Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville Confirmed For Celebrity Apprentice!

Kenya Talking Head 2014

As much as I like to rag on TMZ, they recently had a good long stretch of accurate information on the housewives.  That is until they posted that Porsha was dating the son of an evil dictator. That dude has a public girlfriend, Porsha has made a statement that the story is not at all true and yet they continue to leave it up and running and talk about it on their TV show.  So forgive me for being skeptical of what is being said over there this week.

That is why I have been frantically trying to contact my own sources to confirm the story that Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore are both doing Celebrity Apprentice.  I have now had it confirmed by my our Bravo sources and can tell you that they both will indeed be on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice.  It’s no secret that these two can’t stand each other so you know The Donald will have them on the same team as much as possible.

Clearly, I am going to be Team Kenya all the way. I think Brandi should be very afraid because her reckless mouth will totally get her fired.  The Donald will be quite fond of the former Miss USA since he owns the pageant.  He may start with a challenge involving copious amounts of alcohol just to get some hilarious footage of Brandi falling down, but I am already picking Kenya to win.

This show can’t premiere fast enough for me!

Oh and this pretty much secures both Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville for another season of housewives.  So you can all start your boycott of RHOBH for next season about now…


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166 responses to “Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville Confirmed For Celebrity Apprentice!

  1. Kenya I also think will do very well. The girl knows how to network and Trump loves the former Miss USA’s.

    Brandi, on the other hand, better watch her mouth. I’ve been watching Apprentice since the start, and Donald has fired people on Apprentice for using vulgar language in the boardroom.

  2. Mollymom

    I also am team Kenya. Brandy is always talking about how many friends she has, lets see when she has to call them to raise money.

  3. wait-you’re picking Kenya to win Celebrity Apprentice or you’re picking her to beat Brandi? And will either of them outlast Miss Linnethia Leakes?

  4. pffffttt

    Donald will let Brandi pass as much as possible until he has to fire her, just because she is good tv.

    I expect Kenya to go far. I actually hope she wins… Nene would go ballastic.

    • puravidacostarica2

      I personally can’t see Kenya for the win. Donald also does not like people who can’t keep their own egos in check. Humility is not Kenya’s strong suit.

      • Friendly wager?

        On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 10:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • puravidacostarica2

        But since I am not picking a winner (only that Kenya won’t win it all), it might not be fair odds. :-)

      • Mia

        Kenya is a master manipulator and a chameleon. She knows how to adapt to all situations and people. I think she might surprise you.

      • Something that may seem interesting as to this aspect… Donald took to Omarosa whom has an over inflated ego. Not to mention, NeNe is no wallflower and he has a fondness for her. I think Kenya is Donald’s kind of business woman.Most find Kenya as vile as they do Donald’s hair piece. My opinion is he finds his women in the boardroom to be of the cutthroat mentality.

  5. lori

    Can’t wait!

  6. Vanessa

    TT I just have to say I’m always a stalker of your blogs, love your commentary on the housewives. I will also be team Kenya on this one, mostly because I dislike Brandi, but I’m kind of liking kenya from rhoa this season. I am thinking that Brandi will play nice with Kenya simply because Kenya is crazy lol. Can’t wait to watch it
    P.s wonder what nene thinks of Kenya coming for her trump checks lol

    • Sarah

      Mrs. Linnethia Leakes must be fuming & for sure she’s saying that Kenya is riding her coattails. Guess it’s just a matter of time before Kenya’s on DWTS — *Ploop* . I hope this announcement doesn’t make Nene fumble her foxtrot. *Ploop Ploop*

  7. JenB

    I will be watching CA for the first time, just to watch Kenya put Brandi in her place. I also think Kate G will take Brandi down town. I like Kenya and I hope she wins. NeNe will pitch a hissy fit if Kenya wins. LOL

    • Brandi can call Lisa Vanderpump for… oh no….well she can call Yolanda and David…um…probably not..Maybe Mohammed? oopsy forgot about the issue with Joanna’s vagina. Maybe she can call Leann Rimes? or pehaps the Richards sisters?

      Okay so fundraising will be a problem.

      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 8:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        All those people might give money just to get their name out there. Yolanda will give.
        Kenya knows how to fake it, Brandi does not.
        Brandi has no class.
        For some reason I still do not believe it.

      • tobaccorhoda

        Or Adrienne Maloof… Oh wait…

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Haha! Who is poor Brandi going to call? Kim? Cedric? Her estate agent? All of the guests on her podcast? This Celebrity Apprentice will be really good. Good tea, TT.

        As for Mrs Lenethia Leakes, she will no longer be able to boast about depositing her Trump cheque. (the ONE modest cheque.)

        Kenya will have one too. Ouch, that’s gonna hurt Nene………
        ………. That’s the sound of Nene eating humble pie

      • LMAO!!!!!!

        (or her drug dealer dad? Oh no, the book, right.)

        Maybe her Gaygent will give her 25 cents, although he couldn’t even hide her tampon string when she was falling down drunk…. (sorry, mean and gross!)

        On that lovely note, perhaps then the lovely people at Procter & Gamble (makers of Tampax!) will support her charity, HA!

      • Victoria

        Well, all those that Brandi CANT call upon will be called upon by Shady Kenya, “Dobating to me will be donating against Brandi.”
        LOL! Brandi has pissed off some very rich people! Who’s Kenya pissed off? Phaedra “frozen assets” Parks, Nene “Not rich” Leakes, and Porsha “no alimony” Williams. Brandi will be hard up to get donations from them.

  8. Sarah

    This will make for great TV. If this happened last year I wouldn’t have rooted for either of them but after seeing Kenya on this season’s RHOA I’m definitely backing her (not necessarily for the win since I don’t know who she’ll be competing against). I heard Brandi recently say on some talk show that there’s only 2 people she’s afraid of — ??? & Kenya Moore — should be interesting indeed. :) .

  9. Angel

    I don’t know who else is on, but it would be nice if Kenya wipes the floor with Brandi. I am just over Brandi in every way, seeing her in her talking head always wearing little girl flowered dress and baby talking bad words gives me brain pain. The cherry on top would be Kenya winning it all and flipping ouy Nene. I do think Kenya is smart but a lot has to do with getting others to support you on the teams. This might be her hardest challenge.

  10. Brandi will be a train wreck waiting to happen. That is all.
    Captain Obvious

  11. samantha

    So disgusted Brandi’s bad behavior is being rewarded and she’s going reach a network audience, smda

  12. brillke

    Please say this is a joke. Pretty please? DAMNITT, I I SAID SAY ITS A JOKE!!!

  13. J

    Very excited for this!

  14. Mollymom

    Well regardless of how well Kenya does, she can always throw in Nenes face that at least she didn’t quit.

    • Yes, this is what pissed me off most about Nene. She obviously went onto Celebrity Apprentice purely for exposure and was not interested at all in earning any money for charity. She was incredibly lazy, put in no effort at all, and then when she got bored, she just quit. Compared to how hard some of the other contestants work on that show and how much they bring in, her behaviour was disgraceful.

      • There is a reason for that. She was not being paid to be on CA. Despite her claiming big TRUMP CHECKS! They get a nice stipend of $16K for hotels, expenses etc. No pay. It’s FOR CHARITY! (and network exposure) not cash.

        On DWTS the contracts are BRUTAL. They get paid $125K just for showing up, but there are many many many details in the contracts. They have to be miked at all rehearsals all the time except when they pee. DWTS choose EVERYTHING, partner, clothes, HAIR, everything. Their every move is recorded way more than on RHOA. There are many ways to lose your check. MANY. You agree not to quit. Which is why Bill Nye the Science Guy did the robot routine to get voted off. If she just ditches… she will not get paid.

        On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 10:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Sarah

        Nene’s currently setting the stage for the next show she publically quits — She’s covering her ass – She doesn’t want anyone to question the sure-to-be released statement — ‘Nene Leakes will no longer be dancing – Due to health concerns she’s unable to continue on the show – Let’s all take a minute & take a look at her time here.’ 😛

        I just watched a clip of an event she recently attended with Tony where she said she was hesitant to sign on to DWTS due to her recent health scare — But “as long as he knows I have a health issue I’ll be fine”. “So far it hasn’t affected me at all” (emphasis on “so far”) & though her dr. cleared her she “has to worry a little about her endurance” (isn’t DWTS all about endurance?). She also said that unlike some of Tony’s previous strong partners, she’s “not strong & mean” she’s “strong, nice, & fun – a pleasure to be around”. “I’m a cool girl to be with — Girls want to be with me”.

        They also appeared together on Access Hollywood where Nene implied that Kendra & Candy are jealous of her – “They don’t want me to be the Queen B, but it is what it is”. She couldn’t keep her hands off Tony & she was batting her eyes so hard I was sure she’d lose her lashes. It was gross watching the host fall over backwards kissing her ass calling her “a queen” “alluring”, etc. I knew Nene was full of herself but had no clue she was so vain – the more complements thrown at her, the more she melted into her seat.

        Be sure to cast your vote for Nene. :)

  15. Vanessa

    Yes I agree, but I think like Teresa from rhonj and nene, the people who are most talked about or most hated usually get the opportunities because they make great TV.

  16. TheHousewives

    I’m happy for Kenya :-)

  17. anthony cheniere

    I’m happy Kenya got this…I here she is about to sign a deal to star in a Tyler Perry film. Nene eat your heart out huntee!!! Lol. Congrats KM.

  18. Shellbelle

    Don’t Kenya and Brandi dislike nene? Maybe they will bond over their mutual dislike.

    • RVA

      Actually Shellbelle, they dislike EACH OTHER.
      Kenya and Brandi can’t stand each other. heh.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Even though they dislike eachother NOW, I predict that, FOR THE SHOW (excuse the caps_ for emphasis, not shouting) they will put their differences aside, bond (or bund as Nene would say) AND become ‘the bigger person’. Kenya and Brandi have both taken a huge amount of flack for their antics on their respective shows this year, they will want to show themselves in the most positive light. CA will be a PR campaign to win over their “haters” too. Kenya is smart. She will avoid doing anything that can even loosely be compared with Nene. She will probably go out of her way to get on with Brandi and everyone on her team from day one, minute one. They both have huge egos and enjoy the spotlight.
        CA will be very interesting this season.
        All we need is guest appearances by Marlo and Lisa V or Kyle…OMG!

      • So do you watch the Real Housewives Franchises on Bravo? Because Kenya has OWNED this season and Brandi got drunk and said racisty shit and got shit faced a lot while trying to take down her best friend.

        On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 12:18 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • pfffttt

        “racisty…” I like that word TamaraTattles! LMAO!!! Kenya recently did an interview and was asked which Housewife she disliked the most, and her answer was Brandi. There were also a lot of rumors that Brandi got drunk at the Bravo up fronts last year and not only started crap with Nene and Cynthia, but attempted to with Kenya as well, and it got very ugly, which is why Brandi said she was scared of Kenya.

      • They certainly were not invited to play nice. Who else is on the show? It would be an interesting twist to have two teams each with people who hate each other, rather than boy/girl. That is beat to death.

  19. myinfo

    I hope it is true?
    Kenya is smart and will do well.
    Brandi is a fool and will fall apart.
    Kenya might not be able to make money. Who is she going to call?

    • It’s true. I’ve confirmed it. Kenya has contacts. I predict she wins the whole damn thing.

      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 9:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • FMSideways, please tell me that Kate Gosselin is not listed to be on CA. I dislike her so much. Feel sorry for her children. And, she’s just so @@@@@@ arrogant. For what? The twins on Today Show was painful to watch. Please, TT, tell me I’m being punked. Love Kenya being on. She has really grown on me and, yes, she is smart!

      • When I have good sources, I have learned to ask the least number of questions possible. I asked my source to confirm one thing that I felt was most important, “Can you confirm Kenya and Brandi are both on Apprentice?” the answer was yes. I said thanks and moved on.

        In general, sources tell you things they want you to know. You don’t want to bother them too much. So I have no idea about anyone other than Kenya and Brandi. That said, TMZ’s sources say we will have Kate Gosselin and Keisha Knight Pullam and they were right about the other two….so…

        On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        I believe you. I just never thought of Kenya on the show. I thought Donald was Nene’s buddy and he would not put her enemy on the show.
        I hope Kenya gets a movie role soon. That will TRUMP Nene.

    • Jae

      Kandi. She’s got money, connections, and is friends with Kenya.

      Don’t all of the housewives know each other to some extent?

      And let’s not forget about Miss Lawrence.

  20. Haha. I worked to turn yo

    • Oops! I worked to turn you on both of them. This show actually takes a brain. I can’t wait for Brandi to show how fucking dumb and dull she is. Nothing but a hollow twat.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Oh how I love the wait and see…I am not a Brandi lover but I would like to see her surprise us all. If I am wrong, you have permission to rub it in my cute sloth face.

    • Oh and Lisa has tweeted that she is team Kenya. It would be awesome if Lisa donated on Kenya’s behalf in the challenges.

      • I didn’t see Lisa say she was Team Kenya, and I just went to look. While I was there I did suggest to Lisa and Joyce that Kenya may need their help this season! lol.

        On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 9:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • You should get that little twit from Miami. The polish one? Get her to get her husband to donate to Kenya too.

      • She’s a brokeass bitch. I think her house is being repossessed or summat. She ain’t nobody and her cootch stinks.

        On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 10:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Oh and TeeCee, you have indeed trying to turn me against Brandi… while she did that all on her own, I must say, you were right!

      • I’m a total moron. That was not Lisa’s real account that said they were team Kenya. It was an impersonator. Or clone as we used to say.

  21. puravidacostarica2

    Uh, TT, what was that again about rooting for the underdog? Oh, yeah, that would be Kenya?

    • Money. Mouf. Biatch, Money, Mouf.

      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 10:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Okay, here is the bet. I put a hundred on Kenya, you put a hundred on Brandi. Whoever goes further (farther?) in the game wins. PLUS if either Kenya or Brandi win loser pays double.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Nah, that’s no fun! How about I send you a basket of neat stuff from my City if Kenya makes it farther than Brandi and you send me a basket of neat stuff from Atlanta if Brandi makes it farther than Kenya. No more than $100 worth but no less than $50. If Kenya wins it all, Instead of a basket I pay for you to stay 2 nights at your favorite f**k hotel next time you are out here. Hmmm?

      • I have been promising new teachers and young nuns I will send them all sorts of shit for decades. IT NEVER HAPPENS.

        I get it. Too rich for your blood. No faith in your pony. It’s okay to just wuss out like a little pussy girl…

        On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 12:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Wait…. I just reread. Two nights in the best room at my favorite fuck hotel in your city if Kenya wins? And why do I even worry about having to send you anything. My girl is gonna win. I am IN!

        On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 12:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Note to the rest of you, don’t judge. We all have favorite fuck hotels.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Where did I say “best room”? :-)

      • I added that part. You know I don’t like to leave wherever home is… I want to fish out of the window. Please and thank you. I assume you will also picking up the hefty bar tab because schlepping up the massive mountains of the town making carting home 12 packs very difficult. :)

        On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 12:41 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Holy crap! I was just on their site to admire the sweet suite you will be paying for and… HAVE YOU SEEN THE RATES LATELY? It’s like 400 for a parkinglot view standard room! I stayed there for 11 days right on the water. I know it could not have been that much. WTF did they have a renovation or something?

  22. I don’t do boycotts, I do get bored with these ladies. Hate their constant bickering. I might watch because of Brandi, Lordy I want that woman to pull it together. Loose lip Brandi has to learn to shut her mouth.

  23. Oh yes, Donald doesn’t drink. Fired Chloe K. because she needed time off for a DUI meeting.

  24. Ashley

    When will it air?

  25. pdt090

    I was about to comment on how awfully Brandi will do, but if Teresa made it to the top 5 I guess anything is possible.

  26. I like Celebrity Apprentice. I just don’t see drinking, tweeting, dating, bringing in the big bucks. Maybe I’ll be surprised. I just hope I don’t have to listen to Brandi’s little girl voice and tears. Don’t know who else will be on, but of the two, my vote is for Kenya.

  27. I never liked Nene and could not understand what others found attractive in her. That doesn’t have me liking or disliking Kenya. I can’t stand how they focus in each other.
    The more Brandi falls apart, the more I feel bad for her. Hey, not saying I’m rooting for her to win. I can’t stand any female that repeats a secret. That’s Brandi. I also see a women melting down, sincerely worries me.

    • You feel bad for Brandi? Hmmm, I’m really not in touch with that emotion.

    • Sarah

      Brandi appears very immature & maybe you feel bad for her because she’s so gullible & manipulatable & that Yolanda picking up on this has been spoon feeding her stories. Brandi’s sudden hatred of Lisa makes no sense & her reasons for the attacks are ridiculous but with each argument there’s good old Yolanda, right beside her, encouraging her to speak “her mind”. Brandi actually looks foolish but because Yolanda’s egging her on, she goes for it – ‘You made me talk to Sheena / You insulted me when you said you needed a passport to get to my house / Who would you save in a fire, me or Sheena / You used me as a pawn / Put words in my head / Put words in my mouth / etc. etc.

      Sad thing is it was probably Yolanda that told Brandi she was being Lisa’s puppet & it’s just a matter of time before we hear Brandi saying “Yolanda is the smartest woman I know / She put thoughts in my head / She made me say things I didn’t want to say — I was her puppet”.

  28. calipatti: you can feel bad for Brandi if you want (I won’t hold it against you)! I choose not to because I think she knows exactly what she is doing, and she could choose a different path if she wanted.

  29. Barbara R.

    Kenya and Omarosa are good friends so she may copy her sabotage tactics.

    • Kenya is smarter than Omarosa. Omarosa is smart but she chose to play the saboteur role. That was a huge mistake. Kenya wants to keep working in the business. Despite what Nene says, Kenya has way more acting credits than Nene. Kenya will play this smart and not be the ANGRY BLACK WOMAN that The Donald probably wants her to be.

      On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 11:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. Angel

    I think Kenya needs to be strategic with choice of charity. People will not give to just anything. Do not pick some obscure guy passing the hat for girls in Atlanta again. A big check from Tyler Perry would be a coup.

  31. Cassie

    Brandi nor Kenya will win Celebrity Apprentice. With Donald it is about who
    raises the most money. Brandi messed everything up with Lisa she would have been a great ally. I don’t believe that Kenya has enough contacts to get
    the dough that is needed. She seems to be a person that may work hard but that is not enough for celebrity apprentice. Donald just had Nene on to stir the pot and make a lot of trouble for ratings. She didn’t have the contacts; you know that was before the rich bitch days. She quit because she knew there was no way for her to have rich donors who was willing to part with their money. He just let Arsenio win but clearly Clay won. That is only my opinion because I did watch the show.

    • Sarah

      I’m curious if the show will be somehow tweaked especially after now hearing that Kate Gosselin maybe joining them. If true, between Kate, Brandi, & Kenya I’d say Kenya has the most potential to raise funds but none of them could come close to the bigger names. They all have a pretty big disadvantage from the get go.

    • myinfo

      I agree Clay should have won.

  32. HWfan

    Lea Black has money – Kenya needs to cultivate that connection!

  33. pfffttt

    Off topic, I watched Kenya in “Trois” and she did a very good job. She played a shy/demure abused woman, that marries an up and coming lawyer… their sex life becomes mundane, so he pressures her into having a Ménage à trois, and the lady they chose may or may not have gone nutzo on them. LOL… cheesy movie, but she played the role well.

  34. Katrina

    When do you thonk they will start taping? It probably won’t air until November or first of next year.

  35. pfffttt

    Celebrity Apprentice usually airs in the Summer. It doesn’t take as long to film as the Housewives.

    • Bella

      Celebrity Apprentice normally airs at the beginning of the year not the summer. This is actually the latest it has ever filmed.

  36. Katrina

    From the list of contestants, it is mostly made up of “reality stars.” Maybe this will be a reality version of Celebrity Apprentice.

  37. Bella

    Team Kenya! Hope Lisa supports Kenya when the donations are needed! I hope Brandi fails like the miserable person she is.

  38. Michelle

    Do I think Kenya will do well….maybe it depends on the rest of the cast. The fact that there are two real housewives speaks volumes of the caliber of people who will be on the show though. I think Kenya is smarter than Brandi as far as business goes, but I think Kenya will have problems raising money unless everyone else on the show doesn’t have any big financial connections as well. I would put money on her NOT winning. On a side note I notice how some couldn’t resist saying negative comments about Nene with a post about Kenya…….just interesting. That’s all.

    • anthony cheniere

      Your more than welcome to frequent sites that seem to think NENE can do no harm…SFTA. At least TT is objective, she will tell the truth when its needed weather Kenya is in the right or rather she is wrong. If people are bashing NENE it is because she need to be bashed. She targeted Sheree and caused her to loose her job (which I’m sure affected Sheree poor kids), She apologizes to no one because she thinks she is right all the time, She blames Kenya for everything, while Kenya and Marlo has repeatedly tried to be friendly with her! She thought she was the only one who could secure an outside deal for free publicity in the form of Donald Trump? Imagine her moose face being surprised as Kenya is now a part of the Celebrity Apprentice Cast, the point is tho she shouldn’t be surprised! The ego and attitude this women Nene has truly made her believe that she is a bigger star then Kenya…LMAO! Kenya has already indirectly worked with Trump through the pageants, she has starred in many INDY films, has done commercials, tv programs etc…while Miss Moose on the Loose does a couple scripted tv shows and now she somehow believe she is Halle Barry…i am literally sick of Nene Leaks!

      • Michelle

        Interesting that you assume I’m team nene. Not really team anyone just making an observation. I’m just questing how well a Kenya will do. But if she is telling the truth her “African prince” can bankroll her or is he an oil tycoon as she stated last year, but I digress. The fact that you decided to write a bio on why you dislike nene is telling. Also TT is not objective and she doesn’t have to be because it’s a blog and she can have whatever opinion she wishes. I just find it funny that all roads lead to Nene when discussing RHOA. On another note I saw Kate Gosselin may be on as well. Seems Trump is casting for drama. I do like that Kesha knight pullam and Ian Zerling may be on. Hopefully Kesha can call her Hollywood contacts, including Bill Cosby. I will be watching, along with DWTS. I love some Makim. It should be interesting.

    • myinfo

      Why is it interesting?
      They are on the same show and do not like each other. The now they will both be on CA.

  39. Victoria

    Nene is nay-nay-ing somewhere. You know she’s better than everyone because she cashed those TRUMP CHECKS! Now, Kenya’s doing it. Oh lord, this will be Bootleg Booty Videos all over again.

  40. Oh come on. Kenya all the way! AND, you guys are forgetting about her biggest source of cash for the charity – her African Sugar-Daddy!

    In fact, I think I just got an email from him – he needs my help to get his millions out of the country – once I help him, it should be an easy ride for Kenya!

    • LM~EFFIN~AO….. Did the email state if you were to send him 10,000 US dollars he could release one million to Kenya and reimburse you 100,000 for your trouble?

      Kenya’s African Sugar Daddy Prince (all in INVISIBLE ink, of course)

      Did we not learn anything from the “Rent a Fiance” in the previous season?

      Neither of these women have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this show. I believe they are there to deflect and laugh at. Do you think Donald is making a profound statement about these shows and what Americans are filling their minds with during their leisure time? <~Legit question….

      • Barbara R.

        Of course the Donald is not making any kind of ‘profound statement’. He is the biggest fame-whore of them all!

      • @Barbara— You’re right… I barely got that thought typed out before becoming overwhelmed with laughter!

      • Barbara R.

        I feel better now.

      • sammiejane, how did you know what my email from the African Prince said?? Did you hack into my email???? I better get him my account number soon before anyone else does.

      • Is Kenya our new sister wife? Jesus, I am going to need a therapist and lots of medication or is it lots of therapy and some medication? Either way, LAWD we need help! BTW Emma I just choked on my wine! Ha!

      • If worse comes to worse I will just say… They never found my first husband’s body…. just throwing that out there! :)

  41. I just hope these two can manage to come up with a legitimate charity to play for. kh

  42. So, here’s a conspiracy theory:

    Could it be that Brandi knew CA was considering her and that’s why she acted as the villain/bitch towards Lisa?? Perhaps why she staged the “take-down”? She thought that type of behavior would entice the producers at CA – lots of drama and scheming? I know I’m reaching here, but remember the “I just checkmated you, Bitch!” remark that we saw on the promos but never aired? Lisa even mentioned that comment in her last blog. Seems that Brandi thought she really had a knock-out punch there, perhaps it was all a scheme to get on CA? Talk about burning your only working bridge to civilization. Then she could go on the reunion, cry and blubber and get both Ken and Lisa’s (and viewers’) sympathy – the reunion previews show a very pathetic sobbing Brandi trying to repair said bridge….

    Of course, she must have had help because as stupid as the scheme was (and the fact that it doesn’t seem to have worked on viewers), it does seem a bit over her IQ . Maybe she had lemon queen YoYo help her with the strategy and in return Brandi gave up that bit about Joanna’s um, aroma? As long as I’m on the conspiracy train of thought….

  43. PlusOneForLuck

    Ok — now WTF am I supposed to do??? I stopped watching CA YEARS ago because Trump is a douche & I couldn’t take it anymore… but how am I supposed to miss this train wreck??? I mean…. WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!?!?!?!?

  44. cherry

    This has prob been said, but I cannot resist….NENE is fumming! Kenya I think could play the game and go quite far….that will just have Nene livid and make Kenya even more of a threat to her. Kenya is messy, this I know, but the chic is taking full advantage of this time in her life.

  45. As for how Brandi will do on Celebrity Apprentice, I think Joyce nailed it back in an old blog. I’m paraphrasing, but basically Joyce described how Brandi fights:

    First, she plans her attack. If and when confronted, she goes on a “fuck-you” tirade. If that doesn’t work, she then plays the victim (oh, I’m a poor single mom, my husband cheated, I have no man to stand beside me, blah blah blah) and then for her encore, she CRIES.

    Remember the dinner at Kyle’s with the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick? After some swearing, Brandi left in tears (and continued crying on the curb?). She did the same at Lisa’s dinner (at SUR?) when she got upset that Michael stood up for his wife. Next we will see it on the reunion – after the “checkmate, bitch!” conversation in the weird canopy bed at the BH “party” she then goes to the reunion whining and crying to both Lisa and Ken because they “dropped” her.

    It’ll be interesting to see if The Donald falls for the tears. He does seem to have a sore spot for beauty, IF he considers her beautiful that is.

  46. Nathan S.

    This is exciting for Kenya, I also wish her a lot of success. I can even see her calling out some of trump’s not-so-subtle prejudices on the show! Brandi, however, doesn’t need any more exposure

  47. Wow. Kenya will show NeNe how a true diva plays the game. She keeps that big spoon hidden under that big behind so she can whip it out and stir the pot. Not a CA fan but I can’t wait for your recaps. Maybe you’ll get me motivated to watch if it gets juicy enough. Brandi is

  48. Oops hit post before I finished typing…Brandi will not come for Kenya and trust and believe, Kenya will call for her.

  49. Rubbing my hands in anticipation. Brandi would have to be drunk to come for Kenya!

  50. Is Kenya’s title the same pageant that Trump owns?

  51. sarcasatire

    Early prediction:

    Kenya is going to chose a random charity (Saving Our Daughters, anyone?) to align herself with and Trump only supports the big name charities or the trending cause of the moment.

    Kenya is gonna leave that show more hated than Star Jones. Cunning and calculated behavior is not retarded pp. that show, especially when it comes in the guise of a Black woman. If you don’t want to ask Star, ask Omarosa.

    Trump is going to be entertained by Kenya’s cutthroat nature in the boardroom, but Ivanka will not be amused.

    I don’t see Kenya making the finale. Unless it’s for maximum stunt queen drama.

    The End.

    • Wow. That’s a pretty far fetched prediction based on no facts at all.

      On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 7:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sarcasatire

        Lol! Says the person taking bets on the outcome of a show that hasn’t started filming yet.

    • myinfo

      Kenya will NOT play the fool on CA.
      She is smart enought to own this season of RHOA and smart enought to show non-viewers of RHOA that she is pretty, smart and a team player.
      She will be the Kenya that out shines Nene.
      She is not going to mess up this gig, mark my words.

      • sarcasatire

        I did not say she will “play the fool.” She never does. She plays the “aggressive, all-in, cutthroat scramble to the top.” And as on Housewives, now on Apprentice, it will not win her any friends/allies/respect amongst her colleagues/teammates. Especially when they see all those catty, talking-head interviews she’ll be saying about them.

      • I meant I agree with myinfo.

    • sarcasatire

      Oops, should say, “Cunning and calculated behavior is not rewarded on that show, especially coming from a Black woman.”

      • That is simply not true.

      • sarcasatire

        I’ve watched several season of Apprentice, celebrity and non, and I’ll tell you, when men are cutthroat, they go far in the competition, when women are, they are vilified. Especially Black women. It’s a misogynistic industry, business, and when women play the game aggressively, they get hated on. Which is why people went after Star. I think she performed as someone who knew her stuff and had the desire to succeed, but people like Nene took it too personal and got too emotional. That is NOT how you succeed in business, all in your feelings. But for some reason, when a woman isn’t an emotional wreck, crying in the boardroom, or purring when Donald Trump compliments her dress, but wants to succeed on merit alone, then she is a “bitch.” It’s what annoys me about the Trump.. he’s misogynistic as hell. He loves to talk about sexy, beautiful the women all are (call HR!) but when he comes across a “smart” one, he’s all, “She smart!”, all surprised and ish.

  52. Michelle

    Celebrity Apprentice usually starts in January. This year it’s late. If it is on at the same time of Big Brother, I’m watching big brother. From the “leaked” list, I’m team Kesha and Ian!

    • The thing I have never understood about The Apprentice is that they film like 8-10 MONTHS before they air the show. The show films in two weeks, why wait so long to air the show and allow the outcome to be spoiled? It makes no sense to me.

      On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 9:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Michelle

        Hopefully it won’t be. I heard Ludacris is also a “leaked” name. Guess he filled the rapper quota or musician lol. I wonder if he is friends with Jay-Z. I hope so since they film in NY.

  53. JoJo

    I’m not Team Nene, Team Brandi nor Team Kenya.
    But as sacastatire said above, I can see that scenario of Kenya possibly ending up the most hated like Star Jones and Omarosa happening.
    Kenya may be smart & cunning, but she’s not dealing with the RHOA. This cast, even Trump and especially Ivanka, might be really turned off by Kenya’s overly-dramatic kiss-ass routine to get along and overdo deference.
    That is if she brings what we’re used to seeing and if it’s her true personality. From what I’ve seen of her, that’s her nature & right before she stabs someone in the back who doesn’t deserve it, or stabs someone in the chest that does – like Nene.
    Kenya’s persona is already out there because of Atlanta, and a lot of the cast and viewers might be really turned off by her if she does the big smile, over-the-top compliments & trying too hard to be liked and identify with her ‘team’ to try to get along. Then the backstabbing we’ve seen she’s capable of if/when she gets to individual tasks, might turn everyone off.
    Most people hate feigned and kiss ass and can smell it a mile away. And I’m not saying a whole different Kenya might not show up – one we haven’t seen. And I’m not saying the rest or some of them won’t do the same damn thing. It’s just that it’s not impossible.
    (Ok, as TT would say to someone I won’t name “ducksandruns” :)

    • I think most of you don’t understand the skill it takes to win pageants, And that is all this show ever is. A Pageant.

      On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 11:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        The pageant thing I agree 100% that it takes a lot of skill & getting along, know how to stay tempered. If Kenya brings that, she’s likely got an excellent chance. The only ‘if’ is that it was 21 years ago, not that she’d forget how to act. Just this RHOA might have rubbed a little too deeply into her personality, and might rear up.
        BUT, there is no doubt in what’s left of my mind that she won’t quit and will surpass Nene in every way during her time there (unless the Mad One put’s a Blacklist-type IED in her car 😉

    • Until we know the entire cast we can’t say Kenya will be the most hated. Kate Gosselin’s name was being thrown around and she already has haters. Kenya’s goal is to outshine and outlast NeNe so even if she doesn’t win CA, she’ll still win. Plus The Donald already was mad NeNe didn’t finish so don’t think he’s going throw Kenya off too soon when he can use her to throw shade at Lenethia Leakes

      • JoJo

        I can’t stand Kate Gosselin. I don’t know if she’s confirmed, but right off the bat, for me Kenya’s above her! And I’m reminded that I don’t like her every time I saw Jon on Couple’s Therapy and the clone of Kate he dates.

  54. Really!!!

    KI us to watch CA faithfully but stopped watching after Nene and Starr Jones were on. I will definitely be watching it this season. Don’t care for Brandi or Kenya I just want to see who will be the first to get fired between those two. I’m thinking it will Brandi.

  55. myinfo

    Kenya is playing a role on RHOA. She was a fool S1. S2 she has calmed down and more people like her this year. She was clever enough to make Nene look like the fool this season.
    I think she is smart and will be a hard worker and also be entertaining.

  56. myinfo

    Off topic
    I bet the Apollo and Kenya talk in Mexico will turn out to be all about nothing. Another over hyped storyline.

  57. Cassie

    Tamera can you tweet Kenya to see if we can start a Help Kenya Celebrity Apprentice Fund so that maybe when her turn to be team leader she will
    have enough funds to win the challenge. I don’t even no if that is ok in the game but if her followers contribute just say a dollar that will help her for maybe if she is chosen twice to be the leader. I sorry I don’t know anything about facebook , twitter etc. I can barely type and be a part of this conversation. That may at least help her stay in the game.

    • She has plenty of financial resources for charitable donations. She’ll be fine.

      On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 2:04 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        TT who can she call?
        I think she might be able to contact people in advance who want to give and appear on the show giving, but I have no idea who.
        PS I am addicted to your blog.

  58. Hi. I been lurking for a while on here and enjoy reading other’s comments.
    It will be fun to see the celebs interact on CA.

  59. Kemper

    I liked the show much better when they had to work to get money for charity instead of just calling up their richest friends.. Doesnt help for teamwork either when they hold back on their money when someone else is team leader.. I just tune in now for meltdowns and fighting.. Just like the housewives, its just getting stupid now

  60. JoJo

    You know, we’ll see if Brandi has learned anything at all by the hate mail she’s generated this season. Kenya’s got the advantage of having a good season edit and a new fandom – so far. Besides we know she’s smart & cunning.
    With Brandi, we’ll see if she has a speck of smarts that aren’t street. Not that a little street smarts and manipulation won’t be helpful on CA, but when you get the role of team leader, the real smarts have to come out (or not). Especially, in the boardroom. The interesting part with both Brandi and Kenya is going to be seeing how Invanka takes to them.
    But, Trump likes the wildcard character, and doesn’t fire some that have been dumb, useless and even nuts. He’s left some of these types way longer than they belong, just because they bring nuts or drama, i.e., ratings & Gary Busey. Busey was nuttier than a fruitcake & I never could tell if he was actually smart except on his own planet and rare moments of luck. And CA unlike Apprentice, no one gets a job for Trump Int’l if they win – so there’s no chance he’s stuck with them.
    My whole point is I can actually see Brandi getting down on one knee, before they even begin the filming, and try to mend the Kenya fracture & Kenya agreeing – just to get along on this show & for no other reason.

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