Dance Moms Recap: Hold On To Your Weave!

Abby Lee

On this week’s Dance Mom’s Abby Lee is in LA with McKenzie so that she can release her first single. Which would make sense if Abby was a manager and McKenzie could sing.  But let us put all of that aside and see how things go. Poor thing. Perhaps a lot of autotune will help.

Maddie is in LA because she booked a job of some sort. Meanwhile, back at the pyramid, Abby says she needs someone who can be her Maddie when Maddie is not there. Nia is at the bottom of the pyramid because her head piece slipped during her solo last week. Kendell is next. Her duet with Kalani came in second behind Maddie and Chloe’s duet that they had worked on since booty camp last summer. So, um that makes sense. Kalani is next on the pyramid. Chloe is next even though her duet with Maddie won. Because Abby hates Chloe and her mother, Kristi. Mackenzie is next because Abby said she was outstanding with the candy box. Whatever. And Maddie is on top of the pyramid because Abby adores her.

Mackenzie has a jazz/gymnastics solo this week. Kalani is getting a solo and so is Chloe. Abby has the girls to an improve dance off to see who will be “Maddie” in the group dance. Kendell wins because the Moms voted and could not vote for their own kid. Chloe came in second.

Open Auditions for DanceMoms 2014

When Chloe is rehearsing, Abby’s feedback included “Find your inner Maddie” and “Imagine if you Danced like Maddie!”  SMDH

Christi and Kelli are meeting for lunch and somehow Kalani’s mom invites herself, so Christi tells the other moms they are welcome to come. Stupidly, they all show up. Kalani’s mom admits in her talking head she just wants to be sure that Kelly’s daughters are not coming back to jeopardize her daughter’s position. Everyone hates Melissa for her association with Abby, but she joins the ladies as well. This already has a New Jersey Housewives vibe to it.

The next day Maddie is back for practice. Abby tells her that Kendell is going to call the steps and direct the the girls on their parts and Maddie can just worry about herself. As the rehearsal goes on, the moms realize that Kalani and Maddie have the lead parts  despite Kendell being selected the day before.

Abby has Chloe and Kalani practice their solos and gives high praise to Kalani. Kira says maybe next week Kalani will have a solo against Maddie. Christi says Abby will not put Maddie up against anyone she thinks can beat Maddie.  Melissa says no one on the team can beat Maddie isn a solo. Kira says, “Maybe we will find out next week!” I’m thinking maybe we will find out this week since Abby’s new thing is last minute additions to the program.

Dance Moms on Lifetime: Why the Outrage?Abby is mean to Mackenzie in her solo rehearsal. She screams at her, tells her she is wasting time, and pretty much calls her stupid. I really think Abby has a hormonal imbalance. I have never seen her have this short of a fuse. As someone dealing with that issue myself, I see all the signs,  hair trigger to anger, frustration, irritability over tiny issues followed by “just forget the whole damn thing.” Somebody send her some maca supplements before she implodes.

Abby is furious with the dance moms for going to lunch with Kelly. Abby threatens them to stay away from Kelly or she will kick their kids off her team.

On the bus, Abby says she is nervous about the group routine and is worried about the competition. Then she calls out Christi for dinging someone’s car in the ADLC parking lot. They have a verbal altercation where they both call the other ignorant. Then Abby screams to the moms on the bus in general, “Nobody on this team is safe? Understand ladies?”

At the competition, Abby tells Mackenzie that she needs to get out there and look like Asia. If she is going in this hard on Mackenzie, I can only imagine what she is going to do to Chloe. Abby tells the moms backstage that they are not allowed to be friends with Kelly anymore.

Chloe’s dance was great. I really hope she gets first. Great facial expressions and no major mistakes from my point of view.  Maddie is really coaching Kalani. Nice Maddie. Way to fraternize with the enemy instead of the girl you have been dancing with for years.

Of course Kalani has a swan outfit and a more complex choreography…of course she does. Kalani did a great job. Abby grinned like a Cheshire cat the whole dance and at one point actually whisper yelled “Yes!”

Mackenzie, who was berated and chastised before her performance is up next. She seems a little stiff. The choreography was not jazz it was a total gymnastics routine. It seemed more like a floor exercise at a gym meet than a dance. And her hair piece fell out.  Yep, her weave came flying out of her head because someone decided that a little girl needs to wear weave to do gymnastics. Oh my. Heads will roll for this.

Next is the group dance. They are wearing these ridiculous cloaks and everyone knows it is going to be a problem going in. One of the mom’s has a Frankenbite that says to just button the top button on the cloaks not all three. It sounded like Christi, but they were showing Melissa. I can already tell they lose the dance over these dam cloaks.

Then Abby comes in wearing Mackenzie’s hair piece. She tells Kalani she did great. She tells Chloe she was good. Then she yanks the hairpiece out of her head than hurls it to the floor and begins shaming Mackenzie in front of everyone.

Well, the group went off without a wardrobe malfunction, thank God. But they were not as tight as a group as they usually are. The capes were dramatic, the apple was clever there were no major malfunctions, so they could still get first, but I did not think they were in sync as much as they normally are.

Mackenzie comes in first in her solo despite losing her hair. Chloe came in second to Kalani in their solos. The scores were very close. Yet Kira starts talking about how far above Chloe her daughter, Kalani is. The group number also came in first.

Immediately backstage, Kira asks for Kalani to go up against Maddie the next week. Abby says no way. The other moms tried to tell you, Kira.  Abby tells Chloe she is doing much better now that she comes to private lessons. Christi says she has always gone to private lessons. Abby calls Christi Satan.

Next week: Abby takes KIRA! to NYC for her court date with Kristi Um, why? I thought Melissa was her BFF? Also next week Kendell has a solo against Maddie and Kalani doesn’t get a solo.


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31 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Hold On To Your Weave!

  1. Shellbelle

    The more I watch, the more I can’t stand Melissa. Unfortunately, maddie is turning into her mother- backstabbing, brown nosing , ugh!
    I hate the way Abby was comparing Mackenzie to Brooke an throwing Brooke under the bus. Leave the girl alone. You got rid of her, paige and Kelly. Isn’t that enough?! I will miss Kelly and her girls.

    • I completely agree. I think Abbie is Jealous of Melissa and Kelly. I think Kelly’s girls are beautiful dancers..However Chole, is the best dancer and the sweetest girt on the team…She always congratulates Mattie, however, when she beat mattie , until abby made the judges change it. Mattie wouldn’t even talk to Chloe. Mackenzie, is not a singer…and certainly no Brooke. Abby better wake up, or she will lose a group of winners. I wish they would all go to candy apples, where at least they wouldn’t be yelled at all the time

    • One more thing….Please Candy apples, come and kick ALDC’s butt, and then take her girls away with you

  2. brillke

    Abby seems frantic and crazed this season. She’s going overboard with the bullying, even for her. The way she laughed when Christi said something about her already getting rid of Kelly was creepy. Telling the moms they can’t hang around Kelly is pure bullshit.

    • Sari

      True story.

      Also, one of the appeals of the show was, as gruesome as it was already, Abby’s tough as nails approach.

      It’s become TOO gimmicky and forced. This network is especially bad at manufacturing drama.

      Fuck. Most of them are, come to think of it.

  3. BTResa

    I love how Abby says she doesn’t care that the moms went to lunch with Kelly, yet she is quick to threaten them if they talk to her again. They are grown ass woman who can make there own choices, they pay her to teach there kids not control their lives. Clearly Kelly’s kids are on her mind seeing as how she mentions Brooke’s singing every chance she gets. Someone is still a bit salty about Brooke wanting to do her own thing instead of being under Abby’s wing. I’m so tired of Abby’s threats there is something wrong with that lady for real. I don’t know how many seasons lifetime signed her up for but I don’t see this going on for much longer.

    • When they show that clip of the altercation it is pretty clear that Abby was really trying to bite Kristy. I’m trying to understand why she thinks she has the upper hand in that situation. I hate it when she is so mean to Chloe. She has gotten so much worse. Yet the mothers hang on for the national exposure. Mackenzie as a pop star? What a joke.

  4. I don’t like that new mom with the mole. Abby has gotten worse this season. What’s up with that? Is she amping up the drama for ratings or is something more serious wrong with her? I can’t help myself I love this show although I feel bad for the sweet little girls. Christi seemed lost without Kelly.

    • sorry TT about the mole comment. I can’t get past the damn thing. I can’t recall anything she said as I’m absorbed by that mole.

      • lol it’s fine to describe the mole. Just don’t call her “mole” lol. At first I thought they just told Abby to amp up the bitchiness. But now I actually think she is menopausal.

        On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 9:16 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • brillke

      Maybe the moms need to go in together and get her a puppy. Maybe Broadway Baby kept Abby calm and she needs another companion. I’m not a big fan of getting someone a pet as a gift and I’d much rather adopt than buy but they need to try something to calm Abby down since winning isn’t doing the trick.

      • Didn’t her mother just recently pass away also? Pretty huge losses for Abby this past year. The only two living beings she loved, her mom and her dog. Plus as TT mentioned it could also be hormonal. Maybe all of it at once like the Perfect Storm. She is going to have a stroke with all her anger issues and is a walking time bomb.

      • brillke

        Oh, I hadn’t heard about her mom passing. That would indeed explain how Abby is acting.

      • Shellbelle

        Her mom is the one that told her that they moms went to lunch with kelly.

      • Angel

        Vvv On one of the recap episodes Abbi said someone gave her a puppy, but it was “too soon” after Broadway Baby passed and she gave the dog to Holly’s daughter, Nia.

  5. Kitty Mamma

    This show just makes me so nervous to watch now. Abby is so ingrained in these girls’ lives and psyches. It can’t be healthy. Now they cannot hang out with Kelli? I thought the Candy Apple situation was getting rough. I like watching tv, but I don’t want to feel badly about it.

  6. peachteachr

    OMGosh, Mackenzie is definitely not singer material. That was frightful and I’ve been through several housewives thinking they were singers. You will almost always see Maddie encouraging another dancer. She and Mia are very generous with their praise of others. Maddie and her mother always clap for ALL of the winners at every competition which is fairly unusual for a dance mom. Just have to say again that I don’t see singing in Mackenzie’s future.

    • did you not see Mattie turn away from chloe, when she lost against her…she is as fake as her mom…and she doesn’t have the beauty and grace chloe has….but abby is afraid to work with chloe, because she knows Mattie would lose everytime to her.

      • StPaulieGirl

        I couldn’t agree more. Maddie is quite the sore loser. Just like her delusional mother! I loved watching Chloe beat Maddie. It wasn’t a surprise when Maddie threw a tantrum over losing. Just like when Chloe beat her and got the Joffrey Ballet scholarship. Maddie had a meltdown. I personally think Maddie is a brat and Chloe is the sweetest. Just as you pointed out…if Chloe was given great choreography she would kick Maddie’s butt over and over again!!!!!

  7. RVA

    This show sounds awful this season. I have never seen an episode but I’ve always enjoyed TT’s recaps. This season makes me sad for the girls because it sounds as if she’s horrible to the children. I know you think it might be due to a hormonal imbalance. I hope she gets help quickly. I don’t know how the girls will make it through.

  8. jelley

    Why does Abby love Maddie so much? It breaks my heart to see how ugly she is to the other children.

  9. Kitty Mamma

    I think I read somewhere that Abby was having financial trouble. Maybe something about a bankruptcy. Don’t quote me on that. That, coupled with the loss of her mom and dog, and the pressures of this show, could fray her nerves even worse. And to add hormones, it is a recipe for disaster.

  10. Willow

    She has a court date with Kristi too? I think you meant Kelly.

  11. I don’t know TT, you say hormones but I see uncontrolled diabetic.

  12. Katrina

    Wow. This show is all scripted! Can’t you see?? The girls are all friends, the moms are friends and Abby’s not crazy, she’s an ‘actress’. They need to ham it up so people like you you will fall for the drama and be obsessed! I love the show, but I know fantasy from reality girls. And it’s Christi!!! NOT KRISTY! So while your hating the girls ake maddie and Abby and Melissa, think – this isn’t real! – then you can move on and realise, they’re ACTING!!! It’s a reality show for goodness sakes!

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