Real Housewives of New York City Recap: They’re Back and Bitchier Than Ever!

Cast of Real Housewives of New York Season 6

I’m a couple of minutes late to the party because apparently my DVR didn’t realize it needed to start recording this tonight. I already have Dance Moms and Dangerous Grounds at this time, so things were a bit hectic for a minute. Um, Sonja has more men coming than going. That ladies and gentleman is the first Ramonaism of the season.

All the girls are hating on Aviva in the first five minutes at two locations. Is this really necessary? Why can’t there ever be a group of women who don’t all team up and choose a victim. Apparently, one of the men that Sonja has errrrr, coming is Aviva’s ex husband Harry.  Actually half the cast has taken a ride on ole Harry, but let’s try not to think about that.

Heather is throwing herself a birthday party and it’s an all in event by Bravo. Sonja’s date is not Harry but some 20 something kid. You go Sonja. Sonja’s hairdo is um, fascinating. It’s a updo that probably started out alright until she and her boy had sex doggie style and rubbed the top of her head on the back seat of the limo repeatedly. I mean, they didn’t show that part of course, but based on the hair, that is what I imagine happened. Sonja’s boytoy has a wandering eye toward Kristen.  She looked really hot at the party; however, I don’t think she is pretty in her talking heads and other shots. Kind of like Alicia on Mob Wives, you know how sometimes she is really pretty and other times not? It’s a weird thing.

Aviva is arriving after a long day stressed and late. Sonja and Ramona are already poisoning the new girl against Aviva. Sonja appears to have tried to fix her updo but managed to make it look worse. It’s distracting me. Carole looks horrible. Her face/skin looks horrible and her hair isn’t really done at all. I wonder what is going on there? She looked fine at the shoot for her book.

Real Housewives of New York Season Six Kristen Taekman

Kristen Taekman

I already hate the new girl by her association to Brandi. But I really can’t stand women who can’t sit alone in a restaurant. I just don’t understand that breed of woman.  I’d also prefer not to have the visual of her giving head to her husband. Just noe.

We are already forty minutes in and ninety percent of the show is about everyone’s feelings about Aviva. They may all hate her, but she is getting the storyline of the century out of it. Can someone remind me what mean and vicious thing Aviva did to Ramona? Once a season is over, it’s pretty much deleted from my memory bank.

Sonja is having a tea party for the girls. Eleventy-five interns are setting it up for her. She will require two creamers so that ” two people can cream at the same time.”  Of course she said that. She’s Sonja.  Is this Sonja’s new place or did she somehow get to keep her house?

The subject of the tea party is……..Aviva! Sonja is actually suggesting that people show Aviva some compassion given all the horrific things she has been through in her life, of which there are many.  The sort of things she has been through, money and fancy boarding schools don’t fix. Kristen says that Aviva seems to really be trying to be Ramona’s friend. Bless her heart. Aviva is really trying, but she is very socially awkward. This is why I still kind of love her.

This season looks insane. Tonight was pretty tame.  What did you think?


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94 responses to “Real Housewives of New York City Recap: They’re Back and Bitchier Than Ever!

  1. Gingersnap

    What did I think? I don’t think the new girl is pretty, she’s okay, but nothing to write home to mama about. I can’t imagine ever having anything good to say about Aviva. When she called Ramona and Sonja “white trash” I was pretty much over her. She’s sucking up to Ramona because everybody hates her and she knows it. If she can get Ramona to give her another chance, she may live to see another HW day. I guess Ramona is the one that you have to keep happy on NY.

    I love Sonja and I noticed her hair was a bit ratty looking, but girls just want to have fun-hun! There’s a lot of young guys that are into cougars, and Sonja is a cougar…or a pussycat :)

    I want Luann back, the Countess can stay gone, but I like Luann. Carole is a bit bland, Heather is COOL. Heather will kick some ass and be good at it.

    It was a pretty dull night all things considered.

    • Luann returns in episode FIVE. Filming was such a hassle this season, I think they called her back in as a friend for the whole rest of the season and she was well paid for returning mid filming after being fired.

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 10:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. pdt090

    I don’t like Aviva but Carole & Heather dumping her now seems kind of…opportunistic. They both had her back last season and took her side in St. Barths only to change their tune once the episodes aired and viewers sided with Ramonja. Guess we’ll see how things play out this season.

    • BonVivant

      Carole is pissed because Aviva has been saying that she had a ghostwriter for her work. I’ve been reading Carole’s work for years (the first book, and her magazine stuff) since at least 2007, maybe earlier; unlike the rest of these hacks in the Bravo franchise Radziwill is an accomplished journalist, with a very distinctive voice and style in how she writes that you can spot from a gazillion light years away; I think I’d be pissed at Aviva, too.

  3. HannahKingRose

    Remember TT, Aviva threw a hissy fit pretty much directly at Ramona and Sonja calling them ‘white trash’ because they didn’t have the banner and parade because she made it all the way for the trip. She had to have Reid as her escort to be able to accomplish the task and Ramona and Sonja didn’t do the proper amount of ass kissing for Reid. They also made the comment that having a husband there would change the dynamic of the wives’ only trip. The fight started there.

    • ericzku

      …and then right at the end of the season, Ramona was hosting some charity thing for a battered-woman’s charity, and Aviva sent her creepy Dad in her place. (The event was on too high of a floor for Aviva to go to or something.) Then when her Dad started acting like an ass, Ramona told him to leave, and he started to get all grabby/handsy with Ramona at the abused-woman’s charity event! So that added insult to injury when Aviva was all: “How dare you treat my father that way!” when HE was the one who was acting like an ass.

      Then there was something about Aviva saying something about Ramona and the end-of-season party that Mario confronted her about, but my memory is hazy on that one. That Aviva is a real piece of work!

    • Gingersnap

      She was pissed before that even. Remember the charity event they missed? IT’S NOT ABOUT THE CHARITY, IT’S ABOUT THE CHILDREN WITH MISSING LIMBS? She is such a shrew. I can’t remember what Ramona was doing, but Sonja’s dog was dying and Aviva made her cry.

      • The question ladies, is ” What did Aviva do to Ramoaner that was so cruel, vicicious and unforgivable?” M

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 11:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Gingersnap

        Good question, because I don’t really know. I have tunnel vision when it comes to Aviva and I ain’t even gonna lie.

    • BonVivant

      I know it should probably not be funny to me, but when I flashback to Aviva screaming, “I THOUGHT YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A BANNER HERE….!!!” it gives me face palm giggles every time. It was almost 2 steps away from Faye Dunaway’s “NO.MORE.WIRE.HANGERS!!!!!!” lol.

      • Judi

        If I remember correctly, the reason why Aviva was so angry with Ramona and Sonja was because they didn’t want her husband Reid staying at the same hotel with them because they felt it would throw off the vibe. They didn’t feel they could frolic in the pool nude with him around.

  4. HannahKingRose

    You are right Gingersnap, but there were so many things. Aviva wanted to wring Ramona’s neck over her disgusting father being escorted out of Ramona’s charity event when he put his hands on her. He was in a room full of women acting like a demented, old hitman sent by Aviva to take Ramona down.

  5. Nicole

    Don’t like Aviva, can’t trust her with a ten “foot” pole. haha! Run Ramona Run!!! I love Sonja and all her interns.

    • Michelle

      Sonja was on WWHL and said her interns all get course credits at their colleges for being her interns. I thought that was interesting.

      • vivaladiva831

        I saw that too. Can you imagine how much that would suck…maybe in theory it sounds like a fun easy class, but having Sonja boss me around all day – no thanks!

  6. Aviva hasn’t done anything to Ramona except demand accountability. Her horrible father aside, Aiviva hasn’t done much except act haughty towards the other ladies. She did call Ramonja white trash but…

    And she also was hilariously ridiculous about the whole St Barts trip last season…but nothing too major. RHONY has been the series for petty rifts since Jill left.

    • Exactly! If this season is going to be all about trashing Aviva week in and week out, I am not even going to recap it. Given all that Aviva has been through, she has been quite successful in her life. She’s overcome a shit ton of obstacles that started when she was a little girl. Her mother died, she lost her leg, etc.

      She has had a lot of financial advantages, but that doesn’t fix that sort of damage. Everyone deals with life experiences the best way they know how. Would you trade a leg amputation at age 8, a mother that drank herself to death in you childhood, and a father who is the person who raised and loved you despite being some sort of sexual pervert for lots of money and fancy schooling? I am starting to remember why blogging this show was a PITA last season.

      She turned out fine. She has a lot of anxieties that one might have from being run the wood chipper or whatever as a kid, having less than great parents, etc… She’s socially awkward, sure. But she is very bright. Married with children and does an enormous amount of philanthropic work. Remember when we used to root for the underdog?

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 11:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Amber

        I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but when Aviva was talking to Ramona the lady standing with her was an image consultant. My memory is awful so I just want to make sure I have the information right. If it’s true then she really is trying hard to rehab her image. I don’t blame her. I liked her at first but she became my most hated housewives ever. I hate to say that but I can’t help myself.

      • Tango

        I agree TT but there are so many people with worse lives who never had the advantages and never had a chance…ever. I guess it’s all in how you look at it. For me the “everyone should fall at her husband’s feet” for getting her to the island thing and then her gross father practically assaulting Ramona at the charity event were the worst she did. And the lack of any real apologies for anything. And the constant need to bicker and keep an argument going to the point of screaming…. Sure I feel badly for amputees, but she just rubs me the wrong way. You’d never think she had any anxiety or self-esteem issues by the way she acts sometimes.

  7. beth

    I didn’t watch RHNY last season, and probably won’t this season, but I will always read your blogs TT, because I LMAO over this;

    “Sonja’s hairdo is um, fascinating. It’s a updo that probably started out alright until she and her boy had sex doggie style and rubbed the top of her head on the back seat of the limo repeatedly. I mean, they didn’t show that part of course, but based on the hair, that is what I imagine happened.”

    so hard I almost choked.

    • If I were sure that was what happened, I would not have kept ragging on the hair. I would have fucked that dude three times in the back of the limo on the way to filming given the opportunity. :)

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 11:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  8. captivagrl

    Aviva had said that she didn’t want special attention with the leg stuff and the phobias, Ramona said that’s all Aviva talks about. Maybe it was said at the reunion? I remember something getting nasty between the two at the reunion.

    • Oh so the vicious hatefulness is Aviva bringing up life changing events in her life while not looking for special treatment?

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 11:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Joan

        Exactly. I’m Team Aviva. While she has her issues, at least she doesn’t throw a fit over things – or throw things. IMHO – S&R are white trash.

      • Tango

        But she kinda the island over the “little plane”. Everyone was supposed to welcome her with balloons and a parade, but they didn’t show her and her husband enough respect for appearing because they asked if he was staying for the girls’ getaway. She threw a mighty big fit over that.

      • JoJo

        Tango, the 1st episode blew by too fast a bit ago and I’ll have to watch a re-run when it’s not in the middle of the night since I now don’t remember much of what I did see.
        But, as far as Aviva throwing fits last year, I think what she did at Carole’s book launch last season about little, poor, old George – daddy – being ‘THROWN’ out of Ramona’s domestic abuse female charity function would be called throwing a fit. Along with following people around forcing them in the confrontation, & screaming the whole time. Yep, last eason there were more than one fit I believe. Of course I’ll listen to see how she handles her issues and people thing season:)

      • Tango

        I agree JoJo. The plane fit is just the one that first came to mind for me.

      • vivaladiva831

        I love Aviva. Watching her call Ramona out at the tea room last season, in that suit and her hair up was awesome. Ramona and Sonja habitually get drunk and make fools of themselves on national television. Besides the fact, Aviva’s schooling impresses the hell out of me. She is intelligent, quick witted, an has some of the best one liners. Aviva knows what she’s doing with Ramona…it was a trip to watch her work her right back where she wanted to. “No it’s fine, it can be patched over.”

    • captivagrl

      I guess I’m on the fence regarding Aviva. She’s afraid of flying (especially small planes) and heights, yet she regularly travels to Miami where they have an apt on a very high floor. And before she married her current husband, she planned a destination wedding in Jamaica? It can seam that the phobias come and go. I’m sure there’s other examples, but the apt in Miami had me puzzled.

      • The show that aired on my TV had Aviva refusing to go to an apt on a high floor for an event and sending her father, her apt is not atop a sky scraper. Lots of people are afraid of flying but do it anyway.

        On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 3:56 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        I am watching a Bravo video on her “Miami Crib” which is according to her is a penthouse. I am guessing that would be pretty high up. Maybe her issue (other than heights) is flying over water. :)

      • captivagrl

        Her apt in Miami was on an upper floor and she was out on the balcony with her husband discussing how high it was.

  9. vivaladiva831

    I loved it! Right now I like all of them, for what they are. Even Sonja and Ramona. First time in a while I’ve been excited for a new season. Except Orange County. I’m always excited for that one.

    • I am NOT excited. I wanted to love Carole. I did love her last season. But this season she and Heather are talking about p puffy daddy sean john whoever he calls himself this week as some sort of member of the inner circle of Manhattan? I am disliking them both already. Last season I hated Ramonja. I hate Bravo for playing with my head..

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 11:52 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tango

        I never liked Heather, too much of a poser. “HOLLA!” She grew on me a bit but it remains to be seen if she’s going to try to be cool again or drop the urban poser thing and be real. And that a sh!t-eating grin, so out of place in a confrontation. Carole was easy to like with her obvious brains and connections, but she leaves you wondering why she’s even on such a show.

      • eastjames

        Ha! I just now got why everyone keeps putting a ‘j’ in Ramona’s name. Sometimes I ain’t the coldest beer in the fridge.

      • GCVLMV

        I kind of felt the whole p daddy scene was a set-up to introduce Kristen, who’s husband supposedly use to work there as well. I guess it is not okay to say “Hey here is the new housewife that Brandi got Andy to hire” so they had to set up a connection. The whole Heather birthday party was an odd set-up. All old employees of the P daddy days. I didn’t even see her husband there.

      • Tamar voice

        Sure Diddy is in the inner circle of Manhattan. He employed over half of the people at Heather’s party at some point…he deserves props and recognition for that. I certainly think he makes “inner circle” category. If nothing more, he’s rumored to have the best parties in the Hamptons…definitely inner circle criteria lol.

      • vivaladiva831

        I initially started watching this city soley because Carole Radziwell, and her Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis connection. Plus I had read “What Remains” which really is beautiful. If you haven’t read it, it is a great read. I was ok with her – the surprise for me was I didn’t think I would like Heather and I ended up really liking her – but Carole was just ok. I find her slightly boring now. Not to mention she is not attractive to look at. The Kennedy’s must have really had a thing for horse teeth.

        I’m afraid Heather is going to be a bitch this season. I hope not, I thought she was hilarious last year.

  10. When Kristen sd Ramona and Sonya was like her 2 drunk aunts I thought she might bring the snark back that was lost when Bethenny left the show. Inspite of being Brandis friend,I’m going to keep an open mind. Its tough being the new girl. Not loving the taglines. Hope life is well ,TT. Focus, eat healthy (you do), exercise (yes I hate it too) and meditate. We all deserve peace of mind <3

    • Thanks ZenJen. :) If we could just wash the Brandi taint off of whatshername, she might be aright. :)

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 12:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • vivaladiva831

      I’m really liking Kristen so far too. When she said she wanted to write a book called “I love My Children, but this Fn Sucks” I totally understand that. I think my thing is I can really identify with her. 2 small children, husband works all day, and even though I work too, I have the summer breaks, Christmas breaks, all the holidays that go with school. And I definitely don’t have the luxury of a nanny, but am fortunate to have my parents watch our kids so they don’t have to go to daycare. Anyway, point is Kristen brings something different to the show. And how could I forget our mutual love of THE KING OF ROCK N ROLL BABY!!! Elvis forever❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    I’ll throw my hat in here. I don’t think it’s that Ramona views anything Aviva has done as unforgivable, I think she just is wary about letting her back into her life. Aviva did grow up to be a highly successful, functioning adult, but her social skills are in the toilet and she flies off the handle a LOT (just like Ramona). I wouldn’t really want her in my life, especially when her friendship seems to include exposure to her father who she will wrongly and loudly and crazily defend.

    I understand Aviva has been through a lot, but there does come a time when you have to realize that if you’re going to be crazily confrontational to people for minor infractions, then people aren’t going to want to be around you. I know you like Aviva, TT, but she’s been all sorts of wrong too many times. That doesn’t mean she’s an awful person, she’s just really not someone people are going to want to deal with all the time. Look at the conversation with Carole about the ghostwriter; we didn’t see the whole conversation yet, but that was a HIGHLY offensive accusation, especially to someone like Carole.

    • Yeah, I know. and that is going to be the bash Aviva moment all season long. It was an awful thing to say. But if it were true,…..

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 12:22 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Lemondrop

        Well, if you read Carole’s latest book about a widow dating, you’ll believe Aviva is correct. It is sophomoric, and entirely unreadable – kind of like something one might expect of Brandi Glanville. It couldn’t possibly have been written by the same person who wrote What Remains.

    • No one even considers the POSSIBILITY that Aviva could be right….

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 12:22 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        You’re right, I’ll admit I don’t consider that Aviva could be right, but that’s because there’s no comprehensible reason why it would be right. Carole is highly educated and a writer by trade. However I’ll add that we’re only seeing a clip of the conversation, so I’m waiting to see what it really was about.
        The problem is that Aviva is just consistently confrontational, and while that doesn’t make her a bad person, it makes her someone no one wants to be around or have a conversation with. I’ll keep an open mind this season, for you TT, and I’m glad she’s trying to apologize and start off on the right foot (no pun intended!!!!!). But I think she probably needs a lot more therapy for all her issues.

  12. Maybe I’m off but I find the new girl attractive, didn’t say pretty. Very good looking woman.
    I want a snarky woman on this show instead of all the loud mean women.
    I considered Avivas white trash comment absolutely appropriate.
    Aviva met Romona for lunch last season then proceeded to tell her off and demand an apology. That really set Ramona off. She almost blew up.
    This housewife show was my favorite way back when it began, now it’s sad.
    I’m sad about how it’s evolved.

    • eastjames

      I’m sad too. They were showing reruns of old episodes last week and I missed how much I used to love to hate Alex and Simon and then watching Kellys descent into craziness and, of course, Bethenny calling Luanne a big dumb drag queen. I’m going to watch with hope in my heart!

  13. JentheAUfan

    Avivas problem is that no matter how smart she is she is too stupid to realize she isnt important to sonja and ramona. All season aviva wanted them to get her and like her and be proud of her and it became tirssome and made her look a little crazy. Ramona and sonja could care less because they make it all about themselves. Ive waited for years for the two to become tired of each other and split and it looks like this is my year! ……I bet ramonas eyes grt better distance than avivas tossed ls g!

  14. JoJo

    I missed the original airing and waiting for 2 more min. for the midnight replay.
    BUT, just finished watching WWHL. Sonja was a guest. As a favor to Andy she did an ‘Texas-themed Burlesque’ dance, that I’m sure Andy thought would be a 90 second-2 min. at most routine. Well after 10 freakin’ minutes, which was 9 minutes too long, I couldn’t believe Andy didn’t stop this boring nonsense.
    The only redeeming part of this never-ending ‘impromptu’ hoochie dance, was her skimpy little Dolly Parton/Dukes of Hazzard outfit finally covered her private parts – we didn’t get an accidental shot of her ass or front crack. But for a woman pushing 50, I can’t believe she thinks this stuff isn’t embarrassing and is cute!

    • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

      It went on WAAAAAAAAY too long. I kept wondering if Andy just didn’t have anything else for the show. However, Sonja is already 50, and her body is pretty amazing — it’s in much better shape than Brandi’s.

      • GCVLMV

        I really wanted it to end. I was embarassed for her. I don’t get why she thinks she is good at that! Is it suppose to be funny?

      • JoJo

        Her skirt & bustier were the only good part of this routine (not the wig). I did notice because it went on so long that she looked ‘cute’ in the short skirt & even the top fit her. Her legs looked nice.
        But I’m not so sure about her having the most banging body. I saw the pics on this site and in previews of this season doing her burlesque routine in a unitard, and her butt was rippled & sagging out of the bottom and her boobs were falling out of the sides and misshapen. So unless she went to 24 Hour Fitness for months after filming ended, I’m not sure about her body being ‘amazing.’
        But I only even mention this because she puts it out there wearing unitards & bikinis, talking about how great her ‘chassis’ is showing different men on the show this season. I will say she’s got a load of self-esteem to do that in front of millions. And her body is in better shape than mine, but I keep my iffy parts covered for humanitarian reasons :)
        But by all means she looked better last night in a better fitting outfit – although that burlesque routine was still a god-awful marathon :)

      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        HAHA, yeah I didn’t mean “Amazing” in general, just for a 50 year old and also in comparison to Brandi’s. Brandi is still thin but everything is aging super fast.
        That wig was nuts.

    • vivaladiva831

      I thought I was the only one who thought that was ridiculous. It was not burlesque….it was just strange. And yes way too long.

  15. lori

    The stuff bravo gets away with… blowjobs… really????? Nice way to make an entrance. Anyway, sorry TT, but I do not like Aviva at all. I highly doubt this season will change that for me, but we all know when it comes time to these shows anything can happen. The one you hate one season becomes your favorite the next. That I REALLY don’t see happening for me with her, but maybe I’ll at least like her a little). I will try to keep an open mind. This episode was boring, but the season looks like it may be good.

  16. Pam

    Many people have tragedies in their youth. Many of them do not come from wealthy families to offset said tragedies. They somehow manage to grow into somewhat likable adults. Aviva not so much. As much as I get irritated with the likes of Sonja and Ramona, I absolutely understand Ramona’s hesitation at allowing Aviva back into her life in any way. The bitch is fucking nuts and not in a Ramoner type way. I think she would have been nuts even if she hadn’t lost her leg and her mother. That excuse doesn’t play with me. As always with the beginning of each RH season I get my hopes up that it will be as it was in the beginning and not deteriorate into nothing but a fighting, attacking, and bashing weekly hour of tv. Chasing the dragon, as it were, for the high of that first hit. *sigh*

  17. The newbie is just not cutting it for me especially when she’s sitting at the restaurant waiting for her husband an he’s very late an I know that cuz that’s all she’s said sitting there , “But !! When he does walk in he kinda looked very shady to me so he sat down with Kristen gives her a gift that was some big ass diamond earrings then she saids “Now You are getting a Blow Job” , WHAT!! WTH is with this girl talking like that on camera it’s so rude an disgusting an Kristen says it again. I can’t stand a woman that talks like that an she’s a mom of 2 little ones. Really…. !!

    • JoJo

      Then you surely missed last season if the mention of blow job on camera amazes you. Carole said Sonja was “butt-fucked” in her talking head, while Sonja just described her midnight encounter as “bending over getting it from behind.” Although Carole isn’t a mother, but the recipient of the butt action, Sonja, is 😉

  18. Sari

    Agree to disagree about Aviva? (Well, since this is YOUR site, you really don’t have to agree to anything- lol)

    While I understand the legitimacy of Aviva’s phobias, she requires too much maintenance. Just thinking about being her friend makes me want to pour a drink. Or five.

    Kristen. Ugh. She’s pretty. Fine. But, any woman who jokes about her beauty compensating for a lack of intelligence makes me want to burn my bra. Don’t worry. I’m small chested, so it would be a small fire. But, seriously. She’s a flake. She’s not interesting in that, more tolerable, “quirky” sense. And, yes. Her discomfort with siting alone in a restaurant was odd. Way to send women back a few decades, Kristen!

    I’m reluctant to let go of Carole as the witty, intelligent, and (for real) professionally accomplished voice of sanity for RHONY. She filled the gap of reason left by Bethenny who, too, had moments of questionable judgement and crazy.

    I’m holding out hope.

  19. jrleaguer

    *I liked Aviva for part of last season, but I just cannot do it anymore. Yes, she has had awful things happen, but she has also been blessed with financial and educational advantages that a lot of people undergoing difficult circumstances have not.
    *For some reason, the new girl and her husband remind me of Taylor and Russell during their first few episodes.Sure hope I am wrong on that one!
    *While Ramona is not a favorite of mine, it will be sad to see a marriage continue to unravel on national TV…but hey, they signed up for it.
    *I go back and forth about Carol. I would think that with her talent and connections, she does not need this train wreck to help build a brand.
    *Sonja is Sonja. I would love to help her organize her home. Clutter equals chaos.
    *Still wonder what Heather’s husband’s family thinks of her being on this hot mess of a show. Her husband comes from a very well respected Rabbinical family.

  20. GCVLMV

    I went over to the other site, who’s name shall not be said, and saw that Luanne has written a blog, without being in the episode, as if she is a full blown housewife, not a firend. Girl cracks me up. Nobody puts Countess in a corner!

  21. puppylove

    I am sooooooo sick of all the fighting and backstabbing, it’s worse than junior high school. These are grown women. Weren’t they EVER schooled in manners. I not only don’t think so I know none of them were, money or not. They think if they have money they believe that is a free pass to act like asses, and boy do they. I couldn’t watch the whole show, I watched bits and pieces. The only thing I seem to remember about Aviva is that she spouts off and then spends the next several shows saying she is sorry for what she said and did. Don’t know if I can watch this crap anymore or not. Good luck gals, and guys. I seem to be cutting out more and more of the Bravo shows. I am only one so I’m sure they could care less.

  22. JoJo

    TT, I think the ‘vicious’ and ‘unforgiveable’ thing that Aviva may have done to Ramona was their one-on-one in the restaurant where Aviva eviscerated her without taking a breath or batting a fake eyelash. Whether it was true or not – calling her a sad drunk, uses Sonja and makes her get drunk to make herself look better in comparison, etc. – it was a pretty verbally vicious takedown. Ramona barely got a word in, and oddly didn’t bug-eye respond to much of it. She calmly got up and said she had an appointment.
    Maybe the litany of ugly words said to Ramona were so on point, Ramona didn’t have a response. But this happened after all of Aviva’s other odd interactions with all the girls in St. Bart’s. By this time, even the viewers thought Aviva popped her cork.
    And, I know they say you never get a second chance at make a first impression, but please don’t pull the plug yet on Kristen – yet. Pretend she isn’t tainted by Brandi’s friendship (they really have known each other before Brandi was married, I believe). I’m sure she’ll come up with something dumb, like they all do, on her own to dislike or even despise before season’s end.
    And I think Aviva despises Ramona, and feels no love from the rest either. So her doing shots and going to any length to make amends, I think is only so someone will film with her and she has a reason to be there!

    • THANK YOU JOJO! Finally someone answers the question. I recall that now. I can see how Ramona would call her vicious and find that meeting backstabby and unforgivable.

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 1:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        What I found odd about this, too, is at the reunion, when Andy tried to get out of Ramona specifics about how & why she felt attacked by Aviva, Ramona couldn’t (or wouldn’t) articulate this specific event and the specific words Aviva used.

    • vivaladiva831

      I think Ramona was just completely shocked and embarrassed into speechlessness by that. I think she forgets Aviva was a lawyer and probably pretty good at surprise attack arguments.

    • vivaladiva831

      I think Ramona was just completely shocked and embarrassed into speechlessness by that. I think she forgets Aviva was a lawyer and obviously pretty good at surprise attack arguments.

  23. GCVLMV

    I would agree. And to accept her back into her life without making her gravel would be to agree that the things she said were true. They were pretty vicious, true or not true.

  24. Belinda

    I think the newbie is much smarter and quicker than she is pretty ( although I certainly don’t think she is homely)……:so far, she is not unlikeable. Speaking of homely, while TT is fixated on Sonja’s hair, I cannot get past Heather’s nose ( or Carole’s mouth or Aviva’s face or Ramona’s entire persona).

    • JoJo

      I, too, don’t think she’s unlikeable so far, and likely smarter and quicker – than her dumbass tagline suggests. Her monumental failure is choosing the tag in an effort to be funny I think – so now I’m going to hope she is at least funny 😉

  25. spk

    Kristen and her husbands relationship just screamed “cheating” to me. When he showed up late and she pulled the lame “don’t leave me horrified in a restaurant alone” card, (you know, the one where you have nothing left to negotiate to get him to respectfully show up on time) …. and he gives her a set of schmancy earrings?! Straying maybe?

    It’s possible that Carole had the help of another writer for that book Aviva was Tweeting about. It wouldn’t surprise me if after many years working on the Dating Widow book, that the added publicity of RH put a lot of pressure on her from the publisher to write a follow-up book quick.

    NY used to be one of my faves but that preview that appears to show Ramona throwing a glass at Kristen in the lake and maybe cuts her face. Ugh. WTH.

  26. No one even broached the topic of the hideous light pink log chain around Kristen’s neck at Sonja’s tea party… When Kyle (RHOBH) nicked the chandelier to make the atrocious necklace she wears in her talking head, I truly believe Kristen made hers from the chain hanging it from the ceiling! What the ~FUCK~, ladies? I found myself shaking my head a lot during this season premiere…

    • It gave me serious pause. Sammiejane. All I could think is that these people are supposedly legitimately well off, and how much she must have paid for that thing. I also thought it might be nice if it was a statement piece on an all black dress. Maybe. I dunno, I thought about it.

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 5:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kitty Mamma

        @ TT: I really liked Kristen’s necklace. I thought the fact that it exactly matched her nude/light pink dress made it understated, yet it was still a statement piece. It reminded me of the hip-hop dookey chains from years ago. It seamed young and playful and classy at the same time.

  27. Sarah

    “But I really can’t stand women who can’t sit alone in a restaurant. I just don’t understand that breed of woman.” — And I always thought those strange looks I got when eating alone were all in my head :) I’m curious TT, why do you feel that way? For several years I worked as an account exec covering the Northeast & spent 5 days a week on the road travelling over 12 states. I never in a million years could have imagined walking into a restaurant by myself & having dinner alone but it’s surprising what consistently overcooked & cold room service meals will do to you.

    • Sarah

      I’ve seen it here many times – now it’s my turn — to respond to my own comment. Though I read that sentence 2x before commenting I still read it wrong. Since there’s no edit / delete function – just ignore my previous comment. Thanks :)

    • When I was about 16 I read a story in Cosmopolitan magazine that said that all women should be able to go out and eat in a restaurant, go to a movie alone and basically function in the world without needing someone there. I went to a movie by myself and didn’t even tell my parents I was going until I got home. I went to a nice restaurant and ordered dinner and read a book. I found the whole thing very grown up and thrilling. To this day I strongly prefer going to movies alone. I also have no problem popping in to nice restaurants and eating alone. When I do meet a friend for dinner somewhere, I think it is weird that they will not even go in and sit at a table an wait for me. It’s just something I have always found weird about women.

      A lot of times on vacations (alone) at resorts where I see the same people there for my entire stay people are always inviting me to dine with them. I generally accept but … I really kind of like lingering over dinner with a good book. I think women who are too insecure to do that are really missing out on one of life’s great pleasures.

      Or maybe I am just a hermit. lol

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 5:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

        I also love doing those things alone, although I don’t mind having company. But I never let being alone stop me and I always have a book with me. But also, I am a hermit too, so there’s that.
        I actually remember the very first time I went to the movies alone, it was for Green Card, haha, and I had a great time! Now, as a reviewer of theater and films, it just makes it easier to go alone sometimes.

      • Kitty Mamma

        TT: I understand how you feel. I left home as a teenager and have been living alone most of my adult life. I am very comfortable with my own company. I enjoy myself, and I get along with myself very well. I guess I’m a loner. And I’m okay with that.

      • GCVLMV

        I travel a lot for work and if I was unable to eat alone than I would never eat. :) It doesn’t bother me at all.

  28. JentheAUfan

    Have yall checked Twitter? Aviva is irate over carols blog called her and heayher liars and its funny

  29. JentheAUfan

    Right. She called them out and they went to snapping…..I told you I was bored and it doesnt take much to excite me….so boredom is wtf is wrong with me!!!!!!