Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Too Ridiculous to Recap

Lisa I don't want to hear it

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This is the stupidest episode that has ever aired on Bravo. Lisa Vanderpump stuffed tabloids in Brandi’s luggage on the way to Palm Springs? Because of the two, Lisa Vanderpump  is the one with the finger on the pulse of the tabloids?  Because, duh,  Lisa has nothing better to do. It’s not like she is on two or three reality shows, opening her THIRD successful LA restaurant/club, developing her wine brand…writing Giggy tweets, making appearances, doing promos for some fucking skin care crap, managing her home, and spending time with her husband. I’m sure SHE is the one obsessed with the tabloids and forcing them on Brandi.

You know, Brandi, who is in the tabloids every week with her tampon string hanging out, falling down drunk and wearing a coat over her head.

Lisa Pumo Rules SurSure that makes sense. What a cunt satchel Brandi is. She’s just some whore that married an actor. If she thinks she can take Lisa down, she has another fucking think coming.

Dear God Brandi. Lisa is fifty years old and employs twenty somethings. They are friends with her daughter! This is not a diabolical plan to capitalize off of your “HEARTBREAK” that happened SEVEN  OR EIGHT FUCKING YEARS AGO! daughterdau

Brandi’s whole excuse for her behavior on RHOBH is she was under Lisa’s spell?  Um dahling, your friend Carlton is the spellcaster not Lisa. Do SHUT UP.

And Michael, you can shut the fuck up too! You have no idea what you are dealing with here. You are new. And a husband. Be silent until  you get what is occurring right now.We will NOT have Queen Lisa’s reign questioned, dammit!


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  1. auroracooper

    Shame on that woman! I remember Brandi tweeting awhile back that she thought she was dying (something about her tit) and Ken and Lisa coming to her rescue and taking her to the hospital. As the saying goes, “With friends like these you don’t need enemies”. Brandi will eventually fall of the precarious pedestal she has fashioned for her self. I really liked her in the beginning but for me that has all changed. Mind you I don’t think Lisa is perfect, none of these woman are but this high school behavior is for the birds!

  2. I watched Blacklist instead,
    yum yum and yum.

  3. Maci

    Absolutely love this post! Agree 100%
    I LOVE everything about Lisa!!!

  4. Ellis Scarlett

    She is horrible. She must be getting a LOT of heat for her abhorrent behavior-all she tweeted tonight were things along the lines of, “I’m not perfect.” Uhhhh……I think we figured that one out already. She needs to go away. And shame on everyone else for piling on over NOTHING. Really bad behavior- I felt so sorry for Lisa.

    • Randi2

      Brandi is a total idiot refusing to take responsibility for her own actions. Lisa control and influences her mind. lol !! I think I like Kim better DRUNK !

  5. Ok, I watched the replay, Puerto Rico is beautiful.
    Then I reread your recap or thoughts on show. I completely agree.
    I sincerely admire Lisa in this episode and how she handled the high school behavior.
    Brandi was whining that Lisa didn’t call her each morning, how desperate and insecure.
    This was a difficult episode to watch.
    I do not believe Brandi and Yolanda about the tabloid/suitcase story. I think they lied.

    • Even if Lisa did put the magazine in her suitcase, (which I don’t believe she did), big fucking deal! So she is not allowed to read the article just because Kyle and Mauricio deny the rumors (which I believe are true and not rumors)? They all need to get over themselves and Brandi needs to get over the fact that eddie left her for someone and believe it or not it was most likely due to Brandi’s insecurities and immaturity. That and the fact that she cannot keep from running her mouth about anything and everything that does not involve her in anyway! BTW has anyone else noticed that Yolanda is a shit stirrer as well? Her and Brandi must sit up at night wondering who their next target will be.

  6. lol Brandi is pretty horrible, but I totally believe Yolanda/Brandi on this one. The entire episode, Lisa avoided answering direct questions and talked in circles. If someone asks: “Did you put the tabloids in her bag?” you don’t reply with “DARLING, I didn’t read the tabloids until I got back from Palm Springs!” That’s not a logical answer.

    Lisa refused to indulge her bad behavior this season like Yolanda, and Brandi’s getting back at her by putting a wedge in between Kyle/Lisa. Brandi is a petty jealous little girl.

    I’m enjoying Lisa being dethroned at the moment. Yolanda’s shade is so icy. Go read Lisa’s blog. She rips her a new one. lol

    • puppylove

      I am going to read her blog now. You must not have been listening when Lisa said. I am not going to do this for something ” I DIDN”T DO” I believe she must have said that three or four times.

      • That’s what she said in her confessional potentially a month after the actual event. That’s not how she answered when confronted in real time. Instead, she used expert diversion tactics and rhetorical questions like: “You believe I’d do that?!”

        Only until Lisa was ganged up on at dinner did she emphatically deny it.

        But yeah, Lisa’s blog is pretty great. She blasts Yolanda a lot in it.

    • Actually go back and watch; she clearly said “no” and Ken clearly said no…then Kyle asked the question again, slightly different, to which lisa said, what? It was hard to figure out if Kyle was asking the same question or a different question. Obviously someone asks you a question and you answer; then they ask again a different way…you are going to wonder what they are actually asking. But I wondered the same thing so I went back and watch and Lisa does answer quiet clearly, “no” the first time Kyle asked. Kyle admits in her talking head that she keep repeating the question, and asked both Lisa and Brandi at dinner because she wanted “Lisa to tell the truth”. LOL..not Brandi but Lisa. Kyle is really as dumb as a rock.

    • Susan

      I’m with sorry Lisa on this one. Please they were their on vacation and how dare Kyle and Brandy bring all that stuff during Joyce’s dinner party when her father just passed away how disrespectful can you get. I don’t blame Lisa not wanting to talk about it. They were there on vacation why would you bring something up like that and not wait to get back to Beverly Hills I know it’s all about the ratings. Kudos to Ken for sticking up for Lisa, and Yolanda has totally changed from the last season she used to be one of my favorites and now she’s getting into this tattletale back-and-forth, bitchy girl thing with Brandi.

  7. joleeface

    Brandi is not very bright but I have always thought Lisa was manipulative. She did try to hurt Kyle – that is clear. It is conceivable that she did manipulate Brandi who was so eager to belong and is flighty and idiotic. It is not nice what Brandi is doing because she is also culpable. Yolanda needs to go sit her ass down as she is not Brandi’s mouthpiece. I am over Yolanda. Despite knowing Lisa for who she is, I still don’t dislike her.

    • Katie

      Go sit her ass down indeed! :) Yes, Lisa did try to hurt Kyle – after Kyle was part of the ring a few seasons ago that tried to bring her down at the reunion. Wow. With friends like these!

  8. Kevin

    Tamara – I haven’t watched an episode of RHOBH since like episode 6 or 7. I am thoroughly disgusted with Bravo, as RHOBH was my favorite Housewives show of all. They ruined it this season. The two new housewives are lackluster to say the least, Brandi is AWFUL and they are trying to take down the Queen because they had nothing else better to do.

    I think RHOBH needs a break. All of the women hate one another. The producers need to make a cast change (Kim, Carlton & Brandi) should all go IMO.

    Thank you for trying to do recaps, even though the show this year is just gawd awful!

  9. Brianna

    Brandi is by far the dumbest person I have seen on a reality show. Well, Yolanda and Brandi oh and Kim, and Mauricio and Joyce and her lesbian husband lol. That whole episode was a waist of 60 minutes and I just want it back. Kyle and Mauricio are really starting to make me think the rumors are true because of all the emotion they have behind something so small. Why did Mauricio get so mad? C’mon dude. Brandi and Kim know how to stir the lot so well that Yolanda has turned into their mouthpiece. Yolanda sat by while Joyce and her “husband” berated Brandi in a room full of guests and everyone was quite including Lisa. However when Ken goes to Lisa’s defense because everyone is chiming in on a situation only two people know about, now Ken is wrong. Yes Yolanda, Ken is right you are stupid! Omg don’t even get me started with Kim. She really needs to be left in PR. Brandi is trying to desperately to have a problem with Lisa and it’s embarrassing to watch. Her elementary way of thinking has her looking like the biggest joke since The Pratts. Scheena is starting to look even better by the episode!

      • barbinga

        Agreed with most. It brings to mind last season, when Mo yelled at Brandi I think a couple of different times. I’m sure she wanted to deflect that from happening this year. Not the sole reason, but a lot of misguided processing lol

    • JoJo

      Brianna – other than your first sentence, I can see your POV on all the rest.
      When I think of some of the dumbest people on reality TV – if we’re talking about HW shows, Teresa & Jacqueline NJ, Gretchen OC, Kelly ex-NY, Porsha ATL – I think are by far dumber than Joyce, Yolanda, & Brandi on BH. Kim, maybe in that group. But I think suffers from arrested development and/or still isn’t sober. If she is sober perhaps medications or the loss of brain cells affect her way of expressing herself.
      Of course, if you mean acting dumb instead of being dumb – that’s another story.

  10. Wow – Great Blog – you said it all TT

  11. Amy

    Good blog, I’d much rather read about it then watch these CRAZY bitches..

  12. I’ve been wondering for a while what Yolanda’s problem with Lisa really is. I was irritated when some of the other women interrupted the conversation between Lisa and Yolanda. I wanted to see it play out more. At least Yolanda wanted to discuss the situation one on one in a potentially constructive manner. And I thought it was interesting how Lisa ran off from Yolanda. Surely Lisa is not inexperienced in having pointed conversations. Once the scene devolved into a gang up I was over it.

    The look on Brandi’s face at the end of the dinner scene was the look of a woman who realizes that she’s overplayed her hand and just screwed herself.

    • Is that what she was laughing about?

    • Yeah, one thing is for sure, and that is Yolanda isn’t afraid to step to anyone. If Lisa can’t talk one on one with Yolanda, then of course she’s going to crack under pressure when there’s several girls ganging up on her.

    • Fahlina_g

      I think her problem stems from the fact that both David and Mohammed hold Lisa in such high esteem, whereas Yolanda has to grovel for their attention. Lisa has also scored spin-off opportunities, is a successful business woman and has a blissful enduring marriage.

  13. Ugh! Ugh! I missed the last 5 minutes of this show cuz people in my house don’t understand the concept of from 8-9pm do not talk to me..8:55 is not 9:00!!

    this has got to be one of most transparent railroad jobs in housewives history…it was actually painful to watch! I love love Lisa idk if it’s the accent, her class or that damn adorable Giggy… maybe it’s all of the above!
    Brandi…oh one who wasn’t afraid to speak her piece….now? She is the queen of mean girls…I could see if Lisa did something that deserved this but far as I can see..nothing…Yolanda? Really? According to your husband you came on this show to get your own health fitness show, Seems to me you are quite interested in drama and engaging Brandi… I fail to see how you are so affected by this u had to open your mouth….a part of me…can’t believe I am gonna say this but I kinda felt bad for Kyle… the whole tabloid thing…that reeks of Brandi and Kim? Lmao idk if I like her better drunk or sober..she has quite a mouth this season a part of me thinks she’s still on something though! Well try as they might they aren’t getting me to believe this Lisa!

  14. vivaladiva831

    I do think lisa wages Brandi to pack the tabloids but I also think Brandi was totally, completely wrong for telling. You don’t backstab and rat out your friends. All I can surmise is that Yolanda is very jealous of Lisa and for whatever reason Brandi, the female Cedric, has latched onto her instead of lisa. So instead of being under Lisa’s “spell” and “doing and saying things she (allegedly) doesn’t want to say, now she works for Yolanda.
    Kim I didn’t think it was possible to make yourself look more nuts than you already have, but congrats you managed to do it with this trip.
    And last-how pathetic was that when Brandi said to lisa “you call Kyle in the morning instead of me!!” Omg…

  15. myinfo

    I think Lisa DID do it. Her response was too nervous. But so what. This show is now boring. I think Brandi is making drama per the production’s request.
    Lisa and Ken smoking was a trip.
    Kim yelling at Ken was funny and nuts.

    • vivaladiva831

      The smoking was a trip. I loved it! And why was no one mad at Brandi for having them out AT HER HOUSE. So she bought or subscribes to that…mmmhmm. But yes Lisa had a little smile and was very quiet when Kyle first asked her about it on the beach. I imagine the scenario went something like:

      B-look what I have-mags on Mauricio cheating!

      L-what?! I dare you to pack it.

      B-ok throw them in.

      Y-that’s wrong…my husband cheated and yours did too. You shouldn’t bring it.

      B- “removes magazines from suitcase”

    • Yep. I think Lisa is technically guilty but I don’t think it was a big NEFARIOUS plan to destroy Kyle – which is how Brandi presented it.
      Lisa was probably being mischievous ala “I dare you to put it in the suitcase” (like @vivaladiva831 said)
      The worst thing I can say about Lisa is that she’s a little insensitive to Kyle’s pain about the cheating rumors and she has a bad habit of adopting vile toxic people – e.g., Brandi, Cedric, etc

      Brandi though is quite literally the worst. She betrays a true friend and causes pain to a number of people over what?
      Obviously it wasn’t in the name of “truth telling” since she engages in her truth telling oh so conveniently. So why did Brandi do it?
      Lisa stopped calling her every morning?
      Lisa’s been nice to a good employee who happened to fuck Brandi’s husband 5 years ago?
      Brandi is just an awful, toxic, vindictive, childish person.

      And Kyle and the rest are weak, insecure and deeply threatened by Lisa. Lisa is HARDLY the most strategic person in the world. They are all so used to reacting emotionally and irrationally to everything they don’t recognize a person that actually THINKS most of the time before she acts.
      Yeah let’s burn Lisa at the stake for that.

      • I completely think Lisa wanted Brandi to bring the mags to see Kyle’s expression and response/breakdown. The rag mag had just come out at that time, it was new news. Lisa and Kyle were still on bad terms. I don’t think she wanted or even could “destroy” Kyle with it but I think she wanted to see the first “WTF” on Kyle’s face.

        Sorry but I think Lisa is calculating and Brandi is a dumbass, so that leaves me team Kyle on this one (plus I like Mauricio, especially with his shirt off, meeeow)

  16. samantha

    Team Lisa all the way. Brandi brought the tabloids and frankly even if Lisa said it would be fun to bring them, obviously that was Brandi’s plan and you don’t snitch like that because I’m certain Lisa has more on Brandi…

    Anyway I don’t think that’s Lisa’s M.O. using tabloids. Lisa’s style is to make a joke like she did in Kyle’s kitchen!

  17. bunniecarrot

    Did anyone catch at the end of the episode? Lisa and Ken were on the patio smoking what appeared to be a joint.

  18. Bella

    TT I LOVE your blog! I never comment but this episode was just too much! I agree with you 100%!

    Mauricio’s major overreaction made it obvious just how GUILTY he is. He can go back to whatever cave he came from and take Kyle with him.

    Get Kim off the show! She has the NERVE to keep bringing up her daughters party when Kim has missed so many events. She is so rude and stupid I just can’t with her.

    Yolanda is jealous of Lisa. I am done with her. I believe she did say Lisa was FOS in Paris. She can go suck on some lemons. Or maybe not because clearly they are making her bitter.

    Brandi looked guilty at the end of the debacle at the table. She looked like this whole thing went further than she had anticipated. She is a proven liar. She is disgusting and I wish she could be deported somewhere far away.

    Lisa is not perfect, none of them are. But they are JEALOUS of her. Not a single housewife on any franchise has the class of Lisa in all their pinky fingers combined. She is still The Queen in my book!

    Ken was right in defending his wife! We can only wish we had a partner who would still love and support us after so many years! I want a man like that!

    Carlton was not present because they wanted to isolate Lisa for their coup attempt. This show has become too dark for words.

    • simonee91

      Actually I thought Brandi looked sad because Ken and Lisa left her…lol..not that they were attacked or she overplayed her hand but because no one was paying attention to the fact that she was left behind..and no one was telling her how bad they felt for her at having to be under “Lisa’s spell” and what a poor poor little victim she is.

  19. Spot on TT. Stupidest episode ever. Who knew Yolanda could play a bitch with such conviction? I wonder how many times Kim had to rehearse the line she shouted at Ken at the dinner table – first time I’ve ever heard her make a point without stumbling over her words. Bless her heart she still thinks Lisa and Ken were in Wisconsin. I adore Lisa, but she is totally unbelievable as a victim – guess she had to go along with the production guidelines.

    • Gingersnap

      She is soooo unbelievable as the victim. She was trying way too hard with those ridiculous attempts at tears. Please.

      • puravidacostarica2

        I don’t think we know the whole story yet. I think Bravo edited it down considerably to save “The Queen”‘s reputation. But, c’mon people, can you really be enthralled with a woman who is the mastermind behind Vanderpump Rules? Is that really what you admire her for? I guess every madam eventually gets her due.

  20. My problem with Kim is that she acts like because she is now sober no one should discuss her behavior when she was using. She is totally lacking in accountability. Being sober doesn’t earn you a free pass. You acted the way you acted and people reacted and learned to treat you a certain way. To be offended by this shows a total lack of insight. Hopefully as she works her program she’ll realize this.

    • Maybe creative license is used with the term sober.

    • Mallory

      Totally agree. I’m so sick of Kim not taking responsibility for herself.

    • I don’t think she is sober, nor will she ever be

    • I don’t know. I have a slightly more sympathetic take on it. Kim has taken responsibility for her actions. I think it speaks more volumes about Ken’s maliciousness to bring up such a subject than Kim not taking responsibility.

      So Kim accuses someone of lying to her about missing event. So INSTEAD of taking responsibility, you throw in her face her past alcoholism? Wait, does that make sense? I think Ken is the stupid one here. That being said, He was TOTALLY right to defend his wife against the gang bang. I would have gotten her out of there too.

      • Brianna

        Nooo Kim is delusional. She sent out RSVPs and Lisa didn’t RSVP and told Kim she didn’t think she could make it. So it’s not like Kim was sitting there waiting for Lisa to show up! Ken had every right to bring up all the occasions Kim has missed.. If she can dish she should be able to take it and eat it.

      • KWM

        They RSVP’d no, they sent a gift. Doesn’t matter if they were at SUR or home on their rumps, they said they were not coming and did not come.

      • Let’s stay on point here. The fact is that Lisa LIED about her whereabouts in order to save face. If it’s as simple as you two claim, why didn’t Lisa just say just that: “I sent a gift and never promised to be there, so what’s the problem?” Instead, she lied.

      • Brianna

        Lisa did say that! She said she was out of town her plane landed at 2pm and she went to dinner. It may have slipped her mind which night Kim was in reference to because she frequents sit a lot! But she def didn’t have to explain herself to anyone anyways she a grown women Kim is not her mom. Not to mention… It was a hs grad party. -_- “nuff said”

      • Brianna

        Ugh! SUR^^^ sorry damn iphone

      • But kens point was you never even bothered to make an excuse for our daughters wedding. But we are not supposed to hold kim accountable. That’s the original point and it’s bullshit. And if you compare a lame backyard dry party with a lavish event for which Lisa and ken paid dearly, you’re nuts. And in drugs. Which she obvi is.

  21. Does anyone else remember when it was fun to watch this show. It was glamorous and beautiful. We got to see amazing houses and jewels and all kinds of dazzling pretty things. Now it’s devolved into middle aged ugliness. It’s just a bunch of emotionally stunted plastic women.

    • love2hatebravo

      Loving hating everyone in season 1 was super fun. I haven’t watched in so long now that I don’t even know who the Michael in the recap refers to.

    • Gingersnap

      I do distantly remember those days and that’s why BH’s was my favorite. I just want to look at the lifestyle of sparkle, but no, they have reduced it to the common lowest denominator of human sludge.

    • jelley

      All the housewife franchises have turned into middle aged asshole fests.

    • Fahlina_g

      Which, in all reality, most likely a dead on portrait of the REAL Beverly Hills and it’s inhabitants….

    • Seriously! I started watching Real Housewives of Melbourne last night, it’s everything I had liked about the first couple episodes of RHOB. Next up is Vancouver, getting out of the states adds some class back into the equation.

    • Anna Thomas

      YES, I DO, THIS WAS THE REASON THAT I STARTED WATCHING THE SHOW FOR THE GLAMOUR OF BEVERLY HILLS. Now we get to see the seedy side, if I wanted that , I would just look out my own front door. Brandi and Carlton has taken this show to an all time low. The Richard sisters need to go , please Bravo recast this show, but leave our British queen bee Lisa. I am sorry , but Lisa personifies what a RHOBH really is. Lisa is not perfect , far from it, but she fits the mole perfectly for this show.

  22. Undine

    I totally agree Tamara, this episode was biggest crock of shit I’ve ever seen. Tabloid-Gate is so dumb it defied comprehension. No wonder Ken was screaming at them they were all so stupid. Brandi is the most disloyal asshole ever. You go around talking about your bestie with others, form a plan with her enemies to “confront” them pubicly, give them shade when you see them? But you’re a “girl’s girl”. Chile, please. The only thing I kept thinking about was when Brandi popped off at Joanna Krupa on WWHL saying that crude thing (which I will not repeat as it was wrong for Brandi to say that mess), she appealed to Lisa to back her up and agree she heard Mohammed say it. But wait! I thought Lisa was such a liar and manipulator and the second coming of Stalin. Why would you want her to back you up?Brandi better sell a lot of copies of her new book, she is going to need a lot of money for Botox for her two faces.

  23. I wasn’t going to mention the B word (Brandi), but I changed my mind. All season she’s been hinting at some big reveal related to her falling out with Lisa. All I heard her say was (oh the horror) that Scheana was in the audience of Dancing With the Stars when Lisa was on. WTF? If my employer was on I would probably go to show support. Oh wait, I’m probably bringing in too much reality to this very unreal show. :-)

  24. Mallory

    Last night it finally became clear to me how truly damaged Brandi is. I think before I thought she was a breath of fresh air with how unfiltered she is. Lisa and Ken seem like nurturing people to me, always taking in these strays, only to get their hands bitten. And Ken stands by his lady and then gets crap for it?? These women are jealous and petty and insecure.

  25. AMTraveler

    It’s amusing that they are all now backpedaling on twitter and in their BravoBlogs. I thought that “all would be revealed” ladies? Brandi played this one wrong. I do think that Brandi sensed Lisa pulling away, and in an act of pure desperation thought that she could coerce Lisa into an apology and out of the position of power in their friendship. When this failed on the beach, she turned to the alternate plan – turn Kyle against Lisa. The problem with this? There is too much distrust between Kyle and Brandi with no real foundation for a deep friendship or alliance to ever be formed. Moreover, Yolanda and Kyle barely get along. So this little alliance formed on the beach will last about as long as one of Brandi’s spray tans. Meanwhile, Brandi appears conniving, Yolanda appears petty, and Kyle – just get over it already. Continuously bringing this up for storyline is not doing much to strengthen your marriage which has hit a couple of snags over the course of this show. Finally, I am finding Kim incredibly annoying. I applaud her sobriety but she acts as though everything that she did before she was sober should be forgiven and forgotten. NO ONE faults Lisa and Ken for not going to your daughter’s graduation party, and I would argue that missing Pandora’s wedding was more egregious. Stop jumping in, and also start recognizing that your new friendship with Brandi was most likely contrived by her to further get under your sister’s skin. At the end of the day we already knew Lisa is not perfect and might be a bit manipulative – and we still like her better than all y’all combined. Producers know this and there is no way in hell she is going anywhere. You tried, you failed, buh-bye.

  26. JenB

    Tamara– love your blog. You summed it all up and made the most practical commentary I have read. Love you!
    When Lisa and Ken were talking to Brandi on the bus talking to Brandi about Scheana, Brandi was pulling out her phone. I suspect she had a photo of Scheana at DWTS and was going to show it to Lisa to prove that Scheana was there. Oh holy shit… Brandi… who cares? Lisa was really busy before and during the show. She did not have time to know who was in the audience. I was hoping the dumb ass would pull out her phone to show whatever photo or proof she had. It just makes her look so pitiful and stupid.
    I have to say I was shocked when Lisa and Ken were smoking a cigarette. I have never seen Lisa do it… which goes to show how upset she was.

  27. Daphne

    TT, you nailed it – stupidest episode EVER!!! I didn’t watch the entire episode, but apparently tuned in at the most crucial time, when they were winding it up. Kim in Mauricio’s face about tabloids to Kyle asking Lisa on the beach to Mauricio getting so upset he had to leave. I think they all deserve emmy’s for their acting abilities because for the life of me I cannot figure out what was so detrimental about bringing magazines on a vacation. Then, Brandi goes on about Scheana on the way to dinner …. really? The result, Lisa being so disappointed in her so-called friends – it hurt me.

  28. gerly1

    This episode was painful to watch. Great recap TT, you summed it up perfectly. I was pissed that Yo started the whole thing, and her blog this week she sure was backtracking. At least I didn’t have to see Carlton! YAY!

  29. Sari

    My favorite part of Brandi’s lamentation was when she accused Lisa of turning her back on her because Brandi was going through a particularly hard time in her life.

    Laughable. Brandi’s entire life is one big, self-fueled, “hard time”. Lisa has, to many’s bewilderment, remained a loyal friend through all of Brandi’s shenanigans.

  30. Sari

    Side note: Carlton is bat shit crazy.

  31. Scatty

    I totally believe Brandi made up the tabloid in the suitcase drama. She brought Yolanda into it, thinking she had found another gull like Lisa had been, who’d back her even if she was wrong. Yolanda is way cannier than Lisa (by “canny” I mean self-preserving) and admitted in her blog that contrary to Brandi’s statement, she did NOT see Lisa put anything in the suitcase. I’ll give Yolanda only half a point for that because she was not trying to defend Lisa, IMO, she was telling the truth to distance herself a bit from the trainwreck that is Brandi.

    • Scatty

      I forgot to add that had Yolanda gone along with Brandi’s lie, she’s probably well aware that Brandi would bring it up that she lied sometime in the future. I can hear it now: “Yolanda convinced me to try and take Lisa down and decided we should invent tabloid-gate.

  32. myinfo

    What a boring season. Kyle and Marico seemed pissed at Lisa, but not really that pissed. Lisa did seem actually hurt that the ladies were coming for her.
    But something about this whole affair just seemed overly scripted and fake. This storyline was a big failure.

    I think it was a force fight since Bravo paid for them to go on Vacation. Something exciting has to happen on these trips so Production probably told Brandi to go after Lisa. Brandi would have just fought with Joyce on this trip but since her father died that was not going to happen so they went with Plan B.

  33. CityGirl81

    Thanks for reminding me why I stopped watching this show.

  34. thedisher

    Amen, TT. Even if Lisa was encouraging Brandi to put tabloids in her suitcase…Brandi skims right over the fact that she was the one who went out and bought the tabloids in the 1st place. Remember at Carlton’s house when Brandi straight up asked Kyle what was going on with the tabloid rumors about her cheating husband? Brandi is a hypocrite. Would love to know what the real story is behind Yolanda/Lisa beef. I’m sure it pisses Yolanda off that Mohamed keeps tweeting what a great person Lisa is. Lisa is still Queen! No show without her.

  35. I recall Joyce calling the Dream Team a nightmare not too long ago… I’m team Joyce/Kim/Kyle all the way.

  36. khintx

    Brandi’s only “brand” when she came to RHBH was that she always spoke her mind. No matter what. Now she says she only says what lisa told her to say. She spent most of this season being obnoxiously rude and drunk and swatting Lisa away like a fly, bitterly complaining that lisa gets too much in her business. Lisa backs off. Brandi decides Lisa has abandoned her and is a better chess player than Bobby Fischer, although I doubt she even knows who that is or what that is supposed to mean cuz that’s pure Kyle. Why would they all believe brandi in tabloidgate anyway? kh

  37. Joan

    Great blog. I thought the same thing about 20 minutes into it.

  38. Lisa

    Two things of note in this whole mess. First, the ONLY person who I have heard defend Mauricio in the whole cheating thing was Ken, adamantly, when Lisa was discussing it with him a few episodes ago. He didn’t even want to gossip about it. The women are ALL guilty of doing that. This stupid storyline of bringing or not bringing the magazines is beyond boring. Second, Kyle scurrying along as Mauricio storms off WITHOUT HER and her hollering after him was really kind of sad. Someone mentioned earlier that his reaction seemed like that of a guilty person, and I couldn’t agree more. She isn’t my favorite, by far, but I do feel bad for her in that he makes her look pathetic by his overly defensive behavior.

    • Brianna

      He probably wanted to go skype with his mistress lol jk… Not kidding!

    • Exactly. The only person defending the people they love this season seems to be Ken. Lisa/Yolanda/Brandi were VICIOUS towards Kyle and the cheating rumors. Let us not forget the luncheon where they all made her cry. That was such a powerful scene for me this season and turned the tide of my opinion against Lisa specifically…

      That being said, I totally think Mauricio isn’t faithful towards Kyle. :'(

  39. Bombshell_diva

    The only person ATTEMPTING to capitalize on Brandi’s heartbreak is BRANDI! Ughhhh get over it already! I wish she would grow the eff up!!! Lisa was Brandi’s friend when everyone else hated her and there was no Yolanda. You know the saying goes, don’t bite the hand that feeds you! I can see her falling right along with Nene. I wonder who will hit the bottom first and who will hit the bottom the hardest?

  40. I love Lisa, I don’t think she is a saint, but I absolutely love Lisa for all that she DOES and I like her sense of humor. She can still do wrong but I say Brandi will be the one to end up with egg, coke, and GOD knows what else on her face! Kyle and Kim may end up embarrassed for believing what Brandi said. And for goodness sakes, the whole argument was stupid.

    What did Lisa do with magazines that Brandi bought? Did she try to force Brandi to bring them or not? Who gives a care? Why could these women just not enjoy the sand and sun? Because some of them love misery? And why is Brandi attempting to look like the victim throughout all this throwing her hands up in the air, covering her face like she was embarrassed after stirring the pot? Brandi needs to learn that once people have clear evidence of your feminine hygiene product IN USE, you are beyond embarrassment and trash. Brandi needs to see Obama, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Drew for some much needed CHANGE!

  41. Sari

    When Kim drunkenly folded herself into the suitcase, it reminded me of the one whose husband offed himself rather than spend another day on the planet with his wife.

    What was her name?

  42. My RHOBH episodes are piling up on my DVR. Reading TT is much more enjoyable!

    If you want to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR TT, click any video links on TT’s website. You notice we are not bombarded with blinking ads on this site. I don’t have the extra cash to pay for this DAILY forum of my guilty pleasures, but I can support Tamara this way.

  43. Toots

    Lisa is a sly one….do you think she got to where she is by being nice???? Brandi and Kyle are right that she is manipulative and very clever….Brandi of course is a dumb ass but some women just cant help but be constant whiners and complainers just to get attention…any attention! Yolanda is the only genuine one of the group and can see right through lisa.. maybe its the age or immigrant thing…that said all women can learn from lisa and yolanda on how to be great businesswomen, wives and mothers!

  44. I’m just now getting to watch (after a looong morning of waiting at a car dealership service center). What bugs me the most about this “Brandi is mad at Lisa because she knew Scheana was the mistress” storyline is…Brandi AGREED to and did film a scene with Scheana that was used as the opening scene of VR season 1. Obviously she wasn’t too butthurt to film with her then but now Lisa is the devil because before that she had Scheana on staff for an event (an event which we saw Lisa ask Scheana to leave!!)?! Puhlease. My guess is Brandi thought she’d have a recurring role at the very least on VR even though her only connections are Lisa and Scheana.

    • Also, Lisa whispers to Brandi “I’m always on your side. I love you.” And as viewers we can agree that she is. On VR she reminded Scheana multiple times that she would ALWAYS be the mistress in Brandi’s eyes. Lisa always stood up for Brandi. Even when Lisa admitted Brandi was in the wrong she would still try to stand up for her.

      • Brianna

        Exactly!! Why did Brandi even attend the first event at SUR when she knew about Scheena!? I don’t get why she points the finger at Lisa .. Lisa barely knew you then! Scheena has worked for Lisa for 4 years that’s where her loyalty should lie but for the sake of her friendship with Brandi, Lisa told Scheena how wrong she was end of story.

      • JoJo

        I believe that too. Lisa hasn’t really done anything that’s clearly wrong. That’s why they only have these petty accusations that are supposedly proof of a scheming, manipulative, mastermind. But of what? Making all the others fight with one another?
        And yes Lisa has stood up for Brandi on VR Reunion and that was way after all this shit happened.

  45. spk

    Eh – I’m thinking the tabloid/suitcase story is true but that some details were left out. Lisa doesn’t state her denial in a convincing way and like most stiff-upper-lip people I know, she says “lets move on”. The main problem with that is the previous addict, the broken home tampon user and the person whose husband is being called a cheat are not ready to move on. So either Lisa has to answer their questions or they’ll never drop these issues they have with her.

    Stupid people, they should have just approached her one at a time, privately. But that would have been a snore, right Bravo?

    On a brighter note, LOVED JOYCES MOM. Could she have been more adorable?

  46. Jilly

    OMG! I have always loved this show but tonight… forget. I am going back to the Discovery channel..My god. what happened to this show? Used to be fun but now it seems like snake on snake Come’on Bravo. Be a little smarter than the soaps. The smarmy aren’t going to cut it in the rest of the country which is the people that watch this show. The rest of “Hollywood” could care less what they do or how plastic they seem I just about ready to get rid of all peeps that don’t look “real” It’s kinda getting scary about how these peeps look and now also acy.

  47. Hannah King

    Well, well I have waited all season for the big bomb to be dropped on Lisa for her unforgiveable sins. Brandi told us it was going to happen. I was expecting to find out Lisa had had Brandi’ dog kidnapped or had paid a prostitute to sleep with Mauricio and sell the story to the tabloids. Possibly she was spiking Kim’s sparkling water with vodka or that she single handedly put the tick with Lyme disease on Yolanda. Not to make light of Yolanda being ill because that is a serious disease but I was expecting so much more from the season long buildup. Nothing Lisa does makes Brandi happy. She is either mothering her too much or she doesn’t call every morning. Brandi can never be happy with anything or anyone. As my mother used to say ‘she wouldn’t be happy in a pie factory tasting pies, she would want to be in a cake factory tasting cake’. Just get over it already.

  48. JoJo

    I’ve never seen this Lisa. She always was able to handle any accusations that came her way – even in a group. E.g. Taylor all amped up at the tea, where Kyle and Camille were. They all tried to put her on blast and she calmly, and articulately stood her ground. Taylor ends up begging for friendship.
    This time she even had Ken there. I just don’t think Lisa’s personality is the type to run away and crying definitely isn’t her strong suit.
    They were such petty accusations, I’m just shaking my head wondering what happened to the Queen of stiff upper lip?

    • Brianna

      Lisa’s relationship with Kyle and Taylor is completely diff then her relationship with Brandi. She had a vested interest in her well-being. I think Lisa just realized that their relationship won’t ever be the same. That’s why she left.

      • JoJo

        Of course that could be the reason. And no doubt she was blindsided, she had Yolanda, Kyle & Brandi throwing out accusations. But the Lisa I’ve seen throughout the seasons, I would expect her to calmly say ‘nonsense’ & defend herself calmly. Or even admit the tabloid thing and explain it away. I just never seen her so ruffled. But then again I kind of saw it coming after last episode how she acted with Kyle about the necklace. She seemed like an outsider. I’m just not used to seeing Lisa off her game.

      • I think the whole meltdown was staged as a plausable excuse for Lisa to leave early. I don’t think it had anything to do with Brandi, nor do I believe Lisa is that emotionally invested in any of these women.

    • I think she reacted this way, because she’s never overextended herself for a friendship quite like she did with Brandi. For Brandi to essentially snitch on her is quite hurtful. It’s like if you rob a bank with your best friend, and your bff turns you in to the police, it’s like wtf?!

      I think it’s really awful of Brandi to be doing this, but at the same time, I’m happy Kyle has some vindication considering she’s been bending over backwards for forgiveness from Lisa who was never going to apologize for her wrong doings.

    • JoJo

      I actually have no clue whether Lisa’s unusual reaction was because of her investment in her friendship with Brandi or she was caught off guard because she was guilty as charged for the petty tabloid and ruffled by betrayal, or whether she really cares that deeply about any of these women. All are plausible and we’ll probably never know.

      • puravidacostarica2

        Agree, all explanations of Lisa’s reaction are plausible.

      • i think she did it. way too evasive. crying and playing the victim when caught out doing something shady is totally the MO with this group. that said, they picked a horrible time to do this, considering joyce’s dad had just died. i know yolanda was like a shark smelling blood, but she could have waited. did any one of these women even care that joyce’s dad had died? didnt like lisa’s distasteful expression as joyce was explaining why she decided to go forward with this trip. nobody came across well on this episode, save joyce and her family.

    • IMO, she was guilty. That’s why she crumbled. It is a stupid thing to fight about, as well as the Schena deal BUT I think it all boils down to being a big, fat, fibber pants.

      I’ve read that in observing someone’s body language to tell if they are guilty or innocent if someone is crying and sobbing I didn’t do it, ala Lisa, they are guilty. If someone gets angry and pissy, ala Mauricio, they are innocent. The theory is that if you feel guilty you will cry and/or plead, whine, if you feel wronged you will be pissed.

      • Brianna

        She wasn’t crying saying she didn’t do it! I think you need to watch they again!

      • sometimes I wonder what show other people get, Brianna. I just read a comment where someone watched the Shahs reunion and when they talked about MJ’s mom they put that she was “mean” in quotes, as if she was just a sadly misunderstood loving mother…. It made the people who think Lisa didn’t deny the absurd accusation made against her seem less…. confused.

        On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 8:58 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Tango

        That’s not true. I find when some people lie to me they try to act angry in order to turn it around at you…like how dare you say that about me…and make you feel like the one in the wrong. It very well could be that Lisa is the type to get an adrenaline rush and gets upset if she’s really mad too, I do that. People are all different, there’s no way to tell really unless you live with them.

  49. KWM

    Brandi once again cannot see without Scheana she would have no story line.

    Seriously what was her huge plot last night, Scheana was in the audience of DWTS.

    She should be happy for Scheana without her there is no Brandi story line.

  50. Listen up folks, I believe Brandi. I believe Lisa is a sh*t starter and I believe every word Brandi has said. But here’s the deal, Lisa lied down with a snake and now that snake has come back to bite her in the a**.

    • ^ This. I miss the days of the two headed dragon bullying Brandi and hiding her crutches. Yolanda will probably be the next one to be turned on by Brandi.

    • Anna

      Initially, I thought, no way, Brandi’s lying again….. But I too noticed that Lisa was not responding directly to some of those questions….. So now I’m wondering if she is “guilty.” But you know what? How big was that crime? She MAYBE put some magazines in a suitcase. She didn’t WRITE the articles, she didn’t shove them in Kyle’s face….. She didn’t pass them all around for all to gawk at. I for one will admit if I was in her shoes & had a sort of relationship with Kyle & Mauricio, I might want to read those stories too, just out of plain human curiosity! So shoot her ! Again, much ado about nothing! If this was the big take down of Lisa…… It was a big flop. And somebody PLEASE, oh PLEASE, shut that snotty, conniving, ridiculously petty and superior, brainless Yolanda up! I may even dislike this woman MORE than Carlton and Brandi.

  51. Honestly, I have an issue with Ken. Just as in previous episodes the men were told not to speak up for the women (or Mauricio yelling at Brandi in a previous season), Ken shouldn’t have this episode. Ken should have directed his annoyance at HIS friend Mauricio for believing the conniving cunt at the other end of the table. Especially after the way Mauricio berated her in the past, believing her lies now is unfathomable.

    • I think the whole “men should stay out of the girls’ business” thing to be a cop out. That is his WIFE, and any normal person’s gut reaction is going to lead to him defending her. Mauricio didn’t have much reason to attack Brandi even though everything he said was right. Now HE was meddling.

      What Ken was doing was protecting his wife from being criticized from literally ALL corners of the table unfairly. Kyle had a point in calling her out, but the manner in which it happened seemed overwhelming, and I can see how Lisa felt ganged up on. Now yeah, he shouldn’t have called them all stupid, but I can’t say I wouldn’t have said worse things to them.

      • Oh I understand WHY he did and think being ganged up on isn’t cool, I just still don’t think he should have done it. He should have led her out of there like he did but without saying anything.

        Obviously I disagree that it’s a cop out. I wouldn’t want my husband to step in like he did. I know he’d want to but it’s just not his place.

      • Y’all are just nutjobs. REALLY? If you are getting attacked by lunatics you want your man to just be…oh you deal with it honey? OH FUCK TO THE NOE.

        On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 9:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Well it’s worked for this nut job for 17yrs. It might not be for everyone but it works for us :)

      • lol TT yes women want their men to jump in and defend them, but most husbands steer clear of this kind of situation (damn it). totally pissed off women are more than most men can handle. ken was still a hypocrite, tho he’s adorable anyway.

  52. puppylove

    I feel so bad for Lisa, she was under the impression Brandi was her friend. I guess that is a slap in the face to find out the way she did about miss Brandy. I am surprised Joyce and her husband jumped right in with both feet against Lisa. They don’t really know what the H@## is going on anyway. Maybe they are just ” happy ” people, but they didn’t really find out what the real problem was and got right in there saying ya and that’s right with what ever nastiness was said about Lisa. That go for Yolanda too, she wants to be one of the “girls” nasty, nasty, messes that they are (Kyle, Kim, Brandi, Joyce) they have a little click now against Lisa and Ken. But our beautiful couple (Lisa, and Ken) kept their head held high and dealt with the idiots. They all acted like 10 year olds. I hope Brandi is happy with the way she stirred the pot, cause I don’t think there is any going back now. By the way I would think Lisa could have any damn person from her own restraint that she wanted to work in her own home. If Brandi doesn’t like it piss off. I hope someone would take a bar of soap and wash all of their mouths out. Lisa is still on top, she has grace , and elegance even through the tears.. We love her.

    • i don’t care how high the ratings were — vanderpump rules still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and i think a lot less of lisa because of it. so, no, we don’t all love lisa. i still like her but i no longer respect her. doesn’t mean i liked seeing the women ganging up on her, tho. and i think joyce & michael were shocked and sympathetic to kyle/mauricio. doesn’t mean they were taking sides.

      (for a ridiculous episode, this blog post sure got tons of comments. :))

  53. Kitty Mamma

    RHOBH needs to get rid of all the alcoholics, anorexics, and assholes. That should take care of both Richards, Yolanda, Carlton, and Brandi. Remember Taylor and Camille? Exactly.

  54. It was GREAT not seeing that dried prune Carlton with her stupid shitty frown.

    Kim is an ill-mannered, shit-pillowed, drug-addled twat. Oh, let’s make this about ME and my stupid party that no one wanted to go to anyway. It’s the same thing she did when Kyle was battling Camille at that horrid dinner party. She picked a side fight with Taylor. She can’t stand to be left out.

    As far as tabloidgate, they are all lying a little. Yes, Lisa was mean about Kyle. As was Brandi. The difference is now instead of Lisa’s lap, Brandi is sitting on Yolanda’s lap and Yolanda is pulling her tampon string and making her talk. She’s a puppet. And they are all using her in an attempt to be Queen Bitch. It’s a bit boring and a lot fifth grade.

    But, Yolanda should be careful what she wishes for. This year’s queen is next year’s embarrassing pariah. Ask Lisa, Nene, Jill Zarin, Viki, Leah Black or Teresa.

  55. donna

    I no longer watch RHBH. I cant stand to even look at Brandi. But thanks for the recaps. Thats how I keep up now!

  56. Fahlina_g

    TT, Thank you for summing this episode up perfectly.

  57. Tango

    They are all just jealous. Even Yolanda is not nearly as beautiful as Lisa, side by side Yolanda looks like a troll with fried hair and Lisa is divine. And Kyle has been behind much of the crap aimed at Lisa for a long time. It looks like it’s all Brandi but stop and think who the issue is based on…Kyle.

  58. Gabriella

    I like Lisa, she is one of my favorite housewives, but I am sorry to say, she came over totally guilty to me. She was blustering and stammering and saying things like ‘no hang on a minute, I don’t think I saw the tabloid until Ken showed me (or something like that)’ and “I never bought or brought the tabloids!’ they never said she did, they just said she put them in Brandi’s suitcase. If she honestly never did it, she would have BLASTED them!! I do think it was a bit of shit stirring of Lisa to say to take them, but I do believe Mauricio cheated on Kyle, there’s no smoke without fire. I also think the comment Lisa made in the kitchen with Kyle and Mauricio was well out of order. Either way she’s still one of my faves. And wasn”t Ken a sweetie the way he stood up for her?As for Yolanda, I hate that woman – she is such a huge shit stirrer between the other women. Wish bravo would kick her off. By the way, where are her eyes?

    • Fahlina_g

      Lisa also had six people ganging up on her at on e, including “friends”. Anyone would be flustered coming out of left field like that!

    • Gabriella

      Oh! Also forgot to say what a totally bitchy comment from Yolanda when she said “Lisa isn’t a child – she is at least 55 years old’, and Lisa interjected with “52”. If that doesn’t show jealousy by Yolanda, I don’t know what does…

    • Undine

      I agree that Lisa was blustering and stammering which is unusual for her. I think she honestly couldn’t remember the TabloidGate situation or whether she was culpable or not, so her default was a denial. I think she is tired and off her game with all that’s going in her life: VR, DWTS, restaurants, etc. Also, remember she has not been privy to the backstabbery of the so called Dream Team galfriends Yolanda and Brandi. In this point in Lisa’s story arc, she thinks she is mending fences with Kyle, a teensy bit distant from Brandi because of the whole “back off you’re Mom-ing me vibe from Brandi”, okay with Yolanda, on the outs with Kim. She had no idea all of that rancor was brewing towards her. Her first inkling something was off, was the pow-wow/nonsense about the Carlton gift. She was genuinely confused. That’s what so great about Ken’s outburst in Puerto Rico when he breaks the fourth wall. “This is a set up!” he bellowed. It was awesome. It dawns on him the producers have set up a situation to embarrass his wife and her so called friends are in on it. Part of the reason he’s screaming “you’re so stupid!” is the subtext “you’re so stupid to attack Lisa for a storyline” And the shaky shared cigarette between, so beyond interesting–you see that for once, Lisa is so rattled by this turn of events she is willing to be seen smoking on camera. I think she really loved Brandi and this betrayal stings. The whole Kyle or Yolanda tit for tat, par for the course–but she went out on limb for Brandi and got burned–severely.

      • simonee91

        ^ so agree with you! Though Lisa did very clearly say NO the first time Kyle asked. Very clearly. Go watch it again. (if you can stomach it)

  59. Lisa is 50 years old??? Bwaahaahaaaa…. (Okay, sorry, if that was posted earlier. Have not waded through the 142 comments yet!) :-)

  60. My thoughts on this episode are, Brandi really is as dumb as they come. Even more sad in my eyes would be her loyal idiot fans. Even if Lisa did say pack those tabloids (which to me..doesn’t seem to be Lisa’s style) why did it just now bother Brandi? Oh that’s right, because Brandi acts like a little high schooler and gets all jealous. Even though she was complaining of Lisa mothering her too much (which may be one reason Lisa quit calling in am. Along with other reasons aka Brandi is horrible person)
    My second thought is this. Even though I find Maurico gross & can’t quite put my finger on what it is about him; I don’t think his reaction tonight proves his guilt. To me, it could be due to two things. The obvi guilt like most are saying. Or he simply could’ve been straight up over it. I’m the type if person who will let things build and then I’ll have a breaking point. Where I’m over it. I’ve had the same reaction as him from time to time.
    Third, Kim is just trying to find any reason for Kyle to not be friends with Lisa. She always seemed to be jealous of their friendship. Yolanda to me, actually doesn’t seem to be a happy person. I honestly think she is jealous of who Lisa is as a woman. She is smart, funny, savvy, and well respected. She isn’t just another pretty lady or model. She is a business woman. Also, Ken worships her as does Mohammad. Yo to me is a big old hypocrite that only applies rules to those she has a problem with. What happened to addressing this over coffee? I will acknowledge that Lisa has messed up (“joke” in Kyle’s kitchen) and isn’t perfect.

  61. Mari Anne Souza

    Sober Kim, is a bitchy Kim. I liked her better when she couldn’t think/talk straight. The whole situation is just so contrived. Who the hell would air their grievances on a supposed-to-be-fun trip. I’d either not go, or I’d save it until I got home. I also wouldn’t have gone to dinner with all these knuckleheads, after that beach brouhaha. But, that’s ‘reality’ TV.

  62. Sue

    This episode was painful to watch! Yes, Lisa is the QUEEN! BTW, who CARES about someone packing tabloids! Is it a federal offense, then I guess I’m going to jail! Yes, Lisa stumbled, but so would I if I was surrounded as she was about “tabloid gate”. Brandi, just want to take my size ten and shove it up your bony ass! You pathetic loser, so your husband cheated with most of the west coast….GET OVER IT and count the $40,000/month that he is paying in alimony/child support. At some point in every life there are situations that are painful and humiliating, we move on and grow stronger, not maintain our victim façade! Yolanda, so very disappointed in your new “mean girl” persona. Kyle, painful to watch as she continually focuses on the wrong issues, instead of directly addressing the problem of her marriage. Anyone that keeps claiming how happy and wonderful things are at all times is suspect! Lisa’s comment in the kitchen wasn’t a dig, but a light hearted comment to relieve the tension! (at least that’s how I took it). Kim — LET.IT.GO! It was almost amusing the way she was directing her rage at Ken, but completely misplaced. So they didn’t go to the graduation party – so what? They sent a gift and RSVP’d that they would not attend. However, she throws no shade at Brandi and Carlton for their irresponsible and offensive behavior? Really?
    TT Love your recaps and in most cases read this first before I watch the episodes! Keep them coming!

  63. Earthy girlie

    I just watched this and concluded that: A.) Brandi is not an actress, so she needs the HW paycheck. B.) Lisa is kinda telling the truth. She did see the rag mags with Ken but she did also put them in Brandi’s bag for Palm Springs. C.) Yolanda really likes to stir the pot annnd where’s her hubby on this trip? D.) Kim is so cute. I really enjoy her cuteness. E.) Kyle is dramatically borrrrring. I can’t wait for the Reunion to see everyone’s faces for the video feedback.

  64. puravidacostarica2

    All I can say is that I hope this show is cancelled before most of these women actually hit periomenopause or actual menopause. God help us all then!

  65. JoJo

    I just saw the re-run. It seems for last couple episodes or more, Brandi has abandoned picking on Joyce. Unless something else happens between these 2, Brandi’s made Joyce the sympathetic good girl. But I wonder if they’ll ask Joyce back. From what we’re shown she is very nice and seems to want to get along with everyone. Other than her husband’s very odd & vocal defense of Mauricio, who he doesn’t know, I can’t see any drama that they would bring.
    Then again, all current social media back and forth between Brandi and Joyce might carry over to the next season as extreme animosity ripe for on-camera drama. Or Joyce won’t engage and maybe a peacemaker is what they want for this show?

    • Joyce’s husband is very odd? I beg to differ. :-)

      • JoJo

        No. Joyce’s husband’s behavior was odd in being so vocal about defending Mauricio. Not Joyce’s husband is odd. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything let alone be so adamant how wrong it was. He was basically believing Brandi which means he thought that was rotten of Lisa. They don’t like Brandi 😉

  66. JoJo: I have to laugh at myself. For some reason I read your comment as “her husband is very odd.” I totally missed the point. :-)

  67. Epiphanie

    Can we please, PLEASE talk about how Kim Richards needs to shut the fuck up?! How DARE you talk to Ken like that! Ken just wants to love Lisa, carry Giggy around and transfer turtles from pond to pond in the garden! Kim is SOOOO annoying and sold righteous when she’s sober.


  68. Here’s the thing – I am way to obsessed with this show, and I’ll admit that clearly makes me an idiot. However, I would love, love, love, to live in Yolanda’s Malibu home (of course she, the King, and the kids would have to vacate). I would so like to sit on any balcony with Lisa and Ken – smoking a cig and drinking wine (but would prefer Giggy be there as well). In no bizarro world would I ever want to shop at Kyle’s store or attend Kim’s daughter’s graduation party (I would rather be in WISCONSIN!). I would take Joyce’s hair in a New York minute. That is all…….

  69. sarcasatire

    Unpopular opinion here: I think Lisa did tell her to bring the magazines. Did she put them in her bag? Doubt it.

    I watched and Lisa never really denied it.She kept along them to let it go and KEN denied it. Now, I do enjoy Lisa, but watching her on camera yell Brandi to go and talk to Scheana…the girl slept with my husband! Then trying to get Carlton and Kyle to confront each other at Gigi’s party. Then watching get on Vanderpump Rules… Lisa knows how to play the game. Frankly, I’m not sure she’s really close friends with any of them, but she seems to be really tight with and the producers. Even at the Pump reunion, she looked like the cohost! So, I’m thinking she’s working with the producers to keep storylines moving forward by telling this one to approach that one about this issue. I think they all realized she is the common thread in why they end up “talking it out” The woman is a genius! Every episode with a pretty good fight, she made sure to hire Sur staff so it could air on both shows. There’s no coincidence about why she chose that time to convince Brandi to talk to Scheana.

    I don’t like Lisa any less, but let’s call a spade a spade. Lisa is such a smooth talker, if she told me she was a pimp, I’d probably end up in her stable.

    • I just saw a clip that Lisa and Ken left PR so the bitches could talk about her behind her back. I also saw a clip of a local talk show in LA that Joyce did where she talks about how hurt Lisa is to this day.

      On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • sarcasatire

        All that’s possible. There’s backlash to pitting one person against another for ratings. Ask Nene. Like I said, I don’t dislike Lisa for it…in fact I look forward to her segments and do believe she would be hurt by being ganged up, even if she did try to manipulate the ladies into discussions that may possibly result in an argument(higher ratings)…she’s playing the game and playing it well. She’s shrewd as hell and knows when to be charming, and when to shut the hell up. Brandi could learn a lot from her. Then again, even if Brandi took a lesson in etiquette…she still couldn’t stop people dead with an icy look and Elizabeth Taylor eyes.

        Doesn’t Lisa have the most beautiful eyes? I would probably wilt under her glare. And pack all the tabloids she requested and even turn them into a scrapbook. She’s both charming and intimidating and probably doesn’t need to be too too manipulative, because it seemed like Brandi was just eager to please her.

    • Brianna

      Noooo!! I think Lisa approached Brandi and said “are you going to bring them?”, Brandi said “no.” So Lisa said “why did you buy them then”. I think Lisa was trying challenge Brandi about her thoughts of it and Brandi took it the wrong way! Lisa has two shows on bravo that she is making money on… And viewers watch, so I hardly doubt it was all her idea to have those scenes at sur… It’s called a producer!

  70. BH28

    Funny that some people here tried to speak about Lisa’s body language… when for me the entire time at dinner the person that was acting strange, didn’t answer the question directly, was SMILING and LAUGHING the whole time was BRANDI. Not to mention nodding her head and the “oh fuck, I’m screwed” look.
    Watch her behavior. We know how Brandi acts when she says “she’s telling the truth”. She screams, curses, cry.. you named it and she does it.
    So how come this time she was laughing, didn’t even bother to repeat the story at Lisa’s face to prove that she was right?
    Sorry, but that made me believe Lisa even more. When she left the table she said “You know that I wasn’t even interested in that stupid thing”. And that’s pretty much what Lisa wrote about in her blog this week, saying that she arrived last at Brandi’s house and that she didn’t want to look at the magazine so that she wouldn’t have to comment about in Palm Springs.

    Brandi was dumb when she created this shit, she forgot to put Carlton in the equation, who apparently was at her house too, since they all left together for Palm Springs.

  71. I need to say: Thank You very very much cuz you have taken the words right out of my mouth, You are 100% Right on spot. I couldn’t say it any better. Love your Blog

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