Is Lisa Vanderpump Leaving RHOBH?

RHOBH Puerto Rico TripI know y’all seemed to think I was reading a lot into Lisa’s blog last week when I said she seemed to be taking the greatest aim toward Yolanda, and I am going to continue to read into her blog this week. By the way, I was right about her being more pissed at Yolanda than the rest of them. It seems to continue this week. But now I am really starting to think Lisa has had her fill of RHOBH.  I had a whole lot of other things to say but I am super behind on getting ready to blog RHONY.

I will say that Brandi’s blog is a bitchfest this week and almost every single comment is telling her off. I am still slogging through Yolanda’s which so far is all about how sick she was and how Lisa didn’t care.  Kim says she had the best year ever on her planet.  Sigh. Read the excerpts from Lisa’s blog below and tell me if you agree that she seems over the whole damn thing.

Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH PRWhen I remember the innocence of the show four years ago, I would never have anticipated the level of cattiness and the bitchy, pack-like mentality that this experience has deteriorated into. The backstabbing of certain Housewives took it to a whole different level. It felt like I was drowning in a sea of negativity. I tried my best to swim against the tide, but the current pulled me under. I succumbed to a depressed state and vociferously threw myself into work.

So, seeing the other women over the last five months in interviews, all repeatedly stating that this would be my downfall, has been an experience to say the least.

I compensated by focusing on what was important — my family and my business. I have come to the conclusion, in the aftermath of the hurt and confusion. I was angry — but then I realized the best revenge was to get over it. Nothing pleases your opponents more than to see you suffer.

I was a huge supporter as she relayed her [Brandi] story to me — a divorcee, struggling, desperate to join this group for all the opportunities that would accompany it. I was her biggest advocate. That was my first mistake — defending her, often to my detriment. That will never be resolved. That train has well and truly left the station.

After an arduous two-and-a-half hours at the final party, half-an-hour of trying to reason with Brandi (much you didn’t see, including her yelling “I checkmated you bitch.”), it was all too much. Yolanda’s relentless pursuance of me, telling Ken how “David would never associate with the likes of you.” It finally came to a climax and we left.

I then heard how Yolanda was brushing away tears, shaking, saying a man should never put his hands on a woman. I thank god that you can see the innocuous interaction. What actually transpired was the most disappointing of all, as the mean spirited actions tried to incriminate my dear husband. I was there and mystified as to the level that they would stoop to, trying to malign his character. I then understood as I looked at the two of them together, that this dream team — one orchestrated by Yolanda — (one that I had not wanted to be part of) had fulfilled their agenda.

I am deeply involved in the many fruitful aspects of my life, work, family, and charities, and am perfectly happy that this experience is behind me. I always remember my mantra — love and laughter supersedes all.


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79 responses to “Is Lisa Vanderpump Leaving RHOBH?

  1. I would love for LVP to leave these bitches behind. However, I think we are all being played by Bravo.

    • puravidacostarica2

      Ditto. LVP’s role is producer of her life. She gave it good but didn’t like it when the minions gave it back. Hope she leaves the show and sticks to her Vander-pimping.

      • Gingersnap

        LOL…Vander-pimping. You got that right!

      • ^ I agree with the above. Lisa has never had to face harsh criticism where people stood their ground and called her out. She’s treated this show like a game since the start. I’m sad she could potentially be leaving, because I find her to be one of the most entertaining housewives in history. I love her quips and sense of humor!

    • Jan

      Oh yes, I agree. Bravo is playing us and I am tired of it, not only on RHOBH, but on other RH as well. Don’t like attempts to “dummy us down”.

    • Fahlina_g

      I think we are being played by Lisa. Clearly this blog is a message meant for Bravo. The Queen is unhappy, sit up and take notice, Andy….

  2. WhyoWhy

    I agree with you. She’s over it and probably leaving the show. And I don’t blame her. Long live the queen. La Vanderpump seems like a better person and will still come out of this smelling like the rose she is.

  3. Riley

    I am sad. I see so much of what she speaks. I will miss her for I am afraid she will leave the show…and who could blame her. I did like Yolanda but over time grew to dislike her very much. I saw exactly how Ken touched her. She acted like a raving maniac. She is a fool. Lisa was always my fav and without her and her wit and class, we are left with a bunch.of blithering idiots. Without Lisa….I am done.

    • GCVLMV

      Not to mention that Yolanda could kick Ken’s ass if she wanted to. For her to act afraid is just silly! Just ask that trainer she almost choked out!

      • Plus Yolanda is a foot taller and out weighs Ken by a good thirty pounds! She’d mop the floor with him. Yolanda is vicious and I don’t like her at all. What an arrogant idiot.

    • Favo

      Me too. Without Lisa I am done.

    • puppylove

      I so agree. If Lisa is not there I will not watch. With a smaller following of HWOBH Bravo may not pay them as much. Then where will these bitches be. Lets see how much Brandi regrets using Lisa as a stepping stone. That is exactly what she did. She used and abused Lisa. Yolanda is NOTHING but an old bitch bag. I like her husband and hope he sees how badly she acted on this show. I think Mohamed will agree he is VERY glad Yo is his ex. If Carlton and Joyce have any sense at all they will leave the rest of these bitches to claw and scrape at each other and show just how nasty these Beverly Hill scum are. Lisa gave the show class. None of the others have even a hint of what that is. Brandi never heard the word I’m sure, and probably doesn’t care – that’s how STUPID she is. I don’t blame her ex for finding someone else. Kim needs to stay on her own planet because that’s the only place she makes any sense, and Kyle is the worst scum there is. I take that back Yolanda and Kyle are scum pals together. By the way you talk about people using other people. I think Yolanda used Mohamed to get ahead, with money and some kind of position in Beverly Hill. Then used him as a stepping stone to get someone else. She was smart to have children with him. She is in like flint.

      • Anna

        ITA agree with your last statement: Yolanda was smart to have kids with Mohammed…. She wouldnt be worth a quarter of what she’s worth without having done that- and look-she was only married to him what 6 to 8 years? And she managed to cram in the birth of 3 children in that time- her 1st, 2nd and last. I always said she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. And I too think Mohammed watches and listens to her, he is SO GLAD she is his ex. And probably reminds him exactly WHY she is the ex.

    • Jan

      Agree. Liked Yolanda at first…somewhat, but have grown to dislike her. When she made it seem as if Ken touched her (which I only saw him point his hand/finger toward her), & then she said as if my husband would ever hang out with someone like you…..Classless, pathetic, unnecessary & finally showed her true colors. She (& her husband) feel they are too good and above everyone else. She obviously thinks b/c her husband is Mr. Music Man, that everyone should bow to them. Like I said in another post, why is she really on the show anyway?

  4. i think she is too greedy to leave. vanderpump rules may burn itself out sooner rather than later. it’s a crapfest. don’t she & ken have a history of opening lots of businesses, diversification and all? i liked lisa and thought she had some class in prior seasons. but beginning with the ugliness against joyce that she condoned and then her trashy show (west hollywood or not — i wouldn’t want my name associated with it), i stopped caring about her at all. don’t want to see her go, but definitely eyes wide open now regarding that one.

    • Well that is certainly a minority opinion on so many points. However, it is interesting to listen to a different point of view.

    • Em and M

      I must agree with you, Chris. Everything you said is the way it’s gone down with me, as well, except for one thing.

      If Lisa does leave HWs, I would miss her sly remarks and fabulous, over the top, pink glitter 1980s lifestyle. Not even sure I’d bother watching the rest of them mix it up without her, even though her currency, IMO, has dropped considerably this past season.

      Fact is, I believe Lisa is more interested in $$$ than what anybody thinks of her actions or … business endeavors. If that tacky show of hers, VPRs, pays well, she will continue with it. (I watched it once, only. More than enough trash for me).

      Same with the RHBH. Business woman – Lisa V. I admire her for that steely-eyed ability as much as I love the remark made above here, calling her actions “Vanderpimping”. LOL Love it, because, along with Mohamed, I think Lisa …. isn’t phased by much, if there is money to be made. Up to & including Vanderpimping!

      (Please don’t sue me, Lisa. You are not a pimp, nor would I suggest such. Just love the term and used it……. 😉

      Lisa is a toughie. Way more so than she lets on. Which I like about her. Bravo is a bitch. But Lisa will, I think, do or play whatever part they want her to play, to get to the payment part. :)

      Bravo is definitely screwing with our tiny, empty heads, which I’m sure is precisely how they see their viewers.

      Negotiations upcoming. Lisa, “Oh, this has become so hard to continue with since last season! What could convince me to stay for more torture yet again?”…..

    • Fahlina_g

      Lisa is no fool. She knows VPRules won’t last forever. But there is always Pump. (not to mention the possibility of a lifestyle show of her own). Everything the woman touches seems to turn to gold.

  5. I hope that she does not leave but if she does I could not blame her at all. It would be nice for her to have a go at each and every one of them next season.

  6. Jarlath

    That would be brilliant if she left

  7. Nicole

    It does sounds like it based on what Lisa wrote. It will be sad to see Lisa go. That is too bad. RHBH will not be the same without Lisa. I really liked Yolanda but wow, I wonder why she hates Lisa so much. Brandi, she is just white trash and stupid. I saw in the preview where Ken said to her that she can never come back into their lives and I hope he was telling Brandi that. I saw nothing but support for Brandi from Lisa and to have her stab her in the back like that. Karma is a bitch!

  8. AMTraveler

    I’m not sure if I think Lisa would jump ship before Pump opens/gets screen time. Granted it could be featured on Vanderpump Rules but I think Bravo will strongarm her – no RHOBH, no VR. I think she will be looked after in next year’s casting. Joyce will stay, Kim will go, Kyle will need a friend in Lisa again, and Lisa will get first dibs in suggesting a new cast member.
    With that said – do I think she SHOULD leave? Yes. I don’t believe that this is good for Ken. He is so genuine – he has been truly affected by everything on this show – first with Cedric and now this season. It is visibly wearing upon him.

    • Vanderpump Rules is NOT going anywhere.Crapfest that it is, it not only does better in the ratings than RHOBH but it draws in a whole new younger crowd that Bravo sorely needs. I could see Lisa leaving RHOBH and doing Vanderpump Rules and a NEW spinoff, PUMP! Based on her new gay bar. She has been ordained by the Internet or some such place to perform gay weddings in the garden at PUIMP. She can do TWO spinoffs and let the bitches brawl on RHOBH. No insider info here, just seems like a very logical assumption. How much would Andy love a gay bar/ gay wedding show in West Hollywood with the FABULOUS Queen Vanderpump?

      Lisa holds ALL the cards.

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 9:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • AMTraveler

        I can already see Kevin Lee as a series regular, on hand to plan the extra “shi shi shi shi” productions… 😉

        At the end of the day Bravo and Lisa have a mutually beneficial relationship. Even if the nature of their relationship changes a bit, I don’t foresee a break up any time soon.

      • Sue

        I couldn’t agree more Tamara!

      • SantaFeWay

        BAM! You’ve got it. That is exactly what the future holds for Lisa. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ll go one prediction further and say that all the current cast will stay and Camille will come on to (try to) replace Lisa.

      • The Jam

        here here!

      • Fahlina_g

        Whoops, I’m redundant. I said nearly the same thing above then read your comment. Sorry Tamara. (But I love the way you think!)

    • Undine

      I agree, this has been way too much for Ken. At this point, Lisa needs to walk away. She has a fabulous life, and RHOBH has given her fame and access to opportunities. But when crazy HWs are screaming at your older, increasingly frail gent husband it’s time to pack it in. And for Yolanda to behave as if Ken abused/hit her? Despicable. I hope Lisa walks away for Ken’s sake as well as her own, she is no spring chicken herself–and she appears tired and harried. She is my favorite HW of all the franchises, and I would miss her snarkiness and fabulousness-but I would heartily support her leaving the steaming pile shit RHOBH has become.

      • i’ve been pretty sad at how old/ineffectual ken has come across in the past few episodes. he and lisa both looked old/defeated in a few scenes. i think she’s manipulative but he seems a dear and their relationship may be the best thing about this show. worried something may be going on with his health. nothing specific — just how he has been looking/acting. thought he was cruel to yolanda, tho, when he kept saying david was never around. just didnt seem like himself.

  9. I had similar thoughts when I read her blog earlier. I hope she doesn’t go. I’m not one to usually say “if so n so leaves I will no longer watch”, but in this case it’s true. If she leaves I’ll have no reason to watch.

  10. BH28

    I can only hope that she doesn’t jump the ship. I can’t imagine RHOBH without her nor would I watch, it’s like she’s the soul of the show, no joke hahahaha. Lisa again is barely even mentioning Kyle in her blog, so I think they are in a good place after the reunion, but who knows?.
    Maybe I’m crazy, but I would like to see Carlton and Joyce back for another season. Brandi and Yolanda I honestly wouldn’t care if I never saw their faces again on TV.

    • I also would like to see Carlton and Joyce back next season. Carlton showed genuine compassion for Lisa on the last episode anyway. And the only thing good about the episodes in PR was seeing Joyce with her family especially her mom. I also think Carlton had a bad case of nerves this season and the script Bravo had her follow just bombed. I think there is more to Carlton and Joyce than we have seen. JMO

      • Favo

        I love Joycey.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        I agree with you. Much as I like Lisa, I don’t want her to continue on RHBH. I’ve had enough, on her behalf. She did not need all of the petty shenanigans. As Tamara says let her have TWO highly rated shows with a younger, fun crowd. Andy would love it. I think many people would actually.
        Yes, there HAS to be more to Carlton than her horrible conduct with Kyle. This season we have seen a mean and aggressive character but NOBODY is ALL BAD, Carlton having fun with her children (whose names are so original: Mysteri, Destiny and Cross), her mother in law: CRINGE and her ‘devoted’ husband and her friends reveals that she is witty, caring, outspoken and loyal. Normally, these are traits that people admire.

        Joyce is harmless and very conscious about how beautiful she is. In my eyes, she often seems to be performing. BUT, again, she has a good heart and is more than one dimensional. If she leaves, it will not bother me at all.

        Go Lisa go. Stay Carlton, stay…with less fake tan! Joyce? meh.

  11. Gingersnap

    This is my conspiracy theory. All of this was orchestrated to see how much fan support Lisa really has, which turns out to be TONS. She is opening a new restaurant called Pump that will be very gay friendly. PLUS, she has gotten her certificate to marry people and it’s legal in California for gays to marry. Wouldn’t Pump be a great venue for gays to marry with Lisa at the helm? Wouldn’t Bravo and Andy love to get this on film? Wouldn’t the fans back Lisa?

    Of course, I could be totally wrong, but the way this season played out made no sense either. Something ain’t clean in the buttermilk.

    • AMTraveler

      I think if Bravo was questioning fan loyalty (or more specifically – the ability to generate ratings) VR wouldn’t have gotten a second season, let alone a spinoff in the first place. I see where you are going with this, and I don’t doubt that Bravo and Lisa want Pump on film, but I think that the ladies’ nefarious intentions were about more personal fish to fry.

      • Gingersnap

        AMTraveler ~ Good points about the fan loyalty. Still, I don’t think anyone has had TWO spin-off’s and this will revolve around the gay population, which is an issue to a lot of people. Hell, I don’t know though. I’m just trying to make sense of it all. Wish me luck!!!

      • AMTraveler

        Gingersnap – this response is to you – apologies for the weird placement! :) at the end of the day I would LOVE a Pump/wedding spinoff, so I hope you’re right.

      • JeanInNew

        I recall Andy saying he had a “scripted” show in the works. Could this be P.U.M.P.? It would make sense because they could control the content. I just love Lisa and her cookbook. I actually made Chateaubriand!

    • LOL I just posted that Ginger! I am WAY behind in comments today….. I am thinking the same as you though.

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 10:02 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. lori

    I hour she does. She’s waaaaayyyy too good for them bitches. They don’t deserve her. I’m not saying she’s perfect, and I do think one of her character defects may be that she doesn’t apologize when she is in the wrong, but not in the case of this season of RHOBH. I don’t think she had any reason to apologize to these women. Quite the contrary. I would love to see another spin off highlighting her new gay bar PUMP. I would definitely watch that. I hour these other women make themselves look even worse than they already do at the reunion. Team Lisa all the way.

  13. mimis

    Good evening!
    I felt like Lisa sounded like she has had enough and is on her way out too – based on her blog. But would she have been part of the Bravo Upfront photo shoot if she was leaving Housewives? I too would prefer for Joyce and Carlton to stay and for them to bring in some new ladies who are all ready friends with the others…

    • Good point, mimis, about upfronts. But she would have been there for Vanderpump Rules. And perhaps for the announcement of PUMP! #fingerscrossed

      On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 10:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. donna

    I absolutely adore Lisa Vanderpump-Todd. If she does leave, good for her. Leave those ANGRY BIRDS to themselves.

  15. Ananas103

    I think she is done with RHOBH…she already has another successful reality show on Bravo and RHOBH seems like it would be not worth the trouble. The vitriol against Lisa and Ken seems so manufactured and none of it makes any sense.

  16. Yamoah Asiedu

    It certainly sounds like she is ready to go. I wouldn’t blame her. She doesn’t need the show and it must have really hurt to watch her cast mates criticize her every week. I would still tune in because I like that Hollywood lifestyle!

  17. vivaladiva831

    The only reason I don’t want Lisa to leave is to show these bitches up. Boot Brandi and Yolanda. Or just Brandi.

    I can def see another spinoff, and if not then heavy featuring, of PUMP. A gay bar with Lisa performing weddings? You know that has Andy’s vote.

  18. Little bigs

    I, for one, would totally watch Lisa’s spinoff… If she was given one. She would be much better in her own showcasing her life and her friends , charities .., family… Etc. How much would yofo BURN if Lisa got another show and yofo didn’t lol

  19. I don’t envy Lisa this decision.

    If she stays, she’ll face yet another season of backstabbing and trying to bring her down, because Kyle cannot stand by and let Lisa be firmly at the center of the Reunion picture instead of Kyle – if you get my meaning…

    If Lisa goes, then the rest of the cast wins because they ran her off. I can’t see that happening either.

    No, I think she’ll be handpicking next year’s newbie.

    Hopefully Lisa can take hold of RHOBH and clear out the trash and get it to the classy level that it will never be as long as Kyle Richards is a part of it. It’s just too much of an ego trip for Kyle to stand by and let Lisa get control of it.

    If you’ll remember the last time there was a possibility of Lisa taking the prime spot, Kyle brought Faye Resnick in to take over the bitchy slot that Kyle got in too much hot water over in the first season. However, Faye was just too much of a bitch and it brought the entire show down – but Brandi brought it down even further and had it not been for Lisa, I think Brandi would’ve been kicked to the curb because of her sleeziness factor.

    So if Lisa and Kyle were to fight it out for class v. bitch, that would make for good television. I truly believe the days of table flipping, etc. are over.

    • BonVivant

      Do you really see all of that in the relationship dynamics of the show? Outside of being the archetype big mouth baby of her family (which played itself out with Kim over the years they’ve been on this show), I’ve always seen Kyle willing to play the role of right hand Beta female to Lisa’s alpha. while I see her smart enough as aHollywood chick to know how to use this platform to her advantage (advance the career/financial interests of her immediate family & cement a nationally known public face for herself in her BH community), I don’t see her as wanting to be the HBIC on the show vs. making sure she just retains her place as a good Lieutenant. Everybody knows it’s lonely at the top, and I actually think Kyle is too smart to go for that ” top spot” viewers keep insisting she craves: especially if in the process it will interrupt or jeopardize her husband’s public face, and their family security.

      • I agree Bon Vivant. That makes sense and I have never gotten any feeling/vibe that Kyle wants to be HBIC either. I would love to see her fired along with Kim. (I have mush different names for them but will always follow TTs rules!)

    • The Jam

      I thought that at first, and I wanted lisa to stay in order to show those women up, but now I want her to leave. She will still win. Her leaving will mean a HUGE ratings dive on RHBH. Those women will still be miserable, Yolanda and Kyle ( who seem to long to be Lisa so badly) will not only never be her, but every Bravo event they attend they will feel like outcasts anytime they get within her sphere, industry people are fake and Lisa is still the darling. They will all have to watch VanderPump Rules and (hopefully her show about Pump) destroy them in the ratings. And know that Lisa has less stress and still has that fabulous life.

      Plus Brandi will turn on Kyle. Lisa has a terrible habit of taking in stray dogs nursing them back to health and watching them bite her. She needs to pick up better breeds.

  20. I really love Lisa an to see her an Ken together is so AWESOME an for them to leave #RHOBH I will be very heartbroken over them being gone an I’m tell everyone I will Not Watch the #RHOBH just because of Lisa an Ken leaving the show cuz it will not be the same no more. Team Lisa !!

  21. Mims

    When Bethenny left RHONY it had a negative effect on the show. It affected their viewership and they (IMO) have never been as good since. I think Bravo should do whatever they can to keep Lisa on the show because we all saw how dull this group is without Lisa in Puerto Rico.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      They were extremely dull, weren’t they? Lisa was the main topic of most of their conversation too. This is proof that without Lisa V, her cast mates have very little to talk about. This reminds me of Teresa’s role on RHNJ. If people were not talking about her, there was nothing going on! Message to jealous, deluded, boring castmates: leave the Queen Bees alone!

  22. TCP

    Lisa may very well leave. This is NOT going to be a popular opinion, but while I like Lisa, I think she overreacted in Puerto Rico, and I think the others have a right to criticize her for running from the conversation. (I think if It had been Kyle in Lisa’s position, Lisa would have accused Kyle of turning on the waterworks and needing a thicker skin.). And I also think there is truth to what Brandi was saying about the magazines, which is exactly why Lisa didn’t want to have those discussions on camera to point out her behind-the-scenes strategery. If it had really been BS, she would have stood her ground.

    What Brandi doesn’t get (though maybe she is starting to understand) and maybe Lisa doesn’t fully realize either, is that La Vanderpump can pretty much get away with anything with the viewers because she is a total badass! As I said above, I am sure she did what Brandi said and more, but I still like her and don’t really care.

  23. I love this blog.

    @Blog owner.

    I just read your last entry.
    It is good. You decided to not, blog about that (One specific show). Very vicious people out there.

    There is a saying. We say here in France.
    ” Qui sème le vent. Récolte la tempête.” Vicious commenters, can take heed to it. Keep your chin up. :)

  24. Fahlina_g

    If Lisa goes, I will most likely join her. This show has become lowbrow trash.

  25. Connie

    The reason Lisa left isthe conversation in Puerto Rico is because someone that she thought was her good friend (Brandi) outed her. You do not do that to a real friend. Lisa trusted her. Brandi is so jealous of how Lisa treats Sheena, she wanted her to hurt. Kyle is so dumb not to see it. she is being used by Brandi to hurt Lisa. As for Yolanda…..the reason she is acting trashy is to stay on the show. If you make ratings they want to keep you. If you are too boring…bye, bye. Brandi is doing the same. Trying to keep her job. Plus, they are all jeolous of Lisa and they have a right to be. She is so FABULOUS!!!!!

  26. donna

    I dont watch anymore. Turned off by Brandi.

  27. JoJo

    I think we are being punked by Bravo or led to believe she may not be coming back to RHOBH by Lisa. Lisa, although one of my favs – the witty and most entertaining on the show, likely won’t go. Although I realize she has 2 restuarants and a 3rd almost ready “Pump” to cater to a dominant gay West Hollywood denizens, I do believe she & Ken aren’t without partners in all or most of these restuarant/bars.
    She may not be making millions from these businesses and that Bravo paycheck for 2 shows also provides free advertisement and probably many customers because of the show and the out-of-towners patronizing them out of curiosity.
    If they get a another show for the “Pump” bar, another sizeable paycheck would be another opportunity to promote the new business and attract a different type of curious tourist. It takes years usually to realize profit from a new business venture. Bravo has been their Godsend, really, for the RHOBH & VR paycheck and the free promotion naturally coming with it for the restuarants & bars. To me, that’s why I think it’s unlikely she would walk away.
    And one last thing, this is the 3rd time or so I’ve heard Lisa use “vociferously.” Now when she’s said it the other times, I’m sure she had ‘cried out vocally or noisily’ about her hatred for the tabloids for e.g.
    Now she needs to get another word. I doubt she vociferously – cried out noisily or vocally – when she was throwing herself into her work to put the pain & suffering of this season behind her. Likely, she quietly did so with no crying out, and didn’t tell the world or her castmates.
    It’s a nice word and I’m sure she likes it, but it’s not always the right word for explaining everything :)


    It appears Lisa is done with RH. Too bad, too. Couldn’t we just toss YO, Brandi and Carlton and start over?
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