Nene Leakes On Jimmy Kimmel

nene cuteSorry,  I am just out of it today, I was up when the sun came up, exhausted and brain dead and just could not  go to bed. Thank you all so much for hitting the tip jar yesterday I don’t want to forget anyone. I’m having tech issues and really need to get out and buy a new laptop. Life just seems overwhelming at the moment,

Anyway, Nene is on Kimmel so  I am watching. Okay she is the last guest and I am exhausted so I am going to make this quick. She strutted out in an all crème/white outfit looking good!  Nene immediately addresses her “exotic dance” experience and says  she has soul so she is going to bring it. Nene is already attacking the front runners who are clearly the not one but TWO gold medal winning Olympic ice dancers. She says she has soul and they don’t. Nene is already trash talking. SIGH. I don’t think anyone in the mix to win even knows she is on the show. She says she is training four hours a day… hmmm six is the norm… My TV cut out and when it came back she was talking about the potential to switch and talking about Max. I don’t think she has to worry about America pairing Nene with Max.

Nene has said the word SOUL a million times. She says she is going to bring it and she is going to win.


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  1. I love this blog.

    I would rather read. DWTS recaps here. Than view the show.

    • Reading the beads.

      DWTS is where you go when you’re career is over. I can’t even name the contestants. When they meet Nay-Nay, she’s toast.

  2. Gingersnap

    Keep talking NeNe. The bigger you are, the harder you fall, and gurl, you are one big gurl. That head of yours is so big it’s a wonder you don’t topple over when you stand up.

  3. dsstella

    Tamara, I’m with you, I bet anything she leaves on her own quickly. I don’t watch the show, but if she does somehow prove us wrong and is there long enough for voting, I will punch in her number just to torture her!

  4. Angel

    I have no clue how you always catch on to whatever “housewife” is on another show, day or night. I expected Nene to be slamming other contestants. Usually, I haven’t seen much of that from previous contestants, especially prior to showing their own stuff. Nene is again showing her no class ass.

  5. Teresa

    I like Nene, and I hope she does bring it. I wonder though, how the viewers will vote. Is she that popular? Does she have the fan base? I didn’t watch when Lisa was on DWTS, so I have no idea how long she remained. I thought Snooki was really good, and was surprised she was eliminated. I will definitely watch DWTS because of Nene.

  6. KReality

    Nene makes everything a competition. In her case its not about confidence. It mostly comes from having a low self esteem and the need to feel she is better than everyone else. It will be intetesting to see her on a show where the contestants don’t engage in conflict wot each other because that’s always her MO. Yell or intimidate the strongest person to keep herself on top….that not even working for her on rhoa anymore. And she better not try it with her partner. I feel sorry for him lol

    • tleighb

      I agree..anything she has succeeded in involved conflict and brute force. This competition involves grace, athleticism, hours of practice with her mouth shut. She’s way out of her league.

    • I could not have said it better and fully agree with you and tleighb. Nene has no grace, athleticism, and ability to keep her mouth shut no matter what. I see her talking back to the judges, to other dancers, her partners, etc. Hopefully America will not have to see her win.

    • JoJo

      I think Nene has an incredibly nasty attitude in general. I think she also thinks she acts as if she’s superior to anyone. She has a history of nastiness on reality TV and of quitting. I’m surprised she was asked to be on the show, but what I read on the original Nene/DWTS post, I’m convinced to vote for her (for whatever reason:)

      But, I do not think she will actually argue with the judges or even her pro dance partner – that we’ll see. I do think she won’t be able to hide that stank face she’s perfected when she’s irritated.
      The people that will suffer if/when she gets bad feedback or judges’ criticism, will be anyone connected to or comes in contact with her behind the scenes and off camera. If Greg has no balls now? he’ll lose the whole dick during this show, the poor guy :)

      • Katrina

        I think people take Nene way too seriously. What are the things that Nene has quit, other than Celebrity Apprentice? I agree that Nene will not give the judges a hard time. Nene does not know how to hide her emotions.

  7. Beth

    Tamara I believe you are on point about Nene quitting the show early. She has already made comments about her illness, doctors being on set, and how she is already exhausted from the dance rehearsals. Seems like she is setting the stage for an early exit.

  8. Nicole

    Nene makes me think of Omarosa..

    • Mia

      Hate or love her the difference between Omarosa and Nene is huge. Omarosa usually gets into trouble for speaking her mind and fighting for something, and she always stands firm in her word.
      Nene only knows how to fight against, she’s a hypocrite and very self destructive.

      • pfffttt

        Omarosa is actually an intelligent woman… Nene and intelligence have never been used in the same sentence.

      • Omarosa has been very upfront that she plays a reality TV villian (and very well, I might add). Her real life appears to be quite different than her reality TV life.

      • CityGirl81

        @pffftt – I am so dead at your comment. ROFL

      • JoJo

        I saw Omarosa in her debut on Celebrity Apprentice. She was pretty cut-throat and has developed a villain persona that I guess she’s claiming is her reality role.
        But I saw her on Bethenny. That argument was no act. Not that I was on either side, but Omarosa is one steely, hard-core character, but certainly a very well-spoken and educated one! I see no comparison to Nene at all.

  9. I will watch the first show, but I would rather read Tamara!

  10. jrleaguer

    Hope she gets knocked out early…poor Gregg cannot stay chained in the basement forever.

  11. Barbara R.

    In NeNe’s assessment of her competitors she said that the Olympic ice dancers would not do well because they were very stiff. VERY STIFF????? Did anyone watch them perform at the Olympics? They are the antithesis of ‘very stiff’. I did think that NeNe did seem physically exhausted. I will not be voting for her because I love DWTS (I’ve watched every episode, analyzed it with my friends and attended two tapings in LA.) and do not want to penalize the other competitors by helping to keep this horrible person on the show. It will just swell up her head each time she stays because she will think that her ‘fans’ adore her. I know that you are recommending keeping her on the show to torment her but I think that voting her off early will torment her even more because it will mean that her fans have rejected her and there will be fewer dollars in her bank account. Thank you Tamara for all of your hard work.

  12. myinfo

    How does she know that the ice dancers don’t have Soul? I have never heard anyone say anything negative about the other dancers.
    She is on DWTS not Soul Train.

  13. Just Me

    I just wish she would be more humble!She has had more opportunities to branch off the the RHW brand than any one else (except Bethany, maybe). But her demeanor overshawdows her maximum potential. I think when she was on GLEE and the new normal she must have had a different PR team because they really changed her public perception but now she is back to being brash and urban at every moment

  14. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Don’t underestimate the Boy Bander from Big Time Rush. I took my daughter to see them and he can dance. I don’t even consider Nene in the running.

  15. We all know America will be voting for the Gold Olympic winners. Talking trash about the Olympic winners is going to make a lot of people turn against her. I mean the few people that sill like her. She will be the second or third one to go,

  16. I could care less whether she gets eliminated or quits. I will watch DWTS until either happens or maybe she will shock the hell out of her haters and win. Thing is, she’ll likely bring the whole of ABC franchise the biggest audience ever. Love Nene and hoping to see her glamorous entrance and exit, bring it girl!

  17. myinfo

    I am not voting for Nene. She needs to be voted out early.
    She also said: regarding the ice dancers “ it isn’t fair since they just won the Olympics. They are skinny. Don’t have soul”
    Also: “The only thing the athletes have is muscle and endurance.”
    Does she have a PR person?
    I am sorry Nene is a fool. These two statements are dumb, wrong and will get people on the show to dislike her. She just insulted a lot of people and voters.
    Sorry, but she is an idiot.

    • Gingersnap

      NeNe is an idiot, a real live walking, talking idiot. If it was true that all athletes have is muscle and endurance, that’s STILL two qualities they possess that NeNe doesn’t. Bloop.

    • CityGirl81

      Clearly Ryan Murphy had to get his people to keep her under control to protect his brand. I think we can all agree that PR firm is no longer around. Whomever is guiding her “acting” career needs to have a serious talk with her. I don’t even watch DWTS however, NO one at ABC is going to deal with her “I am above you b*tches” attitude. They are owned by Disney they could careless about her “KweenB” status.

  18. puppylove

    Somebody is going to take this heifer down. We can only hope it’s DWTS. Nene spouts off too often. She should only know how stupid she looks prancing around and thinking she is something else. She’s big, clumsy looking, big teeth and awful hair. Now I’m not perfect, nobody is, but by gosh she sure thinks she is. I do believe people have her on their shows just to see how ridiculous she can be. The way she acts makes people pick out the flaws and want to throw them at her. Like someone said before she has NO humility. A little of that go’s a long way and would get her farther than the arrogant way she portrays herself. It was also said she needs her original PR people, because the way it’s going isn’t working. I feel sorry for Greg. Did he remarry her because he thought this is the MONEY train. Well I think it has been derailed. Wonder if he is having second thoughts. That prenup he signed just might protect him from her, rather than protect her from him. The saga of the stomach churns. We will see.

    • Gingersnap

      I totally suspect he remarried NeNe to ride the Money Train. He sold his balls to hop aboard and live the life of indentured servant status. The fear of being chained in the basement keeps him on best behavior.

  19. I just want to see how the judges deal with her, since she’s so good at taking criticism. Wonder if she’ll pull those faces and mug like she does in the talking heads if they try to correct her mistakes.

  20. Mina

    I going to read your recaps and not really watch it. I am over her, but I want to hear the dirt. Crazy as that sounds! Thanks, TT!

  21. gigi

    they did a pretty good interview on Access Hollywood Live this morning. i’ve never watched DWTS but i will be watching for nene. the haters will be watching too.. so it’s a win-win for the ratings.

  22. KYM

    She is just talking smack for the show. She will be voted off early, just in time for the RHOA reunion to rub it in the other “housewives” faces..Don’t woryy.

  23. RealitySuxx

    She’s just so obnoxious … never humble … makes me want to root for her failure all the time.

  24. Really sorry you are not so good now. I have been following you so long, you feel like a close friend. I have awful insomnia and a very creative, active husband with Alzheimer’s so I get about three hours most nights. I’m incoherent usually, but if he gets quiet, walls are probably being painted poop brown. Have to buy a huge locker. Now I’m rambling. I have never voted for any of these show, but with miss Nay-Nay, my finger will fall off, then I will go next door. Here she comes, Max. So much fun to be had and Lord, do I need it. NeNe, don’t let this tired old woman down. Do you! Again, TT, give yourself a break. You have been killing it. We love your work but you more.

    • My sentiments exactly, TT does need a break on occasion but I will be dialing too! Nay Nay will come out when the going gets tough, as previously stated she has street hustle but weak work ethic. Mayb she should take a class in acting and a voice coach to improve her status.

  25. Linda

    Nene could not handle Max dancing regime. He is a perfectionist and between him telling her how the step(s) is done and her “mouth.” He will give it to her boom, bam, boom, and she will quit, Max is a no-nonsense dancer who HATES TO LOSE!

    • Well there you go. I hope she gets Max from the get go :)

    • JoJo

      I forgot about that. I think she said that when this new switcheroo of partners happens, she would expect to be partnered with Max because he is tall and she is too. I thought the exact same thing, Max, in no way would put up with anything less than near perfection. Or at least what his partner should be able to accomplish. And I can’t see Nene doing the practice over and over – even remembering these complex routines.
      I can see her trying to soften him by her type of flirting. I cant see him falling for it though.
      She would be luckier in a switcheroo partnering with Derek or the Irish pro Lisa had.

  26. Even the ice dancer Meryl, who many say resembles one of the avatars from the movie, has more soul than Nene! Soul is expressed in many ways but stripper Nene likely has not grasped that yet. How and why would Nene attack either or both of them seems pretty soul less to me.

    • The only way NeNe knows how to live is to step on anyone. After reading people tweet nice things in response to (I am paraphrasing here) Catch me WIT my partner on…. My head is going to fall off. I will be kicked off Twitter and some large men in uniforms will pay me a visit. Why do I let her get to me? I’m already crazy, just with her tweet, ” Greg is taking my time in the Ball Room, my legs are tired”. Anyone with advice, help me. It’s a loooooog season. In full disclosure, I am probably already close to the edge. But when someone is given so many chances, only to complain more, I am angry. Woman, be so thankful! Isn’t the ball room in a sports venue? Now I’m just being petty. Sorry.

    • MTQ

      You are right when you say soul is expressed in many ways. What NeNe was expressing when she used the word SOUL was her emotional attachment to dancing (ie, soul music, soul brother, Soul Train, I’m a Soul Man (Sam & Dave), etc.). This is a common expression used among Blacks. Get it?

  27. JoJo

    It’s hard to be shocked by Nene. Or her having the most obnoxious sort of self-esteem that I’ve seen on reality TV. In fact there should be a special word just for that type of self-esteem – or it could be the only way she knows how to respond to having low self-esteem.
    But her appearance on Kimmel did shock me. She hasn’t been taught, heard & listened to how to take advantage of even this opportunity to promote herself and the show on Kimmel.
    She had the opportunity to display just a teeny amount of what normal people call humility. Appreciation for the opportunity to asked to be on DWTS. Talking about how difficult it’s going to be. Asking for support because it’s grueling and hard and she hopes people vote for her. Not to expect her to be the best on the show (an offensive tactic). She could have faked a lot by preparing DWTS fans and Nene fans that she’ll try hard but it’s going to be hard.
    But what does she do? Talk non-stop about her “SOUL” and how great she is, and how much better she is and unfair the 2 Olympians are, and the phrase that can make you want to shoot yourself in the head coming from her: “I’m gonna’ bring it” – over and over. Even die-hard Nene fans would have to be disappointed (I would think)!!

    • O.O

      No her die hard fans are fools just like her which means they have hood logic . That is best way to describe the reasoning abilites anyone who thinks that one would be jealous ( “the haters “as they phrase it) of Nene. The hood logic folks will tweet her telling her yasssss that’s right it’s not fair and yasssss its not fair that they’re skinny! And yasss girl you have soul! (It sounds ao absurd in my head as I type this ) But that my dear friends is hood logic ..This is going to be ghetto coon fest of epic proportions .

      • MTQ

        O.O, you sound like an ignorant fool!!!

      • That wasn’t nice. I’m no NeNe fan but that was an ugly thing to say O.O.

      • misscologirl

        Tamara, this post from O.O. should be removed for racist language. Totally uncalled for.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        O.O – that is sooo offensive.

      • MTQ

        O.O, what is offensive is your statement T”his is going to be ghetto coon fest of epic proportions.” The word “Coon” used in this context is offensive and is no different than using the “N” word.

        Maybe you just don’t get it but take my word it is highly inflammatory and I am offended. I don’t care if you like her, that’s on you, but you crossed the line and touched me.

      • Coon? Was that really necessary OO? Tamara please moderate that offensive post.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      I’ve never seen the ‘it’ that Nene claims to bring.

      • O.O

        What exactly did I state that wasn’t true ? I repeated what she said in her interview . Only fools rationalize and process things the way NeNe does, everything from the unfair comments to she’s going to win because she has soul to the insulting the athletes are ridiculous and unbelievable . Why is anything negative that is said of a Africian American person deemed racist ? Hood logic and ghetto behavior does not have a creed nor color . The behavior she exibits, the way she rationalizes and the know it all im above everyone attitude is what makes her ghetto . I would say the same of any person white, black , green or orange . Ignorance is a way of thinking and behavior ,not a race . In this case person happens to be Africian American . Yes racism does exist but this crying of racism for any negative comment about a person of needs to be buried along with the word bulling and hater.

      • Gingersnap

        @O.O ~ I think it was the word “coon” that set off the PC Police.

  28. I absolutely cannot wait!! I love the way NeNe gets under y’all’s skin.

    I am soooo watching and voting for her no matter how awful she is.

    • JoJo

      I’m going to vote for her too. And really, she doesn’t get under my skin. And I honestly am impressed by her hustle that has resulted in all these opportunities (although you have to admit she did squander probably more than one).
      It’s this season that I’m actually almost embarrassed for her even though entertained by what she brings to RHOA.
      I don’t wish her to fail or wish bad on her. I’m even sure (kinda’) she’d be impressive if she learned to speak better and to control her anger. And it’s nothing to do with the other women on RHOA, btw.

      • Nicely stated JoJo. I happen to feel similar. NeNe is entertaining even when she is behaving badly!

      • JoJo

        sandybo – I’m not a fan of Nene But I’m so unqualified to use a list of descriptors for her that can obviously be very offensive or perhaps appropriate if one has their pulse on the subculture. I don’t that’s for sure.
        I just think it’s better for me to use one of the thousands of other adjectives available in the English language to express my dislike for Nene and/or her behavior. Even get out the thesaurus if necessary :)

    • You can have my votes! :-)

      • kat

        Oh I don’t dislike Nene either. After all its a competition and I’m interested in seeing how she will play this one out. I mean when I go to the circus show I don’t wanna sit there and just see acts that make me feel like I’m watching paint dry. I want to see circus freaks. you get my point?

  29. Littleapple

    Nene can’t hide her emotions that’s why she’s great for reality tv. The only difference between Nene this season compared to all the others is she has someone playing head games on her level. Same old Nene she has always been over the top and big headed.

  30. After reading the comments, mine included, I realize that the traits I want to see NeNe exhibit, such as gratitude, some humility and intelligence are my own undoing. She cannot give what she doesn’t have. To me, that is my definition of my insanity. Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome and getting the same old stuff. On a totally different subject, when Lisa visited Kyle at her home, she made a silly joke about Mo being seen with younger women. He was taking his child out for lunch. This seemed innocent on her part, maybe even a nod as to how ridiculous tabloid stories were, yet Kyle and Mo had a telanova moment, loooong stare, gasp, “how could she?” Sort of reaction. For heavens sake, that remark would probably not been made if Lisa felt the stories were true. Seems telling as to Lisa and her sense of trying to diffuse tension. I’ve done that before, but it was a joke when I did it. Feels like Salem witch trials again. Loved Yoyo at first but interesting when her ex tried to insert some sanity into his now ex, petty wife. Now, who is coming to my house to make play dough figures for my daughters new home. She needs to feel loved.

  31. Urban dictionary definition: A coon is a black actor or actress, who takes roles that stereotypically portray black people. They think they’ve made it but they are slaves to the same images.
    I don’t know, but this sounds like NeNe to me.

    • MTQ

      Coon is a slang that is Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person. 3. a rustic or undignified person.
      I tell you what Tootsie, the first black person you see call them a coon…..

      • I’m not really sure why you are still here. You are offended by EVERY FUCKING THING. If you look up coonery and buffoonery in the dictionary, Nene Leakes picture will be right there. She is the modern day “coon show” or “minstrel show” Same thing.

        Andy Cohen and Ryan Murphy LOVE to trot out the worst possible negative stereotypes of black women and mock the fuck out of them. Your position is to point out that white men who are exploiting black women are the racist ones.

        You ENTIRELY miss the point. But please MTQ, argue for the side of coonery and buffoonery being just fine.

        On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 6:57 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  32. MTQ

    The only picture I saw was YOURS!!

  33. High five to the commenters in here, at least both sides write in an intelligent manner. Most write better than Nene speaks.

  34. Kaleesi

    I’m just gonna put my two cents in on the whole coon issue. In my little corner of the world, SE Tx/La, we call Cajuns coonasses. That’s what we call ourselves. Black white brown tan, we’re all coonasses. We even tell coonass jokes about ourselves! It’s the only group of people that I am aware of, that makes racial jokes about themselves. I’ll tell y’all one sometime. They’re hilarious!
    Wish erryone else could laugh at themselves and not take the pc shit to ridiculous levels. I’m sorry if anyone gets their feelings hurt over that word. It’s such an endearing word to me, reminds me of my gumbo cooking grandmother. I would never have even thought to use the word “coon” for anyone else but us. That’s OURS, DAMMIT!! ;^)

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