Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 Recap: Fears and Tears

Shahs of Sunset Season 3 2014 Final EpisodeAs much as I like these ridiculous Bravo shows, they always seem to just drag on forever.  For the first time in the history of Bravo, the Shahs finale seemed like a nice happy ending. All of the storylines were wrapped up. Everyone pretended to kiss and make up. That should have been the end.

But, no.  We are still driving the hilariously stupid gold them into the ground with a reunion at a dinner table. Let’s see if some dumps a plate of tahdig on anyone in this episode.

Andy asks Reza what the hell he was thinking screaming the word faggot at people in a gay club. He says that the guy was talking about Iran like it was Club Med. Um, flashback to 80’s resorts with rampant STDs. Plus the guy was not doing that at all. He talked about missing his family and not being able to see them. Now MJ is joining in to defend Reza and both are saying that FOB is perfectly fine. As far as I am concerned it is perfectly fine if your intent is to insult someone, it’s as good an insult as any. What is not perfectly fine is the two of them acting as if it is a term of endearment. They are both delusional. Just say, “I didn’t like the guy, I called him an FOB,  and it’s really not that big of a deal!” But no. That can never happen. Reza and MJ both just seem to try to look like assholes. Reza seems to get it after the tenth question that he needs to apologize and shut up.

Asa face necklaceTime to talk about the trip to Turkey. GG says it was significant to be there during such a major holiday. Andy broaches the subject of Reza and MJ’s rude reactions to seeing women in veils. Reza says if he was an American traveling with children and the kids saw that they would be scared. Good Lord. I was an American kid living in a Muslim country where women wore barrakans with only one eye showing. The only profound reaction I had was, “They must be hot.” Reza is an idiot who is afraid of other cultures and his own culture. I can’t comprehend being that stupid and unaware of the existence of other cultures.

Andy brings up the call to prayer at the ancient mosque. That was perhaps one of the most moving scenes in the entire trip. Mike apparently had flashbacks to be in his mother’s womb. I mean what is it with these men and their fears? I get divisiveness between the Arabs and the Jews.  So walk over to McDonald’s and have a Big Mac until everyone is done. It’s not like you are in Tehran. You are in a European city, for fucksake. Equally idiotic is Asa not understanding the rules of a mosque. It doesn’t just apply to Turkish mosques, the rules are the same wherever the mosque is located. This just blows my mind.

Lilly is trying to point out that Iran is not an evil place. It is true that for the most part day to day life in Iran for most people is quite normal. Reza points out their hatred for gay and Jewish people. That is true. You really don’t want to live there if you fall into either of those categories. But then Lilly defends Iran by saying that the government will give gay people free sex changes. Because, Lilly.

MJ Shahs of SunsetMJ talks about her maternal instincts that came out unexpectedly around Asa’s family. Then they talk about her relationship with her mother. Then Andy says, “Oh BTW, your mom is here!” So it is time for him to deepen fractures in MJ’s relationship with her mother a bit more. Vida begins by criticizing the table setting and insisting that Reza’s nametag be moved. Andy asks about her feelings on the show and Vida says that MJ should not be tanning on naked on TV. Andy asks Vida what advice she would give Reza if she were his mother. She says to stop using the word bitch to refer to women. Reza must be uncomfortable sitting next to her because he has called Vida a bitch on the show more than once.

Even Lilly, who MJ hates is trying to get Vida to say something nice about MJ. This is heartbreakingly sad to watch. Vida says basically that she never planned to have kids, but now she has one, so whatever. I forgive all of MJ’s awful behaviors for infinity because she really got a bad hand in the mother department. Andy finally gets Vida to say something nice. But wow, too little too late.

Next, Andy asks them all their age and then basically calls them immature. Andy asks Mike what is taking so long for him to marry Jessica. Mike, who has been very emotional since the Turkey trip says, “I’m afraid.”

Mike is crying over his friendship with Reza. This reunion is just sad. I would rather see everyone fight than see them cry. Now Reza is crying. Mike apologizes to Reza they make up and hug it out. Now it is all a big lovefest. And I am emotionally spent.

Do you think Lilly will be back next season?


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48 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part 2 Recap: Fears and Tears

  1. Mari Anne Souza

    I hope Lilly doesn’t return – she doesn’t need their shit. Reza and MJ still suck. Mike’s got cold feet. NEXT!

  2. My heart broke for MJ, it was incredibly sad to watch. I couldn’t believe Vida had to think about whether or not MJ would be a good mother, then she had to think about something nice to say. Poor MJ. My daughter is only 13 and I know she will make an excellent mother (someday in the very very very distant future hopefully LOL).

    I think Lily is dunnzo and that’s fine by me. I could not believe her sex change comments. I mean that’s great for the people who want a sex change but not all homosexuals want a damn sex change!

  3. Tamara

    Lilly: really a free sex change?? Oh that right every gay man is just dying to become a woman. She is beyond stupid!! I think her plea to wanting to be loved and accepted by the rest was her way of begging to come back!! I hope she doesn’t. She brought nothing this season.
    I hope mike and Reza are really back to being friends. It was sad to see them crying.
    My heart goes out to MJ when it comes to her awful mother. Maybe MJ needs to take Dr jenn’s advice and grieve for the mother that she is NEVER going to have.

    In unrelated news,I love the name Golnesa! I think it’s so beautiful. Out of curiousity I keep trying to see if it has a meaning or definition but I can’t seem to pin point one. If you know or come across let me know please. ☺️

  4. Amy

    Lily, seriously do you think before you speak? I really felt bad for MJ and I’m glad Reza and Mike made up..

  5. Sari

    I hope Lilly doesn’t return. Her brand of stupidity is especially painful to watch.

    They definitely need an infusion of fresh Persian blood. Per the Shahs, there isn’t a shortage of them in BH to cast from.

  6. What I like about this show is that these people are really friends – except Lilly. They all have a long history with each other and they do honestly care about each other.

  7. lori

    Get rid of Lilly and bring in Sasha! He can be GG’s GBFF. She seemed to really hit it off with him, unless, of course, that whole scene with those two having lunch (or whatever) was scripted (shocker!). It would be MJ & Reza vs GG & Sasha. I’d watch!

    • lori

      And they had BETTER NOT make GG’s horrible sister a new cast mate. I really don’t think I would be able to watch it anymore if they did that.

  8. jrleaguer

    Who did Lilly have to blow to get into law school? She is seriously stupid!

  9. Kate

    One of my favorite comments on the show was when MJ said that for the first time she felt proud to say she was Muslim. There was something very genuine and sincere about that reflection that should give us all pause.

  10. they definitely need to add a new male to the show…..or bring back sammy. i think they need to get rid of lilly and have gigis sister as a full time cast member. i also think they should make anita a full time cast member. lets get some new blood in there!

  11. Lori, I agree with you – bring in Sasha. I vote NO to GG’s sister, we don’t want to see sisters fight with each other all of the time and that is what would happen, it would be a competition. I would rather see Mike’s doctor brother, or another male. Lilly needs to go. I guess I am the only one who likes Vida. She is truthful. If MJ were my daughter, I would be appalled at her behavior. Most kids from Catholic families are not planned – we believe that children are a gift from God – so I can’t relate to her hurt.

  12. eastjames

    I like this show for 2 reasons: 1) because these are genuine friendships of people who happen to be fairly wealthy but mostly because of hardworking refugee families realizing their American dream, 2) because we could all use a dose of culture especially one that closely mirrors the drama in our own culture bringing us all that much closer together. Oh ya and Bye Lilly!

  13. Kisha

    Oh goodness, Lilly makes my head hurt. Girl…being gay does not mean (in most cases) being transgender/transsexual. Why is she still on the show? She adds NOTHING but ridiculous comments, big boobs, and even bigger hair. I hope she’s booted. But leave Coconut. I like Coconut :)
    I feel so bad for MJ. Her mom is just the worst. I wonder what her mom’s childhood was like, because many times her kind of behavior towards her daughter trickles down the family tree.

  14. kb

    For Lilly’s sake it may be a good idea that she not come back. I didn’t think she was all that bad but during the reunion, whenever she spoke, no one listened or even paid attention to what she was saying. It was like she was not even there. She should look at this show as a learning experience, and get back to whatever she was doing before she ended up on the show.

    • JoJo

      I agree with that actually. I don’t think Lily is a bad person at all. She just has nothing in common with any of the rest. She doesn’t drink, is judgmental when she’s around smelly drunks, and doesn’t fit in. Filming by herself is useless. She should go back to what she was doing. Her name is known now, I’d expect some notoriety had to come from being on TV for a season at least for her business if she is still selling bathing suits.

  15. JoJo

    I liked the reunion set up at the dinner table – a nice little change from the rest.
    I don’t believe Lily was being truthful at all when she said she really loves all of the rest and she wants to be their friend. She just wants to be on the show. She’ll act like she loves them if that’s what’s required. But she is absolutely an outsider. She looks like a Barbie doll in Frederick’s of Hollywood, but acts like a novice in a convent. She doesn’t fit in at all.
    The most moving part was MJ & her mother. I have to agree that it’s understandable to forgive some of MJ’s behavior considering that relationship. I remember her saying Vida vacations/cruises for months at a time during the year. I wonder if MJ’s father brought her up.
    It wouldn’t bother me if GG’s sister or Sasha replaced Lily. But I’m sure someone will.
    All in all, with the Turkey episodes especially, I liked this season. Especially the transformation (or better edit) of GG.

    • “I liked the reunion set up at the dinner table – a nice little change from the rest.” Can you imagine if they did this for the housewives? There’d be meatballs and bonbons bouncing off HW foreheads all over the damn place.

      “I wonder if MJ’s father brought her up.” I think it was the first season, they did a bit with MJ and her dad and that’s pretty much what she said. It appeared that MJ and her dad were super close and very loving to each other and for the most part he had raised her. It’s been awhile now but if I remember correctly, Vida left her husband and MJ and it wasn’t until later that MJ had a relationship with her at all. I think she left when MJ was a toddler, like 2 or 3? I can cut MJ some slack for having a she-wolf for a mom, but only partially since she did have some stable, fatherly, daddy’s little girl influence as a child. I’ve still lost a ton of respect for her this season, some of the crap she pulled on GiGi is unforgivable and once she had Reza to back her again her attitude/ego was out of control .

      I’d hate to see GiGi’s sister replace Lilly, she and MJ would be tag team pissing off GiGi until she ordered herself a new set of Ginsu cooking knives from the HSN. The girl has made progress this season and she doesn’t deserve that…so I’m sure Bravo has already made her sister an offer. But someone needs to replace Lilly, she speaks and my ears bleed.

  16. JoJo

    You’re right about those HW – think it’d be only possible w/ RHOBH. Every other HW show has a potential object (or knife) thrower!!
    Agree about MJ – I was really disappointed about what she did to GG and it took her to being comfortable being a Muslim in Turkey before she coughed up an apology. I wasn’t that unhappy with her until this season, but then the reunion I softened toward her (guess that’s a good way to leave a season:)
    I also agree it wouldn’t be fair for GG to have her sister steal her thunder; she has done a 180 in my opinion and I really like her now and realized for first time she is very intelligent. Besides, she worked her ass off to control her anger and love that the “hook” actually works. But likely Bravo would do that exactly for the tension among those 3.

    • I missed the episode when they were in Turkey, I’ll have to download it or try to catch a rerun. If she actually finally owned it and apologized to GG I can cut her a lil more slack. It’s my pet peeve (probably b/c I have teenagers who do it all day every day) when someone can’t just say “I’m sorry I fucked up, I was wrong.” Thus the ego comment.

      • JoJo

        The apology shocked GG. At dinner their first night the whole table goaded MJ to at least apologize for 1 thing, I think it was calling GG’s mom and calling GG all sorts of names. Then MJ stammered, and started listing everything starting w/ the 1st thing which was being catty & telling Sean about GG’s kiss at Lily’s party, then went from there!

  17. I know I’m in the minority but I like Lilly and hope that she comes back. Something tells me Andy C. likes her too. Even with all the makeup and pounds of hair, I like her fashion sense. I think if she was able to come back that she would have to go toe to toe sometimes to stay relevant.

  18. Great thoughts in Shahs finale.
    MJ’s attitude makes sense to me now after watching her Mother’s behavior.
    A child knows and can feel that they are not fully wanted or loved. MJ has to have huge insecurities masked by her flamboyant attitudes.
    I’ve never been attracted to MJ as a person because her kind words often do not match with her meanness. I see why she would be like that with how she was probably well provided for but not truly wanted.
    Sad, but still would not trust her not to hurt me.
    Lilly’s comment about the sex change surgery was as dumb as they come. I agree she adds nothing to the show.
    I hate to see GG’s sister join the show with GG doing so well now. I feel it would undermine her personal growth she has made.

  19. Amy

    I have a mother similar to Vida so I can see the pain MJ inflicts on others as a sad attempt to deal with her mommy issues. She’s really emotional and wants to be loving but she’s never had a good female role model to show her the right way to express the hurt she feels. MJ did Gigi a favor even though her intentions were shady.Sean seems way too feminine for Gigi.

    If Lilly could have reached out to support and be a true friend to others, she would be a valuable cast member. I like her more than ASA who is so damn corny.

    Mikes honesty and integrity is what Reza needs in his life because despite his fake tears, he’s a rude immature dbag

  20. “I get divisiveness between the Arabs and the Jews.” Not exactly sure to whom you are referring, but neither Iranians nor Turks are Arabs. Or did you just mean, in general?

    I don’t think having a bad mom is a lifelong excuse for bad behavior. MJ is now over 40 and has had time to 1. go wild and crazy in her 20s and 2. begin to process her trauma and see how she can break the cycle.

    • Beth

      Melinab, I agree with you. Did you notice how fast MJ is, to take everything her mother says as it is meant to be “mean” and be the super victim. Even if it is all meant to be “mean” she has to grow up, realize that she better find some self worth or her mom will be right; she will not get married and will not be a good mother. We are after all destin to repeat the sins of our farther’s unless we face those demons.

      • Joi

        I agree not having a good mom is a lifelong excuse for bad behavior but when your mother doesn’t love you it’s debilitating and ISOLATING. Who among you can relate? You see she doesn’t do well with women because it’s almost impossible to trust other women when the person who God made to love you rejects you. I think you can work around it but it IS very hard.

      • Joi

        I didn’t meant to put my last name. Can you delete it below or my post altogether?

      • Beth

        Joi, I speak from living that life. :) my mom did and said some of the same things. That was her and only her view point. We must learn to love ourselves, love life and then we will attract love. Plus some will take that whack crap from parents and turn it into positives.

      • I agree Joi, I think MJ has been able to put the mother/child relationship aside, and said” I am an adult, maybe my Mom and I can be adult friends.” The problem is the mother, because she has no empathy for the person who is being cut by her words. On the other side, I see MJ biting her tongue (which is huge for MJ) to stay positive, and not feed into her Mother’s whining and being as judgemental as she could possibly be.

        Now MJ is facing that she has failed as a child, and now as an adult. Our parents can crush our self worth.

    • Melina

      I know this is late, but you don’t know what it’s like to have a mom that doesn’t love you. It makes life very depressing, and it’s usually depressed people who lash out the most. I’m not saying MJ’s behavior is right. I just know that until she goes through extensive therapy, she’s not going to be much better than she is right now. I say this from personal experience. You can’t really love others until you love yourself, and self love is scarce when you have known since childhood that your own mother doesn’t love you. I pray for MJ

      • lori

        Fathers too. Particularly girls who’s father’s acted like they didn’t love them in some way of another. They usually end up finding men who behave similarly (even if in the beginning they really think the guy is 100% different than their father, then are shocked when they end up being exactly the same. Somehow your subconscious sees beyond the initial facade. They say in life, you always try to work out the problems you had with your parents in others, since there is no way the issue will ever be worked out with the parent. You wouldn’t pick someone who doesn’t have those qualities, because they wouldn’t possess the characteristics/issues that you need to work out, and therefore would be of no use to you in that regard. In other words, I will make you love me even though your not acting like it. Of course not all women with these issues end up like that, but do many do.

  21. Katherine

    Lilly needs to go. She doesn’t add anything to the show. Clearly she is an idiot-sex change for free in Iran?!? I think not. I really hope bravo doesn’t bring on GG’s sister as a full time cast member. That will just be non stop fighting. Ugh. Bring on Sasha! I would love him to join the show. Reza really needs to do some serious therapy. His attitude, comments and behavior needs some work. I think after the first season of the show he became “popular” and thought he could do no wrong. Not the case at all. After this season I really don’t like him. MJ’s mother is a piece of work. Mike needs to buy the damn ring already.

  22. Katie

    I found it sad that Vida praised the thin girls’ outfits and didn’t have much nice to say about MJ’s or Asa’s. I think she’s projecting her own body issues onto MJ.

    • I love that she’s offering fashion critiques like Joan Rivers, but also like Joan Rivers, I’m sorry, but your own style and makeup is not awesome enough to justify your attitude. I agree she was praising the thin women b/c of their body types, not the actual clothes.

  23. Luis rivrodz

    I hope Lily comes back as bff of Sasha and GG

  24. Kishmish

    No Lily will NOT be back though she might make some Sammyesque appearances from time to time.
    As to Vida, I loved the way she smacked Reza down for constantly calling everyone “bitch” It’s YEARS since The Simple Life went off the air. Paris and Nicole have moved on, Reza should too. Enough already with the “bitch” crap.
    Now while Vida obviously didn’t want to be anyone’s mother and I don’t like her overly critical style I didn’t find it so horrible that she actually tried to THINK about whether or not MJ would make a good mother or not.
    I mean hell, that’s a serious life changing event. It would change everything for MJ even to making her breasts bigger—for GOOD! Aside from all the silly changes there is also the fact that if there ARE NOT significant changes in MJ’s life the child might have a hard way to go.
    Maybe it’s because I’m 51 and have raised a young man myself but god’s honest truth is that most of us WILL resort to raising our children using the ONLY TEMPLATE WE HAVE—and that’s the way WE were raised. Some of us were lucky to have easygoing, kind parents who loved us. But some have mothers like Vida, and over the course of years and years it would be harder than HELL for MJ NOT to fall back on the first parenting “language” she ever learned.
    What if the kid’s grades tank? She’ll be upset, scared for his/her future and after begging whose to say she won’t end up being constantly critical since that’s really the only concrete way she knows to deal as a parent.
    So it’s true, the jury is out on just what kind of mother MJ would be. Will she be smothering because SHE needs the affection? I don’t think she’ll be distant or as cold as Vida since she seems a very warm woman but being a parent is no joke and sometimes you HAVE to be honest especially when just being knee-jerk “supportive” even to the point of LYING to someone and putting everyone in danger of misery is the choice.
    I think MJ would be no better and no worse than any other mother. Probably much kinder than Vida because she KNOWS how nasty being critical can be, but sometimes parenting methods can’t be just a “reaction against” or an attempt to repair YOUR childhood using someone elses but it has to be created on the spot with the individual personality and needs of YOUR child in mind.
    Can MJ do that? Who knows…but I do think she’ll be much more loving than Vida.

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