The Terms of the Giudice Plea Deals In Plain English: Part One, Teresa

Teresa Celeb ApprenticeI fully admit to wearing down at this point from reading news reports and legal documents today. However, here are the terms and conditions of Teresa’s Plea Deal. I will work on Joe’s next.

Teresa has agreed to pay $200,000 back to the IRS prior to her sentencing date of July 8, 2014 as partial satisfaction of her debt.  She is also required to refile all of her taxes from 2000 through 2011 with all necessary documentation. She is required to make necessary payments for all affected tax years prior to her sentencing date. In the event she is unable to make such payments in full, she must set up a mutually agreed upon plan with the IRS. There is much discussion about forfeiture of assets related to the crimes, which would be her properties, as far as I can determine.

Oddly, her individual plea also includes a clause that states if SHE is not a US citizen, her plea deal COULD make her subject to immigration proceedings which MAY cause her to be deportable. (I haven’t read Joe’s plea yet, it may just be that put that in there for both of them as sort of a legal boilerplate sort of thing.)

The FEDS agree to drop charges 2-14 16-21 and 26-35. Tre pled guilty to Count 1, Count  15,  Count 23 and Count 36 for a total of four counts.

Count One: Conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.  Maximum Sentence 20 years/ $250K Fine
Count 15 : Bankruptcy Fraud- Concealment Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 23 : Bankruptcy  Fraud- False Oaths  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine
Count 36: Failure to make a Tax Return  Maximum Sentence 5 years./ $250K Fine

Teresa and Joe Giudice

There is a lot of harsh wording after that and the inclusion that Teresa could have a maximum of three years of supervised release (the new term for federal parole more or less) after her prison term has been served.

So based on that Teresa just pleaded to charges that have a maximum penalty of 35 years in prison.


This is where things get interesting. I won’t bore you will all of the details about Federal felonies. Short version is they are all numbered based on a whole lot of weird shit with murdering tons of small children in a Federal Court room being a level 36 and other lesser offenses work their way down from there.  Teresa’s charge has a baseline of 7. She caught 12 more points for frauding the government out of such a large amount of money. So that takes her to 19. Lying about it all under oath gives her two more putting her level of displeasing the FEDS at a 21. But, there are things that can reduce your level as well.

Teresa’s lawyers tried to get her number lowered by saying she had minimal involvement. The FEDS just laughed and laughed.  Too bad. That would have reduced her number by four points.  After what I imagine was  much high-powered lawyering by Tre’s attorney, the did get the FEDS to agree that she was a “minor participant” giving her a two point reduction.  THIS WAS WHERE JOE LIKELY AGREED TO TAKE THE FALL FOR TRE AS MUCH AS HE COULD.  So the FEDS dropped her to level 19, I am ASSUMING due to JOE taking a hit on his deal. Again, I have not read it yet. Then there was a bunch of stuff about admitting guilt and responsibility that gave her another three point reduction. Tre’s plea put her charges with regard to sentencing at a level 16.

Still with me?

Okay, so best I can tell, Level 16 is the beginning of bad stuff happening, you know like spending lots of time in orange and learning how to make apple pie with no apples and no oven while incarcerated. From what I can tell, Teresa has the better lawyer of the two, or maybe he just has the client with less legal issues, but here is where things get all fancypants.  Teresa’s lawyer is retaining the right to request a further downgrade of her magic number (16) under the Family Ties and Responsibilities laws.  The FEDS have said they will let him do that, but it ain’t part of the agreement and they will fight any such motion.  In other words,  Teresa’s lawyer was NOT able to make the “but I am a Mommy and I can’t go to prison!”  plea stick with the FEDS, BUT they did allow him to try it with the judge all he likes, but they will be fighting him on that at the sentencing hearing.

So the plea deal for a Level 16 for someone with no criminal history is 21-27 months. That is what both parties have agreed to with the stipulation that Teresa is going to ask for her level to be lowered because she is a mother of four at some point. Here is the thing. I can find no set guideline for the downward departure of a sentencing level based on “Family Ties and Responsibilities.”  I can find case-law where the judge has gone down ten levels!  based on “family ties and responsibilities”  ( Source)  The article I read  indicates that Family Ties and Responsibilities really should not be a factor considered for the purposes of downgrading the sentence below the federal guidelines, in this case, 21-27 months.  In that case the defendant was a single mother of a special needs child. But Teresa has a crackerjack law team, and they plan to fight hard for this at the sentencing trial. Personally, I think the FEDS will argue that the Giudices have plenty of family to care for the girls while Tre does or her two years, or at least argue for staggered sentencing if it is such a major deal.

The bottom line is, the FEDS agreed to 21-27 months, the judge COULD still do whatever he wants which ranges from throwing the book at her and giving her 35 years, to accepting the plea deal as is, or siding with Teresa’s defense team and giving a lesser sentence than the federal guidelines of 21-27 months.  I’m only a fake Internet lawyer, but I expect her to do some prison time of two years or less depending on how good her lawyer really is, with perhaps some additional house arrest.

So that was a lot of reading and research to say, we still really won’t know anything until sentencing, but now we know the terms of her plea deal. Meanwhile, I am going to take a short break and then read Juicy’s  plea deal which I expect to be longer and much more complicated. And by short break I mean beginning my Fat Tuesday celebration, so expect my explanation of Joe’s plea deal to be even less coherent than this one.  Meanwhile, it seems Orange is the New Housewives….


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  1. Kate

    I have to thank you for this great post TT. You are really something cool.

    Does anyone think its weird that she can claim to be the clueless not that involved wife when it comes to getting caught? There is something very offensive about that. I think Teresa is a lot smarter than she lets on. I think she played a big role in this and its not fair that the husband should have to serve longer than her. I just don’t think that’s right.

    • Thanks, Kate. They essentially pled to the same thing. There were several instances where Tre acted ALONE to participate in the 41 original counts. She’s not some innocent hot house flower, but you can bet that is what her atty will argue during sentencing…..will the court buy it?

      Not even with a bagel on her head. :)

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Pamela Laswell

        Thanks again for the easy read to a complex issue. While I realize people think T and J are getting what the deserve I don’t think so. IF they went after the banks and others who created great suffering to many – I would be in alignment with their crusade to go after them. But that is not the situation. There are bankers and others who absolutely knew they were breaking the law and yet they slide. It also doesn’t make sense, to me, to spend money jailing them. First, it costs money to keep people in jail. I think they should be focused on getting the money back to people who were injured and the money they owe the courts. Second, there is a family involved here – their children do need them at home. They need to be working and paying back what they owe. I think the knee jerk reaction to rub hands together in glee – show them they can be made to suffer really doesn’t serve a good purpose. And, to me, it doesn’t make sense. There are huge funds to be repaid. A long stint in jail will impact their ability to do that. They need to lose what is necessary to start paying and they need to work to repay the rest. I just think we are spending way to much money on keeping people in jail that really are not a threat to the public. Those people need to work and pay back their victims.

      • Patti R.


        Hahahah! Love “Not even with a bagel on her head!!! So rich!!! :) 😉 😉

  2. TT: You are the absolute BEST! What a great breakdown. Can’t wait to read about Joe.

  3. Amy Sandidge

    I swear you are such an amazing blogger!!!! U rock tt

  4. jellybelly

    Wow! Great work TT! Thank you for the update! I will be hitting the donate button soon! You rock with all the information you have to decipher for all of us! I wish I had a little sympathy for them….but nope still isn’t there!

    • Hmmm, sympathy for these felons *tootsie tries to muster*. Nope, have to agree with jellybelly.

    • Thanks for hitting the tip jar. It seems I work for tips these days just like a waitress, only, um different. lol. xoxo

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        You my dear are really earning those tips with all of this legal mumbo jumbo you have been spending countless hours going through, and putting it in a nice easy to understand post for us. Thank you. I tend to think that your next “tip jar” may be the “Computer glare/reading eyeglasses fund”. Oy vey.

  5. Bombero129

    Let me tell you, as a lawyer myself, I can say you really have a knack for explaining legal things in easy terms… I sure could have used your cliff notes when I was studying for the Bar.

  6. JoJo

    My God, I really don’t know how you do it – an unbearably complex set of crimes, sentencing guidelines, and possibilities besides good lawyering – and make a short, coherent, cohesive outline. I’m in awe (and I’ve probably never knew as much as you’ve forgotten :)

    • You are sweet. I kinda good at reading hard stuff and splaining it. It really like the only thing I am goodish at. I do sometimes get things wrong, but generally everyone else is wronger, so stick with me kid. :)

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Well there you go, kinda’ like Nene, ” ‘spressin’ your ‘pinion” – (not to mention to strays that forget this is a ‘pinion blog)!

  7. Ny Broadus

    You did an excellent job of explaining how Teresa’s deal went down. LOVE ME SOME TT!

  8. medicated fan

    TT-get to your celebrating!!! P.s. thanks for always giving us the clearest picture of these two. So many other sites as so busy defending and justifying them that the never know what is actually happening. Appreciate all your efforts. Your blog is fast becoming my legal tutorial.

    • My blog is quickly becoming that law degree I thought I wanted back when I watched Paper Chase with the mean Law Professor I so wanted to please when I was like….12. and thanks.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • spk

        “Mr Hart!”

      • Pam1234

        Good job Tamara. The first time I read your explination of a legal issue was the Jodi Arias trial. You were far better at commenting in an un-bias, truthrul manner than the “pros” at HLN did. I used to be an avid trial watcher but In Session’s format was changed in such a disasterous manner I have not wated a trial since the Jodi Arias trial. If they had someone with your talent broadcasting I would still be watching. Alas, they have the likes of Nancy Grace that hasn’t seen a defendant that she just didn’t know was guilty. All of their “experts” with their hang ’em high mentality just doesn’t do it for me. If they had someone of your caliber I would still be watching.

      • Thanks Pam, I have plenty of friends who comment at HLN, or used to, it’s been awhile since I paid attention, I think they stopped with the trial stuff. But I have all day to sit on my fat ass and research and explain one case, and I am sure they have… okay really… I don’t think I have the right face to continue this…. is this my “HLN IS DOING A FINE JOB FACE”? no? I didn’t think so.

  9. PlusOneForLuck

    Thank you so much for breaking this all down…. I can’t even begin to imagine the volume of paperwork you had to go through… you’re a trooper & it is much appreciated!
    Quick question — is filming of the latest season of RHONJ finished already? I would be curious to know if Tre specifically waited until after the season filmed before taking a plea. I’m also curious to see how Bravo will handle what will most likely be her exit (even if it is only a temporary one). Do you think they would bring her back after she gets out of the big house?!?!

  10. I wonder if she could phone in her interviews with Andy Cohen? OH OH OH! Who will visit and what will they bring her??? She might want to be-friend Danielle asap!

  11. Dawn

    Much Tnx for your time & research!!

  12. Lisa

    I wonder if Theresa could go into one of the banks in NJ and get a loan to pay off her IRS debts and other fines? LMAO! I bet she is stupid enough to try it though.

  13. Sari

    Amazing job! Thank you!

  14. Katie

    I am in awe and bow to your fabulousness.

  15. Shellbelle

    You da bomb!! Your hard work is so appreciated!

  16. mannysgrammy

    Thanks TT!
    I know I don’t comment much~but I DO appreciate all your hard work breaking this all down, along with all the great guys/gals here & their thoughts.
    My brain just does NOT understand, or just refuses to accept this BS of in the end, how little they will end up paying, financially, emotionally, or time wise in prison! Not even close to what other families/business’s suffered not being paid by jobs they did for them, etc.
    I will never feel sorry for them being complete selfish PIGS. How dare they call themselves a close loving family, cramming all that BS down our throats continuing to show off all they STILL have (some how).
    I just don’t get it! So, that ugly mansion they live in, they get to keep living there for just paying taxes/lights/etc cuz they can’t afford to pay the mortgage & cuz its worth way less than the bank could get for it??? So they can steal millions more…??
    Besides any trips, parties, gifts…all the furniture, cars??
    Where did they get all the $$ to even get 2 attorneys & still have enough to do all the paper work, calls, hearings so they are close to getting them off on this??
    I mean, do these attorneys just not get paid too? I know I sound like a total idiot & I guess I am, especially compared to them! They have game, they know how to play it & keep it all! I just don;t get where it all comes from!
    How can her parents be there taking care of the kids at all with her dad being so sick? Who’s doing all the cooking, cleaning, running the kids everywhere,? What about just being there for the kids, home work? I just don’t get where all the time & money keeps coming from??
    Ok, i’ll stop, sorry! Have a lot going on with my Moms cancer & I never get to let off any steam, so it helps to just say WTF sometimes!

    • vivaladiva831

      I am thinking the lawyers may have taken them on pro bono, for the exposure.

      • And seriously, if she serves no time that lawyer just hit a homerun on the playing field of life. He’ll be one in demand mofo.

    • Katrina

      Just because a person files for bancruptcy, does not mean they do not have any cash left. It just means that if they continue to pay their expenses at the level they are, they will run out of money. That is why they file for bankruptcy. What is the Government going to do with their house? They cannot sell it and make any money. The Government wants money!

  17. calipatti: No, I fear I’m totally delusional as I am upside down in TT tokens. I will blame that financial planning course I took from Teresa and Joe.

  18. Tango

    Thanks for explaining I had no idea about the level thing. So if she gets two years can that also be reduced for good behavior, etc?

    • Nope the prize you buy is yours to keep, just like in Wheel of Fortune circa 1984. Time is time with the feds. BUT they can give time plus “supervised whatevia” which is the new term for parole…. maybe if they feel like it. seriously, I spent a shit ton of time today just to tell you, we will have to wait and see what happens…while smart bloggers were posting about Miley Cyrus or whatever else happened today that I have no idea about.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 8:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • At some point I just stopped saying THANK YOU. Because some asswipe will come along and tell me I am over inflating my comments… as if, you know, I am not allowed to comment.

      But I REALLY appreciate that you guys appreciated my work today. That’s really all anyone wants to hear after a long day of work. “You did a good job.” Thanks so much for that.

  19. KReality

    I knew there was a reason I wa waiting to hear from you about this…you are simply the best! Thank you for the update

  20. KReality

    I’m disappointed that out of 41 counts the prosecutors agreed to only 4 when they had enough concrete evidence to convict them on all. They didn’t even include bank fraud which is evident by the fake w-2, fake pay stubs, and HER signature on the loan application. I guess she wore them down and now her attorney is gonna wear the judge down.

  21. Great work TT and thank you.
    I looked up the Federal guidelines and my brain began spinning on that point system. WTG Lady, really.
    I understand why the Feds did a plea deal but it seems so minimal in what Tre actually did. Feds hate lying under oath and that charge is usually a biggie.

    That payment of $200,000 seems strange to be part of pre sentencing mostly because it wasn’t required for Joe.
    Everyday people that are caught not filing tax returns not only lose everything, they go to prison. Period!
    The Feds come in with tow trucks and moving vans. You pack a bag of personal cloths if they take the home.
    Everything is gone. A lawyer will get you the right to personal items, photos, keepsakes but that’s done with agents on site. I don’t understand why IRS agents have not “invaded” that property.

    • JoJo

      I think TT said this or alluded to it: even if the plea deal is accepted by the judge and it does seem lenient, what penalties those charges that they did plea guilty to are very hefty – 35 years +.
      The judge may very well accept the plea as far as to what charges, but ignore the prosecution/defendants deal in respect to the time recommended, including the restitution.
      After all, it’s very high profile and a lot of people are outraged at the leniency. The judge just might take that into account because of the controversy and possibly many letters from the public. Judges like to be re-elected..

      • 50 Tamara Tattles Tokens to JoJo!

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Correction. Federal judges are appointed not elected. I even knew better, it was late. This judge doesn’t have to worry abut public sentiment to stay on the bench ;(

    • Steph

      The Civil Forfeiture of Assets is a seperate case brought by the IRS that will most likely follow the plea acceptance and sentencing for Teresa and Juicy. Trust and believe there will be assets to surrender at some point. Much like the INS hold will follow the completion of his (Juicy) sentence.

      Federal parole went out in the 1980’s when the United States Sentencing Guidelines were enacted. So now federal convictions are sentenced using the “new law” which is the term for those sentenced under the current guidelines, as compared to the “old law” sentences which have parole. Federal sentences under the “new law” have the supervised release as ordered by the judge. For laymen supervised release functions like parole in that you must see your PO…etc. New law sentences require that 85% of the sentence is served, so there is “some good time” or time off for good behavior. Unlike the old law sentences where an inmate went before a parole board. I know it is confusing.

      • Thank Steph, I was curious why the IRS has not went visiting to the Guidice’s. I think TT said something similar but I must have skimmed over that.
        I want a semblance of fairness.

      • I assure you, even in my “look how redneck and cute I am dialect” have I ever said ANYONE EVER ” has not went visiting” anywhere. TWENTY TTTs and a Little, Brown Handbook.

        On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 12:30 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • We know too, because I explained all that several times in several posts. But this is the week of people explaining things to me that I thought I had previously enumerated quite well, so please, carry on, I am learning to form new neural pathways to accept this sort of behavior at GREAT expense to some of my readers paying for therapy and to just smile and nod when this sort of thing happens. How am I doing? Is this the right face for that? Because when it is, I am going to go back and chat with them like nothing happened because I really like those friends. Am I doing it right?

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 11:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        TT, I actually thought I had read you addressing this, and something to the effect that considering the fraud charges plead to, that the gov’t can now go ahead and proceed through civil forfeiture and asset recovery for the fines & restitution, irrespective of the IRS filing a separate case? And, can’t the gov’t agencies consolidate & get their pound of flesh & their IRS money in one fell swoop since they have the guilty pleas on record?

      • vivaladiva831

        ” How am I doing? Is this the right face for that?”

        I love Allie Brosch! I picked up her book on your recommendation, and the only other books that have made me laugh out loud, to the point of crying are books by David Sedaris and Laurie Notaro. I am now making my way through Allie’s blog. Sorry for the sidetrack, but just wanted to let you know you that I love her too and picked up on the reference in your comment.

    • Teresa

      Just some tidbits of information about famous people who didn’t want to pay their taxes.

      Wesley Snipes, the actor avoided paying income taxes to the tune of millions of dollars and he was convicted of three misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns and sentenced in 2008. He served a three-year sentence.

      Redd Foxx’s failure to pay $755,166.21 in back taxes, IRS agents raided his three-bedroom Las Vegas home, carting off cars and furniture and nearly everything else they could cram into their trucks.

      How is it that the Giudice’s still live in their mansion? Why was they allowed to keep their assets? How in the word is Teresa going to obtain $200,000 before she is sentenced?

      I wonder if her family (brother) has commented on their plea deal.

      • Katrina

        They took Redd Foxx’s things to sell, in order to pay his taxes. They did not take his home. It happended to Redd a couple of times. He ended up having to sell his beautiful diamond/gold necklace. He died broke. I’m not sure on the detail of Wesley Snipes, but I don’t think he paid his taxes, he just took the sentence. I don’t think he served 3 year.

      • vivaladiva831

        I believe they able to keep the mansion bc they owe more money on it than it is worth.

  22. Amazeballs!!

    Wow! Best blog ever! You really put a lot of time into this and it shows. Thank you, thank you!

  23. vivaladiva831

    This is fascinating! Thank you for posting this. And to everyone saying they are mad that the charges have been reduced, or Tre may only serve 2 years to Joe’s 5 or whatever he gets, I think 2 years is plenty. She is not a drug runner, a sexual predator, a murderer, etc. Two years in jail is A LOT. As someone who had to spend 48 hours on a reckless driving charge, 2 years is plenty bc there is nothing fun about jail. NOTHING. Not to mention the sheer embarrassment factorof having this play out on national tv. No one but my closest friends, not even my parents know about my little stint, and I definitely think Teresa has been humbled by this. And Joe too. I don’t care what they say in interviews, they are scared. But any time they get will be, in my opinion, sufficient. I don’t understand why people are so anxious to see them locked up and the key thrown away.

    • Gingersnap

      I don’t really care how much jail time she gets, as long as she gets SOME jail time. It’s only fitting that she experience the process and what happens when you lie, cheat, steal. Wake-Up 101.

    • vivaladiva831

      I just think Teresa should be sentenced to a few months and Joe do 3 years give or take. And Teresa could go on house arrest, parole, whatever. These are not people that will do this again, and they also have the means to pay it back. I know that sounds light, but think about house arrest with 4 children lol-house arrest for anyone, would still majorly suck. A huge difference between not wanting to leave and being told you can’t leave. And what would benefit their children from all these years? Who wants them to go to the Gorgas? Or Tre’s elderly parents? Split up into foster care? Nobody wants to see that happen. I hope she gets the family/dependents break. Yes she should have thought about that, but believe me she is thinking it now.

      • It really doesn’t matter if they put all the unfortunate churren in a blender and feed them to stray cats. It just doesn’t. Having a passel if offspring doesn’t make stealing legal. Or make you immune from prosecution. They are thieves. They have admitted they are thieves. Just because they are white (yes I went there) or Orange, or MORE IMPORTANTLY on TV with some wide eyed churren, doesn’t mean they don’t need to put on an orange jump suit and do the time.

        On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 12:53 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • O.O

        Why are you so sure that they won’t do it again ? How many times has juicy been stopped for driving infractions after the whole driving drunk and the taking of his brothers license ? Quite a few . This guy isn’t too smart.

      • There are millions of mothers (and fathers) locked up, having kids doesn’t give anyone a free pass to commit crimes.

      • vivaladiva831

        O.O>I am positive she and Juicy will never do it again, even if they wanted to. Do you think after national attention everywhere from radaronline to Tamara tattles to cnn has covered this-there isn’t a bank that exists that will give them a loan now without extensive and exhaustive background checking and qualifying.

    • 10 TTT for sharing with the group, and I see your point. I had a dream this morning that I was still teaching high school (okay, yes it was a nightmare) and I was trying to help the good gang bangers in a brief incident where the cops came after us all and just as I woke up I thought,, “FUCK, I changed my mind, I lied about wanting to go to jail for some noble cause on my bucket list, I worked really hard to stay out of trouble!” Then I woke up.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • vivaladiva831

        I am really not trying to imply that having kids gives anyone a free pass to break the law. But I still feel that Teresa can serve a few months then go home to house arrest or parole. Please don’t ask me to explain, for some strange reason i have always liked Teresa. I guess it’s the same strange reason I like Kim. I’m sorry, don’t judge me!!!! ☺️

      • vivaladiva831 I get where you’re coming from. From what we see and read, it does seem like both Kim and Tre are caring moms – perhaps they don’t always do what’s in the best interest of their kids, but they do seem to care deeply. I think that’s what tugs at our heart-strings.

        For as much as Tre cares about her kids, I wish she had spent more time thinking about what could happen to those kids if she went behind bars instead of spending the ill-gotten $$$$. The kids will miss her terribly, there is a very old saying told to every new parent from another culture – my awkward translation: “May they grow up with both parents by their side” – not in a mansion, not with designer duds, but with their parents. No one loves a child as much as a parent, and the love of a mother is hard to match.

    • I think there are 11 million reasons (all $) why people want to see them locked up.

      • I work pretty hard to keep facts here.. so if you could not allude to figures from other sites that would be great. Maybe true, maybe note…know what I mean? Don’t make me have to say which.

        On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 6:48 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • TT, in 2009 they filed for bankruptcy with $11 million stated as their liabilities, you mention it on a blog post SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 · 3:19 PM. It’s not a figure from another site (although I’m sure it exists on other sites as well), I think at this point it’s in the national consciousness.

    • Tango

      I agree vivaladiva. Two years is plenty for non-violent crimes. Plus it isn’t like she can get out and start getting loans again.. You know she is freaking out. She tries to play strong but she has to have ulcers. I still have pity for people in dire straits no matter what they did, if it wasn’t violent of course. We all make bad decisions and we can all sometimes get caught up in things not realizing what we are doing.

      • vivaladiva831

        Good to know I am not alone here!

      • lori

        Note, you’re not alone.

      • JoJo

        tango & vivaladiva: I will say this. In these 2 people’s world, & living it in front of the rest of the world (by choice) that if they get 2-4 years respectively, it would be seem to them like triple that amount of time as opposed to normal people. Normal people as in those smart enough to stay off reality TV and not commit crimes let alone commit them and then go on TV and keep it up. If that makes sense.

  24. Viva, I appreciate your insight and your thoughts. However, my thoughts come from dealing with the IRS on several occasions, one of those times a very big deal.
    We were hit with 1,750,000 tax lien and all our sub contractors were sent paperwork. All assets, professionally and personal were frozen. It was extremely embarrassing. Everyone knew.
    With great accounting firm seven days later the liens were lifted and we owed 37,000., about 17,000 owed, 20,000 in penalties. Yes, that big of a difference. We were innocent and that’s all they could find.
    Our was a booking error and we were really treated horribly.
    I want to see financial justice. It’s not fair that “everyday people” are held accountable and others not so much.

    As to Tre serving time, I’ve been riding the fence. Yes I absolutely want her to at least spend spend a little time there because it is fair. As to how much, I don’t know.
    Embezzlers get time, as do thieves, lying to the court is a biggie. There has to be fairness in our justice system, which doesn’t happen often enough.
    I agree that Tre serving years would not be beneficial, she’s not a threat to the public but she has earned those years.

    • vivaladiva831

      I appreciate what you have said as well. I know it isn’t fair or maybe not even justice what I said above, it’s just my own personal feelings. But you know, I also have to mention it is so nice to have a civil discussion and simply agree to disagree! Thank you for that.

      • We do disagree, if Tre doesn’t serve a couple years or close to that I think Tre will “spin” this into a win for herself.
        Tre knew she was lying, she signed the document about her employment and wages then lied to the court. Those are big!

  25. Kitty Mamma

    Happy Fat Tuesday to TT and to All! Sigh. 40 days of being good. Really, I love Easter.

  26. Hoping the best for Teresa! #TreHugger

    • I bet you just Love, Love., Love smiling at the bank official you lie to as well. I’m sure she will Love, love love her way through prison too! A pretty great role model!

      On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 2:49 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • LOL you’re such a mean girl, TT, but it’s true… Tre isn’t known for her smarts (I think she’s smart enough to HIRE smart people though), but she couldn’t dumb herself down enough to get out of this one… I feel bad for children who have career criminals like this for parents!

      • But I’m just going to LOVE LOVE LOVE what she does with her jump suits. I’m imagining some form of animal print.

    • Hey, my name is Gia, and my mom just pled down her 41 counts to FOUR! She’s probably only going to do a couple years instead of dying in the federal prison system long after I have forgotten her! YAY! I have a great mom!

      • JessicaT

        This is the thing that gets me. For her to say or try to say “but I’m a mommy” really rubs me the wrong way. They sure were not thinking about being good parents when they were committing all of these crimes. They have plenty of family that will help out with their children. I have no sympathy for either of them. They knew good and well what they were doing. At no time were they thinking about their girls and the possible consequences that could come if caught. But then I think they thought they would never get caught. Great breakdown of the plea deals TT.

  27. jrleaguer

    Awesome post and explanation. I wonder if Joe and Teresa will get sentences along the lines of Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife? Their sentences were a joke compared to what the rest of us mere mortals would receive. I am sure that these two will get what basically amounts to a slap on the wrist.
    While I feel sorry for all of the kids involved, they should have thought about that while they were gilding the lily.

  28. Thank-you for explaining this complex legal stuff to us TT, I’m sure your eyes are tired of reading and your finger tips hurt from typing, but I sure appreciate the insight. I never knew about the point system. You were the one saying the Feds don’t make charges unless they know they’ll stick, looks like we’ve got a few stuck to the pot!

    I’m sure Tre will milk the whole “dumb wife” and “who will take care of the children” bit as long as she can – I can already see the cover stories in the tabloids she’ll be paid for, although I’ll be happy that Uncle Sam will get that $$.

  29. bella

    Tamara, I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and I’m thoroughly enjoying your posts! I do have a question: Do you have any idea what type of prison Teresa and Joe will be sent to?

  30. kat

    TT I was looking to see if you did a blog about Andy “stepping down” as a producer at BRAVO and starting his own production company. I thought that was suspect. That leads me to think Teresa and NeNe are on their way out of the door. With Andy no longer working as a Producer at Bravo, its likely that the powers that be at NBC may decide to let some of these housewives franchises go (just my thoughts) considering all of the legal issues and divorces that have arised from it. Its funny how it happened a few months following the decision to rehire Teresa to film another season despite the charges and also after Apollo got arrested in September.

  31. Justices for U.S.

    What is the sentencing judge’s name and what court does he reside (address)? He needs a letter explaining how, regardless of children, this person (Tre) flaunted the legal system and in fact showed up with a multi thousand dollar bag gained from these initial illegal actions by her and her husband. Throw the book at her!!!

  32. Pam

    You’ve come a long way, baby. Scrolling though my phone the other day and saw your number. Thought about calling you but knowing we both are averse to talking to people in real life I quickly aborted the thought. Just wanted to congratulate you on your success here. And happy as a pig in shit that Teresa and her horrible hairline may have to spend time in prison and will have to sit her ass and shit on a used stainless steel toilet.

  33. Jennifer

    First time commenter…so appreciate the analysis!! I have to say, what pisses me off the most is that neither of them are sorry. You know they aren’t. Given the chance, I think they will do it again. They think they are entitled to their ridiculous mansion and ugly clothes and plastic surgery and I’m not sure even prison will make them stop. That’s what pisses me off about their plea bargain. I think people like them need the book thrown at them.

  34. Linda

    I don’t think Apollo did half as much stealing as Teresa did, but they are going to bury him under the jail. This is still a tale of two cities. This is why America is broke. If she did the crime, she should do the time.

    • Well, Apollo is a convicted felon who chose to continue his life of crime. And I think ID theft might trump the fraud the Giudices perpetuated.

      • vivaladiva831


      • lori

        Identity theft is the worst. Bottom of the barrel scum. They RUIN innocent people’s lives. My own family member, retired, living on pension, recently (two weeks ago) found out that some of the employees at one of her banks was in a ring of 100 or so people involved in identity theft. The bank employees role was that they supplied ALL of the customers info, and I mean EVERYTHING to the people who do the other part to steal their identities and rob them blind. So basically the bank sent a letter informing her that she is one of the people who’s info they gave out. What she had been going through the past couple of weeks to try and protect herself is unbelievable. In addition, of course, it is costing her money with accountants and lawyers, etc. She has had to change ALL of her accounts, direct deposits, and so much more than I can even tell you. She is having full blown anxiety attacks and will now, for the rest of her life, live in fear knowing that these criminals will forever have her info. It’s terrifying and it makes me sicker than sick. I was wondering if there is any way that this could have anything to do with the Appollo situation. It’s an ongoing investigation at this time. Regardless, now that it’s hit so close to home, it makes me absolutely despise him and phaedra too, because I am more than sure that she is involved, if not the mastermind of Appollo’s crimes. Like I said… Bottom of the barrel scum trash.

  35. ri red

    TT, as always, thanks for the fabulous post …your explanations are great. I notice RT even gave you a great mention directing their readers over to your sight! Hope you had a terrific Fat Tuesday and may many tips fall your way!

  36. lilk

    I hope Tre gets jail time not home confinement.
    and honeslty I think it shouldnt be staggered.
    She knew she was a mom everytime she lied about her job and got another loan falsely.
    Her parents or mel/jo gorga could raise the 4 guidice girls.

  37. Wow, the time you invest for we readers is just awesome. I am ditto-ing with everything else has said. You are really awesome. <3

  38. Jarlath

    That’s disappointing that she might end up serving less than two years in prison.

  39. Can you guys explain the whole restitution when they don’t have the money to pay it? How does that work? Can they declare bankruptcy and get it all wiped? Are they never going to be able to have money and own things again until they pay it off? how does that work? I still see them living very luxuriously in a nice house with very nice stuff….

  40. Patti R.

    TT ,

    Awesome Tamara on finding Teresa’s “plea deal” information and putting it all together. And, letting us all know as to what may or may not happen! You ARE ….. F…A…N…T…A…S…T…I…C…!!!!

  41. judymac

    Don’t they have an accountant or H.&R. Block or something?
    Why did their lawyers submit perjorious statements?
    Surely they had some idea that lying to feds is a no-no!?!!?

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