Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap Part One

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2014Reunions are super hard to recap. I am going to try to avoid transcribing and just share some random thoughts on the over all fights. We start with the whole Puerto Rico situation. Everyone says that it was hard to relive the Puerto Rico.  Brandi says that she and Lisa have not spoken since Puerto Rico but that she did send Lisa a mean email.

Lisa points out that Brandi is all over the internet saying that Lisa used to live deep in the valley and filed for bankruptcy neither of which are true. Brandi’s reaction is to turn to Kyle for backup. Lisa says she has never lived in Calabasas. She moved from France to Beverly Park.  Brandi paid $9.99 to look it up on an Internet site and so she knows Lisa lived there!  Brandi is insane. Lisa mentions that they have owned many properties over the years. I can’t believe how long Brandi wants to argue that Lisa lived somewhere she did not. Good Grief.

Next up. Yolanda pretends that her issue with Lisa is that she did not visit her enough while she was ill. Which is bullshit. I am bored already. Yolanda expects her friends there when she wants to fingerpaint for her college aged daughter. I can’t.

They played pretty much every ridiculous scene Kim was in all at once. It was a whole lot of crazy. Kyle and Kim are close. This is incredibly boring. I literally keep zoning out. There is really no need to talk about Kim this much. Joyce RHOBH

Time for Joyce’s segment. I feel like we have already seen all of this. I have a feeling the best parts of the reunion have already been show to us in clips several times. There is no way that this reunion needed to be three episodes. Brandi seems very pissed and they have barely gotten started.

Andy brings up the whole black people can’t swim comment. Brandi launches into victim mode. Her house got egged, she was threatened with her children, it was really hard for her because she made a stupid comment and she shouldn’t have said it. She says stupid things a lot and that was over the top. See this is what I don’t get about Brandi, she seems to think it is somehow cute that she says and does a lot of stupid things. There is never any indication that she actually learns from her mistakes, on the contrary she seems to embrace the idea of doing a lot more stupid things in the future.

Brandi says that Lisa was only concerned about her drinking during filming. Lisa tries to point out that she didn’t want Brandi being a drunken fool on national television, but Brandi doesn’t get it. Brandi says it doesn’t make sense that Lisa only mothered her on camera.

Brandi keeps defending Yolanda when she is in conversation with Joyce. It’s like she has to be part of every single drama.

Lisa tries to explain her health condition (low blood pressure) that contributed to her fainting on DWTS. Brandi interrupts and mocks her. Because for a second there, Brandi was not the one talking. Andy is talking to Lisa about the girls making fun of her fainting, they were joking, much like she does. Lisa tries to explain that it’s fine that they want to mock her fainting, but it’s not funny when they attack her integrity and say she was faking.  This took about two sentences back and forth between them. Brandi interrupted two or three times to point out things that Lisa made fun of dating all the way back to the great Maloof Hoof incident of 2012.

Suddenly Yolanda is going back to her favorite whine of Lisa not paying enough attention to her. Lisa apologizes for Yolanda not feeling like she is a good friend.

And that was pretty much the whole thing. I’m sorry this blog is not very interesting. It was a very dull episode.


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124 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap Part One

  1. WhyoWhy

    I LOVED that some person who wrote in asked about Kingsley eating Kim. I DIED! LOL

    Also, did anyone else see how offended Brandi got when Andy mentioned her 40s style outfit? All he said was (something like) “Your outfit is so 40s,” and she immediately went to him calling her old and got offended. Seriously? She didn’t get it?

    I LOLed at Yolo telling Joyce she was glad she wasn’t married to her. Seriously, Joyce… SHUT UP and let someone finish a sentence.

    I hope this reunion gets better.

    • vanessa

      what was really funny to me about that was when Yolanda said that to joyce, but then never let lisa talk she kept interrupting and didnt let her finish a sentence

      • jb44

        You are so right. Yolanda didn’t allow Lisa to talk at all. It was incredibly frustrating to watch. I can just imagine how Lisa must have felt.

      • AV

        I got annoyed with Yolanda because she wouldn’t let Lisa talk but then it made sense towards the end because she said something like “I’ve said this to you before and you kept minimizing it. I just wanted you to hear me” so that made me understand why Yolanda spoke over LIsa.

      • @AV, speaking over someone is not going to get a person heard. If I am actively trying to say something and someone else starts talking over me, I’m not listening to them.

    • puppylove

      Hi whyowhy
      I agree that Joyce talks way too much, but did you notice how much Yolanda talked. No one could answer any question she asked or bad point that she was sure to point out. She is a BITCH – she thinks she is better that anyone else because of who her husband is. She freaks out at stupid things. Seems like every one should stop what they are doing and pay attention to her especially Lisa. Did you notice no one else went to see her either, but no one else was mentioned. Yolanda has a nasty mouth.

    • Brandi feigned being annoyed on the pretense that he meant ’40s in age instead of 1940. Her hair was so increadibly henous. Not sure what they were going for, but it looked like a burn victim trying to cover a forehead scar. Maybe she fell down drunk and had a bruise to hide. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

  2. Daphne

    I can’t wait for Ken to come in …. that’s when the party starts! Oh, and yes, Carlton has to have a go at Kyle – that could be interesting. This crap tonight was a yawner.

  3. Brandi and Yolanda can suck it. God, I find them so patronizing, self-righteous, and obnoxious. Brandi whines poor me every single time she does something stupid, but learns nothing. It is getting old.

    AND…the fact that Brandi brought up the “Maloof Hoof and how upset Adrienne was is laughable. Really? Does she not remember what she said about Adrienne last year?

  4. WhyoWhy

    Brandi will bring up anything she can to shift the attention from her own crappiness. While at the same time, making it all about her.

  5. AMTraveler

    Years later I still find the Maloof Hoof to be incredibly clever and such a stretch to be called an insult. With all of the plastic surgery Adrienne’s had I would think someone would have offered a transplant for thicker skin.

    Brandi is an insufferable victim. Kim is impossible to watch and I felt very uncomfortable with the credit she attributed to the show for her sobriety. I almost felt as though it was a guilt play to producers to imply that if she does not get to return, her demise will be their fault. Something about it read… Well I don’t know. But I didn’t like it. Lisa knows better than to fight too hard now – it’s not worth the energy. I so wish Joyce was a bit better at quipping back at Brandi and Yo. She holds her own very well but Brandi is bottomless in her willingness to take it to a new low. I doubt I will make it through the next two episodes of this nonsense.

  6. vivaladiva831

    brandi, someone keeping you from acting a drunk fool on camera, trying to keep you from embarrassing yourself, your children, your parents, etc. – is not called mothering. it’s called being a good friend. i hope the next two segments are better than this. yawn.

  7. JenB

    I do not understand Yolanda’s math. She said she was bedridden for 18 months of the past 2 years. She mentioned the 18 mths twice and the 2 year once. So when did she travel to Paris, strangle the guy at the gym, fly with David on all of his trips, like when she had to leave early several times (Ojai) and then her trips to NY with GiGi to buy the apartment. Of course, she was still picking lemons all this time. LOL
    She is bold face lying her ass off and thinks no one is going to call her out because it would appear they are attacking her illness. She was so aggressive and angry all season and 6 months later at the reunion, she is still the same.
    I know she was in Clearwater, FL early in 2013 doing treatment for her Lyme’s disease for about 6 weeks. So is she counting that as part of her bedridden time?
    One more observation about Yo. When they were in PR, in the first episode and they were at the pool. Yo was in the pool and she swam up to the steps and into Mauricio. I rewound it 3 times to make sure. Then at the BH party on the finale, when she walked up to the table with Ken and Mauricio, she put her hand on his lower back and kind of slid it to the side. So when did Yo become big friends with Mauricio? I don’t think she has been around him other than shooting for the show.

    • Daphne

      He’s probably listed the mansion!

    • Jae

      It’s Dutch math. Very complex, you know.

    • Fahlina_G

      That’s not Lyme Disease! Her problem is an eating disorder! I’ve had Lyme, and I’m not buying her “story” for a hot second! She’s full of…..well, lemonade.

      • For the millionth time! (no shade to you) Yo does not have Lyme Disease, she has “Chronic Lyme disease ” which may or may not be an imaginary thing.

        On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 10:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Katherine

      Do you think it was more than just being friendly? Because I’ve always personally got the lesbian vibe off of Yolando.

      • vivaladiva831

        I think Yolanda is incredibly jealous of Lisa. The friendship between the two families was most likely forged bc of Mohammed and Lisa in commercial real estate, and in the divorce Mohammed and Lisa stayed good friends. Lisa is a smart businesswoman, who Mohammed obviously has a lot of admiration and respect for. And Yolanda’s business is marrying well.

  8. Wampascat

    I wish Lisa would tell them all to blow it out their asses! What a bunch of whiny bitches!

    • puppylove

      I was going to wright in length what was on my mind for the bitches but you summed it up in a few words. All I can say to you is thank you. You are soooooo RIGHT I hope Lisa can find you words in the next installments. I can’t stand it that she is so quiet, but then no one will allow her to answer they just keep talking over her. They all want her to be their friend and tell her what THEY want from her. Did you notice not one of them said they were her friend. All they want is to take, take, take. Lisa should never apologize to any of them. They certainly can’t say they are friendly to her, except when they want something. Especially Brandi. She wanted something from Lisa and when her actions overloaded her all she went crawling to Yolanda to be her little darling.

  9. Daphne

    Ok, TT, I know you’re on a bravo wean (and I’m trying too), and totally having nothing to do with RHOBH, have you checked out the People’s Couch? I was laughing out loud 2 weeks in a row now and I didn’t think I’d watch the show.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      LOVE The People Couch!

    • sorry, I have to draw the line at watching people watching tv on tv. Even I can’t go that low.

      On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        The Comments from the people watching the assigned shows is quite entertaining especially the three older women . I didn’t intend to comment on the people’s couch I wanted to know if you think Brandi and Yolanda will be back for another season .

  10. Xanadude

    Carlton snappily telling Joyce to shut up was the most shocking part of the episode.

    • I agree, Joyce is as much of a grown woman as all of them and what gives Carlton or Yolonda the right to tell her to shut up! I would rather read TT blog than watch the reunion show. So tired of all the HW shows.

  11. run_dmc

    The difference b/n Lisa’s jokes and the others complete mean bi–hy comments is that Lisa says hers straight to people’s faces – i.e., in jest but in good fun. The other women only say their “jokes” in the confessionals or to other housewives behind the targets back. That’s not a joke in good fun, that’s being weaselly little . . .. The reason the Maloof Hoof was so funny was because Lisa just came out with it in front of Adrienne straight to her and was meant to be a silly joke, but the look on Adrienne’s face . . priceless.

    • Not always. Lisa’s joke about “if you want to be Kyle’s friend just list your house” was said when Kyle wasn’t there. It proved to be a true statement and funny at the time but it was said in a catty way to the other cast members.

  12. thedisher

    It was a yawnfest. Lisa proved, once again, that she is the Queen — try as they might to dethrone her.

  13. Skeeter

    My old ass fell asleep and missed the entire thing! :)

  14. Skeeter

    Does Brandi think she looks sexy in the pic above? WTF IS THAT????

  15. myinfo

    They all looked very pretty.
    Great recap.
    This was the most boring reunion ever. Magazine Gate was a long drawn out dumb storyline. Even if Lisa did it, it was not worth 3 eposides!

  16. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Two comments–if you played a drinking game every time Yolanda referred to her Lyme disease and being homebound for 18 months, you’d have a hangover this morning. And how funny was it when Joyce brought up the drunk Brandi tampon pictures?

    • beth

      Did one of them actually refer to the tampon string? How did Brandi react to that?

      • JoJo

        Joyce found a way to remind the world of the famous drunken birthday pics and the tampon string. I was actually surprised. She’s supposedly so above the ‘low-class, non-lady-like’ Brandi. Joyce often has said she wouldn’t sink to her level. It was totally unnecessary for her to bring it up – it had nothing to do with her answering the question she was asked. She was defending that her husband wasn’t short and not good-looking that Brandi apparently suggested in her blog.
        Brandi didn’t respond to it & Andy didn’t pursue it. Joyce talks so fast that they quickly moved on to another subject.

  17. Epiphanie

    I am so enraged by Brandi that I am trying to write this to you cross-eyed. I even rate Joyce over her. JOYCE!

    • TT likes Joyce a lot so that comment doesn’t really get your point across as well as you might like. I like her too. Hope she comes back next season.

      • Epiphanie

        I appreciate that TT likes her – I don’t, and I’m not TT. Each to their own and thank goodness for civil discussion?

  18. Am watching this right now. I love how Lisa tries to get Brandi to see that they both had moments of JOKING that other people might have gotten offended at i.e. Brandi’s comments about sleeping with Ken. Lisa knew they were jokes. Yet for some reason Lisa can’t do the same.

  19. Katie

    TT – I am with you, lady. Snooooozefest. Brandi is such a dumb bunny.

  20. Bren

    I kept an eye on Brandi’s body language and facial gestures and she did not like it at all when Andy would transition into a segment about one of the other housewives.

    Geez, Brandi how hard is it to understand that Lisa wasn’t “mothering” you because she didn’t want you to drink, she was “mothering” you because she didn’t want you to look like shit-faced jerk on television.

    Did anyone else feel like Kim Richards was making a plea to be asked back onto next season?

    • Katie

      YES! Kim did appear to be begging for another shot. So sad. Maybe she got the montage as farewell. Remember the one they did for Sheree, aka “that crazy broke bitch who sued TT?”

    • Bren, didn’t you love it when Andy was talking to the other couch and Brandi (incensed that the attention wasn’t on HER), actually raised her hand and said she had something to add – as a wanna be teacher’s pet! Ugh. Who does that?

      And agree with your Kim comment as well, a veiled threat? If I don’t get a contract, my falling of the wagon is Bravo’s fault. Give me a break. So much for accountability, I think she stopped after step 3 of the program – she did quit rehab early, right?

  21. ScrappieONE

    Here’s my thoughts on one of the most boring reunion ever!

    Brandi- trying to keep her lies straight is getting really old, boring and she disgusts me at how desperate she is. Paying $9.99 just to find dirt on someone is beyond SICK. Then asking Lisa, if a building was on fire and you could only save one person me or Schenna who would you choose. WTF???? It’s very obvious Brandi is losing control and grasping at straws trying to redeem herself but in the process is her own worse enemy.
    So we all know it’s been proven she is a liar and when caught she starts to cry and throws out the POOR ME BS. Remember when she claimed Mohammed telling her and Lisa that JoAnna (from Miami HW) private parts smelled like fish. What adult woman would even repeat something like this but don’t think for one second I believe that comment. I can’t wait until next week when I think they bring Ken out. I have only one word for Brandi – PATHETIC… It’s time for Brandi, the truth teller (cough, cough) to STFU.

    Lisa – I love her and her blog is straight on.

    Yolanda – Tired of the stupid painting party and her being locked away for 18 months. Damn someone should have thrown the key away… Enough said.

    Kim – I felt embarrassed watching the flashback segments. Another one who plays the victim card and thinks because she is a recovering addict she deserves a pass on her past actions but no one else.

    Kyle – is just Kyle and just like her sister never takes responsibility. Enough said.

    Carlton – wish she would have said more but I think that’s coming.

    Joyce – I’m so glad she’s not taking crap from Yo or Brandi. I just wish she was able to say more but maybe that’s to come. I would love to see her stay another season.

    • O.O

      Do you think that Kim is really off drugs and booze? I don’t see any change in her behavior .

      • vivaladiva831

        i think so too. i don’t know if it is alcohol now, i think she is on something different – like pills.

    • Agree – but when Brandi’s asinine comment about Joyce marrying an ugly man just for his money, I wish Joyce would have just let that comment hang in the air so everyone could have been appalled by it instead of going into the whole “pee-pee” thing. One good “eat shit and die” look would have done wonders. Just like she let the comment hang about the “Sochi’s calling” regarding her dress. Although with that I would have liked her to say something along the lines of “I’d rather look like an Olympic athlete than a botoxed mummy”.

      And it’s too bad no one else picked up the “tampon string” picture Joyce referenced. Seems like Andy is on Brandi’s side, guess drama wins every time. Maybe Brandi will get the shit edit next year.

  22. BonVivant

    Overall, I didn’t mind it so much. I’m just waiting for the moment when Kyle finally stands up to the Wicked Witch of Projection and Hypocrisy otherwise known as Carlton. I ididn’t even come into the show this time around feeling Kyle considering how unsupportive she was of Kim (initially) when she went into rehab. However, Carlton came guns blazing into this season with people obviously in her crosshairs, and was so mean I couldn’t stand watching her. She strikes me as the type that plays tough girl with people she thinks she can use as a whipping post, and really needs someone to lay her ass out one GOOD time.

  23. Am at the part where Andy asks about the breakdown of the dream team. The camera focuses on Kyle while Yolanda explains. Kyle has a huge mascara streak running down her cheek.

  24. RVA

    Honestly…the whole magazine thing is just abso-freaking-lutely stupid. so she saw a magazine, so bloody what?
    I still can’t get over how it’s a magazine they’re fighting over.
    a tabloid mag no less. half truth all lies.

    • ScrappieONE

      I think it’s a tie on what is the most ridiculous issue: The Painting Party or the Stupid Magazine….. I’m sure Gigi’s heart was just torn apart when she found out Lisa did not paint a square to hang on her wall… Poor child, what’s one to do…

      • WhyOWhy


      • Oh, and ScrappieONE, don’t forget that Yo made GUACAMOLE for the ladies, so she was really put out!!! Boo-fucking-hoo. I almost spit out my drink when I heard her say that. So she smashed an avocado, added lime juice and salt? That takes me 5 minutes, probably using only 1% of my brain function. It’s not like she fixed Thanksgiving dinner just for Lisa who then cancelled at the last minute. Give me a break. Guacamole for fuck’s sake!!!

  25. KB

    I wish that Lisa could defend herself a little better. I think because her words are long and drawn out, her counterparts are able to come at her with a swiftness. I also thinks she is still concerned about being friends with these ladies. At least that’s what it looks like so far. If I were here I would want absolutely nothing to do with any of them.

    • Daphne

      KB – Lisa is the epitome of a lady. She’s hardly the type to bicker; she will defend her character, but will not bicker.

      • kb

        Daphne…that makes sense, but I’m just saying, that when she does give a response, I wish her responses could be just a bit more powerful (but still lady like). It just irritates me when they talk over her and think that they’ve won.

  26. jelley

    This was definitely a snooze fest. I can’t even handle Yolanda anymore. She’s so petty and boring and bitchy now. But her hair is a big improvement. Wtf was the point of her “I would hate to be married to you” dig at Joyce? Who throws that around as an insult? Odd.

    Idk who has the more annoying little girl voice: Kyle or Brandi.

    • Yes, so agree jelley. I wish Joyce would have replied, “Ditto in spades, BITCH”! Talk (haha, pun!) about rude, coming from miss dutch prim and proper.

  27. Judy S

    I seem to remember at last year’s reunion that Yolanda stated the ONLY people who came to see her was Lisa and Brandi. Now she has changed her mind? And why does Brandi go on and on to Joyce about “in the end you are responsible for what comes out of your mouth” then doesn’t take responsibility for ANYTHING that comes out of her own mouth. She claims she is ” manipulated ” into saying awful things about others by Lisa. GIVE ME A F****** break! Please, Yolanda, Brandi and Kim — in that order, GO AWAY.!

  28. Not sure if anyone else caught it but Kyle confirmed, without meaning to, that to be her friend it’s best to list your house. The joke that Lisa made is actually true. Lisa apologized for it but then Kyle says, “I met Lisa through Mauricio. I met Camille through Mauricio. I met Adrienne through Mauricio. They all knew him first.” So I guess this is a case of the truth hurts.

    • Chris Cavitt

      I caught that! Very telling isn’t it? And remember on Season 1 when Kyle was having so much trouble with Camille, Mo told Kyle to make up with her. What was that for if not for his business?!

  29. KWM

    I need to calculate how much my time is worth and send Bravo a bill for wasting it last night.

    After all the hype we get an hour of that. Ugh.

  30. susana

    Funny how Brandi now echoes Yolanda’s use of the word “conversation”.
    So a “conversation”, in Beverly Hills is: a group of girls with an axe to grind, swarm the target, and throw in a film crew. Is that friendship in BH?
    Lovely …
    …from what Brandi has said, she has put Lisa on a pedestal, and proceeded to form a coup, to knock her off this creation of hers. It’s Lisa’s fault that Brandi does not have a mind of her own? Yolanda and Kyle are now Brandi’s brain? Good grief. Everyone has to grow up some time. Just maybe, the universe is calling to you Brandi.

    • Katherine

      Spot on, here. Yo, Brandi, and Kyle keep saying that Lisa is the master manipulator and Brandi reinforces it by saying that Lisa is in Joyce and Carlton’s ear-but it’s easy to see that Yo, Brandi, Kyle, and Kim are all conspiring to put out the same theories about Lisa.

  31. tia mimi

    Please for the love of all that is holy, dont let Kim’s bs comment that the show saved her life, bring her back next season. if they dont and Kyle threatens to leave. then buh bye b%@ches. SOOOOOO over Kim

  32. Kym

    I can’t take the poor victim Kim – I hope she leaves the show and if Kyle needs to leave too – then so be it.

  33. They are all so pathetic. But I do like Lisa. She has enough sense to smirk at their silly, childish ways. I watch because I feel much better about myself after seeing how these rich women live.

  34. Pgirl50

    DId anyone else notice Kyle’s bottom lip? it seems to be protruding more than usual, I don’t know if she’s pouting or if she had work done. I wish celebrities would leave their lips alone, it’s usually obvious if you get your lips done.

  35. Shellbelle

    Very boring reunion… I haven’t watched the last 6 or so episodes, only read the recaps. I feel like The relationship between Brandi and Lisa both needed/used each other. What Lisa didn’t count on was Brandi becoming so needy and when Lisa had no use for her, Brandi became a loose cannon. I feel like Brandi and Kyle also have the same type of relationship. At this point I don’t like ANY of the women.

  36. brillke

    Just watched the show and I’m more annoyed than bored. It seems it was the Yolanda and Brandi show. Yo and Brandi wouldn’t let anyone else talk but kept telling Joyce to shut up and Lisa she wouldn’t let them speak. WTF?

    The way Brandi went after Joyce and told her she will talk over her all day long and insulted her outfit was straight out of high school and showed how jealous Brandi is of her. I’m not a violent person but I would have loved to seen Joyce punch Brandi in her Madame-looking face but Joyce has way too much class for that.

    As for the rest of them, felt bad for Lisa and the rest might have well not shown up.

  37. OMG – there is a petition to get Brandi off the show!! It says they need 5000 signatures (not sure what happens at that goal). As of 5 minutes ago, they had over 4800!!!

  38. I must confess that I listen to (or should I say, waste my time on) Brandi’s podcast. Last week she had some YouTube parody guy on and she was totally fawning all over him pleading for a part on one of his parody videos – the guy does parodies of popular songs (Bart Baker) and he agreed to give her a role at least while on the podcast. She had pleaded for the same kind of roles thing from other comedians she’s interviewed, if you can call them interviews anyway.

    Apparently she was also in some parody movie with Kyle and Camille called “Hung-Over Games” – she had Jamie Kennedy on who apparently also was in the movie. Brandi said sometime on the reunion his name came up because Carlton was accused of being in porn but she retorted that it was only a nude scene with Jamie Kennedy.

    I wonder if this “truth-canon, take-down Bitch” character she’s creating for herself is just to get publicity for the sake of publicity so she can move up the Hollywood food chain. After all, she started low (single mom, no $, has-been model), then RHOBH followed by two books on the NY Times best seller list (how that happened I don’t understand). Now she has a small bit in a movie, a podcast and a spot on Celebrity Apprentice so maybe her plan is working??

    That is, if her face holds out from all the botox and fillers, what’s next, formaldehyde? She’s on her way to looking like the next Adrienne Maloof or Pricilla Presley.

    • Oh, just one more thing – she told Jamie Kennedy that JR was helping her buy a house (as her real estate agent), she got approved for a home loan but then he quit the night before so she’s in a lurch, she said he quit because of their weird relationship. She also said her and Eddie’s lawyers are going at it so she’s stressed. Poor baby.

  39. Kitty Mamma

    Why can’t Andy just poll these ladies and see if they even actually want to be Yo’s friend and end this fuckery once and for all?

  40. Randi

    Tamara, as usual, you did a great job on this recap but I think you were able to sum the whole things up with just this sentence, which you included at the beginning.

    Brandi is insane.

  41. JoJo

    That suit was proven frivolous and the plaintiffs were proven to be frauds themselves. Ken & Lisa have no skeletons in their closet!

    (I’m joking – I’ve never even heard of such a suit against Ken & Lisa. If you notice, though, not many, if any, people commenting on the reunion think that Lisa maybe even Ken can do any wrong. I was going make an objective comment on what I saw on the reunion so far, but thought better of it.)

  42. No, seriously, it was all over the news in August 2013, but I am asking seriously whether anyone heard whether it was dismissed or not (or whether it’s still pending). Keep deleting TT, or e-mail me if you know why mentioning a suit against Lisa and Ken is something that people shouldn’t know.

  43. Clearly, I am an idiot since RHOBH is my favorite in the HW franchise. I have a few questions:
    Why is Andy now Team Brandi?
    Are we really supposed to believe that Kim is sober?
    Who locked Yolanda in her house for 18 months? How was she able to film while being locked up?
    Why didn’t Andy at least make an effort to moderate? Does he believe in the premise that whoever speaks loudest and longest wins?
    Does Kyle know how to emote anything other than anger or confusion?
    When did Lisa ever say she was good friends with Yolanda?

    • JoJo

      tootsie: I don’t think you’re clearly an idiot for RHOBH being your fav franchise. But I do remember you saying you love the ‘clearly an idiot’ idiom :)
      I’m not so sure Andy’s as much Team Brandi as much as perhaps thinking it’s time for Lisa to be on the hot seat. Or he knows some truths we don’t know about Lisa. I admit when he didn’t pursue the issue of Brandi’s drunken tampon reveal brought up by Joyce, which is trash he usually loves to pursue to get women to fight, it could be seen as a favor to Brandi.
      I think Yolanda’s exaggerations are part of her nature. Especially ‘being locked up’ and saying GiGi loves Lisa & was possibly hurt that Lisa didn’t paint a silly square for her apt., since I don’t think GiGi gives a rat’s ass. I don’t know though if Yolanda and Lisa were really that close, but they must have known one another on some level since Lisa’s been so close to Mohammed for years. Maybe it’s true that that might be Yo’s true issue with Lisa?
      Kyle has had those same 2 expressions from Season 1 so at least she’s consistent, even if a drama queen.

    • JoJo

      tootsie, I wish you’d stop stating ‘clearly I’m an idiot.’ My reply to your comment here was before I saw the same claim again on another thread tonight. It’s starting to look a little’ k-a’ – and a little too often. Of course, I’m just a fellow commenter, please forgive the unsolicited advice. It’s just that I don’t think that’s really who you are and I genuinely enjoy reading your opinion. :)

      • Hmmm, let me ponder on your unsolicited advice. I might keep doing it just to get under your skin. :-)

      • JoJo

        Don’t ponder, try to pretend I never said it, it’s none of my business & I couldn’t delete it. And as I said, unsolicited. Peace :)

  44. Angelica

    “Brandi interrupted two or three times to point out things that Lisa made fun of dating all the way back to the great Maloof Hoof incident of 2012.”

    As opposed to Brandi outing Adrienne for using a surrogate to birth the twins…yeah, that didn’t hurt Adrienne at all! Brandi needs to get off the show and go into rehab!

  45. I can’t find the other BH post that someone asks about Yolanda’s modeling credentials and finding or not finding images of her back then. She is now posting some of those old images on her Facebook page. Yesterday she posted a pic from I don’t know what year, in Cancun modeling for Zeki Swimwear.

  46. The RHOBH Facebook page posted an image of Andy when he asks Brandi about the Sochi remark and I noticed something I didn’t notice when watching the show. His hair. Dyed all over an awful shade of grey. Solid grey.

  47. Collectively, we need to stop looking for heroes and villains. These women are shades of gray. Except Brandi. She’s a black person. Lisa is not a saint. She was a backhanded bitch the season before last. And a bit last season too. How we see them is based on how they were feeling one week or how production decided to edit them. This franchise in particular has some women who view this as a chess game or competition. They each vie to come out looking the best. Or worst if your pro-victim Brandi. Her opening line should be “It’s always someone else’s fault, I am the victim here”

    TT, you should do an Abby Lee pyramid after each episode. God that could be funny.

    And I’m not too sure about Joyce. She DOES seem to just ramble on as though she was just asked “If you are crowned, what will you do to help the cause of the migrant workers in Chad.” She hasn’t got a sense of humor, or if she does, she’s not yet shared it. But I think she might be a bit of a jan Brady. If she sticks around, I’m betting we will see more next season. Being new gets you a pass. It took awhile for people to see Brandi for what she is because her first airtime was just peppered with people being mean to her. But not me. I knew she was trash from the beginning.

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you called it from the beginning. I LOVE the pyramid idea. I’ll do it for the reunion show. I’ll make a good ALM.

      On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 10:56 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Well crap, TeeCee – are you getting all mature and rational here? All of these characters score pretty high on the bitch meter on the show. I just prefer the bitch that’s been married to the same man for 30 years, has an English accent, and has the most adorable little dog on the planet. Go Giggy!

    • JoJo

      Whoever wrote this, I kind of agree, except I have no clue how these people ever end up being after their 1st season. Was going to say something similar after it aired, but too many comments seeing black & white. No heroes, no villains (no bitch slap).

  48. Well, what’s the fun in that? Maddie on top of the RHOBH pyramid. *sigh* :-)

  49. Other suggestion for NJ: felonious idiot; ignorant idiot; ignorant slut idiot.

  50. TeeCee – It’s Giggy. So you must be the retard.

  51. TeeCee: I am very well aware that I can’t tell you what you can and cannot do on this blog. I’m also aware that I am way out of my league with you and TT. So, if this blog is supposed to be banter between you and TT, I’m OK with that.

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