Teresa and Joe Giudice Enter Guilty Pleas To Federal Fraud Charges

Bagel head Tre

No Bagel Head For Tre Today. :(

NEW UPDATE: Joe Giudice’s attorneys claim that Joe never knew he was not a US Citizen because he came here as a baby. This is interesting for so many reasons. Didn’t Juicy go to Italy when the RHONJ took that trip?  He would need a passport for that.  So many interesting things about this possible deportation thing do not add up. In my extensive research reading legal sites that represent people being threatened with deportation, one thing I read was if you don’t already have a green card, but are here legally,  in some situations it can be a benefit.  It had something to do with going through the green card application process after the fact. If Joe has been here since he was a baby,  I think that would help his deportation chances.  This whole “I thought I was a citizen” thing is weird to me.

The other thing I just saw on HLN is they listed the charges they pled to as  CONSPIRACY to commit fraud, etc, etc, which I don’t think are considered aggravated felonies by the immigration folks. That sounds to me like his attorneys setting him up to potentially avoid deportation. Then again, there was the alleged statement from the judge warning him he could face deportation….I should probably stop worrying about it because he either will or won’t be deported in five years or so, and by then none of us will even remember these people.

UPDATE: Teresa Giudice has made a statement through her attorney today as follows:

“Today, I took responsibility for a series of mistakes I made several years ago. I have said throughout that I respect the legal process and thus I intend to address the Court directly at sentencing. I will describe the choices I made, continue to take responsibility for my decisions, and express my remorse to Judge Salas and the public. I am heartbroken that this is affecting my family—especially my four young daughters, who mean more to me than anything in the world. Beyond this, I do not intend to speak specifically about the case outside of court, at the recommendation of my attorney and out of deference to the Government and our legal system.”

Joe’s attorney continues his silence as of this update.

The couple will both receive their sentencing on July 8th.  Teresa’s lawyer has allegedly reserved the right to ask for a sentence below the mandatory minimums based on her “minimal involvement” and her role as a mother. I have not seen her attorney actually speak to that claim anywhere. Also, one source (I have no idea which at this point) said that the Judge stated that based on Joe’s plea he will, “Likely be deported…” This seems logical since the charges he pled guilty to, “fraud” is considered an aggravated felony under the laws of immigration courts. That said, the immigration court would solely determine whether Joe would considered for deportation after his term is served.

In a fashion note, I previously stated that Tre was in black, however her coat was actually purple with a gray suit underneath. Also, sadly, Teresa did not wear the traditional bagel on her head today, as is common courtroom styling for housewives in the courtroom.

Joe and Teresa pled guilty

Joe and Teresa enter court March 4, 2014

Teresa and Joe Giudice both pled guilty this morning to  nine counts including bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud and wire fraud, and failing to pay taxes. Under federal guidelines, Joe Giudice faces a potential sentence of 37 to 46 months and Teresa Giudice could get 21 to 27 months according to the first AP reports.

The pair both appeared very solemn both wearing black from head to toe. They stood during the entire hearing and each remained silent throughout other than to quietly reply, “Yes, Your Honor” while each of the charges were read.

I am still trying to figure out exactly what the plea agreement entails and exactly what nine charges each of them pled to individually. As I previously reported, the exact charges that Joe pleaded guilty to, and the exact particulars of the plea deal will determine whether or not Joe faces deportment in addition to his prison time. If the prosecutors and Joe’s defense attorney reached a deal where the charges will not be classified as an aggravated felony on his record, Joe could avoid deportation assuming he has green card that is valid. The terms of the plea deal are crucial in relation to Joe remaining a legal immigrant.

I will update the story as I know more. But, at this point it appears both Teresa and Joe are going to do time. For a breakdown on the charges you can refresh your memory here.


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73 responses to “Teresa and Joe Giudice Enter Guilty Pleas To Federal Fraud Charges

  1. Hey TT: Thanks for this update. When do you think the actual charges included in the deal will become public knowledge?

  2. Gingersnap

    I’ll bet Joe and Teresa were solemn because this shit is getting REAL. Time to pay the piper.

  3. Mari Anne Souza

    T – thank you for this info.

  4. Erika

    No more fabullinis, fabulosity for Tre!
    She tought living in a used house was skivvy wait until she is in a cell with big bertha.
    Tre in jail, now that is a show that Andy needs to make happen

  5. TT: Great job on this update.
    Per Teresa’s statement: “I have said throughout that I respect the legal process and thus I intend to address the Court directly at sentencing. I will describe the choices I made, continue to take responsibility for my decisions, and express my remorse to Judge Salas and the public”. I’ve obviously been away (perhaps on Planet Delusional) because I have never perceived anthing Teresa has said or done (in the media, of course) to align with this statement. Guess that PR team will be working overtime to spin some new fairy tales in the media.

    • Gingersnap

      Teresa, the gig is up. You’re busted, you’ve shown no remorse and taken no responsibility for your choices. The only reason you’re sorry is because you got caught, enough of your spin and bullshit. I daresay, Teresa could be in the clink and come out 20 years later and still be full of shit. Might as well save the taxpayer money and do a lobotomy now. GAWD.

  6. Chris

    Why the hell would you put that picture of Teresa on here? Very immature.

    • Hi! You must be new. Please take a seat.

      • Chris

        Trying to be top dog again, it’s not working girlie

      • Chris

        Do you always try to demean people if their comments don’t jive with your own?

      • Pretty much yeah, because you see, shithead, there is a difference between “having a difference of opinion” and spending all day on my site telling me I am “doing it wrong” Excuse me while I file this redacted portion of your email here just to remind myself who you are… I am old and forget things. koXXXX@aol.com . Thanks, Kojack!

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • medicated fan

        I LOVE that picture. Smile every time I see it. It pretty much says it all.

      • medicated fan

        TT-you will always be top dog in my book. Woof.

      • JoJo

        Isn’t the person who filters through masses of pop culture items, decides what would interest their readers, researches the shit out of what is blogged, and created the blog to begin with be called ‘the top dog’??? (And as kindly as Chris was asked to sit, WTF would Chris F things up for the rest of us? 😉

      • Chris

        Wow, such venom from a simple question…I’m sure there are pics of yourself that you wouldn’t want on here, take a chill pill and relax

    • aw, i think it’s funny. she has a goofy look on her face, and her hair looks like a mushroom cloud so it sorta jibes w the whole situation blowing up around teresa. to me it’s perfectly placed in this blog…

  7. I just wrote a check to Uncle sam for 1,329. for my 2013 taxes, not to mention what they took out….. Small change yes, but to me a huge deal…I hope they put these two behind bars and throw away the key.

    • That’s what gets me with shit like this. If I miss $10 on my taxes I’ll have the IRS up my ass but there are constantly stories out there about celebrities not paying for YEARS and then getting a deal where they pay half of what they owed. Where the fuck is my discount?

      And don’t even get me started on white vs blue collar crime. If people steal enough from Walmart they’ll land in jail but Teresa steals millions and gets fucking probation.

    • Lisa

      If people would pay their taxes our national debt would go down significantly. With all the other charges for fraud I hope they get the maximum. Their only regret is they got caught.

    • Mina

      My ex husband used to do our taxes, I just worked my ass off all the time, and he handled the money. Years after our divorce, the IRS let me know that he didn’t pay taxes for 4 years! With all the interest and fines, I had to pay 44K. Cleaned out my 401K. I had no idea where himself was, and the IRS didn’t care. I would like to hit him with a brick. In the face. And then go get ice cream. I will never retire. Bottom line I have no patience for tax cheaters like Tre and Joe. Justice needs to happen.

  8. Hi TT,
    I really feel bad for their daughters, especially with Teresa’s father being ill.

  9. ep

    Is there any info on how they finally got caught…like an audit or someone turned them in?

  10. cherry

    I feel bad for thier children! I wonder will they be allowed to serve at different times so that one parent can be with the children at all times. The theres the cheating that Tre will worry herself sick about while she serves time because Joe cant keep his hands to himself while she is free! Thanks for the post TT!

  11. Hmmm, let’s see. Sentencing is in July…I wonder if Tre will get knocked up before then.

  12. JoJo

    When I woke up here on West Coast, it was lead story on a local news affiliate, which kind of amazed me (it’s an ABC affiliate so maybe ABC follows this story more closely than others). Then of course had to check here. Thanks for the detail update, again!

  13. Sarah

    “I am heartbroken that this is affecting my family—especially my four young daughters, who mean more to me than anything in the world.” Teresa didn’t give 2 shits about “her 4 young daughters” when she was committing these crimes so how dare she use them for sympathy now. She’s disgusting. Hope the 4 girls have to wear hair bows from Family Dollar :)

  14. no traditional bagel head? i feel cheated!
    thanks for keeping on top of this.
    ugh — 9 counts. i’m sure the feds tacked some on originally for the plea deal, but still i’ve been hoping for some serious time for these scumbags.

  15. peachteachr

    There are a lot fewer Teresa supporters on these posts than I expected.

  16. Ashley

    We have to wait until July 8 th to see what kind of sentence they will get.

    • I doubt we will see it then. These things ALWAYS get rescheduled a billion times. The judge has to read a pre sentencing report that both sides submit. The FEDS always want to add more things to consider and the defendants like to stall as long as possible, obviously.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Can the feds seize any assets prior to sentencing?

      • Buck Henry

        Yes the feds can, they will start seizing assets for the 11 million they are in debt for. Also if they gave stuff to people and family member to hold or have, the govt. can take that too and/or the monetary value from the person.

      • Buck, my love, please stating facts not in evidence… your numbers are not from court documents. Minus 5 TT tokens. :)

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 5:53 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  17. JoJo

    I’m a little surprised about the possibility of Joe’s deportation, since I too thought the gov’t is not that big on immigration laws. But I just can’t imagine that Teresa will take her teen and pre-teen girls and move to Italy in 4 years!!

    • I love this blog.

      Its “funny”. The USA government . Aren’t big on enforcing immigration laws. But once it comes to things . Being done while having a permanent residency card. They waste no time. In revoking it. Or having you shipped back to your country . Especially when it comes to committing fraud. Or being tied to drug trafficking.

      They get hot headed at port of entry . When it come to those “Green cards”. Years ago immigration officers used to cut them up, infront of you. And send you back to your country.

      If you live out of the USA . On a “Green card”. And don’t pay taxes . Once you try to re enter America. They will know these stuff, (failure to pay taxes) question you down on it. And will deny you entry.

      Even though you have a “Green Card”. It’s never a guaranteed entry into the USA .Because it is up to the Immigration Officer. To determine if he/she feels. You can re enter or not.

      • As the story goes Joe has been traveling as an EYE talian and just assuming he was an Amerikan like the rest of us…

        I AM JUST REPORTING the story!

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:14 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Of all the things these Giudices have done, not even all the crimes between 2001-2011, but since starring on RHONJ, I just can’t wrap my mind around Joe not taking care of his immigration status. Especially the inanity of travelling as an Italian on an Italian passport and THINKING he was American? One wouldn’t think he would be capable of carrying on a fraud conspiracy for 10 years + besides file for bankruptcy and being arrested for DUI, fake ID etc. while on the show, and not freakin’ know this.

  18. Riley

    Considering the story of these two thieves , how many laws they’ve broken, how much money they have stolen, how shamefully they have both behaved in their personal lives as well as professional lives, the vows that have been broken in their marriage, the ways they have treated family and friends and most importantly the way they have let down their
    children….some idiot tells Tamara how immature she is for posting a less than flattering photo of Tersea.
    It takes all kinds.

    • I was LAMENTING THE LACK OF BAGEL HEAD, DAMMIT! I love a good bagel head in court. Not a Sheree Whitfield bagel head, because hers was just dreadful, but Tre gives fantastic bagel head! :)

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:01 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. NYNY

    I worked on RHNJ a couple of seasons ago – they were trash then and they are trash now. They deserve everything they get and more. Teresa and Joe are not only moronic, but they are racist and homophobic as well. Watching seasons later on (and I know how the sausage is made, trust me) I was thrilled to see everyone gang up on her and finally speak the truth about these criminals.

  20. Riley

    Atta girl ….and we love
    you for it.

  21. Beverly

    Maybe I’ve missed it but are there any comments about restitution? Will they have to sell their house? How can people like this keep living this lifestyle? If it were me, I’d be homeless.

    • Kitty Mamma

      Just guessing, but they probably owe more on their home than it’s worth. They haven’t been in it very long, so there probably isn’t any equity in it. Just a hunch, it will go back to the bank or auctioned. I would be very surprised if they return to a life that they are currently accustomed any time soon. This should be a very humbling experience.

    • Restitution is part of sentencing…. we will get there. HOWEVER the IRS is displeased so some assets are being frozen…. based on the guilty plea.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:55 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • MTQ

        Actually…..IRS is proactive, liens were placed on all assets once a determination was made that there was possible fraud/liability. Any monies recieved after the lien (assessment date) is automatically frozen. Once it is determined what is owed, accounts will be levied and property seized.

  22. lilkunta

    TT how are the guidices affording their lawyers ?
    where did they get $200,000 for tre to pay back immediately?

  23. ericzku

    You’re right, Tamara…there is no way in hell Joe could have travelled internationally and not have known his citizenship status. I don’t think “I thought I had an Italian passport because I was going to Italy” is going to fly as an excuse. Hopefully, this is yet another lie they will catch him in, and that the judge will consider when determining his sentence.

    • That is too funny – I thought I had an Italian passport because I was going to Italy!! Or because I make Italian sausages. We could probably come up with a milion of those. :-)

  24. They should have know better

  25. I love this blog.

    There is one problem with Joe claim.
    Since he migrated to the USA . As a baby. That would require him, to renew his “permanent residency card” every 10 years.

    Since he is not a USA citizen. Once it expires. He is automatically forced to renew it.

    Once he reaches any USA point of entry. It would require him, to show his Permanent Resident card/Green Card. To immigration officials.

    His passport is an EU/Italian passport. So don’t know. How he could possibly not know. He isn’t an American citizen.


    • As I understand the story, he came here as a baby on an Italian passport. (yes babies have passports) and just kept renewing that but assuming he was a US citizen because his parents were/are, It almost makes sense, especially if you have the IQ of Joe Giudice….

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:50 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  26. Ellis Scarlett

    Did you see any mention if them having to pay restitution?

    • Yes, the restitution part is generally the most difficult. They are both guilty as sin and have left a huge paper trail. When it comes to restitution is when things get VERY ugly. If you watch Mob Wives (lol at using this as a legal example, but I am after all a pretend Internet lawyer) Alicia’s sentencing keeps getting pushed because when she got cast on Mob Wives the FEDS wanted that pay check as part of her restitution. So you can expect Tre to stop with her smile, smile, smile public events not because she got convicted but because she probably is unable to profit from them. The FEDS have an admission of guilt now and everything and I MEAN EVERYTHING is about to change…

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  27. Katrina

    If Joe Guidice was a baby and his parents became citizens, then he may be a citizen and not know it. If he went through public school, they had to have shown something at the time. Maybe his whole italian existence was made up. Now children have to get social security numbers, but back then, people did not have those things. If Joe has to pay the IRS, then he must have some type of social security number? Maybe thiss is why there is so much confusion.

  28. My delusions of grandeur continue. Today I am a federal judge handing down the sentence.
    12 months for Teresa (beginning in August) – I don’t care where, just as long as it’s one of those places where you have to strip, squat, and cough prior to having visitors.
    24 months for Joe to begin upon Teresa’s release. However, he has to be on monitored house arrest during Teresa’s incarceration.
    No social media for Teresa, Joe, or their children for a period of 3 years.
    Bravo has to cut all scenes from the upcoming RHONJ season that include Teresa and Joe. Her paycheck should go directly to make restitution (but can’t be used for the $200,000 due at sentencing)
    Divesture of fabellini, immediately (convicted felons shouldn’t promote or endorse alcohol – IMHO)
    Banishment for life from any Bravo TV show or any reality TV show.
    Andy Cohen cannot visit Teresa in prison.
    The Giudice girls cannot wear matching outfits or hair bows when they visit Mom or Dad in prison.
    Neither one can profit in any way from their crimes or incarceration (e.g. no cooking in prison related cookbooks).

  29. One other thing. They need to spare us from a PR/media blitz over the next few months trying to convince us that they are upstanding folk who deserve the court’s favor. Fire the PR/image rep and use that money for restitution.

  30. Mar

    A lot of hate / passion in your blog TT. Very interesting…. I wonder what will happen if TG gets more famous after all this. After all famous is power in USA.

  31. DeeDee

    Once Tre and Joe have finished all probation and sentencing and they have not paid all the restitution, then what happens if they deport Joe? Can our court system continue to collect any earnings etc. from Joe in Italy? Does the court continue to attempt to collect any earnings from Tre as well?

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