Dance Moms Catch-up And Discussion

Dance Moms PreunionI haven’t posted about Dance Moms in a while, and I’m not sure I have a whole lot to say about the show now, but I thought y’all might have some thoughts to share.

Kalani seems like a level headed girl who knows how to play Abby’s game. She just needs to keep performing well and wait for Abby to get pissed at Maddie over something so they can battle it out head to head. He mother on the other hand has to learn that going behind Abby’s back with bring the wrath of Abby like she has never seen. So this week Kalani was not asked to participate.

Can we talk about the pre-reunion show this season? I assumed that was filmed after the season itself wrapped but since Kelli was there and Brooke sang a solo, maybe it was filmed before the season was? I thought the whole reunion BEFORE the season was weird. Where is that Thalia girl was on the pre show? We have not seen her at all yet.

Big Brother

I think Ian should join the ALDC

Who we did meet this week was Fallon. Fallon just doesn’t have the experience that the other girls do. Her mother certainly doesn’t have what it takes to be an ALDC dance mom. Who forgets the kids solo costume? All of that said, I thought it was great that Fallon managed to come in third this week right behind Kendall  who took second considering she hurt herself and had to improve the entire dance. Abby trying to get her disqualified was horrible. Her comeback in the group dance should have bought her another week at ALDC. Abby already wants Kalani back so that will likely happen next week.

As far as the physical confrontations go, Abby needs to stop getting up in these women’s faces! I don’t blame Christi for blow air in her face. She needs to get on some meds to deal with whatever is making her crazier than usual before someone gets hurt.

I’m still pulling for Nia, who continues to improve albeit gradually. Mackenzie is getting really good and actually outshone Maddie in the rags to riches group dance!  Kendall’s spirit is broken, and that is sad because she has so much potential. Chloe continues to be overlooked for opportunities.

So is anyone still watching this with me? Or are you just over all the Abby drama?


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26 responses to “Dance Moms Catch-up And Discussion

  1. bravocueen

    I’m still watching but only through the end of this season and then I’m done. I don’t know if Abby has a hormonal imbalance or thinks that viewers really want her to be so horrible to the girls and get into the moms’ faces, but I, for one, do not. I adore the girls and I love watching them dance. But I can’t handle seeing how they are treated. Abby may have been a creater of stars, but she’s destroying her own reputation.

  2. Lisa Marie

    I watch, and find myself continuing to watch even though I ask myself why I do. I am so tired of hearing about Abby making another team.. Why?? You already have a winning team. The girls who aren’t doing as well are the ones she should be putting an extra effort in to do better. I personally always push for the under dogs Nia and Kendal. I think Chloe is a beautiful dancer, but now wonder if she only dances at aldc when filming. She doesn’t do the master classes or the meet and greets with the team only by herself. I don’t blame her, but just wondering I’ll continue to watch as I ask myself why?

  3. Jacque

    I for one will be watching to see if Abby gets crazier, the closer to the court case comes to being heard. If I was a betting women, I would place money on not only Abby losing her “assault” case, but also losing the counter-suit against her.

    • Mary

      I pray for Kelly and the girls that kelly
      Wins against the abusive abby loudmouth and abusive to children.

      Hopefully, kelly will prevail

    • Mary

      I wonder if aggessive abby spoke to her
      mother in such an abrasive and
      abusive way when she was a youngster.

  4. RVA

    can someone please let the Abby woman know that she treats these children horribly? my heart hurts each time i read the recaps. i’ve not seen a single episode, the recaps make me cry (ok sniffle) a little bit for these girls.
    Abby please! stop with the meanness.

  5. I’m still watching TT, I honestly wanted Cathy’s team to win last night, it is hard to watch this show. Abby always hit below the belt, there was no reason to mention that Kristy don’t speak with her mother.

    • I thought it was hysterical that Kathy just withdrew her group routine after seeing the ALDC.

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 5:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Bobbymouse

      Well Christy totally thru Maddies mom under the bus a few weeks ago by mentioning the two affairs she had! Last season Jill and Christy couldn’t back bite the other mothers enough! They are total bitches! We were SO glad to see Jill leave!
      Jill’s girls don’t actually go to ADLC but attend a dance studio owned by Jill’s dad. Abby invited them aboard to film….I don’t think Abby ever realized how this was gonna bite her in the ass in later seasons!
      Christy no longer tours with the dance company because she wants to pocket more money and she would like Chloe to be the featured act! Understandable but sure causes hard feeling among the other moms!
      The talk is the other moms would like Christy out too!

  6. O.O

    I’m not sure if I’m over the drama because whenever I watch I’m so confused as to why any parent would subject their child to the treatment some of them receive .Abby has her favorites as I’m sure every teacher does but for the ones who aren’t its a but sad. I wonder if the parents want stardom for their kids at all costs . I know you have to be strict with children but this seems to be extreme. I know she has to keep the moms in check , if not there would be mayhem, but I don’t think she should talk to the parents the way she does in the presence of the kids. These people must really want to be on tv .

  7. eastjames

    Abby just got replaced by that new ‘Bring It’ show. I’m loving it so far.

  8. Jacque

    Me too! I LOVE that new “bring it” dance show! The coach is tough as nails, but fair. I love that she makes the Mom’s stay out of the studio while the kids are dancing.
    The girls can dance circles around Abby’s girls too!

  9. Scatty

    Did anyone catch Abby yelling at the poor residents of the hospice where the kids went to perform, to “Be Quiet!”? Abby’s such a beast.
    Tried to watch “Bring I”t but couldn’t understand the rapid speech patterns of several cast members, especially the instructor, so I gave up.

  10. bendy

    I can’t watch Maddie dance anymore, she contorts her face into the same 3 strained masks for every dance. She is a fabulous dancer but her facial expressions ruin it.

    Mackenzie has become so good it’s hard to pick her out of the group dances. If she can keep a positive attitude she’s outshine all of them

    I’m with you rooting for Nia. She needs to work on getting some height on her jumps but she is my second favorite dancer behind Mackenzie.

    I have been watching the choreographer’s cut this season and forwarding through all the drama. I am enjoying the season much more this way.

    • bendy, I’m so glad you brought up about Maddie’s expressions because I thought it was just me. I totally agree with you about it, and it is so distracting.

      Whenever Maddie and Chloe danced together, my eyes would almost always follow Chloe.

      Did you happen to notice that when Chloe was beating Maddie (especially after Chloe won the video part), Abby stopped giving Chloe solos and when she did give them to her, she would intentionally dumb them down (not exactly sure if that’s the right way to explain that)? Definitely proving that she does not have her students’ best interest at heart.

      At least Abby was finally honest about her favoritism of Maddie over everyone else when she told Kalani’s mom that she would never put her up against Maddie. Because “it’s not about beating Maddie.” I’m betting the only reason she brought Kalani in was to provide mentoring for Maddie’s lacking ballet skills.

      So now I wonder if Abby picks and chooses the competitions she enters them in to, so that no one would be better than Maddie.

      This will probably be my last season of watching this show.

  11. okm

    u can understand , they have a southern dialect. seems the “bring it” comment is meant for more than read/face value. the shows are apples/oranges, different dance style, would never compete.

  12. brillke

    I’m still watching. Abby was actually kinda supportive of the girls in their dressing rooms in this last episode.

    Kathy pulling her teams routine was very unprofessional and her dancers should feel insulted.

    It was incredibly rude of Abby to speak to the seniors the way she did. I do love the idea of visiting nursing homes. I wish more people would do that. My Sunday school group and my brownies group used to do that when I was a kid and the seniors loved it. My dad retired and got bored so he went to work part time at a nursing home for about 3 years. He loved the job but it broke his heart too. He said some residents didn’t have a visitor the entire time he worked there.

    Loving how much Mackenzie is growing up and improving with her dancing but somebody please get rid of her duck face picture.

  13. Florida Mom

    Many of these “new” dancers were contestants on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Kalani, Asia). Some of the Candy Apple dancers cross over from that platform, too ( Hadley and her crazy mom Yvette) Abby wasn’t as crazy as a judge – cranky and blunt, but also complementary – kind of the Simon Cowell of the panel. This is probably more true to her style.
    In the first season of this show, this new show was discussed on dance mom blogs – for real dancers – (my daughter was a competitive dancer). The focus of this show was intended to be the crazy moms, and the “cast” they selected was based on the mom mix and their entertainment potential. Not the best dancers in Abby’s school. Pyramid doesn’t exist in her program with best dancers. Contests shown are not part of the mainstream dance contest world (filmed around the real competitions) They just gin us all up to root for poor Chloe, etc. Another “unreality” show.

  14. Shellbelle

    I’m watching!! I can’t look away- it’s like a bad car wreck!

  15. Enough Already

    I’m over Abbey…there is no reason for a grown woman to act the way she does…to talk to the children and the mothers the way she does is sad…you can get so much more from a child by being authorative, but being sensitive to their feelings…they are children…the way she belittles them shows me that she is a very bitter broken woman who has/had no friends growing up…seems she was taunted as a child and the only way to make her feel good and have control is to demean others…the things she says about their families is pathetic and uncalled for….Christie should have knocked her out on the last episode when she spoke negatively about her Mom…Christie’s mom doesn’t dance for Abbey so why was that even said..Abbey and the production team should be ashamed of how they have changed this show…

  16. disgrazia4

    I watch!! I feel badly for Kelly who is bringing a lawsuit against Abby, and the show too? I want to see that through. Because my feeling is that even if the girls are told that emotions and cutting words are elevated for the show, it is still detrimental to their psyches to be around a huge bundle of negative energy that is Abby Lee.

  17. I am watching…. I’m not sure why, but I watch. I am in NYC area and I don’t know if the court appearance was telecast in other areas or just here since the alleged incident occurred in the city. But if you didn’t see Abby in front of the courthouse- you missed a big jealous angry woman complain about Kelly and what I found to be ridiculous was her calling the day “unfair”. The woman is unfair to the kids ( with the exception of Maddie) every week. Abby stood in front of the courthouse, I think it was center st., complaining that Kelly showed up in an expensive car, expensive lawyer and then it was all over without justice for Abby but of course she throws the jab in that Kelly’s husband didn’t show up just some lawyer – geez what did she want the judge to do? Put Kelly in the electric chair (geez I’m old with that one) and kill her? IMO any judge looking at the footage will see that Abby was just as culpable and was the aggressor- she deserves to be put in her place! Ok, I’m done… I’m too invested in this….

    • Bobbymouse

      I’m not entirely sure how Abby became the aggressor in that skit Jill put on. Jill jabbed her finger several times in Abby’s
      face and then poked Abby with her fingernail. Abby made her biting motions and Jill responded by pulling Abby’s hair. Ve seen the video several times. Jill has an agenda! It’s a huge one! But I think she totally blew it for her family.
      If anyone checks the ALDC website, you can see how many of the girls from the show, have won scholarships. You can also see the one who hasn’t! She does not attend the school nor does she tour with the girls.

  18. Candace

    I still watch it. Yet, to this day, I don’t know why. One thing that really gets under my skin about Abby is when a parent does speak up or approach her about certain things she takes it out on the kids. And tells them that they better tell their mother this, that, and the third. There is no way in he** that my child is ever going to talk to me like I am the child and they are the parent. I am the be all end all when it comes to the roof over their head, the clothes on their back, and the transportation that gets them back and forth to their dance classes. When she does that I beg that one of those parents smacks the dog sh** out of her.

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