Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Kids Are Alright

RHOBH Puerto Rico Trip

Back in Puerto Rico the witches coven is having an early meeting . Carlton would be so sad that she missed this. Everyone has convicted Lisa of the crime of telling Brandi to pack her tabloids for the Palms Springs trip months ago.  Even Joyce and Michael are joining in on the conviction. Lisa and Ken smartly decided to fly home earlier that morning. Yolanda claims to have check on their whereabouts with the concierge. A much more viable scenario is that production chose her to be the carrier pigeon for this particular bit of intel as Yolanda could care less where Lisa and Ken are.  Yolanda declares they will not discuss Ken and Lisa any further on the remainder of the trip. I give them five minutes.

The ladies seem to enjoy the ginormous lizards of Puerto Rico. That is the only bad thing about the beaches of Curacao, by the way. I hate those things.  Brandi and Kim decide the best behavior they can think of is to risk getting arrested in Puerto Rico by wading in a fountain. It never ceases to amaze me that these women have absolutely no idea how to behave in other parts of the world. Puerto Rico looks beautiful. Wait, Kyle is talking about the 100th birthday of Beverly Hills that the Chamber of Commerce is putting on. Didn’t we already do that? Was that an out of sequence editing error? I suppose it is another function. Perhaps there were many 100th Beverly Hills Anniversary parties. Lisa Vanderpump RHOBH PR

I guess they are already back in Beverly Hills, so Lisa and Ken probably only took an earlier same day flight. Brandi takes her parents to Yolanda’s house to give them a new car.

Lisa tells Carlton about everyone ganging up on her in Puerto Rico. She says she doesn’t want to go to the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce function. Carlton was a good and normal friend. If she had more scenes like that she would be likeable.

Kimberly and her parents are packing her off to college. HER FATHER IS HOT!  Meanwhile, in NYC, Yolanda is moving into a million dollar apartment. Gigi’s apartment is spectacular!

Is that Taylor Armstrong?  Why yes it is. She is apparently going with Kyle’s girls to get their ears pierced.

That was a cute show. Next week is the finale at Chamber of Commerce function. The bitches have another go a at Lisa.


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86 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: The Kids Are Alright

  1. Ok, I cant stand Yolanda. She drives me insane. Time to change those pants and get rid of the extensions.

  2. Yes Kim”s ex is hot. He does look a little bit like Brandi’s ex.

  3. Ok, I officially can’t stand Yolanda. She needs to change her pants, get rid of her hair extensions, and pull the lemons out of her ass.

  4. Nicole

    Mmm. Yea, Kim’s husband IS hot!

  5. JenB

    After watching this episode, I called my Mom and thanked her for not being so dramatic (like Kim) when I went to college. I felt sorry for Kimberly to be upset on her first day with a new roommate and new friends.
    I don’t enjoy any of Kim’s scenes and this one made me feel awkward too. Yo’s scene with her daughter felt fake and I hated it too.

    • Kate

      Mine put me on a plane and waved goodbye. I knew no one there but figured it out. There are extremes on both ends. Watching the part with Kim was hard

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      And Kimberly was even going that far away. It’s not a long drive from Beverly Hill to San Diego for heaven’s sake. I say all that drama was for the cameras. Kim was an alcoholic for most, if not all, of her daughter’s life. How close could they really have been. Kim’s baby daddy really is super hot, but there has to be something wrong with him to have put up with her.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        But, then there was something right with him, to get the hell out of THAT marriage.

      • vivaladiva831

        I’m pretty sure he saw some $$ as she was coming off a divorce from Marvin Davis’s son. Besides, I will give the Richards sisters credit, in their younger days they were cute girls. I’m sure he found her attractive as well.

  6. Fahlina_G

    These women are just so childish. With the exception of the queen of course. And Joyce. Her husband and Maurice can go have a seat though.

  7. My 3 1/2 year old grandson is more articulate than Kim.

    • kym

      co-sign! can’t stand Kim!

    • medicated fan

      Do you suppose that production convinced Carlton to present this image of the sex obsessed, vulgar witch? I almost like her when she presents herself as this well spoken, even keeled person. Not afraid to say Brandi was wrong. She seems to see the bigger picture. I hope Joyce learned something from the Puerto Rico trip. How easy it is to be manipulated by the others. I am glad the season is almost over. The negativity is starting to get to me.

      • I was thinking the same thing, with her saucy acting from the past and the their goth house and Wiccan religion, I feel like the producers told her they wanted that vibe from her – but it’s not a good look on her, or anyone. The bit with her MIL at Hustler was just gross.

        I didn’t like the “don’t you ever!” bit from her at the birthday party (with Kyle over the pentagram) and at lunch with Joyce when after Carlton herself said to “watch out” (implying some sort of hex), Joyce asks her about it and she gets all high and mighty….

        But I do like the scenes of Carlton when she’s vulnerable and more real – like with Lisa on this last episode. And I also thought she handled Brandi well back in Palm Springs when Brandi announced they “made out”.

      • I also think that was the story line Bravo invented for her. When she is with her children she seems natural and quite nice. I liked how supportive she was with Lisa too. I have suspected she is probably pretty average and boring so they juiced up her persona a bit to make her more interesting.

  8. Bravogirl24/7

    I love love Lisa’s closet! I would kill to have a closet I can entertain my girl friends inside of.

  9. Daphne

    Why take your parents to your friends lavish pad to give them a Honda Accord? It couldn’t be to impress Yo and David. That was strange

    • puppylove

      I do believe it’s called social climbing, she is trying to impress Yo and David. David Foster is a class act. Yolanda on the other hand is a rat. She wants so much to kick Lisa in the head. Her so called friendship with Lisa I believe has been fake from the beginning, and I still think she is so jealous of Lisa she just can’t stand it. Mo loves Lisa and Ken and from the looks of it David does too. I can just hear Yo now saying “no don’t pay attention to her pay attention to me” of course Yo doesn’t really do anything now does she. On the other hand Lisa is a smart business woman, that actually works. Those other bitches, Kyle plays at it, Kim who knows, Brandy got lucky with a book ( I can’t really believe she wrote a book) I wonder if she ever read one. Brandy better hold on to her money, and did she ever find her little dog? I guess not or we would have heard. Now there is Joyce, I am not sure what to think, sometimes I hate her and sometimes I like her. Her husband can to fly a kite though he is full of crap most of the time. Carlton, I am liking more and more. She really came through for Lisa this time. She seems to have a lot of sense when it is needed. I wouldn’t blame Lisa if she and Ken told Bravo they have had it with this nut case group. From the looks of things for next week , it looks like they went right back at Lisa for the kill. How many times does Lisa have to tell Kyle the same story for her to understand. Does she understand English. I think not, only her version.

    • I don’t think it was about impressing Yo and David. In fact Brandi said it was because if they were there her dad couldn’t say no to the car.

      Also, since the house is on the market it was more exposure to potential buyers of rooms we hadn’t seen yet.

      It looks like Brandi replaced Ken with David, btw. They were quite friendly in the scenes with her parents.

    • impress yo & david? not!
      this was about bragging to her family about her famous friends. yo/david shouldnt have done her that favor.

  10. Yolanda has been a big disappointment. I thought we were getting some more class on the show, but now it looks like she’s right up there with Kyle on stirring the pot.

    I mean really, Yolanda you can’t see why Ken and Lisa left? “We’re all adults, and I guess they just couldn’t take being asked questions.” Really?
    I’d say they left because they were being quadruple-teamed. Someone would ask her a question and when she went to answer it someone else jumped down her throat.

    The only classy thing she could’ve done was to turn and leave. What did they want? Lisa to fight? Lisa to argue? Lisa to shout? What would’ve made them happy?

    I’ve been trying to reserve judgment on Joyce and Michael, but after seeing them tonight … just jumping in and reaching that conclusion without seeing for themselves or hearing the other side of the story … they’ve lost any respect that they had built.

    Is it just my imagination or does Brandi appear to be feeling badly about what she’s trying to do to Lisa? Unfortunately not bad enough to right her wrong, but she seems to be uneasy with it.

    • I never thought anyone could be as nasty as Kyle but Yolanda is right up there with her. It seems in every episode Yolanda has gotten nastier and more arrogant. She really ticked me off when she told Ken “Don’t touch me.” He was pointing his finger at her not touching her, the hag. Then when she told him David wouldn’t talk with a man like him. How arrogant and I am sure David just loves her speaking for him. She is horrible! \
      I didn’t feel Observer2 that Brandi felt the least bit bad about setting up Lisa. But I dozed off several times during the show. I saw next weeks preview where she is talking with Carlton about Lisa and she still seemed pretty vicious.

  11. Riley

    I was going to say something about Brandi and the car @ Yolanda’s…but decided it just wasn’t worth it.

  12. jrleaguer

    On a totally shallow and petty note…I squealed with glee when I saw the tiny smidge of back fat on Yolanda during one scene.

  13. Riley

    See what happens when you have a teeny bite of cake…:)

  14. Rhubarb

    I like these scenes with Kim. Her Spanglish act reminds me of the fun silly Kim from season one. I don’t know where all the hate for Yolanda is coming from. She hasn’t changed at all to me, but she seems hip to Lisa’s game. After seeing how inappropriate she was with staff on Vanderpump Rules it makes perfect sense that she’s a master manipulator on housewives this season and maybe previous seasons. The ring/necklace scandal was a perfect example. And the sound bite “wha whatttt??????!” might be her best ever lol. Cold busted!

  15. TT: “the witches coven is having an early meeting”. Good one! I still don’t get the Let’s Take Down Lisa Vanderpump story line. I understand that an element of ridiculous drama is a key ingredient in the HW shows, and is required to keep us all talking. However, the behavior over the last few weeks has been so immature and unbelievable. Is Lisa planning her exit from the show? BTW: I have absolutely no interest in the “sending our daughters to college” or “piercing our daghter’s ears” story lines. I would rather watch a good old fashioned dinner party from hell.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Re: the element of ridiculous drama……. behavior..immature and unbelievable.

      Oh, I know. If a coven of bitches wrongly accused me of what B says Lisa did, I would verbally flip out on them. No one could bring me to tears; I’d be pissed off, not hurt. I guess that’s why I identify more closely with RHOA – except for the recent violence.

      • JoJo

        There’s more than a few here that have speculated about Lisa’s reaction and that it either pointed to guilty as charged, genuine sadness over betrayal, or getting away from being ganged up on.
        I have never seen this Lisa since RHOBH started. So I’m still deliberating. Lisa crying, protesting that she didn’t buy the rags in question etc., instead of answering the direct question & sticking to her guns in clear terms “I didn’t put those magazines in Brandi’s suitcase, she’s lying” – confuses me.
        In fact, the scene where she’s crying to Carlton this episode & she’s not in a group being ganged up on, I wonder about. I’m not sold that Lisa cares that deeply about any of these women to cry over them.

    • Yes the college and ear piercing scenes were totally boring. I guess that is what the show would be like without Lisa.

  16. I’m just now getting to watch and am at the scenes in San Juan are fun but odd. Suddenly Brandi and Joyce are playful with each other (the stepping over the barrier in the road), Yolanda and Kyle are playful. What happened to the dream team, Yolanda?

  17. vivaladiva831

    Portia is such a doll- “no that feels cuddlebug.” I think she is so precious.

  18. Sari

    Something TT does well is keep production in mind.

    Let’s take a brief look at the history of the BH branch of the Housewives juggernaut:

    They started off with a bang. The Camille/Kyle storyline was phenomenal. Even with one factoring in the inevitable editing to make a cast member seem like a villan, Camille’s cockiness and narcissism was not a product of editing. Kyle’s down-to-earth persona amidst a world of excess in Beverly Hills endeared us to her, this creating our heroine. Kelsey Grammer, one of the most *legitimately* famous actors in television history, was all over the tabloids for his very public affair. We had the most epic season finale when Kim was exposed as an alcoholic. Taylor’s husband commited suicide.

    An ugly truth about human nature is that these very REAL problems kept us riveted.

    How do you top that season after season? You bring in an unpredictable character like Brandi, and the production team crosses their fingers.

    What happens when Brandi becomes too predictable in her unpredictability? You bring in fresh blood (Carlton and Joyce) and manufacture drama.

    This season has been boring. The cast members know what they have to do, Lisa including. No one, for a second, should assume that those that we’d previously viewed as a class act (Yolanda) would be above fighting for their job security.

    I apologize for this post being so long. I’m indulging in my guilty pleasure when I should be doing others things (procrastination!).

    I’m happy I happened upon this site a few days ago. I enjoy reading all of your comments. You seem to be a more intelligent crew than on the other sites.

    • Well said! Totally agree on the production angles and the cast knowing what is expected of them.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      I love TT’s recaps. So brilliant and so timely.

      Your post is excellent too Sari, thanks for sharing.

      Yep, Camille and Kyle’s drama was riveting in season one. Now, in season four, there has been an ugly attempted coup d’etat. I hope Lisa moves on after this season. I like her very much but she is head and shoulders above her petty, immature and vacuous cast mates. I don’t know why Lisa would continue to associate with such horrible back stabbing MEAN GIRLS.

      It upset me to see Lisa cry over Brandi. She was really hurt.

    • JoJo

      sari: great reminder of the first season’s REAL and understandable arguments and issues and how far this season has fallen from that. Not that it’s much different from other Housewife shows, but I think we’ve all expected a little more from our Beverly Hills women (why I don’t know, obviously money doesn’t equal class or being above petty).
      But Yolanda’s turn to petty drama, all the while protesting she’s above it and of course the standard “I’m a straight shooter” – and Brandi’s obvious middle to lower class vulgarity, are shining examples of either made-up drama for pay or production influencing everyone’s participation.

    • Daphne

      You nailed it, Sari – I couldn’t agree more!

    • Gabriella

      Reply to Sari’s post: I was just thinking exactly the same about this site having more intelligent posters! Some of the other RH posters on other franchises, the spelling and grammar is so bad I often skip posts because I can’t understand WTF they are talking about.

    • Glory of Old IU

      Agree that these commenters are like the Gifted Class of HW sites. There’s another site whose commenters are more like the Remedial Class.

  19. The car giving definitely took place days, if not weeks, later. Brandi says “Ever since Puerto Rico…” as if it wasn’t just a yesterday event.

  20. Ms 1dimple

    I’ve lost all respect for Yolanda. Where is David? It seems she’s always alone and has too much time to stir up Bull Sh*t with the drunk Brandi. I don’t know if David is all that happy. Seems this is keeping her away from him.. GTFOH! By the way TT… Kim’s ex is quite PHINEEEEEE~

    • Sari

      David has said publicly that Yolanda is above the petty drama on the show, and is merely using it as a vehicle to launch her (eventual?) health and wellness brand.

      – I apologize because I’m trying to recall what he actually said… But it was along those lines.

    • JoJo

      I believe David said in a Canadian interview that Yolanda calls the rest of the cast a bunch of clowns and she’s just taking advantage of the exposure because she really wants a life and style show of her own. The ‘bunch of clowns’ has since been attributed to David calling the cast clowns. Even on WWHL, Andy mentioned David calling the girls clowns and Yolanda said he got that from her, and covered with “we’re your clowns Andy.”
      I guess she’s changed her mind, since it seems lately she’s got a big ol’ rubber red nose now :)

  21. ScrappieONE

    Wasn’t the reason Brandi couldn’t go to the doctors for her hand is because she didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford it, but then buys her parents a car…. REALLY…. She sucks at lying….

  22. Gingersnap

    It’s going to take a whole lot more than Yolanda, Brandi, Kyle and Kim to take down Lisa. Her footing is solid with the fans. Bravo might even give her another show called “Pump” that revolves around her new gay inclined restaurant. What about that would Lisa and Andy not love? Hmmmm?

  23. Kaleesi

    Man, Joyce’s husband was sweating butter beans!

  24. Stray thoughts –

    The whole codependence thing both moms are shoving down their daughters throats is really uncomfortable to watch. I think Kimberly has turned out really well, in the way many children of problematic parents do – when the kids feel they have to be the parent, they take very well to the role. The problems come later when they figure out that role robbed them of their childhood. I hope I’m wrong, perhaps Kimberly’s dad was a rock for her, he seemed like a steady guy (AND good looking as you say TT!).

    Seems like both Yo and Kim are putting so much pressure on those girls – by leaving for college they’re both making their moms miserable, not a good way to start what should be a very exciting time of life.

    Gigi’s apartment was gorgeous, but again, I think Yo is robbing her of a great experience. She should have put her in the dorms for the first year – she would have met tons of friends and been much more involved in school life. Now when she has friends over to her apartment (an apt. that 2 new college grads on entry level salaries could not afford), they’ll think she’s a stuck up rich bitch. Too bad.

    Also, if they are renting that pad, I don’t think the landlord will be happy to see that Yo put up all those dumb canvasses with double sided tape – not so good for drywall! And on that subject, Yo’s beef with Lisa is that Lisa cancelled out on making a tiny canvas for Gigi? I can’t imagine how quickly my daughter would chuck “artwork” for her made by MY friends that she barely knows…. Dumb fight.

    And seeing all the scenes of Yo’s house after hearing that it’s on the market makes me think that she probably joined the show just to show off the house to make $$ on its sale. Worked well for Lisa and Heather Dubrow. I think TT said she got the land for $3.5 million. Just looking at what we see, I can’t imagine she spent over $3 million on the build-out, and she’s asking $27 million – now that’s a good profit!

    This is really a terrible comment, but maybe she could use the proceeds for some new hair? It’s just HORRIBLE. And would real pants be too much to ask for? And just any clothing that isn’t a child size version of a bandaid??

    ScrappieONE has a good point about Brandi’s money woes – seems like the “oh poor me, I’m a struggling mom” is just more BS. Like Scrappie said, so she couldn’t get her hand fixed because she didn’t have $, but she can buy a car?? On her podcast she talked about dropping $1000 impulsively at some snooty skin store. But everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her because she’s struggling. She must be able to get the gallons of Botox and filler into her face because insurance doesn’t cover that????

    On the magazine thing – I can imagine Lisa stirring the pot by telling Brandi to put the magazines in her bag. Just like what Lisa said to Kyle about Mo dating younger women with Portia in the room. She says stuff she thinks is funny that perhaps others would find hurtful, and when confronted, she says, “but it was just in jest, darling!” As if that makes it okay (a bit like Lea Black from Miami). BUT, on the other hand, whether Lisa told her to bring the magazines or not, everyone has CONFIRMED that Brandi HAD the multiple magazines at her house – why isn’t Kyle mad at Brandi about that??

    And while we’re on Kyle, if you have a daughter that is a big baby, you know it, and you should know not to put her on camera when she’s being an unreasonable blubbering fool (the earrings) – I’m sure her daughter will be trying to live that down for years at school.

    And Kyle, from the previews, just stop with the “if you want to be my friend, you’d…”- honestly, even a fuckin’ train stops eventually. Lisa has shown you the type of friend she is, like it or lump it but just quit whining about it!

    The “drama” we’re watching is just so manufactured that I can’t relate to it at all and it really takes away from the fun of the show.

    • Oh enough about tabloidgate already. I don’t care who wrote the magazines, bought the magazines, read the magazines, or stuffed the magazines in a suitcase. The whole story line is just so stupid – no one would have even remembered that silly little tabloid blurb in a third rate tabloid if Kyle didn’t keep bringing it up.
      I know I’m in the minority here, but I found Lisa’s comment to Kyle in the kitchen with Mauricio and Portia funny (she never said anything about dating a younger woman). And I don’t believe Portia is mature enough to catch any innuendo. Again, more drama manufactured by Bravo.

      • JoJo

        Of course it’s stupid and petty – but all of these women’s issues have been , imo. I too thought it was an absolutelyinnocuous comment by Lisa and funny taking the wind out of the rumor by mentioning “that’s where the rumor started” mentioning Portia.
        What I’m still unsure of though, is that if all of the others’ petty issues really don’t point to maybe a larger picture of Lisa’s sneakiness, perhaps off-camera. Even the possibility of being true that Lisa’s very manipulative and by forcing one woman against the other, trying to avoid any finger-pointing at her?
        And I like Lisa a lot, It wasn’t until last episode I even questioned her true character, and I still like her though.

      • and manufactured drama isn’t much fun to watch as evidenced by this season.

        Even the whole “drama” the other season with Adrienne Maloof’s big “secret” being revealed (although “silenced”) by Bravo seems so ridiculous – although more of a real issue than what we’re watching this year.

      • I found it funny too tootsie and rather cute. Kyle made it her story line this season and probably planted the damn story herself. I am so over it. It’s boring and doesn’t ring true. Kyle isn’t a good enough actress to be believable. She is such a needy bitch. I am really over Kyle.

      • JoJo

        I agree about Kyle & the ‘acting’ – really bad attempts at trying to be so sincere and deeply crushed about Lisa’s passing remark in front of Portia & the mere possibility that Lisa may have said take the tabloids or even put them in the suitcase.
        After all, there’s been NO mention if it happened or not what the hell would have been the motive if those damn tabloids were brought. Would Lisa have taken them out and casually start reading them in Palm Springs in front of Kyle? I highly doubt that. It’s Kyle’s only story that she’s been a victim of a plot to destroy her.
        And even though Lisa’s been acting completely different than I’m used to, all of these other women’s issues with her can easily be argued as their plot to knock Lisa off her well-perched pedestal out of pure jealousy!

      • Mari Anne Souza

        Lisa said, “seen with a younger woman”.

      • Daphne

        I thought that was funny too. But, I thought the “Maloof Hoof” was hilarious too!

  25. JoJo: I like the character Lisa plays on the show a lot (although I think it might have more to do with Giggy than Lisa)! You’re right, Lisa’s reactions this season did not ring true and certainly weren’t consistent with my impression of her. However, how much of this show is staged by production? Where’s the big reveal? Is Lisa the anti-Christ? Why did Kyle, Yolanda, Kim, and Brandi turn into venom spouting bitches? Nothing they have shown in the episodes thus far explains the hatred being spewed in their talking heads, blogs, and on twitter.

    • I would have expected Lisa to bow, wave, and say something along the lines of “ta ta dahlings, see you back in Beverly Hills”. I didn’t expect tears, nor do I understand why these women think they have to cry to make a point. Of course, it could be hormonal. :-)

    • JoJo

      Lisa IS the anti-Christ as far as these other women are concerned :) And I think the reason is that she has always been able to play the reality game better and come off better, and never lose fans. Not just because of what she’s done on-camera, but they’re all probably pissed that her on-camera character is nothing like off-camera. But they can’t break that 4th wall in talking heads and/or talk about off-camera Lisa per Bravo rules.
      Brandi’s alluded to things Lisa’s done off-camera and obviously no one takes her seriously and now she just makes herself look worse if that’s even possible.
      Viewers will only really judge all these women by what we see, and I can’t see the others unionizing off-season, off-camera to burst the Lisa bubble.

      • Wait, what? What is the 4th wall? Do you really think Lisa is horrible in real life? *sigh* It’s possible I have been sucked in by Giggy.

      • JoJo

        Oh no Tootsie, it’s not that I think Lisa’s that bad at all. I bet a woman that has 2 restuarants, 2 shows, appearances, a website, and book, is just too damn busy to pretend-friend these women off screen. She shows up and does exactly what’s required and does it very well. The 4th wall would be if Brandi said in a talking head that Lisa only cares about her on the show and when the cameras aren’t rolling she can’t remember her name, for e.g. :)

      • medicated fan

        I think maybe Lisa wears the mask so much better than these other dimwits and has truly profited from it. That may be what they are so pissed about.

  26. ScrappieOne

    Does anyone else find it funny that Brandi still hasn’t posted a blog yet? Coward.

    • And did you notice that Yolanda posted a blog saying that she wasn’t going to blog. That just gave folks an opportunity to comment and it ain’t pretty!!

      • ScrappieONE

        Why did she bother…. If she had time to put up that crap she had time to say she was wrong and apologize…. Okay, we all know that will never happen because Yo is perfect in every way… Just ask King David….

        BTW… I love David and think he has an amazing talent but why does he always look stoned….

  27. Gabriella

    Just watched this episode, I’m in Australia so am a bit behind you guys. I can honestly say that this was the most boring episode of RH that I have ever watched, of any franchise, of any series, and I watch all of them. I love my kids to bits, but the way Kim and Yolanda fawn and weep and slobber over their kids makes me puke!!! Yolanda is a total bitch and Kim is a dumb ass. I say get rid of Kim and Brandi, they are so BORING!!! Nothing of interest to bring to the show at all.

    • JoJo

      It really was rather boring. But I admit I was flabbergasted at the opulence of GiGi’s apt. in NY! More flabbergasted that her mother justified her having an apt. of such extravagance so she could concentrate on work – instead of even mentioning focusing on university. Yolanda obviously isn’t as invested in GiGi’s whole life, but rather her modeling career. I guess Yolanda can’t relate to what a college education can mean for someone their whole life?

      • Just confirms – the Fosters have a lot of $$$$. Maybe the Giudices can move in with Gigi!!

      • JoJo

        Actually it’s not that I think Yolanda isn’t invested in GiGi and her whole life. It was just odd that she has never mentioned how important college is and to GiGi. Or how proud that she was accepted into NYU (she actually couldn’t 100% buy her way in there, there’s lots of very wealthy applicants), and focuses so much on her modeling.
        I realize from a little experience that in modeling you have to hit it hard and young since it’s a competitive and relatively short career. But GiGi is the one that has mentioned how meaningful going to college is and what she intends to study, Yolanda never does. And as envious I am of that apt., living on campus at least for GiGi’s freshman year, offers so much that contributes to learning and life. I don’t get that part of Yolanda.

  28. Well, per Yolanda she is just being paid a lot of money to play a role on a show, and we (the viewers) don’t see enough of filming to know the truth of who she is as a person.

    • JoJo

      She sure has said that. But she’s sure chosen an odd way to portray her character lately in this role. To be fair, she had me going for a season and a half about her being lemons and sunshine and above petty drama 😉

      • Couldn’t agree with you more. I find this latest approach of these ladies (the viewers can’t possibly understand, they don’t see the whole story) to be ridiculous. Are they saying we shouldn’t comment on their behavior on the show and social media? If that’s the case, why are they doing the show and behaving so badly? They’re trying to have it both ways – they want us to believe they are fabulous wives and mothers, but we’re not supposed to believe they come across as raving bitches.

    • vivaladiva831

      Well Yolanda if that’s the case…then maybe you can hook up with heatherpaigekentdubrow and start working the sitcom circuit. Either way, sure doesn’t sound like you belong on a REALITY show.

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