word “Southern Belle” used by white or Southern-born black women who have transplanted to the North (New York) the reason for it being a silly way to identify oneself because it does conjure up what I mentioned earlier?
        (Side note: because of my curiosity w/ figuring out the meaning of the initial use of NTTAWWT, I think CIAI or CYAI (Clearly I’m An Idiot or Clearly You’re An Idiot) may work to cut down on a lot of typing and it’s gotten a lot of play here lately – although it might look like screaming in misspelled Italian or another language!
        Anyway, thanks as always for the entertainment besides making me for one think! :)

      • TL;DR

        On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 4:36 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Omg. More than fair enough. I didn’t realize until tonight that it was way too long and no wonder you don’t read it :)
        Now I know I was a postwench, and brevity is the gift of getting an answer. I’ll be more vigilant in future – especially not rambling long after I should have gone 2 bed!!!

  21. Newbie

    Demetria is from dc suburb how in the world is that the south

    Mica obviously has a drinking problem but Demetria and Geneva pointing fingers at her even after knowing she has these emotional issues is horrible and mean. To lose a parent must be the worst pain ever and it’s probably worse because they had no relationship. And didn’t her sister die of aids? Come on she is broken. Stop passing judgement I’m sure the real people in her life saw the show and are privately getting help.

    Do you know who melyssa fiancé was who cheated? Her book might actually be kinda good

  22. kym

    Love, love the recap. I am clapping and laughing, because I am agreeing with the points in this recap. I don’t think that Daisy would have appreciated Mica and Melissa “legs up, jumping on the couch” antics at her “business” party. Daisy tried to stay so relevant at reunion, while playing dress up. Her hair was too long for that long dress, especially after that hair helmet she wore all season. I don’t like the title(s) and separation for all the girls, I was glad they said that they can all get along, but not Geneva and Mica it seems.
    Geneva can really write well, thank you that lead to her the article she wrote
    for Essence magazine. It was well done. I hope their show is renewed, I would like to see how they are succeeding in their individual pursuits.

    Yes, Geneva needs a bang.

  23. She She

    I’m late, but just finally caught up on my dvr…..

    I’m soooo glad someone finally called Mica out on being the side piece. Once she said Terry was in a 20yr relationship, then I was like… no, boo. He cheated with you. Not on you. Now maybe he led you to believe he was single and you ultimately felt betrayed. I get that. But be real about it. Acknowledge your true role.

    And that’s my main issue with her. People make mistakes, act a fool, get drunk, etc. But at least have the decency and maturity to acknowledge that you were not in a good place or were wrong. I thought she was constantly denying it b/c she was drunk and didn’t totally remember what happened. I half expected her to apologize in the reunion, but she still sees nothing wrong, so whatev.

    I’ll be brief, on the rest: Luv Melyssa. Brie is a snoozer. Daisy seems nice, I just can’t stand her voice. I do think she’s constantly putting on a show, more so than others, even tho she claims to be the realest one there. Puh-lease. Geneva is hilarious! I liked her dress on the reunion. I could even tolerate the weird arm pads. But I didn’t get the purpose of the fur shawl she had behind her that she kept pulling forward. Demetria is the truth! Love her all the way.

    TT, loved your comments. My fav was the Denial in Egypt comment. I died!

  24. Elea

    I don’t understand why people keep calling Mica and alcoholic. An alcoholic is like any other addict, they can’t go without drinking. They cannot go without their drug of choice, and Mica has been shown in severals scenes not drinking. Or, drinking and not to the point of belligerence. I don’t think there was enough scenes shown, and I don’t think the Prouds spent enough time for them to know whether she is DEPENDENT on alcohol. Also, if Brie was such a close friend why was this never an issue before? I think that she definitely owed Brie an apology for that fiasco, but Demetria and Geneva clearly had it out for her BEFORE she got there.

    Secondly, you aren’t the sidepiece if you didn’t know the guy had another woman. She thought she met a single man and conducted herself as such. A sidepiece or a jump-off KNOW their role, she was betrayed by Terry. I genuinely like Mica, she seems broken yes but at least she’s not judgmental or nasty. She’s a spit-fire.

    I really thought Demetria was going to be my favorite, but her “Ive got it all together” facade is going to crack some time. I would expect a relationship and life coach to be a lot more personable and compassionate. She borders on robotic, she never said or did a funny thing ALL season. I think she’s a sheltered and emotionally/financially(as she admitted) pampered woman.

    Geneva seems painfully painfully insecure, and she does look like Noxeema, most of the comments on her essence article told her to have several seats; to not make it about color, and make it about her tragic weave color and eye makeup.

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