Mob Wives Reunion Recap: Boring

Mob Wives New BloodLast week the season finale of Mob Wives just left us hanging with a “to be continued…” ending. To me, that means we will have another episode of the show. To the Mob Wives producers, it means we go straight to the reunion.  I think that is odd. Sherri Shepherd also seems to be an odd choice.  It’s like sending a lamb into den of wolves.

Right away, Alicia explains what happened in court, which we already knew because it was all over the news. The feds are holding up sentencing until they can figure how to get her Mob Wives salary as part of her restitution.

Big Ang is wearing a glittery hoody with the hood up. It’s weird and I want it. Oh I think it is a dress. It’s much more interesting than rehashing the “Delicious” debate.

Mob Wives New BLood SEASON 4Renee talks about her relapse in Las Vegas. Natalie points out that Renee was drinking as soon as she came out of  rehab. Renee accuses Natalie using coke and pills with her. A screaming match ensues. I am bored and want to look and Big Ang’s shiny hoody more than I want to hear all these bleeps.

Renee says she doesn’t enjoy the show anymore. It’s hard for her to relieve some of her worst moments.

On to Twittergate. Alicia tries to tell Renee that she started the twitter war and Natalie ended it. Renee says that Alicia hurt her son. Seriously? Renee’s son is 19 years old. I think his mother’s behavior would be more bothersome to him. Renee seems very ….um hostile tonight. Make of that what you will.

It appears that Junior is still in prison. Sherri is asking about the sex book. Despite the launch party, the book is not being released until April.

Alicia says she still does not have a sentencing date. She still says that she did not think that Eddie was in the life when they married.

Renee and Alicia basically say that production were telling them things that were not true. Drita goes off on Renee for talking about her husband with her friends on the previous season. I seem to recall that happening in Phoenix or somewhere. Drita is hugely pissed at Renee over that. Drita says that she and Renee are in a good place now but she is still pissed over things Renee did on previous seasons.

Natalie says that London is moving to Philly, and they might also have a small place in NYC.

That was just a really bad, boring recap. If I had not been recapping while I was watching I would not even bother posting one. Did y’all think it was good?


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12 responses to “Mob Wives Reunion Recap: Boring

  1. Rain

    TT I also thought it was boring !!! They left out the other wives story lines and only focused on the Renee ,Natalie and Alicia beef . To have Sherri Shepard there was weird. I think she’s too cookie cutter for the reunion. Id rather Wendy Williams!! This season I think the “New Bloods” stole the show! Between Dritas fake “stoolker” (lol) storyline and the Big Ang “having a baby at 50+ yrs of age” storyline , I predict new cast members for next season. Renee will prob stay on because her sis is “the boss” …. Go figure

  2. Shellbelle

    Loved Ang’s sparkly hoodie! I want one too! Drita looked fabulous but other than that, it was pretty boring. I spent a lot of the time figuring out why in the hell they put them at a table with food on plates. I figured it was to keep them on their seats but damn it, I wanted to see all of their outfits- not just chest up!

  3. Ashley

    They need a better host!

  4. I say bring back Karen and Ramona and get rid of the Philly women!

  5. Barbara R.

    It was dull. Didn’t they have Dr. Drew as the reunion host one year? I remember it was nuts and out of control!

  6. Mrs Smith

    LOL “it’s weird and I want it”

    The way the last episode ended was odd and so was the reunion.

    I hope I never hear the word “delicious” again.

    • Urethra Franklin

      OH GAWD Natalie released a song called “Delicious” and I just watched the HORRID video. OMG I want to throat punch myself for watching that.

  7. lori

    This is far from the first time that when someone did something that Renee didn’t like that she brought up her son and how much it upset “him”. Please. I can’t imagine anything would be more embarrassing to him than her own behavior on TV. The reunion was absolutely boring. Same old BS.

  8. They needed to bringback Joy Behar. I thought it hilarious last season’s reunion when Drita screamed “We Fightin’ after the show! ” and Joy covered her face laughing. Sherri Shepard is boring.

  9. Heather

    Where can I get a sparkly hoodie?!? Who is the designer???

  10. Alexa

    Just watched this. The lighting is horrible and everyone’s hair and makeup is a disaster! Tamara you were right about Ang’s “hoodie”, very distracting! And that table looked small and janky in the giant, dark room. Sherri is a weird choice. They should have got Victoria Gotti to host!

  11. lori

    I think that practically anyone was a step up from Sally what’s her name.

    This is a question for everybody. Who do you think would be a great host for mob wives reunions?

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