Parks v Stanton Justin Cody Deposition


This deposition of Justin Cody, a father of one of Angela Stanton’s children, was taken by James Radford, attorney of record for Angela Stanton,  as part of pre-trial discovery.  The deposition was taken at Robert A. Deyton Federal Prison last November. It’s full of interesting information that appears to validate the information in Stanton’s book, Lies of a Real Housewife.  Cody states that Phaedra Parks was a participant in and perhaps the mastermind behind, a serious of criminal activities for which Stanton was prosecuted and convicted. A courthouse source has provide this deposition, and another that will follow in the second part of this series of posts exclusively to Tamaratattles.comPlease be professional when referring to this post and provide the appropriate credit and links! Thanks.

Many of us felt that the tone  Stanton’s book had the feel of a “scorned lover.” It is interesting to read the reason Cody cites for his breakup with Stanton.

Q.  So you and Ms. Stanton met in roughly  2001.  After you and she had a child together, did   y’all continue to have a romantic or friendly  relationship after that?

A.   It’s crazy because I actually thought that   Angela and Phaedra had an — I thought they was  together.

Q.  Like as a girlfriend?

A.  Girlfriend.  Yeah.  And that was one of the reasons why  me and Angela broke up.   Because they was like real close, like  closer than close.

Q.  What made you — can you think of what made you come to the conclusion —  

A.  Phaedra’s birthday is in March or some time early in the year and I remember one time Angela and Phaedra, they spent the night out during Phaedra’s  birthday and Angela spent the night at her house and they went on all these parties and wild parties and she didn’t come home for like a couple of days. I’m  like, what y’all got going on.  And so we got into an  argument about that and about then it turned into an altercation and that was like one of our first breakups.

Q.   Do you know if that was after the birth of  your child?

A.   No, it was Phaedra’s birthday and I don’t know her birthday, but if I recall — if I met Angela in January, Phaedra’s birthday is like March or April.

Q.     So it was a couple months after you met?

A.     Yeah.  When we first initially met.

Q.     And so you thought y’all were going steady or whatever?

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     And then you —

A.  Her and Phaedra was so close that, you  know, I actually thought they was together like. Yeah.

Q.     Right.  Understood.  And what about after  that point, did you observe that they spent a lot of  time together?

A.     Yeah, they — they was like in business together.  Like, basically, first it was with — they  was doing like check fraud and Phaedra was like —  Phaedra was like — she was a lawyer, so some kind of  way I don’t know to the extent of what they were  doing, but she was — they was hooked up with this dude named Justin.  He was like gay.  And they was like — that was Angela’s best friend.  And some kind of way, they were hooked up with Phaedra, you know,  and it was cool because, you know, we never really judged anybody, like, to each his own.  But that’s what the situation that I came into that Angela was  best friends with Justin and I thought that her and Phaedra had something going on which it really didn’t bother me.  But I just thought that was the situation.  So they was doing this whole check fraud thing and then the Feds came through and busted a whole bunch of people in the ring and stuff.  And all I remember I was a manager at a bookstore at Eastern  National Bookstore in Grant Park, and I had to end up quitting my job and leaving town because the Feds were on to Angela.  So we had to move down to Albany with Angela’s aunty.

Q. How do you know that Ms. Parks was involved in that check fraud scheme?

A. Because she and Angela was real close. They was like on the phone every day.  We would go out to Phaedra’s house in Marietta and they was just — and then Phaedra used to always give her legal advice on what to do and what not to do and stuff like that.

Q.  Is all the stuff Phaedra was involved in is it just stuff Angela told you she was involved in  or did you —

A.   No, I know.  The only reason Phaedra married Apollo is because they was all in on the these title frauds, they was all in it.

Q.   Oh, title fraud.

A.     That’s what they ended up doing.  That’s what Apollo ended up getting locked up for.  Phaedra married Apollo so he wouldn’t testify against her.

Q.     Did you ever witness Phaedra talking about the check fraud or the title fraud?

A.     Yes.

Q.     Can you think of the first time you heard  her personally talking about it and that’s Ms. Parks?

A.     All the time.  Like, that’s what they — I mean, Phaedra was a lawyer, so it just wasn’t like that was her every day — she didn’t talk like, but definitely with Angela, I would say Angela would be on the phone and I would know Angela would be on the phone with Phaedra.  And I think that Phaedra was the one supplying the information for checks.  So some kind of way Phaedra was the one who introduced Angela to Apollo or vice versa or it was Angela the one who introduced, but when they was making the money — oh, okay.  I know how I know.  Every time they would go doing something from the checks, Angela would always pay Phaedra or get Phaedra some nice gifts or  something like that in case she got in trouble. That’s how I know.

Q.     You said you had gone to some parties or get togethers at Phaedra’s house?

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     Do you remember where Phaedra lived?

A.     She lived in Marietta.  I just remember  Phaedra house, she always had a whole bunch of  pictures on her refrigerator.  I remember this lady, she used to have like a refrigerator full of like pictures like that she had been and at this time, she was the entertainment lawyer for like Outkast and  Mystical and that’s how they met.  I take that back.  Angela had a dude that she was talking to named DJ Drummer and that was — that was — Phaedra was  representing him at the time.  She was in entertainment law.

Q.     Do you remember the street in Marietta where her house was on?

A.     No.  No.

Q.     All right.  Any time when y’all were — whenever you were at Ms. Parks’ house, did you ever observe her talking about —

A.     I only went to her house like one time.

Q.     Did you ever see her in person talking   about any of the check fraud or the title fraud?

A.     Yeah.

Q.     Do you recall any specific times when you might have seen her talk about it?

A.     I remember her talking about — I remember one time Angela got — no, I remember one time Angela  had to catch a flight somewhere and she was pregnant.  And I didn’t want her leaving because she was pregnant.  And Phaedra was telling her, like, you know — like, basically, that she had to get this money and her and Apollo was going somewhere and  Phaedra had furnished the plane ticket or something  like that.  And I was like, you know, why you doing  this because you pregnant.

Q.     That would have been some time right after January and —

A.     Sometime in between the time Jayvien was born because I left shortly after that.  So all this  is in between January and October 9th, 2001.

Q.     Everything we’re talking about, basically, happened within that —

A.     That’s the only time me and Angela was  ever together.

Q.     That 2001 time frame?

A.     Definitely it was in 2001.

Q.     Okay.

A.     Now, I don’t know when — when they caught the case of her and Apollo and all that, that was  probably like after 2001 that they was doing all that. But I remember just, you know, between this period.

Q.     Okay.  When did you find out that Angela had been arrested or charged with being involved in the crimes?

A.     I can — I don’t remember.  I don’t know  about the title fraud.  I remember one time, though, we was out in North Mall of Georgia and Angela was writing checks that she had got from Phaedra and she got arrested.  And she was pregnant.  And then I was in contact with Phaedra and she was in contact with and Phaedra got her out of jail.

Q.     So were you talking with Phaedra about the fact that Ms. Stanton had gotten caught?

A.     Uh-huh.  I had to call her and tell her what was going on.

Q.     What do you recall what Phaedra said when you called her and told her what happened?

A.     No, it’s been like 12 years ago, not verbatim.  I can’t say.

Q.     When you were calling her, were you calling her because Phaedra was Angela’s attorney or because they were partners in the enterprise?

A.     Partners in the enterprise and her   attorney.

Q.     Other than what we talked about, do you recall any instances in which you heard Ms. Parks discussing any of these criminal enterprises, either the check fraud or the title fraud, you know, where  she was acknowledging that she was a part of it?

A.     Yeah.  The check fraud?

Q.     Yes.

A.     I don’t really know about the title fraud.  To the — I have — yeah, I have, but it’s just been  so long ago, you know.  I never thought that she would  come back and bring this up; but, yeah, I definitely  knew about her dealings in it.  Now, when — as far as  like when I heard her speak about it or what, you know, it’s been 12 years ago, so I can’t really —

Q.     Did you socialize with Ms. Parks and  Angela?  Did y’all go out?

A.     Yeah, we went out a couple of times. Yeah.

Q.     Okay.  Y’all would go out to like clubs or something around Atlanta?

A.     No, clubs mostly.

Q.     Sometime recently, were you contacted by Ms. Parks on Twitter?

A.     Twitter, yeah.

Q.     How did that come about?

A.     I don’t know.  I think she reached out to  me or I reached out to her.

Q.     Was it after she filed the lawsuit against Ms. Stanton?

A.     I can’t remember.  No.  It was before she  filed the lawsuit.

Q.    Okay.

A.     And, you know, I think I reached out to  her.  And I said that what Angela was doing wasn’t right or something like that, you know.  And then she reached back out to me and was like telling — asking me did I know that she was trying to serve Angela with a subpoena and did I know the address and everything.  You know, I was like, I ain’t getting into all of that, you know what I mean.  Like I just — you know, I just felt like it wasn’t right.  And she was like, you know, well, if I help her, she’ll help me.  And —  but, you know, nothing ever came from it.  I think my ex-wife hacked into my Twitter account and gave Angela the password and she screen shot it and put it out on Twitter.  After that it was like —

Q.     Okay.  Did you have a sense that Ms. Parks was trying to, I guess, get you to deny —

A.     I had the sense that she was panicking.

Q.     Did you — 

A.     She was like — she was telling me it was costing her a lot of money to keep on paying these   lawyers for this litigation.  And she was like she really — you know, it was really getting to be a headache.  And then — so they had somebody contact me, I guess, you know, from her legal team, but, you  know, like, it caused Angela a lot of — it was  causing me a lot of friction between my son because I did that and because she was in contact with me,  Angela stopped wanting to let me see my son.

Q.     Okay.  How old is your son now?

A.     12.   So then when she started doing that, I just left it alone and now she’s, basically, telling  me that I can see my son again if I give you information, so.

Q.     Just to be clear, are you telling me that  she told you what to tell me? 

A.     No.  No.  She knew I knew what was going on.  She was mad at me and thought I was going to take   Phaedra side.  She was saying she was going to make this amount of money that was going to be like —  was the money she was going to support her kids.  And I’m taking food out of the kids’ mouth yadda, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah.  I had a lot of time to think  about it.  I reconsidered, this ain’t helping her take care of her children since I’m not there to take care of my child, then I’ll do the right thing because it  is the truth and who am I to question somebody’s attempt to make money, you know, so.

Q.     Right.  Just to be clear, you’re not telling me what you’re telling me today because you think that’s what I want to hear, right?

A.     No, I could care less about what you want to hear.  That’s the truth.

Q.     Okay.  Angela had mentioned something  about her mother had been in a car accident?

A.     Yeah.

Q.     And you had some contact with Ms. Parks in that situation? 

A.     Yeah.

Q.     What can you tell me about that?       A.     Her mother was in a — I don’t remember why, but Phaedra when she was working for Johnson &  Freeman, she cut me a check because Jayvien my son had  been in an accident and that’s the most public record that you can receive that.

Q.     Your son had been in a car accident?

A.  Angela was locked up on the case with  Apollo because, you know, they were co-defendants on  the same case.

Q.     Right.  

A.     And they was in jail.  And so Phaedra  represented her, but it was a conflict of interest to represent both of them.  So she dropped Angela and I think that’s where a lot of the animosity came from.

Q.     In the criminal case she dropped her?

A.     Yeah.  See, she had been — before Phaedra used to talk to Apollo, she used to talk to this dude named DJ Nubbs, a radio station, that was Phaedra’s boo and then Apollo came along and she wasn’t even  really — I don’t know their relationship, but all I know right when the case came, all of a sudden she  just popped up and married him.  She was still dealing with DJ Nubbs and she popped up and married Apollo. Angela was like, dang, we been together.  This is wild.  You just got married on me and, you know, like then you just going to drop me on the case and you not going to come see me and it was like real deep scorn, you know, more than just like a friend trying to save her ass.  She was hurt.

Q.     Whenever you would see Angela and Phaedra  together, were they like physically affectionate to each other?  

A.     Yeah, they kiss each other and hug each other.

Q.     Was that something you saw just once or  pretty frequently? 

A.     I mean, I seen it.  I mean, I’m not a — I   don’t judge.  So it didn’t bother me, you know.  I’m  just a man that like women that like women, you know  what I’m saying personally.  So you know.

Q.     That was okay with you?

A.     Yeah, it was okay with me.  But, you know, I just — I know that that’s what happened, like then  she dropped them and then that’s what happened.

Q.     She — 

A.     She dropped.

Q.     Phaedra dropped Angela?

A.     Angela.  And then Angela didn’t have a lawyer and then Angela got all the time and then  something about she went to the mother’s funeral, but she didn’t get to go, something like that.  I don’t know what that qualm was, but I know then that’s when Phaedra popped up and married Apollo and then they got out.  And I remember when they got out because I had to provide Angela housing and I had to help her get  back with all of her kids because, you know, she had  been separated and lost all her kids.  And then her mother died and I guess she was expecting some kind  of — you know, since she fell on the case for Phaedra, and Phaedra was helping her get the titles and stuff, that I guess she thought that it was a  conflict of interest and Phaedra was trying to save   her own ass, so.

Q.     Angela felt like Phaedra should have  somehow paid her back for taking the charges?        A.     Yeah.

Q.     And not turning on Phaedra? 

A.     Not turning on Phaedra because she could have told them but she didn’t.

Q.     Okay. 

A.     And I think this is her way of telling on  her now.

Q.     Other than what we talked about today, can you recall any specific instances when you were in Phaedra’s presence when you, you know, heard her talking about anything criminal or anything specific that you can recall any specific events that you can recall?     

A.     I can remember her giving Angela some checks and then Angela asking her what she wanted.   And then Phaedra telling her a whole bunch of like office equipment and office furniture.

Q.     You saw Phaedra giving Angela —    

A.      A list.

Q.     — a list?  

A.     Of stuff to go get.

Q.     Okay.  To go buy with the fake checks?  

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     And I guess did you personally see Phaedra giving Angela that list? 

A.     Yeah.

Q.     Okay.  And again, that was in this between  13  January and October of 2001 time frame, right? 

A.     Yeah.

Q.     Okay.  And did you — I guess were you  ever with Angela when she went to go purchase the  supplies?

A.     Yeah.

Q.     Did you see her I guess after she — just so I understand, Angela would get fake checks from Phaedra and go buy things like office supplies? 

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     And computers?     

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     And then deliver them back to Phaedra?  

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     And did you witness Angela giving the  items back to Phaedra that she had purchased? 

A.     Yeah.

Q.     Do you remember where that —  

A.     Especially computers.

Q.     Where did that transaction take place?  Was it at Phaedra’s home or office?   

A.     I remember one time we met her up under  The Varsity in The Varsity parking lot on North  Avenue.

Q.     And just like took the items out of one car?  

A.     Took the boxes out of one car and put them  in another one.

Q.   And Phaedra took possession of the items in her car? 

A.     Uh-huh.

Q.     Do you remember what kind of car she was  20  driving? 

A.     I think she had like a little black BMW.

Q.     Do you remember if there was anyone else  with her? 

A.     It was a dude.

Q.     Somebody you didn’t know?

A.     Yeah.   .


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  1. yepanotha1

    Whoooo chile…Tamara, Tamara, Tamara. Phaedra has got some problems because a lot of what he was saying involves a paper trail. It might take a minute and depend on the the record keeping policies of the agencies and companies. I can certainly see why Phae would be panicking.

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    That is quite the tea! Married Apollo so he couldn’t testify against her makes so much sense.

  6. Oh my goodness. Challenging to follow with the excessive use of “like”, “you know”, “I guess”, “so” among others. So the guy hasn’t seen his kid in 12 years or so and he claims in the depo …”now she’s basically, telling me that I can see my son again if I give you information, so.” Can’t wait for your follow-ups TT!!

  7. Red hot mama

    I’m thinking Phaedra should have just let Ms. Stanton make her little money off her book, whilst ‘denying’ it was true.
    All her skeletons are falling out of the closet.

    • That’s what I don’t understand. If someone writes a book about you, that isn’t going to get much attention anyway, and most of us did not believe at the time, why on earth would you sue them and cause them to essentially prove that the dirt on you is true?

      It appears Angela kept Phaedra out of the jailhouse. Why the heck would she not just let her make a dollar and look the other way?

      • NAA

        Perhaps it was a warning to Apollo and everyone else out there who has dirt on her.

      • Red hot mama

        Exactly. It isn’t like she wrote a book that is on the Barnes and Noble bestseller table. It’s an ebook.
        Just from watching RHOA, Apollo seems like his IQ is about 70, cue the chart the principal in Forrest Gump used, so I find it hard to believe he could come up with these schemes alone. She seems to have made all involved feel safe in their fraud because they had a lawyer showing them how to avoid pitfalls.

      • Kheppera

        Exactly!!.. I don’t understand Pheadra at all. The fact that Apollo has been caught doing this twice makes it look like she had to be involved. Why would you would file a law suit to bring more attention to yourself. What was her plan?

      • We are speaking of the same woman that signed up to flaunt her ass on reality television whilst (ahem…allegedly) running a multi faceted fraudulent crime ring, yes? She clearly makes very bad decisions regarding keeping a low profile to say the least. Ego big much?

        My guess, she did it because that’s what any public personality does when they are innocent of false accusations. They scream lawsuit and settle with a retraction and some dough, but guess what? This bitch ain’t innocent…allegedly. At least she gave the impression of propriety there for a minute.

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    Phaedra is a Scorpio…birthday in October, not March. Hmmm…

    • NAA

      Just curious, does that make it more or less believable for you? For me, it makes it more believable. If he got all of the facts 100% and remembered everything too perfectly, I would have thought he was coached.

      Just as an aside, I think she is a libra on the cusp of Scorpio.

      • Mari Anne Souza

        I found 2 dates: October 25, 1971 and October 26, 1973.

      • Tamar voice

        I believe Angela Stanton in that Phaedra is a crook. Not sure if I believe the specifics of what Angela or her baby daddy is providing though. Bascially, the lawyer has to spoon feed information to him; he didn’t provide any grimy details. Something is just off though, because no matter how “sophisticated” Phaedra may have been as a lawyer, she’s just not good enough to beat the Feds and not be taken down with Apollo and Angela. Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean. I live for her mugshot when she finally goes down!

      • Foxee

        Nah, NAA, she is a Scorpio 10/26, if you’re going by Western/Tropical astrology. Sidereally, yes, a Libra. But her energy reads “Scorpion!” She even said herself in an episode from this season [6] that, here “I’m a true Scorpion…” Scorpio rules revenge too…whether you actually “wronged” them or not; they only need to FEEL wronged to STING back…in their way. Here, it’s a lawsuit.

    • Foxee

      Yes, that’s true, her b-day is near the end of October…but just because dude “assumed” that was a b-day party Angela attended of Phaedra’s doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And who knows what Ang may have told ole boy to be about to “go out” and “play.”

      His account sounds plausible. From where he sit he ain’t got ish to lose or gain. ..oh, he gets to see his son. Yep. But…again, his offerings above still ring as being very plausible.

  10. NAA

    I can’t wait to read part II. This one started off a little dubious – he seems very authentic, but lacked much specificity. I believed him when he said he didn’t care what the attorney thought of him or what he said.

    It also builds. By the time he was describing the list Phaedra gave Angela and the swap of boxes in the parking lot, I was pretty hooked.

    Do we know if Phaedra was driving a beamer back then?

    • Foxee

      answers: The DMV records should be able to confirm if her nomen aligns with a make and model of said vehicle during said time-period. Or…perhaps she simply borrowed a car that day. Scorpions are methodical. Forensics are ruled by Scorpio.

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    In the beginning his answers seemed very contradictory, but near the end it seemed believable, especially when talking about giving Angela fake checks to buy office supplies. I don’t konw, I can see Phaedra’s attorney tearing him up on a stand.

    • For sure, he contradicts himself several times but he (like said above) does give deets that have a paper trail. If they don’t settle this, which I’m thinking at this point they won’t, I can’t wait to see the transcripts. #betterthanbravo

  14. Barbara R.

    I know that we want to believe all of this but just how credible is this guy? Come on……

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    Great job Ms. Tattles

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    When Justin was discussing Angela and Phaedra’s relationship, I kept getting a picture of Phaedra at the strip club in Vegas, leaning over that blonde girl talking about how pretty she was shaven.
    I guess this means Phaedra will not divorce Apollo since she needs the marriage to keep him from testifying against her.

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    So Phaedra was seeing someone else then she up and married Apollo… While already pregnant before her walk down the isle. Hmmmm. Possible that her 1st son isn’t really Apollos?

    • It seemed to me that dude was saying Phaedra married Apollo before he went to prison. That part was confusing to me.

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Shellbelle

        It was confusing… I thought they married after he was sprung from the pokey. But if he did marry her to keep from testifying, then it would make sense that they would be married before he went to jail. I’d be curious to see a marriage certificate.

      • Hannah King

        That one confused me too Tamara. Justin brought it up twice. He made it sound like their marriage caused it to be a conflict of interest to represent Angela at that point. Have you given us their actual date of marriage before I started reading your blog or maybe I just missed it? I know they were supposed to have gotten pregnant before they married, but people do a civil one and then do weddings way later all the time.

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    • LOL at SD errr SL having a stylist.

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 4:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Bravogirl24/7

        Yeah Tamara girl no lie some of SD more infamous videos she styled for and she knew Phaedra met her many times in Atlanta. There was one alleged rapper that Pha use to mess with that slapped are around a few times. I always found it ironic that when the girls would share their domestic violence experiences Pha would never confide or contribute her experience with this issue.

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    “And all I remember I was a manager at a bookstore at Eastern National Bookstore in Grant Park”
    Is “manager” or “bookstore” a code word for something?

    • Kitty Mamma

      @ wik: In my town a “bookstore” can be a place that sells x-rated videos and has nudie movie booths. They probably outnumber the ligitimate ones.

  25. TT: Your boyfriend Anthony Bourdain would be so ashamed. Gremolata or gremolada is a chopped herb condiment typically made of lemon zest, garlic, and parsley. It is a traditional accompaniment to the Milanese braised veal shank dish ossobuco alla milanese.[1]
    Gremolata always includes grated lemon peel, but beyond that there is considerable variation. Most, but not all recipes include parsley, mint and garlic; and most include anchovies (especially in Milan itself), and possibly rosemary and sage.[2]

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    The guy’s a criminal. Sounds like he cooperated to see his kid, of course he’s not going to tell the lawyer that was the reason. His attempts at personal knowledge of crimes are shady or maybe it’s his inability to articulate them better.
    Did Phaedra’s lawyer depo him? I think her lawyer would chew him up on the stand if it gets to that.
    But this lesbian relationship allegation is fascinating. A kiss and a hug is what all these RHOA ladies do besides going out all the times and spending the night at another woman’s house. I wanted him to ask “on the lips, for a long time, did you see them in bed?”
    What a can of worms Phaedra created for herself by suing Stanton. Big mistake, HUGE. The only real advantage Phaedra has is that all of these witnesses against her are convicts – they’re liars until proven not. Now if there’s paper, goodbye Phaedra.
    Congrats on getting this TT.

    • Thanks JoJo. I get your points, but if you are trying to prove that someone was involved in criminal activity, then, criminals are the ones that have to attest to it, no? I mean I doubt her pastor or her pastor mama would have knowledge….:)

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 8:11 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JoJo

        Oh yes TT – criminals have been believed and succeeded in putting some really famous people away (Gotti, Sammy the Bull come to mind). But, they are the easiest to impeach as far as witnesses go. It’s kinda’ like flipping a coin. But in this case, it’s a civil defamation, not a criminal trial. But it’s unique in that the civil defamation issues are all criminal accusations! Fascinating.

    • ab

      I understand your opinion however Phaedra seemed more concerned about Kandi after the pillow talk drama. It seemed odd that she left Apollo to be by Kandis side. Also Angela sounded like a gf not a friend in her interview

      • JoJo

        I actually don’t have a clue or opinion on Phaedra’s sexual preferences. Nothing would surprise me. I would expect if women are her true thing, that some nobody would have come out by now and out her. Or maybe she just did what she needed to get Angela to do her dirty work?.

      • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

        @ab I really don’t think that phaedra choosing to comfort kandi over Apollo is sexual. It’s obvious that they can barely stomach one another ( phaedra and Apollo that is)

  29. Skeeter

    Thank you for that steaming cup of tea. This was better at waking me up than caffeine!

  30. Foxee

    Read the book. Don’t know any of the characters therein personally. Thus, this reaction ain’t personal. It’s logical.

    The code of the street is “Be true to the Game & the Game will be true to you.” When you know it’s a game, it helps to better play by the rules–providing you know the rules. Sigh…

    Now, whether you believe that or not is not the main point injected here…yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know “There’s no honor among thieves.” But, the real crime in this instance is…”the fracture in friendship.” Well, what was “assumed” as friendship!

    Phaedra, if you’re reading this, even Angela admitted herself, in the book and the video, that she knows she’s grown and no one FORCED her to do what she did. But she dove ALL IN in the name of fiat gain as well as honoring the bond she assumed as “friendship.”

    *Friendship loyalty holds a stronger cord versus employee loyalty, doesn’t it? Why you chose “that energy” to issue, huh, Ms. P.?

    After reading William Cooper’s work and watching Aaron Russo’s documentary, I’d never judge Parks on the “crime”, per se`, it’s the violation is friendship, the deception there.

    From how it’s [the story] told “you seduced her” to believe that y’all “rock” like that.

    When T.T. said/wrote [blog] that Stanton’s story read like a “lover scorned” ALARMS went OFF! Now, with this interviewee stating similar??? Good heavens, I gotta re-read Ang’s book. To see if “that energy” is somehow subtly woven throughout those pages somewhere.

    Cause “this” imports a WHOLE NEW twist. We’re thinking you just [may have] seduced her in the vein of “friendship” but also coupled with the vein of “lover’ship?”
    Dear God! Let’s hope ole boy’s discernment was a tad skewed on that note. …but energy don’t lie. Mouths do. Energy & math don’t!
    If he observed “them” in motion/talking/walking, whatever and “that vibe” they gave off told his senses… never mind, y’all read the interview above…no need in reiterating that point.

    *And attending her mom’s funeral?? Why? What kind of diabolitcal pose was that??

    Yes, Scorpio rules death & birth, funerals, we know this. But, still… It’s a creepy note: for you clearly not to care about Angela, yet show up to her mom’s funeral? Did you and her mom have that much of a good rapport? That you regarded her independent from her daughter? J/S

    * Hopefully, you’ll pen your memoir one day and explain that one.

    Parks, had you came to Angela in the spirit of strictly “business” no one, maybe not even Stanton, would so much as raise an eyebrow when hearing your name.
    This country was built on slavery. Anyone that volunteers to be one in modern times [not necessarily referencing you as such, Ang; just speaking to the general logic of the logical general public] wouldn’t reap any empathy or sympathy for Angela or the situation. It’ll just be more sensationalism to sop up like any ole other gossipy juice. But Ms. Stanton has a sincere following, folks sincerely believe her now [I did from the jump! That video, the honest lilt in her voice…as India.Arie sung “You know the truth by the way it feels..] and sincerely empathize.

    Surely not what Parks wanted for Stanton.

    What the lawsuit may be really about: Victims are NOT suppose to have a voice! And a voice that nets empathetic supporters too? This infuriates the oppressor.

    *Park, you came to her in the spirit of friendship [how the story read]. Spiritually speaking and being, the real crime lies here. #Karma

  31. Newsy

    This now makes me wonder if that’s why Kenya ask her what about a three way when the cast took that trip. I wonder if Kenya had heard these rumors about Phaedra. Phaedra said people were already talking. I wonder if that’s why she then accused Kenya of trying to steal Apollo.

  32. Tameka

    Tamara it was frustrating when bloggers like you dismissed the claims.
    i know it sound shady as F**** that Angela is wrote the book but she kept Phaedra out of Jail and Phaedra could have at least helped her once she got out like Phaedra promised. Of all the things in the deposition, Angela’s depo had to be the hardest.

  33. Tameka

    You know what also Tamara.
    Phaedra worked for Geico so it made sense that they would know how to per-fect the auto loan scam and titles.
    The article in the dailymail said that Phaedra had 5 luxury cars in her drive way, I think I know where they came from — allegedly.
    See, Greed will always get you caught,

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