RHOBH In Lady Gaga Video Sneak Peek!

Lady gaga kyle richards

Do you recognize anyone from this leaked picture for Lady Gaga’s  video shoot? Word is that all the girls except Brandi Glanville were invited to be in Lady Gaga’s latest video to be released on Saturday. Perhaps she only wanted the brunettes? See anyone you know ?


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34 responses to “RHOBH In Lady Gaga Video Sneak Peek!

  1. sandra

    Kyle to the right and maybe Lisa in the middle. Awww, poor Brandi must be so jealous.

  2. Kelly Martin

    Oh my… is Pepto Bismol sponsoring the video? The pink dresses are hideous. And it’s not the color that makes them so bad, it’s the silhouette. Can’t wait to see the video. Go, Housewives, go! Excellent that Brandi wasn’t asked to participate. Makes me like GaGa even more. Thanks for the pic, Tamara! Love your blog, recaps, and wit. You make me laugh every day.

    • The dresses are from the 70s because I wore one at my sister’s wedding! It’s awful! Ga Gag.

    • puppylove

      ME too!!
      Look at the second picture wasn’t there two other blondes, Kim for one, and it just shows Gaga has good taste not to invite a loose cannon like Brandi.

      • For the love of GAWD what part of “maybe she just wanted brunettes did y’all take so seriously? Clearly EVERYONE was invited except Brandi. Joyce had other obligations.

        On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 2:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. Brandi probably thinks Lisa is puppet mastering Lady Gaga.

  4. Hi TT! So was Kim in it? I just wondered if maybe she wanted only brunettes Kim wasn’t asked either. And I am so glad Brandi wasn’t asked. Yay GaGa! Thanks for the pic.

    • kb

      I think I see Yolanda to the left of the pic and she is definitely a blonde, so it’s quite possible that LG didn’t just didn’t want BG in the video. I think someone asked BG about that when she was on WWHL, and she didn’t look too thrilled.

      • I had no idea y’all would take my “Maybe she just wanted brunettes!” comment so literally. My understanding is that everyone was invited except Brandi.

  5. Aaron

    I wonder if gaga knows Leann rhimes and that’s why Brandi wasn’t invited to participate..

  6. myinfo

    Wigs could be used 😉
    Lisa probably did not want Brandi around and also Gaga.
    Brandi acted like a fool all season.
    Nobody can trust Brandi anymore so no one will tell her anything because she might repeat it.

  7. myinfo

    Brandi threw Kyle under the bus during the reunion.
    Brandi thought going after Lisa was a good idea. Who will she hang with next year.

  8. What I find interesting is Hearst Castke as the setting. It’s down the Coast about 2 hrs and every 5 years or so I visit. Over the last 40 years since the State Trust took over part of the estate it has blossomed. The time eird is something you don’t see often.
    It was incredibly run down with the grounds almost abandoned looking. Now it glows every where.
    I know for GaGa to get in there there was a lot of money and requirements to be met.
    If any of you do a west coast visit and you have not seen old mansions up close, go visit. Part is still used by the family.

    • My great uncle helped build San Simeon, the Hearst Castle. He was brought over from Ireland to work on it, he was a well respected stone mason at the time. He is long gone now, but I remember the stories. I would love to see the place, I’ve never been.

  9. ** the time eird = the tile work.

  10. Interesting! On Brandi’s podcast, she said there was something cool all the HW but her were invited to, and she was pissed! But she “couldn’t talk about it” – now that last part is a first for her! She has been so smug lately.

    Also, her additionally filled/botoxed face at the reunion kept reminding me of SOMETHING, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it – but here goes, does anyone (of a certain age:) remember the Madame puppet? I think that’s the image Brandi must have given the Plastic Surgeon….

    She’s blown up her cheeks so much she’s turned her eyes into narrow slits, I wonder if she can see through those cheeks.

    • YES! That is exactly what she looks like I thought the same thing but didn’t know the name of the puppet or where it came from. Since she is Lisa’s puppet she apparently had surgery to reinforce her role. Now that’s commitment.

      On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • BH28

        TT, I also understood that Brandi wasn’t invited. She said that on Hello Ross too didn’t she? I saw on your recap here.
        The other day she tweeted that she WAS invited but she had her book tour, so couldn’t participate.
        Is she forgetting the things that she said previously? I don’t get it hahahahah.

      • Brandi was not invited and she was upset by it. Anyone would be. I saw a brief clip today and Yolanda and the Richards sisters and Lisa and perhaps Carlton were in it. They all have 60s/70s hairstyles and are playing instruments (guitars, a large harp). It’s all very peace love and understanding looking…

        On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 12:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. Katrina

    What a great oppurtunity!

  12. lori

    On Hello Ross she answered every question he asked about this situation by saying “GaGa” or “It’s GaGa”. She didn’t want the monsters coming after her for saying more about it.

  13. Their hair and makeup looks great. I am so happy that Brandi wasn’t there to eff everything up.

    • Fahlina_G

      Well she already has one vomiting performance artist, so Brandi would have just been redundant, lol. Besides, I don’t think you can say STFU on pop radio stations…

  14. Kitty Mamma

    I, too, saw a very brief clip of the video. It looked like there were synchronized swimmers in pink in the pool with men in white with white vests around the pool. Gaga has on an ornate white costume. It appears that Kyle and Kim are on the sidelines playing acoustic guitars, Yo’s playing a cello, Lisa’s playing a tambourine, and Carlton is playing a harp. (Carlton looks fantastic; they all do.)

  15. joker

    It’s true it’s the best Carlton has ever looked. It’s very stepford wifey and true to form Kyle brusied her lips ass kissing Ga Ga the entire shoot. I think Ga Ga found Kim hysterical, Yolanda epic fail on her attempt to “we’re” Ga Ga and Lisa she was in awe of.

  16. I just watched the G.U.Y video. Giggy was in it too! :-)

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