Weekend Update: The Giudice Plea Deals

classy teresa RHONJI have been doing some digging and want to clear up a of couple things here. First, I want to give a general idea of what is expected to occur on Tuesday, and secondly, clear up some incorrect statements in comments in the original post.

The short and simple explanation for what will happen on Tuesday is that Tre and Joe will arrive to a brief hearing with the judge. The judge will ask them if they have accepted a plea deal. They will say yes. The judge will ask if both the Feds and the Giudices are in agreement with the deal which will be submitted to the court (and probably read aloud at some point.)  The judge will agree to review the plea deal. A sentencing date may be set immediately or they may meet again to set a sentencing date.  That is all that will happen on Tuesday.

RHONJ joe treThen at some future day they will return for sentencing. That date will likely get postponed a few times as the Feds sort out the restitution/fines part of the agreement. By entering a guilty plea, it is now much easier for the Feds to seize property and funds related to the fraud charges.  This means their cash flow may change drastically after Tuesday.

As far as sentencing goes, it looks like based on the more credible sources out there that Joe will plead down to a Class D felony which has a mandatory sentence of 5-10 years with the plea agreement likely stating something much closer to 5 than 10. I realize that yesterday’s source has Joe with a three-year minimum, but that does not seem to follow the guidelines as I have read them. Teresa’s plea is likely to a Class E felony with a mandatory sentence of more than 1 year but less than 5. It is possible that she could do her year on house arrest. But everything I am reading says she will do a year minimum in some form.

Here is another thing that you may not understand. The plea agreement is NOT binding. The judge who handles the sentencing has the final say.  Just because the FEDS and the Giudices have reached an agreement, the sentencing judge ultimately decides the sentence. The plea agreement is nothing more than a recommendation. This is why Alicia from Mob Wives is still on pins and needles awaiting her sentencing despite agreeing to a plea agreement. I believe her plea agreement is for house arrest, but the judge could give her five years. That means that whatever plea agreement is submitted to the courts on Tuesday will be sort of a “best case scenario.”  We will not likely hear the actual sentence for months. We certainly will not hear it on Tuesday.

So that is the current update from what I am reading. My sources are not Tabloids, but attorneys and government sentencing guidelines. Teresa’s attorney has already said that a certain Tabloid that is being mentioned in many blogs is factually incorrect. The truth of the matter is we will know the details of the plea deal until Tuesday.


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  1. WestCoast Feed

    Thank you, TT, for your summary of what is REALLY going to happen on Tuesday and what the future is likely to hold. There has been an incredible amount of misinformation in the twitterverse and the blogosphere.

    • Fahlina_G

      THANK YOU Tamara, for not ‘sensationalizing” this story as a lot of other “legal expert” bloggers are attempting to do. The fact is NOBODY knows what will happen until it actually happens. Thank you again.

      • Buck Henry

        Yes thank you for explaining it, because I thought what I was hearing earlier in the week was real light.

  2. Ali

    Do u think Joe will get deported?

    • I really doubt it. THEY CAN but we are not really big on following deportation laws in this country.

      • Steph

        TT that is not accurate. Once Federal prisoners are close to completing their sentence, INS, (immigration) will initiate a deportation order. True we will not necessarily deport an illegal immigrant found guilty of say a traffic violation, however, being convicted of a federal offense is another thing altogether. So it is possible/plausible.

    • So my OPINION on my blog, is inaccurate? Would you like to cite some sources that have studied MY Opinion? Because I am unaware of being studied. Also, would not have given MY OPINION without knowledge of deportation laws.

      No one ASKED for your OPINION. Or for your judgement on the “accuracy” for fucksakes, of mine. Please have several seats and sit silently on the fucking sideline if the only thing you have to say is that MY OPINION is not accurate.

    • Generally one has to be convicted of an “aggravated felony” to face potential deportation. While the income tax evasion and bank fraud charges, given the high dollar amounts, could potentially be considered as aggravated felonies, My guess is his plea deal addresses that issue. You know, my opinion and all, since we really hate actually deporting people.

      • TT: I really appreciate all of your hard work and investigation into this issue. I know I’ve been banished, fined, blocked, and otherwise chastised for my comments on your site. However, I do want to point out TO STEPH that Joe Giudice is not an illegal immigrant. He stated on WWHL that he has a Green Card.

      • Oh quit your whining, toots. You still have plenty of TT tokens left!

        On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 8:33 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • One thing might be interesting. When Joe’s released from federal he might have to go to State.. At the end of sentence INS , as TT says, will make their decision. I do know that INS can hold him while determining his fate. You know, so he doesn’t run away.. Happened to a friend of ours from Aruba years back. Went from Danbury Federal to INS holding. He was sent back to Aruba with his American wife. . Could happen that Joe will spend a wee bit more time in custody.. Just an observation.
        I read an article on the judge in the case. She did get some nasty feedback after a sentencing. The guy had kids and she was compassionate and sentenced hm to probation, no jail time and ordered his restitution to be paid back monthly, $50.00 for 22 years.
        I do want to thank you,TT, for the research and effort you put forth to clarify facts so things make sense. Jumping to conclusions and inaccurate stories to get hits are annoying.

      • brillke

        This may be a stupid question but Joes been married to an American citizen for many years, doesn’t that make him a citizen now or is that just in the movies?

      • Brillke – that’s just in the movies. My Korean born MIL has been married to my American FIL for over 30years. She, like we saw Yolanda do, had to take the citizenship test to become a citizen.

  3. Thanks TT. I tried to read the Federal guideline chart and could not make sense of it.
    I was wondering if Joes trial for his driving and using a false ID was postponed until after this Federal case so he had less of a criminal history?
    A criminal history changes sentencing in many cases.

    • Mrs Meems

      I would think that his defense attorney is waiting for him to begin serving time for his federal charges and will then make a motion to the Court for a speedy trial (I can’t find the penal code in NJ, but in CA it’s a 1381 motion for reference). What would happen is he would be moved from the Federal prison he’s at to the county where the offense was and either plead out or go to trial…this way he runs his sentences concurrently.

      • Excuse my ignorance, Mrs. Meems. How can he serve his sentences concurrently if he has to serve both Federal and State time? I would think he has to finish one and then pay his dues to the other, therefore consecutively .

      • Mrs Meems

        deco: If the judge and the district attorney were to agree to giving credit for time served while in federal custody, then he could serve the sentences concurrently. It’s not something that works when dealing with major charges, but we’ve had a handful of cases where the judge has allowed for it (probably because then the feds are on the hook for the costs of incarceration vs the state/county).

  4. Sari

    Just as a side note, I (normally) dislike blogs. Yours is fabulous, and I appreciate your dedication to research, clarity, and truth.

    From one writer to another: well done!

    • Wow thanks everyone! I expected a bunch of “but In Touch is saying…” sorts of comments. I love I have so many smart commenters!

      On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Wait.. what?! Am I supposed to be reading “In Touch”? Now you tell me… :-)

      • And Tootsie loses FIVE Tamara Token Posts.

        P.S. I read them sometimes, but don’t believe anything but interviews and certainly never admit to any of the aforementioned in polite company. A girl has to read something during a pedicure…

        On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 5:46 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Randi

        I would never read In Touch when I have Tamara spilling the tea!

  5. lori

    Thanks for the update. I know you will keep us updated to the best of your knowledge. Thanks for doing all of the dirty work for us! I love being able to come to one place I trust for all the latest info. Much appreciated.

  6. TT: Thanks for the update. My opinion remains unchanged – I hope they both get maximum sentences and fines – guess we’ll have to wait to hear what exactly the plea deal entails.

  7. SB

    I may be the unpopular vote but I don’t want Teresa to do hard jail time. Clearly she was involved in the scam but it seems like she will do anything Joe wants her to do. I really want her to get house arrest so at least she can be there with her children.

    • Fahlina_G

      That’s why most of us citizens actually use judgement and reason before doing something that may get us in trouble with the law…..

    • Victoria

      I agree with you to a point. I think the kids need a parent there… Even if it’s Teresa– who at times can be less than smart. I, too, hope she gets house arrest and can stay with her children in these important years. Childhood is hard enough as it is.

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Even though she is guilty, I don’t want Teresa to do time either. Her daughters need their mother in these tender years. Daddy’s influence is crucial too but being separated from BOTH parents would be so much more devastating than ‘losing’ one.

      • I sure hope they release all the other mothers in prison doing their time if they let Tre off because she procreated a few times.

        On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 6:39 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mrs Smith

        Hogwash! Tre needs to be sent to the big house – it is the only way she will ever get that she is not above the law. House arrest would not work for her….she wouldn’t follow the rules….just like her track record proves.

      • Mrs Smith


        TT I love the sarcasm!!!!!!!! :)

      • Jarlath

        I cannot bear the thought of those little girls being apart from their mummy! No criminal who has children should have to serve time for their crime, that’s just not right! If that’s the world we live in, I will tanning-bed myself to death!

      • gapeach

        Criminals should do their time despite having children!! OMG – lots of criminals have children – does this mean we should only sentence childless folks to prison? Please tell me these folks are kidding!!!

    • I’m right there with you SB. I am hoping she gets house arrest and some form of giving back to her community. Putting her in jail serves no purpose, and I’d say that about any other mother doing hard time in prison for the same kind of crime. And I also believe Tre is old school enough that she signed whatever Joe told her to, and said what he told her to say.
      I think she did it out of dumb trust in her husband, not out of greed though, and I don’t think she deserves prison for that. I bet she’s learned her lesson already anyway.

      I don’t know about where you ladies live, but here in my town, the only thing expanding at an incredible rate is the number of BANK branches popping up , and IMO the banks were just as complicit in crimes like Tre and Joe’s. Don’t tell me the banks didn’t know that during the housing boom, people were often outright lying on all sorts of legal documents to make a quick buck. Houses were being built and sold at an incredible rate! I used to bartend in a town on the fringe of a “boomtown” and I waited on many builders, tradesmen AND bankers. You see and hear a lot if you work the right happy hours.

      • brillke

        Putting Tre in jail does serve a purpose, it’s holding her accountable when she breaks the law.

        I get kinda pissed when I see all the “poor Tre and her kids, I hope she doesn’t do time/gets house arrest “comments. I think of all the battered and abused women who finally fight back and end up in prison. Those kids need their mother less?

        Tre gets no sympathy from me and I hope she does actual time and not just house arrest.

      • Tre giving back to the community? Thanks for the laugh.

      • Katrina

        I think all children need there mothers. It really comes down to a violent crime vs non-violent crime.

      • Fahlina_G

        “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time” fits well here….

      • wow brillke, how did we get to abused women..? Talk about comparing apples and oranges.

      • That was my fault. There is a FL case back in the news today about trying to give this woman 60 years. It’s insane. I linked it in a previous comment.

        On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 12:28 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kay

        Even if you could subscribe to the theory that she did not know what she was or was not signing in regards to the bank loans the fact remains that she signed bankruptcy documents and several amendments to the same. I have worked in this field for many years and there is no plausible excuse for not knowing and understanding what you were not only signing, but attesting to, in regards to the petition and the MULTIPLE amendments to the petition itself.

      • Kitty Mamma

        @ Kay: I did bankruptcies for years. Most people had no idea what they were signing. I had people walk in and drop plastic bags of bills in my lap. What bankrupcty “ammendments” are you talking about? Hell, I bought a house myself. They could have sold me the Brooklyn Bridge. (Not really. But it’s a proven fact that nearly 100% of people will sign what is put in front of their face.)

    • MTQ

      Maybe the judge will allow them not to serve their time concurrently. Meaning that one serve their time first and once released the other will then serve their time,

      • lori

        Then I guess Tre would have to serve her time first, or she would be waiting quite a while to serve hers.

    • RealitySux

      She needs to go to jail. SHE needs to understand she is not above the law – and so do her children. Sorry – but there are many of Mothers who have done much less – and they go straight to jail. Whether it’s a year or five…she deserves jail.

  8. Sigh – tootsie has lost 5 TT tokens. *hangs head in shame*

  9. Katrina

    It appears that Teresa may not have to spend anytime in jail. It will be interesting to see what the agreement is and what charges they admit to. Thanks Tamara for the update!

  10. Ellis Scarlett

    Do you have an opinion on what they will have to pay back in restitution?

  11. kee02

    Good job TT. Thank you

  12. It was much more fun when we could just snark about the ridiculous situation. I’m just not feeling the whole “my fambly”, “my daughters”, “my cookbooks”, “my father’s health”. TT: please fine tootsie 1,000 TT tokens.

  13. JoJo

    I wonder if, because of the kids, Teresa gets a nominal prison sentence, say 6 months, then house arrest and probation, if they can stagger her and Joe’s sentences. He begins to serve his lengthier term after she serves her time?

  14. Steph: I think it’s worth mentioning that Joe Giudice is not an illegal immigrant, so the approach may be different.

    • Steph

      Tootsie yes I realize that Juicy is not an illegal I was just using the scenario/example of a traffic violation to say when deportation is not likely. However, since this is a far more serious case and involves the federal government, Juicy will have an INS hold and face deportation 4 sure.

    • Anjannette

      You might want to look at what the Federal Prosecutors said of Giuseppe Joe on his not being an American citizen.

      • Hello, annoying person, you might want to look at what I said, which is that he may have in his plea deal that he did not commit an aggravated felony.

        On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:43 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • BECAUSE IT IS A PLEA DEAL. And I never said Juicy would not be deported I WAS ASKED if I THOUGH he would be. I said I DID NOT. I don’t get how that is an argument.

  15. Riley

    This may seem like I don’t care about Tre and her “famibly” , but now that you have given us the facts can we please move on to…where in the heck is the post for Scandal…I’ve been looking for it everywhere!

    • Sorry Riley, I wasn’t feeling it today. I do a lot of prep for a Scandal post….:) It’s in my head though….”Dirty Little Secrets…..”

      On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 8:18 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Well, I’ll just come out and say it. I don’t care about Tre and her fambly. However, I do think Tre and Joe should be held accountable for their actions.

  16. Riley

    No sweat Love..I know you work hard. Waiting for your post is just as exciting as waiting for Thursday @ 10 pm to roll around. I wait for it with the same amount of sweet anticipation……

  17. HannahKingRose

    Reading up a little on house arrest, it states that phone usage is usually limited to the p.o., family and work. Wonder if the Feds will consider Teresa tweeting about her cookbooks, wines and anything else she is trying to sell to be work lol. For that matter will she have to go through twitter detox along with the house arrest? The Feds do allow them to attend NA or AA. Bet some of Teresa’s Stans will form a Twitter Anonymous for her. Lmao

  18. brillke: the fact that Joe is married to an American citizen doesn’t automatically make him a citizen. He would have to go through the process. Google it.

  19. Bren

    Thank you for researching this. I don’t know why I find this whole saga so interesting. I guess I wonder why anyone would go to such lengths to be, or at least be perceived as, wealthy. It isn’t that I think Teresa shouldn’t go to jail, she should, it is just a shame that anyone would jeopardize their family like that when they could have had a plain old, normal boring life and probably still have been happy. But I guess that could be said for a lot of people and their families.

    Wonder if Joey Gorga is still running around, crying because… you know, I just realized that I have no idea what the idiotic fight was about.

    Can’t imagine Prison Teresa. Now that’s a housewife book I’d read.

    • Do you remember when Tre and Joe were on WWHL with Andy? Tre made the comment that she didn’t understand why this was happening to them. Maybe her frame of reference is that everyone in her circle does the same thing, and she didn’t understand why they were being singled out.

    • JoJo

      Joey was crying about Tre not being supportive of his beloved Melissa. Also that Tre & Joey’s father favored Joe G. over him. Maybe Tre was gobsmacked that her and Joe got caught because Joe taught Joey the art of flipping homes. Maybe Joey learned well & perhaps did similar things but hasn’t been caught? Joey was very unhappy that Joe G was building an addition to his and Tre’s home for the parents, who once had their own home.

  20. captivagrl

    And isn’t a allocation mandatory if they plea? Most judges and prosecutors require a detailed
    admission. Love to be a fly on the wall for that, especially T. Or am I incorrect about the process?

  21. Toni

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned that they think going for a plea bargain is an admission of guilt. When Tre said she didn’t know what the charges were and even why they were even being charged, she looked like a bigger idiot than she really is. She can act stupid all she wants but she committed the crime and needs to pay the price. I would love to see both of them do jail time but even better I would love for them to lose their so called “wealth” and actually live within their means. That is a bravo show I would love to watch!

  22. KReality

    It doesn’t matter if she pleads guilty and allocutes. She and her husband will use their PR to play their fans like a fiddle and make them believe she knew nothing and it was all Joes fault. They will hang on to that to keep their mound of businesses.

  23. You can, of course, find examples of mothers who should not be in prison. Like Marissa Alexander for example, http://members.jacksonville.com/news/crime/2014-03-01/story/marissa-alexander-sentence-could-triple-warning-shot-case?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#.UxJ3HjgEMiM.twitter If you concern is for the children…. Those brilliant legal minds in Florida want to give her 60 years now..

    • lilkunta

      EXACTLY TT ! Marissa followed the law and has been in jail. tre/joe broke it. free marissa, completely dismiss the charges, give her restitution. PUT GUDICES IN JAIL.

  24. lilkunta

    if she did just once bacnk fraud i’d say slap her wrist. but she did it multiple times, and was making $ from her books and RHONJ.
    Put her in jail!
    I wonder if melissa would take the jids or tre’s parents ?
    And juicy joe wont be be deported? shucks.

  25. Riley

    I say this with the utmost confidence….if it were me and my spouse, they would lock us up and throw away the key!

  26. Is anyone on here from the NJ/NYC area? Like cammierari’s comment, I’m wondering if Joe’s lies to get loans is customary for their area or business circle. My husband got taken off of a NYC project because he wouldn’t put an amount in the bid for “security protection.” We are from the Midwest and thought this was only in the movies. People in the NYC office said this is customary, and the Mob didn’t care that it was a Fortune 500 company.

    Fraud is still fraud, but I can see Teresa blindly following the “everyone does it” philosophy. I have been trying to find the reference where Caroline’s husband was elected to the water board, but wasn’t a resident. I think one of her explanations was that’s how everyone does it.

    Thank you for all of your research, TT. I saw the headline and immediately came here because the others would all be BS.

    • Helen M

      Their behavior is NOT customary. I live in NYC and was raised out on LI. Yes, there is a conspicuous life style here but people earn the money they spend. Joe & Theresa falsified employment records by creating W-2 forms for jobs she never held and hid assets when they tried to declare bankruptcy. This is in no way normal behavior for the tri-state area.

    • Helen M

      All NYC public projects require a bond amount when being bid so that the job can be completed in case of vendor error. Funds are returned when jobs is done. This is so the city does not bear the costs of a developers error.

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ S Ross: All due respect, are you sure “security protection” isn’t a fancy name for a bid bond? It’s not a NJ/NYC thing but a city/municipal thing. Usually the cost of the bond is worked into the bid. Your bonding agency charges you a rate based on the size and scope of the job. I happens ALL the time.

  27. Jarlath

    Tamara please start a defense fund for this amazing family! They are clearly innocent and should not have to pay out of their own pocket, something completely unfamiliar to them! Maybe we can defraud a bank or credit union to pay for their legal fees?!

    • Anjannette

      I’m sure if you go to one of her many signings, you could contribute to her “fund”. They might even rankle you into buying one of the T-shirts that you could PROUDLY wear.

  28. Ashley

    Can you watch the plea deal live?

  29. Tootsie – I’ve no inside track with TT, often think I’m barely tolerated. LOL
    I’m glad you were not fined. I enjoy the snarky also and have contained my snarky but it’s difficult.
    I do not understand the comments about Tre kids being without a parent.
    Tre and Joe did not consider their girls when they did the crimes. Unlike other children whose parents are in prison their girls would live with family in a very nice home.

    • Well then, here’s to being tolerated! :-)

    • calipatti: I don’t understand those comments either. It appears the mom mob doesn’t believe Teresa should be held accountable for her crimes since she has children. I’m not in touch with that emotion. I actually think it would benefit those girls to see that there are significant consequences to actions. And yes, I think they would be perfectly fine with family members during any Teresa incarceration.

    • Sarah

      Exactly Calipatti, Tre & Joe were both greedy & selfish & neither one of them thought about their kids while they were committing these crimes. What infuriates me most is now after being caught they’re using them as an excuse not to go to prison.

  30. Jarlath, it was a question. Do you know companies have to give bribes to bankers in the Middle East to get their payments wire transferred here?
    It’s not right, but that’s customary. The Giudice’s are not right in my book, but rarely are things black and white. I thought TT invited intelligent discussion, so I asked question to further educate myself. Apologies if this sounds harsh, this is my tax season level of patience speaking.

  31. RealitySux

    Appreciate the post TT – I am hoping that both of them serve time … I just hope it isn’t dragged out.

  32. nene brimay

    EDIT: I don’t know why you think you can post here. You have LEFT THIS PLACE FOREVER (again) please stop wasting my time and find a place that gives a shit about your opinion. Thanks! Have a great day!

  33. jillian

    ive been reading your blog for a very long time i think your a fantastic writer but i just cant stand how you talk to people. Your mean and rude to everyone that has a different opinion then yours and you name call like no other. Its sad. Now call me whatever horrible name and “blast” me on your website how do you expect to keep readers if your so offensive?

    • Bless your heart. You’ll never earn any TT tokens with posts like this one.

      • jillian

        i dont want any “tokens” lol i just dont want to be attacked when i post my opinion..especially by the blog owner and the names she calls people is just wrong

      • JoJo

        This is a unique blog. It’s like a tea among regular commenters and the blogger, except with triple tequila. The fact that these comments complaining about the temperament of the blogger weren’t moderated and are posted is a sign. You guys had the opportunity to read the Commenting Rules, that give you the vibe of how it works here. I’ve been on the wrong side of right here. I waited for over a year + to even comment until I had the courage to post, and somewhat knew the general vibe of how it worked. There were no more than 2 rules at that time – now there’s 7, and set out pretty clear.
        I’ve really only seen blasting as you put it when posting outside gossip sources, calling the blogger’s deeply researched opinion wrong, or completely missing any points in the blog, as reasons when someone is called out whether harshly or snarky. Again – reading the commenting rules and getting to know the blog would have helped immensely before making a comment and especially calling out someone who interacts intimately with their readers.

      • JoJo

        Shit, there’s 10 rules, now I know why I get in trouble here too :)

    • Steph

      I agree Jill TT was so rude to me when I dared say she was not accurate. Wow she blew me with her curt response, but alas not everyone knows how to disagree and be civil without being childish and resorting to insults…sad but true

  34. How sweet. Now we have a matched set.

  35. Riley

    Jill and Steph….you know what they say….if you don’t like what’s on, change the channel.
    It’s really that simple.

    • jillian

      definitly and i am not gonna read her blog anymore its ashame too bc i really did enjoy reading her recaps but shes bitter and thats not cool.

  36. Kaleesi

    jillian, with a lower case j;
    In the immortal words of my coonass grandmother …
    “Don’t let tha’ door hit ‘cha where da good Lord split ‘cha!”
    Translation: don’t let the door hit your ass on your way out.

    Lovelovelove all of the smart commenters here. But, so often I read here where some….person… Is announcing their exit. Only to come right back under another name. The same typos, punctuation, grammar. Leave already! Sheesh!
    But I do love all of the info I get here. Such juicy stuff. And most of the people here are intelligent and witty. I get at LEAST a laugh a day. I need that.
    Thank you, TT, UF, and several people here for lifting my mood and providing intertainment every single day. I love you all.

  37. Bishop336

    So how did they get here again?? I remember reading somewhere that the scams were working until they filed bankruptcy and thats when the banks audited and verified their income and records… Is that right Tamara?

  38. Kaleesi

    “entertainment”. I never claimed to be one of the bright ones…..gdi..

    • Mari Anne Souza

      ‘Inter’ – a prefix that means between, among. Intertainment works, for me – we entertain each other; beeboppin’ and scattin’ back and forth. So, you’re correct, in my book.

  39. Sarah

    I have a hard time understanding those who don’t want Teresa going to prison. Joe & Teresa both did the crime, so they both need to do the time. I have zero sympathy for either of them. They knew the risks & possible consequences & were both fully aware that they were committing a crime & if caught would be put in prison (away from their kids) but to them, the risk was worth it. No one forced them to take this chance – they took it on their own . . . & lost. Rational adults that have little ones at home don’t put themselves in a position to be taken away from them. And what infuriates me most is this was all done in the name of greed – it’s not like they needed a roof over their heads &/or food on the table – it was pure gluttony. The lives most of us live wasn’t good enough for them.

    They were both greedy & selfish — & didn’t think about their kids while they were committing these crimes so how dare they use their kids now as an excuse not to go to prison. If we play with fire we’re going to get burned – why should Teresa be any different? Both her & Joe should’ve put the matches away when they decided to have 4 kids.

    The laws in place affect ALL of us – there’s no fine print reading ‘does not apply to reality stars’.

    • I don’t think Joe and Teresa gave any thought to consequences because I don’t think they ever expected to get caught. Even now I’m wondering how they will spin their plea deal to try to convince the public of their innocence.

      • Katrina

        Most people who commit crimes, don’t think of the consequences. Jail is full of them. There are some there because they are guilty and others that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. This time tomorrow, we will know the plea deal!!

      • Cammie

        Get your $24.95 ready, I smell a book deal.

      • JoJo

        cammie: “Prisonlicious: Riches to Rags, My Own Recipes” (couldn’t help it) :)

      • Subtitle: 100 Ways To Prepare Mystery Meat And An Apple. Lol

        But seriously, I can totally see her expecting people to pay HER to read a book about how innocent she is. Hopefully she’ll spend her prison time doing something useful, like getting a grip on the English language instead of writing a tell all explaining that she’s so dumb she ended up in prison. Maybe a better title would be ‘Reading The Fine Print’ Subtitle: ‘Don’t Believe Everything Your Husband Tells You’. The book stores can put it in the marriage section right next to Melissa’s book.

      • lori

        I always find it amusing when people actually think that there’s a chance that Teresa had no idea that what she was doing/signing, etc, and that it was illegal/wrong. Especially considering that on some occasions she went into these banks alone, lying about her employment/businesses, etc. Of course she knew! In my mind, I always envision her and Joe high giving every time they bright in another half a million dollars (out more or less) per transaction. “High five… woo hoo! Lololol. Score!” Not that I’m saying that good one of those people. You were just making up some titles of books from Teresa’s point of view, aka lying her ass off.

  40. JoJo: 10 written rules and 1 unwritten – don’t profess undying love for Anthony Bourdain! Seriously, you were patient and kind in your response to twiddle dee and twiddle dum. I will send you some of my TT tokens!!! :-)

    • Oh wait, they are non-transferable. *sigh* – it’s the thought that counts!

      • JoJo

        Awww shit. God knows I needed them but thanks for the thought. I hesitated seriously even making a comment on those posts. I never do when people are calling her out. Until I saw others had and TT hadn’t. I think she’s either in super mellow mode or on hiatus :)

      • Tootsie, love that *sigh of yours, way funny.
        Going to play the old age card when TT gets ticked off at one of my stupid remarks. That’s my plan and Im sticking to it.

  41. Probably a well deserved hiatus – she deserves it dealing with the likes of us!

  42. Helen M

    Here is my prediction or actually an expanded version of Caroline Manzo’s:
    1. Teresa will serve some time, probably no more than a year.
    2. Joe will serve significant time 5 or more.
    3. Teresa will divorce Joe immediately to limit her future earnings being used against debt relief.
    4. Teresa will write a series of books, topics ranging from going to prison to raising children on her own.
    5. Bravo will reward Teresa with her own spin-off show.

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