Kim Biermann’s Life Just Got a Bit More Complicated!

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We all thought the WWHL episode with Kim Biermann and that crazy broke bitch that likes to drag folks into court was awkward, and now we know one of the reasons why. The day before the show, Kim’s third child, the adorable two and a half year old KJ managed to break a bone! It seems the little cutie somehow broke his leg !  Kim says that she took the latest flight she could to NYC and the first one back to avoid being away any longer than she had to be and that her mind was on KJ all through WWHL.  So that is why we didn’t get the full on Kim Zolciak!

KJ has been tweeting (okay it’s Brielle, but it’s still cute he has a twitter account) “I’m so bored because I broke my foot!! Nothing to do but tweet!”  And while KJ seems to think it is his foot that is broken, when Kim retweeted she changed it to leg.  Kroy has also tweeted about KJ’s broken leg and how he hates to see him in a cast.

rhoa kim biermann

KJ Broke his arm just before Christmas of 2012

Meanwhile,  Kim is at home with FOUR children under 3,  KJ, Kash, Kaia & Kane! Kim has been tweeting this morning that KJ is heavy and she has to carry him to the bathroom!  I hope she has some help for this!

I noticed on her timeline that she was in a rush to get home to her kids after WWHL. She was practically tweeting updates for each block of the trip home.  At the time I thought it was just Kim and her mama bear personality, but now we know there was more too it. I am so glad KJ is fine. He knows how to rock a cast.

Speaking of Biermann injuries, word on the curb is that Kroy is recovering very well from his Achilles tendon injury last September. He has been in intense physical therapy to rehab his ankle since his surgery at the end of last year. It seems all the Biermann boys are from tough stock and will be fully recovered soon.  I hope we see Kroy back on the Falcons football field soon!

UPDATE: Thanks to Katrina for reminding me that KJ broke his arm in December of 2012. Poor little thing.  I thought babies bones were supposed to be more …supple.  I hope there is not a major problem we are not aware of. Also,  it’s very curious that KJ’s cast is not in Falcons colors this time.  That looks like a Denver Broncos cast…..But I was not allowing myself to go there. I’m just gonna hope it is Brielle’s High School Colors and she picked the cast.


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51 responses to “Kim Biermann’s Life Just Got a Bit More Complicated!

  1. Katrina

    I thought KJ broke his arm last year. He must get into everything. I hope he has a speedy recovery. That’s not good if he is breaking things this early, is it?

  2. Didn’t he break a wrist about a year ago? I know kids that age are reckless but…wow. Sounds like he may be the little tyke that needs more supervision in that big ass house like”KJ I don’t hear you what’s going on in/out there ” Just saying…

    • NO ONE supervised her kids more than I did. I was totally over-protective. I had four small children under the age of five and was a single mother. My kids broke things and got their fair share of bumps and bruises. Kim is not necessarily a bad mother or not supervising her child because this stuff happens all of the time. He IS a kid and a boy! I’m sure that his Daddy being home with him is also a bonus as Kroy seerms very hands-on.

      • Michele Hawkins

        I felt bad for the Nanny crying during the doctor visit for KJ’s broken leg but can’t help but wonder why she isn’t more in control of the children. Nanny’s can have fun with the kids as well as be a disciplinarian. These kids are totally out of control. Also…what was the Nanny doing in the closet rough housing with KJ??? I just don’t get it. Granted his closet is probably bigger than my bedroom but I think they need a new Nanny who cooks and teaches the children valuable life lessons and does constructive things with them.
        I also don’t care for Brielle’s attitude. Lose the attitude, help your parents MORE (Do you even help them??) and go back to the all natural look. Not feeling the ridiculous head of curls you were sportin when you refused to help keep the dinner from burning. REALLY??? I mean come on. Get off your lazy madonna high horse and help out. For the record…You have had more accidents than me and my four grown kids combined in their lives. I think you should work and buy your next car. This way you might appreciate it. I really hope your parents stick to their guns about the gold car. You are way overdue for a REALITY check.

    • Dingle

      Oh shut the fuck up with the “just saying” bullshit.

  3. Yes, I updated the post, thanks for reminding me. I was curious about the choice of cast colors this time too but was not going to say anything. Then when y’all reminded me of the last cast….

    Things that make you go hmmmm.

  4. Hope he heals quickly. All the breaks reminds me of my nephew. Always climbing, getting into stuff. Never surprises me or my husband (it’s his sister’s kid) when we see yet another hospital trip/pics posted on Facebook. Well it surprises us as we didn’t go through that with our kids but since it’s him the surprise is lessened.

  5. jrleaguer

    At our house anything beginning with the phrase, “Hey y’all, watch this!” Never ended well. Parents of boys ought to get a fast pass at the emergency room. :)

    • RVA

      hahaha jrleaguer i laughed out loud at your comment. when my son was younger i swear, he ALWAYS said ‘hey mummy, watch this” and i have to rush upstairs/downstairs while yelling “nooooooo”
      and then we have to start treating booboos and cuts and scrapes. lol.

  6. MissCane

    For a toddler, that’s a lot of bone breaks. And why so often? Who’s supposed to be keeping an eye on this kid?

    • We all know you can’t watch them every minute but I agree, that’s a lot of broken parts for a toddler. I hope they realize this child needs eyes on him a bit more maybe than most. Maybe a chat with the nannies is necessary (maybe they had to downsize their nannies)

  7. nancy

    First an arm,now a leg!!! Maybe instead of having more she needs to start watching the a two year old!!!!

  8. cherry

    He is being a boy! Probably taking after his father. They are country folk! Plus with a house that size, I could only imagine what he jumps on and off of lol!

  9. My Lord, they make beautiful kiddies. I hope he heals quickly.

  10. Whoa, I raised three boys and if Ild had one more I know there would had been more broken bones.
    My son had a huge medical file so large I even asked to look through it to verify all that was his. It was.
    He never crawled and was running before age one. He was extremely active and very cute that he was off to do anything.
    Thirty- five years later I can still feel the anxiety that child caused. Plus his brothers followed him.
    The teachers began questioning his injuries, I answered then asked if they did weekend child care.
    So shit happens.

  11. MissCane

    He’s an active toddler and a boy – so cuts and bruises, happen. But not breaking bones. At least not too often.

  12. Jennifer

    He may be vitamin A and B deficient. She should have him tested.

  13. sw

    I dont know about this DFAC might need to investigate I have 3 children and none ever broke a bone let alone twice!

    • O.O

      That’s not fair to say . You’re lucky nothing like that happened to your children but we can’t assume that he’s not being supervised . As a mother of 3 you know that those little people move at the speed of light . It’s as if they’re waiting for you to turn away for one second so that they can very quickly do whatever it is their brains are telling them . It only take that one second for something to happen , maybe he’s deficient in something like the above poster said .Kids fall quite a bit and don’t break bones . Hopefully someone has suggested that he be checked out .

    • Dingle

      Don’t be so quick to judge. Come the fuck on.

  14. sw

    What happen she had a nanny for each kid I guess with Kroy being out of work she can’t afford it. Now stuck with 4 kids under 4!

    • Where did you get the idea Kim had a nanny for every kid. That is ridiculous. She didn’t even have a fulltime nanny after she quit RHOA . She did have help with the twins… Brielle ADORES KJ and mothers him a lot as seen on twitter. Arianna also does a lot of “babysitting” bonding with the little ones. The two big sisters are gaga over the little ones.

      On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  15. HannahKingRose

    Omg, my oldest son had to be the clumsiest, little daredevil who thought he could fly because I dressed him as Superman for Halloween. He was forever breaking something, bruising himself or cutting himself requiring stitches. All this with me as a stay at home mom watching him like a hawk. It only takes a little boy 5 seconds to premeditate some act that results in a hospital visit. I was able to help him avoid many accidents just by watching what he was looking at and trying to figure out how he could injury himself with it. I had put the cookie jar on top of our refrigerator to keep them out of reach. While I was in the laundry room changing laundry from the washer to the dryer, my then 2 year old drug one of the table chairs to the counter. It was a ladder back chair which he used to climb onto the counter. Then he stood on the breadbox making him high enough to reach the cookie jar. All this happened during the time I was in the laundry room. As I am walking back into the kitchen I get there just in time to see him fall off his “ladder” because his hands were full of cookies. End result was he bit through his bottom lip. Kim has 4 of these little people. Accidents are going to happen to the best of us.

  16. cc101

    My son broke his leg when he was 2 at a birthday party. He was on a trampoline and a 250lb adult decided to get on and jump right next to him. I watched the entire thing from across the room. It happened quick. One of my friend’s had a baby that was born with a problem with their leg/foot and the baby had to be in a cast at a very young age (they knew before she was born that this would be the case). She said the worst thing was the snotty looks and comments she would get at the grocery store from people making assumptions about why she had a baby in a cast. Seems like several people posting here would have fit in perfectly at the checkout line.

    • I agree cc101. My son broke his leg when he was three and half right in front of me as I was sitting on the floor with my new-born. I had just changed her diaper and layed the soiled one next to me as I struggled to my feet to dispose of it. My son came careening around the corner and slipped on the damned thing and broke his femur! I actually heard it pop. It was horrible and he had a full cast that encompassed his hips also. He spent several days in the hospital and had it on a couple of months. A year later he jumped onto the couch and fell and broke his collar bone. He had several injuries as he was a fearless little guy and played sports once he was in school. He is forty years old now and has a thirteen year old son just like him. Shit happens. I hate reading the comments that are so judging about Kim and Kroys parenting. I guess they just had more sedentary kids. My daughters never were injured btw.

  17. ScrappieONE

    Poor little guy, I know cast are heavy and I can’t imagine being to young and having to deal with a cast, now a third…. I don’t think Kim or Kroy are neglectful at all, I grew up the youngest out of 7 and I can tell you there was always someone with stitches, bruises or a broken bone somewhere… But we played outside and were involved in many sports, not like today’s kids that sit in front of the tv playing games….. Hopefully he’ll have a speedy recovery….

  18. Cali

    Kroy and Kim have such a beautiful family. I can’t wait to see the kids when they get a little bit older.

  19. kym

    I hope he has a speedy recovery. I’m sure with a football player Dad, KJ probably throws himself all around and will try anything. She has more boys to raise who will probably follow him too. The cutest kids.

  20. Sam

    My daughter broke two pinky fingers in row recently, one after another. One happened at a birthday party during a game and another happened when she and her brother were goofing around play fighting. I was very nervous about it and worried someone might thing something bad was going on, but fortunately the doctor had seen things like that happen often enough and she has no other history of injuries, so…..but, he did say she needs to drink more milk and take vitamin D supplements. I wouldn’t judge Kim on this. He may be a complete daredevil. My niece is and has already fallen down the stairs and fell off her booster chair. And she is watched very well by my sister in law. It only takes a second.

  21. natalie

    does Kroy have something in his mouth? looks like chewing tobacco…that would explain a lt.

  22. natalie

    well once your “buzzed” be it on wine, beer, chewing tobacco, ect. you are not able to watch your kids as closely as maybe they should be watched. just an observation.

    • Did you just say that if you chew tobacco you can’t be responsible for raising children? Did you really just say that? Because I’m pretty sure you said that. And that may make the top ten of most ridiculous things ever said here.

      On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 9:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • natalie: Clearly, you are an idiot.

      • jrleaguer

        Now I get it! Apparently my mom was so “buzzed” on tobacco (cigarettes) that she could not properly take care of me and that must be why I had a nanny. (insert face palm AND eye roll!)

  23. natalie

    no just that, a person who is “buzzed” most likely is not going to be as prepared to watch over small children as someone who is sober.

    I have two boys, it takes my full attention to make sure they don’t get into to much mischief…..tonight it was “flying lessons”…….

    • So any parent who dips snuff or smokes cigarettes is considered buzzed in your world and not prepared to watch over small children?

      • JoJo

        Um, bad habits as they may be, chewing or smoking tobacco is not on any list I’ve seen as buzz drugs that prevent one from watching their children properly. That is really maybe the most absurd thing I’ve seen here too in a long time.

    • O.O

      Well lets just hope you don’t eat those words.

  24. natalie

    maybe i am wrong don’t people “dip” to get a buzz?

    • JoJo

      I retract. I don’t think that your comment was the most absurd thing I’ve seen on this blog in a long time. I’ve just recently saw much more absurd.
      But, no, I don’t think that chewing tobacco is done to get a buzz and would affect child rearing. I don’t know, maybe some chewers do dip the crap in something to get a buzz. I don’t think for a minute that is the case with Kroy.

  25. Thanks for a positive article, I enjoy the cute pictures and videos that Kim posts. To those concerned about the number of nannies, she has said in her q&as that they don’t have nannies on the weekends. Sweetie seems to visit on Saturdays.
    My thoughts on the cast colors: 1.The Broncos are the closest NFL team to Montana and that’s the team they support. My kids never want the same color two times in a row. If they wanted a different pattern for KJ, Kroy could have picked the team he supported as a kid. 2. Kim is friends with Jesse James, Her husband played for the Broncos until a few weeks ago.

    If Bravo won’t make time in the schedule for DBT, I hope another network will pick it up. Do you know when or where the show might pop up, Tamara?

  26. AmberKnows

    Maybe in the RHW style of mausoleum building, when he falls it’s on marble, granite and travertine. That’ll break a bone quick.

  27. Claudine abraham

    Yeah, Kroy has chew all the time , in every episode ….
    Who cares? He loves his family bitches

  28. Shaunae

    What’s under kroys bottom lip ?

  29. L.

    When is someone going to get Kroy to STOP CHEWING TOBACCO? Doesn’t he know the fact about that s–t? He’s not going to look so pretty when he gets cancer and has his whole lower jaw removed. And talks through a tube in his neck. Then dies. Very childlike and a dangerous example to his kids. Everyone loves Kroy, so shape up, kid!

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