Mob Wives New Blood Season Finale

Mob Wives New BloodMy TV guide is not noting this as the season finale but I am pretty sure that is what they said on the last episode. Sorry it has taken me so long to get to this recap, I’ve been super busy!

Renee has been keeping a secret from the girls. She has been secretly writing a sex novel. She reads a little bit of her book out loud. Let’s just say she is not the next Sylvia Plath.

Alicia is very nervous about her sentencing. I sort of feel sorry for her. I get that she committed crimes and needs to do the time, but her sentencing has been dragging out for like a year and counting? I’m sure she just wants to know her fate at this point.

Big Ang comes to her senses about having a baby and tells Neil he will just have to be a grandpa to the two on the way instead. Also they just bought a fixer upper house that is going to take all their time and money.

Natalie finally tells London that her job and her house and her life is in Philly. She wants London to marry her and move to Philly. They seem to be at a standstill.

Mob Wives New BLood SEASON 4Renee has a Book Launch Party

Before the book launch even happens, Big Ang and Drita go to visit Natalie. They seem pissed off at her so I had to actually go back to read my own recap to remember why. Somehow they are mad a Natalie because they all set around Renee’s Christmas party and bad mouthed her over some tweets that Renee said Natalie tweeted. Neither of these women have even seen any tweets. Yet they all sat around and talked about Natalie as if she had been tried and convicted in the last episode.

Natalie admits to sending a tweet saying that Renee likes to give married men blow jobs. Natalie says that Renee can dish it out but she can’t take it. Drita and Big Ang ask Natalie to stop tweeting things about Renee.

Renee’s book lauch is full of show girls and other debauchery befitting a sex novel. It’s an all in party for everyone in the cast, including Natalie.  Natalie arrives with London saying she has a surprise for the girls. Renee does a reading that required much censoring. Natalie slipped the DJ a soundtrack and gets up on stage and sings a song she wrote called….Delicious. OMG. This is one ballsy chick. She is also singing it in a British accent, or some sort of accent while strutting around the stage pretending she is Miley Cyrus adjusting a camel toe. This will not go over well.  But wait! Instead of Renee turning into ReNayNay, she thanks Natalie and says “I don’t hate! Let’s Celebrate!”  Seriously? Renee handles a situation like a pro? What planet are we on now? I am speechless!

And just like that the girls party and have a good time.

Alicia’s Sentencing

Alicia and her brother discuss how to pay her bills and run her stores in case she gets sent to prison. Alicia gets her boys up and packed off to school like it is a regular day. But it is not. She’s off to the courthouse. It seems very cruel to drag her all the way to court and then not sentence her.

Natalie goes to Alicia’s sentencing. She calls Drita to let her know the outcome. Only they don’t tell us what happened. Because apparently this is a two-part finale! Anyway, the wives are going nuts over what happened. I think they are freaking out because the FEDS were pissed that she was profiting by appearing on Mob Wives, so they are trying to increase her fines to take all of her  Mob Wives salary and any other money they can find. They postponed sentencing to see if she comes up with the money. I know I posted about this, but some of my posts seem to mysteriously disappear.

Junior Gets Out of Prison

Someone calls Renee to tell her that Junior knows that she went to see a lawyer about a protection order. Her friend on the phone immediately blames “her friends from Philly.” Renee’s friend says the vibe around prison is that Junior is upset with Renee for trying to get a protective order.

But the even bigger news is that Junior is getting released the next day. How could she not know that? Don’t you put yourself on a list or something to find out someone’s release date that could be potentially threatening toward you and your family?

I suppose we will all find out on the next episode as this is apparently a two-part finale.


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7 responses to “Mob Wives New Blood Season Finale

  1. lori

    This show is so whacky. Out of the blue, not only has Renee been secretly writing a book, but it’s already being launched? Same thing with the whole Junior situation. Yes, she would absolutely be notified in advance.

  2. Shellbelle

    My guess is the reason Renee didn’t flip the fuck out per Natalie’s song is because she was sober. Had she not been sober, it would’ve looked much like Vegas.
    I know I say it every week but Drita’s talking heads are hilarious! Love her!
    Glad big Ang isn’t going to have a baby. I know to each his own, it’s her house and all that BUT it bothered me to see them chain smoking with 2 pregnant girls in the vicinity. ( off my soapbox now) For me, Angelar and Dritar ( love how they had the ‘r’ at the end of their names) carry the show this year.

    • Kisha

      When Natalie was performing, all I kept thinking was “Lord, don’t let Renee “Love Majewski” Natalie’s ass!” But she held it together, and I agree: I think it’s because she was sober.
      I don’t blame Natalie for not wanting to move; she has a mortgage-free home, her own business, and a child who is probably comfortable living and going to school in Philly. London? I have no idea. But according to Natalie, he can just pack a suitcase and he’s all moved in. All I know is that he wanted her to uproot her entire life to live in a overpriced shoebox. There is noooo way I’d do that. I think she has a lot more at stake than he does.

  3. JoJo

    Every single thing in this recap I was thinking of this episode! I thought I might have turned my head for a minute and missed the shock of what happened to Alicia in court – at least thankfully I didn’t.
    And Natalie. My God she is one tough little Philly. Scared of nothing it and loyal. Of course shady about the Tweets though.
    I’m not seeing the attraction at all to London. I remember when they were apt. shopping in NY & how player he was acting. Talking about being bi-city and this budget thing that had to include all of this nightlife spending. Good for her in squashing that and reminding him she’s a mother of a 10 year old & nightlife was not priority. Also it seems like he was a little too comfortable referring to her paid-for home in Philly as ‘their’ second home. He’s not attractive for all these reasons.
    Renee’ just blew my mind giving a pass on Natalie’s surprise performance. Or maybe she wasn’t surprised at all.
    I think Big Ang just wanted to get her man on camera & make fun of him basically giving himself a hand job all the while realizing she’d be 70 with an 18 year old & maybe by then even a single mother- who wants that?
    Love Drita. Love this group of Mob Wives.

  4. Bets

    Tomorrow is the reunion. Last week was the season finale. Hopefully they talk about Alicia’s sentencing there.

  5. Tamara

    Renee may have handles the delicious song like a pro at the party, but Natalie better realize that she’ll eventually suffer Renee wrath. We all know Renee never lets anything go lol

  6. From the promos it looks like Drita goes off on Renee about something pertaining to Lee. Drita might want to tread carefully in that area since she has been accused of ‘dating’ Lee (her current husband) when he was still ‘with’ Karen Gravanzo (remember her?).

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