How Long Before Nene Leakes Quits Dancing With The Stars?

Nene wants to do Nene

UPDATE: I just wanted to clear something up that I am clearing up now while sifting through the day’s comments. I do not think Nene is lazy AT ALL. I think she has been one of the best hustlers of “her brand” on any housewives show. This is another example of her people hustling for her… she is great at HUSTLING GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.  She is even better at fucking them up.  She is also a quitter when things get tough. And DWTS is fucking HARD.  Like BOOT CAMP hard. Nene does not have that level of physical endurance. This will be the death of her career. It’s like me saying I am going to sign up for Navy Seal BUD/S training to defend you all from evil.  She’s going to ring out. That’s all I am saying.

We’ve heard the rumors, likely leaked by Nene herself, that Nene is going to be on Dancing With The Stars, and this morning my email inbox was full of readers of lamenting the official announcement. I for one am thrilled that Nene has been asked to be on DWTS!  This is the best career ending move we could have hoped for, y’all!  Now we just need to start a pool to see how long she hangs in there before she “drops out for medical reasons!”

I think the current record is one week of practice and never even appearing on the show, held by Vincent Pastore of the Sopranos. Vincent just copped to it being to tough within the first week of rehearsals and never saw a single episode. Will Nene Leakes make it farther than Vincent Pastore?

Well, let’s see how Nene performs under difficult filming circumstances. As Dr. Phil says, “Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.”

Nene Doesn't want to

Here is what Nene had to say for herself after the episode of The Celebrity Apprentice aired where she walked off the show with nary a word to anyone leaving her entire team in the lurch.

“I feel if you are raising money for your charity, you don’t have to be backstabbing, lying and manipulative. I know it’s a show, but we are playing for charity. Had I stayed any longer, it wouldn’t have been good for me, women of domestic abuse, our slogan is if the situation isn’t good, you get out. I chose to leave. Simple as that. I feel like, had I stayed, it would have been criticism, had I left it would have been criticism. so I’m the kind of person, I make my own decisions and I do what I feel. if I feel in my gut that I’m doing the right thing, I do what I feel. I don’t really worry about what anybody else has to say. So I did what I felt I needed to do at the time and I don’t regret it.”

“It was an okay experience. I was going through a lot on the show. I was going through a divorce. I just wasn’t in the place where i needed to be — stay on that show. We had 16-hour days. The days were long, the challenges were hard. You had to be thinking. We had very little sleep. I don’t regret anything that I did on the show. I really don’t regret. To answer your question about Star, I don’t think it was anger. I was very disappointed because we were forming a relationship outside of the show. We would have dinner and drinks and we double dated with my husband and her boyfriend. Then I found out she was being very backstabbing. it was disappointing to me. I’m very loyal and I don’t like it when I come in contact with people who are not loyal.” [Source: Today Show]

Wait, so was she going through a divorce or were she and Gregg double dating with Star and her boyfriend?  Anyway, making that TRUMP CHECK (Which is a $16,000 stipend to cover the expenses of the person competing for charity, NOT a paycheck) was too hard for the Neenster.  No regrets! She is a domestic violence survivor! Starr Jones backstabbed her!

Nene Blood Clots But worse than that, Donald Trump had the nerve to take Nene out of her comfort zone!  No! Why would Trump do that?  Nene told Access Hollywood   at the time,  “Star was absolutely being manipulative and backstabbing and all those things,  but the final straw for me was when Mr. Trump decided to switch me, take me out  of my comfort zone to accommodate Star.”

So Nene allegedly quit the show without saying a word to production just before the dreaded boardroom meeting with her very good friend Donald Trump, taking her full stipend with her.  That of course did not keep The Donald from firing her. In the boardroom that Nene ran away from, he said, “The fact is she left, she quit, she gave up. To you, NeNe, I say, you’re fired.  And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or  not.”

Perhaps it is time to revisit one of my favorite excerpts of a book by Penn Jillette, because I think he is one of the smartest people around, and because he has been on both DWTS and Celebrity Apprentice. He has nothing kind to say about either experience.

“The secret truth of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is that it isn’t very hard. The tasks are nothing. Makeup starts just after 5 a.m. and the show goes to about 10 p.m., but you spend most of that time doing nothing. Anyone who isn’t in show business could accomplish everything the show called for and have time left over to do their laundry, cook their supper and post pictures of their animal companion on Facebook.”

“Like all desperate celebrities, I’ve been on more than one reality show. I also did “Dancing with the Stars.” I was amazed to find out that “The Celebrity Apprentice” was more honest and straightforward than “DWTS.” The idea of “DWTS” is pretty beautiful: half-assed show folk who aren’t dancers are teamed up with great dancers, and cameras video them while they learn to dance. How well can people learn to do something outside their ken? It’s a beautiful idea. Dance is a joyous celebration of humanity, so it should be an uplifting, inspiring show to watch and even more beautiful to be on.”

“But I hated the time that was spent with the production trying to get young ambitious Mormon women to cry. Guys behind the cameras would say mean things at attractive young men and women and washed-up celebrities about how it would ruin their lives if they didn’t win.”

Oh noes! DWTS is not going to coddle Nene? They are going to push her out of her comfort zone, make her exercise for six hours a day AND they are going to say mean things to her while she is under pressure to get a reaction? Today, Wendy Williams said two interesting things about Nene being on DWTS. First she said Tony is all business and doesn’t want to be social with his partners. Secondly, she said this season, the “stars” will at some point change partners. We all saw on The Celebrity Apprentice has well Nene responds when production shakes up the teams. I doubt she will make it until that part, but let’s all be sure to vote for her to stay as long as possible!

I predict that Nene will have a blood clot flare up that requires hospitalization VERY early on. I have said all along that I didn’t think DWTS would be dumb enough to cast her.  But clearly, they plan to exploit and humiliate  Nene to the fullest just as Bravo and Ryan Murphy have in the past. I predict this will be the end of the line for Nene. It’s only a matter of time…


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  1. The Real Deal

    Instead of placing bets on when she would quit, how about just saying congratulations and keeping it moving……if she does quit or does something outrageous on DWTS then it would be justifyable to talk about her that way…….until then its just petty……The post might as well have read….Another opportunity to bash Nene thread”…….oh I forgot it wasn’t Miss Gone with the Wind that was asked to be on the show……

    • I would like to place bets on whether you are NeNe or Greg in disguise. :-)

      • The Real Deal

        I’m neither one…..I just don’t understand the constant Nene bashing….and this time for what? What has she done? Absolutely nothing except get inviting to be on a show.

      • I think I listed her relevant behavior to this casting pretty clearly. I could have listed all of her many RHOA temper tantrums including her most recent where she threw a bottle of water at a producer (ALLEGEDLY), but I would have been exhausted had I used RHOA examples. If these are not enough examples of “what she has done” You can do a complete search here or just google her.

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Buck Henry

        Nene has anger issues and this is a good career ending move. Meaning that she will be made fun of (bet she doesn’t make it to the first dance) and then she will have medical problem.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Well, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck…………………………

    • It’s not petty. It’s TT OPINION. Maybe you didn’t read her last post about people telling her what she should be saying etc. Then again, being the queen of …… you probably don’t understand the way a blog works.

      • The Real Deal

        I understand its her bog….and she has every rightto do and say what she wants…….my only point is why not just call a spade a spade and just title post “Daily/weekly etc Nene bash session” because thatwhat the posts about her are……This woman couldn’t get a break to save her life…….If she says something she is wrong….If she doesn’t say something she is wrong…..If she walks away she is wrong…..basically if she breathes she is wrong……

      • I think Nene is serious about her money and will do well.

      • This woman has had COUNTLESS “breaks” and just got another huge one. I predict she will blow it. Because that is what I do here on my blog. I give my opinion of current pop culture. I don’t need any help deciding on post titles. Thanks Anyway, but I think I am pretty good at it.

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I agree! How about congratulating her for keeping her hustle on!

      • Mia

        Why should anyone congratulate a woman who doesn’t have a positive bone in her body unless it’s about her?
        Nene has done nothing to inspire others to cheer her on. I think you need to save your Hayley Mills PollyAnna act for a more deserving person.

    • pfffttt

      Rumor has it that Kenya is going to be on Celebrity Apprentice. I’ll watch that, seeing Nene dance in a skimpy outfit??? naah I’ll pass.

      • pfffttt

        The Real Deal, shut up and go start your own blog.

      • Skeeter

        Ok now you’ve blinded me! I was trying not to think about that! LMAO! I just may have to tune in to DWTS this season. I watched the very first season and haven’t tuned in since but Nene in sequins being lifted over some poor unsuspecting bastard’s head is a priceless visual. I hope her partner works out – A LOT! She’ll glide gracefully across the dance floor, like a humpback whale.

      • sassydahl

        Rumor also has it that D’banj (I’m sure the spelling is wrong), but Kenya’s boyfriend aka prince is being paid to appear on RHOA reunion. Several Nigerian and African blogs have reported extensively on his relationship and subsequent engagement to Genevieve the movie star, and beautiful African woman. So rumors are like TT’s opinions.

    • She was “asked to be on the show”? Lol. Yeah. She and bravo campaigned and BEGGED for her to be on the show. Don’t dorget that 99% of the world has no idea who she is. She is unimportant and frankly not all that interesting comparatively.

    • Emily

      Well now that would be a stupid blog, wouldn’t it? ‘Congratulations! Keeping it moving! The end.’

    • Skeeter

      Where’s that list of rules at that TT posted? I believe you are in violation of a few. Why shouldn’t we bash Nene? She’s bashed everyone! Moving on….PLONK!

    • sassydahl

      Thank You! I know that NeNe’s attitude hasn’t been the best lately; I also know how it feels to paint yourself in the proverbial corner. She’s HUMAN. Not perfect but hell who is among us? I love this blog, but I see it’s time to bow out gracefully as it has become the lets Shit on Lenethia Leakes show, oh and while we’re at it let’s diminish any and all accomplishments.

    • Linda

      Have a seat!!!!

    • Linda

      Pleeeeeease have a couple of seats. Ne Ne would care two cents about you. And that is keeping it real.

  2. TT: Wonderful blog – I’m so glad you referenced Penn Jilette’s book! I kind of think that NeNe will withdraw due to health reasons before there is any chance of her getting voted off.

  3. Agree she will not last long. Too much exercise and she is not used to exercise, I feel sorry for her partner

  4. I’ll give NeNe 2 weeks before she says “F*** this sh*t! I’m outta here. Now where’s my check?” LOL

  5. ab

    I hope her partner doesnt have to lift her…lol

  6. I think she will NOT quit. With cancellation of her show (The new Normal) she needs the income.

  7. maci

    this bitch aint gone even make it out the gate. ole outta shape ass. not only that her attitude too stank to work that close with ANYBODY

  8. myinfo

    If she can actually dance I might cheer for her.
    I think she will hate it and drop out.

    • I don’t think she will be the worst dancer, I mean Drew Carey is on there… I just don’t think she will be willing to work out for six hours a day for six days. I wouldn’t either. Ain’t no amount of money for that…lol.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Shellbelle

        Drew Carey is at least somewhat likeable… For that alone, I would pull for him over NeNe.

      • Kitty Mamma

        Geez, I don’t even want to do something I LIKE for 6 hours a day for 6 days. I think she’ll fold like a cheap lawnchair, but I wish her well. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see her.

      • O.O

        If she were smart she would of been working out and building her stamina from the moment she knew she was going to be on the show but I’m sure she said I’m a black woman ( I’m of african decent so don’t even start with the I’m racist and must be white) I have natural rhythm I got this. ….I can not wait to watch this .

      • 1) You are racist and must be white. 2) I am sure she did start madly training, but they don’t get enough time for that 3)tell me the part about how wonderful I am 4) don’t forget to vote for her often 5) I might be drunken.

        On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 12:30 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Skeeter

        Right! I’m one brokeass person but I would NOT do that for money – sorry LOL! I’d end up spending the money on pain medication and rubs that I would need daily to get through that workout!

  9. The Real Deal

    I don’t think she will drop out for the simple fact that she knows all of the haters out there are hoping she fails…..she will not give them the satisifaction!!!

    • I again agree. She’ll let her haters be her motivators!

      • Cali

        You are correct. She needs the money. Nene only make 1 million + bonus on RHOA. If she doesn’t complete DWTS, she’s going to have to stand in front of the liquor store with a tin can.

      • BWAHAHHHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHAHHAH I reckon we will have to wait for Nene to go to court on some tax charges for some of you to believe that she is not making a million dollars ANYWHERE. But you go ahead and stan for her. Just don’t do it with stupid “facts” on my site.

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Shellbelle

        Pretty sure that million +bonus is BS…

      • Lol. She makes WHAT now? Plus bonus? That’s funny.

    • I personally don’t care whether she drops out after the first rehersal or wins the whole damn thing. I am curious though – why are folks who enjoy some good old fashioned snark about these reality “celebrities” considered haters? I’m just so not in touch with that emotion.

    • O.O

      The words hater and bully really needs to be put to bed permanently . If someone dislikes nenes behavior it does not spell jealousy. She lacks wisdom which makes her foolishly believe she knows it all which will make her bump heads with her instructor because instead of learning she will argue with him and let her out of control emotions rule her. She only has one reaction to things that challenge her and that is explosive anger( a characteristic of ghetto people )That same lack of wisdom makes her think that she can be rude to people because she’s above the “workers ” and she is giving them a job. No one is jealous of nene ,she isn’t likable . She lacks morals good character, the small amount of money she’s made has amplified her bad behavior . She’s a fool and like TT said she will as sure as there is a sun in the sky, blow this .The people at Bravo are probably doing a trading places experiment with her , sitting back, watching her ( the train wreck ) and laughing .

      • So, O.O. I am really enjoying my FAT TUESDAY evening after a long day at the office and trying to wind down. So if you don’t mind, I am gioing to chat with you for a hot second….

        O, can I call you O? great. So I was watching “get your soul on sunday” or whatever the fuck Oprah calls her Sunday morning show…. Seriously, soul sunday or well whatever she calls it. I mostly forget to watch but as God would have it , last Sunday Maya Angelou was on TWICE. I went through a five year period of studying black female authors (don’t quiz me on this, I barely remember yesterday) and I fell in love with Maya whose last name is ANGEL-LOW not LOU fucktards! I even went as an invited professor to a lecture while teaching at an HBC(U…it was a C not a U) to hear her speak. I shook and cried like some sort of freak while my plus one sister kept begging me to stop.

        Anyway, that is not the point as I listened to Maya Angelou speak of her experiences both good and bad , I was reminded of Nene Leakes and how she seemed to bastardized all of the things Miss Angelou says. It’s like she (and to be fair) other housewives on RHOA scream they are favored by God and thus given great wealth….They seem to be saying what Maya says in a super negative way…most people “favored with wealth” as certain cultish churches encourage their followers to be give back. At least so they can pass through the needle, and would never dare to screech from on high that they are God’s favorites and he wants them to be selfish cunt satchels in Loubs and clutching a purse that could pay for a child to eat for a year in Africa.

        Is it just me, O, or did I miss the whole point of all that Jesus nonsense my parents were teaching? Because when Maya talks about this that and the third regarding being a phenomenal, I think the misses the mark with regard to godliness, PHENOMENALLY. Now I am over here in my glass house , girlfriend, but I ain’t out there shouting that I am God’s favorite either. Hell, if there was a God he woulda shot down a bolt on this heifer a LONG time ago……

        Now see what you got me saying up in here drunk on a Fat Tuesday, Miss O…. oh hell… it’s Lent…. let me go.

        On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 1:00 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Linda

        Ooooh,,, who said that?

  10. JoJo

    Fascinating stuff from Penn Jillette’s book. Only I don’t understand who he was referring to, if anyone in particular, when he says “But I hated the time that was spent with the production trying to get young ambitious Mormon women to cry”?
    I also wonder if ABC had a stipulation in her contract that if she quits for any reason including medical, no money? After all, her history is out there. And I don’t wish her bad or hope she fails. But all we’ve seen from her is bad attitude and a bizarre belief that she’s above everyone and everything.
    This has got to be her very last chance to show the world something else, besides bad attitude.
    At least it’ll make for interesting viewing considering the rest of the ‘stars.’

    • Penn was referring to Marie Osmond who they nearly killed on DWTS… And there is always a painful quitting clause which is why people generally have to quit for medical reasons.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:34 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Thanks TT, I didn’t see that season. I might have to get Jillette’s book – he’s a fascinating and incredibly smart character! Thanks for referencing it, great insight to the whole picture of what Nene’s facing.

      • Barbara R.

        Much as I love Marie Osmond the adjective ‘young’ isn’t one that I would assign to her. Could Penn have been referring to Julianne Hough, one of the professionals who also is Mormon and definitely young and ambitious

      • spk

        This was curious to me so I googled––Chelsea Hightower and a contestant named Katherine Jenkins are Mormon as well. I’m guessing he meant Hightower, based on the year.

        His comments were interesting, what crappy behavior on the part of production.

      • O.O

        Oh TT you can call me whatever you like . I agree that its quite Un God like to scream how highly favored you are of God. If you’re so favored why must it be proclaimed ? preachers who encourage these blind sheep to do so ,are as we were taught the blind leading the blind. If we are to believe what the bible says one doesn’t acquire great wealth to buys bags and shoes by designers they cant pronounce , but its to help others .I believe that Jesus said when you do good no one should know or you lose your reward. These liars and scam artists have their blind sheep believing that they are blessed and favored and have great faith but it doesn’t take faith to get rich by having thousands of people giving you money. Sigh . I’m rambling . I too struggle with why some people like NeNe and the rest of the housewives get lucky ( because thats what i believe it is. luck not favor or blessing )time and chance happen to everyone . Maybe sometimes we miss our chance because we aren’t paying attention But I agree with everything you’ve said . I think that your stardom is on the rise big time because you’re defiantly functioning in your gift . You are a wordsmith. I’m super happy that you answered me and I’m so sorry that I’m just answering . I just came in from work ( I’m not at a desk) and came here for my daily dose . You’re also my tell people off hero . I wish I could tell my clients off the way you do but sadly if I did I would be in a shelter .

  11. Beverly

    The need for the Nene bashing on my part is because I can’t stand her. Is that good enough reason?

    • Yes, yes it is. But based on my hate mail this week BEFORE this story, it means that you find black women beneath you and are a jealous, racist hater. I think. The emails are always sort of unintelligible.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 3:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. Judy McKenzie

    Will it be a provocative pole dance? …sorry…guess NaNiegh took over!!!

  13. Barbara R.

    One thing that is different about DWTS is that the celebrities get paid more for each additional week they last on the show. That would prevent NeNe from quitting early. I don’t expect her to be much of a ballroom dancer and think that she will be eliminated after a few weeks.

    • True, they get paid per show. I just don’t think that Nene’s fame whoreyness or her “hustle” will be enough to overcome she sheer laziness. This is a woman that won’t wash a dish and watches while her do boy does it for her, on camera. She’s not athletic and just doesn’t have the physical stamina to make it on this show.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Barbara R.

        Oh, you are absolutely right.

      • You mean she’ll “out lazy” Kate Gosselin?

      • terry macon

        BINGO, TT you said it. She is lazy. Period point blank.

      • I did not say that. I do not think Nene is lazy AT ALL. I think she has been one of the best hustlers of “her brand” on any housewives show. This is another example of her people hustling for her… she is great at HUSTLING GREAT OPPORTUNITIES. She is even better at fucking them up. She is also a quitter when things get tough. And DWTS is fucking HARD. Like BOOT CAMP hard. Nene does not have that level of physical endurance. This will be the death of her career. It’s like me saying I am going to sign up for Navy Seal BUD/S training to defend you all from evil. She’s going to ring out. That’s all I am saying.

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  14. tobaccorhoda

    Funniest tweet I’ve seen: Who’s gonna lift you, Boo?

  15. Somebody send NeNe a Phine Body work out video – STAT!!!!

  16. Barbara R.

    Sometimes when a ‘celebrity’ has a large fanbase they will vote and keep them on way past their due-date.This was notable with Bristol Palin as an example. Does NeNe still have a lot of fans?

    • She has at least two that are posting on this site. :-)

    • JoJo

      If Nene’s twitter following is any type of indicator, there’s about 1.4 million. But I would guess that it’s tricky equating those numbers to actual, die-hard Nene fans willing to vote. I have a feeling that the most real numbers of voters are fans of DWTS and they develop a likeness or feel sorry for a ‘star’ – like Bill Engvall last season I believe, who certainly improved but still not at any level of a final 4 competitor & stayed so past his expiration date.
      So, my guess also is that Nene is going to have to come out of that gate as major charming – if it’s possible.

      • Shellbelle

        I doubt many of her fans watch DWTS and they may not want to use up all of their prepaid minute dialing her number to give her votes…


        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        True. I bet 1 mil no longer actually follow or care for Nene anymore.

      • PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST Breaking news, some housewives (and many reality people and some randos and bloggers) BUY twitter followers. Yes, it’s true. Do you really think a million people give a shit about Nene? But honey I will vote for her on DWTS all day long. :)

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  17. myinfo

    Lisa left early due to low votes. So it also depends if people vote for her. She has acted like a fool this season so she might not get many votes.

    • I don’t even own a functional cell phone, but I will get one for this. I am going to vote for her by every means necessary until the bitch has no choice but to drop dead or quit. I suggest you do the same!


      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Me neither on the cell phone issue. Can’t people vote online on a laptop? Because I’m certainly willing to do that for the first time ever in DWTS history for the cause:)

      • I’M STILL paying for a broke cell from months ago, because… SIGH… I know I SHOULD have one, but, really? I don’t want to talk to anyone unless I am blind drunk and then they don’t want to talk to me #truth

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • myinfo

        Omg…. Too funny
        I might vote too just to force her to keep her dancing or galloping

      • CityGirl81

        You are too much TT….LOL

  18. Happy lyfe

    I agree the real deal and marsha. I hope she shocks us all. Nene serious about her coins, I cant be mad at that. I’m actually rooting for her, I would never take pleasure out of seeing another woman fail, its hard enough out here for us as it is. That bs she does on rhoa has nothing to do with me, could care less. but get that $$$ nene, if that fails dust yoself off and try again.

    • If you could care less, you care. I think you mean you couldn’t care less.

    • Hey, Happy Lyfe I mean, have you pasted this back to the thug lyfe message board you hail from? Why is it exactly you feel comfortable commenting here again? Just curious, intellectual property theft is a crime that takes some time to convict it seems. But IP access to accounts reveal so very many things….and yet, here you are, the one thug not banned. Ever wonder why that is? Do you have an attorney mine can contact? Thanks in advance….

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Happy lyfe

        do u have any extra happy pills I could take tt then maybe it’ll b easy for me to bash and talk down on others. If it gives u comfort; cool. I’ve never been disrespectful on your blog and will not start now. I have read some tacky writing on here many times, but I get it, if I’m agreeing with nene then my intellect comes into play, if I agree with you, mums the word. Well newsflash I’m no follower and I never feel intimidated to become one. Oh yeah u r right about one thing, happy lyfe once lived that thug life, but I had to learn to be more humble and treat others the way I want to b treated. If u ever in The Big D email me since u got the info. Get at me….

      • Yo. I be getting at ya right chere, I enjoy playing with you like a cat with its prey. You continue to come to my crib and spit shit you know better than to say. I could cut your mike at any moment. I haven’t yet, because mocking you publicly amuses me….

        carry on.

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 11:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. papa smurf

    I was just watching The Insider, and they had Ms Leaks on, and they were kind of setting it up. Mentioning her past health problems, and how she has been cleared by her doctor to compete. Then they brought up Toni Braxton, who was also cleared by her doctor, but had problems. So, she’s already making sure that y’all know she has had health concerns in the past, so don’t expect too much…bloooop.

    • LOL Thanks so much for that! I knew she would already be quitting. She just went out to meet Tony a couple days ago. I am sure she was not thrilled he didn’t RECOGNIZE! lol.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 4:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  20. joleeface

    i am hearing her feet on the dance floor right now – clop clop, clod, clod. My prayers are with you Tony Dovolani for both your sanity and your back health!

  21. Lisa

    I can’t wait to see her fall on her ass. Literally!

  22. gunsmoke4life

    I also agreed with TT she wont make it. its not about hating her she not a nice person.. the people you meet on your way up are the same people you need on your way down… you just cant treat people the way she does Period……

    • Her failure on DWTS won’t be about that unless she walks off the show AGAIN. She doesn’t have the determination to work out for 6 hours a day six days a week. That’s not an insult. It’s just a fact. Not many people do. I know I don’t.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 5:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  23. Cassandra

    I don’t know if anyone has thought about this. You know there is a few gay
    dancers on the show. No one who has been on the show has outed them.
    The Palin girl she has mentioned it once but not while on the show that I can
    recall. Nene with her queen comments she is going to have to be very disciplined. It seems like dancing with the stars or shall I say ABC is very
    protective of their employees. Let’s see if Nene is going to kiss up to Wendy
    Williams now that she may need to be referenced on her show. Also, Tom
    Joyner because she ditched his show for a wider audience of the view or shall I say television audience The real deal please make sure you tweet Nene so she can keep her mouth shut. I am not a Nene hater it is just her behavior over the years. I don’t know if you turn a blind eye to what she did
    to Kim. When she continues to try and shame Kandi and Phaedra. Poor Kenya who seems to actually thinks Nene thinks she is a friend or that since they talked that they somehow made up. Marlo, she should really know better she should know Nene will turn on you on a dime. Poor Cynthia, wonder if she renewed her friend contract. Although some of this may be made for tv, because during fashion week I believe Nene and Cynthia were together in New York. But once the episode aired there is a problem so who knows if these are fake feuds. I will not be watching not just because of Nene but because when they fired Harold the band director it just did not make sense, they were great. The singers were excellent sometimes they would sing a little slow but the pitch was perfect. Brooke Burke did a great job. I hated when they got rid of the first host, the black girl can’t remember her name but I continued to watch but not anymore.

    • sassydahl

      I was nodding my head to your comment until you said “poor Phaedra” huh? When did NeNe shame Phony Phae Phae the felon? Was it before or after Phaedra attempted to bring NeNe’s estranged sisters on the show? Or when she actually did (Aiden’s bday party if I recall correctly). Lenethia “wet cotton candy head” Leakes has pissed me off this season too so I understand the comments/opinions about her on this site. Having said that, can we keep it truthful?

  24. HannahKingRose

    Thanks TT. You have definitely given me two great blogs today on my birthday. First, Tre and Joe in court pleading guilty and second, the anyway you look at it laughable image of Nene on DWTS. My hubby got me a new IPad so I don’t have to use my phone any more and can actually read all the words now. It doesn’t get much better than this. Wonder what her first dance will be if she makes it that far.

    • Hannah King Rose: I’m usually just a biatch and post snarky comments. However, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. I’m glad you got an IPad from the hubs, as you’ve previously expressed frustration on commenting with your phone.
      OK, I will now return to my normal biatch mode.

      • HannahKingRose

        Awww tootsie, I feel honored that you wished me a happy birthday in a nonbiatchy, nonsnarky manner. Just for the record, I enjoy your normal biatchy, snarky self. It suits you.

  25. Cassie

    I hope I don’t have to retype. Don’t see the comment. Miss Leakes is going to have to watch her mouth. There is a lot of gay dancers on Dancing with the stars. Ms. Leakes is known for calling a queen a queen. ABC is protective of their employees. That will be her downfall. Although you may think some of the dancers are gay you never hear the contestants saying anything about it. Good Luck with that.

    • Cassie

      You think Nene will kiss up the Wendy Williams since she needs to be referenced for the vote or reach out to Tom Joyner since she ditched him to be on the view. I believe her big announcement was probably related to dancing with the stars. I guess she did not realize that they made a big announcement and introduced the contestants. Diana, I mean the real deal
      please make sure you tweet her to stay in control and make sure she doesn’t start the queen thing. It might seem that some comments are made and we don’t won’t her to be successful, I do. I just hate the way she treats others.

  26. GRAMMS

    Will Not be voting for her. Her behavior is atrocious on this season of RHOA and past seasons. She Is Not the same NeNe Leakes that most people fell in love with from season 1 of RHOA.

  27. I haven’t watched in years, but all I want to do is see Billy Dee Williams!

  28. Katrina

    Most people did not think Nene would make it through one episode of Celebrity Apprentice. She made it over half way. DWTS is very physical, but I think she make it atleast 5 rounds. You never know!

  29. Cali

    I will be watching and voting, for Nene. She will do her best. The Queens here in Cali, will be watching and voting, for her. They invite Nene to all their events in L.A. every year.Team Nene.

    • Sari

      “They invite Nene to all their events…”

      Who are “they”?
      And, wow! She gets invited to ALL of their events! That’s impressive. Do THEY have a lot of events? What kind of events do THEY have? Do THEY all gather around and mutually agree to send Nene the invitations?

      (This little post is hilarious, yet completely offensive- wow!)

      Sorry, back to the topic. Yeah, Nene won’t last. TT adequately explained why that’s likely to be the case based on prior behavior (and, conveniently, the behavior was televised!). I didn’t see blind hate in her post as she was able to sufficiently legitimize her theory… Because… Television.

    • justasportsnut

      I live in California, know many LGBT people and can attest that NeNe is no longer in favor.

      • just, I wondered about that too. She has made some comments that were pretty spiteful regarding gays lately. The “pillow talk” episode comes to mind. Idk what else she has said/done but I figured that episode anyway didn’t go over too well. I also wondered about Andy. I imagine he is furious. Neenster just keeps shooting herself in the foot!

  30. Wampascat

    I’m not a fan of the show but I’ll definitely tune in to see Nene “lumbering” across the stage.

  31. Teresa

    Not sure why you dislike NeNe so much but it’s very apparent that you do!

  32. medicated fan

    She’ll be gone 2 minutes after realizing it takes more than leaning against a pole.

  33. JentheAUfan

    TT my dear your jealous bone is showing tremendously and im thinking this is a side affect from your Mongolian lung cancer / flu. Before you know it you will be running around screaming your a rich bitch with donald trump hair. I hope the writers of those emails read this and realize that theres not a thing about nene that would make a normal person jealous.
    Now on to dwts….I am not an avid viewer so I am unfamiliar with judges names but know that they can be tough. That said I hope she makes at least one week to hear them and see how she acts…

    • I am jealous of her financial success despite her being a functionally illiterate black woman, according to my emails, I find to her be beneath me while according to emails, forces me to spend “12 hours a day” hating on her.

      That or …. I write about pop culture for a living. You know. One or the other.

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 7:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  34. vivaladiva831

    Let’s put Nene with Maxim at the switch…bwahahaha

  35. TT, I had to donate blood to WordPress just to login. I’m just old enough to be so computer confused. Anyway, all I need to tell you is a huge thanks for all your hard work and calgoning me away many hard days. My husband has Alzheimer’s and sometimes I get such a laugh from your posts and the commenters. Thank you!

    • I apologize for the bitch that is logging in to comment on these sorts of places. But once you get in, it should me much easier! Thanks for making the effort! I’m glad I can give you a lift, and sorry your times are trying at the moment. I was watching a couple Maya Angelou interviews the other day and she said some bullshit about there always being a rainbow in the clouds which normally I would mock, but SHE IS MAYA FUCKING ANGELOU!!!!! So you know, maybe she could be right. :)

  36. Shellbelle: “prepaid minute dialing” LOL

  37. gigi

    imma need a public apology if she makes it past 2 weeks! :) #teamnene

  38. Jackie

    Tamara. why don’t you just change the name of your blog to the Nene haters website? Sheesh, at least pretend to show some objectivity in your writing. When I responded to your Krayonce/Marlo post a few days ago, you responded don’t believe everything you hear. Now, that the official announcement drops that Nene will indeed be on DWTS, here comes your doomsday predictions. Kenya and Marlo need to keep doing what they do best – write blogs and ride on Nene’s coattails. Nene, get that $$$ girl….(and no this is not Greg!)

    • Dear Gregg,

      I think you are pretty attractive for an older man, and I would fuck you. However, you seem to be a little lost at the moment my love, you are at TAMARA TATTLES a website where I say whatever the fuck I want about whatever interests me. If you are looking for objectivity… well that is hard enough to find at sites that cover the current Ukrainian invasion and you sure as shit ain’t going to find it here. But I hope you do drop by when and if your ballsack is ever reattached. We could have some fun then….



      • Jackie

        Wel, since my wife will be earnied a $125,000 sign on payment and will earn $10,000 a week for the first few weeks, with contestants making upwards of $50,000 if they make it to the final round, I just might purchase some solid gold balls engraved with TT on them and sew them one with platinum thread…Knowing NeNe and her business hustle, she’s probably negotiated an even bigger contract!

      • lol. I think you may officially be too stupid to be Gregg….Vincent. shall I post your email so we can all inquire about that false contract information? Besos!

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 9:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • SantaFeWay

        I love you.

      • You would do Gregg? *tootsie shudders*

      • yeah, maybe…If you know he looked the same but still owned his privates and was a man…

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 10:21 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Happy lyfe

        damn jackie, where u been all my life? U definitely gave me my laugh for today.

    • justasportsnut

      Perhaps you should establish your own blog or stop reading this one if you find it overwhelming offensive in terms of anti-Team NeNe.

  39. SantaFeWay

    Correction: I love you, Tamara.

  40. Ms. TT: Due to my initmacy issues, is it OK if I just say I love your blog? :-)

  41. Sorry, “Jackie” AKA the gender confused Vince in NJ guy, I sent this post to spam until I realized it was from you.. I can id your whole “yahoo” address ROFLMAO in er……3….2….1… or you can carry on. Here is Vince from New Jersey’s Comment, so sorry for sending it to spam…

    “Necole Bitchie, #Cherry Juice, 24hourhiphop, Cafemom and Eonline all reported this same info. So……I guess these bloggers and professional entertainment sites must be “DUMB” too. More time on research boo….less time on the name calling and hating!!”

    Sorry Vince, they may be inferior blog sites, but they are not dumb. You are the dumb one.

    And for the record, they wish they had my talent…. just saying, no offense…. this is why I don’t allow links, not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, Vince.

  42. barbinga

    Although I can’t even rationalize in my head to give energy to vote for for this woman, to keep her on as punishment is almost reason enough. I’ll compromise, if I so much as sneak a peek, then that time I will vote. BUT, I think I’ll only have to do it a time or two because she’ll be gone by the 3d episode (still twice a week,right?), 4th max. And I’m being generous.

    • used to be on a site that spoiler reality shows. Someone there began a VOTE FOR THE WORST campaign when IDOL first started. It was hugely successful. I thought they were assholes because the more deserving person deserved to stay. This year they have THEY HAVE BOTH ICE DANCING GOLD CHAMPIONS on …. separately. So Voting for the worst is not going to hurt anyone’s ACTUAL chance at winning. SO VOTE NENE EARLY AND OFTEN!

      On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 11:47 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  43. Me

    You hating ass bitch! You are a fucking blogger because you want to be a celebrity. Fish pussy bitch!

  44. Tiffany R

    I was definitely not going to vote for Nene. I didn’t want the hooves to scratch such a nice dance floor. Yet, your postings today had me laughing so hard. I will encourage others to vote. “Hospitalization” is definitely coming. I bet 2 weeks!

  45. O.O

    Wow! I love your writing style . I think I was holding my breath a little while reading this . You should write a novel …Oh and I agree with each and every word .

  46. Wow TT, your on fire tonight. I don’t read at any pop culture blog but here. In the past if I half heard a news brief I would google the person or event. Often it took me to sites that loved Nene. I was confused and thought I had to be missing something.
    Then I found your blog, OMG, it was like I found a home. I never found her personality attractive. Just horrible and not well spoken.
    I will vote for her since you asked. I just can’t see her lasting very long. Her personality won’t let her stay.
    People I know on Cali would not invite her anywhere.

  47. Sona

    I totally agree with you Tamara – this will effectively end Nene’s career. The timing of this couldn’t be worse. DWTS is as much a popularity contest as it is a dancing one. With her reputation at an all-time low, WHY (WHY!?!?!?) would she think it was a good idea to do this show now? I am definitely NOT a fan of hers, but it really makes me wonder if she has anyone advising her…You know what? Nevermind. I think we all know the answer to that question. This will be an epic fail and more ammunition for Kenya Moore – especially if Nene gets voted off before the RHOA reunion (which, I understand, won’t be until late April). That reunion is gonna be must-see-tv for sure!! I bet they will set ratings record for any BRAVO show, ever!

  48. Lisa V did not do well on the show, maybe NeNe is using that fiasco as incentive to do well………….

  49. Jarlath

    This post is appalling, how dare you Tamara use Nene’s past behavior to make a guess about her future behavior!

  50. From Amsterdam

    Tamara T… are bitter and a sad person! Bashing Nene so you can have a topic with 100+ comments( and 50 are from you lol)
    I’m a fan from Europe and here NENE is the most popular housewife( USA same story)
    You think about Nene 24/7 i’m sure!…waiting for her to fall…so sick and evil…ughh Alcoholic B$#@%

    • Jarlath

      I lived in Ireland for 5 years and no one knew who she was. So how is she the most popular? You pulled it out of your arse

    • O.O

      @ from Amsterdam . Do you realize that this is Tamara’s blog? Which means that she can like or dislike whom she wants . It also means that she can express her opinion on whomever . This sir or madam is the USA we over here enjoy something called freedom of speech . If you’re so horrified by her disdain for NeNe then why do you keep returning ? Nene doesn’t have many fans left so I’m sure she’ll be glad that she has the whole of Amsterdam to adore her repulsive behavior . Maybe you should go to NENe’s website if you’re looking for nene rump kissers but you’ll be very disappointed because even on her own site, most of the commenters are telling her how disgusting she is . You need to just lurk and not comment because this is a gossip site not CNN its supposed to be fun and light .I can’t speak for the rest of the people commenting but as for me you’re spoiling my fun .

      • @O.O.. Well said! Here in Guyana where I live, no one even knows who NeNe is! And @from Amsterdam your ranting hateful comments show us who the real sick, evil, bitter and sad person is. T.T. if you’re listening, love you and your blog.

  51. From Amsterdam

    I dare you to post my comment!
    you need GOD…so sad with your evil heart!

    • Shellbelle

      So, Tamara needs God because she has an opinion on the most popular housewife in Europe? ( your words, not mine) do you have facts to back this up or is it your fucking opinion? Just like this blog is Tamara opinion. Don’t like it? Exit stage left and have a seat. YOU came to Tamara Tattles, she didn’t come to you.

    • oobunillaoo

      hi from amsterdam,

      american southerner, north carolina born and raised, currently living in the uk, have been for the past 6 years. in all of the discussions i have had with people in the UK and EU about all of the housewives franchises, none of them gave me the impression of favouring nene. not one.

    • Kaleesi

      HI NAY NAY!

  52. I love this blog.


  53. Tamara, You are AWESOME, BRILLIANT and WITTY! My take on NeNe:
    The $s were for charity and not for her and that is why she quit…She is loyal for as long as it takes to roll her eyes…The only thing that she can do for 6 hrs a day is stare in the mirror! Thanks, Tamara for all of your hard work!

  54. Drew Carey lost quite a bit of weight so id bet he’s in better shape than NeNe and more disciplined. I will vote for NeNe just for you and your amusement TT.

    • Barbara R.

      Also Drew Carey used to do big dance production numbers at the beginning of each season of his old show so he does have some moves.

  55. Oh TT.. I am in awe of your writing! You are brilliant and you really DO need to write a book. I haven’t watched DWTS in years, but I will watch the Neenster. I don’t know if I can vote from my cheap third world phone but if I can I will vote for her. Every time I picture her dancing I crack myself up. Can’t wait to see how long before she pulls the medical card and “gracefully” bows out. Perhaps hoof and mouth disease?

  56. Wampascat

    Oh my… I suppose we’ll have to hear about how she’s been cashing Tom Bergeron checks all next season. :-)

  57. myinfo

    Nene might be able to dance, but 6 hours of dancing and remembering all the complicated steps might be beyond her comprehension.

    I think Nene’s personality will be the killer. I bet she will not get along with production or her fellow dancers or partner.

    Now if she comes out and dances her ass off then I will give her credit. Nene is not likable this season but she does have a hustle and is not scared to try something new.

    When is the reunion filmed? After DWTS or during???

  58. NeNe is pole dancer, a twerker…I don’t see her doing anything graceful to compete in this thing. She’s too damned ghetto.

  59. Linda

    Pleeeeeease have a seat (1st post), Nene could care less about you…you are too involved. She’s going out in Round 4. Quitting for sure.

  60. Linda

    I know Star Jones and who knows maybe even Kendra and Marlo will have front rows seat at DWTS. What’s Nene gonna do? LEAVE!

  61. FancyPants

    I am jealous of her financial success despite her being a functionally illiterate black woman, according to my emails, I find to her be beneath me while according to emails, forces me to spend “12 hours a day” hating on her.

    If Nene is so beneath you, why do you seize every opportunity to write about her? You have got to be the most miserable person on the planet and your lackey followers as well. You need Jesus! Put that in your TIP jar!

  62. Gingersnap

    NeNe is a prima donna, which means she is thinned skinned. I can’t imagine her accepting too much criticism and those judges can be pretty scathing, especially that old guy, Len.

    • JoJo

      omg…after all my preparing to vote, etc., just the title of the blog, I thought oh no she didn’t. Then of course I know you’d make that turn of events an actual separate blog post.
      No matter, it seems she’s setting the stage letting everyone know she has some sort of medical condition, but her doctors have cleared her, and now this, her legs are tired! I want to vote, she best get over being tired – for at least until I can vote once!!!

  63. Judging from the way Tony treated Kate Gosselin, I’d be surprised if Nene makes it through the first DAY of practice.

  64. I’m just surprised that Disney is allowing such a foul mouthed person with no morals or redeeming qualities appear on a show on their network.

    • JoJo

      You know they had to be aware of how she talks on RHOA & her Twitter comments.
      But I honestly can’t think of her using foul language regularly on RHOA. Foul language can be bleeped or they can just not air her using it during all that practice footage.
      It’s the unintelligible and slaughter of the English language I would think would most concern Disney, even if she never uttered ‘fuck’ or ‘queen’ ever!! But to be fair I have heard her use this odd accent sometimes – like her way of trying to sound high class.
      As far as morals and redeeming qualities, I’m sure they’ve had other contestants over the years that are lacking in that area.

  65. Sarah

    I just finished watching Nene on Celebrity Apprentice & I totally agree with you TT – without a doubt, NeNe will fuck up this opportunity. She’s lacking in both the physical & mental endurance needed to do DWTS. It’ll be a pleasure to watch this windbag foxtrot her way back to anonymity.

  66. Wendy is just jealous of ne-ne,she may not win but she is trying and she is a better dancer then wendy.

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