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Y’all have been asking me in emails (thank you) if the rumors here and there about Joyce and Carlton being axed from RHOBH are true.  I can’t answer that because nothing has happened yet with contracts.  What I can tell you is that Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster are not campaigning TOGETHER for anything.

I find it amusing that the same sites who claim to know who is leaving RHOBH insist that Lisa and Yolanda are BFFs and have formed some sort of alliance to get Mohammed’s finance, Shiva Safai, on the show. Especially considering Lisa is retweeting the above picture on twitter.

RHOBH Joyce and Carlton

Clearly, Lisa’s relationships with Yolanda has gone um, sour….while Lisa and the two cast mates who are ALLEGEDLY leaving, Joyce and Carlton are the ones saying great things about Lisa. If Lisa is looking for a “much needed ally” as some claim, she already has them in Joyce and Carlton. Why would she want to cast someone close to Yolanda? And clearly Yolanda wants us to think she is fond of Shiva. Because Bravo makes it clear she just love, love, loves. Mo’s next ex wife.  If I told you how many random emails a day I get from people telling me all is not lemonade and sunshine at Chez Foster, you would be blown away. It’s right up there with how many people email me to say I spend all my time being jealous of successful black women like, Nene Leakes.

That said, Mohamed Hadid is very rich. Not like Nene Leakes rich, but actually filthy rich. Rich enough to buy his way on every west coast Bravo reality show there is. Rich enough to buy his fiancée’s  way on as well. Rich enough to ensure that whoever he would like to stay on RHOBH stays on. Mohamed loves the camera. He loves having events at a home he is trying to sell. Last I checked I want to say that home is on the market for 65 million or so, I forget. Bravo is eager for rich people’s houses to film at.  Carlton has one. Joyce has one. Kyle is somehow involved in production.  Really the only people who don’t have one is country come to city Brandi Glanville, and Kim Richards.

Money makes the world go round in  Beverly Hills, and if two are going, my guess is Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards.  To be clear, this is not sourced information. Just common sense. Joyce and Carlton both have an actual wealthy lifestyle.  Kim and Brandi? Not so much to bring to the table.

Just my opinion.


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134 responses to “RHOBH Cast Shakeup Rumors

  1. Mrs Smith

    I hope kyle, kim, and Joyce get the ax…..I am sure it won’t happen but I choose to hope anyway.

    • I think Kyle has some financial interest in the show and can’t be fired. I could be wrong. Either way I want Kyle to stay I like her.

      On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Faith

        Kyle had something to do with the start of the show because I remember her season one reunion saying she was the one that invited C. Grammar on the show. I could see the Brandi and Lisa drama being the main feud story line of next season and as for Kim the only reason I think she was on the show on the first place and has gotten to stay these past seasons is because of Kyle. Kim apparently has a huge divorce settlement from her ex billionaire husband her sister Kathy talked about it in her book

      • And I’ve thought for a long time that Kyle uses that influence to keep Kim there. They are a package deal.

      • Reading Beads

        Brandi and Carlton are awful. I could do without both of them. And Yo, honey, time to go.

      • CocoTalks

        I agree she developed the show in the beginning and must have some deal including getting to sit next to Andy at all the reunions. Everyone else rotates. She wants Kim on the show bc even if you are in a fight with your sister she will always back you up with others. Plus it is a job and there were financial problems with Kim. I think Brandi should leave she doesn’t fit in with the theme and has brought the glitz & glam down, but she also brings the drama so I dunno.

      • CocoTalks

        I like Kyle too but she needs to get over Lisa being the breakout star, the jealousy and attempts to bring her down ruin her funny and charming personality

  2. Tamara. I have a confession to make to you. I know you like Joyce and so I just lurked, not commenting regarding her as I didn’t care much for her. All of that changed during the last episode. She was the only HW who shined. She genuinely was having a lovely time with her family and enjoying herself. I remember you describing Joyce as being “thrown into a pit of vipers.” They ARE a pit of vipers! I can barely watch anymore and this one along with Atlanta are the only two I watch. Anywho, you are right and I was wrong. Hanging my head.

  3. JoJo

    Fascinating! I agree if Bravo wants the wealthy and their homes for filming, Brandi & Kim definitely don’t belong. Kim isn’t exciting in the least, but she’s Kyle’s sister, so wonder if Kyle can campaign for her?
    Brandi’s a lightening rod for drama, but it seems she’s alienated both of her rich buddies, Lisa and Yolanda. Her being friends with Kyle would bore me too.
    I think it makes sense you guess not all’s lemons and sunshine at the Foster home, especially since Yolanda has made such an aggressive, get-in-people’s-faces over petty crap turn lately. Her turning up the drama, while saying she’s above it, doesn’t square, especially for someone supposedly just using the show for a springboard to a life and style show of her own.

    • Fahlina_G

      Yolanda and David’s dream home and lemon grove are currently for sale, with the kids going to college (?) as an excuse. Um, wouldn’t they have thought of that while building? (As Yolanda “supervised” her hundred or so workers?) *rolls eyes.

      • JoJo

        Yep. Her new aggressive drama and selling the house do kinda’ jive with potential trouble in paradise. I don’t know when she built that home but her and David didn’t marry until the end of 2011, but I have no idea how long they were together before that either. Her public statement is because of her disease she can’t take care of this size of home, but as people point out, with their money, there’s likely a hefty staff of paid workers taking care of it anyway.

    • Reading Beads

      I keep hearing Kelsey Grammer say “this is my gift to Camille, it’s her turn to be in the spotlight”. That’s code for “I need to be with my girlfriend and this will keep her busy”. David Foster frankly looks bored with Yolanda. I’m bored with Yolanda, so I completely see this as his way out of that smothering marriage.

      • CocoTalks

        There was an event a couple weeks ago where David had to leave late at night but before Yolanda, he said “gotta go to work” and glanced at the camera on him in a way that seemed a little off

    • CocoTalks

      Yolanda, Brandi, and Kim have all made comments off camera that were pretty insulting to the show. Bravo doesn’t take kindly to that.

  4. Lil Tex

    I vote Brandi and Carlton off the island.. I think if Kyle has financial interest in the show, she would try to keep Kim on also. Which reminds me.. I wonder what the real reason is that Carlton didn’t go to Puerto Rico with the ladies. I know they had a BS scene about it on the show, but I assume the other ladies don’t get to pick who goes on Bravo sponsored trips.

    • sarcasatire

      Carlton barely showed up for anything all season. Most of her scenes are with her nanny, or shopping for tired lingerie.

    • Fahlina_G

      Kyle doesn’t have financial interest in the show. That rumor came about Season One when she helped with suggesting cast members, but she has nothing listed at IMDB as far as producing goes.

    • JoJo

      According to Carlton’s blog, she was invited to PR, but said she was uninvited by Joyce and Kyle at Mohammed’s GiGi party. But then again Joyce wasn’t at that party???

  5. TT: I love the Mr. Wizard pic! I don’t understand Kyle’s role in production. Is that why she was able to invite Brandi to Joyce’s PR trip and disinvite Carlton? Does her role include any say over who stays and who comes back? Inquiring minds want to know!!

    • I can’t at the moment recall if the relationship with Kyle and Bravo is a real thing. And I agree that Carlton not being invited to PR is a bad sign for her. However, I don’t think anything is carved in stone yet. And if Carlton stays over Kim…. it’s about the money…

      On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Reading Beads

        Carlton probably wants out. The show cuts into her ‘girls time’ with the Nanny’s while her children are at school and her husband is at work. She likes the ladies. She married for money.

  6. Thanks for all you do Of like to see Joyce go and Kyle. But who ever had the most money wins

  7. It makes sense to me that they would axe Brandi & Kim. Hence, both of their ongoing pathetic attempts to be ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ all season. Lawdy, it’s been painful to watch – like nails on a chalkboard painful!

    • Reading Beads

      Brandi makes me grit my teeth. So fake, such a troublemaker. Her version of the story is never the truth. She’s not a housewife anyway, her only story lines are the fights she starts then lies about.

  8. Kim is very boring and just out there. She may or may not be sober, who knows. I think Kim and Brandi need to go and I would hope Carlton would as well but, I have to agree, money is key.

    • I’m going to end up a blithering idiot if I have to watch Kim mumble through yet another season.
      She can make a choice, exit either stage right or stage left.

    • JoJo

      Can’t agree more. There’s no scene when she’s without the other women that I don’t do something else (like comment here on TT). And not to be mean, but when Yolanda or Lisa, even Joyce or Carlton are seen dealing with their kids, it’s not boring, but Kim and her children scenes are really time to do something else, especially the grad party.

      • or the chicken salad prom party.

      • JoJo

        Ok, the bizarre chicken salad tossing is akin to the falling off the chair in her TH – but both were equally sad. Kim is being made fun of in anything she’s done and a lot of people even question her sobriety. I know it’s a paycheck, but at what price to her self-esteem and definitely detrimental to our entertainment.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      I could deal with Carlton, if we could just get rid of Brandi; losing Kim would be the cherry on the sundae!

  9. vivaladiva831

    I think if Kyle insisted, they would keep Kim on the show. I think Kyle hopes it keeps her sober by having to be accountable for her actions on tv.

    • You’re probably right, but sometimes I think Kim would be better served if she kept her journey off TV and off social media. Have you ever seen her Twitter TL?

    • JoJo

      That’s what I was wondering when TT mentioned Kyle’s involvement in production somehow. But it’s absolutely not incumbent upon Bravo or her sister to keep her sober by subjecting us to her nutty dullness. I don’t find it entertaining to even see her struggle to talk, or to talk about her past or recent sobriety (if that’s truth) or to lose it by arguing with Ken or Lisa to stay relevant, for example. The only time I can remember finding her amusing is when she fell off the chair about Lisa and DWTS.

      • It pains me to admit that the only time I found Kim remotely funny was when she was poking fun at Lisa and her DWTS faint. I think Bravo exploited Kim’s addictions – who can forget them filming her crawling around on the hotel bathroom floor, that very unpleasant limo ride with her boyfriend at the time, or her odd behavior at that party at SUR when she told Kyle she wanted another baby and thought she was pregnant. If Kyle has any say at all with production, why in the world would these scenes be aired? I didn’t find these scenes entertaining at all, just very very sad.

  10. vivaladiva831

    You know who I would love for them to cast…Linda Thompson, David’s ex. Not ony for the drama factor, but the vicarious (for me) Elvis association!

    • Linda was on the episode when Brandi hosted the party in Malibu and Taylor had her meltdown. Linda was all Zen and Peace, so I’m not sure she would bring any drama.

      • ViVaLaDiVa

        she never had any interaction with yolanda thought…that would be weird to me if i was in either situation. to socialize with someone that has slept with the same person you have? and not a one time thing, but in a long time marriage.

      • JoJo

        vivaladiva….RHOBH already had that uncomfortable drama: Brandi & Sheana. So they’re certainly not averse to it.

      • I think Linda was interviewed for it, and turned it down? Additionally, that’s where a lot of the Yolanda/Taylor drama came from. It would have been interesting to see Linda during that time, specifically because Yolanda had some choice words for her…

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Yeah, she might lighten things up a bit. Good pick!

    • vivaladiva831

      I have to wonder what “my luv” thinks of all this…he doesn’t seem like someone who would want his wife in the middle of a mean girls movie.

      I think David is SUPER high maintenance, and it is almost a requirement that a woman devotes her entire attention to him. I am sure he was like that with Linda, they practically worked together, with their song writing collaborations. Linda would be the ultimate geisha girl, she had that with Elvis (sorry I Try to incoporate my luv, the King, as often as possible lol). She has been described as saving his life multiple times, and as a mother, sister, lover, friend, nurse, etc to Elvis so I know she has it in her. That would be extremely hard to live up to for Yolanda. This show has to be taking away from David and Yolanda time and doesn’t make his wife look that great right now. Maybe there is some truth to their marriage going through a struggle. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    • SW

      And she could bring her sons Brody and Branden. Both little hotties!

  11. harrison

    apart of me thinks yolanda could leave, she doesnt need the money and has been getting a bad rap this season. also i think linda thompson would be great on the show and if yolanda does leave it wouldnt surprise me if she does pop up

  12. JentheAUfan

    So I had no idea you were jealous of nene…the things I learn from you are amazing!

  13. tleighb

    Can’t get past your comment about all the emails you receive about spending time being jealous of successful Black women like Nene Leakes. Smh

    • Mari Anne Souza

      Me too, what is there to be jealous of?

      • Reading Beads

        I’m pretty sure TT does not want to be a mad black woman with ghetto vocabulary and bad hair. Nene is mad at the world. Who could possibly be jealous of that? What is there to be jealous of? Her eunuch husband or her ‘bri maes”? Her command of the English language makes me cringe.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      So, is TT jealous of “successful Black Women” OR is she jealous of Nene Leake?. They are mutually exclusive you know. LOL! I admit, I’m kind of jealous of Kandi–Nene–not so much.

  14. Jarlath

    I hope they cut Joyce, she adds nothing.

    • Joyce brings honesty, wealth, fame and beauty to this show. She has a strong yet bubbly personality. Dare I say, she’s my favorite this season!

      • Jarlath

        I only admire honesty of those things and all I’ve seen her is stir the pot. If she were honest, she wouldn’t be on this show

    • Olive

      I hope they cut her too but keep her husband

    • JoJo

      I can agree with “she brings nothing to the show.” But for a reason now. TBH, I haven’t had many nice things to say about Joyce in the past. Then I decided not to comment on her. Not that that I don’t think there’s a little too much pageantry about her & it’s a little much how she has interacted w/ her hubby, these last episodes, it’s not so noticeable anymore. And the Puerto Rico trip softened me.
      The revelation that she was most likely correct in alerting Lisa early & off camera that Yolanda & Brandi didn’t seem to be Lisa’s real friends since they were talking to her behind Lisa’s back. On-camera she has been actually telling them to stop talking behind Lisa’s or Kyle’s back and tell them to their face how they felt.
      I now think she’s likely very honest and although maybe nervous being new and overly friendly, I think that off-camera conversation with Lisa was the basis of Brandi’s issue with her. I now do think she’s a nice person trying to get along with everyone.
      The problem there is that it makes for not an exciting part of the show, no drama being honest, nice and bubbly, and I could see a Bravo decision to replace her because of that.

      • Reading Beads

        Bravo is the new mean girls franchise. Frankly, I tire of it. I wonder if Andy secretly enjoys whipping the women into drama frenzies on the reunion shows and makes fun of them later?

    • For a minute I thought you were talking about cutting MAMA Joyce! And I thought, just try it!

  15. I always thought that in the beginning Kyle was the housewife who helped cast the show (a high-end real estate agent’s wife who was also a child actress).

    And then after the limo blow up between Kyle and Kim where Kyle basically said Mauricio was financing Kim’s lifestyle. I would think that’s the reason Kyle wants Kim to stay on the show – the longer she’s on it, the less they have to pay to support Kim.

    Also, isn’t Kim living in the same house Brandi lived in last year? Is it a Bravo rent house?

  16. Why Brandi was ever cast despite not being rich at all blows my mind. I get why she was appealing, but I think she was a bad casting choice. The only problem with Kim leaving is that Kyle will throw a hissy fit, and she IS the person who got the original cast together. For whatever reason, that person tends to have “more” influence than others. That may not being saying much.

    I could see Kim/Brandi being demoted to friends of the housewives. While I think you’re opinion is spot on, there is one blaring mistake I think you made: people haaaaaaaate Carlton. Whether you’re team Kyle, team Lisa or team Brandi, people hate Carlton similarly to how people disliked Dana. I think she’s toast.

    • I was wondering about the Brandi thing too. Cast without having money. We know Bravo likes to have the cast front when they are broke but that’s when people don’t know they’re truly broke. We know Brandi is. She doesn’t hide the fact that she is. She’s mentioned it several times. For that reason alone I could see her being cast as a FOH but not a full housewife.

    • Reading Beads

      I publicly hate Carlton and all her weird Wicca stuff. She’s the bad witch.

  17. Undine

    I think Brandi and Carlton are out. Carlton has some good points, she seems to genuinely love her family, in-laws etc and is likely a decent person. But on camera she comes off pretty skeevy, and her only affect after skeevy-ness is up in arms outrage over nonsense, aka Tits on an Ant-itis. Despite the tattoos, the sex playroom, and other attempts to be so outrageous, she is really extra boring. Brandi is out, not because of anything having to do with RHBOH directly but WWHL, and assorted PR blunders off the show. The foul shit she said about Joanna Krupka, the Lisa got Cedric deported stuff, the Kyle says Lisa was bankrupt–her mouth is so reckless she is a lawsuit waiting to happen. And a public relations nightmare. At certain point, I think an entity like Bravo has to cut their losses with someone who is so dumb and so reckless. What thing could drop out of her mouth next? She can’t be reigned in and she is damaging the brand, big time.

    • vivaladiva831

      Not that it matters, but has anyone else ever heard “Tits on an ant?” I thought the phrase was Tits on a boar.

      • A Hispanic poster on another blog stated that the actual expression is “like looking for teeth on an ant”. Mo’s father got it wring.

      • Fahlina_G

        With an Hispanic accent “tits” (“teets” phonetically) and “teeth” do sound pretty similar.

  18. The pic makes me laugh, like ALOT. Hilarious, thank you. I really hope Joyce doesn’t get the axe. I am in the “like her” camp. I was unsure at first, as I am of any new person but she definitely grew on me (minus the stupid hair drama with Lisa). Carlton ended up being boring. I honestly can’t see this show without Kyle (and Kim for that matter). Yolanda should focus on getting well. Brandi should just focus on finding another career.

    Mohammed has his houses on several Bravo/HGTV shows. I doubt he’s going anywhere :)

    • The stupid hair drama was not Joyce’s fault. It was Lisa being a bitch to her when Joyce was actually trying to warn her about her backstabbing friends, Brandi/Yolanda. #hairgate will always be iconic.

    • Sarah

      Karma Grant — totally agree with your choices as who should go / who should stay. Andy would be foolish to get rid of Joyce — she’s a breath of fresh air.

  19. SantaFeWay

    IMO no one will leave, unless Yolanda chooses to go since she’s not being shown favorably. Carlton, bad as she began, has the potential to be an ally to Lisa and I don’t think she’d bat a fake eyelash to throw Brandi under the bus if she felt Brandi was wrong. Carlton is original – that is a positive in the world of reality TV…quirky.

    Joyce is a positive person, and I think she’s honest. Her self-confidence is refreshing since it’s not accompanied by conceit. I like her, too. She’s willing to host trips and parties and I’m sure her role could expand if she’s given the opportunity of another season.

    I agree about Kyle. Although I cannot stand her, I heard she has some pull because she put the original cast together. She would fight to keep Kim. However, remember that Jill Zarin had the same role in NYC casting yet Bravo sent her packing. Who knows?

    As for Brandi, I loathe her. Don’t want to waste time and space since you all know how despicable she is. Too bad she brings the drama Bravo craves. She’ll be here forever. I think.

    The more shake-ups they do, the less the fans like it. My guess is that all the cast will be asked back and given another season to prove their chops. No way will Mohamed’s fiancee Shiva join the cast. She’s got a full-time job staying ready for his whims. Also, you don’t get to be as successful as he is flying by the seat of your pants and promoting negativity and drama. I think he’s happy staying in control of what and when Bravo films rather than the other way around. JMO

    • CocoTalks

      I think they are going to clean house, like they did with New York and Jersey. Ratings have plummeted. Hopefully they try to get back to the Beverly Hills fabulosity everyone liked about the show and not caught up in who brings drama but it will prob be a balance of both. They will keep Kyle, Lisa if she chooses and 1 other. I think Yolanda will be gone unless they cast one of her husbands exes. Kim will be a friend.

      • hear, hear, re BH fabulosity. this is the only housewives show i was ever interested in, coz i expected that. those fabulous beautiful scenes are few and far between, tho. the whole bitchfest crap this franchise has turned into is so disappointing.
        and jojo, give it up re joyce. we get it — you never liked her from the beginning. i don’t think you’ve ever given her a chance but jeez it’s plenty plain how you feel. no need to dissect further. so far i still like her, & think she adds flavor to the mix & has good self esteem — sorely needed in this hot mess. she’s only just started, & seems worth a further look, unlike the tedious black hole of negativity that is carlton.

      • JoJo

        chriscleo: if you’re talking about me, you’re wrong. I commented above I changed my mind, have given her a chance and said I think she’s likely very honest and nice and trying to get along with everyone. All I qualified that with is that if Bravo ends up choosing drama over honest, rich, nice and bubbly, Joyce might be the victim of the axe.
        Joyce just did an interview that said she’d never change (drop her standards) to just stay on the program btw.

  20. Psedmond

    I don’t understand Kyle being involved in production or whatever…I thought there were big threats made that if Kim was fired, she’d walk.

    • Fahlina_G

      Kyle is not involved with production. That rumor has been disproven, and she has no IMDB credit for producing this show.

  21. Yes that scene when Kim was crawling on the floor reminded me of a coke head looking for a rock they dropped.
    Not saying Kim was doing coke, it just looked like that.
    That scene was funny and sad.
    As good as Kim looks now she has become judgmental. I have kids that graduated from HS and university’s, graduations are so boring. Send a gift, never ever go. I understand Lisa and Ken not going, they were not close to the girl. Want to tell Kim to shut up about the party.
    Carlton made a mistake by not explaining Wicca to those idiot women then getting upset they did not understand. Wicca’s a very peaceful, earthy, sensual way of living.
    Sadly Carlton will probably be out.
    Joyce is a sweet girl with a backbone. Yes she’s a pageant girl but that’s ok. Took me awhile to understand her.
    Kim needs to go.
    I like Linda Thomson, and her Jenner sons consider Foster a Dad. Foster was a prominent part of the oldest sons weddings.

  22. SantaFeWay

    I don’t consider David Foster a bad dude. Yolanda gives him a bad name with her hero worshipping. He’s definitely a name-dropper, but other than that, he seems fine. His style is laid back, which I like, and he seems like a man’s man in that he gets along well with Mohamed and the other men on the show. if anything, it’s Yolanda who makes him seem the jerk he seems. Gosh I CANNOT STAND when she cries out…”Hiii, my loooove” Just ick.

    • I really like David Foster! He drops names because he is promoting his clients. That’s what he does. I used like Yolanda but right now,I can’t stand her. I hope she gets better!

  23. SumTypeOfWay

    Kyle is involved in production alot actually like u mentioned TT. She owns around 5% of the show which is why Kim hasn’t been fired even though she has no storyline

  24. Barbara R.

    My bet is that Brandi stays because she’s such a loose cannon and Andy likes her. Carlton will go and maybe Kim (she is soooo boring).

  25. sarcasatire

    Brandi doesn’t have a rich lifestyle, but she doesn’t have a filter either. I guess that’s why they keep her. Kim is comic relief…inadvertently. She has no storyline, but she succeeds in throwing off the dynamic of every party she attends. It’s hilarious in its awkwardness. But also kind of sad.

    Joyce adds nothing to the show. She may be reach, but I feel like people haven’t connected with her. Has she shown her kids? Her home life away from the women? Tjere’s too much of a disconnect, same with Carlton. There was once a brief scene with her daughters but it went by in a blink. And why haven’t we seen her son? Why is Cross such a Mysteri?

  26. TracyMC

    Sorry, I’m still cracking up at the thought of you being jealous of NeNe. Do you even respond to those emails?

  27. Katie

    I thought everyone yearned to be as rich and talented like NeNe. No shame in being jealous. :) As for Kim, I thought her foray into the child/D- list star convention was hilarious. Filming her at auditions would be fun. She played a cracked out mom in Black Snake Moan and was quite good.

  28. Katie

    as rich and talented AS NeNe.

  29. Olive

    Something is going on with Brandi as she is tweeting about some news she has about projects ….

    Wonder if this means she’s off this show.

  30. ArrBee

    Kim’s storyline is boring, but her talking heads have been hilarious this season. She has so much potential when she is sober!

    I love Yolanda. Did you notice her abs when they were in PR ?!? That motivated me to do the Master Cleanse for a whole 3 hours.

    Wasn’t Mohamed engaged to some young Russian during the first season of RHOB? Do we really think that he is actually going to marry Shiva? Me thinks not!

  31. SantaFeWay

    Speaking of Kim…remember the rumors going around before the season began about one of her children having a drug problem or something and that that would be her storyline? So glad that never happened! Personal problems, especially with children, should be left private.

  32. Alex

    These rumors about Kyle being involved in production, or in any way being part of the Bravo team, have been debunked by Andy. She was one of the first cast, and she suggested Camille, and Kim. That’s it. But somehow this rumor has taken on a life of it’s own.

  33. mimis

    I love this blog!
    Last night I decided to re-watch the Beverly Hills season 2 reunion. Boy, was it interesting to look back at the women’s relationships, especially considering where they are now. Watching the season 2 reunion I was struck by how manipulative Kyle has been in regards to Lisa for a long long time. She never gives Lisa the benefit of the doubt, and it’s hard to see why Lisa would even entertain being friends with her again. Kyle has been playing dirty for years, gossiping about Lisa to Adrienne, Taylor, Camille and Brandi, all new friends of hers compared to Lisa. I hope that there will be cast changes if it means Brandi and Kim go, but I wouldn’t mind if Kyle left too. Her feuds and the gossip magazines are her only storylines.

    • Agreed – Kyle has exhibited manipulative behavior from day 1 on this show. She also spews a lot of negativity in her talking heads and always blames others for her bad behavior. Yet no one ever calls her out – what’s up with that?

    • Fahlina_G

      Kyle is trash. With the maturity level of a middle school student.

  34. Does anyone know how Yolanda is able to keep her chronic Lyme in check during filming? All I see is her working out with her trainer, running up and down those steps, cooking dinner for her family, hosting fabulous dinner parties, attending fabulous dinner parties, and jetting around in and out of the country. I’m not really getting a “fighting for my life” vibe.

    • And I’ll save you all the trouble – yes, I must be an insensitive biotch.

      • Anastasia Beaverhausen

        No, you’re no, Tootsie. I have had Lyme, twice. It makes you exhausted–like when you are in your first trimester of pregnancy exhausted. You are not working out with personal trainers, etc. You are sleeping or trying to stay awake. A long course of heavy duty antibiotics knocks it out of you. I’m sorry, but this woman seems to be equating Lyme disease with cancer. I’m sick of it.

      • I have said many times that Yolanda is not claiming to have Lyme Disease. She is claiming to have CHRONIC LYME DISEASE which is one of those fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue… sorts of chronic “diseases” that doctors do not understand so they just make shit up. In the case of Chronic Lyme the doctors say, wow, it’s almost like you got bit by a tick and got Lyme Disease that was never treated, even though there is no evidence that the patient was ever bitten by a tick. It is a “controversial” illness. I do believe that Yo is sick. I am just not sure she has been properly diagnosed.

        On Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 11:55 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Beverly

      I might have missed it but I haven’t seen her working out and running. I think that was last season. Don’t yell at me if I got my seasons mixed up.

    • BH28

      Lisa said the same thing in her blog last week, and today Yolanda was whining on twitter over this, saying that “her true colors are shining and blablabla”.
      Sorry, but I’m not getting the “fighting for my life” vibe either, far from it.

      • Reading Beads

        I’ve researched Lyme disease, generally handled with antibiotics and a few weeks of taking it easy. That whole story stinks to high heaven.

      • Fahlina_G

        I live on the East Coast where Lyme is common. I had it once, a late diagnosis. The doctor at the Lyme Clinic put me on some heavy duty antibiotics for 3 months. I was fine. I’ve never heard of anyone going through what she did. Sounds like a desperate ploy for attention from her looooove King David.

    • JoJo

      I think I’ve read in this blog that “chronic” Lyme is a dubious condition, but there’s true “Lyme Disease.” Yolanda has something that hasn’t been diagnosed properly maybe. But she obviously has doctors prescribing treatments for whatever she has and she talks about all her holistic healing attempts. But whatever it is, she’s able to pull it together for filming and this season, she’s obviously undergoing some type of medical or holistic ‘aggressive’ treatment – the operative word being ‘aggressive’!!

      • I agree – that aggressive treatment is making her overly aggressive, especially toward Lisa!

      • Viksta196

        Lyme disease is very tiring. Similar to chemo. I Havnt had Lyme but a friend does. I have however had chemo and my friend and I have almost the same side effects

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ tootsie: No, unless Yo keeps her Lyme disease in check with lemons, water, and cayenne pepper, I’m not sure what she does behind the scenes. And she can say she’s suffering from whatever ailement she chooses. (I’m not versed in nor knocking holistic medicine.) However, I am disturbed how she she forces her extremely restrictive, unhealthy diet on Gigi. I don’t care how good that little girl looks in a bikini.

      • Fahlina_G

        Yolanda sure seems to have an eating disorder. SO unhealthy to pass onto her kids. (Or viewers)

    • Fahlina_G

      Only when it conveniently gets her out of a jam. I preferred her much better when she was all about the lemons and not the Lyme’s.

  35. Fahlina_G

    Thank you. I read something about this somewhere else and my first thought was while I’m sure Lisa likes her very much , “Yolanda is keeping her friends close and her enemies closer”. No WAY does she “love” Shiva. She is jealous as hell! And I would bet money that Shiva sees right through her. Nice try though Yolo…

  36. O.O

    Lol @ country come to city

  37. Sue Knuepfer

    Yolanda is a gossip and pot-stirrer!
    Brandi is back-stabbing Lisa for no reason except to get attention and sympathy. Enough already!

  38. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Kim will never get the axe, despite the fact that she is as boring as watching paint dry. Kyle is protecting her on the show.

  39. Adina

    Who is this Shiva Safai???????
    It is very clear by looking at the Instagram of Shiva Safai,
    that she is a Gold Digger. Shiva Safai is showing off her gifts from Mohamed Hadid. She is frequently attending celebrity events, and is trying to mingle with celebrities. Shiva Safai is buttering the whole family of Mohamed Hadid….and she is buttering Mohamed Hadid’s daughter Gigi at an episode of RHOB. Mohamed Hadid must be the one marketing Shiva Safai all over media and internet, as well as herself.

  40. kathy Amos

    Please get rid of kim and her stupid sister ! they are not up to par with any of them , Bye Bye Trouble

  41. susana

    TT, interesting read. Gives another perspective on Bravo’s decision making processes, that I had not given much thought to. Money talks.

    In viewing the reunion, the most common words heard were, “oh, shut up Brandi!”. Her voice is grating and she has nothing to say. I do like Joyce and, more so now. Lisa, remains a fav and I do like Carlton. Would like to see Carlton do some segments that are more interesting, than what she has done in her first season. The new girls, are always having to play defense, with this bunch. It throws people off, it seems.

    Brandi’s reunion look makes me think of Olive Oyl.

    Enjoy your shade TT.

  42. I truly think they need to fire Yolanda, Brandi, Kim, I do like Joyce and Carlton and Lisa, I don’t care for Kyle but I can put up with her.. With those 3 gone and some new ones might just make the show more interesting..

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