Ready For Some RHONY Tea?


I probably try harder than anyone on the planet to defend Aviva Drescher. I really want to support her. I can defend her phobias, and her awkward social interactions. There is a whole lot one can overlook when someone has overcome the loss of a limb. The thing I find indefensible about Aviva is her father. Of all the issues that Aviva has to overcome to win a little support from the Real Housewives of New York fans, her father, George Teichner is her greatest obstacle.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why this 77-year-old pervert is back on Bravo next season. I just don’t get it. But not only is he back, he seems to be front and center in Aviva’s storyline again.  It appears that this season, LuAnn de Lesseps throws a dignified luncheon at some fancypants NYC place and several of the housewives attend, including Aviva.  Also invited to the luncheon is, Nana Meriwether who claimed the title of Miss USA in 2012 when Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss Universe.

RHONY AvivaAt the luncheon, according to,  Aviva recognizes Nana as someone who her father recently had a three-way with along with his twenty-something fiancée.  Because… everyone is aware of their 77 year old father’s sexual conquests.  It seems that Heather was summoned by Aviva so she could very loudly recount her father’s alleged sexual escapades with the beauty queen.

Well, clearly this upset the Countess. Threesomes are not polite conversation at a high-class luncheon in Manhattan unless you are filming an episode of Sex in The City.  Besides,  Nana tells NY Daily News there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this.  She and Aviva’s father met at their mutual friends home. Nothing more. No threesome. Nothing to see here.

Who is the mutual friend that Aviva’s father and Nana have in common? That would be Jill Zarin.


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  1. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Don’t know what happened to my first comment, but here goes again:

    I did not watch the RHONY last season, but I have heard that Aviva’s father is a piece of work. In any event however, I don’t think Aviva’s father’s sexual conquests are any of her concerns. If he and his girlfriend want to do the hanky panky with another woman, in the privacy of their own home, then that’s their choice. If he’s trying to make it known to the entire world, that’s different, but for the most part, if two consenting adults, I don’t care how old r how young, want to put some spice into their romance, that’s their decision. It’s not something that should really be discussed.

    • I would think it hard to make any sort of relevant comment on a show you have never watched. Apparently we disagree on that.

      On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        I have watched RHONY just not the last season. I thought my comment was very relevant, formulating my opinion on what you basically laid out in plain and white above, but apparently we disagree on that too. Shrugs.

      • you know I love you and your nic in particular. BUT that said, starting a comment with, I;ve never seen this guy on the show, but, here is what I think. was weird because Aviva talks about his sex life all the time. That is sort of the whole point of what we are talking about here.

        On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:10 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        I just tuned out. I will say that from what I’ve read her dad doesn’t seem like that much of an endearing person, but from reading about their little scenario, I think Aviva should butt out. :)

      • GCVLMV

        When I hear the words “I don’t watch but….” I tune out! You don’t get an opinion. It is like people that don’t vote but bitch!

    • Amber

      It’s like she has become his mouthpiece. She’s like a teenager in high school sowing gossip but she takes it to a whole new level of perverted insanity when she’s gossiping about her own Dad and his threesomes. It’s just so gross!

    • JentheAUfan

      She doesnt ask aboiy his sex life…he talks about it constantly

    • JenB

      George is disgustingly gross. I get so nauseated every time he talks. Then when he makes graphic sexual comments to the ladies, I almost throw up. You need to watch him on the show before you defend him. I am not a prude by any means, but he crosses the line.

  2. Amber

    Another great article TT!!! I too find her Father to be her greatest obstacle. His presence on this show actually sickens me quite frankly. I would be beyond embarrassed if my Dad ever acted that way but she doesn’t really seem to mind much. I used to like her, even though I thought she was a tad cookoo, but after seeing the previews from this season it looks like she is in the middle of all the drama. I hate to say this but I cannot wait to watch all this unfold. I just can’t help but love all my trashy bravo reality shows!

  3. I simply died laughing at the last sentence. “That would be Jill Zarin.”

  4. I love this blog.

    Sonja& Ramona make me laugh.
    Love when Sonja stomped off saying.
    “Boy I tell ya! You are a piece of work”. Re:Aviva.

    When Aviva referred to both as” white trash”. They frantically ,started Googling the meaning. I died!

    • I liked the “calm down, take a xanax” line. Maybe because I wish I had a xanax right about now? Sometimes I laugh at Sonja and Ramona, other times I just fast forward because I really have no interest in seeing 50+ year old women getting “nekkid” on TV. But, that’s just me.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        It’s me, too.

      • vivaladiva831

        It’s not just you, it’s me too. Even on the part about Xanax.

      • I love this blog.

        LOL! At times my head spin. Once Ramona , starts speaking really fast. Would be fun . If Bravo mixes the cast members. Nene vs Ramona. Heather vs Kenya. Phaedra vs Aviva. Carole vs Porsha.

  5. George. He is absolutely ridiculous. Between his super-sized dentures and his spray tan, he cracks me up!

  6. JoJo

    I really liked Aviva as an addition to RHONY and for many episodes in the beginning & was impressed by her openness about her disability and even being self deprecating about it.
    Then, little by little, her judgmental and superior attitude was annoying and harsh, and she made so much of any issue about her multiple phobias & herself when dealing with anyone. As much as I think Ramona and Sonja are nuttier than fruitcakes, when Aviva thought that they should have had a banner welcoming her for flying to St. Bart’s and have a party honoring her for it, was incredibly obnoxious.
    From then on she was just continued to be incredibly harsh and selfish. Then adding Pervert Daddy to the mix and her encouraging or accepting his behavior, it’s a duo that’s hard to stomach.
    Now this season all they’ve shown in previews is her fighting again with multiple of the women, especially Carole, who I think is pretty level headed. But I’m willing to see how she behaves and give her the benefit of the doubt, she did try very hard at the reunion to recognize her harsh judgment and apologize. Of course, that could have been only because of the blowback by viewers, but we’ll see. Her father, should have been left in Florida.

    • Agree. Liked her to start with but my the end of last season, couldn’t stand her.

    • Mrs Smith

      Her words at the reunion were hogwash….she was all over twitter right before ad well as after the reunion was filmed and aired defending herself as she had all along.

      Her dad is beyond disgusting… the point I do not wish to comment any further about him. It is not normal for Aviva to be ok with his behavior and to expect everyone else to automatically be ok with it.

      • JoJo

        I agree. The worst part of his being a part of our viewing is not his age, it’s his vulgar, disgusting, talk. And about his sex escapades with persons that he could be a grand or great-grandfather to. Of all the drama Bravo can bring, this is just the bottom of the barrel subjecting us to this.

      • Olive

        Perfectly said

  7. I find George absolutely endearing. Sort of like a male Sonja Morgan.

    • JoJo

      That’s a joke, right? If not, perhaps more of an 80 year old talking about sex & squirting orgasms are you’re thing? :)

      • Mrs Smith

        Omg LOL! you had to go there….gotta go puke now

      • JoJo – if I shared my true thoughts on his behavior on this site, TT would ban me for life. So yes, I was joking about finding him endearing.

      • Probably because I have a history of an old white man and molestation…. but please, do go on….it’s simply not as….I dunno… sexy? endearing? to me as it is to you. Most children do not like being molested by old molesters… I hope that was FINALLY clear enough.

        On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • LAC

        Omg!! Who knew George molested underage girls! Because that is what is being said here by ole tattletale here.

        I don’t think that a younger woman fetish is quite the same a molestation. But please proceed, tattles…

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      George gets away with his disgusting perverted act because he’s old and people think he’s “cute” and “harmless.” I know a little person who is a complete perv and it’s the same thing. Everyone thinks it’s cute because he’s a little person, but if a regular-sized man felt up women in bars the way he does, he’d get his ass kicked.

  8. lori

    Whaaaaaat?!? This is too much TT. Don’t even know what to make of this. That last line was a doozie! So…. I’d say either Nana has a nice defamation lawsuit in the works, or Jill Zarin is trying to worm her way in somehow? What do you make of it TT?

    • lori

      I would think Jill Zarin would be taking legal action as well if this isn’t true. One thing I meant to ask… is this going to be shown on RHONY. I guess that would make quite a difference.

      • ROFLMAO at Jill taking legal action. I am not sure what you think you read, but Jill Zarin lives for this shit. And are you serious about if cameras were there?

        On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 7:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        Well that’s why my first comment mentioned her weaseling her way in somehow.

  9. TT: I was absolutely kidding with the endearing comment. Clearly George’s behavior on the show prompts a gag reflex – I find Sonja’s does as well. I just didn’t want to spout hate and was trying to be funny. I obviously failed at that attempt.

  10. vivaladiva831

    The LAST thing I would want to imagine, discuss or feature is my parent’s sex life on a national television show. It’s more than a little gross that she keeps this up as part of her storyline. (P.s. I love Aviva too. Ever since she quoted Rush Limbaugh with that shit eating grin on her face…)

  11. Tango

    I think I would like Aviva if not for her attitude. Yes she’s missing a limb, but she’s had above and beyond the medical treatment and lavish lifestyle that many others in her position have, yet she still has a superior and narcissistic attitude. Her father is just to gross and disconcerting for me.


    I for one love Sexy George and his daughter the Lovely Aviva….I find him funny and enjoy the “adult” relationship that they, father and daughter display. I also get a kick out of their dislike of Pinot and the fact that neither let Pinot get away with her shit.

    I am deeply saddened to hear of the wakeful disgusting crime perpetrated against you as a child TT and hope that the bastard pig was arrested and dealt with severely. I can’t imagine the anguish you have gone through. I hope that you find the inner peace you need.

    Much love to you,



      Should read awful not wakeful

    • lori

      Rut roh… be forewarned… you might get a tongue lashing for calling Ramona “pinot”. It is a firm rule around here not to use nicknames under any circumstance. That right is exclusively for Tamara and ONLY Tamara.

      • Gabriella

        Why can’t we use nicknames? I thought Pinot was a great name for Ramona as I knew who you were talking about straight away!

      • lori

        Because it is one of the biggest rules on this blog.

      • JoJo

        Actually it’s my favorite rule – I hate the ugly nicknames of even people of whom I’m not fond. Although ‘pinot’ might be readily recognizable as Ramona if one’s a die-hard RHONY fan, there’s countless other sites (in fact maybe all of them) that allow the ugliest, nastiest and dumbest names. You make a rule of no nicknames then, it’s across the board. It also lends to more articulate comments, imo.

  13. jellybelly

    I think Aviva is just bat shit crazy, however if George was my father, I am sure I would be that way too! He just makes me want to vomit!! I am not sure I can watch this season after last! I think I will have to rely on TT’s recaps!

  14. Gingersnap

    Can’t stand Aviva, can’t stand her sex addicted dad. I don’t know if men can be skanky, but George is, he makes my skin crawl too. Sometimes I think Bravo hates me and the feeling is mutual :)

  15. I find George’s sex talk disgusting.
    Many people tend to allow the elderly to get away with bad behavior. George knows what he is doing and doesn’t care. Aviva should call him on his words and actions. I’m certain George has always been horrible but age has made it worse. Im old and there are NO women in my age group that would think he is desirable.
    Honestly there is a group of old men that do seem to fixate on sex. Ugh!!
    I’ve never cared for Ramona so it’ll be difficult for me to have empathy for her.
    I admire Carole and Heather. Hope they can stay above the fighting.

    • lori

      Okay, I have another question. Why am I so confused about this, especially after just having read it again? If it was a three way between George’s (blech) 20 something fiance and Nana, was Jill also allegedly part of the 3 way? If so, then I guess that would be a 4-way. Also, I can’t remember, but is George filthy rich? I’m assuming he must be, or how on earth would he get such beautiful, young hotties to participate in such things, let alone date or agree to marry him? It’s just mind blowing since everything about that man is beyond disgusting. I am so excited for this upcoming season. NY is my fav of the franchise, and this season sounds like it’s gonna be an extra good one. I haven’t been excited or waiting with anticipation over any of these shows for such a long time. Being it on!!!

      • vivaladiva831

        The girlfriend he has this season is no prize…she reminds me of Lafawnduh on Napolean Dynamite.

    • lori

      Are you on the young side, because if not, it doesn’t matter what they would put up with, since it would seem that these days he dates women way less than half his age. More like a quarter of his age… slimy pig that he is. I feel so bad for his fiance’s parents. How embarrassing.

      • lori

        Oh never mind… I just read that you refer to yourself as l old”, so yeah… it wouldn’t matter. He couldn’t handle a woman remotely close to his age since like you said, who the Hell would put up with that???

    • Kitty Mamma

      I will fast forward through Aviva’s scenes. Unless she’s with Carole. And I like Heather a lot, too.

      • jrleaguer

        Kitty Mamma~ I will be fast forwarding through Aviva’s scenes with her dad too. I seem to run hot and cold with Heather. Her sister-in-law is a prominent Rabbi here where I live (Heather’s late Father in Law was a VERY prominent Rabbi) and I sometimes wonder what the sister-in-law must think about two of her family members being mixed up with this farcockteh bunch of women.

      • Nicole

        I am planning to fast forward through Aviva’s scenes too. Can not stand her. She expects pity party for not having a leg. Move on already!

  16. Lori, I’m almost 60.
    A little aging secret, your mind stays as it was when you were 19 with the benefits of what you learn each decade.
    My Mom told me two things that stay with me. First, there are moments when you are waking that your mind forgets you’ve aged and make GREAT memories, they will what you have when your older. Both are coming true.
    I walk 2 – 5 miles a day depending in time I have., look good and out cuss everyone except TT.
    No woman I know would want George. They would never invite him into their homes for a party. Not ever.

  17. jrleaguer

    Her father is disgusting beyond words. A three way, really? Maybe if duct tape and a couple of Popsicle sticks are involved.

    • HannahKingRose

      Yes jrleager plus a whole bottle of Viagra, extra duct tape and several paper bags. The extra duct tape would be used to cover his mouth so he couldn’t speak. Four paper bags… one each for the women and two for George just in case one of his fell off during the encounter. Even with all that I could not fathom what could possibly make any woman even consider it. This new chick he is with this season must have an iron clad contract that she gets every penny he has and that she agrees that he can sleep with whomever he wants as long as it’s not her. I wonder how many million dollar insurance policies she has already bought.

  18. I have no choice but to assume producers are encouraging Aviva to make that disgusting father of her an ongoing part of her storyline. I guess they think that is what viewers ‘want’. I look forward to seeing Lee Merriweather again……….

  19. I love this blog.

    LOL! At the poster. That said. George resembles , a dog with big smiling teeth.LOL! Funny because . Whenever I see him grin& talk through his teeth. I think of a dog with a cigar in his mouth. That I once saw, on a tv program.

  20. JoJo

    Today Bravo is airing Season 1 of RHONY. I cannot believe how relatively normal, even if a tad pretentious, these women were. Seeing Bethenny as the cookie cook and claiming Jason her soulmate; LuAnn apologetic to Simon and Alex when Ramona ditched Jill’s dinner because he was there, although showing leaving her kids constantly for nights on the town with her niece; and Ramona, whose eyes weren’t really bugging out yet, and was able to somewhat coherently explain her awkward reactions and bonding with Bethenny. \
    I didn’t remember how these women used to be. The women from RHONY are almost unrecognizable compared to their first outing!!

    • jrleaguer

      JoJo~ I thought the same thing when I was watching it. They were totally snotty, but had not reached backstabbing level yet.
      I always did feel for LuAnn’s kids…especially her son.

      • JoJo

        Jill probably WISHED she could have maintained her season 1 persona. And I forgot why people were always commenting on LuAnn’s less than hands on parenting. Now I remember!

  21. cherry

    I guess wtihout her father she would have no story line, but this is getting out of hand. Her and her daddy need to go!