New Lady Gaga Video G.U.Y. With The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

YAY! I finally got it to play after defragging and cleaning my laptop! My biggest reaction was to Andy Cohen as Zeus, AKA wonky eye in the sky. It was very odd and I didn’t get the point of his disembodied head floating in the sky at all. I thought the housewives band was cute. I thought Kyle was particularly good. I didn’t think Lisa performed badly at all. I was surprised they were singing along.

Giggy Dance RHOBH

Gif by T. Kyle RealityTVGifs

I must of missed the scene where Lisa and Kyle were “accomplices” even though I thought I was really paying attention.

It seemed EXTREMELY odd to me that when listing the “talent” Andy Cohen, who was in no way central to the video was listed first. Gaga must REALLY love her some Andy Cohen. He was also thanked again in a later portion of the credits, along with Ken Todd and like the Governor of the State of California and such. It seemed like a lot of pandering on Gaga’s part to me.

Part of me kept wondering why Joyce and Brandi were not there. Could it be that those are the two that are going to be replaced? Maybe Brandi wasn’t the only one not invited after all? I know this goes against everything thing we’ve heard so far about her being singularly excluded, but with all the fawning Gaga did over Andrew, I can’t believe he didn’t have Bravo cameras rolling for this somehow. I’d expect him to either tack it to the front of the next season of RHOBH or make a stand alone hour show, “RHOBH and Lady Gaga Storm Hearst Castle ” or something.

I also managed to miss Giggy in the video.

My overall thoughts are…..That was pretty cool!



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62 responses to “New Lady Gaga Video G.U.Y. With The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  1. WhyoWhy

    Yup…. works for me

  2. Rain

    It played for me. Hey where was Brandi??

  3. Played for me and it was amazing!

  4. yes, it is working fine for me. i am using firefox browser. did anyone notice that yolanda is listed as HADID in the credits versus FOSTER? joyce and brandi are NOT in the video.

  5. Michelle

    It played wonder why Brandi wasn’t in it. Lisa has rhythm problems LOL she looked out of place.

  6. Judy McKenzie

    The video…worked! Confess to losing interest…where are the girls? Middle to end?

  7. Ananas103

    My favorite part was seeing Hearst Castle. I thought Andy’s appearance as Zeus was very odd.

  8. sequoia

    Madonna-esk with a spoonful of “Money Can’t buy you Class”. Throw in Andy as God and you get the picture. Oh, and she really can’t act. The beat is good, I guess.

  9. Barbara R

    It works on my iPhone. Now if someone can explain it to me…., loved Andy Cohen as Zeus.

  10. Undine

    Even though I chuckled with I saw Andy as Zeus, I thought he and the HWs stuck out like a sore thumb. Hearst Castle, the sexy dancers, the costumes was all Gaga needed really. The HWs/Andy sorted detracted from the overall sexy theme of G.U.Y. I’m so glad Brandi was excluded. So far, the Gaga snub and the casino party cancellation are the only real consequences for her reckless mouth.

  11. HannahKingRose

    TT the video is sticking for me too and I have a new tablet. Maybe it’s just you and me, but I don’t get any further than some guys throwing money in the air. I can push the button over and see stills of Gaga but it won’t play the video for me. Oh well.

    • THANK YOU! Three secons in throwing money, and if I wait forever ten more seconds in. :(

      On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • HannahKingRose

        After restarting my tablet, it finally let me see the whole video. Must have held my mouth right. Bless Lisa’ heart and I am a fan, she has “white man’s disease” …no rhythm at all. At least she was in the video and in pink so I guess that means she won. Lol

  12. Urethra Franklin

    Was this one song or a medley of songs? The music/song seemed different with each vignette, and the video made no damn sense, but I do want more of shirtless Andy please.

  13. Played for me and it was god-awful. Lady Gaga, at least in my opinion, is so past her Madonna prime. But one good thing came out of it — clearly, Lisa does not have an ounce of rhythm.

  14. O.O

    It worked for me as well ( on a iphone 4) Wow !Lady Gaga is very talented .Poor Lisa ,she was almost off beat most of the time, well at least she had the courage to get out there and do it, a nice reward for the beat down she received during the season.

  15. beth

    Def not a gaga fan … couldn’t sit still through all of the credits, which seemed to consume about 1/3 of the total run time. Agree that Lisa did not seem comfortable, but oddly, neither did Kim. Kyle was the least out of place, barely noticed Yolanda.

  16. jrleaguer

    I will probably like the song on the radio without the video. I fast forwarded through most of it.
    Andy was classic with his quirky head bob neck roll thing that he does.
    The ladies all seemed out of their element. I do love Lisa’s straight hair.The only one who looked relaxed was Carlton. Carlton was really going down, um, I mean, going to town on that harp!!

  17. Guccinara

    So the bird bit at the beginning is that its dream when floating in the water and all the dancing happens? I’m a bit confused. Not sure what anything has to do with anything but I guess that’s artpop. I watched it for the HW. The songs very mediocre hence the hoohah needed to promote it I suppose and that video did not look cheap very classily done. It will take a serious amount of downloads just to break even but apparently if anyone can do it lady gaga can. Half of the video is credits, all those wages to pay. I’d rather have done a better song that could sell itself and just kept the cash but I’m old fashioned.

  18. myinfo

    Watched on my TV, I have a dumbphone.
    Video was too weird for me and did not care for song.
    Cool that the BH ladies were in video. If you did not point them out I would have not noticed them.

  19. tbk

    Ken got a “special thanks” credit!

  20. RVA

    Lisa and Kyle are together around the 6:18/6:20 mark

  21. Sarah

    If you freeze video at 6:38 you’ll see Kyle & Lisa (in forefront) coming out of doors. Lisa’s holding Gigi.

  22. papa smurf

    Kind of over Lady Gaga, the video is just too disjointed, like she can’t make up her mind what she wants to be. I didn’t think Andy or RHOBH added anything, they were just stunt casting. But I did love the Raven Hat outfit, it was very Electra Woman & Dyna Girl Empress of Evil.

  23. Sarah

    Forgot to add — Freeze at 6:18 — Lisa with Gigi & Kyle walking with Gaga

  24. lovehope

    It worked perfectly! Lisa reminds me of a hippie chick from a 60’s band! Lol!! They ALL did good!!

  25. courtandsnark

    I agree with TT about Gaga doing a lot of pandering here to Andy Cohen and Bravo; she looks really thirsty. But the Gov. Jerry Brown credit is probably because the location (Hearst Castle) is a historical landmark in CA. Gaga probably needed special permission to shoot there or something.

  26. MaggieG

    Thanks for sharing this. Kyle seemed to do best & thought she looked fierce when she shot off that money cannon. Ha! I liked Lisa with her hair up & both she & Kyle seemed menacing when manhandling the guys in the offices. This should be a fun project for all of the ladies to capitalize on & enjoy.

  27. eastjames

    Ugh! WTF is this garbage? Does anybody else remember when music videos were artistic and musicians were talented? Mainstream music has let itself go like a washed up housewife!

  28. Katherine

    Only watched the video cause of housewives. Over Lady Gaga, she knows her days are numbered & she’s over hyped. I’m sure she knew by using the housewives that it would gain more views on Vevo & YouTube. Which is the only reason most of us watched it! Most of her fans consist of young gay men searching for this generation’s Cher.

  29. jellybelly

    Ummmm…..I think that’s 10 minutes of my life
    I would like to have back!:)

    • jellybelly

      I’m not sure if Lady Gaga bathed for days in bleach and vagisil if she could seem clean! Lol! She just grosses me out!

  30. Lisa and Kyle were SO hot in this omg! <3

  31. brandi said she had a book appearance & joyce said she was invited but had a charity appearance. carlton on the harp? what a joke. she should have been a thundercloud or a nude pool girl.

    • BRANDI WAS NOT INVITED. I don’t know what Brandi told you personally, but she has said on her podcast that she was not invited.

      On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 5:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


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