Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Everyone Has Lost Their Damn Minds!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2014

We start with everyone headed to the big Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce party celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city. Carlton tries to play the peacemaker between Yolanda and Lisa by pulling Yo aside and trying to talk some sense into her.

Brandi and Kyle’s talking heads are ridiculous. Kyle says, “It didn’t have to get ugly, that was in Lisa’s hands.”  What exactly is Lisa supposed to do after she denied ridiculous allegations and everyone at the table starts jumping in and attacking her? I think leaving for the Four Seasons was the most polite thing she could have done.

Yolanda is the first to approach Lisa at the party. It was the typical fake smile, fake kiss, Beverly Hills crapola. The Kyle descends. Lisa says she was sorry that she had to leave early in Puerto Rico, but it was an impossible situation.  Yolanda is trying to take the crown for stupidest talking head pretending she was worried about Lisa and Ken who could have been dead on the side of the road. Seriously, you drive someone away from an event and then you are made at them for not kissing you goodbye? Shut your lemon hole, Yolanda. Yolanda saw on Instagram that Lisa and Ken were just down the road actually enjoying themselves and she’s pissed about that. Ken brings Lisa a glass of wine quickly greets Yolanda and moves on. Yolanda claims that she and Lisa didn’t have an issue in Puerto Rico.  Must be the Lyme Brain talking.

Yolanda thinks Lisa and Ken owe them an apology and an explanation!

RHOBH Kyle and Kim Tag Team

Expect to see this at the reunion.

Kim apologized to Ken and he accepted it and moved on. He did not say, oh Kim, it’s okay, we all shoot our mouths off from time to time.  He also didn’t say anything rude like, nice to see you working the steps and making amends. He just said okay, thank you and moved on.  This is unacceptable to Kim, how dare he not be kind to her?  The audacity of some of these people!

Brandi is getting drunk. She begins to display this by shooting her mouth off at Carlton. Carlton has made the mortal sin of speaking an opinion on a situation for which she was not present.  Worse yet, she is showing compassion for Lisa. Brandi is not amused.

Lisa pulls Kyle aside and tells her it is up to her to decide who to believe. They play back a scene from the luncheon at Carlton’s where Brandi asks Kyle about Mauricio’s cheating. Lisa immediately shuts Brandi down saying it is all bullshit. YOLANDA jumps in to say that there could be some truth to it. Now flash to present day and Lisa is the issue because she joked about Mauricio hanging out with Portia being the cause of the younger woman cheating rumors? I can’t with these women.

Meanwhile, Brandi is getting drunker and avoiding Lisa. Brandi says Lisa needs to apologize to her. Honestly? Is this just bad script writing or are these women this utterly clueless about what they have done?

Brandi finally stumbles over Lisa and drags her off to talk to her. About Scheana. Because that is what this entire set up is about. Lisa let Scheana have an engagement on her property.  Lisa gave Scheana a starring role on her spin-off. Lisa let Scheana work events at her house that would be on RHOBH. Scheana. Scheana. Scheana. Lisa tries to tell Brandi that she hurt her and Brandi says she doesn’t care, she doesn’t want to hear it, and this is not about Lisa being sad. I would have walked away right then. Unfortunately, it dragged out further and Brandi was a bitch.

Giggy has devil eyes!

Giggy has devil eyes!

Mauricio wants to talk to Ken. He had a frankenbite as they walked off saying he could forgive Ken. FOR WHAT? Mauricio and Ken can’t get their conversation finished before the bitches and Lisa arrive. Eventually, Yolanda tells Ken the girls are talking and he needs to butt out.  Wait, what?  The MEN were talking and you showed up to be a cunt satchel, Yolanda. Ken calls Yolanda stupid (I would have used much stronger language, but Ken is civilized) and Lisa and Ken leave.

Yolanda says that Lisa and Ken feel like they are above the rest of them, including her and her King David. Her end tag says she is on the verge of beating Lyme disease (which is not her diagnosis, her diagnosis is CHRONIC Lyme disease, big difference) and that they are selling their Malibu home to be closer to Beverly Hills. Which is like the fifth reason she has given for moving.

Carlton gave the controversial necklace back to Kyle. Kyle gave it to Joyce. Joyce left it on the front step and it disappeared. Carlton’s lack of a more interesting tagline makes it look like she is out.

Joyce will be crowning the second “Queen of the Universe” soon.

I really liked seeing the women get caked up with makeup talking to their glam squads about their anxieties. I thought it was interesting that the stylists shortened the dress Joyce wore on site. Brandi is delusional as hell again. She is crying to Ken saying it’s mean of him to drop her from his life? Really? I’m surprised they put up with her this long.  Do you think this reunion will be exciting or have we already seen all the best moments?


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149 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Everyone Has Lost Their Damn Minds!

  1. Denise

    This was the worst episode by far. Boring. Tired of hearing about tabloid gate.

  2. the reunions are always the best. It’s crazy because you know they’re all over it (well they should be anyway, 6 months gone by, sheesh) but then they just watched it so now it’s twice as painful…but it’s all dumb. You won’t apologize for being mean, but everyone else who was mean doesn’t have to apologize. Your acceptance of my apology wasn’t good enough! I NEED TO KNOW YOU REALLY ACCEPT IT!!! Crazy. All of them.

  3. WhyOWhy

    Man, after last night, I felt for Lisa and Ken. No matter what they say or do, they can’t win. These women have honed in on them and are determined to take them down. Also, what the hell was with the Kyle motorboating her friend’s boobs? I sat there watching this whole episode thinking “who beyond a bunch of college fraternity boys does ANY of this at a party?” And then I felt bad because I insulted college fraternity boys.

    I would not be surprised if Lisa and Ken said eff it and left the show. They have a good thing with VR and they will be just fine.

    • Bella

      lmfao about insulting fraternity boys. You’re a funny one. I agee with you.

      Yolanda made me so sick. She has this deep rooted hatred for Ken and Lisa which has probably been there all along. Would love for Lisa to have her own show other than VR. Would be great to see it beat HW ratings These people are not on Lisa/Ken’s level. Mauricio looked like his breath smelled of another woman’s vagina. Gross I know but that’s how he looked to me.

      • joleeface

        Yolanda probably always resented the fact that her ex, Mohammed, admires and considers Lisa a great friend.

      • jrleaguer

        @joleeface~ Good point. I forgot that Mohammad is friends with Ken and Lisa.

      • I agree with you both ^ 100% , I just can’t anymore with Brandi, Yoyo an Kyle an Kim these wenches are just sad cases that are backstabbing Lisa an at this point I don’t care for the #RHOBH anymore cuz of all 4 of them nasty *itch that also have no idea what time it really is.

      • Anna

        Bella!! What? Mauricio looked like….. how does that look?

    • Amber

      I totally agree! Ken and Lisa should leave the show at this point it does absolutely nothing but hurt everything they have worked so hard for. I’m so sick of watching all this drama over petty she said she said bull$#!+. If Lisa left the show I wouldn’t watch at all anymore. The other women are boring as can be and I’m so sick of Yolanda and her fakey fakeness. I think either that Lisa needs to go and they can cancel what’s left of this boring show or keep Lisa fire all the others and find a new cast of successful women who are truly interesting and have real genuine relationships with the rest of the cast, like the relationships we see in Shahs.

    • jrleaguer

      I brought my three frat boys up to know that motorboating in public is poor form. :)

    • I was wondering the same about the motorboating. Especially since they were at such a classy function.

      • puppylove

        Kyle was looking for attention again. “me, me, me,” If she only knew how absolutely STUPID she looked. She has no idea how to act in public at a classy function. NO manners what so ever!!!!!!!!!

    • Jan

      Oh my word, where to start. Had it w/the silly, SILLY “friendship” issues. Acting like elementary school girls “do you like me & want to be my friend, check yes or no”, is ridiculous ….Kyle!! What grown person has to ask an acquaintance/friend that? No one I know. I have had it w/RHBH. This was the worst season from the get-go. And speaking of going, I hope somebody cleans the house w/this year’s cast & gets others with an interesting life. Kyle pretending she works & knows her husband would never cheat (yeah right) , Kim pretending she has a life outside of her daughter while having no respect/dignity for herself(telling Ken to shut up old fool…who does that?), Joyce pretending she has substance while talking over top of others & running her hands through her hair repeatedly(she is so fake) & going off on Brandi, only while when had back-up from husband—-ick….who is he?), Carlton pretending to be a witch & sexual “explorer” (please), Brandi pretending to “date” & jacking her jaws or her tongue or whatever is really wrong with her mouth this season (too much dentistry, she can’t even talk clearly & it isn’t always the alcohol),Yolanda pretending to care @ any of the girls & have them as her “friends” &.really why is she on the show? Being married to Mr. Music Man should be everything. Lisa pretending to care @ any of the others’ silly, immature & waste-of-time pure nonsense of fabricated issues! They were really se very desperate this year for story and this group still didn’t come up with one. Guess we kept hoping the next episode would be better, but we were wrong, I turned to watch something else many times this season b/c it was so redundant & silly. Please clean house for the next season. Already heard that Kim is not coming back as per Bravo & was it Carlton or Joyce not returning also? Glad this hot mess season is over!!

  4. jrleaguer

    Wish that Yolo would take some of David’s mega bucks and buy some decent conditioner! I held my breath every time she walked past a fire pit.
    I do not blame Lisa for leaving Hotel Hell….I would have been a lady and left too….but I would have left a 3am wake up call for each of them as a parting gift.

    • WhyOWhy

      A wake up call would have been awesomely hilarious! Lisa’s leaving was her way of saying “Bless your heart….bitches”

    • WHAT IS WRONG with her hair??? Is it too much peroxide? Or bad extensions? How does she not see how terrible it looks? I feel bad for judging her looks, but she’s a model! I hope if my hair ever looked that bad that SOMEONE would tell me, and I’m not even on TV!

      • At one point* early on in the show, I paused to blog that I thought Yolanda looked stunning and really pulled off Hollywood Glam. As I paused, the TV stopped on a closeup of her face. It looked horrible. She really did look sick. Yet, in other shots she looked perfect, I take that as a testament to what guazey lenses and lighting can do. *

        *I realize that I am in the midst of hormonal storms more often than not, and that is why I probably see it everywhere but all of these women are in the age group for hormonal insanity. I think Yolanda’s issues could be hormonal, at least in part. She is usually much more reserved. Her bizarre outbursts and snapping at Ken, muchlike Kim’s were weird and out of character. * *Today I am productive, in a pleasant mood and enjoying the day. Tomorrow I may be contemplating drowning a sack of innocent kittens. Hormones are like that. *

        *Or maybe I am just trying too hard to find excuses for Yolanda. *

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 2:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Glad you are feeling better today TT! (but I’ll make sure to keep the kittens indoors tomorrow)

        I think Yolanda is very beautiful as well (except for that hair). But she hasn’t exactly been pretty on the inside lately. These shows just give us the tip of the iceberg – and only the berg that they WANT us to see. Perhaps something more is going on with her relationship with David (her dream house up for sale is weird to me), or she is really suffering from her eldest going off to school, or like you say, she is at the age where hormones could be a factor. I hope she does get over it, I’d like to get back to liking her:)

      • puppylove

        Not only her hair. I have never seen Yo with a dress that was the least bit classy. I think she thinks she is 18, in a 50 something body. There is nothing wrong with 50 either. I am older than that, but lets face it , the way she dresses is atrocious. Her choice in clothes stinks. I am not saying her body is bad, just her choice in clothes for the occasions she attends. I would think since she is married to king David she would want to look better. .

      • I think she has a rockin’ bod for any age, but I agree that her choices seem a bit “young”. Plus her wardrobe is a broken record; everything is monotone and skin tight. Hey Yo, variety is the spice of life!

  5. sadly for me the only bright spot this time was joyce, kim, & michael walking into the room where one of the women say they are a threesome and michael says “well, well, well, let’s have a drink first.” lol

  6. RVA

    obviously the writers hit a block…much ado over a damn tabloid?!
    they couldn’t think of something else for them to be mad at Lisa for?
    the whole premise is just stupid.

  7. sandra

    Where was the…Checkmate.BITCH!!!???

    • Amber

      Sandra you are so funny

    • You’re right, it was missing. I was trying to remember if the cabana thing they were sitting on was the backdrop in the preview of her saying that.

      • terry macon

        TT do you think Kyle was correct when she said yolanda did
        Talking bad about lisa in Paris?

    • Gingersnap

      Bravo didn’t show the “checkmate, BITCH” discussion. Lisa mentioned it in her Bravo blog though. They teased us with it and then when the time comes, they edit it out. WHY? I waited all season and they edit it out? JACKHOLES!

      • Jakies mom

        Because Brandi didn’t checkmate The plan backfired and Lisa came off smelling like a rose while Brandi and Yolanda came off looking like fools.

  8. I think I had the same confused look on my face as Lisa did throughout the episode. I just don’t understand what the drama is about – and I’m sure the reunion will be just as deluded.

    Also, SO tired of hearing Kyle whine “just tell me if you’re my friend”. I would have walked away too.

    And what is with Yolanda?? Her whole beef with Lisa is that she didn’t come to Gigi’s fingerpainting party?? Then she implies that her King David is too good to talk to Ken? At least Ken shows up to defend his wife. I rewound the scene with Ken “touching” Yo – I think he just gently put his hand on top of hers, she made it into a huge deal. I think not enough carbs and too many lemons for that one.

    TT you’re so right about the turn of events – at Carlton’s luncheon BRANDI brings up the tabloids out of no where, Lisa defends Kyle and Yo says where there’s smoke there’s fire but now LIsa is to blame for it all??

    At this point I think Kyle wrote the articles and paid the magazines to run them just so she could get more attention. She won’t let it die.


    This is supposed to be some swanky party but the drinks are served in plastic cups??

    Kyle (“I grew up int his town”) just puts the “k” in klassy by attending a fancy swanky BH party by 1. Walking in like she just got off a 12-hour shift on a horse, 2. Downing shots and making “ewww” faces, 3. Feeling up another woman’s breasts and then motorboating said woman. REALLY???

    Also, I’m calling bullshit on the party itself. I looked at the BH Centennial events calendar and didn’t see anything along the lines of this party listed. Plus, for such a big deal party, were there even 100 people there?? There were more at Carlton’s husband’s work party. And everyone there seemed to be a guest of the housewives. Me thinks production completely set this party up, which is fine, but don’t make it out to be something it’s not. Oh hell, if I held them to that, there wouldn’t be a show….

    Interesting to watch Carlton slowly.back.away as she discovers the real Brandi.

    • jrleaguer

      @Emma~ Don’t forget her schlepping her Kaftans by Kyle paper bag in full view for everyone to see. :)

      • Of course, had to get that advertising in there – how was she able to get her name bigger than the bag it’s printed on??

        I always laugh at her opening montage when she says (paraphrasing) “I’m from this town, I know what’s real and what’s not” – and when she says “what’s not” the video is of her standing in front of her caftan store!

      • jrleaguer

        @Emma~ Ever notice that Kyle and Kim’s dresses swallow them in the opening credits? Surely, Kaftans by Kyle has the number of at least one decent seamstress.

      • WhyOWhy

        I am dying at “Kaftans by Kyle.”

      • jrleaguer, let’s quick by the URL for “” – we’ll make millions!!!!!

      • I love me a Kaftan. Or Muu Muu, or tent dress ……

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 4:32 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jrleaguer

        @Emma~ I’m in….plus one of my sons works in social media…it will be huge! 😉

      • Although after seeing her walk in the short dress tonight, like some cartoon cowboy, I’m starting to understand why she wears dresses/pants that are 9 inches too long;)

    • I totally agree with you on the “swanky party” with plastic cups.

      And the party was at the Beverly Hilton? Sorry, but it didn’t look as though it had been updated in several decades.

      • Ack! Y’all are making my “quick break to check the blog” Last forever because I keep thinking of things I did not say on the blog I meant to say. THE CUPS were driving me crazy but the RHOBH cast had actual stemware! The other thing that bugged me is that Lisa was drinking white wine at first and later switched to red. The glass changed to be the correct shape for red and was therefore bigger. The glass was also quite full. I kept waiting for there being a reason for that wine change. I was totally waiting for Brandi to “accidentally bump her” sending that red wine all over her white dress.

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 3:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TT, did you see Ken fill Lisa’s red wine glass with white wine from his own glass? If I wasn’t imagining that (a definite possibility), I wonder why he didn’t just hand her the full glass?

      • Both of those glasses contained white. Ken went to get her another glass and since she wasn’t finished with the first one, he gave her a refill and took the glass back to the bar. Just another way that Ken is the perfect man.

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 4:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

      I have to admit I didn’t watch this season. I was drawn in a little bit, curious as to who and why would anyone defile Lisa Vanderpump almighty goddess. But let me just say Kyle Richards is a passive aggressive bitch. Who really enjoys putting her sister’s faults and imperfections on blast, supports Kim’s enemies ( taylor) and gets groups to gang up on her and then tears up the moment someone even frowns at her. I can’t stand her.

      And I used to feel sorry for Kim, but she gets balls when she is ready I suppose. She went Ham and Bananas on Lisa’s husband. So if she wants to be complicit in the way that her sister undermines her, more power to her. She should stay in her “victim” lane and leave the fights to the big girls.

      • Diva

        I agree about Kim. *And* she needs to take a GOOOOOD look at herself in the mirror w/o makeup, before she has the audacity to call anyone else “old.” That sun damage all over her dried up, wrinkly face makes her look every bit as OLD as Ken.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ Emma: The reason that they were drinking out of plastic cups might have been the policy of the venue due to no glass in the pool area. (I realize we saw Lisa and others drinking out of stemware later.)
      And it ridiculous that the only thing Yo has to get upset about in her life is finger paint. She is the epitome of petty.

  9. Thanks for your great review TT. It helped put things in perspective about what we all saw last night.

    It is now clear that everyone thought Yolanda could take Lisa down with style and class – when in fact Yolanda just made herself look extremely petty. Yolanda took every opportunity to butt in to every Lisa situation she could, and all she succeeded in doing was making herself look even worse.

    Yolanda did look beautiful in that white dress, but she sure didn’t look pleased when her own date told Lisa how beautiful she looked – Yolanda just looked down made some remark under her breath and then walked away.

    The only good thing that happened is that Ken and Mauricio seemed to have mended their friendship in only that way that guys can do. I’m sure Mauricio got in trouble for that all the way home. But Mauricio probably stuck to bro code and blew it off.

    Y’know women could take a note from guys in that regard, but we won’t because we’re way too petty

  10. Yolanda comes up and interrupts Ken’s convo with Mauricio but Ken is the rude one? And what was up with the slurring she did in that scene? Oh right, blame the Lyme disease that kept her locked up for 18 mos except when they were filming apparently. Funny to me as well is during filming Yolanda kept taking Brandi’s side about the mags yet after filming ended now she admits she never saw them either. WTF. Oh and Joyce leaving the regifted necklace on the front steps for it to disappear is hilarious.

    I didn’t watch about half the season, around the middle, but they drew me back in the last couple of episodes. I am looking forward to the reunion. I really hope Mauricio watched the scene where Ken and Lisa were talking about the rumors (when in their living room) and Ken staunchly defended him. Then Mauricio can eat crow and apologize for doubting his friend.

    Also the preview for the reunion looks good. Watching Yolanda break her neck turning so fast to make remarks to Joyce was funny. I’m guessing Joyce had her wake up about the PR trip right before they filmed the reunion.

    • JentheAUfan

      Remember brandi made yolanda mad over the whole miami housewife johanna had sex with yos ex and brandi went wild with it. Then Yolanda denied it and got upset. I wonder when this happened and if its y yo is backtracking

      • After seeing a little more of the real Yo, doesn’t it make you wonder if Yo didn’t plant the story with Brandi, knowing she’d tell the world and it would embarrass Mohamed (who has been so complimentary to Lisa??) It’s all making sense….

    • Karma Grant, yes Yo said 18 months, then on her blog she writes 9 months…. Yo did seem unnecessarily cruel to Joyce on the reunion preview – didn’t she say something like “I’m glad I’m not married to you!” I’m sure Joyce thought, “ditto, bitch!” I think Yo was insinuating Joyce talked too much, unlike in Yo’s marriage where she probably has to ask for permission to speak…. (okay, that was mean!)

    • beth

      When I read that Yolanda interrupted Ken, then accused him of butting into the women’s business, I instantly flashed on NeNe telling Peter to stay out of women’s business after *she* comes up to him and asks him why he is mad at her. What is wrong with these women?

      If google results are to be believed, Ken is 56, and Kim is 49 – where does she get off referring to him as an old man?

      • Barbara R.

        There are a lot of discrepancies about both Lisa’s and Ken’s ages on the internet but Lisa has always said that she is 16 years younger than Ken. She admits to 53 or so.

      • Lisa is 52, Ken is 65 and Kim turns 50 in September. He is old. She’s still rude :)

  11. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Enough about tabloidgate. What was up with Kyle’s dress and her low-hanging boobs? That thing was hideous on her and get a support bra.

    • Agree about Kyle’s awful dress (as usual). And it’s funny, when TT had the first look at the ladies in their reunion outfits, I thought Kyle looked okay but that Lisa’s outfit was a clear miss. After seeing bits of the reunion on this episode, I’ve done a 180 – Kyle’s dress is not at all flattering but I thought Lisa looked much better in hers. Although it might be an empathetic reaction to the way both Lisa and Ken were treated on this episode.

      • No I felt the same way. The dresses photographed completely differently than they looked on camera. I liked Lisa’s dress on TV sitting down….

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 3:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. Angela B

    Watching this episode made my stomach hurt. Brandi gave the best explanation for their treatment of Lisa on WWHL when she said that Lisa is perfect. That’s not what Lisa thinks, it’s what they think, so they keep trying to take her down. Kyle would be friends with Lisa again if only she would grovel at her feet like Camille. For Kyle and Adrienne I think it was professional jealousy. For Yolanda it’s that her ex King thinks Lisa is the perfect woman and she’s probably one of the few women he respects and admires. Yolanda has probably hated her for years. And with Taylor, Kim, and Brandi, they hate Lisa because she is emotionally stable and never makes a fool out of herself on camera like they do.

    It’s really sad and I’ve been more upset by this season than I should be by a tv show. I think it’s reached a level of toxicity that’s going to require some major cast changes next season. I think we’ve witnessed what happens when a successful, happy person without a personality disorder goes on reality television. Maybe it’s why they hate Joyce too, except Kyle, because Joyce is kissing her ass…but now that she’s siding with Lisa, watch out.

    Any thoughts about why they edited out Brandi’s “I’ve just checkmated you, bitch” comment? I’m afraid it means they plan on keeping her on the show.

    • “I think we’ve witnessed what happens when a successful, happy person without a personality disorder goes on reality television.”

      Exactly. The “problem” with Lisa is that she doesn’t have one and the rest of these women are insecure and jealous of her.
      That is what I think is going on with Kim and Kyle.
      I agree that Yolanda is likely jealous that Mohammed has so much respect for Lisa. That along with Lyme Disease related issues are making her act out irrationally.
      As for Brandi: Good lord. She’s like a hurt child that’s testing Mom and Dad by being as awful as possible. She’s seeing how far she can push them before they reject her completely. What she wants more than anything is for Lisa to PROVE her love for her by rejecting Scheana in some manner. Brandi is such a damaged destructive person. She really needs help.

      The sad thing is I bet Lisa WOULD take Brandi back but Ken won’t. Kim’s description of Lisa as only loving her spouse, Giggy and Pandora really describes Ken IMO. He could take or leave any of these women but I think Lisa was a legit LOYAL friend to both Kyle and Brandi.

  13. AMTraveler

    Can I just say how much I LOVED the moment when Ken remarked to Yolanda how “if your husband ever showed up to these events, I would speak with him instead”! Yolanda actually snarled – she seemed so unhinged by the comment. Methinks Ken might have stumbled upon a sore spot for Mrs. Foster. She has made herself look absurd on this show – I cannot imagine that David is pleased by this – especially as he tried so hard to publicly drive her back on her alleged original track of using this as a platform for a health spinoff, or whatever it was that he announced to the media.

    • thedisher

      I loved that line from Ken! You know that killed Yolanda — she prides herself on her relationship & always says on her twitter, “be wise, keep romance alive” yet David is never around. She snarled that David would never want to hang around with the likes of Ken — yet she complains that Ken & Lisa are the ones who think they are “above” everyone else. I thought she was smarter than to be dragged into this b.s. “tabloidgate.” I agree with others that she has an underlying issue with Lisa that has something to do with Mohamed.

    • i did not like that comment at all. he said that a few times. for a man who likes to think of himself as a gentleman, that was a cheap shot.

      • He is a gentleman. He displayed much more grace and decorum than I would have. I thought he really bit his tongue and should have blasted her. She was so nasty and in full attack mode when she went after Ken. I would have definitely lashed back and unfortunately would have sunk to her level. I also think when he called her stupid (twice) that was mild. Yolanda came across rude, superior and abusive.

  14. ScrappieOne

    Shut your lemon hole. OMFG that is great. Ken is my hero once again. I love him. Kim needs to have a seat and shut up. She is absolutely clueless of her own actions and uses her addiction as an excuse and no one is allowed to hold her past behavior against her. She needs to go. Brandi oh Brandi, I have nothing more to say about this lying flea bag. I’m do glad that Lisa and Ken will no longer associate themselves with her. She really messed up a true friendship but then again this is Brandi who will sell her own father up the road to make a buck.

  15. Oh and Brandi needs to get off the Scheana thing about Lisa wanting Brandi to talk to her about being engaged.

    Brandi turned that scene around in her favor when she told Scheana that because of Scheana, Brandi doesn’t believe in marriage lasting forever anymore.

  16. O.O

    Sigh, I think it’ll be like all the other reunions since Brandi has joined the cast . Her yelling the three words she knows how to say Her crying about the others making her look bad to her sons ( what a joke . its a wonder that her ex doesnt file for them )Kyle and Kim looking shocked and trying to defend their mean woman behavior. Yolanda thinking that her poise and accent sets her apart from the others and hides who she really is ( off topic :I find it strange that she has three children but only mentions Gigi) I’m not sure what Carlton and Joyce will do . (I thought I had Carlton pegged but I was wrong ,she seems to favor fairness , I think ). I think that this time Lisa will break down and cry which will make us love her more . The Coup the Beverly High School mean woman Gang cooked has failed miserably.

  17. GCVLMV

    I am amused about Brandi’s comment next week about Joyce’s Ice skating dress after what she paraded into that party in last night . That dress was the definition of Ice Dancing, not to mention it was so tight it gave her back fat. It was also so short I hope she had on ice skating bloomers underneath, but I kind of doubt it.

    • wait. It gave Joyce back fat???? The woman doesn’t have any fat. Like zero fat. She is skin and bones. It had to be fabric bunched up or something. No way could Joyce have even a microgram of fat.

      • GCVLMV

        No, I was commenting on the dress that Brandi wore to the BH party on the finale. It was very ice dancingish. Very short and so tight that it made her skin bulge out of her cutouts. I found it ironic that she commented on Joyce’s dress when hers fit the bill so much better.

    • SO TRUE!!! And I have to admit I even paused to take in the back fat….

    • Ooooohhh. Sorry GC. Obviously thought you were talking about Joyce! Brandi’s dress at the 100th BH birthday is what you commented. I noticed the dress was too short but didn’t pay enough attention to notice any details.

    • Not Joyce’s fault. Her dress was originally longer, but the Bravo minions made it shorter. You can see them hemming it up in one of the reunion previews.


    I’m clearly in the minority here but I actually believe Brandi on this one. Lisa’s denials just aren’t believable. In the past when Adrianne accused her of leaking stories to the tabloids, she went nuts. She’s just shrugging this off and I’m not convinced. Plus she did make that inappropriate comment in front of Kyle, Mauricio and Portia. I believe that she’s still holding a grudge against Kyle and attempted to use Brandi’s unfiltered ways to do it. I also believe Brandi when she says that Lisa used her for Vanderpump Rules. Remember that the first episode of VR was of Brandi talking with Scheana. I’ve always felt that Lisa exploited Brandi in this regard. I’m sure Brandi agreed but then it kept happening and happening and Lisa suggesting that Brandi say something to Scheana about her engagement was not what a friend would do. Lisa clearly was setting something up for tv. I love Lisa and Ken but I think that Brandi is being truthful on this one.

    • RVA

      If i’m not mistaken, Lisa says (either on twitter or in her blog, forgive me for forgetting which) that production set that one up. she says that when she objected to brandi and scheana meeting, they insisted.

    • brillke

      I don’t really feel that Lisa’s comment about Mauricio and Portia was inappropriate. To me, it seemed as if Lisa was just addressing the elephant in the room and trying to say there, we gave the stupid rumors attention, no need to bring them up again.

      I was a big fan of Yolanda’s but I cannot believe her overreaction to Ken. She acted as if he grabbed her, mauled her in some way, and went on and on about being called stupid all while acting stupid. Maybe she’s allergic to lemons and birthday cake is the only cure? If so, she’s a goner.

      Someone mentioned Kens comment about if Yolanda’s husband ever showed up, he would talk to him and how it had struck a nerve and I completely agree. I loved him for saying that. I adore Ken.

      Kim’s apology followed by her stupid talking head where she’s pissed Ken didn’t go all unicorns and rainbows about said apology really made me admit I don’t like Kim. I’ve tried to be very supportive of Kim and her sobriety and made many excuses for her behavior but she’s just a spoiled, entitled bitch. Hell, Kingsley will probably get tired of her shit too and get his own place before long.

      The plastic cups at such a swanky event bothered me too. If this party was supposed to be for Beverly Hills 100th and have what I assume is supposed to be influential people attend, why were Brandi’s three model friends there?

      I heard everything Brandi said as blahblahblah. She’s trying to force Lisa to cut Scheana out of her life completely. It’s a her or me thing and I don’t think Brandi expected Lisa to say no, I won’t do that. Brandi’s so used to saying but I love you and giving her sad-Brandi face and getting her way. She really had a friend in Lisa and Ken and will regret this power play she fucked up so badly one day.

      When the camera pulled away, did y’all see Kyle start dancing in front of everyone? That, along with her motor boating that chick and her Botox comment during the speech just proves she has to be the center of attention. Kyle really thinks the show is the Kyle Show. Sorry Kyle but Lisa still HBIC despite everyone’s best efforts.

      • Lisa brought up cheating rumors in front of Kyle’s daughter. She never apologized for such behavior even though Kyle was immediately hurt by it. Go back and watch the scene. Lisa doesn’t apologize for anything, yet expects one from everyone else.

        Lisa’s just a softie when it comes to criticisms. No one even has any groundbreaking gripe with her (except Brandi, but she’s delusional), and she can’t even handle it.

      • brillke


        I remember the scene well, no need to go back and watch it, and I still don’t see what all the fuss is about. Lisa didn’t say hey Portia, is daddy test driving you a new mommy? No, she jokingly said oh, this is what the tabloids are talking about when they say they saw Mauricio was with a younger woman as Mauricio and Portia walked into the room. As I said before, I saw it as a way to acknowledge the rumors, show you don’t give them any credibility and support Kyle. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think so.

      • You’re not wrong/ JD is um, quite attractive. If he had a tagline it would be the same as the new chick on RHONY….see where I am going with this? Now let’s not talk over his pretty little misguided head. I like pretty things. :)

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 5:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • LOL Actually, my friends say my tagline is: “Like my chai tea, I keep things spicy!” but I am pretty and air-headed at times, so I’ll take that one too.

        On topic, let’s pretend this is a show where two people are ~real~ friends. It doesn’t matter rather we think it was an innocent joke or not on Lisa’s part. Kyle was upset by Lisa’s joke, and she should have apologized as her friend. Kyle takes her family seriously and didn’t want this stuff on tv. Yolanda/Brandi/Lisa ALL kept initially bringing the rumors up unprovoked.

        Now… allegedly Mauricio is….well I won’t even go there, but that’s besides the point. Ken has been the only good friend in this entire scenario, and I love him!!

      • JentheAUfan

        I can assure you that portia has heard about the tabloids. Kyle cant shut up about them. I imagine Portia has sat thru many of these discussionions silently praying for kyle to fucking zip it

      • brillke, still LMAO at:

        “Hell, Kingsley will probably get tired of her shit too and get his own place before long.”

        And maybe Kim can cry at the tropical themed backyard party for his emancipation. Including the part where Lisa RSVPs “no” but sends a Tiffany collar yet will never be forgiven by Kim….

    • thedisher

      I agree with you — though I think only elements of it are true, but I think Brandi exaggerates & the punishment didn’t fit the crime. I think it was probably more like joking around about bringing it down there. Just like Lisa joked with Yolanda & Brandi about bonding with Kyle by just putting your house on the market. But, these chicks were relentless to get a confession, so that they could crucify her. It’s all they had, it was petty & they clearly wanted to scapegoat her as a group. It just wasn’t that big a deal, IMO. But, she couldn’t explain it away, because of the way they attacked her with their group. United in their jealousy of LV.

    • GCVLMV

      The one reason I don’t think Lisa did it is because I believe that she would have come clean with Ken. Something along the lines of “Yeah, I bloody did it, but I was joking and I didn’t want Kyle to find out because she freaks out over everything!” (Tha’s my english accent). Ken was so adament that Lisa didn’t do it, even after time had passed, that I don’t believe it. I don’t see Lisa keeping anything from Ken.

      • GCVLMV

        I feel stupid replying to myself, but I do enjoy my own company :) Anyway, I wanted to chime in and agree that the whole Portia thing was silly. It was an attempt to be light and it went right over Portia’s head. If the complaint which they seem to be eluding to is that Lisa only shows concern during filming then I can see a problem, but I think her attitude is tabloid stories or stupid and discussing them is stupider.

      • ITA about the Portia thing. It’s a joke that would happen in my own family. I saw nothing wrong with it but of course Kyle had to get offended at something and that was her first choice.

    • i agree with you, lorinyc. i stopped liking brandi this season but i believed her. lisa was way too evasive, no matter how much she tried to recover that in her talking head and blogs.
      guess i disagree with the majority here re portia. perhaps it’s been way too long since lisa had a little one in her home but kids pick up EVERYTHING. you can bet portia asked what that was about. it WAS funny, but not appropriate around a child.


      I agree…IMO, we’ve seen many scenes in which Lisa has been snarky and implied that Maurico could be cheating. Not to mention the scene in Kyle’s kitchen….one in which Lisa wants all to believe she is just being cute. She got what she wanted to say in a very clever way….with Portia being the
      “other woman”….BUT, she had her say. One being with Ken where Ken very emphatically he doesn’t believe the rumors. Also, she has implied Maurico cultivates relationships to get business. IMO, Lisa is not the nice person she wants viewers to believe she is. In one of Kim’s blogs she says that viewers would see a side of Lisa we hadn’t seen before….and I believe we are now seeing it.

  19. Judi

    You know the old saying … “methinks the lady doth protest too much” well I feel as though it is perfect for Kyle because everyone has seen the tabloid pix and knows that Mauricio is a cheater. Does she think that by constantly bringing up the fact that it’s a lie will really change anyone’s perception of reality? It’s such a laugh and I feel for her but wake up and smell the happned and no amount of tearful denails will change that.

    And Yolanda, why don’t you shut up. Mind your own business and stay out of Lisa and Kens. The tabloids are saying that your marriage is in trouble and weren’t you the one who said “where there’s smoke there’s fire” when speaking about what the tabloids said about Kyle and Mauricio. Your husband is rude and horrible and you just wish he had an ounce of what Ken has. You are so jealous of Lisa and Ken that venom drips out of every pore. When you say you have a lot in common with Kim I can understand why…you are the two most boring people on the show.

    I love Lisa–not going to deny it. She is classy and beautiful and successful and a lot of the other women are jealous of her. Brandi just threw away the best friend she ever had. Good riddance to bad rubbish. No wonder Eddie Cibrian left a bitch like that. So what if Lisa is friends with Scheana? There’s no law that people shan’t have more than one friend. Grow up.

  20. I just read Joyce’s blog from this week – it’s really very perceptive and impressive.

    I think Joyce has called it like we see it.

  21. JentheAUfan

    Yolo began turning away from brandi after the johanna drama. I wonder if it was before of after reunion

  22. jelley

    Thanks for blogging! Hope you’re having a great day :)

  23. Beverly

    Yolanda complains about Lisa only visiting her once while she was sick. I’d like to know how many times any of the other ladies visited her. I would be surprised if anyone visited all that many times.

    Someone one on this blog mentioned how Kyle walked into this party as someone who just got off a horse. I noticed that too. It was awful. If you didn’t notice, you should watch it again. It was absolutely gross.

    What do you think Kyle and Kim’s sister, Kathy, thinks about these two axxes on this show. No wonder we never see her. She probably embarrassed.

    • Yolanda also complained that Lisa didn’t attend her swearing in as a US citizen, but none of the other HW went, besides BFF Brandi. Gee, is it really so unreasonable for Yo to expect Lisa to be with her every time she goes out in public (with Bravo cameras following)? I’m sure Yolanda has accompanied Lisa to the Pump construction site many times!

  24. Everyone has different legitimate issues with Lisa except for perhaps Brandi, whose insecurity is the issue between them. I don’t know why Lisa is playing the victim, when she should just apologize to Kyle/Yolanda/Kim and be done with it. After seeing the entire season, I must say, Brandi has NO case against Lisa… she’s simply a jealous insecure friend.

    I can’t wait to see Lisa get smacked down on the reunion some more. Dream Team <3

    • brillke

      Why does Lisa owe Yolanda and Kim an apology? I know why you think Kyle’s owed one, and I disagree, but I’m not sure why Lisa would owe the other two an apology.

    • beth

      J.D., I asked you in another post weeks ago, or so, to be more specific about the so-called malicious things Lisa has said to Kyle, and all you ever mention is the Portia/Mauricio joke for which you feel she ought to have apologized. Now, Lisa also owes Yolanda and Kim an apology? Huh?

      • Oh sorry, Beth dear!! I don’t have the emails sent to me for when people reply, so sometimes I don’t check back. Sorry for the lack of response.

        Yolanda: she is owed an apology, because I really believe Lisa has been a “hollywood friend”. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but because Lisa/Yo have REAL LIFE ties, I think their friendship meant more to Yolanda, and she just wanted confirmation on where they stood. This is where the crux of their issue is. Lisa’s excuse was that Yo lives 45 minutes away. So you can’t find time to visit your sick friend off camera in 6 months? OK, I guess Vanderpump is VERY BUSY like Nene.

        Kim: This is a complicated issue, but I also can see how she feels in the way Ken/Lisa is demeaning towards her. Lisa has such a flippant attitude when people confront her about issues, and I simply think Kim is more sensitive. You don’t get more genuine yet socially awkward than Kim. Fighting with her is like swatting a fly and simply makes you look bad.

      • You , Sir are a pretty little idiot.

        Here is what Yolanda wrote on her Bravo Blog on 4/1/13 “Lisa and I see each other outside of the show and our friendship and mutual respect for one another has continued to grow.

        Both Brandi and Lisa visited me many times and have shown me great support during these past, worst eight months of my life.

        I appreciate it more than they will ever know and it says lot about who they are as women in general and as girlfriends. ”,2

        Go read the whole thing. It is an ode to Lisa…. But now suddenly Lisa never did anything for her? Was she lying THEN or now?

        On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 12:19 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • beth

        no need to apologize J.D., I just want to understand.
        I don’t know how friendly Lisa and Yolanda were before Yolanda joined the show; my impression in season 1 was that they were slightly more than acquaintances, but not BFs. If I have that right, I’m not sure visiting Yolanda more than the once was called for?
        As for Kim, I don’t recall any scenes where Lisa/Ken were demeaning or flippant towards Kim.
        Having said the above, I watched this season only sporadically, so maybe I missed some major scenes. It strikes me as very un-Lisa-like though to deliberately hurt another’s feelings.

      • You got me there TT. I concede. Just like Yolanda lied about calling Lisa full of shit in Paris, she’s lying now, and that’s proof enough to invalidate her tirade against Lisa. I’m so happy you’re reading the blogs now. It’s fun going back and catching them in lies. MY BAD! At least I’m pretty. :'(

  25. These women are acting stupid over a tabloid that didn’t even make it to the vacation. All that is left for Ken and Lisa to do is walk away. Any further discussion would be pointless.
    I agree, Yolanda is jealous over Lisa and Kens relationship with Mohammed. Ken and Lisa are in Mohammed’s social circle.
    These past few episodes have shown me the jealousy most of the women have of Lisa.
    Ken acted appropriately in accepting Kim’s apology, he doesn’t have to be her friend again. I wouldn’t.
    Lisa and Ken would not have anything to do with any of those women if not for the show. Except maybe Joyce and Michael.

    • Sarah

      I wasn’t able to respond to Emma (above at 4:59pm) but what she wrote makes a lot of sense & I can totally see Yolanda doing this – “After seeing a little more of the real Yo, doesn’t it make you wonder if Yo didn’t plant the story with Brandi, knowing she’d tell the world and it would embarrass Mohamed (who has been so complimentary to Lisa??) It’s all making sense….”

      • JentheAUfan

        Sure is and making sense about her backing out and not defending brandi in any way. I mean brandi dug herself a huge hole but yo just let them have at it but on the show she would say “I love brandi just not her actions” thats what Ikept thinking.

  26. captivagrl

    Lyme brain and lemon hole, really funny! Thank you for that :)

  27. Wampascat

    I loved how Yolanda was confronting Lisa and that guy came up and told Lisa how beautiful she was. I think Yolanda was grinding her teeth.
    Yolanda has really shown her backside this season.
    The whining on this episode got on my nerves. Kyle whining to Lisa about being her friend and Brandi whining about needing help healing. And please! Do we need to see Kim rolling her eyes in the back of her head and doing that whispering thing she does when she talks about her life before sobriety?

    • The guy that told Lisa she was beautiful was Yolanda’s date.

      • So true! Like lemon juice in the wound, ouch!

        A non-sequitor here –

        The bit where Yo freaked out about Ken “touching” her – perhaps she thought Ken was offering her a piece of cake! That’s why she freaked out, and now her reaction seems completely legitimate.

    • I get the feeling that Yolanda is used to being the prettiest woman in a group–petted and feted all the time. However, she’s aging, which in Hollywood is one of the worst tragedies that can happen to a woman. Lisa is getting older, too, but, unlike Yolanda, she feels secure in her marriage to Ken and has a steady income stream from the businesses they both built. To compound matters, it must be painful to know that Mohammed admires a strong, smart and independent woman who is completely different from Yo, who survives in her marriage by acting like a subservient lap dog.

  28. JentheAUfan

    Oh oh oh also in lisas blog she addressed the yoanda /ken scene thankful it showed what happened as far as ken putting his hand on hers but edited yolanda crying about ken doing it trying to make it seem worse. Im all for drama but good gracious them bitches drank the koolaide way too damn much

  29. AnnaBanana

    I am just perplexed why would Brandi give up such a good friendship that was more beneficial for her then for Ken and Lisa?! Over Scheanna (or however you spell that skank’s name)?That seemed to come out of the blue. She suddenly sobered up for a minute and figured out that she was being manipulated and puppeteered?!? No, it’s called being taken care of and supported by a strong intelligent woman and obviously Brandi never had that in her WT life so just thinks she is being controlled. I am sure her divorce and that whole situation have a lot do with her clear mental instability and quick road to a nervous breakdown…but again, why get rid of Lisa. She needs someone like that in her crazy ass liquid-lunch life!

    And do these people really have such little drama and problems in their lives that they have to CREATE these BS stories. If the producers are pushing them into some fake nonsense at least make it fun, not did you put some magazine in a bag or not! That’s what these “writers” came up with as a secret Lisa plot?!?!? Seriously, they should take a poll from real women on their daily issues and incorporate that into the show as story lines!

    • Hmmm. Now that we know about Celebrity Apprentice, Brandi’s “take down” of Lisa makes sense. Sense for Brandi that is. But perhaps it did get her on to CA?

  30. lori

    I just have absolutely no idea what ANY of this nonsense has to do with Yo. Why is she even involved? She’s such a busy body snooty biatch. I can’t stomach her. I wonder if all those lemons is why she’s such a sourpuss…

  31. I think I’m getting soft in the head. Last night I truly did feel sorry for Lisa. I think she is really hurt by this. Brandi is the most deluded, ungrateful pig ever. I think her parents must be really fucked up to have raised such a sociopath. Since she lives for being a victim, nothing truly hurts her. But Lisa is more genuine.

    It’s funny how the smart ass quips that they all make (especially Kyle) can be held up to the light as horrible cutting remarks when it suits a cause. Lisa’s comment about Mauricio and porsha was obviously a joke. We all know that, right? It wasn’t even snarky. It was almost as if to say, that is how ridiculous the tabloids are. And everyone knows that.

    It’s like Carlton blowing the Star of David thing out of proportion. And everyone blowing the Joyce is a black person out of proportion. They would all be a lot more fun to watch if they didn’t create the drama. It should just naturally happen and for good reason. Not “they could have been dead by the side of the road” horseshit.

  32. Oh and reunion hair? Dear god. Looks like Yolanda did the right thing. But Brandi’s hair? It’s scary. With her giant fake cheeks. Kyle lightened her hair and it’s awful. Just glossy black hair looks great on her. I don’t know why she fucked with it. The rest just look meh. Lisa’s hair has degenerated over this past year. It’s thinking and looks unhealthy.

    • i think brandi’s lack of eyebrows at the reunion threw her face off. it looked like half a face. upset in advance at yolanda’s meanness to joyce. guessing nobody there had a safe place to sit.

  33. vivaladiva831

    I can’t get over Brandi seriously expecting Ken to feel for her in this situation. That is so twisted. Lisa is his wife – DUH.

    • Judi

      I believe that Brandi thought she had Ken twisted around her little finger. She thought all that flirting with him and calling him “her boyfriend” actually meant something to him. As if it could….HA. He was being nice to her and she was being the slut that she is.

  34. Nicole

    Dresses for the 100th party: Love Yolanda in her white dress but she needs to do something about the dress showing her nipples and I love Lisa in her shimmering white dress and her sparkly pink shoes. Kim is wearing an ugly ass dress and an ugly ass necklace. Accckkk! .
    Aaccckk don’t like Yolanda though – true friend, what a joke. Ha, I like how Ken snubbed Kyle. Haha Kim is not on the same planet, that’s funny. I just love Ken and how he just snubbed Kim and her apology. Love it and it’s perfect. I’m just like that, once you crossed the line, I write you off. I love how Lisa told Kyle that it’s up to her who she wants to believe. Wow and Brandi wanted Lisa to say she is sorry? What kind of drugs are she on? waaa waaa waaa, what a whiner. dumbass bitch brandi. I had to forward through it… vomit… Brandi should be sad for herself because she is a dumbass. And why would Maurice ask all the people who were not there about the magazine. There’s another dumbass.
    Never wrestle with the pig because you’ll get dirty and the pig loves it. Ha ha
    Reunion: Brandi’s hair is ugly and her red shoes are ugly too. Love Yolanda’s hair and her orange dress, but that’s all external. Her internals are ugly. And Joyce’s dress is ugly too. Accck, too short, she looks like she’s in a pageant. Kyle looks good in her plum dress but ugly hooker shoes. Kim looks good except for her weird botox lips.
    I just LOVE Lisa and it makes me sad to see this done to her.

  35. beth

    My funny bone must be more ticklish than usual tonight … this one made me LMAO too;
    “Never wrestle with the pig because you’ll get dirty and the pig loves it”

  36. Epiphanie

    Sorry I’m late to the party, I’m in Oz. Can we please all take a second to say a HELLS YEAH for ken? How awesomely dignified was he! You could tell he was furious at them all for upsetting Lisa. Don’t fuck with Ken, bitches, ’cause Ken don’t play! You are all UNFORGIVEN. This episode really showed me the mettle that made him his millions.

    • Judi

      I totally agree with you about Ken–he’s a real mench. While people go on and on about Mauricio being the hunky man of the show, I’ve always thought that Ken was the sexiest. I’m not saying he’s the best looking but that’s not what’s sexy to me. A sexy man is a man who loves his wife and is not afraid to show it. The other day I saw a picture of Miranda Lambert looking into her hubby Blake Shelton’s eyes. The caption read something like Miranda saying…”why didn’t you tell me I was getting fat? And Blake’s reply was…it’s not my job to tell you that you’ve gained some weight, it’s my job to tell you how beautiful you are.” That melted my heart and that’s what Ken does to me every time he looks at his gorgeous wife. Love like that is sexiness to the nnthhh degree and trumps whatever Mauricio has tenfold.

      • Totally agree, it seems Ken both loves and respects Lisa, and amongst all the fakery (even in Lisa and Ken’s lives), it is nice to see some genuine caring.

        Remember a few episodes back (when Joyce and Brandi fought at the dinner) – Michael spoke up for Joyce and Ken later lamented to Lisa that it was inappropriate and she just shushed him and said “oh you know you’d do the same thing” – AND he did, because he loves her and that’s what men that love their wives do.

  37. Brianna

    This episode was a great one for a finale because I was glad that it’s finally over! Lisa tried and tried and tried and tried and got nowhere with these idiots! Yolanda really needs to take a look in the mirror and say ” if Gigi can graduate high school so can I” and leave this petty friends shit alone! Like the only amount of work Yolanda did was the photoshoot for her husband. She puts all her energy into false drama. I was so mad when she kept snapping at ken, and then ken asked where David is and Brandi of all people said “he actually has a job”, to imply that ken doesn’t work! Brandi the only jobs you have the word blo– you get my point! Lol

  38. brillke

    Just read all the blogs. Yolanda is de-fucking-lusional.

  39. GCVLMV

    Isn’t it funny how Kim has changed her insult to Ken to “a grumpy old man”? Sounds a lot less harmless than “a GD old man”.(sorry, I am in my 50’s and I am still not allowed to say that word).

  40. I really can’t stand Kyle, and I do believe her husband went out on her . Those magazines are usually right She had enough money to shut them up …..

    • jelley

      Can’t stand Kyle either. She’s just beyond annoying with her little girl voice, shoulder shrugs and cackles. Everything about her is desperate and unbecoming. The way she walked into the party was gross. She’s just… not my favorite.

      • Brianna

        I can’t stand that lady either!! That’s why I was soooooo glad Carlton was there to bring ugly Kyle back down to size and put her in her place!!

  41. Gina

    I feel like I’m taking craxy pills here! How can everyone be so dismissive of the role Lisa plays in this debacle? When the ladies were at Carltons luncheon, it was Lisa who said the whole ‘where’s there’s smoke there’s fire’. Yolanda was talking, indicating that these stories don’t just come out of no where, and Lisa interjected and said the whole smoke and fire thing. Lisa is not innocent and is no victim when it comes to all this drama. She laughed and smiled like a cheshire cat when Brandi was going in on Joyce in Palm Springs. None of these ladies are free of fault or blame when it comes to this drama. It just drives me nuts when people are so defensive of Lisa, as if she does no wrong. Just becasue she’s witty, funny or beautiful doesnt make her actions ok. Craziness!

  42. Judy McKenzie

    He I think we’ve seen all we need to see. Sometimes I think the script has vanderpump rule’s (borrowed lost apostrophe from Steve Martin) fingerprints all over it.
    Yolanda is a citizen of U.S. I wonder if Lisa and Ken havetaken the test?? What banal retort can anyone give me for ” “who’s the

  43. Judy McKenzie

    Seems to be hauntingly like Vanderpump’s rules. Same script writer??

  44. Kitty Mamma

    Jealousy is a powerful force because it has caused Yo, Brandi, Kim, and Kyle to completely to lose their damn minds. To think that Lisa owes them an apology is ridiculous. She said she had nothing to with the mags that Brandi admitted(!) to having in the first place. They asked her once if she she was guilty. She said, “no.” They asked her again. She said, “no.” I, for one, would be pissed. And why they expect her to clutch their hands and smother them in her bosom is beyond me. Oh, right. They’d criticize her for that, too, for being too motherly. These alcoholics, washed up teen models, and child actors need counseling. Projecting their crap onto Lisa is just tacky. Watching Kyle look up Brandi to see when they should confront Lisa at the party showed how weak she is. Brandi’s confrontational mathmatics? Three (more) drinks. Sad.

  45. Kitty Mamma

    Has anyone mentioned Yo’s electroshock therapy for “Lyme disease”? Apparently when her brain capacity reached approx. 20% she decided to “shock” her brain back into working. I’m totally unsure how someone can quantify one’s brain’s power, esp. when it’s at it’s lowest when you don’t have high point to judge. (Was she tested earlier lest she succumb to a brain ravaging disease in the future?) I would NEVER poke fun at a sick person, but even the Lyme people are confused and calling b.s. If she is suffering from depression, she should say so. No one is too rich or too fabulous to suffer from depression, or addiction, or any disorder….

  46. Wampascat

    I could barely understand what Brandi was saying to Lisa she was slurring so badly. Was she still blaming her “swollen throat” for that? And what’s up with her face in the reunion pictures? Too much Botox? Maybe she should concentrate on vaginal rejuvenation. Must be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway by now. :-p

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