Real Housewive of Atlanta (Not A Recap): A Spoon Coon

oh hell to the noe. So y’all know I get in a bad headspace sometimes. There is something going on the universe, as ‘rica would say. The ghetto is very restless.  I am what I call, “in the hole.”  Which means lots of very self destructive behavior and self medication. Apparently there is a knife wielding man in my neighborhood whose girlfriend attempted to flee to my house. I don’t open my door to NO BOD EE. EVER if I don’t know you. I accidently ran into one of my lawn guys at the beer store who convinced me to let him clean up my yard. He told me her whole story after she TRIED TO OPEN MY DOOR.

I just want to pull the covers over my head. But I want you to  have  a place to talk about tonight’s RHOA despite my lack of ability to recap it.

Plus I already know what is going to be y’alls big ass deal of the week.  Y’all are WAY more into WORDS than I am. I was raised with the “sticks and stones” philosophy.  I’ve been called every name in the book.  My teachers thought it was fascinating that I was raised in Libya, so they always included it in my introductions on the first day. This inevitably resulted in me being deemed the “sand nigger.” Sadly, by that point in my young life that was the least of my fucking problems. I could give a shit about words..  I bring this up to say that someone said something about Nene Leakes presenting herself as a  “coon show” and the PC  police most all of whom I suspect to be white, having some sort of hissy fit.  Do not tell me what to moderate. I am generally aware of what is posted on my blog.  I have said NUMEROUS times myself that Nene Leakes is pure coonery and buffoonery for Bravo and NBCUniversal.  It is what it is.

So tonight, when Phaedra says that Marlo is Nene’s  A-Spoon Coon, I hope you don’t all clutch your pearls and fall over.

Talk to me.


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88 responses to “Real Housewive of Atlanta (Not A Recap): A Spoon Coon

  1. Deborah

    Calling a person a coon is very demeaning . Phaedra could have expressed herself better . I am sure she regrets calling nene a coon. There definitely some buffoonery and childish behavior displayed on this show by some of the cast .

    • Deborah

      Correction: “ace boon coon” is a term for friend . This is used in a much different connotation .

      • txtea

        She really did say Ace Boon Coon. I’m from Texas and it is definitely a southern fried term of endearment. Much like the term partner in crime.

      • AmberKnows

        Agreed. I wondered where the ‘A spoon coon’ came from. Did Bravo name the episode?

      • Enough Already

        Right…it’s ace boon coon…meaning my dog…my number one girl…my ride and die friend…

      • Foxee

        Exactly. That’s what I thought I heard too. And TRUST, we are in no way at all a “Phaedra” fan, but that’s what we thought she said “ace boon coon,” an old skool term to mean “close buddy.”

        “coon” is deemed derogatory due to how what’s called “racist” applied/apply it.

        But spiritually, the Racoon reps/defends for the underdog. #Medicine Cards

        So, in this respect, Marlo had defended Ne Ne before… OK, I’ll stop, done went into a whole nutha topic. #semantics

        But, no, think you may have misconstrued. Could Bravo “leave it in” has she did say “aspoon coon?” No, the NAACP would definitely CONTACT Bravo.

    • O.O

      Why is it wrong to say what a person is behaving like? Nene’s behavior is textbook coon. If she didn’t behave in the manner In which she conducts herself then she wouldn’t be open to such commentary. I don’t see why Phedra should be sorry for stating the obvious .

      • Meri

        I have to admit that I have no clue what you are talking about. I am white…so I DO know that if I called a black person some of the names you are referring too I’d be crucified and called a racist. I don’t understand why it’s okay for any particular race or nationality to call themselves names but not for anyone outside of that race or nationality to do so. I a, NOT politically correct and actually think that policitcal correctness is an excuse for not telling the truth (or “reading” someone as some might say). Can you please realize that some of us are not from the ghetto or black so it is difficult to get what you are saying at times and it sounds so strange to hear the words that I am not allowed to use for fear of being labled something terrible? I am Jewish so I know what it’s like to be called names but I don’t feel it’s right to call my own people those same names.

      • Deborah

        It is very old term , seldom heard today.

      • Nikki

        @Meri- I do understand your argument and realize that as a Jewish person (and to most that reads “white”), you are automatically accused of being a racist upon waking up in the morning. As for racist terms that blacks use in a non-racial manner amongst themselves, the speaker often determines the place a certain remark comes from, which is why it is not “safe” for a non-black to use those terms on blacks. It is safe to say when a non-black uses words like coon, nigger, etc., it is not in the same context as a black person would use it. I have heard other groups, including Jews, use derogatory terms towards each other that a person from another culture could not say. However, I do not understand why people are so concerned with having equal opportunity to use racist remarks; that is not something to covet.

  2. Jennifer N

    I hope you’re ok. I can only imagine how scared you must have been to hear about some rando trying to come into your home! If they ever find her, let me know and I’ll come down to Atlanta and kick her ass!

    You have an amazing blog and always do a terrific job. Thanks for all that you do.

    • Blueeyed

      Why would you want to “kick her ass”? It appears from the post she was fleeing her “knife welding boyfriend”. While I also would not open for the door for anyone I don’t know, upon finding out a victim was trying to seek shelter from harm, I would have gladiy opened my door.

      If I misread the post, then I apologize.

      • Foxee

        Blueeyed, was thinking the same thing… “why would any sane person wanna add hurt to a victim, to anyone, really?”..unless it’s self-defense, of course.

        T.T., neglected to mention this above, THAT must have been one harrowing experience! Don’t wish it on no one. Is there anyway to find out if she made it out…okay? Prayerfully, I hope she did.

        Rather be alone than to deal with an abusive partner. #healingisnecessary!

  3. degrassi

    Phsyco fat bitch obsessed with nene leakes. U r the most disgusting hateful human beign on this planet.

    • Psst it’s “psycho” as in psychology. By the way I have a bachelors psychology that and a Master’s in Education. My current situation is sort of disgusting. I long one day to be as compassionate as you are. I am indeed fat and also a bitch. I am; however, not obsessed with Nene Leakes. She’s a mockery of black women everywhere.. And PERHAPS the only disgusting example of a black woman to hold out to the world on national TV other than you. I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and say that you have a criminal record and dropped out of school in grade 7 to have a baby.

      • I agree with you TT100 percent

      • Witchy

        Amen Tamara! You got that right about Nene and Phaedra. I never understood why Nene was so popular. When Nene is on a show like Wendy Williams, I only watched Nene on WW because I cant stand her, she sits there and smiles and doesn’t say much.
        Season 1 when Nene was helping her son with his homework and needed a tutor to figure out what was bigger 1/3 or 1/4 and Greg explained it to BOTH of them like 4th graders, I just shook my head and wondered where the hell Bravo gets their cheap talent from. I think it was the very first episode.
        I am so sorry to hear about that idiot trying to get through your door.

        Could I be so nosey to ask your nationality?

      • James

        Wow! … Now I am not from the A but I definately think that was “READ” ☺️

      • Mia

        (Faints) loooool
        TT I love you like a paid off student loan:-)

      • Meri

        NeNe is an embarrassment to MOST women of all colors. I don’t know how much of it is made up for dramatic effect or is really her personality. I also believe that even though I don’t always “get” what you are saying, I respect your right to do so. To call someone ugly names for speaking their own truth is weak and shows a huge lack of intelligence. I follow your blog because of your intelligence and ability to speak out.

      • How does one have the gall to come to YOUR blog to beotch to you? What is wrong with people? I am clutching my (grandmother’s) pearls and falling over at that more than anything! At least you told them like it really is!

      • The Q

        Love your explanation. I, too hate the fame bestowed upon Ms. Leakes and the irresponsibility she shows as a representative of her family, herself and her community (us!). America has given her a forum of voice and she uses it to make others believe that SHE represents black women/people everywhere. There are her legion of fans who are giving her a pass because she’s on television. Remember, it’s tell-a-vision. Ms. Leakes should keep in mind that, even if she’s a Christian, she gets to be the only bible people get to read. Likewise, as a black women, she’s the only black woman some people get to see and she is a collective representation for lots. The very “fame” she enjoys is because she’s that very representative. Unfortunately, her world only inhabits NeNe Leakes and she takes no accountability for her actions whatsoever. Also, SHE IS NOT AN ACTRESS despite what she calls it. Ask any actor and they will readily dismiss reality “stars” as actors. Heck, reality stars don’t even have SAG cards.

        Any hoo……

    • myinfo

      I think UR Nene or some losser paid fool that tries to make losser Nene look better.
      Go away.

    • Shellbelle

      Why are you on her blog then? Have a seat and STFU.

    • O.O

      I’ll wait until you watch to comment . I can’t wait to hear what you think. I’ll get into a “hood logic ” argument with some of your posters tomorrow.
      I hope you feel better soon and get a stun gun. I’ve been seeing them for very cheap on various deal sites.

    • O.O

      @degrassi . Do you realize that you are insane? Only a sick minded person comes to a blog site that they dont enjoy . Only a mentally ill person comes to a blog site of someone whom they think is ” digusting and hateful “and leaves personal attack comments. Are you serious ? I’m so baffled . How old are you ? Only children call people fat in an attempt to cause pain. If you are an adult then you’re in need of some serious mental health help .You called Tamara fat, is that supposed to make her change her opinion? Your calling her fat is quite pointless . If she is fat she can lose weight but you are mentally ill which is forever in your case because I’m sure that you think that there’s nothing wrong with you and as a result won’t seek the help that you so desperately need.

    • Wow Degrassi, you need to step off!! Nobody made you read the article, If you done like it, then don’t read it. Oh and by the way,,,your are obviously a very hateful person with not much dignity or a life to take to slamming people on a entertainment blog……just sayin!! Buh-Bye go read something more your style, like a hitler book >:[

  4. CheRon Tai

    How can anyone take offense to anything that is said and done on these reality shows? How does anyone take offense to the word coon in this setting versus them using the word bitch as if it’s a site word? It’s a derogatory word that people deem as offensive but not as offensive as any other words. TT I hope you get in a better space in due time.

  5. Bunny

    I’m obviously clueless. What’s the meaning of coon?
    BTW Tamara, be well soon. I love the updates and appreciate all the dedication you give to your website.

  6. joker

    Cannot believe Bravo would allow this past editing. Color me surprised. :)

    • LOL HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU THAT RHOQA is coonery and buffoonery? Tyler Perry has made MILLIONS by exploiting black people… I drive by his mansion on the way to my shrink all the time. It’s very nice. And I continue to assure you all that Nene is not getting a million for acting like a coon. First of all, she can’t act, and secondly, she makes a shit ton in my world but it ain’t a million.

  7. Meredith

    1. Can’t believe you would dignify Degrassi with a response
    2. I’m sorry you are “in the hole.” You have a lot of supporters around you who love your site and blog. I bet as much as you are in the hole now, your site has probably helped a few people get out of theirs.

  8. vivaladiva831

    All I wanna say is….tonight the show started getting good…

  9. KB

    Did I miss something? Nothing they showed in the previews was on tonight’s show ie.. Greg vs Peter. Kenya, Apollo, Phardra sitch. What’s going on? Anyone know?

  10. spk

    What an unnerving situation Tamara. You do what you got to do–the RH shenanigans will be just as ridiculous in 24 hours.

    Tyler Perry sure is divisive, ppl love or hate him. Seems no-in-between.

  11. Glad to hear you say “I will be out of mine eventually.” I took a bottle of pills with a lot of scotch once to get out of one of mine. Stupid. Someone unexpectedly came over and found me. After ECT, right meds I’m better able to cope and see the light. But the the coon thing… if my momma told us to “stop actin’ like a coon,” it was a monumental insult. Because it is a horrible thing for a Black person to say to another Black person. Sometimes she’d say “jigaboo” instead of “coon.” Both words are disgusting. RHOA is disgusting.

  12. TT, I always care more for your well-being than your work. I, am one of those Tamara has helped. She personally e-mailed me and encouraged me to seek help. And followed up to check my progress during the holidays. I will be forever grateful for her time and concern so Degrassi you mess with Tamara then me and you have a problem. Bravo has used NeNe. She is a laughing stock with her english, brides may and not respected but in her mind she is.

  13. Shirley Baker

    Tamara I hope you feel better soon. I read you everyday and look forward to it. I thought Phaedra said “Ace Boon Coon” which is a old expression for best friend. However in today’s world it may not be politically correct to refer to someone as a coon. I’m in my 60’s and I can remember hearing that expression as a child in the neighborhood.. I’m from Cleveland,Ohio but my parents were from the south and most of my friends and neighbors parents were too.I always assumed it was a hip cat slang expression but I do not know where it originated from but I was surprised to hear Phaedra say it.

    • KB

      I grew up in NY but my parents too were from the south. My mother would often use that expression when she was talking about having a close friendship with someone much like the way Phaedra used it. If your not familiar with the term and how it is used I can definitely see how it could seem offensive.

  14. TheHousewives

    Nene made a comment on Twitter stating some people may not be coming back next season and may be getting fired, interesting.

  15. SantaFeWay

    T – you are so honest. So raw. And I love that about you. I’ve been reading for awhile and began posting recently. Love this site and greatly appreciate all you do. It is very refreshing to know what I read here has been carefully researched and is truthful. Been looking for your posts and worrying you might not be well. Please know how many people wish you the best of life and we are here for you to hear your point of view and share our thoughts along with you. Be well. And know you make a difference and contribution to our lives every day. I care. We care about you.

  16. upnorthpeachez

    Btw ace boom coon is a term of endearment…friend

  17. Gingersnap

    I don’t like the PC Police. There are plenty of words I find far more offensive than “coon” and I keep my big, fat mouth shut. I may not like how someone expresses themselves, but it’s their right to do it. Plus, it’s not my fucking blog and I thought it was tacky to even ask TT to remove the comments. Whatever. While in Rome do as the Romans do and STFU. JMO ♥

    The show was actually kind of fun tonight. I love Kenya, I know she is a shady bitch, and she even admitted to the shady part! I’m sure I will grow to hate her at some point, but for now she is very entertaining and she makes me laugh.

  18. Kaleesi

    I am so sorry to read about the craziness that went on in your neighborhood. Why does the crazy have to gravitate to your house???
    I know how you feel about opening the door for people. I am the same way. I had to take my anxiety meds last week because we had repair men in and out and my nerves were wracked. I don’t even know what I would do if a crazy person tried to get in. Your nerves must be shot. Try to take it easy for a while. We’ll be here.
    And keep your doors locked!
    Hugs and liqour to you.

  19. Shellbelle

    Ace Boon Coon means your partner in crime… This I had to research and find in the urban dictionary. I agree with your opinion that there is much coonery and buffoonery going on.
    Hope you feel better T! I always get in a funk when we have to move the clocks forward or back. Beautiful weather over the next few days here- maybe that will help shake the funk away. Hugs to you!

  20. JenB

    T- hope things get better for you!
    I enjoy Kenya. I just chuckled when Phaedra was quoting the bible. But every talking head she called Kenya a whore, etc. I am tired of it and she is boring me this season. I like Kandi, but again… boring. Cynthia’s attitude this season has turned me off of her. So that leaves Kenya. (Notice how I dismissed Porshe the same way Lisa does Kim on RHOBH?) :)
    Kenya is the only reason I watch. I was so bored until Kenya stood up to Nene. Twirl On.
    PS… I loved the El Dorado Casitas. Kenya selected a better place than Joyce did on RHOBH.

  21. Moh

    I would like to preface my first post with a resounding thank you for having a blog that is actually literate and offers astute and acurrate descriptions and dissections of “reality television”.
    In light of what has happened at your home I do sincerely hope that you are alright- it has to be very unnerving as your home is your sacred space.
    Now on to the “real” a colloquialism that has been exhausted by the coonery that is portrayed on these reality shows. It never ceases to amaze me the support that these less than literate reality actors ie Lenethia Leakes recieve under the auspices of keeping it real.
    I have never placed equity in the term “Ace Boon Coon” as I found it to be denigrating much like the oft debated Nigga vs. Nigger – one in the same in my opinion.
    Furthermore, Phaedra- the self proclaimed “wordsmith” was fully aware of how her words would be received.
    Sorry for being so vverbose.

  22. TT, I always worry about you when you don’t post on a daily. I do not know what it’s like for you when you’re “going through”, but I care and I know how to pray for your peace of mind. That’s because you are my internet Ace Boon Coon.

    It is a term of endearment/friendship and a compliment in the black community. So much so that I never realized a derogatory term was embedded in there.

    Best comment on the show tonight? Phaedra saying she’d rather Porsha take a black history test for her instead of being around Kenya’s foolishness. Hee-larious!

  23. FGF

    Does anyone else agree that Peter was out of line with the whole Kordell situation? That idiot even went as far as saying that he would show up to Kordell’s job if he continued to ignore his calls!!

    • MzKRB

      Peter and Kordell are very messy. But I do know that they have a joint business venture in Charlotte opening up a new “Bar One.” He likely did that to help publicity and perception of Kordell before it opens. JMHO

      • FGF

        Makes perfect sense!! I found it suspect that Kordell was ignoring him but convieniently became available on filming day.

      • LoLo

        Yes…agreed. The Kordell scenes were all about the joint venture. However I think it was more of a kiss up on Peter’s part then PR. Kordell has the $$$ and he probably wanted his image cleaned up on the show so Peter obliged. The way Peter broached the subject on the bus in Mexico was plain stupid…smh

  24. tobaccorhoda

    I can’t wait for you to see this episode, Tamara. It was rife with subtext. The hemming and hawing about whether or not Apollo would be coming with Phaedra was hilarious. Blaming it on Phaedra being hesitant to have him around Kenya, but, you know, not worried he’d go apeshit on someone again and beat them up. Meanwhile, You just know they were waiting for a ruling from the court on whether he could leave the country while on bail.

    Looks like Peter has been elected to be co-shitstirrer along with his wife. But I agree with him, Porsha wants to punish Kordell by alluding to the gay rumors, but have it both ways by also professing how much in love she was.
    Girl, either you married him to save his rep, or it was unbridled passion. Pick one.
    Finally, I could have lived a lifetime without seeing Gregg Leakes on the bed hunching the bedspread. I wish I could have squirted him with a spray of water like I used to do when my dog tried to hump the cat.

  25. tobaccorhoda

    Oh and I know you must be in a funk if you misheard ace boon coon as a spoon coon. What would a spoon coon even mean? Lol

    • I’ve never heard of an “a spoon coon” either. And I certainly wouldn’t Ssociate the term with Ms. Leakes. Has Tamera seen other Black women on other Black cast shows? And Tyler Perry being assigned to such duggery? Why? Where was the coonery in “why dix I get married”1&2, “The family that preys”, “Good Deeds”, and even the spiritual messages of many of his movies that came from the heart and soul of the Madea character that only he could convey? Not to mention all of the would be retired or unemployed talents that he has blessed with jobs. Nene is no where near ratchet as even that kwhite looking drunk on the Heels and whatever show. No hate at that chic, just don’t know her name.

      • Sorry for typos but mobile devices tend to mispel intentions. Also would like to add, WHY does Tamara seem to disparage about money or lack of? Should this really be of concern to your readers? I’m sure thT most of us are in financial straits these days,shouldn’t we be concerned about our own finances rather than tipping a ‘tip jar’ ? Other sites get paid the same as she does by how many posters they garnish. I know I’ ll be severely burned or banished for just saying, but my curiosity compells me.

      • O.O

        If you don’t associate Nene’s behavior as that of a coon then perhaps you should look up the word and then maybe you will reconsider your point. I didn’t read anywhere in Tamara’s statement saying that everything that T Perry does is coonry however although Madea is entertaining ,that character solidifies every negative stereotype of black women that people of every other race believe to be true.

  26. BonVivant

    1. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Just know that the feelings WILL pass.

    2. What Phaedra actually said was not “A-Spoon-Coon”, but rather,

    “ACE BOON COON”, a phrase I can recollect back to at least the 1970’s, and it is synonymic phrase for for best friend or bestie in black urban lingo- It is the non-cursing equivalent to the equally polarizing phrase, “my nigga” and is (as far as my experience) has usually never been considered offensive used by blacks, amongst blacks, as a term of endearment. I don’t actually use it, but I’ve always been indifferent to the phrase, I guess, ahving only seen people use it to happily refer to someone who is a close friend or confidant. I’ve never really reflected on how offensive it can sound when spoken in front metaphorical “company” until seeing it said on this episode of RHoA.

  27. Riley

    My two cents….Tamara, looks like we all care about your well being and are hoping for you to feel better soon…for sure!
    I have lots to say about the RHOA, but will wait for you to recap. For the time being, on a lighter note…..KENYA’S TALKING BAGEL HEAD is worth a mention. Just smile
    Tamara…laughter IS the best medicine.

  28. deedle

    Yes, ace-boon-coon is a term of endearment but phaedra should have chosen a different term on national tv. She tries too hard but that baby is too cute. I really think that porsha wants cordell back but he has moved on. She really thought he was secretly there in mexico hahahahaha..kenya looks great and nene looks a hot mess with that tacky wig with black hair sticking out the back. It is very obvious that bravo MADE those people go on that trip. It is in their contracts. Kenya is officially the star of that show and stole nene’s shine. I dvr the show at a later time in the evening because I fastforward thru most of this show that is pretty embarrassing. TT, I have been here only s couple of weeks and addicted to this blog. Stay safe and blessed and keep up the great work.

    • Why should she have chosen a different term? Because of “coon”? Believe me, no white person is going to be caught (literally)dead repeating that to a Black person. “Ace Boon Coon”has always and will always be defined as a term of endearment in the Black community. We have many terms that we have made our own language since we had to adopt the english language. People of all cultures will always find their unique individuality that separates them yet does not alienate them from the human race. Be it ‘hood’ or whatever, little anecdotes in language will have their special niches in all societies.

      • O.O

        Your statement about ace boon coon used as a term of endearment in the “black community ” is too broad and could not be any further from the truth . Do you realize that everyone that has brown skin is not necessarily African American and not a member of “the community” (nor do they want to be) therefore don’t know about or use those terms? All “black people ” aren’t the same , some come from other countries so these broad generalizations about “black people ” need to end . Speak for yourself .

      • @oo; I’m not from these other countries, therefore all folks from other countries should get acclimated to ME. I would only use that term with someone who mutualy knows me, and even then, jokingly or freindly, and if some Black or brown person from wherever doesn’t like it so what?Things have gotten so trigger wired that even ‘thug’ has become a facial slur. Pretty soon we won’t be able to call our own race Black. Blurred lines. When is enough enough? I and my ancestors have paid the price to establish any language we want. No damn green cards here. We can agree to disagree but nobody, especially someone Black or brown person should tell me how I should or should not speak to please whom you might think is looking in on YOU. I am comfortable in my Black skin. Not adopting some accent or mannerisms to please those who may hate me on sight.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Take an English class please.

      • puravidacostarica2

        “I and my ancestors have paid the price to establish any language we want.” Okay, then don’t blame us when we think you sound stupid. It’s okay. There is no shame in being stupid.

      • As much as it INFURIATES and mystifies me that people want to regulate language, banish words, scream at me to edit other’s words, claim words that THEY can use but other’s can’t etc, etc, It was a very beneficial tactic to this site to get you all yanking everybody’s weave so I could have a breather.

        I think I realized that people put WAY to much value in WORDS. Language is full of of words. Some are profane, some are hateful, some are all about the love, but none of them need to be BANISHED because they hold some sort of exalted meaning. We don’t need to “have a fucking funeral for a word.” If for example I call someone a cunt, I am not trying to make friends. Retarded is my most hilarious example of this. Who exactly is now upset about the use of retarded? SLOW is a synonym for Retarded. That is all it means, Slow. It also has been a medical term for someone falling in a particularly low IQ range for …um EVER? As has moron. These are the origins of the word. But recently RETARD has become a target of tards that think we need to have FUNERALS FOR WORDS.

        There are nice words and band mean words. Learn to deal. For fucksake. STOP being so PC, retards!

        On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 10:42 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  29. Get some help and STOP blogging.

  30. MomofAJ

    Even though you misinterpreted the saying – we shall attribute it to Phaedra’s BS southern belle speech affectation – I just never applied any negativity to it, and have said it to my best of best friends/family members. Yet, damn it, it very well may be just as bad as the n-word. Hell…

  31. myinfo

    Last night’s show was a rip off. Previews of the good stuff was not shown.

  32. Tigerlilly

    Sorry that craziness happened to you, Tamara. You did the right thing. In situations like you described, self preservation is key. This is no time to be a hero, vigilante, mediator or what have you. You owe it to yourself and the people who care about you to keep yourself safe first and foremost.
    A similar thing happened to me only during an ice storm blackout. It totally messes with your mind! In my case, it was a set up. The ‘victim’ had an accomplice with her. God only knows what would have happened if I had opened that door. Even the police said and I quote, “you did the right thing and you might have even saved your life.”
    The stress and anxiety will die down. It may not happen over night but it will happen.

  33. LoLo

    Feel better TT..and I hope all is well. Waiting for your recap before I comment. Remember…YOU”RE THE BEST!!!!!

  34. T.T., I really hope you feel better soon. I can’t imagine how scary it is to have people trying to get into your house. You are an amazing blogger. When you just posted about Demetria- I thought about you. Pretty soon, you will be blogging for seven years and have written a couple books. We all love and support you, and only wish the best for you. Many days, you have been my bright light in the midst of darkness. You are beautiful, inside and out. We believe in you! Get well soon! Prayers, healing, and love to you! XOXO

  35. sandra

    Fuck the PC Police! I’m glad you don’t allow those idiots change you. I’ve been in and out of that “Damn Hole”, most of my life. Know that your great talent helps a lot of people. I think you are the bomb, and ERRYTHANG!!!!

  36. Mari Anne

    I can’t say that I’ve lost my hearing, but it is slightly diminished to the point that I’m frequently hearing things incorrectly. And, when I repeat what I think I heard, to the speaker, we’re both hysterical. I think that your hearing ‘a spoon coon’ is hysterical. I’m thinkin’ of ya, and along with my supportive fellow commenters, I hope you feel better quickly. We’ll all be here to re-hash this episode.

  37. ab

    Did anyone notice Phaedra’s eye when she was holding her baby? It looked like she tried to cover up a black eye

    TT- I hope you feel better soon

  38. Angel

    I was floored when Phaedra said “coon” on this show. I am white and thought any use by anyone was negative. She sure often forgets her southern belle act. I wanted to throw my shoe at Kordell with his whining about his marriage. This was definitely a scene set up for him and Peter to dig at Porsha plus Peter to get invested with Kordell. I like Kenya the best now, she has brought new life to this worn out show. I so want to straighten that mushroom in her talking head. I would have loved to seen her install Marlo in President’s suite #2 and Nene in itty bitty room like they did to Lisa VP in PR. Nene would have flown home on her broom stick so fast, with Greg humping along behind.

    TT-I hope today is a better day for you. I worry too when I don’t see you here. Glad you check in and let us know what is going on.

    • No hon, only if you’re Black can you use the term (not outside your house or in earshot of presumed ‘coons’). I’m sure you may have heard “ace boon” before. Blacks just gave it an intimate adage. Have you ever watched Duck Dynasty? They have their own language that’s edited but I’m quite sure they use the term often but mean no harm because that’s the way they speak when Blacks aren’t around. I’m not mad at them. It’s those guns that scare me. Some things just aren’t going to be erradicated in Black language or White. We are both surprised in conversing at the many adjectives each uses to express imagination, but as long as we don’t use it harmfully, it will probably always be indefinitely sewn into our fabric of life.

  39. NOPE! It really does angst those who invented these words to have them taken away.

  40. My mom was from crop sharers out of Oklahoma. She educated herself and moved up as it is called. Yet many of her at home sayings are identical to what I hear many blacks call their mothers talk or heritage terms.
    I think many of those women of certain backgrounds regardless of race spoke in the same manner. Just something I’ve noticed over the years.

  41. JustMyThoughts

    I recall my early years when derogatory and demeaning phrases such as “ace boon coon” and “my nigger” (or “nigger”) were used in some African-American communities to refer only to one’s (usually male) closest and dearest friends. In contrast, just as the word “nigger” has become more prominent in our communities with the passing of time (music, movies, poetry, etc), the term “ace boon coon” has all but vanished.

  42. Mari Anne Souza

    Tamara, I just thought of something. For all you knew, that woman who showed up at your door could have been part of a scam to gain entry into your house to rob you, or worse. Thank heaven you didn’t open that door!

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