Kenya Moore Sums Up Nene Leakes Pretty Well

nene bitchIf you haven’t been over to read Kenya’s Real Housewives of Atlanta blog you probably should. It’s a bit lengthy for those with short attention spans, but it’s well-written and makes a lot of good points. If you would to just read my thoughts on the blog, here are five bulleted points that came to my mind as I read her blog.

  1. Nene cannot give or receive an apology.  Kenya has apologized to Nene for “her part” in the Pajama Brawl on numerous occasions, despite being treated rudely by Nene from the moment she arrived. AND despite the fact that a lot of us don’t think she did anything to apologize for and was merely sticking up for herself when being attacked by a man! Nene on the other hand ranted at her guests like a caged animal and continues to deny any blame for what happened.
  2. Nene Leakes Season 6 Episode 14Nene is extremely insecure around Kenya. The animosity between Kenya and Nene comes because Kenya uses a lot of Nene’s tricks. Bring a fake boyfriend on the show? John Kolaj anyone? Gone with the Wind Fabulous? I have arrived with my Trump Checks. Kenya does a workout video after Phaedra? Nene comes out with another clothingless clothing line, She by Nene. None of the things that piss off Nene about Kenya have anything to do with Kenya. Kenya is just getting more attention for her shenanigans.
  3. Nene thinks Marlo is an opportunist? This from the woman who clings on to whoever she thinks can give her a foot up? Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Ryan Murphy the list is endless.  Yet some chick with a questionable past tries to get a paycheck on RHOA and they are the opportunist?
  4. Nene is a terrible friend. She goes after Porsha for not calling her up every damn day. She calls “her best foot solider,” as Marlo calls Cynthia, out and calls her husband a bitch right in front of her. Tossed Marlo aside for returning to the show, and we all saw how she treated her “Bri mays.” Yet she constantly tells these people who they can and can’t be friends with in order to be friends with her.
  5. Nene is a poor loser. Nene can’t even handle losing an egg race. So when her Hollywood gigs dry up, and another over the top dramatic personality arrives on the set of her only bread and butter, she just can’t handle it. She’s in full on meltdown.

So now, Nene is on the Internet reminding everyone of the details of Marlo’s felony record. Side note:  Sometimes I think Nene forgets the 1990s…because she and Gregg both have had little hiccups with the law. I’m just saying. Speaking of Gregg, it looks like he is going to take all that pent up rage we all know he must have from being Nene’s lap dog out on Peter next week in Mexico.  Clearly, Gregg is not allowed to say anything negative about Nene, so there is not way Gregg is going to let Peter get away with pointing out Nene’s flaws.


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160 responses to “Kenya Moore Sums Up Nene Leakes Pretty Well

  1. carl

    Nene is still #winning so it is what it is a TV SHOW…..Next season it will be another Housewife that everyone hates…..its a cycle and 6 seasons in WE SHOULD ALL KNOW THIS

    • Michelle

      True………especially since she will be on DWTS this season. But I’m sure someone will find a way to hate on that

      • kungfoohustle

        Where Nene is losing is in the editing room. Somehow she pissed off Carlos King and he’s showing us some of the unsavory bits of her personality they use to edit out. She’s also managed to alienate everyone in the cast. According to her Cynthia’s husband is a “bitch” and Mama Joyce is “ghetto”.

  2. Mia

    I feel so sorry for Greg, Nene snatched his b@lls and stuck them in that hideous Barbie wig!

    I think Kenya is spot on. Nene is a hypocrite who thinks this is her world and we just live in it. When someone comes for her, they are “hitting below the belt” when she comes for others she’s merely “spressin her ‘pinion”
    She starts all the drama between the ladies then plays a victim “I just want all these ladies to ‘buund'”
    I’m totally over her messiness.

    • Katrina

      I diagree, Nene did not start all the drama between the ladies. Nene has a problem with Kenya and now Marlo. Kenya has problems with some of the other ladies because of her own actions. The ladies did bond on Savannah. For the most part, they seem to be having a good time at the Bailey bowl.

    • Keeesh

      lmao!! Your impression of her dialect was on point!

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'TheJam'

      #DEATH over all of your southern ebonics spelling. Perfection!

    • Harlyn

      You read my mind. lol I cringe every time she mispronounces “buunding and BRIDEmaid”. Arrogance and ignorance is not a good combination.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        @Harlyn. Absolutely right. Arrogance and ignorance are a lethal combination. Step forward Lenethia Leakes AND Marlo Hampton AND Kenya Moore.

    • Brewhaha

      “spressin her ‘pinion” … I died! Thanks for the laugh!

    • kym

      I co-sign this statement: “When someone comes for her, they are “hitting below the belt” when she comes for others she’s merely “spressin her ‘pinion?. She wants you to deal with her opinion when she can’t deal with others opinions herself..

  3. Urethra Franklin

    I only liked season 1 Nene.

    • I swear Nene could decapitate live babies on camera and there would still be Stans saying, “I still like her!”

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 11:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Only if the decapitation involved straight white babies.

      • Penny

        Lmao. I’m amazed its seeming like Cynthia is no longer Nenes Stan according to her latest blog. But of course Peters probably on her head

      • MTQ

        I swear Kenya could decapitate live babies on camera and there would still be some saying, “I still like her!”

      • “I swear Nene could decapitate live babies on camera and there would still be Stans saying, “I still like her!””- LOL ain’t that the truth!

      • melissa

        Tamara I was thinking the same thing!!!! But I guess she is a “She”ro to some of the readers here and the viewers. They saw her come up and they are impressed. I don’t care for Ms. Nene Leakes with her “None of theses girls are on my level” attitude. Kenya didnt lie about her unfriending/blocking you if you dont agree with her, I’m blocked.
        And lets remember ladies, Nene puts on a good show of “I’m rich B*TCH”, but the paid chick is Kandi.

    • Reading Beads

      Uretha, I almost liked her on season one. She was funny then. Now, she’s just pathetic. And, it’s getting old. In a hurry. Nene is jealous of everyone, any new cast member with promise is immediately singled out for her bully tactics. Anyone else remember her screaming in Kim’s face on the tour bus. You couldn’t pour class on Nene with a boot.

      • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

        I SUPPORTED her season 1 because I felt that she was the underdog against the more attractive and more fabulous sheree, but I never liked her. And now we see why sheree locked her out of her party!

      • Sheree is a ginormous cunt satchel whose kids were shown on TV to sleep on the floor.

        On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 7:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  4. Despite all of those facts….Nene still is my favorite. It all really boils down to Nene reacts and opens her mouth too fast. While a lot of what she says may be correct, her approach is allllll wrong. Like the charity thing…

    Now Kenya is still crazy and is playing the game well. That seems to be pissing Ms. Leakes off the most! ALL I can say is this reunion is about to be GREAT!

  5. Mollymom

    I don’t feel sorry for Greg at all. I think he’s Nene’s beard and still sleeps in the basement.

  6. Penny

    I really was lmao reading that last bit about Gregg next week; beautifully written Tamara

  7. Katrina

    They might bring Marlo back full time now, since she is not getting along with Nene.

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'The Jam'

      As much as I love how marlo handled nene, I really don’t want to see her face slicing, can’t speaking self on this show. Don’t get me wring I like her ( I think) but Maybe she would do better with love and hip hop.

  8. I’ve often thought that there must be something I was missing about Nene, I never could see anything attractive about her. Not talking about looks.

    In season 1, Anderson Cooper stated he was a fan of Nene’s before many of us had formed an opinion. For me that gave her credibility and swayed the doubters to her side. I kept looking for a reason why or what Anderson Cooper found attractive about Nene.

  9. DeeSays

    I don’t like Nene, never did and she’s showing her ass in a way like she never did before. However, that does not mean Kenya is now suddenly an angel. People have such short term memories its mind boggling. Because you are not #TeamNene doesnt mean you now have to be #TeamKenya. She’s still a crazy cuckoo bird having a very poor relationship with the truth a negative countenance. She’s quite articulate in print if this could only translate to my TV I might give her a second look.

  10. Tamar voice

    Reunion Sypnosis
    -Phaedra will not show up.
    -NeNe will not be her normal outspoken self. She will play it down due to advice from her “PR” team. She will give short one word answers to everything.
    -Porsha will talk too much and Kenya will have to shut her down.
    -Kandi will continue to defend Mama Joyce.
    -Cynthia will be the wild card, and may actually defend herself and Peter against NeNe; of course because the moose will stick to her script and not be over the top.

    Mark my word…

    • Katrina

      If Phaedra does not show up, then that means she will be replaced. I hope Phaedra does show up, but I doubt Apollo does. I would not be surprised if Joyce shows up.

    • kat

      LOL. I agree with everything however I think Nene will give short one word answers in the beginning, but either Kenya or Kandi or Peter are going to say something to bring out NayNay.

    • Beth

      Don’t forget Kandi will be crying non stop too. LOL

    • Anna

      I finally decided that Kandi’s “alleged” love for her mother comes from a dark, emotionally battered, suffering place—the pathological and dysfunctional home in which she grew up. Her mother probably took every inkling of positive self esteem Kandi tried to develop. Kandi’s responses and reactions to any challenge about her mother’s interfering in her relationship with Todd have been seasoned in Joyce’s cauldron of hatred, abuse, battering, domination, wicked, despicable place that Joyce has used since Kandi’s birth. What we, the audience, view as unusual and inappropriate behavior for a mother appears to be quite normal and appropriate to Kandi. The reason is, this is the way she was brought up by her mother who has never held very high regard for Kandi’s ability to make decisions, etc. Despite the fact that Joyce has had three or so husbands (all failed marriages) does not register with Joyce because she is the kind of person who thinks she is right at all times and everyone else is wrong. She is a wicked person who will destroy those who do not agree wit her From this perspective, it is no wonder that Kandi keeps saying “This is how I roll” when defending her mother’s awful behavior. It is a good thing that Kandi is going to get counseling for the life long damage Mama Joyce has inflicted upon her. Let’s hope she sees the light soon, and before she loses her soul mate. Joyce will never get counseling because she doesn’t feel she has done anything wrong.

      • ShellyW

        With Mama Joyce it is all about the dollars. I feel she wouldn’t have much to do with Kandi, if Kandi was not supporting her.

      • Katrina

        I think Kandi and Todd should go to counseling and decide if they can overcome Joyce’s negative attitude towards Todd. I don’t think Joyce is going to change her mind about Todd anytime soon. I just hope Todd can get past it and they can find common gound and get married.

      • vivaladiva831

        Kandi’s brother was killed in a car accident when they were in high school, and Mama Joyce IMO is super clingy bc of that. I really don’t think Mama Joyce wants all of Kandi’s mother for herself, I think she just doesn’t want Kandi using it for anyone outside of Kandi and Riley.

    • Tamara! What would I do without you! NeNe needs the money and wants to make an impression so that she is back next season. The network should take the trash out and replace her nasty self.

  11. I think my comment above should have read “only if the decapitation involved gay white babies” to please the NeNe stans. I really should know better than to comment on RHOA. :-)

  12. Katie

    Bravo, TT. You nailed it so hard I heard the ringing from PA! I was happy for NeNe when she landed the acting gigs. She’s been insufferable since.

  13. Where did the artwork of NeNe come from?

    • I don’t know. It is several seasons old. By the time I found it, their was no source anywhere. I am thinking someone did it for a message board or a tumblr once upon a time….

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 1:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Reading Beads

      The artwork is great. All I think of when i see it is “Nene should buy a chin”.

  14. myinfo

    Kenya’s blog is very well written and I agree with most of what she had to say.
    Marlo’s blog (on her own website) has some good digs on Nene too and very funny.

    Nene – she will scream and talk over everyone
    Phaedra – will be a no show
    Porsha – will sing and try to make everyone get along
    Cynthia – she might get a backbone and finally tell Nene she was wrong at the Charity event.
    Kenya – will bring a bat as her prop and knock Nene out
    Kandi – will say to Nene “I’ll drag a b*itch” because she talked about her mother in her blog
    Marlo – will come out as a surprise quest then Nene will walk or run out of the studio.

  15. Metoo

    Nene is always insecure around those that are more educated, and more attractive. She has major hang-ups and if you are the least bit strong; you will never be a friend of Nene. She preys on the underdog and has to elevate her ego by dealing with the less-fortunate. That’s the only way she can deal.
    Think about all of her past feuds: Star Jones-she certainly hit below the belt on Celebrity Apprentice and when she felt Star was backing down (cause only a fool with publically argue with Nene) she wouldn’t let it go and even befriended Star’s ex-Al just to get back at her. Phaedra- again, if you are educated-that translates to a threat in Nene’s eyes. Sheree- Though a bit touched-herself, too strong for Nene’s comfort. I know that I’m forgetting many but the list goes on-and-on.
    Nene really needs to hire a speech therapist since she’s” so-rich”. If she weren’t so domineering perhaps someone in her circle would be brave enough to tell her that.

  16. ICassie

    I agree with Carl Nene is still winning.
    Now she gets a chance to go on dancing with the stars. Her foul bad behavior is working in her favor. Kenya would have made a better contestant.
    I am not sure what Kenya is doing but by now she should have some roles in movies or something.

    • Don’t believe everything you hear about DWTS….

      • Beverly

        Yea. I’m not so sure she’ll be on DWTS. What about that health issue she had. Any way I’d like to see her on DWTS. Good for a laugh. I can’t imagine she could dance and she seems like she’s lazy. She’d never put in enough time. She’s also a quitter when things don’t go her way.

      • Barbara R.

        If she does get on DWTS I hope they team her with Derek Hough so she will loom over him like the moose that she is

      • vivaladiva831

        Lmao at the thought of Nene on dancing with the stars. She has a lot of qualities, but graceful ballroom dancing isn’t one of them. Could you imagine her partner trying to lift or spin her?

  17. Wait until NeNe appears on DWTS, her head will reach epic proportions, lol.

  18. sarcasatire

    Marlo has been arrested over seven times, from assault with a weapon “Her knife dropped, mine did not” to cashing fraudulent checks in order to but her “fashions.” Yet y’all still think she’s better than Nene, who walked away from a confrontation.

    Kenya wore a net dress and butt pads to a CHARITY EVENT, but y’all are calling Nene rude for her terse speech…clutching petals and screaming “it was for charity! She shouldn’t have acted like that?” Um, which was worse?

    • Hi, you must be new, my name is Tamara and this is my blog. At no point did I ever say Marlo or Kenya was better than Nene. In fact I included SEVERAL links on Marlo’s name to previous posts here about her felony charges and hideous behavior. Similarly, you can find a boat load of blogs from last season on what a disaster Kenya was and how I prayed to never see her on my TV ever again.

      But here in current time, Nene is reclaiming the Cunt Satchel crown in glorious fashion. Because I am talking about WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW! Which is Nene is showing her ass and blaming everyone else. As soon as Marlo knifes someone, or Kenya shows up to an event in butt pads, I assure you my focus will change.

      But for now, your Stanning for Nene by trying to find worse behavior ain’t gonna fly here.

      /drops mike

      On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 2:51 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sarcasatire

        Stanning for Nene? Haha! I’m pointing out how everyone is pointing out the fact that out was a charity event when Nene shaded Kenya, but forgot that Kenya acted a damn fool at a charity event last season to shade Phaedra.

        Of course Kenya is popular now, and I’m sure she appreciates her fair weather stans. However, Stans with short term memory loss are my favorite! lol

        I think they all act the same, so I’m not gonna excuse the behavior of one because it isn’t as fresh… once a liar, always a liar, once a criminal, always a felon. So, you’re right, the tide will turn as it always does, but since i see through the housewives formula, i look more at their character than the season’s edit. And nobody’s hands are clean!

      • Reading Beads

        BRAVO Tamara. Perhaps if the peanut gallery actually read the blog, there would be more intelligent comments.

        Nene will always have the stripper fans. She may need to go back to stripping soon. Hollywood seems to have deserted her. Little wonder. I saw her “New Normal”. Not one acting bone in her body.

        Nene is vile and hateful. And, she’s jealous of Kenya. Before Kenya came along, Nene had no competition for Queen Bee. Kandi could care less about being the star of the show (she is a star in real life). I am loving watching Kenya school Nene in PR and how to succeed on a reality TV show.

        Nene Leakes on DWTS? I’ll believe that when I see it. I’m rather enjoying her meltdown. After hearing her talk down to her costars since season one, about time that awful woman in the awful wig with the awful wardrobe gets a little of her own medicine. She and Phaedra both have some karma coming at them. Couldn’t happen to more deserving folks.

        Go Kenya! Keep playing chess while the rest of them play pick up sticks.

    • I REALLY hope DWTS is dumb enough to invite Nene. It would be hilarious. I doubt she would even dance the first dance. Her poor partner would like break his own leg to get out of the season. She quits EVERYTHING when it gets hard and DWTS is hard.

      I can’t imagine DWTS bringing on Nene who quit The Apprentice because she couldn’t hack THAT show where all she had to do was sell a couple sandwiches and get along with people.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Even Teresa Giudice made it to the top 4 or 5 of Celebrity Apprentice.

      • Mia

        The visual of Nene doing the hustle and dirty dancing with those hooves wedged in tap shoes is giving me ever lasting life, looool.
        I don’t even watch the show, I would that season and cackle like the old lady in She-Devil! Lol

      • Kat

        I have to agree that Nene is a quitter. And ever since Kim made that tardy for the party it’s been obvious she’s a hater. She is nothing without someone to bully and this year her plan has backfired.

      • Good morning Tamara, true dat about NeNe being quitter.

    • justasportsnut

      NeNe and Greg also have criminal histories but their records have been expunged and sealed.

  19. While Kenya and Marlo are busy writing blogs, Nene is signed up for the next season of Dancing with the Stars and her clothing line is due to hit stores in July. Meanwhile, the ex-con and the ex-beauty will probably still be trying to do anything to remain relevant. The best revenge is living good!

    • Oh wait – you must be NeNe! :-)

    • myinfo

      Being Happy is the best revenge and Nene’s behavior tells everyone she is NOT HAPPY!

      • And Marlo and Kenya’s behavior is indicative of a happy woman? Please those old bitties only chance to shine occurs when they are bringing Nene down. Tell me quick….what else do either of them have going for them???

    • 'New Kenya Fan' to 'The Jam'

      So kenya has started a hair care line. Because the hair on her head is actually hers. She did a n excercise vid because she is obviously a fanatic about her body. Die spite the bad reviews on amazon from people who didn’t even buy the vid, she actually did crush phaedra and Apollo in terms of sales. Sed piste being batshit crazy kenya is an astute business woman who actually stays within her brand.Nene leakes, who has worn some atrocious wigs, and walmart fabric homemade curtains for dresses with her bra strap showing is creating a clothing line. Let’s see how that goes

    • Reading Beads

      A line of clothing for K Mart is what stars do when their careers tank. Who wears that sweatshop labor crap anyway? If Nene’s style is the guide, yo’ll be wearing a flashdance T Shirt and some cut off jean shorts (one leg is longer than the other). That woman has zero style and less taste. The only time she looks decent is during the talking head segments when a stylist selects her clothes. Perhaps Nene will introduce a wig line for K Mart, something hideous enough to go with her clothes. After all, she has the lock on hideous hair pieces.

    • Jarlath

      Living good by setting up fake charities to defraud donors ….

  20. Oh Chile!!! Kenya’s blog snatced all of NeNe’s blond lil edges right on out!!! She read her ass, up, down, sideways, and twice diagnol!!! 😉

    • “sigh” my time on this thread is done. I have no idea what you are saying.

      • “Edges or Wig snatching” is when someone, sometimes unexpectedly & abruptly, “airs out someone’s dirty laundry” in front of many people.

        To read someone is to tell them about themselves!!

        Simply, Kenya “snatched” NeNe & read her too!!!

        Hope that helps!!! 😉

        Hope that helps!! LOL!! 😉

  21. Bravogirl24/7

    Nene has been on RHOA for how many seasons now she is finally using this platform to create or should I say she lending her name to a Kmart clothing line since she is NOT a designer. Kenya is smart, she jumped right in made a workout video to promote her beauty brand. I just wish Kenya would get her personally life in order.

  22. Mrs Smith

    I agree with what Kenya is saying even though I have never really been a Kenya fan.

    Nene’s behavior is beyond ridiculous on so many levels. If she had behaved gracious in any way about her little jobs in Hollywood I might not be ready for Andy to cut the moose loose. She has done nothing but make an absolute ass out of herself. Greg has too…going around acting like he married a goddess. He must be really lazy…I am sure he was banking on her succeeding in Hollywood so he would only have to kiss her ass all day and never have to go to work.
    Nene is livid about failing in Hollywood and believes she is above the reality show that is her only source of coins at the moment. She is not accepting the fact that she is not golden and everyone is not going to bow down before her unroyal ass. Her bubble has popped and she and Greg are the only ones that keep trying to blow her popped bubble back up.
    I hope to jesus jugs Nene is not going to be on DWTS. Even though I doubt she would put much effort into it, we would never hear the end of it. Look at much she has thrown around CA and Donald Trump even though she walked off the show.
    I could go on and on about Nene but I will refrain myself. No need to thank me. :)

  23. JoJo

    I don’t think Phaedra or Kandi are intimidated by Nene at all. Nene hasn’t really given those 2 any problems on camera. As Kandi says “I’m a if you don’t bring none there won’t be none kinda’ girl – you bring it, I’m gonna’ finish it.” That’s why I think Nene just lets her be. With Pheadra or Kandi, Nene only shades them in talking heads.
    With Kenya and Marlo, they’re both anxious & willing to bring it big to get Nene to react (sometimes they don’t have to do anything at all).
    When Kenya grabbed Nene by the ear first episode, she walked away. Since then, Nay Nay is out – loud and proud but she be locked in the closet.

    • Wait…what? She’s gay? I didn’t know that.

    • JoJo

      oops I meant she SHOULD be locked in the closet.
      And DWTS? Is this really true? She’d have to remember 40 repetitive dancing steps – I can’t see more than a 2 step.

    • Kat

      Honestly I think phaedra and Kandi never gaveNene any beef because they were trying to keep their job. I was really confused that Phaedra agreed to go on across trip with Nene and Chuck but I think she felt obligated to protect her job. Unfortunately it was a set up be nene from the start

      • JoJo

        I’m not exactly sure about why Kandi and Phaedra haven’t given Nene any beef since TT has corrected many people about thinking Nene has any control over who has a job on RHOA or not although Nene makes people think she’s in control of who’s cast.
        But my point is Nene hasn’t give them any on-camera beef. And, there’s no doubt in my mind Nene was setting Phaedra up with the conversation in the car with Chuck. Phaedra handled it pretty well considering. I’m sure she’s pretty aware of Nene’s involvement after it happened, she just hasn’t confront her on camera over it.

      • Katrina

        I don’t think Nene set Phaedra up. Phaedra did not say anything in Savannah, it was Kandi.

      • Brewhaha

        I don’t think Phaedra nor Kandi care enough about Nene to go after her. Think about it, what reason would they have to do it?

      • CityGirl81

        NeNe tried Kandi her first season calling her ghetto, which was utterly laughable. She got in to it with Kandi, however she wasn’t backing down and start hollering right back.

        As for shady Phae Phae, she tried that, “I don’t know her mess,” like admitting to knowing her is such an honor. Chile bye! And we all now know, that was a lie.

  24. Jo Jo: I’m pretty sure I come across as an idiot on this blog. However, I grew up in Texas and do know a think or two about football. I really don’t think NeNE is in the same league as say a Hershel Walker or Jerry Rice. Just my lame attempt at trying to be funny.

  25. I’ve been trying to cut Nene some slack this season because anyone who has been laid off from a job can understand the emotions you go through afterward.

    And unfortunately for Nene, she’s been on camera having to deal with not only her sitcom being cancelled – but also her other show being put on hiatus. And all this while trying to deal with the amount of drama that goes on with RHOA.

    • Don’t get me started on the whole “anyone who has been laid off from a job” thing. I still haven’t recovered. And since NeNe has another source of income, I’m really not feeling it.

      • I’ve pointed out NUMEROUS TIMES that neither Glee nor The New Normal was any significant source of INCOME for Nene. The two paychecks combined would still have her at the poverty level. RHOA is her paycheck, those two shows were vanity events, resume opportunities, nothing more. So this in no way was a job loss to her. It was a blow to her ego. Big difference. HUGE.

        On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 5:49 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Yamoah Asiedu

      @Observer2, I see your point but I can’t give Nene a pass because she doesn’t have a shred of humility. Her arrogance and delusion are breath-taking. Yes, It’s hard, challenging, depressing, frustrating, etc to lose a job but HOW you handle the situation speaks volumes about your true character. Nene was insufferable (on camera) during her Hollywood phase. Who knows if she is the sweetest, kindest, generous person behind the scenes? Hmm I doubt it. Real actors keep going they don’t fold because of ONE role on ONE cancelled sitcom.

      Nene can make better choices about how she acts, speaks, interacts, behaves on camera. She is her own business card for future roles. She has presented herself poorly in the last few episodes of RHOA. Now, any future director, producer or writer might NOT choose Nene because they think she is a horrible person. This is ALL her own fault.

      During her spin off, she was seen treating her loyal friends badly
      At the Pillow Talk event she was a dreadful, biased and (after the confrontation) aggressive host
      She could have WON when Kenya set her up at the charity event, by acting like a mature, sensible, sophisticated and POLITE woman.
      She disrupted a “fun” event by storming out of the Bailey Bowl
      Nene needs to grow up. Life can be tough. The End.

  26. RandomBogan

    I NEVER thought this blog would go team Kenya. Ugh. Oh well NeNe may be a sore loser but Kenyas a low-blowing bitch. Shell talk how she wants to be friendly with someone then tear them down in her blog. If NeNe leaves Kenya and Marlo will be at each others throats next season.

  27. TheHousewives

    I have to say Tamara I’m a fan of your blog and visit it everyday, keep up the good work. I know this is a comment section but if you hate a person (Kenya or Nene) why comment on them? At the end of the Day RHOA aside Kenya is established, no she hasn’t been the leading lady in any movies or shows but she has done numerous of them and will probably do more in the future. This is a reality show, some of its real and something’s are scripted as we know so I just see it as entertainment but what I will say is you can’t script a reality TV personality and Nene has always been that way but this season people are seeing more of the real her. Remember Kim, Sheree? Nene use to go on and on about how evil and bad they were and now its Kenya and Marlo turn.

  28. TheHousewives

    Also think about it if Cynthia wasn’t on the show who would Nene hang out with? Nene has to ask herself, continue to do a show with woman I don’t like or move on. If she does DWTS great but she has to humble herself

    • JoJo

      I was going to say the same thing about Cynthia. Apparently Cynthia has toughened up and even in current time it doesn’t seem they’re buddies anymore. Nene and Porsha BFFs? That’s about all that’s left and, well, I’ll just let that speak for itself. The point is what use is she if she can’t get along with anyone….again and this time she doesn’t have Hollywood to mellow her a bit.
      I just have such a hard time thinking Nene is capable of humbling herself. Her absolute grand chance was on Celebrity Apprentice showing the world she belonged there and could get along with people. She not proved she could do neither, but she quit & raised zero $$. I was absolutely embarrassed for her. It’s sad almost.

  29. myinfo

    I am not Team anyone. So far this season Nene looks worst than Kenya.
    The season is not over so things can change.

  30. I have been over Nene ever since she choked Kim. Gregg balls are gone he is no longer a man. He is a lap dog drinking out of the toilet.

  31. Kitty Mamma

    How in the hell is NeNe cashing Trump checks when she quit his show? That makes no sense.

    And does anyone think RHOA is about as interesting for the guys as it is the galls? (Unlike Miami, BH, OC, etc…)

  32. JoJo

    I think sometimes viewers are more or less outraged by bad acts or even violence depending on who’s on the receiving end. I was never a fan of Kim and I’m not a fan of Kenya.
    My problem with Nene is all about her obnoxiousness and arrogance even when no one else is on the receiving end.

  33. cherry

    The thing that “hurts” the most for me is I need someone to find the “eyes poppin and lips bustin” Nene from season one. You know the Nene who was the young wife of Gregg Leakes and who told all the crazy raunchy jokes at his “business” dinners! The show is an OPPORTUNITY let’s be clear about this. So for her to mad at Marlo for whatever reason is crazy! Everyone is there to get paid, promote their business and stay relevant. What reigns supreme with me is that Nene was all I don’t need this show when she was on Glee and The New Normal, but now that the two are gone is like she is fighting to stay in the race!

  34. Holly Burnett

    This was so spot on good!!

  35. DMarie

    Why you so busy posting she say crap, where is the story about Kim Zolciak facing eviction from “Her Dream Home”

  36. Sydney: I actually have no idea when they announce the new DWTS cast. I haven’t watched that show since Emmit Smith won. I’m just trying to remain relevant in this thread. :-)

  37. gigi

    Kenya Blog Recap: NeNe this, NeNe that, NeNe this, NeNe that…
    Is that all you got Kenya?

  38. vivaladiva831

    Nene is the exact kind of person that you never want to apologize to, even if she thinks she deserves one, bc of her bad attitude. No way do I want to apologize for something if I know the person is just going to stomp all over it. And Nene can never gracefully accet an apology. Also, I’m pretty sure you’re joking, but is Nene’s line really She by Nene? If not, it definitely needs to be, that is too funny!

    • Jarlath

      I think the She by Nene comment was in reference to both clothing lines existing in sketches and there not being any actual garments to speak of.

  39. I’m posting this on everyone else’s blog. Is that rude? Tell me not to do this, TT. Everyone has lost their mind and this needs to be spread!

  40. Michelle

    I be so sorry let me take my dumbass over to lipsick alley. you know where they puke up they lipsick.

  41. Interesting perspective. Kenya is actually the last one of these characters that I would suspect of hiring someone to write her blog.

    • Kenya writes her own blog, SHE is the most educated of the bunch. And no one actually works for a law degree and turns,,,, go watch some TYLER Perry THE Haves and the Have nots and ask yourself where he came up with Candace young?

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 10:15 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • fucking old wrinkly white men has resulted in plenty of degrees. law, undergrad the whole nine.

  42. Wow, looks like ABC has lost their dang mind. NeNe will be dancing with Tony on the upcoming DWTS season. Make it stop, lol.

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