Nene Leakes Talks Pajama Brawl 2013 and Her Strategy on DWTS

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Jason Jordan recently did an interview with Nene Leakes for USA Today that is pretty awesome! He covers everything from her free throwing skills on the basketball court to what she likes on her pizza! Here is what she has to say about Pajama Brawl 2013:

JJ: You guys had a little UFC action this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, was it as bad as it looked on TV?

NL: I can answer that in two parts; first on TV it didn’t show the fun that we had. We had so much fun, we really did. Some people came that were reluctant to come and then when they got there they had a really good time. It never showed that. We were there for hours and on TV it looks like we were there for a little while then it all went bad, but we were there for a long time. Second, I think it was worse in person than it was on TV.

JJ: Since we’re on UFC talk who would’ve won if Peter and Todd hadn’t been separated?

NL: Peter.

JJ: Cynthia and Kandi?

NL: Kandi.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes Episode 15 Season six newsHer thoughts on being raised by her Aunt:

JJ: What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

NL: My aunt who raised me has given me some of the best advice. She always told me to be a dreamer and I always have been. She would always tell me, and I know it’s cliché but it’s so true, that you can do anything you want to do and be anybody you want to be. When I was young I didn’t get it; I’d be like, “She’s so crazy, I can’t be Janet Jackson!” I couldn’t see what she saw, but being older I see how true it is. She was saying that if you put your mind to it you can do and be anything that you want to be.

On her acting career:

JJ: What classic role would you love to play on TV or in film?

NL: Well, I’ve done so much comedy and that’s is my love; like I feel like it’s just natural for me. I can just say things on the fly, I’m quick on my feet and I like to be funny. But I would want people to see me more serious, so a great dramatic role would be a dream role for me.

And of course on her thoughts on Dancing With The Stars:

JJ: You’ve got Dancing with the Stars, which kicks off March 17, what has the preparation been like for that?

NL: Jason, it’s very difficult! This show is not for the weak. I know there are a lot of people who want to come on Dancing with the Stars, maybe for the wardrobe, but you cannot do this show without a great work ethic. If you don’t have it, this show is not for you. The hours are very long. I rehearse from 8 a.m. to noon everyday then, lately, we’ve been hooking up in the evening just because I want to feel confident with everything. Four hours a day is the minimum practice time for this and you can’t go past six hours. Sometimes I do six and sometimes I do four. It’s tough! You’ve got to pick things up easily. I’d heard all of the horror stories and that’s why I was a little hesitant at first to do it. They’ve been asking me since November. But I have really good work ethic, and even though I don’t have two left feet it’s still a lot of work for me. It’s tough. These Olympians that are on the show are used to drive and endurance and they’ve got me beat on that. When it comes down to dancing I don’t know though.

JJ: What’s your strategy?

NL: My only strategy is to bring personality, fun and soul to the show. I feel like they don’t have a lot of soul in there so I can add that. My goal is just to do the best that I can do. My best may not win, but I will absolutely give it all that I have. I just want to be able to come home and be at peace.

JJ: This year America can pick different partners for you; who would you love to pair up with?

NL: Yeah, I’m so not excited about that. My only pick would be Max because he’s the only tall one. I hope they give me him and not Derek because we would look like fools.

JJ: Well, we’ll definitely be tuning in.

NL: Thank you so much Jason! I just want everyone to watch and vote for Tony and I. We’re gonna try to win the audience vote, if nothing else. We’re looking to bring lot of personality and soul and have a lot of fun along the way!

You can read Nene’s entire interview here!


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23 responses to “Nene Leakes Talks Pajama Brawl 2013 and Her Strategy on DWTS

  1. RealitySuxx

    lol…I agree with her ufc picks. Peter has height and weight advantage over Todd – but that night Peter was drunk…and TOdd is at least 15 years younger…so hmmmm

    But Kandi? Yeah, Kandi would wipe the floor with Cynthia – but it would be a blood match between Mal and Kandi.

    Not a Nene fan, but I think she will make it about 1/2 way through DWTS

  2. I like that she pointed out that there’s ALOT of footage not shown. They were there for hours and we saw what, 10 minutes? 15 at the most?

    • Raven Beauty

      I think that Cynthia also said the same thing, in and interview. But I found it odd that a production assistant did an interview to say that the scene was not edited and they had shown everything when clearly they did. Most didn’t know the Christopher did actually grab Kenya until they showed it on WWHL. Now yes that was just a different angle But they chose what angle to show when.

      • a production assistant did not do an interview. I know you read it on the Internet, but that was a fabrication.

        On Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 5:33 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  3. Valley Girl

    Actually, I think Kandi could probably take Peter too…..especially if she had something in her hand to use.

    I’m sorry, I just think Peter is a wimp.

  4. Someone’s PR team has had a pow wow with her. She’s softening for those votes, but I wonder if it’s too late. We’ll seeeeeee.

  5. myinfo

    I liked the questions.
    I agree Kandi can take Cynthia. LOL
    Peter would Knock Gregg out for sure.
    Todd is short and young and would win vs Peter.
    She danced well, but I did not see much so called Soul.
    I hope next she wears a darker wig!
    I can’t even walk in heels, I do not know the dancers do it.

  6. TheHousewives

    I’m proud of Nene and also Kenya, saw pictures of Kenya at the celebrity apprentice press conference this morning and she looked beautiful. Much success to both ladies.

  7. beth

    Is it surprising that he didn’t call her out on quitting Celebrity Apprentice, after she said you need a great work ethic to do DWTS? I’ve never heard of Jason Jordan, so don’t know if he’s the type do go easy on someone he is interviewing.

  8. papa smurf

    Yeah, she definitely has ABC’s PR team behind her, trying to soften her image & make her more likable…if that’s possible.
    I’ve noticed that her hair & makeup isn’t as ratchet as it’s been in the past.
    So, I’m sure she has a ABC style team assigned to her as well.

  9. O.O

    I could be wrong but I think that Dancing With the Stars is more about technique than soul .

    • Katrina

      I don’t think she is talking about being black. I think she is talking about emotion, personality, spirit, etc. type of soul. Techique is a big aspect to dance, but there is an element of creativity.

      • O.O

        I wasn’t referring to being black. when I said I don’t think that Dancing With the Stars is about having soul .

  10. KWM

    I almost forgot I was reading a Nene interview. She seems to be really working on her imagine and how she comes across. Then I got to the end where she asks us to vote for Tony and I, and there is the Nene we know and love.

  11. Riley

    A PR team…you bet’cha. For once she didn’t blame Kenya for how things went down.

  12. Pr team keep that happy face on NenE, I’m always hoping sanity, a little DASH OF commen sense, compasion, (just enjoy the ride>will be in her tea

  13. Foxee

    Ne Ne, not only is seeing you on DWTS making you likable [to us over here], but the way you responded in this interview…you just seem saner and clearer. Good for you! Proud of the discipline you’re putting forth here. ‘Hope you win!

    Ne Ne, one other thing…when you mention “soul” to describe what you’ll bring to the DWTS’ table, mojo that the others lack…I can’t help but think about “melanin” and the powerful miracle molecule that it is (science, not opinion), Ne Ne have you been studying? I can’t really say it here; T.T. said “no links” and doubt if she’d allow author’s names.

    Not to talk all riddle-like, but wanna respect this site’s rules:

    But you do remember “the periodic table” from school right? Know the symbol for “iron”? Okay, you know how our gender is spelled…the first two letters it begins with? Okay…follow along…recall chemistry class, right? So you know carbon/melanin, and carbon is life’s building blocks. In class it was taught that iron & carbon when burned at a high temperatures produces what? Yes, Steel.

    Understanding spirit/spiral, what melanin truly is, and what having a surplus of it produces… Yeah, I GET why you keep mentioning “soul.” But do you really know KNOW? Or is that just your Sag’s perception talkin’?

    Either way, it’s annoying “some” folks each ‘n every time you mention it! And I know why. Smiles…

    Ne Ne, think back to when Jane Fonda was on Oprah and she said that she and her partner dance each night cause it’s good for the spirit. Recall that ep.? Knowing what I know I got chills!..when Fonda said that.

    Being a former stripper, why do you think, today, that they require them to get licences? Think about it.. no, not just for the taxes…think, Ne Ne! Oh, it’s deep. If T.T. allowed book recommendations on this thread, I’d sure gift you with one. In the words of E.B. “Stay Woke!”

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