Flipping Out is Back! YAY!

flipping out

I love Flipping Out! It’s one of the few “reality shows” left that is actually fun and funny!  No table flipping, no wig snatching and no federal indictments and yet, we still watch!  On the down side, Andrew is there. He is the person everyone picks on BECAUSE HE IS AN IDIOT!  But rather than fire him, Jeff likes to grind his organ (see what I did there?) while Andrew dances in a paint can outfit.

Because Jenni is knocked up and about to pop, we needed a new Jenni. Jeff has chosen Megan. I hate Megan within ten seconds because she is not Jenni. This is never going to work. Hopefully one of two things happen before the end of the episode, either she quits or Andrew poisons her. Whatever it takes works for me.

Jeff is buying Vanina a set of boobs because he ruined her relationship and the guy dumped her. Andrew is jealous. Jenni is perplexed. Jeff is shopping for the best deal. He’s found a doctor that has tits on sale. It’s all perfectly normal for this show.

Rats in the attic. National Geographic boobs. Let’s move on. I am particularly sensitive about both of those issues. We shan’t speak on this further.

Gage and Jeff are still together. This displeases me. Gage is kind of a goober. flipping out

The client tells the Asian plumbing seller that she hates anything Asiany about her toilets because of “the time she spent in Thailand.”  I don’t even want to consider what sort of life scarring event she had with a toilet in Thailand. Despite that, my mind races with possibilities.

Megan and Jenni have a lovely conversation about the effects of childbirth on their vaginas. Andrew is jealous.

I wonder how much Smart Water is paying for product placement?

Jenni’s new “head of HR” schtick was funny, the first six times. Now, not so much. Andrew gets written up for talking about Megan’s “beaver.” Well, he actually made up a little jingle of sorts, “Megan Weaver has a nice beaver.” He was not written up for molesting the ass of one of the male workers or discussing the client’s love of dark, black caulk.  Andrew feels singled out. He’s also jealous of Megan having a beaver.

Vanina returns to work with her newly minted tatas. Andrew sits next to her and stares at them. Jeff and Gage stare at them too. All three gay men are oddly obsessed with Vanina’s boobs.

As far as the houses go?  Who know? I guess we will find out next week. I mean how important is the home renovation part of this show anyway?

Y’all watching this?


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28 responses to “Flipping Out is Back! YAY!

  1. This is my favorite Bravo show. My son and I were cracking up through the whole hour. It’s so refreshing to watch people actually working together to make a living for themselves and dealing with personality issues along the way. My favorite moments are when Jeff takes an employee to therapy with him. I was weeping through his session with Jenni last season. What a great show.

  2. Victoria

    My favorite show!

  3. I love Flipping Out. Thanks TT for the recap, great as always! Watching Monkey pass away last yr was sooo sad. You saw a side of Jeff that we don’t see often. Touching. I wonder how Ryan and Chloe are doing??? Jenni bein preggers is great. Can’t wait to see her be a Mom and Jeff a Guncle!

    • brillke

      I love this show too and id love to see a Ryan and Chloe update. I bet she’s gotten so big! Jeff was crazy about that little girl and he and Ryan’s falling out hurt him tremendously. It was painful to watch.

      I can’t stand Andrew. He’s way too high maintenance for me. He’s so fake with the screaming and so on, it gets on my last nerve.

      I like Gage a lot and I don’t like the way Jeff treats him sometimes. He can be a bit of a buzzkill though and needs to loosen up. He and Jeff have been talking babies forever and I can’t wait for them to have a child.

      I lovelovelove Jenny.

      I want Zoila to come and take care of me like she does Jeff. Their relationship is so adorable.

      Seeing Jeff get so emotional when Monkey died was just heartbreaking. His pets are his babies and he truly loved her. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Gonna go hug my dog now.

  4. sandra

    Great recap! You made me laugh out loud. I’m watching, and so glad it’s back.

  5. DNVA

    I love this show but I am afraid Megan may cause me to stop watching until Jenni returns. She just sorta rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. Andrew is a little over the top and needs to be reeled in a little.

  6. puppylove

    I am so very glad that this show is back. They do some crazy things, but still seem to make the clients very happy about any reno they do. Sometimes there are serious issues but they work through them, The humor is great the people are great. I hope Jenni isn’t out too long. I believe she and Jeff area the show, along with Zoila. I love it that Jeff is taking care of her, even though she is the “maid” he makes sure she has a feeling of well being and will be with Jeff probably until she passes. That is family and the show has that feeling. A little dysfunctional but that’s OK. I love this show. This is the only one on Bravo I can say that about

  7. Mindy Mc

    I love this show–and I love Interior Therapy. I think Jeff is just a blast to watch, and all the supporting characters–they are awesome!! Jenni is precious–really neat to get to see her look forward to being a mom and how they handle the whole process with that outrageous humor. I completely agree w/ you TT–this is the kind of reality that is so much fun to watch.

    • brillke

      I love Interior Therapy!

      The episode when they stayed at the uber-rich art collectors house is my absolute favorite episode. I’ve never seen Jeff smile more. He loved loved sleeping on his $15,000 mattress, loved the butler taking care of his wants and needs and loved the man and his wife so much, he was wanting the guy to adopt him!

      The episode with Ross Matthews was good too. Oh, the episode last season with the crazy cat lady whose kid was so allergic he had to be in a nebulizer was insane. Oh, how about the guy who took a sharpie to the freshly painted wall making them have to redo it with several coats to cover the marker, setting them back a full day? Gawd, there are too many good episodes to choose from.

    • i love both shows, too. jeff can be a little mean, sometimes, & a credit hog even when jenni is doing a lot of the work, but their relationship is great to watch, as are their projects and crazy clients.

  8. Angel

    I also love this show. Even more so since Jeff’s therapy seems to have improved his over-the-top criticism. He got just plain mean and humiliating, nothing cute or funny about some treatment of Jenni and Sarah, or whoever the previous office assistant was. She did need to be fired, that is not the same as verbal abuse and humiliation in front of all viewers.

    Without Jenni, Jeff and Gage would not have a show. Andrew should get a regular job, although who would keep him. His remarks must be for show, we were all through this inappropriateness last year. Chaz Dean is overexposed; infomercials, Home Shopping or QVC, Flipping out…must be a fame whore. Most unattractive face vs on air time ever, IMO. At least he cut that perpetually dirty looking hair, and he is big time in hair biz! This is beyond me, I would never trust him to touch mine.

    Now I wonder what I do like about this show. Jenni-I want to be her friend. Zoila-cute funny. Improved, self depreciating Jeff is good too. I don’t even mind Jenni’s temp replacement, so far, she sticks out because she appears normal. I imagine that will not last long. Everyone has to screw up or be blamed for issues, except Gage.

  9. Shellbelle

    My all time, hands down favorite show on Bravo! I love Jeff and his sarcasm – he is freakin’ hilarious!! I grin the whole time I watch this show!

  10. I enjoy this dysfunctional group in how they accept their dysfunction with humor and grace.
    Andrew’s filter doesn’t work and his jealousy shows it’s nasty head but Jenni reels him in as much as possible.
    Andrew wandering around muttering is hilarious.
    It’s so cool we all accept the boob job gift as normal in Jeff’s office. The 2 boob job discount had me hooting.
    Most refreshingly honest working group on TV.

  11. I love this show, my husband and sons like this show. I want my boys to marry a girl like Jenni. I want them to run from a boy like Jeff (Nah, I love him and his grandma. I love this show. Property Envy- perfect, WWHL with Jeff Lewis perfect. My husband said if he were gay, Jeff would be his type and then asked “what does that say about you?”

    • LOL! After a handful of episodes my husband finally thinks I’m a tad more sane. My OCD isn’t anywhere near as bad as Jeff’s. Whew haha I’d love to work there though.

  12. joker

    Love this show too!
    Whoever said Andrew is being overly dramatic is correct. Don’t like him and hate his put on screams.
    Really don’t like Gage. Can’t understand what Jeff sees in him.
    Not sure on the new assistant, and don’t like her narrating the scenes. I do like her better than the last assistant. Don’t remember her name but she was related to Jeff by marriage. I had to change channel’s whenever she appeared because of her obnoxious gum chewing. Like a cow ridiculously smacking and chewing. Ugh!

  13. Katrina

    Love this show. It is a lot of fun. Has any one seen ‘Chistley Knows Best’ on USA? It is about Todd Christley and family from Georgia.

  14. thedisher

    Love this show. Jeff Lewis, Jenni & Zoila are hilarious. Gage is a buzz kill. Andrew is like the court jester to me. So glad you are blogging about it.

  15. You forgot Deb! We all could use a part time Deb. She can tell Gage to take the stick out and lighten up. He’s a very young man stuck in an old man’s body. I’m trying to like the new girl, but you can never replace Jeni.

  16. Katherine

    Thanks for a great recap TT! I missed the episode. I absolutely LOVE this show!

  17. dsstella

    I laughed through the entire first episode, that was one of the best ever! I also got fooled by the water breaking thing, Jeff’s face was hilarious! I love Jenni and Zoila to pieces, both Gage, Andrew & the new one can go.

    Also a big Interior Therapy fan, love when they’re like little kids at a sleepover when going to bed sometimes. Jeff would make me want to kill & hug him at the same time.

  18. Not letting myself read the recap, yet. I was never into this show before but during the marathon that ran last week before the season premiere I got sucked in. I am hooked. I went and got all the seasons and started watching them. Hubs saw a couple and he’s hooked too and he is NOT a reality tv guy. I will say on the two episodes I saw during the marathon that had Gage on them, he’s a total Debbie Downer!!

    • Oh and one of the things we love about this show, other than the hilarious moments, is that we really don’t see Jeff’s (or the rest of the crew) private life. We see the goings on during work hours and that’s typically it.

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