Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Flirting With Disaster

Nene in Mexico

So Far in Mexico, the only shade Nene is throwing is from her sombero!

Kenya and Miss Lawrence are enjoying a meal on Kenya’s beautiful private patio. The scripted conversation is about  Porsha and Kordell. Remember last week when I said it seemed odd that we spent so much time ganging up on Porsha? Well now I really want to know the story. Did Kordell call up Bravo threatening a lawsuit over this whole Kordell is gay storyline? No, that can’t be it because pretty much all of the conversation continues to be about Kordell’s sexuality. I just don’t understand the point of discussing some dude who isn’t even on the show anymore. Why do we have to spend so much time humiliating Porsha, Kenya? Why must you continue to try to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent?

Speaking of the mentally challenged, Kenya moves on to discuss Apollo. Kenya says that Apollo is lying about Kenya coming on to him. She says if he could have, he would have. I agree with that. That doesn’t mean I am 100% sure they didn’t.  I mean Kenya needs love too… Miss Lawrence is ever so dutifully agreeing with everything that Kenya says. Kenya plans to pull Apollo aside at some point on the trip and get him to stop lying about her. That should go well.

They gang is headed over to the underground caves. Kenya wants to take them out into nature. Now Kenya, you know these women don’t have no shoes for the real world! In the car ride over Kenya and Cynthia and Apollo start talking about the Mama Joyce issue. What the hell is wrong with these people? These are not normal vacation conversations. Production needs to trust and believe that the cast can write their own scripts. It would be much more interesting that Peter sticking his nose into everyone else’s relationships all the time. They started an argument between Kandi and Todd. Mission accomplished.

In the other car, they are mostly talking about the outdoor showers. That is a normal conversation. And the script provided to both cars was to talk about the seating arrangement from dinner the night before where the couples were spilt up. Why are they acting like this is so weird. It’s actually proper protocol for a dinner with a bunch of married couples.

RHOA Mexico

Nene has been amazing well-behaved in Mexico.  They haven’t shown us a single diva tantrum and she hasn’t cussed anyone out. Is she sedated? She does of course wear heels to the nature hike. Once there she changes into more suitable foot wear. I guess it was important for her to walk from the hotel to the van in heels.  Once at the nature preserve, they almost immediately encounter a snake. Bet Nene was glad she had her feet covered then! Holy crap that snake is HUGE!  I’d be waiting in the van at this point. No really, y’all go on without me. I will be in the van praying.

I do not like bats. I do not like this outing.  I find it hard to believe that a place with giant snakes and bats eating at your head would require swimmers in a small spring to wear life belts.  Can none of these folks swim?

Kenya takes Nene, Cynthia and Kandi to see a shaman with her. She wants to do a fertility blessing. Kenya is really good at fake crying. Farrah Abraham should take lessons from Kenya. Kenya knows she ain’t having no baby.  I am not buying any of this girl talk about pregnancy and child rearing.

Everything is going along pretty good on this trip. Everyone seems to be getting along. Apparently, they all went out to the club and had a great time. How long can this last?

The house husbands head off to a boys night out cigar party.  Peter brings up the Mama Joyce thing.  Todd really seems to want Mama Joyce on his side.  Kenya and Miss Lawrence show up and plonk themselves down and light up a cigar. Kenya dips her cigar in Apollo’s cognac.  Apollo seems quite friendly with Kenya outside of Phaedra’s presence. Actually, all the boys seem just fine with Kenya crashing the party.

Kenya manages to get Apollo off to herself for a little private conversation. Kenya asks Apollo where all the hostility is coming from. Kenya says Apollo is lying about everything.  Apollo says that Kenya put herself in the situation. These two are doing shots and smoking cigars and laughing and trying to come to a truce. Meanwhile, Peter, Todd and Miss Lawrence are watching with bemusement. Then of course Phaedra has to show up and check on her man. I mean she has good reason for concern.  This will not end well for our cute little felon boy.

Next week: Gregg and Peter fight, Kenya and Phaedra fight, Nene and Todd fight and Lord only know what all else happened.


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113 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Flirting With Disaster

  1. sarcasatire

    Said it once, I’ll say it again…Kenya stays trying to hang around the ladies’ husbands! First, she greets them, with them fully clothed, flouncing around them in a little bikini. Now, the ladies all go out to dinner, and she stays behind and springs up on the men, uninvited. No wonder the women don’t like you! You’re transparent in your constant obsession with going after Apollo. You begged him to talk to you, BEGGED. Then kept telling Todd to leave, like insisted…ugh, she’s so transparent. Ever since the dvd, she’s been going after Phaedra, and ever since her implication at the reunion of “well then stop texting me”, she’s been using Apollo as a pawn to get at Phaedra.

    Like Apollo said, “You threw a jab first and I threw one back, don’t get mad if your head gets knocked off first.” In his rambling way, he was saying that Kenya’s flirting with him (probably done to spite Phaedra) had he thinking if he wanted to “smash” he could have, and there are men that might have gone for it, but he didn’t. Of course, Kenya disagrees…but she does actively seek out Apollo, and she does it when Phaedra wasn’t around, which makes her even more transparent in her snake-like behavior.

    And she goes from almost whining, playing the victim with Apollo, then when Phaedra walks up, she’s leaning into him cooing and laughing. I get that she wants to stir the pot, come for Phaedra, what have you…but to do via someone’s husband will win you no friends amongst other women. We’ve seen other friends from the other ladies there, but all we’ve seen hang with Kenya are gay men. I’m always wary of a woman who can’t be friends with other women. Especially, if that same woman has no problem taking shot with their husbands when they aren’t around.

    • vivaladiva831

      I am the same way. While I find it easier to hang out with a bunch of men than women, I do need that time with my girlfriends. And someone who has no girlfriends, only men, is definitely someone to be wary of. Kenya Moore-whore suits her well!

      • Bravogirl24/7

        Kenya gets along with both men and women. The other women can’t seem to do that. Nothing wrong with that.

      • JoJo

        I’m confused.. Bravogirl…are u actually saying Kenya gets along with women we don’t know about or these women on RHOA? Who does she genuinely get along with that we know about which would only be the RHOA women? Unless you know about her private life, I can’t think of real, genuine friendship, even Cynthia or Kandi on the show.
        And I do see a lot of the other Atlanta women getting along with each other and the other men, and not just their husbands.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        Hey JoJo, I’m saying Kenya has her female companions that she enter acts with. There’s her auntie. The chef that I believe is her cousin. She introduced us to another aunt from her family when she announced her plan to have a baby. There was the friend that helped her move in one episode, there is Marlo. Notice I don’t have the names of these women because they are not part of the RHOA cast, but none the less they are examples of women that Kenya gets along with that I have seen. I do not know her personally so that’s all I have base my observation on. As for the cast members, Kandi did say that her and Kenya never had a riff and Cynthia is holding no grudges.

      • JoJo

        Bravogirl: Ok, I understand what you’re saying now. But imo, Kenya doesn’t strike me as a woman that has a lot of women friends (I won’t use that dreaded term ‘girl’s girl’). I think she, as single and a lot of failed romances apparently, is definitely a man’s girl – preferring to hang with men – married or not. Her rare scenes with women, her aunt, for e.g. or other family members, makes me believe she doesn’t really have close girlfriends. Any others for the purpose of filming. Even her besties are gay men. Of course, I understand she’s rather new to Atlanta for this show. And I really don’t buy the Marlo friendship. They’re both using one another imo to get something: Kenya to piss Nene off, and Marlo for any scrap of screen time :)

      • vivaladiva831

        ” And I really don’t buy the Marlo friendship. They’re both using one another imo to get something: Kenya to piss Nene off, and Marlo for any scrap of screen time”


    • SassyDahl

      If I could throw confetti all over your comment and do a little dance I would!! Yes, yes, I agree and you better preach. There is no way everyone is blind, deaf and dumb. I see right through Kenya Mo’ (well through the layers of cremation no. 7) and it’s not pretty.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        I’m glad you brought this up, nobodies talking about Appollo. It takes two to tangle and Phaedra’s husband wants to tangle so very bad with Ms. Kenya. Peter warned Appollo to stay away from Kenya, and he could not resist hisself he went straight there he did not give a damn how it look on TV. His conversation was totally inappropriate with Kenya. It’s not Kenya responsibility to make Appollo act like Phaedra’s husband. And you are so right, I have not seen Appollo smile that wide all season. When dealing with Phaedra he usually has a sour face. Appollo is embarrassing and disrespecting Phaedra at the same time while lusting after Kenya. Shame, shame, shame Appollo. He might not give a f**k cause he’s going to jail soon. Y’all must admit, without Kenya’s foolery where would this show be?
        P.s. Where is Marlo?

      • TANGO. It takes two to TANGO.

      • Teecee is on FIRE this morning. When she is not wishing death to us all, she’s kinda interesting, no?

        On Sat, Mar 22, 2014 at 11:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • KReality

      ” I get that she wants to stir the pot, come for Phaedra, what have you…but to do via someone’s husband will win you no friends amongst other women”

      Unfortunately it’s not like that in the real world! I’ve never met one husband who didn’t cheat… Or one woman who lost all of her friends because she carried on an affair with a married man. Some Even to the point the husband left his wife and kids…even the female friends who were engaged supported it. how crazy is that

      • KReality, you need to find a new real world!

      • Sadly, I have to agree. I’ve watched a married woman leave her husband and kids for someone she met online (she even moved to 1200 miles to the state he lived in) who did NOT leave his family for her. Her friends supported her from beginning to end and as far as I know, still do! Crazy.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        Girl nothing wrong with finding a man on line. It has to. Be a single man, married men need to stay off dating sites on line. They know what they are doing. That’s a good story line for a bravo show! I moved 3000 miles from west to east, it didn’t turn out well with the man and he was single, but it did work out career wise and I met a better man on the east coast. How bout married men spend more time with they family and k wife. (Appollo) Remember Kim Z on RHOA came on the show dating and being totally supported by a married man and the producers felt it was ok to present her situation to the world as normal.

    • j-lo1089

      I agree that Kenya seems to have no female friends and even her female relatives seem to look at her side ways

  2. blanca

    This is my first time commenting and I must say I love your blog and delightful style. Your blog is like a lighthouse when I’m lost in a sea of misinformation.

    In terms of tonight’s episode of rhoa, I was happy to hear apollo confirm that kenya never offered herself to him. Did anyone else hear that or was it just me? I’ve always felt kenya was apollo’s cover for his real paramour, kinda like a red herring..

  3. Michelle

    Kenya talking about her past relationship was the first time I feel she was truthful about her real self. I agree with Kandi that Kenya would be more likable. I don’t like how she talks about Phaedra weight especially since she just had a baby. Don’t know why Kenya thinks she can be cool with Apollo when she and Phaedra don’t get along or why does she care to especially at the reunion she inferred she had STDs. In addition to the way he acted with her BFF, in testing she failed to mention that only being concerned that Apollo is no longer cool with her which suggest to me they had sex or something happened between them. Wish we could see the real Kenya and not the fake and dramatic one. I feel sage gas a story to tell given her relationship with her mother, which is ONE of the reasons she is damaged. My you can tell by her fake laugh and her need to be the center of attention since her mother doesn’t acknowledge she exist. But anyways this season is dragging……bring on the reunion. Also Kim and Sheree in WWHL…..WTF?

    • sarcasatire

      The thing with Kenya’s mother is a hard one for her mom, too. See, she wanted to put Kenya up for adoption. Like, some young girls who have children out of wedlock, and feel a sense of shame, I feel she doesn’t want to be reminded of her indiscretion. However, when she was pregnant, Kenya’s dad offered to take the baby, which as the dad, he had rights, too. So, his family raised Kenya. However, Kenya maintained contact with her mom’s family and it’s extremely hard on her mom to be confronted with something she thought would have ended the minute she signed the adoption papers. I feel for Kenya, but I feel for her mom, too. That must be difficult, too. But when all of the women shared that they were raised by family members other than their moms, it’s to say, Okay, Kenya, we’ve been there, too…don’t let that be an excuse for poor behavior.

      And I agree with Kandi, when Kenya lets her guard down, and is genuine, then she is far more likable than when she is trying to take someone down. Too bad it didn’t last.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        I feel much more empathy for Kenya than I do for her mother. The adoption didn’t happen and her discomfort/embarrassment/unhappiness should have given way to reality. The “baby” is still around and she’s now 45!

        It must hurt Kenya to her core that her mother rejected her. A double blow to see that she still CONTINUES TO REJECT HER NOW THAT SHE IS AS AN ADULT. I’m sure this has had a devastating impact on Kenya over the years. She over compensates with false exuberance. This could also be why she craves attention so much.

        I wish she could reconcile with her mother. I wish her mother would get real, say sorry and try to build a relationship with Kenya. Who knows if this will happen?

        This may be an unpopular opinion but under different circumstances, I think Apollo and Kenya would make a great couple. He definitely finds her attractive and they are BOTH keen fitness enthusiasts. He could ‘ground’ her and she could help him to grow up! There was a lot of flirting going on in Puerto Rico. The tequila shots and sofa chat? Hmmm. Kenya crossed a line. That kind of intimacy is not right for the arch nemesis of a married woman.

        As soon as Phaedra appeared, Apollo’s facial expression changed into a “caught schoolboy.” I didn’t see much love between them, just tension and simmering rage.

        That said, Apollo is all the way wrong for continually repeating that line: ‘if I wanted to sleep with you, I would have’. This is very inappropriate, disrespectful and rude

      • lori

        No, Kenya doesn’t need a man who steals innocent people’s identities and money as a mate. See… there really are worse things than not having a man. I’d rather be alone than have someone like that as a husband any day of the week.

    • At least it was popping when Kim and Sheree were on. The writing was a little less scripted so some real stuff jumped off like the “who gonna check me boo” episode…still epic. Yes, they may be broke but at least they were interesting when they were on RHOA. These fake ladies on here now are trying so hard to come up and out “rich bitch” each other. Still watching but they’re wearing me down!

      • Harlyn

        Ah, yes. The good old days. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), the current ratings indicate that this “scripted” show and the current cast is much better received than the cast with Kim and Sheree.

    • vivaladiva831

      Even when Kenya was explaining about her past and discovering she wanted children at 35, I found myself taking that with a grain of salt. I feel like everything she says is bullshit. Maybe it’s true, but she is such a spiteful person, it didn’t make me feel for her or like her anymore. I think she is at the point in her life she is at because it’s karma coming back on her. Kenya wants to make fun of women like Phaedra that her body may have stretch marks or be a little heavy, then Kenya should not be surprised that she is alone and desperate.

      • Victoria

        I’m right there with you. I couldn’t care any less than I already do about Kenya, the past, her phantom hopes for future children, her escort dates, or the lust she feels for anyone’s man.

        She makes the show interesting, but it’s because we love to hate her. I’ll never be able to feel anything real for her, because I have never seen anything real from her. Period. Stunt queen. Bullshitter.

      • vivaladiva831

        Stunt queen-that’s it!

      • SassyDahl

        Is this a blog? Feels so warm and welcoming here lol! Seriously, I find it hard to understand why Kenya doesn’t wait to see how it works out with her “boyfriend” major side eye, and perhaps they can get pregnant using in vitro. She wouldn’t have to use donor sperm. I just can’t detect anything genuine except when she talked about her Mom and family.

      • JoJo

        That’s exactly the impression I got too. Even TT acknowledged Kenya’s crying on cue is her talent & she’s brought that before. But in fairness just for purposes of the scene, every one of the other women appeared sympathetic – even Nene, and I think Phaedra. The conversation about her wanting a baby, even though I agree that it’s a ship that sailed, but it’s her only storyline this season, at least by doing this, all the women seemed to rally around ‘shaman’ moment and even got along. So there’s that. Not sure that’ll happen again, but it was nice to see everyone participating and seemingly genuine!

      • Raven Beauty

        I totally agree with you on this one.

    • Michelle, with the weight issue, things went south with Kenya’s involvement in Phaedra’s video and Kendra made her own so there is bitterness on both sides. And all told, Kendra does have a better body for a fitness video than Phaedra, and that was pre-baby #2. IMHO. Although it is unkind of Kenya to point it out – let the sales be the judge.

      And it’s hard to intellectualize Kenya’s mom’s actions. Every child wants and needs to feel loved by their parents. If the mom really never wanted to see Kenya again, she should have made it a closed adoption, instead it seems she just “let” Kenya’s family raise her. Even folks that have been adopted by loving parents typically want to know about their biological parents and why they were given up. Of course Kenya is going to seek attention and love from her mom, it’s human nature. Every child wants to make their parents proud – even if their parents were rotten. And she is damaged because she didn’t get said love, and I do feel sorry for her – while other family members stepped up (and good for them!), there’s nothing like the love that comes from a mother, and a child of any age will seek that love (ask any therapist).

      I agree with other posts here that Kenya “acts up” seeking attention, but I guess I can understand why.

  4. Predictable and uneventful episode. First when did Mexico become an island (distracting first comments by Miss Lawrence) second why was everyone hesitant to disrobe at cave yet folks had bathing suits on so they knew what was up. If it’s a reality show at least get close to real ya’ll. Kenya is getting all the screen time so whatever it is she is sucking or pulling, as she put it, it’s working.

    • Lots of people are afraid to disrobe when they’ve got cellulite, flabby abs, thighs, and butts going on :)

    • KReality

      That’s a good point. Phaedra and Apollo are only getting screen time because of Kenya. They have no storyline other than her so they must be paying Kenya some big bucks to keep phaedra storyline relevant cause this was last season storyline

  5. myinfo

    As I said mark my words that the Kenya and Apollo conversation was about nothing.
    They both lied in the past because they were pissed.
    BORING eposide.

  6. vivaladiva831

    I’m beginning to think Kenya spent all of her time off practicing one liners in front of a mirror for her talking head interviews. “Nobody’s buying it Apollo-just like your DVD.” “I’ve seen bigger snakes in my bedroom.” And so on and so on. Whoever said it above was right on target about Kenya staying around everyone’s husband. She must get validation from that kind of thing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I can NOT stand Kenya.

  7. KB

    Too much flirting from both parties. I don’t particularly care for Phaedra HOWEVER I completelty understand her concerns. If my husband was being overly friendly with someone he may have had questionable contact with I’d be keeping my eyes open as well. Kenya should be trying to make peace with both of them or leave Apollo be. She’s making herself look really bad on this episode.

    • @kb exactly why not engage Phaedra in the conversation if she really wanted to clarify that she NEVER has or wanted to sleep with Apollo? Also she completely blocked her out of the conversation about motherhood as she made the “unwed” mothers the focus. Kenya keeps the big spoon to stir the pot.

    • Gabriella

      I’ve just watched this episode and in the bar Apollo’s eyes followed Kenya everywhere, there’s definitely some chemistry between them and I felt Kenya kept ordering shots in order to loosen Apollo up. I hope he thinks carefully, he”s got a lot to lose if his marriage to Phaedra breaks up, like his two little sons. Kenya should stay the away from married men and stop treating this flirtation as a joke.

      • beth

        I’m not convinced that Apollo’s eyes were following Kenya. As I recall, there were two separate shots – one of Kenya walking up a hill/incline, and another showing Apollo looking up – I wouldn’t put it past Bravo editors to slice and dice the film to make it seem as though Apollo is watching Kenya, when in fact he isn’t.

      • lori

        I agree that that looked very frankensliced. I wouldn’t be surprised if a camera man called his name just do they could do that.

      • lori

        Are we all forgetting that Appollo is an identity thief who will be going to prison? The same reason he and Phaedra are even together?

      • Dietrich Buxtehude

        I think Kenya and Phaedra should make arrangements to carpool, in Kenya’s “Rentley”, to go see Appollo in prison on visitors day!

  8. Shellbelle

    I’m wondering how much of a “husband” Apollo is to Phaedra. It’s been speculated before that they married so they wouldn’t testify against each other. I’m thinking it’s about as real as Kenya and Walter. I’m just saying’

  9. sarcasatire

    Apollo tried to tell her, “We were cool, nut then you stayed having problems with my wife.” Kenya is like, “But your and I never had a problem. We were still cool!”

    Um, bish, that’s his wife! Of course he’s gonna side with her. Then tiff stay flirting with him. Like Apollo said, he felt like if he wanted it, he could’ve had it. And he acknowledged her attractiveness and said some men might’ve gone for it. But he’s not that kind of man.

    Kenya did not like that one bit. She was practically fuming. But Phaedra shows up and the anger evaporates as she tries her darndest to make Phaedra angry/insecure, leaning in and giggling.

    That’s why Karma is gonna keep that low egg count right where it is. All the palm fronds in the world can’t beat the negativity out of her spirit. She can entertain us so many other ways rather than going after someone’s marriage.

  10. By the way, I think Todd is the only man not fighting for screen time and he speaks his mind about what he’s gonna put up with as a man in a relationship that may get crazy at any minute (mama drama) . Hope he really means it so maybe we’ll see a real relationship develop between he and Kandi.

  11. myinfo

    The only thing I learned is the Apollo and Kenya storyline is over and weak.
    I was hoping Marlo showed up.
    This season is over, nothing left in my opinion.
    I will say RHOA had an over the top must watch season.
    Can not wait for Sheree and Kim on WWHL

  12. Karen W

    For the record NeNe had on flat sandals and Phaedra had on the heels and changed into sneakers at the cave.

  13. Vee

    While Kenya is a bit messy….Apollo is Phaedra’s husband and it’s his responsibility to make sure his wife is not put in a vulnerable situation. Why would Kenya care about Phaedra’s who’s not her friend and calls her Kenya whore Moore every chance she gets. Let’s be real should Kenya be more cognizant? Yes, But Phaedra’s should stop allowing Kenya to push her buttons and check her husband..Apollo. He knows how Phaedra’s feels about the girl…so HE is blatantly disrespecting his wife, why is he even entertain Kenya? We have to hold our men accountable for their bad behavior.

  14. JoJo

    I have to say this before I forget! I’m reading the recap and watching the show at the same time, it’s just airing now. I find it helpful now to do both so I can look for things TT points out.
    BUT, commercial break and they say WWHL is Kim Z AND SHEREE! I just cannot wait until TT has seen and tells us about that little ex-RHOA duo…so ‘cited’:)))

  15. Nads

    Last week I posted that I thought Kenya was crazy and acted desperate, which is particularly sad given her age. Many folks disagreed with my assessment but I’m back this week to say it again! The girl CRAY!!! she’s in her 40s. She wants to be married. WHY does keep hanging around, flirting with married men?? A married man can bone you yes but he’s won’t wife you honey! Stop it already! Find your own man to hang with….

    I’m not a very jealous or possessive wife. My husband has freedom without me following him everywhere and asking questions because I trust him completely. But I can tell you one thing, if I was Phaedra I would knock Kenya’s teeth out. She thinks she has rights in this relationship…ummm…no

    • spk

      Kenya crosses all sorts of lines and puts herself “in that position”. But it also seems that there wouldn’t be a problem if Apollo wasn’t right there, willing to meet her at that line.

      He didn’t need to wave Todd away. Apollo lost his mind laughing when they guys told him to keep his ass in the seat and not walk off with her.

      It takes two. Apollo is loving the attention and isn’t protecting himself very well.

      • Completely agree. As they say, “it takes two to tango”…. And there does seem to be chemistry, why not, they’re both very attractive, they just don’t have the sense to knock it off.

        I feel bad for Apollo’s two little boys that will some day watch this and think this is a good role model. That is, this coupled with all of his criminal activity. Sigh. I hope Phaedra along with her family does a good job of bringing up those boys. And I also hope if she has been involved in the criminal actions, that she turns it around for the sake of her children.

    • Gabriella

      Yes! Agree with your last sentence absolutely. I would remind dumbass Appollo what he has to lose and tell Miss K to f off.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I hear you in that I’m not a jealous wife either, but if i’m honest, I am a little possessive. My husband knows this and he enjoys it. He’s possessive over me too! Catch me talking to a handsome unknown man at a family function and he is by my side in two minutes!! If the situation were reversed, I would never create an ugly public scene, I would watch and observe. If necessary I might let a ‘Kenya type person’ know that her actions are inappropriate and unwelcome. Fortunately, this has never happened! I feel embarrassed for Kenya because she looks so desperate on TV.

      I disagree with the idea that Phaedra should ‘knock Kenya’s teeth out’. Yes, Kenya is inappropriate and disrespectful BUT, she is not the married one. Apollo is. He is the one who entertained Kenya and participated in a sexual innuendo laden conversation. HE, NOT Kenya is the one whose teeth should be knocked out, behind closed doors of course. Quite frankly domestic violence would not change the fact that Apollo is attracted to Kenya! Phaedra has to know this.

      What it shows is that Apollo does NOT respect his marriage to Phaedra. He is the one who should be enforcing boundaries in his conversation with desperate and thirsty Kenya.

      It is a matter of time before they separate (if they haven’t done so already.) IJS.

  16. Judy McKenzie

    This recap did me in a good way!!
    I started lol during the show when
    they nearly stepped on the anaconda…
    But your paragraph following that
    event…ending with life vests for the
    Spring…brought guffows and yes, even tears!!
    Thank you.

  17. Tiffany Reed

    Nice recap. Kudos to kenya for clearing her name. I have been cheated on by my husband and I took it out on the woman, so I understand the kenya hate. This episode clearly shows apollo lied on her and she was not flirting. All the ladies are wearing revealing clothes and socializing with each others husbands . All the ladies are dressed and behaving too cozy for my tastes. I suppose kenya figured apollo would keep up his lie if his wife were present. She really doesn’t seem as interested in being respectful to phaedra as she is to clearing her name or showing apollo to be a liar on camera. She is lucky they didn’t edit it out to make her look bad. That being said I give her a pass. Curious though, will phaedra still call her a whore since she didn’t proposition apollo. It appears kenya doesn’t have a sex life, especially if her current beau is made up. Does she have any other whore history?

  18. Bravogirl24/7

    These women sold their souls for a story line. The producers told each and everyone what subject matters to blow up for the drama factor on this trip. Please if this WAS real NeNe would not be there after her blow out fight with Kenya. Phaedra would not be there with her husband Appollo after what happened last trip with Kenya. Kenya could have had 3 tickets from hell to heaven and Phaedra would have opted to stay in hell with her husband rather than go to heaven with Kenya ass. Bloop-a-dee bloop.

  19. JenB

    That snake was huge. I have cave dived most of the cenotes in that area, including the cenote that was on the show. All of the “springs” are part of an underground river than runs through that area. But in all those times of diving, I have never seen a snake at all. I was wearing 80 lbs of cave gear, so I would have been screwed if I had seen that snake. LOL
    It is also sad to see the poor monkey chained to the tree.
    Greg seems wound up on this trip which is weird because NeNe is calmer than normal. Perhaps they decided ahead of time to switch roles. I did not understand Greg’s comments to Porsha at the dinner table about her marriage being a blessing. Peter and Greg both need to stop taking estrogen.

  20. lori

    I got the life of me still member understand why everyone thinks Kenya wanting a baby is a fake storyline. Many women find themselves in her situation and go through the same emotions, longing and pain because of it. I believe with every ounce of my being that that is not some fake story line, and my heart goes out to her. I agree that some of her behavior on this trip was not the best, but I also think that bravo puts the ladies up to these sorts of drama inducing situations, and they know that Kenya is good at it. I have always been and will continue to be a Kenya fan.

    • lori

      Sorry that first line was full of typos. What I meant to say was “I for the life of me will never understand…”

    • Raven Beauty

      Kenya has known for some years now that she cant have kids. This is not new or a shock to her. She has chosen this story line b/c its the one that hasnt been seen on this franchise before. Nothing that Kenya does is really all that unique and its clear she has studied the cast in past season and is trying so hard that she is failing with viewers.

      • Yes, a similar story line to the whole OC Gretchen/Slade should I/shouldn’t I marry him (and have his babies) story line we had to endure ad infinitum. NO ONE was interested in the “grand finale” proposal from Gretchen – none of it rang true. And now they’re off the show, thank goodness. Kenya should watch that season of OC and learn.

      • JoJo

        raven: I totally co-sign. The scene crying in the Dr. office when she’s told that her eggs are rotten or whatever the Dx was – pure acting. She’s had to know long before now.
        And, I’m not blaming her for manufacturing this as her storyline, after all, she has no ‘househusband’ or a BF willing to appear on screen. Maybe she’ll surprise us before the end? But I have to say that ANY scene when she’s not with the other RHOA, is boring as hell on its own.

  21. lori

    I don’t remember hearing her say that she can’t have kids.

  22. Tamar voice

    Apollo completely embarrassed Phaedra on this episode and I enjoyed every minute of it, lol. He left her all alone to fend against the snake, while the other guys made sure to help their wives ease across the bridge. He did not want to muddy the water with you when it came time to navigate the creek, and he absolutely couldn’t keep his eyes off Miss Twirl in the water or when she walked past him to exit the creek (although I’m sure Kenya did that purposely, lol) And lastly, even after the other guys warned him that being alone with Kenya was a setup, he went along for the ride. I haven’t seen him smile so hard all season long. Hang it up Fakedra Parks, looks like Apollo is the realwhore here, so you can stop pushing that title on to Kenya. Maybe if you actually worked out and ate healthy as you would like to have us believe, you could grab your husband’s attention. And stop acting like an old woman. Apollo is an adventurous guy, jump in the water and smoke a cigar with a glass of cognac every now and then. Nobody will judge you…trust.

    • @Tamar Voice I agree! I was so loving it! She goes so hard for Apollo and trashes Kenya every chance she gets but it looks like he’s ok with Kenya and so are the other husbands! LOL! This whole female cast minus Kenya, Marlo and Cynthia is a FAIL in the looks department.

    • Bravogirl24/7

      I’m glad you brought this up, nobodies talking about Appollo. It takes two to tangle and Phaedra’s husband wants to tangle so very bad with Ms. Kenya. Peter warned Appollo to stay away from Kenya, and he could not resist hisself he went straight there he did not give a damn how it look on TV. His conversation was totally inappropriate with Kenya. It’s not Kenya responsibility to make Appollo act like Phaedra’s husband. And you are so right, I have not seen Appollo smile that wide all season. When dealing with Phaedra he usually has a sour face. Appollo is embarrassing and disrespecting Phaedra at the same time while lusting after Kenya. Shame, shame, shame Appollo. He might not give a f**k cause he’s going to jail soon. Y’all must admit, without Kenya’s foolery where would this show be?
      P.s. Where is Marlo?

    • Nads

      There is something wrong with Kenya and Apollo and if you condone such behavior there is something wrong with you too. Kenya’s too damn old to be playing such games. Why does she even want to mess with Phaedra?? There is no reason for it. She’s a desperate woman who loves getting attention from anyone she can.

      I really don’t know how “real” Apollo and Phaedra’s marriage is. Maybe it’s fake. I don’t really care but I cannot stand Kenya acting a fool all day. I was such a fan of hers before she joined RHOA and showed her true character. Now her legacy is tainted by her constant, desperate need for attention from ANY damn body…I mean…she needs therapy because it’s clear that she’s searching for love (perhaps to replace the love she lacked from her mom) but she just keeps striking out. Men will gladly sleep with her I’m sure but obviously they won’t marry her. But if she keep this approach she’ll forever be alone.

      • j-lo1089

        @ Nads, I wonder if the fact that Kenya shamelessly flirted with the husbands will end of backfiring as it comes to fans I was all for the Nene shade Kenya did, but I believed she crossed a line with her antics this week, as a woman I just think there are things that we should not do and lines that should not be crossed.

      • Bravogirl24/7

        I’m happy that you are so emotionally vested in a scripted reality show. To me it’s like reading a romantic fictional novel you know it’s fake but you can’t help getting involved emotional with the characters.

    • Katrina

      Phaedra just had a baby about 2 months ago.

  23. Favorite Phaedra line to Apollo from the episode (actually from “previously on”):

    “[Kenya’s] intentions are different than yours”
    Yes, you want to fuck her and she just wants to play you the fool on national TV.

    Second favorite, when Apollo’s talking to Kenya about his “physicallity and your “physicallity” – um, what dictionary is that in??

    She replies “no one is buying it Apollo, just like your DVD” Oh SNAP!

  24. mimi

    Hello Tamara, I have never posted on any blog before. However, I must say that this blog has been extremely informative. I commend you for all the job you do. It must take a lot of effort to keep this site updated as you frequently do. As I scrolled down the page from last night episode, it occurred to me that no one appears to have caught onto Kenya’s skillful plan. Kenya, last night was a woman on a mission especially with regards to the scene with her hanging with the guys. Clearly, she was bothered with the allegations or claims labeled against her by Apollo/Phaedra. Thus, she devised a means to get to the bottom of the truth. Hence, her reasons for buying the guys shots, encouraging them to keep drinking, smoking with them to get them to relax. She then proceeds with her target aside from others to address her concern. She was successful in accomplishing this goal because Phaedra was not present. I doubt he would have been as receptive if Phaedra was present. Also the recurring statements of Kenya’s spinsterhood as a reflection of her craziness is quite baffling to me. We all know the divorce rate is high today because people enter the union with the wrong mindset. I guess Porsha’s rescue mission with Kordell is acceptable or Pheadra’s documented marriage agreement is acceptable as a covenant. Do we have to get married to be somebody? Do we have to get married to be emotionally fulfilled? Do we have to get married to gain spiritual favor with God? The answer to all of these questions is no. Then why are so many people getting married as if it is going out of style? It is my gut feeling that a significant number of individuals are seeking marriage for the wrong reasons. Believe it or not, they are not all together to blame. Parents and guardians often help create the mind-set in our youth that life isn’t fulfilling without marriage. This starts from the cradle when the mother holds her son in her arms and repeatedly pronounces these unfortunate words: “I can’t wait for you to grow up, get married, and bring me some grand children.” Or “I hope you grow up to be a good wife.” These phrases seem healthy and normal, but in reality they are meaningless to developing children whose goals should be not marriage but blossoming into a person with a well-balanced character. These tender children are gradually being robbed of the wholesome concept that the single life is a gift from God and a time to cherish and love. Forming character is more important than planning for marriage.
    Getting married is a built-in natural desire God has given most of us. However, stewardship of singleness (which comes before marriage) is the first requirement–before we can face the commitment of marriage. Many are unfaithful stewards of their single life, thus plummeting themselves into marriage for the wrong reasons. I am glad Kenya recognizes that she is wounded, thus unable to have any relationship with ANY Man until she addresses those issues. I believe that this has prevented her from forming a relationship. I suspect she is scared of being abandoned as her mom has done with her not that she can’t find a man. Any woman can find a man, but what type of man. I see a lot of women do the most despicable things all in the name of keeping a man.

  25. Cassie

    This episode had me cracking up. Apollo could not keep his eyes off of Kenya. When he turned and watched her go up the steps it was funny as heck.. I sincerely hope for Phaedra sack that was due to editing making it
    appear that Apollo was looking at Kenya so much. Do anybody think that
    Kenya just may be naturally flirty. When she set down with the men it seems cordial. It didn’t look like they minded that she was there. Kandi is
    around a lot of men all the time. People did get on Nene for having it appear she was flirting with Peter. It just seems the Kenya when she does it everyone gets upset. Just because you flirt doesn’t mean you are a whore. If Apollo was with Kenya in LA, I believe that someone would have
    seen it and reported it. Phaedra should have done a little more investigating.
    I just think it is so foul when women don’t check their men instead of blaming the women for the men stupid thoughts that everyone will drop their panties.
    I really don’t want Kenya to be hard on Phaedra at the reunion because she
    is going thru some things. But,if Phaedra starts her whore bull____ she should remind her that she is known as the Head Doctor. Tamara do you think that it was a coincidence that Nene referred to Phaedra as the head doctor and the guy who did the deposition said the same thing?

    • Tamar voice

      As for Apollo staring at Kenya as she walked up the stairs to exit the creek, I’ll cave just a little and say that could have been editing. But editing can not be blamed for the way his eyes followed her in the water and later on at the bar when they were smoking cigars, lol. He wants that woman bad!

    • j-lo1089

      @ Cassie, yes agree that flirting does not make one a whore but even still as a woman you just don’t flirt with other women’s husbands. But that is just me and I have a difficult time both trusting and respecting woman who flirt with the husband of her friends or aquaintances. She not only flirted with Apollo, she was flirting with all the hubbys. Again nothing wrong with flirting but just choose more carefully, it was just disrespectful.

      • Katrina

        I agree. Flirting alone does not make you a whore, but Kenya is doing the most. Phaedra has her own reasons for calling Kenya that and she is not helping herself from that perspective. Kenya seems to be obsessed with Apollo. Phaedra has tried to distance herself from Kenya, but she keeps turning back up in their relationship. Kenya did not sleep with Apollo, so how is that really helping Kenya, when she finds every opportunity to be in his presence?

  26. kym

    Totally co-sign this statement: “Kenya knows she ain’t having no baby. I am not buying any of this girl talk about pregnancy and child rearing”. Hanging around Apollo is just pissing Phaedra off, and Kenya knows it. Everyone knows she is attracted to Apollo and can’t wait to be “necked” around him either. She has to know that to a man, “ass is ass”. He is arogant and knows when someone is attracted to him and he believes he can ‘hit it” if he ever decides to push on it. Apollo is not mature enough to know he is being used Kenya to annoy his wife. Next week it seems that NeNe is letting NayNay out on vacation. Can’t wait.

    • Katrina

      Kenya insists that that she is having a baby. She said she had some type of fibroid surgery and will start on the progress. I f she gets pregnant, I hope she does not get fat. phaedra is really going to go in, if she comes back next year!

  27. sw

    Apollo is a scumbag the way he just make Phadrea look like a ass and disrespect her she should have left his sorry ass at home.
    Phadrea also talking about slapping Kenya she should be talking to her husband.

  28. myinfo

    I remember seeing a scene in the previews where Phaedra was talking to some woman in a brown hat as they watched Kenya from a distance talking to Apollo. It appeared that she was not far away. Then when the show aired they made it seem like Phaedra came out of no where.

    I think the Producers are pushing this storyline and they are also making Peter ask Porsha about Kordell.

  29. jelley

    I did not find Kenya’s crying scene with the fertility voodoo priests to be believable at all. At. All. That was just obnoxious. No wonder she hasn’t had an acting gig in a while (that I can recall).

  30. JoJo

    This episode was full of odd surprises: Nene turned down to a 1 for the whole episode; Peter as Dear Abby but he wasn’t asked for his opinion; Kenya having an opinion & a strong one about Porsha when it’s none of her damn business and Porsha isn’t in her crosshairs or has she crossed her; Kenya’s half-naked portraits in everyone rooms and parading around in front of all the men half naked; all the women at the ‘shaman’ table about children, and I didn’t see one eye-roll.
    The most interesting part of course, is the Apollo & Kenya conversation. She may have had no business whatsoever in having a ‘private’ convo w/ him w/out Phaedra there, but one thing did come out of it in her favor although she basically neutralized it by all the other shenanigans this episode:
    She got Apollo’s dumbass to admit on camera that NOTHING off-camera ever happened and she didn’t text or say anything about getting with him. Not that she should have been texting him at all, but I give her credit for getting him to say “I’m not saying you did anything, just that I could have pushed it and you probably would have gone for it.” Of course she got her head knocked off by that jab last year :)

  31. cherry

    “Is she sedated” TT I almost fainted when I read that!!!!!
    Listen I,like a lot of ppl, wanted this to be a good trip for the ladies and their men. From the pictures and blog post we have seen, we thought Kandi and Todd had gotten married, so I was all hype abt the vacay. Should have known that there was going to be drama. I feel like Peter knew he and Cynthia’s time was winding down because he has been all in the drama this season like someone holding a peach. He has been in Kandi business off and on, then wanted to argue with Nene abt the charity ball, then on to Porsha abt Kordell, and then back to Kandi and Todd. Let me say this though…….Apollo cannot be this dumb….If you have already been into it with your wife about another woman…..WHY PUT YOURSELF IN A SITUATION FROM THINGS TO GET WORSE. When Kenya wanted to be alone with him he should have either immediately called his wife, made Todd stay, or just went to his own room to get away from the drama. I mean dude you do realize this was being filmed right?!?!?!?! There are so many words that I want to say and I don’t want to fill up the entire comment section….but geez Apollo!

  32. CharlieC

    I really lost respect for her Kenya with the way she treated Porsha last week and had she been my best friend who did that to someone I woulda cussed da dog shit outta her. That was just plain mean. However, when it comes to the other ladies, I do realize that Phaedra doesn’t want to be involved in any of Kenya’s activities… almost like a silent protest to get her off the show (which is understandable). Kandi of course will ride for her friend Phaedra and Nene is just a jealous bitch who I clearly remember saying in an episode last season, that this season would be her last on the show. Porsha has an absolute dislike for Kenya who continuously belittles her (which i totally get). But hell if I were Kenya, I’d do the same damn thing. I just cant stand stupid people. It’s like I’m struggling trying to get an education and you’re content being stupid, but pulling rich guys… which at the end of the day comes back to haunt them cuz they get divorced and they get nothing even to the point where they have a deficit cuz they now have to pay the debts they incurred while married to a rich man. Kenya is the type to suck up all he room in the air and try to make everything all about her, so naturally the women wont like her, even if they were all as secure they come, (which they’re not) they still wont like her for acting like that. Needless to say Apollo lying to Phaedra and Phaedra repeating those lies as if SHE was convinced that those lies are truths really hurt Kenya’s reputation when it comes to being trusted around someone else’s man. Kenya didn’t help herself any with her behavior in Anguilla. Its obvious that her extremely flirtatious ways are a hindrance to her being able to make female friends. Basically Kenya needs to get a man so she can calm her ass down. She needs to stop putting all the blame on Apollo alone because had she not acted a fool in Anguilla, her wouldn’t have been able to drag her name through the mud in that regard. But she should hold her head up and use this as a learning experience. Never have any sort of physical contact with another woman’s husband for any reason, Period! Especially if the woman looks like Phaedra and you look like Kenya!

  33. Tamara, Kenya stated in her blog (which you may or may not believe), everyone was invited to the lounge, the ladies arrived late as usual :).

  34. cherry

    Thanks Jojo, I knew I was rambling so I wasnt sure. :)

    • JoJo

      cherry, there’s a bug in this comment thread, TT’s comment keeps going to the bottom – of course except for your apology & my response to you. Aren’t we lucky lol :)

  35. Cassie

    I was wondering if anyone was thinking that Kordell pulled a Kelsey Grammer on Porsha. You know Kelsey said he was giving Camille a present being on TV and then left her. You think Kordell had Porsha join the show so that she would have some source of income and not need his money for alimony always intending on divorcing her. She had to have had the worse lawyers it is as if they did not look out for her she should have gotten a house even if it was only worth $250,000 and 6 months worth of alimony. It was alleged that the judges favored celebrities in Atlanta. I don’t know if that is true but this case does not seem right. I’ve said it before know
    one seems to have sympathy for Porsha. It doesn’t matter that she is not very bright I just think they should take the big sister role. To keep bringing up the possibility of Kordell being gay on a recently divorced woman who may be still morning the loss of her marriage and dreams is just plan wrong.

    • JoJo

      Regarding the cast of RHOA taking a ‘big sister’ role, I’m not sure if some, even Nene, haven’t. The only woman who got up all in her business in front of everyone was Kenya. And Peter was the other woman that got in her business. I don’t think Porsha’s done anything to either of these 2 to even bring this up. Maybe everyone has their opinion about her marriage and now divorce. But the only 2 that have absolutely no reason whatsoever to attack her about the nature of the marriage, are the 2 that did.
      And I’m no big fan of Porsha. She is more than a little ditzy. But I thought that dinner scene was out of line. Kenya would have had her teeth knocked out by Kandi or Nene for e.g., if she made a comment like that questioning any of their marriages, divorces, or engagements.
      Maybe the reason Porsha didn’t fare so well in the divorce, is that she couldn’t afford or was too ditzy to get an attorney that could look out for her better?

    • lori

      I totally agree with this. He wanted her to have income so he wouldn’t have to give her diddly squat. I think she must have had some TERRIBLE lawyers too. This did not work out well for her. Especially if she isn’t asked back next season!

  36. WellNow

    Well, as I’ve stated before, Phaedra can only target Kenya with her aggression, because Apollo looks like he would not hesitate to get physical. Anytime your husband blatantly stating he drops like thousands at a strip club, and your face looks regular! He’s definitely been off the leash for quite some time! welp…. Kenya you’ve proved your point, Phaedra is clearly not a worthy opponent. She seems to be in an abusive marriage. Apollo is probably paying her back for all the times she made him feel smaller than. Kenya just save your energy for Mrs. NeNe. She will be back when her stint from DWTS is done! Porsha stick a fork in it . Your lawyer was trying to get you to settle in the beginning. You were not married that long boo boo. Todd really, I would wait a little longer until your sure, cause Kandi is dead set on her mama staying! Messy or not… cause married don’t always mean stay married!… and furthermore, I can’t stand Kandi alway going in on Kenya when her momma a hot ghetto mess! and act all kinds of unruly… check your camp first!!

  37. ak

    Kenya is a MAJOR attention seeker who openly said that she is the shadiest of the girls. She needs to go find her mother and work on a relationship with her, and a maybe she might feel better about herself. She should start taking care of her feet!!!

  38. Paedra has got to be going out of her mind….with a dozen camera’s rolling, surrounded by people constantly, this mindless idiot is still tramping after her man, who clearly without a doubt has crept in the past, will creep in the future and wants to hit up on Kenya so bad he can taste it, clearly this woman is losing it. She keeps hating on Kenya and never seems to check her own damned man. If you gotta stress man in front of camera’s, God only knows what the heck she does when the camera’s ain’t rolling…Uh, I think Mr. A is ready for a change, Paedra.

    • Katrina

      Phaedra knows the truth. Who is Kenya trying to convince? Kenya says she is trying to vindicate herself. I don’t know how she thinks this incident is supposed to make her look innocent. To me, it makes her look worse. She should have just ignored Apollo. She keeps showing up like a lost penny. Phaedra is not going to change her mind about Kenya, anytime soon, if ever. Apollo accomplished what he set out to accomplish. Apollo is not Walter.

  39. I loathe segregated events. If the women need alone time leave the men in Atl. When the women got to one room and the men to another, you will ALWAYS find me in the men’s room. Heh. But that only happens with relatives and acquaintances. My real friends are not the segregating kind.

    Why isn’t anyone ever upset when nene goes to talk to Peter? Oh right. Because she’s an unsexy heifer.

    I thought it was hysterical how drunk those men were. Peter goes full islander accent when he’s drunk. Todd..honestly just seems like a super good guy. I can’t find fault with him. Maybe he’s a great actor.

    Phaedra seems totally sloshed when she showed up. Slurring and guttural voiced like an old truck driver. Add that horrible mammy hat she was wearing and she seemed about 80. She gets mush mouthed like she left her dentures at home sometimes.

    As for beating up POOR POOR porsha, she sure does deserve it. She’s like Camille. She had a lot to say about Kenya not having a man etc last season. Now that her bottom fell out, it’s clear she should have been worrying about her own homestead more and peering over Kenya’s fence less.

    • Katrina

      I think Kenya set up those segregated events! Women think Nene is ugly and no threat. Although, when Peter first arrived on RHOA and Nene was separated, they did make similar remarks about her and Peter. They think that Peter has a very pretty wife and he would never do something with Nene. I don’t know why women don’t see married women as a threat?

  40. beth

    I think the whole “Apollo + Kenya” storyline is an invention by Bravo.

  41. Gwen

    I feel Kenya probably should have said what she had to say in front of the “other guys”, but,,Phaedra,should “Stop cutting Kenya, down”,,and start putting some of that “Bitter Energy”,,into Apollo as well, they were “Both” wrong., If she wants to “Name Call” she should also include Apollo.

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