Lisa Vanderpump’s Blog on Her Treatment in Puerto Rico is Interesting

Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH PRLisa’s Vanderpump’s Bravo Blog this week is pretty interesting. But what is even more interesting is what she doesn’t say. See if you can figure out what is missing…

About Kim and Mauricio…

I do believe that if you state categorically, denying the accusation, as I did to Kyle saying”I did not see the magazines  when we were at Brandi’s house.” I was baffled, but still  defending myself. To then keep perpetually interrogating me with the same question — well at that point that is tantamount to being called a liar. I should only have to answer it once. When I see Mauricio calling me a “f—ing bitch” on the beach over a rumor from the trustworthy Brandi, that hurts. Kim had only heard it from Brandi too. She wasn’t there. . . but was acting as if she was a viable witness. Then in an interview, for Kim to say she was glad we were gone — that spoke volumes.

She basically calls Brandi an untrustworthy bitch, and says how hurt she was by Mauricio’s comment.  She points out that Kim was not even at Brandi’s house and had no idea what she was blathering on about.

When we left that hotel, after Kim had been pretty abusive with no regret, we knew to stay or inform them that we were exhausted by the unrelenting accusations and wanted to leave it would result in an even more complicated scenario.

Lemons RHOBH lisa Yolanda

Photo Credit: Mr. Wizard @MyMagicMobi on Twitter

About Yolanda…

So when I witness Yolanda stating I left because I didn’t want to have that conversation. . .she was right. I knew what they were looking for. They were looking for blood. It is quite fascinating to see the two-faced conversations, full of animosity from people I believed to be friends, that led up to this. I hope they are proud of themselves and what they see. I wouldn’t be —  that’s a certainty.

Yolanda now states in her blog that no, she never saw me with the magazine. I wish she had said that at the time.

I was confronted by Yolanda and chastised with accusation of not being a supportive friend. It was outside just before I joined the table. She was accusing me of only coming to see her twice — once, for dinner opposite her house with our husbands, and once to sit with her in her bedroom. She lives 45 minutes from BH not around the corner.

It did not really make sense to me. I had been busy on Dancing With the Stars. She was at many of our group events — in the boxing ring, at the circus event, and I hadn’t seen her as particularly frail. Although I’m sure this Lyme Disease is challenging, in fact I was quite impressed at her strength as she throttled the poor, unsuspecting teacher.

She does make a good point that Yolanda is very active for someone with a debilitating disease. I know when I don’t feel good, self-defense classes are not high on my agenda.

A week passed. Yolanda tweeted a photo of Kyle and Kim tagged “girl power” so I knew they were united by their common enemy and that it was a subliminal message to me.  Carlton came over and I tried to explain to her how I felt, but I still felt too emotional. You have seen me for a 120 episodes and rarely, if ever, have seen me cry. I don’t like to show that and I hate to watch it now. But I was deeply hurt and had not heard from any of them, which was fascinating by virtue of  the fact that this was just an accusation, hurled by someone who had a penchant for vindictive, defamatory statements.

So Lisa and Ken Fled to the Four Seasons!

We looked at each other as we were going to bed, saddened by the day’s events and decided to get the hell out of there — to find the most glorious hotel on the island and vanish for a few days, to recover and lick my wounds. So that is what happened.  Ken had unfortunately developed an infection, potentially septicemia in his arm. We had to find an emergency doctor who came to us at the St Regis. He had his elbow lanced, intravenous antibiotics, and a course of treatment. I am sure when they discovered we weren’t there in the morning, they all rejoiced in Puerto Rico that the witch was dead and some, who had orchestrated this attack, could now have center stage. . . That ultimately is what this is all about.

So there is a whole lot there about YOLANDA and KIM, but she say nothing at all about Kyle. It’s like she knows that the storyline was given to Brandi and Yolanda and perhaps Kyle didn’t even know it was coming until the trip. Am I the only one that finds it weird she barely mentions Kyle or even Brandi and seems to be lying the blame at the feet of Yolanda?


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169 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump’s Blog on Her Treatment in Puerto Rico is Interesting

  1. Lisa

    It could be because Yolanda is the one who confronted her first. Of course Yo was getting into something she had NO business in anyway, which she does on a regular basis. Brandi has NEVER had a problem speaking up for herself before. I believe Kyle did not know this was coming. It was a set up by Brandi and Yolanda. It was Brandi’s way to get Lisa and Kyle fighting again. She was so jealous that Lisa and Kyle worked together on the birthday party.

  2. Brianna

    I think she seems to be more pissed at Yolanda, disappointed by Brandi and confused by Kyle. Yolanda was two faced the whole season I would be pissed at her too!

    • Lesley

      Agreed Brianna! I used to like Yo, but this season she uses the “Lyme disease” as an excuse for any bad behaviour or negative comments. Once she sees how the audience reacts she never hesitates in blaming a convenient loss of memory on her disease; thus never taking any responsibility. Yolanda has as much credibility as Brandi now. I think of the people that aren’t wealthy that are suffering from this disease and don’t have the same resources in order to improve their health. Yolanda is undermining them implicitly by using it to further her public image and to gain sympathy. I am a Lisa and Ken fan all the way; she never resorts to their childish histrionics and her reactions are the only authentic moments of the series.

  3. gloria gwendolyn davis

    Lisa you are my favorite housewife and I’m sorry for what u r going thru

  4. It could be by design. Brandi and Yolanda didn’t blog this week, but they are having a lovefest on twitter and alluding to some big reveal. Surprisingly, Lisa has engaged in a snarky twitfest with Brandi, Yolanda, and Kyle, which I find totally out of character. I think I am totally over this motley crew (at least until the next episode).

    • The Lisa of past where she’s snarky and playful is gone. At this point, to quote the Countess: “That’s a BITCHY thing… I find it so bitchy!” Lisa is blatantly going out of the way to attack Yolanda.

      • puppylove

        Yolanda has been snarky the whole season. She said things about Lisa in Paris and then said absolutely that she didn’t. In her talking head she has never said anything nice about Lisa. If Yo gets a show I will NOT watch and I hope she falls on her ass. Another thing she plays the sympathy card all the time that she is so sick with Lyme disease ,but she runs the stairs with her trainer (that’s hard) she swims, climbs the stairs outside to her patio and all sorts of things. This is being sick? I don’t wish illness on anyone, but I hate it when someone is ill only conveniently for them. I don’t understand someone says they are you friend and then slaps you in the face so to speak they way Yo did to Lisa. Yo is no friend. As far as living in the upper crust, Yolanda is , only because she married well -twice. Lisa is a strong business woman and Yo can’t stand it, neither can the others, except for Carlton maybe. I don’t know what to think about her, sometimes I don’t care for her and other time she is the good guy.

      • Brianna

        I agree with everything you said! I used to love Yo though! She was so cute with her dinner parties and lemons! Now, she’s obviously got nothing left. Besides modeling like 20 years ago what’s her claim to fame? Her marriage? Lisa is running a business and Yo can’t understand why Lisa is being a “bad friend”. Lisa has been an amazing friend considering everything she has going for herself. I love Carlton too! She does seem a bit off haha but she calls everything how she sees it! I love Lisa and Carlton together! Who knew the real voice of reason would have a British accent. Lol

  5. I think Lisa blames Yolanda because it’s Yolanda who she is implying wants to take Center Stage. Yolanda and David have said Yolanda wants a lifestyle show and RHOBH was a starting off point. Plus Yolanda is the only one who could really compete on Lisa’s level and this show was supposed to be about the uber glam lifestyle of BH. By Southern California standards most of these women are middle class.

  6. Riley

    Wasn’t it Yolanda that Kyle accused of saying Lisa is.full of sh*t at last season’s reunion?Yolanda denied it and was indignant over Kyle calling her a liar. Well…I believed Yo was a liar then and have not trusted her since then. Bet you Lisa has had to rethink that one herself.

    • Gingersnap

      Yes it was Yolanda that said Lisa didn’t give a shit about Kim. They were in Paris last season, and Kyle brought it up at the Reunion, Yolanda totally denied it and Lisa believed Yolanda. How bout them apples? That was when I went dark on Yolanda too.

  7. BH28

    I noticed that in her blogs AFTER the reunion was taped she is barely even mentioning Kyle. Don’t know if it was just me who got that…
    I think they may have sorted things out a little bit, and are trying not to attack one another. At least publicly hahaha.

    I found it odd when Kyle posted the screenshots of text messages she sent Lisa in Puerto Rico, but I guess she was just taking her ass out of the line of fire, since Lisa said that none of them had contacted her. To me a text message doesn’t say anything when u are apologizing, even more so with the way things have gone down on that trip. I would considered “reaching out” to me if one of them had come to my door to apologise, specially Kyle, because we all know that she can’t live without Lisa’s friendship hahahaha.

    And I think she was caught by surprise too with that storyline. She looked clueless on the beach about what was going on. Yolanda uses the Lyme disease excuse when she finds helpful, other than that, I don’t see her this sick as she says on the show, acting the way she does.

    • Well, you have a good point about the text messages…EXCEPT Lisa tried to backpedal and say her phone was off, which is why she didn’t receive the text message. Ummm, does Lisa conveniently forget how phones work??????? Basically, Lisa LIED when she said no one reached out, because if she didn’t think the text was “reaching out” as you assume, then she wouldn’t have tried to poorly defend herself.

      • I saw those texts Kyle posted. I didn’t see them as reaching out at all. Quite the contrary. She just repeated herself and it was the Puerto Rico accusation and wanting a yes or no answer. That was Kyle’s way of reaching out? Kyle is the liar. She wasn’t reaching out she was continuing to harangue Lisa to death whether she told Brandi to bring the magazine with her or not. I also think the whole “cheating scandal” Kyle planted herself. It’s her storyline this season.

    • For the record, I don’t really consider the text reaching out either, but perception is everything. In their world, it is. In this situation, Lisa blatantly lied, and Kyle is calling her out.

      • BH28

        I won’t say she LIED for sure, because the woman does work a lot and can easily forget some things if at the time didn’t mean anything to her. And clearly those texts didn’t. And it’s been 6 months since that happened.
        What I will say is, she messed up not acknowledging the text messages after Kyle posted them, and saying “Yes, you’re right, you reached out but at that time I didn’t care to respond”. I’ll give you that hahaha.

      • You won’t say she lied, but that’s exactly what she did BECAUSE she didn’t say “Yes, you’re right, you reached out but at that time I didn’t care to respond”. INSTEAD, she says she never received them, because her phone was off. Well, that makes 2 lies now. 😀

  8. MzKRB

    I think Lisa thinks the blame is really at fault with Yolanda & Brandi. I think she’s right in that they had a plan from the beginning, and were using Kyle to execute. I do think Kyle has happily obliged them since this supports her theory of Lisa since season 2. Yolanda & Brandi have been trying to make something “stick” on Lisa all season long. Its kind of like they have been throwing the kitchen sink (of the most petty) issues, and this the one that incited the reaction of the other ladies. I also think she’s more pissed at Yolanda, because she could have debunked Brandi’s claims immediately (which she did in her blog) but chose not to do so to help perpetuate the storyline that they had been trying to create.

  9. Katrina

    Yes, it is really odd that she barely mentioned Brandi or Kyle in her blog. Although, I think she referenced Brandi a couple of times without saying her name. It appears that this years theme for the Housewives, is to overthrough the top the housewife or the housewife you think is running something? What happened to Brandi? Now, I starting to rethink Adrianne issues.

    • puppylove

      Maybe Adrianne wasn’t so wrong after all. Brandi certainly shot her mouth off with something that was VERY personal about Adrianne.. Even if Adrianne talked about what she went through during the birth of her children, she probably just wanted to interject in what the other women were talking about to feel like she was a part of it. SO here comes Brandi with her BIG mouth that she just couldn’t keep SHUT to set things straight. Who the crap is she to set anything straight. Her drunken actions speak volumes about her character, which stinks. A skunk is a skunk no matter how you dress it. Now she is throwing the stink towards Lisa. I think Lisa will shut her down though. Enough is enough.

  10. I think Lisa went into overdrive after Bravo sent her the last 3 episodes on tape and she got to see how Yolanda and Brandi talked and acted behind her back. Especially the last episode, when Yo treats Ken dreadfully. You can’t blame Lisa for go after her for insulting her husband.

  11. Very interesting way to think about it. That’s the biggest reason why I’ve defended Kyle this season so much. She’s been blindsided at every turn by her friends, and I think at this point, Lisa knows it. Now yes, Kyle has of course capitalized on this fact and is flawlessly playing victim, but she should so….

    It reminds me of #strippergate from RHONJ, where both Teresa and Melissa were blindsided by the events orchestrated by Kim D & Jacqueline.

    I think Lisa has found her true enemy this season…in Yolanda.

  12. AMTraveler

    Lisa needs to re-up her troops for next season. She definitely is leaving the door wide open for Kyle to make amends and even seems to be leaving it just a crack for Brandi. I wonder if Lisa doesn’t actually feel more genuinely betrayed by Yolanda. Yes, her “friendships” with Kyle and Brandi appeared closer, but appearances aren’t everything. She had a real off-Bravo connection to Yo via Mohammed, and this falling out (as led by Yolanda) could potentially lead to fractures amongst her true off-screen friends. It’s out of her control, it’s not part of the scripted reality and I am starting to get the feeling it really scares her.
    With that said, I wish Lisa would hop off twitter and social media about this for a couple of weeks. Let them scratch and claw around her – she needs to stick with what she does best – jumping out of the hot water right after she has stirred the pot (and I love her for it!). I feel as though she is beginning to look just a bit out of sorts, and I’m hoping it’s not a crack that will widen.

  13. myinfo

    Dumb storyline so far from Bravo Production. It all seems fake.
    The season so far is a bust.
    Kyle does not seem to really dislike Lisa.
    Brandi is playing the bad guy for Bravo.

    • I don’t think were supposed to ever believe Kyle disliked Lisa. What has she EVER done against Lisa? Oh, she didn’t “defend” her against Taylor/Adrienne?? The only thing Kyle has ever done is said Lisa has an ego…which isn’t a lie. lol

      • Elsie

        Well, Kyle said that Lisa “preyed on the weak” and was manipulative. Kyle was also a part of Adrienne’s reunion gang-up. That Bobby Fisher line had obviously been rehearsed in front of a mirror many times 😉

  14. Scatty

    I think Lisa seems to call out Yolanda more because she thinks she is more subtle (I certainly don’t think so!) than Brandi. And is able to do more hurtful damage than Brandi, such as trying to turn Mohammed against her. The unfortunate thing is that Yolanda’s children are sure to have their “frail” mother’s back and might take up for her cause with their father. Hopefully they are more level-headed and Mohammed finds his ex’s shenanigans as obvious and spiteful as viewers do.

    • Fahlina_G

      I think Mohammed showed his feelings regarding Lisa when he shut Yolanda and her catty comments right down that morning at breakfast, with his fiancee present. Not only does he care for Lisa, he RESPECTS her, and THAT is the root of Yolanda’s envy/ dislike. Lisa, unlike Yolanda, does not need to grovel for Mohammed or (even David’s for that matter) affection.

      • Yes, and as much as Yo wants us to believe that she and Mo get along so well (for the children!), there are fissures. As you say, Mo has taken Lisa’s side over Yo’s a number of times – and that’s just what we’ve seen. At the dual birthday party you could see Yo’s face drop a mile when Mo complimented Lisa as the MOST wonderful woman (paraphrasing) and then as you say Fahlina_G, he shut her down at breakfast when Yo was trying unsuccessfully to draw him in against Lisa.

        Also, Yo is passive aggressive – she wants us to believe everything is honey and lemon blossoms with Mo, but remember the comment at Gigi’s party: “Mmmyyyy LOOOVVE” loves me no matter what I’m wearing, unlike Mohamed (when she was wearing sneakers) – she said this in the scene as well as her talking head.

        I also think back to Mo’s “alleged” comment about Joanna’s “aroma” – I think Yo told Brandi that he was with Joanna because she knew Brandi would broadcast it and make Mo look bad.

      • Reading Beads

        I hope Yolanda gets her lifestyle show. In Holland. Off with her and her tales of ‘Lyme brain’. She doesn’t have a brain. She’s Brandi without the sailors vocabulary. Plain and simple. Neither of them can ever ‘be’ Lisa. Wonder if Yolanda is the next Camille? Wasn’t this Kelsey Grammar’s ‘gift’ to Camille? A show of her own?

      • Fahlina_G

        Emma I feel exactly the same. Lisa has David and Mohamed’s respect, and that drives Yolanda, who has to grovel for attention and affection, up the wall! The men see Lisa as a peer and Yolanda as a piece of @ss. (or just an @ss….)

  15. samantha

    She knows what the deal is with Kyle, so Kyle’s participation is NOT a surprise. To see Yolanda & Brandi bitchily planning was clearly a shock and hurtful.

    Yolanda will never be as popular as Lisa because she is not as enjoyable to watch and now we know she is a bitch. Brandi is just trash that needs to be thrown out along with Yolo and Kim. jmo

    Any big reveal by Brandi will further seal her fate…she’s treading a thin line.

  16. BH28

    Just saw the preview for the reunion and Yolanda is there attacking Lisa on the whole “I was sick for 18 months, locked in my house and u only came to visit me once”.
    I’m sorry, did Yolanda never left the house for 18 months? Because she was well enough when she had to go to parties with her husband. I don’t buy this shit she’s trying to make as an excuse to fight with Lisa. And as Lisa said in her blog, Yolanda doesn’t live around the corner, it’s 45 min from Beverly Hills. And to go there to stay just one hour, 2 hours, and then drive back for another 45min, I wouldn’t have gone either and that to me doesn’t make me a bad friend. So she can go back and look a little further on a excuse to try destroying Lisa.

    • AMTraveler

      I think we need to assume that Yolanda does not actually care whether or not Lisa visited her any more than she cares that I didn’t visit her. Poor memory is actually a legitimate symptom of Lyme, and in this case Yo’s is working against her. She remarks earlier on in the season that Brandi and Lisa are the only two to visit. She then uses the claim that Lisa didn’t visit her as an example of how Lisa is a fake friend. The timing of this couldn’t have been better – Brandi was already beginning to shatter under the idea that Lisa was vander-pumping up Schaena’s career more than hers, Yo gets into Brandi’s head to reaffirm the “for show” nature of Lisa’s friendships, and voila – one of the most easily influenced and volatile women on reality tv goes berserk over “too much mothering” and cocktail waitresses. This is under the assumption that Yo is manipulating Brandi without her knowledge. The other side of the coin is that they are in cahoots and both worked to create a storyline that portrays Lisa as insincere and manipulative. I personally suspect the former is the case as Brandi is so good and petty when you catch her in a moment of raw reaction.

    • How could Yolanda have been sick in bed for 18 months and still film the show? And why does the number keep changing? Last time she blasted Lisa it was 7 or 8 months.

    • um, where do u live? where they are, one wrong turn, & you’re delayed by 30 min. 45 min is nothing. that was a major cop out. they’re not major friends anyway, tho, so it all seems like BS, anyway.

    • Fahlina_G

      Yolanda is full of it. And I don’t mean lemonade…

  17. Tango

    I think Kyle had Yolanda pegged last season, she’s very tricky. Kyle can be tricky too and she recognized this in Yolanda. But I think Yolanda is more cunning, she’ll act like the voice of reason while she’s planning on how to cut you.

  18. Kitty Mamma

    This is stupid. Kyle’s husband may have cheated on her. Kim is a drunk with empty nest syndrome. Yolanda is an anorexic with empty nest syndrome and serious self-esteem issues. Witness her “no-win, no one GAF friendship test.” Brandi is a drunk whose husband left her for an ugly woman. Add these chicks together and all you get is an overgrown mean girls club. Pathetic. Lisa needs to brush her shoulders off, click her heels together, and be on her merry way.

  19. vivaladiva831

    I want to know why no one is asking Brandi what she was doing with these magazines, out in plain sight.

    I think she doesn’t mention Kyle bc she knows to ignore Kyle is to drive her nuts. Some people thrive on drama.

    • Kitty Mamma

      Thank you! Why has no one mentioned that is was Brandi’s skanky ass that had the mags in the first place? These mean girls just suspend all reality when it comes to Brandi. Actually, when it comes to any of them but Lisa. This drama is lame.

    • Raven Beauty

      Wow I totally agree with you. Kyle kept this issue going and the fact that Lisa ignores her role in it just pisses her off even more. Brandi should be ignored as well b/c she really is having a tantrum. First Lisa was smothering her and when she slacked off Brandi felt unloved. I too just wish she would continue to disengage and let them scratch their heads and come up with a new plan.

      • Fahlina_G

        Kyle keeping the “cheating scandal” in the public eye is her way of keeping AMAAAZIIIING Maurice in line. He can’t cheat when he is being followed on a continual basis….She knows what time it is!
        “I love lip gloss! ESPECIALLY yours…..” (And we ALL saw him ogling Joyce on National TV their first meeting….)

  20. I like Lisa, always have. She does have a snarky personality or comments at times but they are meant to be funny.
    I think she was a friend to many if those women and they did not appreciate her. She expects done loyalty in return. That’s not to much to ask.
    Real friends would know that about her by now.
    Lisa will ways be Queen Bee simply because she out classes the rest of them.
    I want to go to the St. Regis.

  21. I see where Lisa did not mention Brandi by name often but Lisa referred to her several times.
    Also Yolanda was vocal to Lisa, both to her face and on her talking heads.

    Ok, Kyle tweeted Lisa in Puerto Rico and Lisa did acknowledge those tweets, so what. It was to soon plus Kyle did call her a liar, no way around that conclusion. If I answer a question and a person keeps coming at me then they are calling me a liar.
    Kim is rude, useless and she knows it. What disgusting mouth she had when she spoke to Ken.
    Brandi’s a mean girl, as is Yolanda.
    Plus when is it a requirement to visit someone? I’ld be embarrassed to call someone out for not visiting me. I never thought Lisa and Yolanda were that close. Send a fruit basket, that’s it. Get well or don’t.
    Ridiculous, petty women.

    • Oops, did NOT acknowledge …

    • Raven Beauty

      Could it just be so simple that Lisa looked for an actual call from one of them versus a text message. That maybe why she didnt know Kyle did do something but to me after what happened that is not what I would consider reaching out, a call was in order.

  22. Em

    I mean, come on with that second to last sentence in Lisa’s blog post. I feel she’s being more than overdramatic here. She’s playing up the victim card way too much.

    I’m not particularly fond of any of these women (yet addicted to the show…make sense much?), but Lisa pretty much used to laugh along as Brandi called Joyce a “big, fat pig” and Yolanda was bullying the rest of the table, yet now she chooses to be Ms. Sensitivity?

    Also, in that one scene with Ken at the beginning of the season she made a thinly-veiled (at best) attempt to support Ken’s defense of Mauricio by saying “well I’m sure he didn’t cheat, but who knows?”

    I don’t get why people are so far up Lisa’s snide arse, basically. She’s more intelligent and fun to watch than many of the other cast members, I’ll give her that.

    • Gingersnap

      I totally agree with what you said. I like Lisa, but I don’t believe her motives are always as pure as the driven snow either. The thing is she’s smart. They say she is like playing chess with, I think she is like a fencer, she knows how to feint and parry her words. Girl’s good too. I kind of enjoy watching her bullshit, but I don’t like the victim role. It is not a good look on her.

  23. pdt090

    I think Lisa’s more pissed at Yolanda because Brandi at least has a somewhat decent reason to be upset over the whole Schena thing, whereas Yolanda decided to backstab her because she didn’t make fingerpaintings for Gigi.

  24. KB

    Off topic I know but did anyone see WWHL with Naomi Campbell? When Andy asked her questions about the HW characters and whether or not she agreed w some of their behavior, he asked if she thought NeNe was wrong for being mad that Marlo and Kenya were friends. Her response? She said she didn’t think there was anything wrong with their being friends. Ironic since nene has been tweeting about hanging out with Ms. Campbell the other day. the thing I liked was Naomi didn’t seem apologetic at all. She just gave her opinion.

  25. When I read this I think that Lisa definitely calls Brandi out as an unreliable Liar & Yolonda and a Toruble maker & Kim as attacking w/out remorse and that she was hurt by Mario calling her vicious name and believing Brandi the liar over her & also that she was hurt that Kyle did not take her at her word when she said that she did not do that the first time she was asked.
    Seems to me she covered/said it all!
    I would have left just like they did-Shows they even outsmarted BRAVO so Bravo once again to Lisa & Ken!!!

  26. Face it: Kyle and Kim are just not very bright. They are easily manipulated. Which is why Bravo loves them.

    As I’ve said, Yolanda wants the title of Queen Bitch. She had stolen Queen Lisa’s pawn, Brandi the Syphlitic, to do her bidding.

    However, like I said last week: when Adrianne was feeling just the way Lisa is feeling today (only worse because her marriage was shredded and her very personal secret about her kids was made public), Queen Lisa sat back and laughed. I feel sorry for Lisa. But there’s a bit of Karma in her being brought down by the very pawn she used herself.

    • Megan

      she wasn’t brought down though. During this time for Adrianne she didn’t have fan support. In fact, people were falling in fan love with Brandi for being a truth cannon. Now Lisa is more popular than ever and Brandi and Yolanda are on the outs with fans. These women may have won the battle on that trip but Lisa is winning the war. Lisa’s show actually beat RHOBH ratings wise. I heard there is even more talk of Lisa getting another spinoff.

      • What?? Snap out of it. Fans? Popular? Winning?? These are all your silly perception from a small group of no-life-having cat ladies you follow on twitter.
        There is nothing that backs up your statement. And she is hurt. I think that part is real. So no. She is most definitely losing.

      • The only winner here is Bravo, promoting ridiculous behavior by all to try to drum up ratings. They might as well just change the name of RHOBH to Orange County lite.

      • Megan

        WWHL had a poll about who should Kyle believe and Lisa won it by a lot. I think it was 75%, I don’t think it’s a reputable poll (It’s not random selection, and the margin of error is probably through the roof) but it still shows how much passion Lisa supporters have. I’m pointing to places I go that fans post opinions, who has the most blog comments on bravo, ratings of VPR, and ratings falling on RHOBH as the data that Lisa is winning the war. The trailer for the reunion heavily features the cast coming for Lisa if ratings are not strong than that should tell Bravo that there may be a correlation between Lisa being attacked and viewers. Twitter comments are also used to see where fans stand. Lot’s of reputable businesses use twitter data for their analytics. In business schools social media is being taught as cheap measurement tools even Harvard Business Review has heavy research on the topic.

      • Oh dear GOD. Seriously? What kind of fucking loser votes in bravo polls? And again, who gives a shit what viewers think? No one. As long as they are viewers. Do you think Lisa gets a paycheck for wwhl polls?? No. She will be on the show as a villian or hero as long as there are viewers.

      • Megan

        Oh dear GOD. Seriously? What kind of fucking loser votes in bravo polls? Fans of the show who are really engaged.

        And again, who gives a shit what viewers think?
        Bravo and the housewives themselves. It’s their brand.

        Do you think Lisa gets a paycheck for wwhl polls??
        No but I think she has higher negotiation power if she brings heavy fan engagement.

        She will be on the show as a villain or hero as long as there are viewers. True but I think Bravo is evaluating if having Lisa as the villain is actually good business. I think they are going to come to revelation that Lisa isn’t the love to hate type character she is the love to laugh with.

      • Come to the revelation? Bwahaha. Ok. Think what you want crazy cat lady. P

      • Megan

        I’m a crazy young dog lady. 😛 My dog is sometimes smaller than cats though. She’s 13 and would lose in a fight against most cats. Thanks for distracting me from doing my homework and giving me practice with the topics I’m learning in class.

      • One word — vandernuts (and I didn’t coin it).

      • I think Pump is going to be a spin-off.

    • vivaladiva831

      I also think Adrienne was right in some of the stuff she said about Lisa at the season 2 reunion. Brandi should have taken a lesson from Adrienne though-she came out of that looking like an ass. What made Brandi think she could do it?

  27. RahRah

    If I understand correctly, this is all about whether or not Lisa saw some magazines at Brandi’s house? This is the foundation of their battle?
    This is too dumb for me.

    • It would have been much more entertaining if Lisa had been seen on film reading said tabloids on the beach in Puerto Rico.

      • kb

        Notice how just like last year, the big issue that causes problems in the group, and becomes a huge story line is never seen on film, so we the public cannot judge for ourselves. That’s precisely why they don’t want us to see. This way they can keep the story going on and on and on….At least that’s how its been on Beverly Hills. The Camille story line with “who said what” about her being insecure. The Adrienne story line with the surrogacy plot, and now tabloid gate. When I see stuff like this it reinforces to me that a lot of this is so fake. I remember watching Kelsey Grammar on Oprah (own network), and she commented on the fact that he blindsided Camille with the affair while she went about being on the show, and he sheepishly grinned and then referred to that particular story line as ‘the magic of television’. He said she knew all along what was going on. We the public was given the impression that she had no idea. Remembering that, none of this surprises me.

  28. sarcasatire

    Lisa is playing the best game! Of course she didn’t mention Kyle, and that must be eating Kyle up!!

    See, Kyle orchestrated this in a roundabout way. And when she and Mauricio confronted Lisa on the beach and cursed her behind her back… Tea, Kyle was a major component.

    But like Brandi says, Kyle is very competitive to be top dog. The show stayed and she seemed to get the most screen time. Now, Lisa has other shows, is chummy with Andy, was asked to be on DWTS (primetime, baby!), and has always gotten a pretty good edit. Knowing how much backlash Kyle has gotten in previous seasons, she wants to expose a chink in Lisa’s armor. She’s reaching…looking for anything to be offended about. And just like with Faye Resnick, Kyle likes to bring around a “mouthpiece” to fight her battles. This time, it’s Kim.

    But Lisa beat her at her own game. See, she indirectly addressed Kyle’s need to push Lisa aside so that she could shine, but by omitting her name, she’s implying that she’s irrelevant! Bet all of their blogs name drop her a dozen times, but Lisa won’t use hers to give Kyle any more relevancy. And trust me, this offends Kyle more than anything else. Especially since Lisa’s blogs probably gets a ton more views.

  29. ScrappieOne

    What I found so telling and obvious was when they were at the table when Kim told Ken he was a studdorn old man. The look on Brandi’s face said everything. This is the reaction from someone who can’t ever seem to STFU but now sits there witha smirk on her face and looked like she wanted to hide under the table when Lisa stood ip, was silent. She orchestrated this whole fiasco, she loaded her guns by pumping Yo with with her bs and aimed her right at Lisa. Its obvious Yo took the bait thinking she would look like a hero and Lisa the villian. all along Brandi sits back with grin and the poor victim etc. The whole story line of Brandi and Lisa’s friendship ( BRANDI’S version) is the level of a spoiled high school mentality. This is a woman who would throwbher own father under the bus in her book to gain attention and money. then tries to convince us he’s not alking to her because of the dress she worn to the Emmys or whereever. LIAR. Okay I done for now

    • ScrappieOne

      Man I hate posting from my phone. Sorry for all the errors….

    • You’re wrong. She loaded her guns but yanda stole her thunder. The was confused and befuddled. That’s going g to happen one or two more times and Brandi will re-aim her retarded gun.

    • You’re right on ScrappieOne, especially about Brandi and her dad. Her story of him upset over the Oscar dress seems such nonsense after we found out she outed him as a pot dealer in her book. Her lies keep changing – just like the continually changing story of why her tongue is swollen (something she ate, reaction to aspirin, TMJ??).

      Also, do you recall how she narrated the car scene at Yo’s house? “My parents STILL work 9 to 5” – as if it’s some terrible fate – so what?? They’re what, in their 60s? Nothing wrong with working in your 60s or 70s, but I guess for Brandi work is a 4-letter word. I also cringed when she said (paraphrasing here) her dad would be embarrassed/befuddled and not know how to act in the presence of wealth and fame. I remember thinking wait until he watches that episode – so NOT how to repair a relationship stalled due to your big insensitive mouth.

      • Brianna

        Right!? Then she gave her parents a Honda?? Like girl bye! I’ve seen people on Oprah get better cars than that!!

      • ScrappieOne

        Right on. I don’t believe Brandi’s tongue excuse either. Me thinks its either from too much botox injections and it screwed up a nerve or something or from sucking too much, well you know. Can’t believe how much my opinion of her has changed in just one season. This is the same chick who almost had sex at Kyles house in Portia’s bathroom after just meeting him until Lisa stopped her. Who does that

      • AMTraveler

        Ehhhhh let’s not give Brandi too much credit. That Honda logo was visually loud and proud, and the scene was oh so staged. Every time someone gets a car on a Bravo show you can probably bet dollars to donuts that a dealership is behind it for some advertising.

      • ding ding ding we have a winner. 25 Tamara Tattles Tokens.

        On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 5:05 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • And it’s leased, not gifted.

      • Fahlina_G

        “I was born and raised in this town. BUT, When Mauricio and I take the road less traveled, we like to take our Honda off-roading……..”

  30. myinfo

    Lisa and Ken left and went to the Four Seasons because their bathroom was soooooooooo small. 1 small bathroom was too much for Lisa to handle.

    I think Lisa is guilty. If someone accused me of something I would say “no I did not do that” and if they ask again I would blandly repeat myself instead of running away.

    But I also kind of don’t blame her for leaving so she didn’t have to deal with such negatively while vacationing in such a beautiful place.

    Still I think this a dumb and forced storyline. The last episode (I am guessing) is when Brandi tells Lisa “checkmate bitch” (if I have the words right) might be entertaining or a boring ending.

    • You think they left just because of the bathroom situation?! That’s hilarious.

    • Fahlina_G

      I would give anything to not have to share a bathroom with my pooping husband, lol…..

      • Tara C.

        Lisa usually never complain s on the trips , about the sleeping accommodations . So I was kinda surprised to see her so upset on the Puerto Rico trip? Maybe that is the “Real Lisa”? Lisa has taken the smallest bedrooms , on other trips, and shared a small room with Brandi on Kim’s zen trip , last season. So I wasn’t getting her attitude at the room on PR trip?

      • I am not a neat person by any stretch of the imagination. My bathroom can get filthy, especially when my crazy is in full blossom. But it is my tiny bathroom. I COULD NOT share a bathroom with a farty old man on a regular basis. Someone else was talking about a great trip to Italy on a talk show the other day and said the only downside was sharing a bathroom with her husband. I recall her saying he would banish himself to the lobby bathroom of the hotel on many occasions. I don’t think this is a particularly pretentious or unusual issue for women.

        On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 7:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • chris

        tara c, are we watching the same show? she has sniped about all accommodations. “tiny little room”, etc — smartass little digs.

  31. Fahlina_G

    Off topic, but I tried to google Yolanda’s background, and could find nothing about her life as a “model” or anything prior to her marriage to Mohammed. I found this very odd, as I couldn’t even locate what her maiden name was. I was wondering if anyone had the scoop on her? For someone who portrays herself to be “somebody” there is very little information about her life prior to her marriage to Mohammed and what IS out there seems to come only from Yolanda herself. It makes me wonder if she really is who and what she claims to be. Very strange. Sorry for the interruption.

    • Fahlina_G

      Sorry, but I just checked again under both of her last names and still only get the same few articles about her….obviously released by her. I find this extremely odd, especially the lack of her maiden name, which she would have “modeled” under. It makes me think she was never a model at all, but perhaps an escort? It’s just very unusual. Tamara, I would love it if you could dig something up!

    • Her maiden name is van den Herik. She evidently modeled in the 80’s.

      • Fahlina_G

        Thank you. I couldn’t find a single thing about her and thought it was very strange. It made me wonder whether or not she was being truthful about her past. I appreciate it Tootsie.

      • Fahlina_G

        Lol, on Google that translates to Yolanda from the Wild Radish?!

      • Fahlina_G

        There is NOTHING about Yolanda as a “model” that doesn’t come straight from Yolanda’s mouth. I think she’s fibbing here. Nothing from Ford Models, under ANY of her last names. Interesting. Just a Dutch TV show with very small viewership portraying her as a rich Dutch Hollywood Wife and the only comment they had about her was that she did a catalog ad once.

  32. Fahlina_G

    Even stranger, there is a link to picture of her on a date with Julio Inglesias. The picture is dated July 1986, and her last name is listed as Van Der Herik-Hadid! In 1986, Mohamed was still married to Mary Hadid. For that matter if she HAD been married to Mohammed, then why would she be out on a date with Julio? That is bizarre!

    • Oh honey. Obsessed much? Might be time to let it go.

      • Fahlina_G

        Yo could be right, but I find it curious that nobody else has ever mentioned this subject. I like a good mystery, especially when it involves somebody who portrays herself as such a sanctimonious ass!. It would seem Mrs. Foster should be worried about her own skeletons and lack of truthfulness because she sure seems to be quite the history revisionist herself..

    • Bless your heart. Yolanda didn’t even come to this country until 1990 or so, and she married Mohammed in 1994. Geez – I don’t even like her and you have me trying to convince you there isn’t a skeleton in this closet. Take another tact.

      • Fahlina_G

        Tootsie, you’re 100% right. I just like to know a persons history and see what makes them ….tick. What kind of person they are/ were. Sometimes a little too much, lol..

      • iheartdogsnyc

        During the episode of Yo’s citizenship, she mentioned she’s been living here in the US with a green card for more than 30 years. This season was filmed last year. So, if we go by the minimum of 30 years, Yo has been here since before 1983 not the 90s.

      • Brianna

        Yup she also said her mom have her 50 dollars when she was 17 or 19 and she moved to NY—- way before she got married

    • vivaladiva831

      I think this is very interesting.

  33. I think it can be challenging to find print adds from 30+ years ago on anyone who wasn’t a Heidi Klum or Cindy Crawford. Plus, if she did a bunch of runway modeling in Europe, that doesn’t really make you a household name. I think Yolanda and Brandi must have had similar modeling careers. I had never heard of either of them until RHOBH.

    • Fahlina_G

      I think you are right there. I think both women overestimate and embellish their accomplishments. It sure would explain Yolanda living vicariously through Gigi. She hopes her daughter will have the career she didn’t . I couldn’t believe it when Yolanda admitted that in all of these years, she never bothered with either a college degree or even a high school diploma! That was a shock for me. I’m hoping she doesn’t relive THAT through her daughter as well!

      • Megan

        Not even a GED? With all that money I would have like 4 doctorates. I already have 2 associates and I’m working on 3 bachelors. If I had the means I would go to school forever. That’s crazy to me. Sounds like she doesn’t work on her brain just her body.

      • she speaks multiple languages fluently, how many do you speak?

        On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 6:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Megan

        Just two. I think it would be an advantage to have the money to travel so you could immerse yourself to pick up more.

      • bella

        Um, I used to model but I am not world famous. As a matter of fact, 99% of models don’t actually become world famous. Only a teeny few and those are the ones who seek fame and get publicists. Modeling is a job. Not all scientists become famous even though they still work as scientists. Not being a household name does not take away from your accomplishments. As a model I did more than 200 runway shows, I was in many commercials and did campaigns in Harpaars Bazaar, Vogue and many more for huge designers. So did many of the other models I worked with, but none of them are “famous” outside the industry or known to regular people. Yolanda definitely modeled. Go to her FB page she sometimes adds old campaigns she did. I don’t like her at all but she was a legitimate model. I think you are reaching.

      • Fahlina_G

        Could be Megan. I don’t Facebook or Tweet, so I wouldn’t have access to any of her pages which I why I asked the question here if anyone knew anything about her past.

      • Fahlina_G

        (Normally a simple Google search gives me any info I am looking for)

  34. gertha bit

    lisa is an evil-minded gash. can i type that on here TT?
    i’ve seen thru here since season two.
    i understand a lot of folks like her, i just don’t understand why.
    lisa has crafted this “motherly” rep from season one, and she’s
    doing her damnedest to keep that rep, that’s all. the “empathic,
    motherly friend” simply cannot be found out to be the one who has
    undercut or connived. that’s why all the dancing (no pun intended)
    around the subject, and being so indirect and imprecise.
    she doesn’t want to sully her carefully honed television rep–
    that’s what she has to loose. that appears to be the reason for which most
    folks like her, and kinda over-look her rather rotten remarks and (for me)
    her obvious machinations. i don’t hate her, i just see a different lisa than
    most do, i guess. okay okay, i feel if i saw her in person, i’d have to stop
    myself from spapin’ her….joking…not joking….joking?
    yolanda has nothing to lose. talk about living high! to me, yo doesn’t seem like the type
    to live and die by exposure or lack thereof, on tv. she has enough
    going on, just my two cents.
    i don’t care much for any of them, really. except Kim. i heart Kim,
    j’adore Kim. for me, she’s the most authentic of the bunch. warts and all.

    • You obviously “graduated” from the same rehab facility as Kim. What language are you trying to speak?

      • gertha bit

        aaaaaaanglish man. plain ole anglish.
        it’s neat to happen upon an anonymous fellow commenter
        on a blog, that “obviously” knows me so well!!
        i suppose my birthday last week just slipped your mind.
        but i’d never harbor ill will about that, sweet sweet tootsie!
        not to you. never to you.
        knowing me as you ‘obviously’ do, you realize that mine
        is a tender, loving, and forgiving soul, and that i’d never
        try to make someone feel bad, lesser than, and certainly
        never insinuate any mental malady nor addiction, for merely
        stating an opinion about a television show. illnesses and
        addictions are serious and unfortunate challenges for those
        burdened with them. tv is just moving pictures.
        in other words,
        get over yourself toots.

    • vivaladiva831

      Gertie I have always thought the same about Lisa from the beginning – but I like her anyway!

      • gertha bit

        vivaladi if we like one of these characters, we like them, no apologies!
        that’s the way it T-I-Z. honestly i’m tickled that you get lisa and like her!! i think that’s the fun part of these shows, deciding who we like and who we do not :)
        .. about lisa, i can’t deny that she makes a fascinating, even necessary seque for the show— i LOVE her house, and the occasional Kevin Lee sighting! also, no one could deny that the program would be a bit snoozy without her, still, she just rubs me the wrong way, i just don’t like her type. that’s all. AND it doesn’t help that she refuses to fasten her blouses above cup-view. i mean…sheeit… Flo over at Mel’s dinner worked the “heaved-up, leathery knobs in low-neck” look with a natural, comfortable allure–and did it far and away mo betta than miss lisa has yet to do,
        shame on me. not my place to suggest how a woman should dress. certainly lisa just loves the way she looks in her clothes : i
        those damn satiny, ill-fitting, unbuttoned tops, featuring dusty D’s, are just her thing. and i’m no fan of her thing. 😉

  35. TT: Are you punking me here?

  36. sandra

    gertha bit, You are refreshing, and I like you a lot. You are witty and smart.

    • sarcasatire

      Agreed. Get em, Gertha.

      Also, I understood everything that you wrote, perfectly. I guess some people have a hard time knowing when you a start a new sentence if there isn’t a capital letter to guide them. Awww, poor souls.

      • Gertha bit is Kim. Sandra is Kingsley, and sarcasatire is Kyle. Oh good, the gang’s all here. Carry on. Over and out.

      • sarcasatire

        tootsie is…irrelevant. If you a want a little Friday night interaction, try one that affords a little more dignity than picking unnecessary squabbles on the internet.

      • JoJo

        Yeh, after God knows how many years in school and then having to write and also summarize documents for a living, I readily admit I’m one of those people that normally really needs a capital letter to start a sentence and a period to end it.
        But, stream of consciousness writing, after all, is part of our literary history. I just have to read and re-read a that type of comment to understand it. Now I have the luxury of time to do that and not get irritated, so I’m not bad-mouthing at all. It just reminds me how grateful I am that I have the time now to even read and comment on a pop culture blog and about nutty reality shows and their women!!

      • gertha bit

        hay thank you sarcasatire! i truly wouldn’t have reckoned that my lack of incorporating caps in type, might’ve translated into anything other than the use of casual parlance– i type loose and fast with the grammar–i am guilty and don’t expect to be forgiven :) but honestly i meant no inconvenience, and certainly i had no intention of brushing up anyone’s fur– over a tv show? redonk. now my turn to agree with you ! i particularly appreciate your words regarding “friday night interaction”– —- l o v e d it !! loved it big!

    • gertha bit

      thank you so much sandra–your comment was so sweet–very very lovely! your kindness gives me too much credit :)

  37. sarcasatire: You are correct – I need to find a new hobby. Thanks for the reality check.

    • Don’t you dare go anywhere. Many of us enjoy your wit.

    • Getha has control over the English language yet chose her writing form. She should not be surprised when someone in here called her playfully out on it.

      • gertha bit

        wait, what? who checked me boo ? the only ‘playful’ came from my side calipatti. tho there was a surprise alright, but not to me. it came to the one who (in what read as plaintiff tone) queried, “TT: are you punking me on here?” ya see, in the asking of that question, there is an intrinsic uncertainty, a lack of clarity, a real unknown, i.e., the elements of “surprise”.
        i don’t like acrimony in general, and to me it’s particularly exhausting and fruitless in these silly situations.
        i only reply to you because you’ve lead your sentence with my name.
        my name, not my accused name of ‘Kim”– b.t.dubs, so clever, so original, that comment was! oh how i laughed and laughed when i read it!
        a pleasure to find such ‘playful’ wit directed at me! keen and artful with the language and japes is our dear tootsie, ay?
        to summarize,
        i reject any further discourse about this useless, simple-minded, nonsense.
        and have a beautiful Sunday, cali-gal !!

      • gertha bit

        hay cali, i’m sorry i was harsh in my earlier comment to you. i’m an old woman and i know better than to be that ugly to anyone. i sincerely apologize.
        i thought that sillyness was over, is all.
        if a dead horse keeps being beat,
        the only thing that rises is stink.

  38. JoJo

    Whatever is the true Lisa or what’s going on with her in real life, we philistines will probably never know. But, I have to admit these last couple of episodes I’ve noticed a whole different Lisa than the consistent, witty, character and the snarky but funny observations. Maybe it’s just a build-up and the whole different way she responds to these other women ganging up on her.
    Something’s odd or off, whether it’s because of Yolanda or Brandi or any of them. It’s difficult to even see a real bond with her and Carlton except for the purpose of the show. She just doesn’t react or respond or even blog lately like she has in the past – imho.

    • bella

      So you expect her to be all happy and witty when all her friends back stabbed her consistently? I think most people behave according to the situation.

  39. sandra

    JoJo, I always enjoy your opinion, you come across as very intelligent, and thoughtful. I like Lisa the most of this insidious group. This season we have seen some traits of Lisa that are not so nice. However, she still reigns the Queen. Last season I liked Brandi, this season her hyperbole, (that’s too kind) and lies are too much. Brandi and Lisa were good together. Too bad she blew a good relationship, and probably will be out of a job after next season. Brandi doesn’t deserve Lisa’s friendship.

    • JoJo

      Sandra, I think Lisa is the most interesting and entertaining of them all also. And I’m really only wondering about the possibilities of why she’s acting out of character for her. But being backstabbed badly if she really did have a true, off-camera friendship with Brandi could explain a lot of that. I’ve never got the impression she and Yolanda were buddies. My ‘love affair’ with Brandi has ended this season too. Thanks for the kind words :)

  40. sandra

    sarcasatire, I really like your type of sarcasim. Thank you for articulately saying what I was thinking, but couldn’t have said it better.

  41. I think Lisa is really going in on Yolanda because she is the most hurt by her. I think she truly had a friendship with Yolanda, or at least an acquaintanceship that preceded Yo joining the show, and then all of a sudden she is the receiver of this vile, unrelenting, and pointless snarkiness and foolishness from this woman she has a genuine friendship with. I think Lisa and Kyle’s friendship has been dissolving since the show began, so Lisa gets it. I think Lisa can not see in hindsight who Brandi has always been, as can we all, so she gets that too. But Yolanda being such a bitch about really tiny, tiny “problems” and causing such drama over it is a real shock to her. I think she just can’t get over Yo turning on her, and truthfully she’s incredibly hurt by it.

    • Sarah

      darcywilson – There seems to be a pattern on this show. Adrienne was friends with Brandi prior to the show & was influential in getting her casted – then once Brandi got comfy in her position she turned on her, exposing secrets that never should have been revealed.

      Then we have Lisa who was friends with Yolanda prior to the show & was influential getting her casted – then like Brandi she got cozy after her 1st season & (with Brandi’s help) has now turned on her. Common denominator (snake) in both situations = Brandi.

      Adrienne, Lisa, & Yolanda all wanted something their wealth couldn’t buy = fame. Brandi on the other hand wants both & she’ll kiss the ass of whoever she believes will be most beneficial to her at the time. (Problem is she’s not too bright & burns every single bridge she crosses – ex. Preview for this week’s show she’s right up Yolanda’s ass when Yolanda says that her husband would never be friends with the likes of Ken.)

      A person who uses popularity and celebrity acquaintance’s to get further in business or social situations. #Starfucker

  42. puravidacostarica2

    I am not on Twitter but I get a kick out of reading twitter timelines just for shits and giggles. Lisa is having a field day bitching and moaning about American Airlines on her timeline. It just gave me a little insight into her own ability to deal with minor setbacks (not) like losing luggage! STFU already! LOL

    • What’s worse, in my opinion, is here she is making pissy (or, in Lisa’s view, joking) comments about losing her luggage this soon after 239 people perished on the Malaysia Airlines flight. But *crickets*….not no one — not a one — points out the insensitivity of that to Queen Lisa. Had it been Brandi, it would have turned into a Twitter takedown. Pffft.

      • JoJo

        I have to agree that if Brandi went on about the inconvenience of sharing a toilet/bathroom of a fancy Puerto Rico hotel with a traveling companion as Lisa did with Ken, she’d be burned at the stake on twitter and commenters on blogs. Now, Brandi probably is not up on current events, but if it were her complaining about lost luggage in light of what’s happened, same burning at the stake on twitter etc.
        It really does help to be the top dog/fan favorite for people or media to overlook insensitive or pretentious remarks of their favorites.
        But, Brandi is her own worse enemy. She’s branded & will never live down the sloppy drunk w/ a very visible tampon string visible through a dress that came apart & was sheer.
        When it’s her word vs Lisa’s now, Lisa wisely asks her followers to decide who’s telling the truth. Brandi will never win in that battle unless she can produce documents.
        But I like Lisa in general. She’s very wily at playing the reality game, and I can’t see Brandi bringing her down – at least from what we’ve seen on the show so far. I thought Lisa complaining about having to share a single bathroom with her husband would have viewers in an uproar of the pretentiousness of the rich. Didn’t happen. Furthermore, she was smart enough to get out of there before she even had to share. Brandi and the rest did her a favor they don’t know about :)

      • Mari Anne

        I see only one comment on Twitter about her lost luggage.

      • puravidacostarica2

        You have to look at all the replies. She posted another one today. (Unless she’s deleting them because she’s getting backlash…)

    • Fahlina_G

      American Airlines has been in the news because they recently decided to do away with bereavement fares, saying that most people would rather surf for the cheapest airfare online. (Yes, because every person in morning can’t wait to go surf Travelocity when losing a loved one….What’s next? Doubling fares for returning soldiers? After all, they want to get home more than people leaving vacations *sarcasm)

  43. Tara C.

    Honestly this is really some pretty petty shit they are blathering on about! I fully expected , from hearing pre season gossip, for the “fall” of Lisa Vanderpump , to be over something truly horrific! But it’s NOT! Its nonsense about tabloids! Girls get a bottle of wine and hash this shit out like Ladies!

  44. Fahlina_G

    * Mourning. Sorry, it’s early morning……

  45. RVA

    i wish Lisa hadn’t been so dismissive of her maid when she asked if she could have one of the dresses that Lisa was giving to charity.
    It was a little…i don’t know the right word..rude?

  46. lori

    All I can say is “wow” at all of the Lisa hate going on here.

    • hate’s probably too strong a word. i certainly don’t hate her. liked her in prior seasons. don’t like her now. disappointed, mostly. those eye rolls when a castmate tells lisa she has hurt her feelings. her eagerness to drop the subject when she is in the wrong. her nasty little expression when joyce explained why she was going forward with the group trip to puerto rico. her laughter or silence during brandi’s attacks on joyce, and her active blocking of joyce when she tried to defend herself. her VPR show — to me she has sacrificed class for ratings. feels like a comedown. disappointed because i admired her previously.

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