Breaking News! Giudices To Take a Plea Deal

Bravo Teresa and Joe

Why are there so many pictures of us in court! It’s Caroline! She is the mean one!

I have been saying since this entire Giudice Fraud Indictment Case came to light, that these people are idiots if they don’t take a plea deal. I know they are clearly idiots, but they both have decent attorneys who surely have been telling them the same thing I have been screaming since day one. Yet the tireless motions continue to fly back and forth between the Giudice attorneys and the Feds. They were caught dead to rights. They have no choice but to beg for a plea deal.

Today, is citing a source that says they pair will plead out on TUESDAY!  That was a quick turn around. Here is what is reporting:

Joe and Tre RHONJ

Is it me or are we in hot water?

“Teresa and Joe Giudice, stars of the Bravo network’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” have reached a plea agreement with prosecutors to resolve federal fraud charges in a deal that could send them to prison, a source familiar with the case said Friday. The Montville couple will appear before U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in Newark on Tuesday to plead guilty to several mortgage and bankruptcy fraud charges, the source said. Teresa Giudice would face less than two years in prison and her husband a minimum of three years, under federal sentencing guidelines, the source said.

Well, that is a way to end the season of filming!  (Sidenote, all my tea on Season Six Filming is here) Is it me or does this read like they are both going to accept a deal where prison time is included!  Joe would be damn lucky to get off with three years. I can’t really see him doing less than five in my personal opinion.  I am surprised that Teresa did not try to get some sort of house arrest deal. Perhaps she will do a year or so and some house arrest?

Here is my breakdown on each of the first 39 charges and who they apply to.  Then the Feds added two more. You can read about those here.

So here are my thoughts. All of this legal game of dick,dick,fuck,fuck, has simply been a was for Tre and Joe to get through another season of filming for RHONJ so Tre could pull down one more check. Their attorney fees alone must be INSANE, but they will likely have some restitution involved in their agreement.  While I do believe NorthJersey.Com’s source, as someone with many legal sources I the Atlanta justice system, I am confident in saying that the source is likely speculating about the particulars of the plea deal. It would not surprise me at all to see Juicy’s sentence to hit the double digits. These are a lot of charges for many separate events.

For some reason, the wife usually gets an easier time of it. Teresa’s blank expression and consistent “I do not understand why this is happening to me!” demeanor will be helpful in her getting a much reduced sentence. We may still see her on season seven with a lovely ankle bracelet. Expect her to develop an affinity for pant suits.

So it’s time to start placing your bets. Toss some Tamara Tattles Tokens in the comments and tell me how you expect this who plea deal thing to pan out.


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77 responses to “Breaking News! Giudices To Take a Plea Deal

  1. Kemper

    I would be totally ticked off if these 2 bozo’s didnt do some type of jail time.. If it was your average joe the key would be thrown away. I am so sick of these “celebrities’ getting away with this stuff!

  2. myinfo

    Tre will get 1 year and will serve 6 months. Joe was the mastermind.
    Joe will get 5 years and serve 3.
    They will also have to pay back tons of money.
    They will be broke.
    Both of them are fools.
    If I win I want 5 cents ;_)

  3. I don’t know anything about federal sentencing guidelines, but I hope they both get the maximum in fines, penalities and sentencing. Clearly I’m not a Tre fan.

  4. ab

    Will Joe get deported after hes released from jail

  5. Sharazoid

    Tre will serve 6 months in jail and 18 months house arrest. Joe gets 5 – 10 years, I don’t see the Feds agreeing to less and not deporting him. The money part will be interesting. Tamara you be on it!

    • I don’t think they will deport juicy. His entire family is here. And I amazed at the short sentences most of these fools get. I imagine there are a lot of po folks who would willingly do five years to live for 10 plus years in million dollar homes and unlimited spending….

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 7:23 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jarlath

        Families are separated all the time so I can’t see why the justice system would make an exception for Joe Giudicê. If this fuckwit isn’t deported, imma have a royal tizzy

      • vivaladiva831

        Fame and money makes a huge difference-look at Kerry Kennedy “daddy died when I was 8” Cuomo. Gets off scot-free for a crime that anyone else would get slapped with a DUI.

  6. Tim

    The timing of this plea deal seems somewhat suspicious. Teresa’s father has been reported to be in the hospital again with complications relating to emphysema. I’m wondering if the plea deal wasn’t timed for now so that if she gets a light jail sentence she can cry and plead that she’s needed at home to help take care of her father once he comes home so that her sentenced gets reduced even further or maybe gets knocked down to house arrest.

    • The plea deal has likely been on the table for months. They accepted now because filmng is done. However, I bet bravo will be there on Tuesday LOL!

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 7:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Indeed. No matter what they get, it won’t be enough, and I doubt it will negatively impact her star status on RHONJ (which is really just a sad commentary on Bravo).

  7. Katrina

    I think Teresa will probably serve at least 6 months in Jail. She will probably be out before Christmas. Joe will get the most time. They will have to promise to pay back all lones. They will get to keep their home or sell it to pay back some of the debt. Since they were never awarded bankruptcy, some of the debt may have been paid.

  8. Sharazoid

    Tamara, you are oh so right, Bravo will be front and center at court, before court and after court and getting every cast member reaction. The question is how it will play in the season 6, will it be the finale or a special after the reunion?

  9. Tamara

    I know what they did was wrong. I know they should be punished. As a mother my heart breaks for their children. I hope by some miracle they let Theresa off with house arrest.
    I know they did this to themselves and obviously don’t think they’d get caught or if they did that they wouldn’t suffer the consequences. But I still don’t want them both to be locked up and the kids not have either parents for a year or more.

    And yes I’m sure everyone is going to hate my opinion.

    • Maybe those girls can just serve time with Tre. I don’t think moms should get a free pass. In all seriousness, given their family situation, those girls will be fine for the short time their mom is incarcerated (hopefully incarcerated).

    • I do hate your opinion. Your compassion for the kids is admirable. I just wish the two parents they have thought about that instead of greed.

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I think it would do those girls good to be with their mom 24/7, for 6 months or so, in a structed environment without access to book signings, fashion shows, and social media. Not gonna happen, but that is my opinion.

    • vivaladiva831

      I completely agree with Tamara-Tre should serve time, but for her children’s sake, and her dying father’a sake, I hope she doesn’t.

    • i want her to do time. at least a year. him much longer, tho i speculate that all this is her fault, not his. but i think our “justice” system is broken so i’m not holding my breath.

  10. Brewhaha

    No comment on the plea deal but I am cracking up, and at the same time totally grossed out, over the picture you used of them!

    • I found it amusing that Joe has a face that says we are IN SOME HOT WATER HERE, and Tre is like, what? Everything is perfect just smile, smile, smile !

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  11. Barbara R.

    Do you think that Teresa will divorce Joe now?

    • Probably not until after Tre serves her time (whatever that time will be). Or maybe she’ll hang on to him since he won’t be able to cheat in prison.

      • They are NOT divorcing. They will be fine. I do want Tre to do a little time though. And I want Joe to do a lot. If you do the crime you do the time.

        On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:24 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • no. they will be fine. I do not predict divorce at all.

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • lori

        To me, this whole thing appears to have made them closer. I feel like Joe seems to appreciate Teresa more now. Just the way he has been acting with Teresa, it seems like maybe he is seeing what is really important in life.

  12. If Joe and Teresa weren’t “celebrities” their case would have been settled long ago and Tre wouldn’t be going to jail at all. I hope they give her a light sentence, but if she does go to the big house, I’m sure she’ll make the most of it, for her family’s sake.
    Keep us updated TT-I have a bottle of Fabulicious chilling in my fridge that I hope to open to celebrate good news.

    • Lauren Hill, a six time grammy winning single mother of 6 children, did 3 months for not paying income tax on 1million dollars. Please note she is a beautiful TALENTED woman, who EARNED that money. She was willing to make restitution and was still given jail time. Joe and Tre are grifters and have not contributed anything to the world. They could have concentrated on their children, instilling values and gratitude, education.(saved a fortune on makeup and invested it on a college fund).” The FEDS” is a big stick and I do feel bad for the children but they deserve everything they get.

      • Oh in case I did not make it clear, The Giudices did not earn their money and then did not bother to pay taxes on the shit they obtained illegally.We just changed my daughters allowance system. I give her the money and she pays us if she does not do the work. It has eliminated alot of “I will just wait”.

  13. Tre’s fortunate that Bravo has no problem hiring convicted felons.

    • Anjannette

      This is twice that I have had to edit your posts. Please refer to the posting rules.

      I know, that if Bravo hires her again after this season, I will boycott absolutely every one of these franchises, if not many of the other programs as well. But that’s my choice to make.

      • Anjannette

        My apologies. Somehow, I didn’t think that what I have said has been that grievable. I mean you use words like “f-ck” liberally. I will review your rules.

        Again, I apologize for causing you such a need to edit me.

      • You can say fuck all day long, You can’t make up salaries for HWs and you can’t insult the exclusive source of the author of the exclusive. Just to name a few. Comment on what I post here, here and address source concerns you have at the links I provided. I’d prefer you deal with their legal team directly.

  14. Anjannette

    Edited: The source is a local news media outlet’s source. NOT the tabloid you mentioned.

    If Joe “revealed” useful information to the Fed’s in order to barter for better sentencing arrangements for both of them, I would seriously want deportation on the table (regardless of whether all of his family is here or not). I say that because if he ratted on some folks with an Italian persuasion that is a bit illegal, I’d think they might want to re-arrange his ruddy little person a bit. So, since I don’t care in the least bit for these two a-holes, give him some time in prison, then send his rear end to Italy and let his “friends” there take care of him (if you know what I’m driving at here).

    With her, 2.5 or more years at the least. Him, either a couple of years with deportation, or 10 or more years and climbing for the Fed’s then the other add on the amount of time he will get from the DMV trial “conviction” that he may possibly get.

    The Fed’s should drive up a load of trucks, clean out or auction the belongings, the banks should take the home and then the mechanical liens should be taken to fruition for anything they can get.

    I feel for them, the illness of their family members, but other than that, no more sympathy, what-so-ever.

    They chose to do what they did for years and years!

    Buh Bye to Joe and Teresa if it occurs!

    • Barbara R.

      Why don’t you just put the kids in an orphanage while you’re at it?

      • Is we still had those, they would probably have a better chance of growing up as productive members of society.

        On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:40 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Anjannette

        From your response, I gather that you think that I am pretty heartless. Well, it was their choice to do what they did for at least 10 years. I believe that they chose this road prior to Gia being born.

        That it escalated up in monetary “taking” on so many different levels (individual, to businesses, to banks and to the Federal Gov’t) was equally their choice. They obviously thought nothing of their children or other family members.

        They have caused you and all of the rest of us to “pay” in our taxes for the illegal activities they “allegedly (as per Federal indictments)” pulled off.

        I personally hope that their children are given a “better charactered, better integrity, better honored, more truthful/honest” upbringing from someone who takes into account how to direct these girls with more honor than they have so far seen by example from their parents.

        If you don’t agree with my opinion, then you don’t. But I never by any means said that their children should be put in an orphanage (if they still exist)!

        But, I believe that all opinions are valid, regardless of whether I agree with them or not.

  15. Jarlath

    OMG, praise jesus! At last I’ll be able to have a good night of sleep knowing that these innocent angels of god will have some respite from their troubles and will not be apart for too long from their beautiful daughters!

    • lol. You crack me up. Personally, I think that the sentences will be longer than what is reporting… It may just be wishful thinking!

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:37 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  16. Typically cameras are not allowed in court but I did read where they’ve been allowed in a few federal civil court cases.

    I don’t have a guess as to what will happen to these two with their sentencing.
    If the Gudice’s enter a plea on Tuesday then their sentencing would not happen the same day. Usually it’s a few weeks later, probation reports, prosecution’s recommendation, character references and so on have to be filed with the judge.
    I think it works like that.
    Celeb’s usually do get off lighter.
    I don’t care how much time they get as long as Tre has to be booked in a jail for least 24 hours. That process would be an eye opener for her.
    The less time she serves I think she will view as a vindication of her innocence, not a good thing.

    • Anjannette

      Thanks for your sort of time line point of reference how things are done.

      And I personally agree with you on most of what you said!

  17. Tango

    Hey fine with me. Put her on house arrest and take away everything. House arrest is no fun in the ghetto. ..

    • House arrest with work privileges would be meaningless – she would just continue on as usual.

      • Tango

        I didn’t say with work privileges…although that’s fine too if every penny she makes goes back to paying this off. Why pay for three hots n a cot when we can have her paying us back? But I doubt “work privileges” means Bravo “work”…I can’t see the government allowing her to go on trips or attend fashion shows. And she wouldn’t be able to brawl with any castmates as I am sure it’d be an offense…lol.

  18. Michelle

    Well I have been horribly ignorant as to the extent of their charges. I guess I’ve been in a hole because I did NOT realize they repeated their bank loan scam over and over and over. I thought it was done once or twice max. Plus, Joe was earning a very good wage during almost all of the years he didn’t file taxes! They didn’t have to continue their loan scams and then file bankruptcy. Grrrrr. I have been feeling sorry for Teresa but not anymore. I do feel bad for their children, especially Gia. She will be teased at school.

    I think Teresa will get 3 years and serve 1yr with 2 yrs probation. Joe should get and serve at least 5 years.

  19. captivagrl

    My guess is T will get time and “go away” almost immediately. Maybe she’ll end up serving 6 months? Joe will care for the kids and go through the state trial (charges from false i.d.). When she gets out he will go in, 3yrs at least. He will become an American citizen and they will stay married. The fine is likely to stay with them for the rest of their lives. As the children reach age of majority assets will be funneled into their names.

    • jakies mom

      Some criminal convictions prevent one from becoming a US citizen. I don’t know if that will be applicable here.

      Local news here reported that they both will likely serve time (not specifying home or prison for T) and they mentioned a good possibility of deportation for J. In any case these are Federal so he will probably wind up in “The Country Club” in Allentown and she, if she goes to prison will probably end up where Martha Stewart did her time.

  20. Missy

    I bet Bravo is loving this train wreak!

  21. Gingersnap

    It was the Tre Worshippers, aka the Cult of Teresa, that drove me to check out Tamara Tattles many moons ago. I was seeking sanctuary from Teresa’s rabid fans and I found rest here. Sure there were some that loved, loved, loved Teresa, but there were some here that weren’t blinded by sheer devotion to an illusion. The playing field was more fair and I didn’t feel like I was being dog-piled when I stated what a bitch Teresa was.

    So, I owe a great debt of gratitude to Teresa and Joe. It was through them that I discovered TT. Thanks Teresa and Joe, sorry I was right for not falling for your phony persona’s, but it really sucks for your kids.

  22. lori

    I swear, if they end up being able to keep their huge house AND their beach house, and all of the other expensive things they purchased as a result of their illegal activities, it kind of makes me tempted to turn to a life of crime. Lol. I mean, 2 years for millions of dollars? Not too bad of a trade off. Seriously, they had better have to pay back that money, or I’m gonna be pissed. I know that I’m in the minority here, but as far as the jail time for Teresa goes, I’m actually glad that she won’t be serving too much time. I just have a hard time imagining her in prison, and the thought makes me sad. I don’t know why I still like her, but I do. I am disgusted by what she’s done, but somehow I do still like her. She’s just has so little self awareness that it makes me feel bad for her. Anyway, that’s not the main reason I’m glad that she won’t be doing a boatload of time… it’s for the girls of course. Hopefully she will do a lot of self reflection and soul searching during her time in the clink. It would be nice to see her finally “get it”. I think the time out of the spot light will be good for her.

  23. Unless “shock therapy” is available to Tre I sincerely doubt she is capable of self – reflection.
    Many parents with no supportive family are sent to prison every day and their children go into foster care. The girls will be ok, plenty of family around.

  24. TracyMC

    I really think Joe is going to fall on the sword for Teresa. He’ll do time, she’ll do probation, maybe house arrest. Anything to keep out of jail and try to keep income coming in if possible. This whole thing reminds me of Andrew and Lea Fastow during the Enron debacle here in Houston. They were both guilty as hell but they kept wailing to the judge to “think of their children.” Why didn’t THEY think of their children when they were committing federal crimes? Ugh ugh ugh. Now they both did time, so I guess who really knows what’s going to happen with the Guidices.

  25. Myopinionmatters

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe federal time is day for day. If they get 3 years, they will have to serve each and every day with no early reason for good behavior, etc.

    • Myopinionmatters

      Correction: Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe federal time is day for day. If they get 3 years, they will have to serve each and every day with no early release for good behavior, etc.

      • jrleaguer

        Myopinionmatters~ Not positive, but I think there is something on the books about Federal inmates being about to earn up to about 45 (may be more) days per year off of their sentence for good behavior, etc. after a percentage of the sentence has been served.
        BTW…Love your name.

  26. creativeblock

    Dang wish id known earlier i was at work

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  27. Mrs Smith

    I hope Tre is not allowed to serve her sentence at her home.
    If she goes to prison I think she will spend her days there writing a book. They are going to need some coins for fines.
    Interesting how they are going from not knowing how or why they were charged to pleading guilty and accepting a plea.
    Anxious to find out the specifics of the plea!

  28. spk

    Dear gawd that image and the caption nearly made me spill my wine! Don’t make me waste the wine T!!

    I say Tre gets 2 years but they let her out in 3 or 4 months. Juicy gets 15+ but it’s reduced to 8-10 years for cooperation.

  29. brillke

    Tres next cookbook will be about how to mane commissary food Justine momma used to make. It will have things like ramen Cheetos finger sandwiches and koolaid and toilet hooch for a crowd. It’s gonna be a best seller!

  30. Kat

    I’m getting mixed reviews in twitter.I also read where he will do a minimum 5 years and she will get straight probation. I don’t see a prosecutor agreeing to that since t &j initially tried to offer a plea where she would do no time. This source in your blog makes more since. With all those counts she’s involved in she would have to do some time. Even Jesse Jackson Jr.’s wife got time.

  31. I’m fairly certain that when it comes to Federal guidelines you must serve 80% of the sentence. Then comes a period of probation. They’re lucky the caught federal charges. Federal prisons are easier than state.
    Joe will still need to face his trial for identity theft, etc. if he is convicted he will have to serve that time in State prison. Immigration will decide wether or not to deport him when he is released.
    The girls will be ok with family. Like Calipatti mentioned, I too hope she gets booked and held for at least 24 hours so she will suffer the indignities of the process. That may remain in that head of hers and she may learn some humility.
    Restitution will be in the millions and they will have to make monthly payments while on probation. I don’t know if their property/ home will be seized. I think it should be and sold to start making reparations to to those who suffered from their misdeeds.

    • Kat

      If sentenced on the state charges, will he have to start serving after his federal sentence ends?

      • I don’t know for sure what is going on there. But yes the sentences will be served separately in separate facilities. I think they pushed the state charges back as much as they could so that particular history would not be a factor in the federal sentencing. I believe he has had some previous hiccups on the state level, mostly misdemeanors, but the state fraud is minor in comparasion to the federal fraud.

        That said, despite the huge amounts of law and its interpretation I read, I am not a lawyer, and only play one on the Internet.

        On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 6:08 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  32. jrleaguer

    I am guessing that their sentencing deal with be something along the lines of Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife. He got 30 months for spending $750.000 of his campaign money on their lifestyle and his wife is getting 12 months for “omitting” 580,000 in income on their tax returns. They were allowed to serve separately so that one parent will be with the kids. I guess that Jesse Sr. was not willing to step up and take custody of the grandkids. He will serve first and then she will have 30 days to surrender and begin her sentence.
    Remember Enron? Andrew Fastow had to forfeit 23million in assets. He had over 70 charges hanging over him. Plead guilty to two counts and agreed to testify against others to save himself. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison and two probation. He served some of it in a halfway house. The prison that he was in was the same one that housed former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards (of recent reality show fame with the A&E show, The Governor’s Wife). In other words….not the hard core federal pen that the rest of us regular folks would be sent to.
    Fastow’s wife, Lea was sentenced to prison for wire fraud, money laundering and 4 counts filing false income tax returns. She served right at a year and was released to a halfway house.
    It will be interesting to see what sentences that they receive.
    Teresa’s spray tan will match her orange jumpsuit perfectly.

  33. vivaladiva831

    Teresa’s hair in the bathtub pic above cracks me up. It reminds me of when we were kids and would go swimming. You dunk your head under with your hair in your face, then come up and flip it back and say “look I’m George Washington.” Lol am I the only one who did that?

    Re: Tre’s jail time, I wonder if they will defer any jail time to house arrest or heavy probation? I definitely see Joe going to jail.

  34. Ashley

    I hope Teresa gets house arrest being of her kids. I feel sorry for the kids. If they both go to jail who will take care of them? Can you watch the trial live on Tuesday and where?

    • Ashley: Tuesday is a court date for Teresa and Joe to enter guilty pleas. Once they do that, and work out a plea deal, there will be no trial. BTW – I hope both Teresa and Joe have to do jail time.

  35. SB

    So….what is happening to the house and their belongings? Are the feds seizing everything? I do feel bad for the girls but it seems like Tre and Joe have a lot of family so hopefully they will be ok. (No, I don’t think they should go to Melissa and Joey)

    • Kat

      The bankruptcy court ruled that they could keep their house for now because the value was so far below what it was initially valued at. I think the judge should force it to be sold since some ofthe money they allegedly acquired from bank fraud was used to build and furnish it

  36. Wampascat

    Teresa thought living in someone’s second hand house was skeevy. Now she’s facing living in a jail cell. Ouch!!!

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