Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Demetria is ERRYTHANG.

Blood Sweat and Heel Girls on WWHL

Demetria has SEVEN YEARS in as a blogger. AND two successful books. And she is more fabulous than anyone on  the show.  I think she is the bomb. If you don’t, clearly there is something wrong with you. The End.


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14 responses to “Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Demetria is ERRYTHANG.

  1. diamondgigi

    ……And more. I want to be like Demetria when I grow up.

  2. Michelle

    I want to know where she gets her extensions. I need some.

  3. cherry

    Ms.Demetria talking abt her up bringing was really cool to me. She comes from money but still has that drive and hustle to make somen of herself!

  4. This show has lost its steam in a major way. Even I was wondering what you were going to post about, but it seems like you agree.

  5. KB

    If I had to choose I would pick Melyssa as my favorite. She seems to be very honest and open about her life, ugly parts and all. I think she needs her own show about how she’s trying to find a different profession. How her life is after being in the video profession. I hope all is working out for her right now.

  6. sandra

    I’ve said it befoe, and I’ll keep saying that you Tamara and Demetria….are ERRYTHANG!!! Your blogging has helped me thru many dark times, and I will forever appreciate YOU. Peace Be With You~

  7. ScrappieONE

    I can’t stand Daisy and her voice… .I would rather drive screwdrivers through my eyeballs before listening to her screeching voice…. and who in their right mind would take fashion advice from her, her style is outdated…

  8. Ananas103

    I agree…Demetria is the best part of the show. She is intelligent, well-spoken, and stylish.

  9. Dsquared

    I can not understand how Daisy makes a living as a “style expert” how can anyone take her seriously when she is walking around with that hideous wig??!! I was not impressed at all with any of her fashion choices this season. Maybe she should start looking to Demetria for fashion/styling tips

  10. Yamoah Asiedu

    I like Demetria too. There are many thing to admire about her. Her confidence, eloquence and self assurance for starters. I love the fact that she makes no apologies or concessions for who she is. People have to step up to her standards. She will not step down to any nonsense or unacceptable behaviour. Hello Mika, hello Daisy!
    It’s also impressive that she created success from writing her own blog. Her Jamaican fiance looks very solid too.
    The others? …meh.

  11. lori

    I found it do odd when I went and checked out her blog one day. She doesn’t seem to have many commentors, unless I missed something. I would say by the looks of it that your blog is way more successful than hers.

  12. spc

    I think Demetria is too full of herself and thinks she is waaaay above anyone else. She sure enjoys throwing shade.And the way she talks to her bf is more like an irritated mommy to her 12yr old.

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