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On tonight’s season finale of Blood, Sweat & Heels, Mica is trying to get back into the normal flow of her working life after the passing of her father.  I am still not sure which of these women was cast without a job. The rumor is that one of them was and Bravo had to invent a job for them.  I still lean toward that being Melyssa, but I swear it could be Daisy or Geneva or even Mica really.  The only one we know for sure was working is Demetria. Any of the rest of them could be just playing a role. Does Brie even claim to have a real job?

Mica is doing a fashion shoot to update some of her girls portfolios. There are many odd things about this. First of all, the modeling agency doesn’t do the models portfolios. The models maintain their portfolios and keep them current. The other weird thing is, Mica said “it’s swimsuit season.”  Um, nope, it’s summer. While that is the season one wears a swimsuit, it is not the season when swimsuit photos are taken. If for some bizarre reason Mica wanted to update her girls portfolio for swimsuit season, that should have happened in January.  I just went to look at her business website and in order to see her “models” you have to have a password.  Really? This whole scene is weird to me. Later, she looks at some of the pictures on her laptop and says she needs to send them out to clients. Makes no sense to me. Your mileage may vary.

blood sweat heels cast

Demetria has invited all of the girls out to dinner on a yacht. I have not heard of anyone of the cast drowning. Frankly, that lack of news surprises me.  But first, Demetria has to do a book cover shoot for her new book, Don’t Waste Your Pretty. I’m surprised that D is a little self-conscious about having her picture made.  I can’t STAND having my picture taken. I just didn’t expect Demetria to be that way. She seems so confident.

Brie had a spin class for poverty. Or something. I found the whole thing sort of annoying. I started out liking Brie, but ended up finding her odd valley girlish speech pattern more annoying than Daisy. I think I could almost like Daisy if she could take it down just a smidge. Geneva is still saying she is not taking no three-hour tour with Mica. I don’t blame her.  I have a feeling her contract demands that she go anyway.

Melyssa and her mother and aunt are adorable. Oh wait. The mother is about to go into lecture mode.

Blood Sweat and Tears

As it was in the beginning…so shall it end.

Bless her heart Daisy is making little gift boxes for everyone. She adds some soap to Geneva’s so she can wash away her impurities.  Melyssa is still clueless to what really went down in Sag Harbor.  She and Mica both think team sanity needs to apologize to Mica.  Chile, please.  Mica’s boyfriend is too good for her.

The boat ride down (up?) the Hudson looks fun. I’ve never done that.  When I go to NYC I am in Chinatown and Little Italy all day every day and at a Broadway show every single night. I know I should do other things, but I just can’t. It’s like ordering your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant every single time.  It looks like they actually dropped anchor in front of the Statue of Liberty.  I must have actually seen the Statue of Liberty in person, right?  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I have.  When I taught second grade I had classroom benefactor from NYC who is like for real rich. My kids all thought he lived in the Statue of Liberty.  This made for some hysterical thank you notes.  Sorry. Killing time. I am actually all caught up to real time on the show.

It’s time to eat on board and the boat is definitely moving.  See? Even Demetria is coming around to Daisy. Demetria gets the ball rolling with her issues with Mica. Mica said that no one seemed to care about the reasons behind her outburst. I can give her that point, I expected Demetria to do the same given that time has passed and cooler heads are supposed to be prevailing but D managed to call her loud and obnoxious. Yes, Demetria, she is loud and extremely obnoxious and quite extra, but girl, you could have given her a tiny bit of slack there. But since she didn’t Geneva felt comfortable getting on the Mica is wrong (which she is, don’t get me wrong) bus. Mica wanted the girls to acknowledge her pain. They would not. They wanted Mica to at least admit her behavior was disturbing, disrespectful and downright wrong. Neither side wants to give an inch here.

Brie who claims to have actually known Mica prior to filming, says her behavior in The Hamptons was beyond and calls her a sloppy drunk. Mica immediate looks to her team for support and gets none. And they really can’t say anything, the two girls are her side were not there. They don’t really have a full grasp of what happened. Mica, in her talking heads now seems mad at her own team members who have tried to support her indefensible behavior. Mica is in denial about having a drinking problem this is going nowhere good, super fast.

Finally, Daisy speaks up about someone saying Mica is an alcoholic. Geneva shuts Daisy down with a quickness. Demetria tries to rein everyone in. Mica walks off.  Not off the boat, but away from the table. Mica says she is being bullied. OMG. Here we go with that again. I don’t think she is realizes that when she acts the way she does people respond to her behavior.  Melyssa and Daisy go to comfort Mica and she makes them feel bad for not sticking up for her more than they did. She wants off the boat.

The boat is anchored for a fireworks show.  Daisy hugs Mica and the girls watch the fireworks show. Melyssa apologizes to Mica for making her feel alone. Daisy is kind of funny. As Demetria said, “No one went overboard.”  So that’s a good thing.

I really liked this season. I like that they made an effort to act like grown women. And the DVR shuts off so I have no idea if they showed reunion previews or not. Did they?

I will definitely tune in for a season two of this show. Great job ladies.


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36 responses to “Blood, Sweat and Heels Finale Recap

  1. Tracie

    I will tune in for season 2 as well. At the end, they showed a preview of next week’s 90 minute reunion show. It looks interesting.

  2. Xanadude

    I’ll be honest — I hadn’t watched this until recently, based on the previews and Atlanta setting. Based on the recaps here I gave it a try during one of the marathons and grew to like it. Unlike the other shows, it generally stayed away from the minstrel show atmosphere other Bravo shows have embraced (and I don’t just mean Housewives, but include Fashion Queens, Shaws, and the excreble Long Island Princesses). I’ll be back for a second season.

  3. Miney

    I really don’t like Demetria but because she reminds me of my aunt who thinks she knows everything and lacks empathy (mind you she has been in several relationships but no husband). I believe mica is a drunk but like most addicts they might not be ready to acknowledge it. I would know because I suffered from an addiction in my teens (26 now) and when my friends tried to have an intervention I wanted no part in it and felt that I was fine. Idk maybe I am the only one who feels this way but ah well. Oh Geneva’s eye makeup is too much lol she should watch some youtube How to videos

  4. Karen W

    I like Demetria but I think she should had a little more empathy for Mica. Geneva is a little much. I’m in for season 2.

  5. Brewhaha

    Melyssa is the one who had no job. In an interview, she basically confirmed this. She also said her last boyfriend/sponsor, Flo Rida, cut her off financially, tho they had already broken up so she needed to find a way to support herself. I appreciate her honesty. I can take or leave this show. But, I believe the ratings were good so it will be renewed.

  6. Bravogirl24/7

    Love this show. Reminds me of me. I did the Hudson boat ride when I first moved to NYC, it actually goes on the East river as well, it circles Manhattan Not only is it fun you learn a lot of history about New York.

  7. BravoFan

    I was hoping that the mean girls would take this last opportunity to show an ounce of decency and empathy towards Micah. They showed more deference towards “The Hamptons” than Micah’s suffering. Was Micah out of control? Yes but AFTER she was egged on and antagonized by Demetria and Geneva. They talk about Micah but they were running around yelling and laughing like idiots! Daisy and Melyssa could’ve done more to defend Micah but at least they felt bad about it.

    I’ll definitely watch a season 2 but could do without the mean girls. Micah isn’t perfect but she has depth and showed real things happening to her. Demetria, Geneva, and Brie act like their privileged little lives are perfect which is annoying. Daisy really grew on me because she seems genuinely sweet. Melyssa is also surprisingly likeable and authentic.

  8. AMTraveler

    I suspect that Melyssa is the one who didn’t have a job but who they pulled strings to get on the show anyway. Melyssa does have at least a bit of notoriety and the promise of potential for celebrity friends. With that said, I do NOT think that Mica’s operation is even remotely legit. I just don’t believe that she was perceived to be such an asset to the show that they tried to get her set up with something just to have her on. Even the models/photogs on the show last night seemed to be tripping over what to say to Mica – “Oh it’s so great to have you finally back… although its only been a few weeks…”. I think she is a model who has model connections and model friends and very easily convinced a few girls to come on the show for some free air time and publicity.
    I was a little bit disappointed in the finale. It seemed anticlimactic – and not because I wanted an altercation or any other foolishness of the sort but just… bland. With that said I really LIKE this show and will absolutely be back for next season. And… let’s make Demetria’s fiance’s cousin a full time cast member, please Andy?

  9. Xanadude

    See how interested in was one the show based on previews? Couldn’t even get the setting right! :)

  10. Josh

    I’d think it was Geneva that didn’t have a job. The Uptown party was simply a way to get the mag’s name out there and what better excuse than to hire an unknown and call her freelance and have camera crews all over the place. BTW I was at this “party”, I didn’t see any of Melissa or Mica’s behavior. AND the party was marketed as Melissa’s party. Not the unknown Geneva.

    I’m team Mica all the way and absolutely think the other ladies exhibit characterstics of jealousy. Mica’s tall, skinny, pretty, and a former model. Who doesn’t love this combo?

    • AMTraveler

      You can find articles credited to Geneva as far back as 2011, including in the Huffington Post and Clutch magazine. Maybe she is not as successful of a blogger/social media expert as Demetria, but it’s a lot easier to find evidence of her doing things before the show than Mica.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Who doesn’t love this combo? Me
      Tall and skinny is not an attractive look IMO. Curvaceous, slender, toned arms and stomach with a slim waist, generous boobs and a good butt is a much nicer combo. These characteristics describe me and most of the women plus a few in laws in my family! Actually, IMO none of the women on BSH have an admirable shape.

      Reasons to be jealous of Mica? None. Apart from her beautiful home and career “success”. She tolerates an unfaithful boyfriend, is alcohol dependent and has a deluded, entitled attitude. No thanks.

  11. kym

    I like the show and hope it comes back next season. I did want them to acknowledge Mica’s pain about her father, AND, I wanted Mica to at least tell her crew how she behaved in the Hamptons. Can’t wait for the reunion since they all would have seen the footage by now.

  12. RVA

    I love Demetria, but I just don’t understand why they all seem bent on dismissing that she might have needed a friend or a kind word after hearing that she lost her father.
    I can’t stand Mica but I had a little bit of sympathy for her.

    • Yamoah Asiedu


      I kinda sympathise with Mica too because losing a father is very hard. But, here’s the thing when Mica arrived at the Hamptons, her father was dying not dead. I don’t mean to be crude. Mica acted like a total fool at Brie’s house. She was drunk on arrival. She needs to consider this.

      She embarrassed Geneva in front of her boss at a work event and generally did not do well at social events. This would be intensely irritating for me and I would probably cut her off/stop attending with /inviting her to events.

      I understand Demetria. She needed to express those words. I actually like her method. She was polite, direct and specific. That said, Geneva and Brie should not have joined in as an add on. If they had brought their issues as SEPARATE ISSUES FOR MICA to address, Mica might not have felt bullied. She wasn’t bullied.

      One thing I cannot stand on these reality shows is the way women expect other women to “stand up for them.” These are the same women who on other occasions will have mentioned how ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ they are. If this is true, why not just stand up for yourself? Speak your truth, be that strong individual and explain, defend or whatever you need to do.

      If it is ‘three against one,’ I can see how this is ‘not fair.’ But, one woman hashing our HER issues with ANOTHER WOMAN is OK by me, even with an audience of “friends”.

      Does anyone agree?

      Rant over. Thanks for listening. I’m here all week! Thanks TT hope that’s OK.

      • I totally agree. As Iyanla says, “own your truth”, why do grown women need another woman to help them make THEIR point? Mica is in denial, insecure and never had a strong relationship with her father…that is the root of her issues. Own it Mica. Having empathy is one thing. Feeling sorry for a drunk who pulls her dress up at a friend’s work venue is…..

  13. WellNow

    The show is all right, as if we don’t have enough reality shows about the social ills of women by groups…I guess the point is to see them work out their differences or just plain tear each other down (ratings)… Not feeling the Prouds at all, esp. Demetria with her “has always had my daddy’s credit card”… I smell false confidence… Ms. Geneva is completely torn from Mica’s Wesley Snipe comment… no sympathy there…ever! Mica is real life, but should probably be in some ongoing therapy… the stuff with her dad will always leave her off kilter… and the fact that she clearly overcompensates for being a Black woman, and having to defend that by having all Caucasian features… Daisy plz I’m begging you to play your style up more (wig/weave)… you would probably get more dates…Melyssa: more discipline! Brie…use some of your daddy’s money to go find a personality!!

  14. Tamar voice

    Micah is a very fun girl to be around, but she is an alcoholic, lol. That’s all to it. Geneva does not do a very good job of holding Detroit down, as most Detroit reality stars are “about that life” when it comes down to it (Deelishis, Kenya Moore, Toya from Married to Medicine, etc.); Geneva always ends up talkilng a good game and never backs it up. Oh well. Demetria is way to serious all the time and needs to let her guard down. And although Daisy is a little out there, she has proven to be the most authentic and genuine in the group. I’ll definitely watch Season 2.

  15. sw

    Daisy looked a hot mess and she suppose to be fashion adviser or something. She looked like a box of crayons. Wrong colors who told her tangerine and pink go together. That pink dress was wrapped like a straight jacket lol

  16. karen

    I don’t like Demetria at all. I can’t understand how Brie can be upset with Mica and the other two girls were running all around her house trying to cause trouble. I think Demetria and Geneva both have self esteem issues and the only reason they are cool with Bries is because she comes from in her words “old money” seriously Mica, Melissa and Daisy are way more down to Earth! I clearly doubt if Demetria was given her fathers credit card…we all know people who love to proclaim the were spoiled but really weren’t. Demetria making that statement clearly shows that she want’s to be in the same league as Brie’s family. And if I here the term old money one more time I’m going to scream, old or new it all spends the same. I love Mica but stop being a victim turn Demetria own to Jenny Craig and some new weave and she’ll sit down. I have to admit the comparison she made between Geneva and Snipes was epic…right on point but I have to ask Mica what did Wesley ever do to you to make you offend him so badly? (LOL) Love this show

  17. kb

    I liked the idea of the show and I am glad they didn’t allow themselves to look like fools like some of the these other shows. I did have empathy for Mica, and I believe that she did own up to her antics in the Hamptons when she was on the boat ride. She was trying to let them know that “yes” I was out of my mind, but there was a reason for it. She was losing her father during the process until he eventually died. Not everyone deals with the death of a parent in such a dignified way, because they are not in their right mind. I think that is what some of the other ladies failed to realize, and even if she is an alcoholic, isn’t there a nicer way to convey that to someone you are supposedly friends with? (Brie). Of course she is going to be in denial, but a true friend would be just that, a true friend, and not berate someone for an imperfection they are unable to control at that moment in time. Wow…I could not have friends like that. I liked Melyssa, and Daisy grew on me. Demetria was a little cold, but I think even she acknowledged that on the finale. She gets points for that. Geneva….I’m sorry, but I am not a fan. I don’t think she looks like Wesley Snipes at all. More like Garfield the cat.

  18. Renee

    I like Daisy’s watch what brand is it?

  19. sarcasatire

    A lil info on modeling and portfolio updates: The agency does, in fact, arrange photoshoots for the model’s portfolios, if they are signed models. However, I never heard of an agency paying a photographer to shoot a particular model unless they plan on billing the model for it later. What usually happens, is photographers like myself, who have shoots planned, contact agencies and they give us a packet (a list of girls) who need portfolio updating, and we choose which girl we want to shoot. After the shoot, we give the images to the agency and the girls use them in their book and photogs use them in theirs. And it happens at no cost to the agency or the model. Depending on the type of shoot, I would imagine the photographer may incur some costs, but never to pay the’s all an even exchange, mutual beneficial arrangement. But it all goes through the agency because they only send their models to photographers whose work they know is good enough so nobody’s time is wasted.

    With that said, unless that photographer was shooting for free, I’m not sure what Mica was doing, “directing” the photo shoot. That never happens. Looks like this was purely for TV.

    • LOL so you work for free? Something tells me you don’t work with many models. But thanks for the correction. No really. It was funny.

      On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 9:27 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sarcasatire

        Actually, I wasn’t correcting you. I was agreeing with you that the shoot with Mica looked set up for TV. Easy on the defensiveness. And, no, I don’t work for free. But when I do a test shoot…which is a shoot or a series to update my portfolio, I use agency models without paying them. It’s industry protocol. The agency doesn’t “hire” photographers the way Mica is making it seem. And, yes, I live in NYC and have worked with several agencies, but have not heard of hers. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but I’m not sure it’s as prominent as she makes it seem, especially if she’s hanging around directing test shoots. Most agents are too busy for that.

  20. DaisyLee

    Mica didn’t speak to her father for a long long time..she wasn’t even going to go to the hospital to see him except people told her she should, so blaming her OUTRAGEOUS drunken behavior (even stopping to buy a bottle of wine for a car ride) on her Dad passing away isn’t enough in my book. The chick was wrong and drinks way too much. You don’t have to drink daily to be an alcoholic….when you lose control every time there is booze around…you have a problem. I liked this show and will definitely watch another season.

    • sarcasatire

      Mica might be a sloppy drunk, but she’sa happy drunk. She’s loud, but she’s out for a good time, not a Negative Nancy, nor angry and aggressive. When she showed up, she was smiling and her cheery self. Sure, she needed to quiet down, but the ladies were so cold to her and ready to pounce. The first thing Brie said was, “Act like you have an once of class!” Is that how you talk to your friend? You can say, “We need to keep it down, my parents are entertaining.” Even though that was explained after, the first comment was hostile and they kept coming, until Mica went from “Hey, girl, hey!” to bawling after being taunted by Geneva. So, yes, a series of unfortunate events, but Mica didn’t come there ready to fight, i think she wanted to forget and have a good time, but the laid were too busy putting on airs while Brie scolded anyone who touched the furniture.

      Truth be told, I’m surprised the ladies made it into the kitchen…it seemed clear they were meant to stay in the backyard only. I don’t even think they were invited there as overnight guests! Brie wanted to show of her parents house, but like a teenager, was only allowed to play with her friends in the backyard. lol

  21. acaringnurse

    Demetria and Geneva are MEAN GIRLS…… Brie is a bonified ding-a-ling! They should not judge anyone!

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