Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: He Said, She Said

Kenya Moore RHOA

So, I feel somewhat obligated to recap last night’s RHOA; however,  I don’t have much to say about it. Maybe I am just burning out, but I thought it was a pretty boring episode.  So if it okay, I’m just going to toss our some random thoughts.

Phaedra and Apollo seem to hate each other more than usual. Phaedra hasn’t seemed like she is getting any in several seasons. I would assume sex is probably the only useful quality that Apollo has. If they don’t even have that going on, I just don’t see why they are together at all.  Also, who gives small children a bottle of cleaning solution and a rag as a toy?

Is there no end to the amount of talking heads Phaedra does about Kenya being a whore? She is still carrying on about Kenya and Apollo  horse playing around the pool from LAST SEASON! She needed to have a deadly serious conversation with Apollo about that at the time and end the discussion. This is just making her look like she is insecure in her marriage and that Kenya is a huge threat. Kenya must be feeling very satisfied with the amount of thought and energy that Phaedra spends on her.

Why did we need to hear from Kordell on his thoughts on the divorce? Why was Peter acting like the male Wendy Williams interviewing Kordell about his marriage? Who does that? It was like two little old hens gossiping at a PTA meeting!

RHOAPorshaheadbandOnce that dreadful scene was over I thought we were done with the Porsha divorce story.  I never imagined that Peter would bring it up at dinner. I always disagree with you guys when you say the men need to stay of things.  But in this case, Peter was instigating drama with a single woman. And then Gregg wants to jump in?  And then Kenya starts saying that Porsha married Kordell to be his beard? Could not one person suggest that this was inappropriate dinner conversation? Since when is it appropriate to do a post mortem of someone’s marriage at the dinner table? I just couldn’t believe what we were watching. And it just went on and on.

I thought it was insane of Kenya to think the hotel employee did something wrong by calling a man, sir. How was she to magically know that Miss Lawrence prefers to use female pronouns when referring to himself?

The hotel was gorgeous. It seems like they stayed for several days. I still don’t get the point of the trip. I mean there is always a fake reason for them to be somewhere.

Nene seemed to be on her best behavior. Perhaps Kenya’s ass kissing is having a positive effect on her?

Am I just over this whole show, or was that episode hardly worth discussing?


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161 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: He Said, She Said

  1. LoLo

    Glad you’re feeling a little better TT….

    Peter had to defend Kordell in order to get $$$ for the partnership! Why Kordell is so concerned with having his say on the show is beyond me…if you’ve moved could care less.

    Phaedra is VERY insecure about Kendra! Its a shame that she has to let everyone see this insecurity. When she said she was thinking about taking Dwight as a plus one…I just shook my head. TRUST is everything in a marriage…so I’m beginning to think this marriage is about done.

    If I was Porsha…I would NOT have said one word when Peter brought up the Kordell subject. She doesn’t have to explain to anyone, but I’m a little older then Porsha and have no problem with giving folks the “mind you own business” look or just telling them to kiss my ass…LOL. If Peter feel he needs to kiss Kordell ass for investment $$$ let him..smh.

    Maybe Cynthia and Peter have to get more messy to secure their place on the show next season…

    I ssaw NeNe’s tweets last night about some folks pay on the show…first I don’t think she is privy to how much folks are being paid and second in so “new money” to concern yourself with others wealth. She gets more ignorant by the minute.

    Kenya is a breath of fresh air for the show…she brings it and NOT ghetto style. Trust me she’ll be back next season…

    Ok ladies…time for some discussion….

    • Nads

      Kenya is unstable and probably needs meds. It’s no wonder she’s in her forties and still unmarried. The whole “I can steal your man” schtick that she has going works on a 20 year old but on a mid-forties woman it’s soooo sad!

      • LoLo

        I agree that Kenya has some “issues”. Anytime you’ve been on this earth for 40 plus years and your mother acts as if you don’t exist has to send you very near if not over the edge. I remember her telling her Dad that at family events her mother just walks right past her and says nothing! She is staving for attention… she’s been starving since birth! I don’t think its all about the I can take your man…its about needing and getting attention and love by any means necessary. I feel bad for her…but her antics does bring fresh air to a dying and mundane reality show.

      • pfffttt

        Lolo, why would you say RHOA is a “dying” or “mundane” reality show? While all the other HW shows have declined in ratings, RHOA’s ratings grow every season, and they’re the highest rated show on Bravo.

      • pfffttt

        I think she was poking fun at Apollo’s insecurities, not saying she is trying to steal Apollo. She’s made it clear she doesn’t want him.

        Also, if you read the text messages Kenya released to TMZ, it was clear as day that Apollo was trying to get some from Kenya and Kenya was a little taken a back.

        I usually like Phaedra, and think her little sayings and mannerisms are hilarious, but she needs to check Apollo, not trying to paint Kenya as a whore.

        She also keeps saying Kenya is “man less” and using that as an insult. Kandi was man less for seasons 3 and 4. Plus whores are not generally “man less” they usually have many men, which is why they’re called “whores.”

      • LoLo

        @pfffttt.. I didn’t sat RHOA was a ‘dying’ or “mundane”…what I said is that Kenya brings a breath of fresh air. I am unaware of the ratings per Bravo show…however the ratings aren’t going up because of fights and hair pulling this season…thats why I said Kenya brings it NON ghetto style….

      • LoLo

        I didn’t SAY…sorry for typo

      • LoLo

        Well..after going through my comments…I stand corrected! I did indeed say that real housewives was a dying and mundane show….maybe dementia is kicking in…LOL. Kenya is bring more to the table then yelling, screaming, pulling wigs..her antics are more over your head! so sorry @pfffttt

      • O.O

        Nad a lot of unstable women have husbands loads of bad behaving women have husbands e.g Mariah from married to medicine , Quad (same show) Jackie Christie from basketball wives , Teresa HW of NJ, June (Honey boo boo’s mom) her poor guy keeps asking and she keeps saying no . I work with nothing but women and I can say I’m floored with all if the crazy women with nice decent husbands . I often wonder how can these men live with these nut case women but im rambling ….I think that when people keep saying she’s crazy and that’s why she’s still single and where’s her man its because they can’t come up with anything else to say about her and they know that having a relationship and baby is what she wants most so those words will hurt the most . Porsha was very quick to throw the no husband/ baby thing in Kenya’s face every chance she got and we all see how things turned out with her . Phedra is another who loves to say that as well and look at her marriage . Appllo would like nothing more than to get with Kenya and whomever else he finds attractive and most likely does . Every pot has its lid . She just hasn’t found hers yet.

      • Sona

        I hate when anyone uses a woman’s singleness as an insult or proof that something must be wrong with her. It’s especially terrible when it comes from other women. Men are not a prize and you haven’t “won” anything simply because you have one. The ageism is equally deplorable. I’m in my thirties and single, but I was married in my early twenties and I quickly learned that I would rather be alone than to be with a man who is not right for me. I know a lot of women who have paid terrible prices just to avoid the stigma of singleness. No thank you!!! Alone does not have to equal lonely and/or sad.

      • Tamar voice

        IT pains me that women still look at marriage as a measure of success. I guess Oprah has a long way to go.

      • I love this blog.

        @ Nad

        Yes! Because you are a qualified professional . To make such diagnosis ,of someone’s mental health being. From the comfort of your home. Thank Mr/Mrs Arm chair psychiatrist. And if even she has “mental issues”. I see no humor in it.

      • Nads

        @Tamar Voice — Marriage IS a measure of success for Kenya who clearly wants to be married. Clearly if you do not want to be married as Oprah does not, then it’s not a measure of success.

        And by the way, it can also be a measure of success even for those of us who didn’t intend to get married but somehow did anyway. I’ve been with my husband since I was 23 years old (I’m in my mid-30s now) and I have 2 children so i have some authority on the subject :)

        Kenya on paper has everything going for her. She’s pretty, she’s educated she is fairly accomplished. Yet the things that she desires most seem to allude her….hmmmm…let’s ask ourselves why. First she is either a pathological liar or crazy. How soon we forget the “fake fiance” scandal of season 1 when she either faked the relationship or otherwise was so desperate to marry a man who didn’t want to marry her that she begged him on national TV and was rejected. There are too many other instances to chronicle here but if you truly analyze her I think you’ll see she’s not right mentally. I would just urge her to seek help. Yes it makes for good TV but she’s not well in real life and those concerns should be addressed in real life.

        I’m just looking out for the poor woman :)

      • Paige

        Thee attention Kenya did not get as a child from her mother makes her crave that attention from everyone around her…..she is in a constant state of wanting her mother to acknowledge and love her…..I truly believe this is what drives Kenya’s narcissistic behavior.

      • Nikki

        @Sona-You hit the nail on the head and I could not have said it better. I know people in their 40’s who are both single and married, and the quality of life for the single women are greater than the marrieds. I believe in marriage wholeheartedly, but not as a means of validation.

      • Tamar voice

        @Nads, so it’s clear that marriage is a measure of success for you, but all women don’t share that sentiment. I think Kenya seeks marriage for companionship, as I thought most people do; but not as a measure of “success”.

        I also thought it was funny you mentioned that she’s beautiful and smart, but her list seemed to be incomplete because she isn’t married. But I guess the former strippers and wanna be trust fund babies who don’t have a clue about black history are both better off and somehow “complete” or “successful” any day because they can mark off marriage on the to do list (they both can also check off divorce, lol).

        I’d choose beautiful and smart any day…

      • Mia

        What does her being 40 and un married prove abt her character? Half the women on here are married and most of their men ain’t abt sh! T.
        In my best Iyanla voice, Please don’t, Beloved…

      • Katrina

        Next season Kenya will be pregnant. maybe her prince will come on the show. Marlow and Kenya will be best buddies.

  2. Nads

    I find it hilarious that Kenya and Marlo are so obsessed with NeNe. It seems like they are so wishing for her to fail. It’s strange. Meanwhile, as they are obsessing about Nene, Nene keeps it moving with more projects coming her way. Nene has a stank attitude sometimes but her hustle is fierce for sure! Hence the fixation I guess….

    • pfffttt

      EVERYBODY knows that DWTS is a place where FAILING reality stars go before they drop off the map. Almost every single “Jersey Shore,” “The Hills,” and “Bachelor” star has appeared before they finally drift off into obscurity.

      Yes people want to see her fail because she is very arrogant, and disgusting. The cunty attitude that people are not on her “level” tends to turn non psychopathic people off.

      Nene is sick and she needs help.

      • LoLo

        I do agree with you on DWTS…the fat lady is tuning up as far as NeNe’s career goes!

      • sarcasatire

        Um, Lisa Vanderpump begs to differ.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Maybe LVP “pumped” as much sympathy as she could from DWTS and thus avoided the DWTS kiss of death. Die early, fonder memories?

      • Nads

        perhaps you are right pfffttt but if she was smart…and I presume she is…she has saved her $10M and can retire very comfortably. No one is famous forever. And wishing people failure is bad karma…..tis tis. shame shame….

      • ROFLMAO. How long have you been here? We don’t get to many folks here who believe the wildass salaries Nene claims to make. And what is it about Nene that makes you think she saves a dime? You’re kind of hysterical.

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 1:07 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Nads

      @Tamar Tattles….ummm..yeah..I have not been here long…These are my first posts. I have read your blog a few times though.

      I don’t quite know why the disdain for Nene Leakes. Seems to be a lot of misplaced hostility on here……people generally need to take several seats and calm down a bit…You mentioned in another response that women on here may be menopausal so maybe that’s the explanation…LOL! I have several decades left before that stage of life so perhaps that’s why I don’t quite get it yet..

      HOWEVER, I think Nene is a pretty savvy business woman so don’t be so sure she’s not worth $10M. Even if she has not made $10M does not mean she is not worth that….so just sayin’…..maybe I’m wrong but I think for someone like her with what some would consider an abrasive personality to have made it as far as she did as quickly as she did takes more than luck…it’s business savvy.

      • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

        The disdain for nene leakes comes because she is mean spirited, a bully, she curses like a fish-wife and she happily and loudly drags other peoples dirtly laundry out as quick and someone else says “pass the tea’. No one realy knows how much Nene is making but 1) it is definitely much less than she says it is. ( If you are telling people you are rich and you are making trump checks, knowing full well that trump pays a little over 20,000 to each of his contestants you can no longer be believed about anything you say).

        2) she spends ever dime she has on looking like she has money. She buys a car for her son, louboutins left and right and can’t GET or a mortgage and has REPEATEDLY had problems paying her rent. That plus if you are going to tell the world you are rich, you are going to have to keep up appearances. That’s not cheap

        3) Every glamourous item that she has is a rental. Cars, homes ( and if marlo is to be believed – sometimes her clothes).

        When people WANT YOU TO BELIEVE something about themselves really badly, I usually find that they are exaggerating ( Cough, cough…lying)

      • Tamar voice

        Poor people even own their homes, but rich NeNe doesn’t. Very savy business woman…. (rolls my eyes and sips my Riesling)

    • Nikki

      I think Kenya and Marlo are wishing for NeNe to fail only because she became a braggart once she picked up her shows, especially The New Normal. She treated everyone as though she would never have to look back, but we see what went up came right back down. In order for NeNe to stay relevant, she has to act the fool on RHOA. However, Kenya is stealing her thunder.

    • Mia

      What hustle? Lol
      She is a paid minstrel show who is burning bridges left and right and a notorious liar! Miss “I only wear two piece bathing suits because god graciously allowed me to maintain my figure after birthing two children even though I got a tummy tuck and tit lift on the show”
      Nene is a lunatic trans-horse with 40 year old hair who is going no where fast.

  3. dlyne32

    It was obvious they had nothing to talk about at dinner. So they decided to bash Porsha. What, is Peter a housewife now? That whole segment was a big waste of time. And Phaedra and Apollo come traipsing in looking like she bailed him out and then they jumped on a plane to get there was another joke.

  4. ScrappieONE

    I agree, this episode was a complete snooze fest….. It is so evident Apollo has a wandering eye and Phadrea knows all too well she’s not the only one in his life and would bang Kenya in a moments notice. He is a disgusting pig with no regard to women. It’s pretty bad when Kenya becomes the most interesting person on this show.

    • O.O

      Yes this episode was a snooze fest . Kordellia mentioning Porsha’s mom eating pizza on his white chair was telling , men dont usually mention the color of chairs . I would understand him mentioning the chair color if her mom dropped the pizza and stained the chair …Peter brought up the marriage with such authority as if he was paid marriage counsel , or her dad . I was surprised that porsha replied to his commentary because although she’s a airhead she’s quite good at the snappy come backs . The way she was attacked at dinner was unfair and puzzling , it makes me wonder If production told Peter and Kenya to start the ball rolling since the limo attempt was a fail . I’m guessing that we’ll see the argument/ almost fight between papa smurf and Greg next week. Nene was quiet this week which was refreshing but spoiled the refresh judging from her twitter comments. I’m confused as to why last nights episode made it off the cutting floor and confused as to why NeNe thinks she’s so powerful that she knows who will stay or go .

    • The Jam

      I have to defend Apollo a little here. I’m usually much better than average at seeing people for what the are. Phaedra and Apollo never had a real marriage, not to mention from their first season it was obvious that she has no respect for him. I know pretentious women like phaedra, I wasn’t even a little shocked when her shady past started popping up ( well maybe a little 😉 ). Apollo has let it slip in a past season that she is a monster at home. And she is always making him jump through hoops with those ridiculous parties and photoshoots. I think that behind closed doors she is a dragon lady. Apollo has no couth, so now that he showing his frustration he’s starting to look like the bad guy. I feel sorry for him, he is trapped – marital, criminal, parental. And if the rumpus about her sexual proclivities are true. Sleeping with clients, head doctor, more than one guy at a time. He may not be the only adulterer. Doesn’t make a difference. They’re marriage isn’t real and they have never been in love. Now they obviously hate each other. I really don’t think phae cares if he screws someone else as long as it doesn’t embarrass her or put her enemy ( kenya) at an advantage. To Apollo, I say- get your joy how you can before they cart your ass back to jail.

  5. Ki

    I agree, it was pretty boring. However, you neglected to mention the convo between Marlo and Kenya. This goes further to show how immature NeNe is and I loved how Kenya’s talking head likened the situation to Buckhead’s version of high school drama Beverly Hills 90210.

  6. Maya Simone

    I’m with you Tamara. This episode was a bore. Peter is extremely messy. Porsha had every right to shut him down and should have. If I had the chance to jump into Porsha’s body and speak up for her, that would have been the perfect time. I would have laid Peter’s ass out. And his Stepford wouldn’t have said nuthin. Only person who is entitled to an explanation or account of her marriage is her divorce attorney. But Peter, being the BIGGEST opportunist on this show had to prove to his business partner (Kordell) that he was on the right team. So he took this opportunity to try to humiliate Porsha.

    Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage has to be a fraud. I know they aren’t gonna get to it till next week but clearly Phae-Phae’s husband is crushing on Kenya. I spent last year DESPISING Kenya because I thought she was one of “those” slut bucket types that target other women’s husbands. Now I see it may be the other way around. Apollo just can’t help himself. The thirst is so extreme he’s flirting with Kenya while his wife is right there. Can you imagine the plethora of strays he has on speed dial? Well…..he is a con artist so go figure.

    • Nads

      Kenya IS the type to hit on other people’s husbands. She is a pretty woman so I’m not quite sure why she does it. Perhaps insecurities but every time I have seen her around a man she acts desperate. She was on watch what happens live and was even trying with Wayne Brady but a guy of his caliber would never give someone like her the time of day. So desperate at her age….so so sad.

      • beth

        Can you be more specific – I saw that WWHL episode and did not observe any desperate behavior.

      • MomofAJ

        She flirted with Wayne because she’s single, as in unmarried and I believe he is too. She did say she was seeing someone. People flirt to have fun on WWHL damn near every show, Andy included.

      • pfffttt

        There is a difference between friendly playful flirting and flirting to the extent that you are making it clear to the man you want to f*ck him. If Kenya even jokes or is friendly to another man you all claim she wants to try to get with them.

      • The Jam

        I agree she didn’t look like she was hitting on Brady. And it’s hard to tell what her personality is and what she is doing for the sake of entertainment. She annoyed theHELL out of me this ep.

  7. Judy McKenzie

    You’re right, as usual!!!
    The show would have been more interesting had Kordell showed up for dinner!! We all (fem) cannot stand him, anyway. Let him eat cake. “Cream colored chairs?” Puhleeze!


    I do believe that Nene told Marlo not to be friends with Kenya. Of course Marlo will make friends with anyone she can “film” with but it’s not up to Nene who Marlo (a grown a$$ woman) can be friends with. Now I come to my MAJOR problem with the show……..Nene thinking she has control over RHOA. Last season at the reunion, she tried to make everyone nervous that some changes in cast needed to be made. Andy Cohen has given this Frankenstein monster way too much say. If I were him, I would have shut her down immediately and said “Leave the casting to me housewife”. That’s why Nene now believes that if all the cast doesn’t suck up to her, she will banish them. Nene’s ego and diva attitude have got to go. I can’t do another season of RHOA with her. I won’t. ANDY COHEN……you should have fired this beast after she choked Kim. Nene needs to go. Cynthia & Porsha too…….snooze.

  9. I have officially joined the not very exclusive club of being blocked by Nene Leakes on the twatter. This is odd because the only time I tweet a bravo person is if I have something nice to say. Apparently, she read something here she did not like.

    • Maya Simone

      Consider that a compliment. I guess you didn’t get the memo. It’s similar to the friend contract but not quite. You know…It’s the one where you have to kiss her ass, tell her her shit smells like roses, and live in her rich bitch delusion. Who got time for that!

    • O.O

      Not on topic at all: I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    • MomofAJ

      Oops! Maybe it was the Team Kenya post? LOL! You did say you respected her hustle in making being a member of the Housewives’ genre pay. That’s a good compliment.

    • OK TT please do not laugh at me but what the hell is a “beard”???? LOL


      You don’t think it was me do you????

    • jrleaguer

      Then she will really not like what I have to say. When Kenya and Miss Lawrence were in the car going to the resort….for a hot second, I did not realize that it was Miss Lawrence….I thought it was NeNe.

    • myinfo

      Twitter is such a joke. Only positive twits are shown.
      Nene’s FB page, DWTS FB page and most blogs have this season 90 percent negative comments re Nene.
      Nene who was my fav. Is now my least fav.

  10. myinfo

    Next we will see Apollo and Kenya talking on a bench with cameras in their faces so whatever Apollo says to Kenya he knows Phaerdra is watching and its being recorded. I bet it ends up to be boring with only Apollo flirting.
    Nene let’s everyone know she is pissed at Peter, Kenya and Marlo. She is letting them know that they are getting to her.
    She needs to focus on dancing vs twitting.

  11. Riley

    Nene is arrogant. ..Kenya’s a troublemaker. .Porsche is immature….Peter the busybody. ..Apollo the thief…Phaedra is insecure. ..Gregg is hen pecked…
    Cynthia has no backbone..Marlo the golddigger…
    and that leaves Khandi…the only one that seems to have her shit together.

  12. Riley

    Oh yeah forgot…Kordell is in the closet. There…I said it!!

  13. Riley

    Left out Kordell..when I tried to give my opinion of what he is…it would not post. Hummmmmm

  14. papa smurf

    Yeah Peter was wrong, the only reason he’s doing this is for some investment coin from Kordell. Then he can’t wait to mention his conversation in front of everyone in the limo, it was so inappropriate.
    Then he carries it on at dinner? I’m not a Porsha fan, i’ll be surprised if she’s back next season, but, Peter & Kenya ganging up on the first night was wrong. Kenya was starting to grow on me this season, but she lost points with me on this one. Phaedra was so pathetic, talk about paranoid.
    Talking about taking Dwight, instead of her husband. Tells you she doesn’t trust him in the least. And from the look of the upcoming episode she just may be correct. Telling Kenya, I could have sex with you if I wanted to.
    But then again editing.. Now Nene throwing a fit on Cynthia when she brought up the Bailey Bowl (Marlo), then walking out of the store…But then she’s all smiles with Kenya in Mexico…Nene was like 2 different people. I wonder what might have happened between those 2 instances? Maybe she found out she was going to be on DWS, and needs to be more likable?
    One thing was for sure, it was as fake as her teeth.

    • Tamar voice

      I’m actually glad that Kenya got in Porsha’s arse regarding the marrigage to Kordell. Last season, Porsha took every chance she could to chastise Kenya for not having a “husband”. If I were Kenya, I would put Porsha’s fake marriage on blast every time the topic came up.

  15. I thought it was in VERY poor taste for Peter to instigate drama by not only bringing up his conversation with Kordell but on a bus load full of catty women and their husbands. To quote the Countess, “what a BITCHY thing to do!” I’m usually on his side, but this was completely rude.

    I felt really bad that people ganged up on Porsha about it at dinner. They all say they’re sick of her crying about it, but why did no one come to her defense besides Gregg/Kandi? Phaedra said something snarky in confessionals (par for the course) but didn’t actually speak up in person.

    Kenya and Peter ganging up on Porsha was NOT pretty for either of them.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I totally agree. It was in extremely poor taste. This is where Porsha needed to shut that conversation down. i.e. Thanks Peter but I really don’t want to discuss my marriage with you.
      What happened between Kordell and Porsha is NOBODY’s business unless Porsha initiates the conversation. Who approached who about having Kordell on the show? Peter? Todd? Todd’s old producer friends? Did they have a ‘let’s give Kordell the right of reply’ conversation? Regardless, Kordell can now sit on his comfortable cream sofa and eat (or not eat) all of the pepperoni pizza that he wants. He’s so precious.

      Kenya should not comment on anyone’s marriage EVER. Porsha is a bit too simple for these women. She walked into the trap. Justified herself, volunteered information, then got defensive. I think Kenya AND Peter’s questions were intrusive.

    • The Jam

      I really want to know what the hell porsha did to kenya, why kenya feels the need to insult her like that. That is the only fight I hate that kenya is in because porsha did nothing to her….but then if they hadn’t fought we would never have has ” gone with the wind fabulous”

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        I honestly think that her very existence irked Kenya from the first minute. Remember when they met? Kenya’s whole attitude in her talking heads were really negative. At that time, Porsha was the younger, married, spoilt “princess.” I think she represented everything that Kenya wanted to be.Kenya measures herself against other women (whether she wants to accept it or not) and Porsha was just ‘too much’. (At the time) Too ditzy, too noisy, too flashy, too “rich” etc.
        That’s my theory.

        Re: Gone with the wind fabulous. She needs a new catchphrase. Fast!

      • The Jam

        That’s true but now that she has been knocked well off her throne…and been nice to kenya) why still go at her.? It’s like kicking a dead horse, there’s no purpose- not even a crazy one.

  16. captivagrl

    I can’t recall, are Porsha and Kordell still negotiating, or has a financial settlement been reached? All of this talk about the marriage on the show makes me wonder if she’s holding some “proof” over him. I can’t think of one other reason that he would agree to be filmed. She insinuates that he’s gay and he’s filmed discussing her mother’s eating habits? I don’t get it. If she receives enough money from him, maybe she’ll make a statement such as, “I never actually said that my husband was gay, those were rumors”? And that will be the end of it, she’ll move on with the $$$ and still have a place on the show as the single girl looking for love.

    • jasmine

      The show was taped before the divorce was finalized in November or December, 2013. As Kordell alluded to last night, Porsha wanted more than he was willing to give and his assets were in his name only.

  17. JentheAUfan

    The only part worth recapping you mised. Porsha in her talking head said about the divorce that nothing good would ccome from her mud swinging so she didnt stoop to that. I got a kick outta that. Twitter was far more entertaining. Nene replying to Cynthia that she was cussing producers and then later that some are getting fired..

  18. Kheppera

    I agree. This episode was hard to watch at times. The hotel was beautiful! But I think Cynthia and Peter got their marching orders from the producers to start trouble this season .. or else…. As NeNe would say ..
    Peter was “In-e-popiet”…lol… But i believe Kordell when he said Porsha’s momma was eating a whole pizza in his master bedroom.. LOL.
    The more I see Pheadra and Apollo with their children.. the more pissed of I get with them. They have two beautiful boys that they seem to be doing a great job with..but they are living a life a crime on the side.. what a shame.

  19. kb

    On WWHL, Jimmy Kimmel was on, and Andy showed a clip from when Nene was on. She kept saying “I am going to bring it”. Andy then asked Jimmy if he thought she was “going to bring it”, and he said no. He said he thought she was going to do poorly because she was too tall (which to me means too big) Then Andy says, “well she used to be a stripper.” and Jimmy was like so what. It was funny! So that’s Jimmy and Wendy Williams and the public at large who thinks she is going to either lose or go home early.

    • Buddy

      I have never watched a single episode of Dancing with the Stars but through promos, I see that each season they reach less for the stars. Now with the inclusion of Nene they are scooping the gutters. A good name change would be Dancing with the Mediocre.

    • Gingersnap

      No disrespect, but Andy said she was an “exotic” dancer and Jimmy Kimmel corrected him saying (in that deadpan way he has) she was a stripper. Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t overly enthused about NeNe and didn’t seem impressed at all. Bet that chapped NeNe’s hide :)

    • Mina

      That was so funny! Jimmy just said the truth, and didn’t care. Love that

    • Tamar voice

      Actually, Andy referred to Nene as an “exotic dancer”, and Jimmy Kimmel said, “Let’s call it what it is…she was a stripper”. Classic! I loved it!

  20. TheHousewife

    Instead of Nene getting on Twitter talking about Kenya’s pay and how she’s not the queen b and will be fired next season, maybe she should focus on her dance moves for next week’s premiere of DWTS. Bloop

  21. “who gives small children a bottle of cleaning solution and a rag as a toy?” All I could think of is the toxic chemicals that child was inhaling and absorbing through his skin, I could not even listen to the lackluster conversation his parents were having. Those kids don’t stand a chance in SO many ways!

    • lori

      And an aerosol can no less!

    • jrleaguer

      I thought about that as an after thought.I could not stop focusing on the fact that they did not have a safety net around their pool. Given that their pool is sooo close to their home, it is irresponsible not to have one.

  22. ICassie

    You are so right boring. I am tired of a Kenya kissing Nene’s butt. Girl just
    stop. It is just wrong of Peter and Kenya to constantly speak on Porsha’s marriage. Kenya please try to be supportive. Wonder if someone is really getting fired. Hope Andy keeps them

  23. pfffttt

    If the show is making ratings records and the highest rated show on Bravo, I doubt we will see much of a cast change next season.

    if anything I think Nene will be fired. If you watch WWHL regularly and take note on which HW’s appear the most frequently they are usually the HW’s that come back next season. Nene usually appears more than any other HW on WWHL, this season she has appeared one time and was very “cold” and snobbish acting. People reacted negatively.

    Also, it is clear Nene is pissed at producers. Andy has said he has a “say” in castings, but the producers also have a say, and it is clear that Nene and the producers are not on the best of terms.

    She’s cussing them out, throwing water bottles at them, bashing them on twitter and her website.

    Producers don’t want to work with someone that treats them like crap. I really hope she gets fired, and they bring someone on to replace her. She isn’t that hard to replace. There are a number of women in Atlanta, that snap their fingers, and act sassy.

    • I agree that the ratings will probably mean that the cast remains the same as much as possible. Nene has burned some bridges with producers and it is showing up in her editing this season. You don’t want to bite the hand that edits you. So she could be on the chopping block. OTOH, remember SPEIDI on The Hills? Everyone hated those two and that was exactly why they were kept around. The entire premise of these shows is to humiliate the people on the show to the full extent they will allow themselves to be humiliated. It’s explicitly spelled out in their contracts, actually. I actually wish they would use fewer housewives on these shows. Three or four ladies would be a lot easier to learn about and there would be a lot less DRAMA.

      On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 6:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • pfffttt

        “A lot less drama”, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? LOL

      • Katrina

        It looks like Marlo might finally get her a spot! I think it is easier for production to have more women. They film for a specified time and they do not film everyday for each women.

  24. I liked Marlo’s house. That scene was funny. They didn’t say anything that was incorrect. And their faked concern was genius. I loved the Kenya photos in the rooms. I laughed out loud.

    I do not think the men should even go on the trips. It changes the dynamic. And it creates false “teams”.

    I honestly 100% believe Kordell. I am glad he had a chance to tell his side. That girl is a huge liar. And SHE is the one who keeps bringing up the divorce. It’s her storyline and she tries to bring it up.

    There were a few parts of the show that were borderline offensive to Mexicans. Somehow that’s ok because they are black.

    • I believe Kordell completely! This spoiled, immature dingbat knew exactly what she was marrying. Her whining about being his arm candy, nanny, etc. and all of the sacrifices she made for a WHOLE YEAR! Pfft! Even the attorney tried to tell her in a nice way to settle for less.

    • vivaladiva831

      Yes, so glad you pointed that out-I can see Porsha’s big mama sitting in Kordell’s bedroom eating that pizza too.

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

      I thought I was the only one. I’m not going to say “Kordell is not gay” I’ll just say I don’t see not one thing at all that makes Kordell seem gay…No evidence, no mannerism..nothing. The only reason people keep saying it is because she keeps suggesting it. But then she was thinking about getting back with him.

      I do think Kordell is controlling, but she is the baby of her family. Usually those girls end up with men who behave more like daddies. And it’s a fit because the girl is irresponsible and is attracted to that kind of leadership. Kordell may have just had a heavier hand then he needed to. But that dynamic is another reason why I believe that their relationship was real.

      She is a mess. I almost liked her this season until she started throwing holy water on people in her blogs. Her head got swelled fast for a girl with no accomplishments.

      Porsha says “I had all these businesses I gave up for this marriage” yeah right. in what country? in what timezone? On what stratesphere?. Receipts!!

      • I never said I didn’t think he was gay. Mannerisms? You really don’t know if a man is gay until he sticks his dick in another man. And even then, he might just be a “hole’s a hole” theorist.

        I simply think that he was upfront with her whatever the case. And that she did not hold up her end of their agreement. And that she had more than fair warning that he was done.

      • Honey, I have the best gaydar this side of the Mississippi. You don’t have to have sex with another gay man to be a gay man. I have the gift of impeccable gaydar.

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 8:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • The Jam

        It’s way more subtle than switching hips and snapping fingers,but you can almost always tell…ALMOST. I not saying he’s not gay, I’m saying we have absolutely no real reason to think he is.

      • ROFLMAO.

        On Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 8:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Buddy

      I found the fake mustache & pancho wearing offensive. I too was glad to hear Kordell’s side, especially as to why Porsha’s name wasn’t included on his house. This is the only “reality” show I watch but after seeing all these staged conversations & vacations, I’m done with this show after this season.

    • What parts were borderline offensive? Refresh my memory, apparently I missed that.

  25. Yamoah Asiedu

    Did anyone else find it strange that Kenya put photos of herself in everyone’s rooms? Vanity/deluded/attention starved much? Why did she do that? Yes, she looks good in her photos but that was too much.

  26. Lisa

    Ok first of all I will admit that I am an old woman who loves reality shows but when they were talking about Porsha being Kordell’s beard, I had NO clue as to what they were talking about. I called my daughter and she told me after she stopped laughing. Onto Lawrence. When the host met them at the hotel she called him Lawrence. He immediately told her it was MR. Lawrence. What was the big deal about or maybe my hearing is going along with everything else. The deal with Peter was nuts. I don’t care for NeNe, oh hell I don’t care for Peter either but I am beginning to think that NeNe was right about Peter being a busy body nosy bitch.(is that word allowed)? I know that he was probably pushed into doing it by production but he is still acting like a bitch. For him to confront Porsha with Kordell’s side of the story was really showing his busy body, nosy bitchiness. Instead of inserting himself into someone else s marriage he needs to fix his first. I could go on about the rest of the them but I think I have said enough for now.

  27. Brianna

    Nooo I don’t like that Peter had a talk w Kordell but he didn’t bring up at dinner. He mentioned to her in the car then Gregg brought it up and dumb ass porsha wouldn’t drop it. Kenya doesn’t want Apollo she’s throwing shade at pheadra! I’m pretty sure I’m going to be 40 and never married does that mean I have issues? Obviously marriage doesn’t mean what it used to so why should she be judged because she’s not married!? Look at porsha …I’d rather be 40 and never married than 30 and divorced 1 or 2 times! Kenya is funny and I’m glad she brought miss Lawrence with her they were the most exciting part of te show! Ps: I just noticed kandi was more pissed about the Bailey Olympics and the games then she was about her mom trying to ruin her marriage lol now that’s issues!

  28. I do not normally comment on blogs, but I find this one very interesting! I think all of the women have some type of insecurity (don’t we all?) whether it is big or small. It is not my place to call them out, but I will say this… It is very disheartening to hear Marlo and Kenya bring up Nene’s temporary disappointments. Notice I said… temporary. If Nene can just get it together and stop it with the pomp and circumstance, baby might land on her feet. The fact that Marlo and Kenya were basking in the afterglow of the cancellation of The New Normal and Nene’s contract status on Glee was a prime example of women tearing each other down. Trust me… there is one Man who can bring people off their high horse when they get too high… there is no need for Marlo and Kenya to worry about it. They need to worry about their own circumstances. Me? I hope and pray that Nene finds her “humble self” and continues to prosper. I wish all the ladies well in their endeavors, but they ALL need to remember that even though BRAVO is “making it rain” in their bank accounts, when the show is over, their reputations will follow.

    • Welcome Vonnie, we are a pretty smart bunch here but you will need to wear your big girl panties at all times. :) Most of us are women of a certain age where hormones are raging and tempers are short. Me in particular. :) I’m just giving you advance warning. We get along for the most part, have huge disagreements and speaking for myself, it all blows over rather quickly.

      I’ve been blogging for a couple a three years now and my opinions on these women change like the wind. I was a Nene supporter when she was hustling and doing the most she possibly could with the blessings she was receiving. Nene strutted around like a pea hen squawking about how she had arrived, how rich she thinks she is (she is not, despite what the tabloids would have you believe) and most disconcerting for me is her constant blathering about her being God’s most favorite human on earth. She lacks humility and dignity and a moral compass and I find that very unlikeable. Nene is one of the best hustlers on any housewife franchise as far as “working her brand.” But when she has set backs she just inflates her false ego. I have no problem with Marlo and Kenya discussing her piss poor attitude. This is in spite of the fact that both Kenya and Marlo appear to be errr… kept women….

    • pfffttt

      How many times has Nene used her status on Glee and New Normal to insult the other women and to make herself look better than the others?

      Go to IMDB and compare Nene and Kenya’s profiles. Kenya has 29 credits as an actress, while Nene only has two.

    • They were not basking. They were excusing her BAD behavior based on what she’s going through. And nene has NO problem ripping anyone and everyone when they fall. So somehow your observation is a bit one sided.

  29. You’re right….it’s both…I think I’m just about over this show AND that episode was rather SNOOZE-A-LICIOUS!!! I usually do funny recaps on my FB page on Monday mornings, but there wasn’t too much of anything I wanted to discuss!! Hopefully next week there will be!! Glad you’re feeling better hun :-)

  30. sarcasatire

    Nene may be on her best , but Kenya can’t hello but act like a snake. At least she was finally honest…”I am the sharpest one of them all.” Exactly, that’s why each victory is really a failure wrapped in disguise. Kenya wins the battle, but loses the war.

    Kenya seems like the you’re of woman to flirt with married men and feel like she had one over on the wife if he flirts back. That’s why she tried the “So why are you texting me then?” at the reunion to try and insinuate something that she backpedaled from when this season began. It’s also why Apollo thought he could’ve had a chance of he wanted to. She probably flirted heavily, just to lure him on, as some subliminal attack on Phaedra. I don’t think she would slept with Apollo…the “win” for Kenya is in having him desire her.
    Which is precisely why she wore a thong and sheer wrap to Pillow Talk. Single woman around her friends’ husbands shows up in a thing. You don’t have to be insecure to pick up on what she’s putting down.

    Even this episode. She, once again, met the ladies and their husbands in a skimpy outfit, while the ladies were all straight from the airport in travel clothes. Even Kandi commented on that and I don’t think she’s insecure about Todd wanting Kenya. Kenya is just that transparent.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ sarcastire: You couldn’t have said better what I was thinking: Kenya will never win the war because each of her victories are failures. I did not like her last season at all. And just as I was warming up to her this season it was all undone with this one episode. The pics in the couples’ rooms? The scanty dressing at the couples’ PJ party? Greeting the couples wearing her underwear? She has no respect for herself or others. Also, Peter is a loser. He has no respect for women. Nor does Kordell. Pizza? Really? I believe Porsha endured more than we will ever know. She handled herself with grace. She did have to deal with the dissolution of her marriage on national tv. I, for one, could not have suffered that.

      • Brianna

        Helloooo everyone was dressed in scanty clothing at the couples party! Literally everyone. Also, she was in Mexico ? What was she supposd to be wearing? It’s hot, there’s water — . Kenya has a nice body I don’t blame her for showing it off, I’ve seen people at the gym wear less.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ Brianna: I will respectfully answer your question: there is usually no water in front of a resort, so it is unusual for someone to appear in the motorcourt undressed. It is okay to come down the elevator dressed to go the beach or pool. (My opinion really doesn’t have anything to do with what Kenya looks like.)

    • O.O

      If Kenya didnt carry on with all of her unpredictable antics the show would of been even more boring. I find her entertaining , from the pictures in everyones room ,to the twirling to the jumping from side to side on each housewife’s side and the troublemaking, she keeps us guessing she as someone said ,brought new life into this show. If she’s flirting with husbands its the respective husbands who should of shut her down and that would of put an end to it, but did they ? No ( talking about last season) Peter put his front into her behind and did a whine . Apollo jumped into the pool with her . I’m sure Greg and hammer head and Todd found her attractive but they had enough sense and respect for their parteners to stay frozen . I’m sure the producers told her to flirt to cause a ruckus and it only seemed to work with the air head man of the bunch . She’s earning her keep because she really doesn’t have a storyline and the rest of the storylines are boring.

      • Gingersnap

        I’m loving Kenya, her special brand of insanity is the only thing that isn’t boring. I loved the ponchos and color and energy she created. Every time I saw a new picture of her in someone’s room, I would laugh out loud. At most it was mischievous and a practical joke, and the reactions were funny too. Somebody must have smacked Nene around a little because she looked a little sick to be there at first. I think she decided to not let Kenya out do her and put on her big girl happy pants, and for once (it was pretty miraculous) kept her mouth shut. I think Kenya is kinda kicking NeNe’s ass with psychological warfare. Kenya is sharp, NeNe isn’t. NeNe can’t keep throwing Kenya’s “acts of kindness” back into her face without looking like the monster she really is, and she NEEDS public opinion on her side. She vants to be a STAR, dahling!

      • Tamar voice

        You could not have said this better! Yaaaassss!!!!

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

      noooo, I agree with sarcasatire..the pillow talk getup didnt bother me, but the swimsuit in mexico was over the top. Maybe it was editing but that ” i hope cynthia isn’t jealous of my beauty” thing was annoying. I didn’t like her trying to set porsha up and cut her off at the dinner ( even if porsha is annoying) and even tho the pictures in the room WAS hilarious, i don’t like that she did it, she did it to cynthia and kandi as well, who she has no problem with. this episode she was getting annoying. Kenya is VERY AWARE that this is all for TV, and it is getting a little tiring to actually be able to see her calculations unfold so easily. I haven’t crossed her off tho….Yet.

    • j-lo1089

      As a woman around other women’s husbands there are just things you don’t do. Prancing around half naked and leaving bikini pictures of yourselves in the rooms that these women will share with their husbands is wrong. It’s not about the others being insecure, its just about respect and a line that should not be crossed. As a woman that’s why I just can’t be team Kenya. I am all for shading Nene but Kenya really has no concept of sisterhood or respect for other women and their relationships.

      • When will the madness stop? I hate it when people attack not the adulterer, but the other person in that situation. Relationships are about loyalty and trust. These husbands, fiances, boyfriends, (and wives, fiancees, and girlfriends) are the ones who should be loyal to their significant others; so if someone else (unattached) wants to flaunt their bodies and be flirtatious, then they should be able to do that.

        That unattached person is not at all beholden to those relationships, and if your significant other eyes are wandering and action is threatening to take place, maybe you should reevaluate your relationship and not throw blame on someone who is not at all a part of it.

  31. Faith

    Am I the only one who thought the porsha was trying to say she did the show to save kordells image from the gay rumors? I don’t get why everyone was mad about that And I’m pretty sure peter just wants a bar one spin off kind of like vanderpump rules

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      That’s exactly what I thought too. Porsha seemed to imply that she married Kordell to stop people from saying that he is gay. If Kordell is in fact gay, he just needs to come out and stop playing. It’s not that big of a deal. Everyone who has suspected him of being gay or DL or whatever, will just say I TOLD YOU SO. Then, it will blow over and people will move on.

      The problem is that I think Porsha really bought into the idea of being a stay at home, submissive and supportive wife in exchange for a luxurious and lavish lifestyle. Who knows if they actually loved each other or it was a business arrangement with some romantic touches thrown in?

      Peter is not likeable enough to get a spinoff IMO.

    • Brianna

      Noooo porsha is just trying to back pedal and cover her own ass. When the season first started she had some shady things to say about Kordell but he filed some lawsuit thing so she couldn’t mention him anymore (that’s why now it’s “no ones’ business”).
      It was all on Wendy Williams a couple months ago!

  32. I repeat myself when I ask what lame producers think we’re interested in what loser Peter has to say? He was hateful and rude, furthermore slumping in his chair defined his low rent attitude. Kenya is indeed a thorn in my side, but good tv, I guess.

  33. vivaladiva831

    A few things-

    I think Phaedra is as over Apollo as he is her. A mutual non-love. But she has said she has a pre-nup and would probably retain primary custody of those kids and he is going to stay. In their defense though…they were monitoring the cleaning that Ayden did. My kids like to “help” me too.

    Kenya is 100% certifiably crazy insane. I think Nene is really really missing Kim about now.

    Porsha wanted to say those things about Kordell or she would have shut the conversation down.

    Pffft ^^^^ is Kenya.

    • I hope when you are monitoring your children, you don’t let them spray an entire can of aerosol cleaning agents on some windows, stand half an inch away from them while inhaling them, am let the rag coat them in carcinogens. But hey, I am just the crazy school teacher who refused to coat her elementary kids in antibacterial “sanitizer” ten times a day. I opted for soap and water for the kids body parts and Lysol wipes for the desktops. Clearly, I’m not a parent.

      On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 11:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • vivaladiva831

        You act like he was huffing the can. Good grief. And as another crazy teacher, I can guarantee he was perfectly safe.

      • well, I am glad that the toxic chemicals he was playing with meets your approval!

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • *Health Risks:* 2-butoxyethanol is the key ingredient in many window cleaners and gives them their characteristic sweet smell. It belongs in the category of “glycol ethers,” a set of powerful solvents that don’t mess around. Law does not require 2-butoxyethanol to be listed on a product’s label. According to the EPA’s Web site, in addition to causing sore throats when inhaled, at high levels glycol ethers can also contribute to narcosis, pulmonary edema, and severe liver and kidney damage.

        I’m sure you are right though, because I am not a parent, I should not really have an opinion. But if I were allowed one, I would think I child spraying an entire can of that shit on glass and standing half an inch away from it would not be something I would let a three year old do. Your mileage may vary.

        On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 12:16 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        I’m a parent and I don’t think that someone who isn’t a parent can’t comment or give advice to parents and be right . We were all kids once and had parents so there .Parenting is mostly common sense but obviously common sense is not common.I was shocked that those two let the baby spray anything , (if they wanted to give him busy work they could of put water in a spray bottle and let him clean the glass) they were too wrapped up in there discussion to monitor him. In addition to the fumes being bad for him what if he sprayed it in his eyes what if he sprayed it on his hands and rubbed his eyes? What if he decided to taste the white foam ? He’s a baby not 12 . I’m surprised that anyone would disagree .

      • vivaladiva831

        Belated response but, after rereAding what I had commented several times, i wanted to clear this up. I am missing the part where I supposedly said you had to be a parent to get it or have an opinion. That part is in your head. In no way do I think being a parent makes you an authority on child safety any more than being a teacher makes you an authority on chemicals. In any case, my two children do help me clean, under my supervision, which the pediatrician (someone I would consider an authority) has actually encouraged. This is something they like to do, not something I make them do. So I guess we will have to agree to disagree. Love and light!

  34. Gingersnap

    Porsha totally reinforced the suspicion that Kordell was less than straight. I remember her lamenting about Kordell not being into her hotness and leaving the impression that it must be because he was gay. A woman-girl scorned. I remember her kinfolk having a conversation along the same lines. So when Porsha uses the word “tainted” to describe Kordell’s past, it’s not such a leap to think she means his dipping into the man pond. She then goes on to explain she meant he was “wounded”. Hmmmm…tainted, wounded…not even close word association. Of course, maybe word association and Porsha is too much to expect, but still. I wouldn’t put it past Porsha to think she could SAVE Kordell from the gay rumors. I don’t think she meant to be his “beard” as in he could dip in the man pond and she would cover for him, but she did think by marrying him she would cover (beard) him and dispel the rumor. Then she turns around and reinforces it again. Can’t have it both ways, toots.

  35. Paige

    What was the date of the trip…I was wondering if Apollo had to get permission from the feds to travel thus the cause of their delay.

  36. sarcasatire

    My take on what Porscha was trying to say: “When I married Kordell, I promised him that I would be content to stay home and care for our kids. He promised to provide for me in the process. However, after some time, Kordell put me on a budget, do I decided it was time to go out and make my own coin. Naturally, he was concerned, what, with the rumors flying about. But I assured him that my exposure on the show (the first job I got) wouldn’t put further heat on him, but would instead revamp our image, with him as a family man. He agreed, but after getting bad press, he told me he didn’t want to do the show anymore and forbade me from doing so. I, however, got a taste of game and didn’t want to let go. Or be in the house by 9pm. So, he divorced me. I’m sad, but this story line got me another season and I no longer have a curfew.”

    • Faith

      I honestly believe thats exactly what happened. Most of Kordells interviews he has issues with her going out doing appearances and stuff that ran late at night for the show. Cynthia sounded so dumb when she said wait Kordell had money problems No he didn’t have money problems he just gave Porsha a allowance she wasn’t happy with. Notice Porshas mom said earlier this season Kordell never gave Porsha money just bought her things which is why sometimes she had to give Porsha money

  37. Teresa

    Kenya is the type of woman that looks for your weakness, and then will use it against you. I do agree that the “Kenya and Nene” saga does have the same feel as the movie “All about Eve”, with Kenya being Eve, and Nene being Margo. I don’t find her entertaining at all. I think she is as sly as a fox, and very cunning.

    • myinfo

      I love that Kenya is driving Nene crazy. No matter how mean Nene is to Kenya just sucks up to Nene, gets airtime and is making Nene look bad.
      She also talks very negatively about in her blogs, talking heads, on the show etc. Since Nene is # Queen B she can’t handle it.

      • Nads

        crazy is as crazy does. what kind of grown woman has time for these types of childish games? Kenya is a hot mess. She gets airtime but she’s still a mess.

        I don’t blame Nene for being annoyed do you want to be harassed by crazy people? I don’t.

    • What woman ISNT that type? Lol.

  38. Kris10

    It think phaedra was bringing up Kenya so much as a deflection on what was really going on with appollos arrest. I believe this episode was filmed mid October weeks after Apollo arrest…you can see it all over poor phaedras face! She looks very stressed and tired. The Kenya excuse that resurfaced out of nowhere was a excuse at best…..and what I want tot know is how did appollos even leave the country during this time?

  39. Emily

    Glad to see you back, missed my TT fix! I am glad someone else thought soaking Aadens little hands in toxic chemicals was a bad idea. I really felt for the poor girl who called Miss Lawrence ‘sir’. She looked so embarrassed and she was just being polite. The majority of gay men would be furious if you called them ‘Miss’ or ‘Ma’am’.

  40. Is Papa Smurf trying to get his own show? They really had no right to be grilling witless Porsha during the trial……….umm I meant dinner, lol.

  41. Tamar voice

    A good part of the show that everyone has seemed to overlook is how shady NeNe was to Cynthia while they shopped for swimsuits for the Mexico trip. When Cynthia wanted to talke about how the women ruined the Bailey Bowl, NeNe was so dramatic and defensive, because she knew that she played a huge role in the event’s demise. But when the Pillow Talk fiasco went south, the very next morning she was at Cynthia’s house to discuss all of the gory details. Cynthia was even afraid to tell NeNe her opinion of how her event was ruined! But she was very quick to walk up on Kandi with the hand movements…girl bye!

  42. Mari Anne Souza

    My take on Phaedra/Apollo is that Phaedra doesn’t actually care if Apollo screws around, as long as we don’t see it. She’s complaining about Kenya/Apollo, because that’s what one would expect a wife to do; she can’t just come out and say that she doesn’t care who Apollo messes with.

    • Katrina

      Phaedra made it very clear the first season she was on that she did not believe in divorce. Kenya started flirting with Apollo first. Some men don’t look at flirting innocently. Then Kenya insinuated that something was going on between Apollo and her with texting. Now, this whole season, Kenya is trying to backtrack and take everything back. In the beginning, I think Phaedra was willing to let it go, but Kenya keeps egging her on because Phaedra refuses to pretend to be friendly.

  43. I love this blog.

    Phaedra has no credibility.
    She has no problem, with her husband visiting strip bars frequently, plunking down is it $8,000 a week or night? To receive lap dances from half naked women. Yet defame Kenya’s name. & view her as a (W). What a joke!

  44. myinfo

    Phaedra is not acting like herself since the brawl.
    I bet she is over Apollo due the fight, 8Gs on strippers and Apollo letting the world know she married an ass.
    She has to feel like a fool.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I am embarrassed on her behalf. Having a good looking IDIOTIC and IMMATURE husband has to be her number 1 regret.

    • Kitty Mamma

      I don’t care who your man is. If your man is dropping $8k a night at a strip club, you have a serious problem. If he’s bragging about it in front of you, then you’re foolish for staying with him.

  45. 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

    It seems to me like peter is being “messy’ partially because its his personality but also partially because Cynthia doesn’t have the stones to do what she needs to do to stay on the show. She tried to start stuff this season and made a mess of it. She is beginning to annoy me this season. The fact that she called marlo with nene pissed me off. I thought she was the sweet one but with that she was watching and being a part of things without getting her hands dirty.

    It disgusts me that she would get into an argument with Peter and stop talking to him for Nene’s sake. Especially when nene is in the wrong. And I don’t like that she keeps throwing him under the bus in her confessional. She is like Nene’s whipped dog. She should have dropped Nene after she made fun of her “friend contract” and other things. But if she is still friends with Nene following all of these ripe “b*tches” that Nene has been slinging at Peter, i’m done with her.

    Also, I want Kenya to win ( against Nene) big time, but I really wish she hadn’t been so obvious this past episode. She was annoying me. I wanted her to be the favored one, instead of the villain everyone loves to watch.

    Oh well.

    Btw. I’m in a BAD mood today, is it obvious?

  46. TheHousewives

    There are conflicting reports going around saying both Kenya and Cynthia have been fired or just 1. I smell nene all over this and if true I’m done with the everybody kiss been behind or get fired show smh

    • TheHousewives

      Nene behind

      • The Jam

        I highly doubt it. They are saying that based off of some tweet that nene made. I would guess phaedra before anyone. Next porsha. If the fire kenya now the ratings will drop now because kenya was bringing in ratings that will leave and also there will be backlash against nene big time. Plus I heard kenya confirmed somewhere that she was back

    • The Jam

      Cynthia tho…that might explain why she has gotten more gossipy this season, trying to stick around.

  47. Tamara, what’s this I’m hearing about Cynthia getting axed from the show?

  48. Katrina

    I know some of Prorsha’s interviews, insinuate that Kordell is not on the up and up, but porsha was not going around to the other women spreading those rumors about him being gay. Those rumors were aleady being spread by bloggers. Porsha even defended him then. I still don’t know why Peter thinks that it is his job to tell Kordel’s side of the story. At least he is consistent, because he did the same thing for Walter. However, I think Peter did more harm than good. Kordell is doing everything in his power to say he is not gay and people insist that he is. If the man is embarrassed to be gay, then why do people insist on bringing it up?
    I still believe this Nene’s last season!

    • The Jam

      Porsha was in an interview that i saw where she very clearly insinuated that he may be gay. She also called him or referred to his behavior as “queen like” several times during the show. She is definitely the reason that the rumors are rampant now. It would have been a dull whisper if not for her.

  49. I am so late watching this and my takeaways are Peter seems to always be flying above the clouds, Kenya has a BIG SPOON, someone must have reminded NeNe she has 2% chance of making it as an actress and if she doesn’t act semi-respectful it drops to 0%, Kordell WAS a control freak (no company if I’m not home, REALLY???) Porsha,Phaedra need to go get their lives together OUT of the spotlight of TV, Greg needs a seat before he breaks a hip with his boring slow talking azz. RHOA needs a reboot.

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