Ramona Singer on Bethenny

Ramona on BethennySo what is Ramona on? Seriously, she comes out all hyper active and smiling and knocking shit over and talking a mile a minute. I’ll have what she is having please. I’m still working up to getting in the shower.  Anyway, Ramona seems way more excited to see Bethenny than Bethenny is to see Ramona. Ramona says that she is the voice of reason this year on RHONY and that is something that we will all have to see to believe.

Bethenny says she always thought Ramona was the biggest asset to the show because she is half nuts. Ramona says she is not nuts, she is fun. And I roll my eyes as grown folks want to waste time over word choices.

Ramona says that even though she and Luann have never really hit it off, Luann will be seen as more likeable this season. As for Aviva, Ramona says she hates Bethenny for getting Aviva involved with the show. Aviva and Ramona make up on the first episode as Ramona tries to be more of a peacemaker, but things get pretty terrible with Aviva as the show goes on. #LegRollsAcrossFloorInPublic

Ramona still keeps in touch with Alex but refuses to acknowledge Jill. I can’t say as I blame her as Jill was calling up the tabloids talking about Ramona and Mario’s marital problems the moment Ramona filed for divorce. Jill is still to this day trying to get in front of a TV camera and will say anything about anyone to get airtime. Ramona totally ignores Bethenny’s questions about Jill and randomly starts talking about Heather.

By the way, Ramona looks fantastic.

On the subject of Mario, she says nothing is in stone, she knows her husband loves her and she loves him. We will just have to see what happens and what happens will be whatever she wants to happen. Bethenny keeps trying to get her to share how she is so, um….Ramona about the whole situation.  This brings me back to my question, “What is she on and where can we get it?”  Ramona and Mario have been married 25 years.

Then Ramona breaks into TURTLE TIME!  Because, she is on something.


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18 responses to “Ramona Singer on Bethenny

  1. Scatty

    Thanks for the recap. I didn’t see this show, so what did Bethenny respond with, if anything, to Ramona’s comment about her getting Aviva on the show? I’ve always been jealous of Ramona’s “energy.” No lousy Red Bull for her I bet, lucky thing.

  2. I love Ramona and I’m so glad she ignored the Jill question! Good for her for knowing that A: no one was watching anyway and B: you don’t have to take the bait every time. Sounds like Ramona knows that she is on the way up and Bethenny is on the way down. So happy to hear that she hasn’t shut the door completely on Mario….hope springs eternal.

    • Sarah

      I was never crazy about Ramona but when it came down to her & Jill I had to take her side (can’t stand that egotistical windbag). With the recent revelations of Mario’s infidelity I love that even though everyone expects her to follow through with a divorce she’s leaving the door open for a reconciliation — 25 yrs is a long time.

  3. Denise

    Her skin looks great. Would love to know her secret.

  4. LMAO! I like Ramona! She’s as genuine as she seems on show. She’s definitely hyper, like a jackinthebox. You never know what you’re gonna’ get when you see her. Keeps RHONY interesting. Also happy and surprised Bethenney had her on. Wasn’t sure Beth kept in touch with anyone on cast. Sad about Bethenney losing show but really would be good if Bravo picked it up to replace one of those never ending eps of Millionare.

  5. pfffttt

    I love Ramona! She’s a nut bag but in a fun way.

  6. Ramona reminds me of a manic depressive in the manic state.

    • Jae

      OMG, yes!!! That’s pretty much how I am when I have a manic episode, but Ramona seems to be constantly “on”. I can’t imagine that her life has been one big manic episode.

  7. Amy

    Ramona just insisted on the “Today” show she isn’t getting a divorce twice then quickly moved on to another topic… *Not saying I believe it.

    • jo

      I saw that same bit on the Today show. it was uncomfortable! Seemed like Kathie Lee was trying to throw shade because she threw out Ramona’s divorce out of nowhere and Ramona was all Ramona saying “We aren’t getting a divorce… I filed, but that doesn’t mean we are getting a divorce”

      WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Is filing for divorce the new warning shot to your cheating husband?? Either way, Ramona is good for TV. And I enjoy watching her.

  8. The problems I have with NY is that the 3 original cast members, excluding Sonja as one of the originals, is that you have women who are clearly pass their prime, trying desperately to remain young and vibrant and in doing so, act like fools on tv….Its rather embarrassing watching these old women act like teenagers in heat, especially when they have young adult daughters that look to them as role models. It would be okay if they were playing a part in some movie, but this is reality tv and they actually act that way in order to garner ratings for a show, that clearly has gone to the sh*ts. I doubt if I’ll watch this season, given the fact the biggest highlight is Aviva losing a leg…cause that’s all Bravo’s pathetic a** seems to show.

  9. Tegan

    Three words: You are hilarious. I absolutely love reading your blogs. Your sarcasm and quick wit keep me from knocking someone out at work. Keep em coming, please. I might end up in the unemployment line if you don’t.

  10. I agree Adderal, I’ve thought that since season 2, Ramona would keep it legal.
    I’ve never cared much for Ramona, she seems narrowed minded and a semi snob without the credentials to back up her attitudes. I recall when she walked the Brooklyn Bridge saying how she never went to Brooklyn. It was beneath her.

  11. lori

    Lol TT. Just lol

  12. eastjames

    I find it impossible to believe that Luann will be likeable.

  13. Katherine

    I like Ramona but she seriously needs some Valium or something similar. They all act a bit ridiculous for their age. I am 43 and would never behave like they do-and if I were to have a crazy night, it wouldn’t be on tv. I can assure you! Aviva is totally annoying. Needs some time on a therapist couch!

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