Motion For Summary Judgment Filed in Parks v Stanton: James Holland Deposition

Phaedra ButtermilkThis morning James Radford, Angela Stanton’s attorney filed a Motion for Summary Judgment in favor of Stanton. They are asking for all charges against Stanton to be dismissed. Based on Stanton’s own deposition and the two I have posted today, all the evidence on record supports that the information in Stanton’s book is true. Phaedra Parks has REFUSED to give a deposition according to my sources. A motion for sanctions against Phaedra for refusing to give a deposition has also been filed, according to my sources.
How the heck can you refuse to be deposed about the claims of your case? I mean she is the PLAINTIFF for crying out loud! Why would you not want to make your claims under oath and on the record? Very Odd.
A courthouse source has provide this deposition, and another that will follow in the second part of this series of posts exclusively to Tamaratattles.comPlease be professional when referring to this post and provide the appropriate credit and links! Thanks.
This second deposition was taken last December by telephone. James Holland is the father of one of Angela Stanton’s children and is currently incarcerated. I am bemused by the fact that the term “head doctor” was used in an actual deposition. Is that wrong?
Q. Sir, again, thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. Just a couple of introductory  things. Can you state your full name for the record?

A. Leonard Holland.

Q. And do you typically go by a different name?

A. Yes. I also go by the name of Shaheed.

Q. Shaheed?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Do you have a different last name with that, or is it just Shaheed?

A. It is Shaheed Abdullah Rahman.

Q. What is the last part of that Shaheed —

A. Rahman, R-A-H-M-A-N.

Q. Okay. Got you. Thank you. And where are you today as we speak?

A. Currently housed at Smith State Prison.

Q. Now, when did you — I don’t want to get into any details about why you are there or anything  like that. When did you first go into Smith State Prison?

 A. Well, I was arrested in 2004; and I have been at Smith State Prison since 2009.

Q. Okay. And do you know my client in the case that I am interviewing you about? Her name is  Angela Stanton. Do you know Ms. Stanton?

A. Yes, I know Ms. Stanton.

Q. Okay. Can you tell us just briefly how  you know her?

A. Well, she is the mother of my daughter. She was my girlfriend at the time, so that’s how I  know her.

Q. How long were y’all an item? How long were y’all boyfriend/girlfriend?

A.  A long time, a year or two.

Q. Okay. What approximate timeframe? When was that? Do you know like around what years that was?

A. I think I met her like in ’02.

Q. Okay. Y’all dated for about —

A. So actually until I was incarcerated in ’04. So like two years, basically.

Q. So roughly 2002-2004?
A. Right.

Q. Okay. And did you know that Ms. Stanton  has written a book?

A. Yeah, I am aware of that.

Q. Have you read the book?

A. I have not read it myself. Just little excerpts I have seen. I have not read the whole book  myself.

Q. Actually, that is a good thing because I want to be sure that you are not influenced  subconsciously by something you might have read in the book.

A. Okay.

Q. And have I offered you anything in exchange for you testifying today or agreed to make you any promises or anything like that?

A. Not at all, not at all.

Q. And you are willing to testify as to the truth of anything you might be aware of regarding the situation today?

A. Yes, definitely. As truthfully as I can possibly can be.

Q. So during the time that you met Ms. Stanton, did you know her to associate with someone named Phaedra Parks?

A. Yes, I am aware of Ms. Parks. I met Ms. Parks through Angie.

Q. And can you tell what was the first time you met Ms. Parks, what was that situation?

A. The first time I met Ms. Parks was she was referred to me from — by Angie because at the time I had a wife as well whose name was Kathy Evans. And she had an armed robbery case. So I do not know Phaedra, but Angie suggested she can represent her for that case. So I hired her to represent that case .

Q. Okay. So was Ms. Parks was your attorney or was the attorney of your former wife?

A. My wife, she was my wife’s attorney.

Q. Okay. And during the time you were dating Ms. Stanton, did you see Ms. Parks occasionally or  frequently during that period?

A. Oh, yeah, on a couple of occasions I met with Ms. Parks just out and about, several times at her office as well.

Q. Okay. Do you remember where her office was, approximately?

A. I want to say like the down — like maybe downtown, 14th Street area like that. I don’t remember exactly, it has been a long time ago, as far as the specifics. But I know it was like downtown. I want to say the 14th Street area of Atlanta.

Q. Okay. And were you there for legal representation or were you there for other reasons?

A. Both. On occasion, maybe two times, I can remember specifically one, was to discuss the case with her. The other time was to bring her the money to represent my wife. And on another occasion it was  just personal and just social.

Q. Okay. And you mentioned personal and social. During this period of time I guess I am  curious as to whether Ms. Stanton’s relationship with Ms. Parks from your perspective was just a legal professional relationship or was it a friendship, or  how would you characterize their relationship?

A. Well, I mean, you know, that was the — it was always, hey, I have a friend who is a lawyer. And so I know I first met her it was just introducing me to the lady. And I don’t want to get too personal; but I know that it is funny, she is known as a head doctor. She is very good at giving head. So I think she imparted that knowledge on my girlfriend. And we just laughed about that, and that’s how she got me to be her boyfriend.

Q. Okay. So did Ms. Parks say this to you, make those comments to you; or was that Angela telling —

A. What happened, Angie introduced her to me. She said this is the one who taught me everything I  know. And I am like, oh, really, I just joked with her, I said, I might get you to be the teacher rather than the student. That was the conversation. We all laughed. It was a comfortable situation.

Q. Okay. So just a friendly kind of hanging out joking around?

A. Uh-huh.

Q. Okay. So a big topic in Angela’s book is she alleges that she was involved in some criminal  enterprises with Ms. Parks.

A. Yeah.

Q. Do you have any firsthand knowledge as to that situation?

A. Well, when Angie mentioned to me that she was involved with the situation, I think my concern came with a guy named Everett — I know his name to be Everett Tripodis now because how I know that he is Everett Tripodis because he made some statements — when he got arrested, he made some statements to the police in regards to me being Angie’s like bodyguard. So that’s how I know him. But I only knew him as E. I didn’t know Everett and I didn’t know Tripodis. I just knew him as E. When she explained to me what their  involvement, I told her that I wanted to be present. I wanted to make sure that she didn’t get a bad shake or nothing like that. So that’s when her — that’s when Angie, Everett, and Ms. Parks, we all — I didn’t call her  Ms. Parks. I called her Phaedra. We all met. And 11 basically they were discussing their business, that car stuff, which was not my business at the time. I was just making sure that Angie didn’t get a bad shake.

Q. Okay. So tell me about this meeting. There was some meeting that took place and there was a discussion about some kind of scheme that was going to be carried out?

A. Oh, yeah, definitely. They had some type of thing where they would steal cars. I think Everett would steal the cars and Angela would go sell them. And the paperwork basically was provided by Ms. Parks.  You know, she knew the ins and outs on what to do, I think like the titles and the paperwork for the titles. Ms. Parks had some kind of connection where she could get that information because you had to go get the keys. The way the scheme worked was, you would use I believe the title to go to the dealership to get the keys; and Ms. Parks was able to provide that information.

Q. Okay. And were you physically present in some meeting where they were discussing carrying out that situation?

A. Oh, yeah, clearly. I was there. I can’t remember how many; but, you know, more than two meetings I was there with all of us present where, you know, basically Phaedra was just mapping out how it was supposed to go. Everybody was participating in that, you know, what to do, what was needed, stuff like that.

Q. Did you personally witness Phaedra Parks instructing Ms. Stanton and Mr. Tripodis as to how to carry out this scheme?

A. Yes. I was actually there with Angie picking up some of the paperwork from Phaedra. I was there for that. I was privy to this knowledge because, of course, I was dealing with Angie. This was — Ms. Parks was a friend. So, you know, it was no problem, you know, having that done in front of me. I wasn’t an outsider.

Q. Right. So you saw Ms. Parks hand Ms. Stanton the — I guess it was fraudulent car  titles?

A. Exactly, yeah, I was right there.

Q. And then did you — and you accompanied Ms. Stanton to make sure she was safe?

A. Yeah. Every time she met with the Everett guy, just making sure that she was okay. So I was there on more than one occasion. Not every occasion. I wasn’t there — it really wasn’t my scheme, but I knew of it and definitely was a participant on more than one occasion.

Q. Okay. Now, other than — I guess when Ms. Stanton was arrested, do you recall that day, what happened on that day she was arrested?

A. Yeah, I think that morning she went to –I believe Tennessee it was. I believe it was  Tennessee, Alabama, one of them. I don’t know. She got arrested. And the guy E, he left her. And she was like 8, 7 months pregnant at the time; and the guy E left her. So when she called, I actually could hear the running and whatnot that was happening. So I immediately called the E guy — actually, there was another person, too. His name was RiRi. I don’t remember RiRi’s name. But he informed me that Angela had been arrested. Actually, she called me from the hospital chained to the bed, she called me, told me what happened. And I immediately called E, and I told him that he better not come back to Atlanta without Angie. So he went back. He went back to go get her. That’s when he was arrested at the hospital trying to get to her.

Q. Oh, wow, okay. Did you ever talk with Ms. Parks about this situation?

A. Well, once Angie got arrested, Phaedra kind of — well, you know, I know what I am about to tell you because I have been dealing this way, but a lot of times people shut down. They will stop answering calls once a person gets locked up. They  just hold back because, of course, she is not supposed to be — Phaedra knows what is going on; but the workers, they take care of the business. They do the actual hands-on. Phaedra’s job was basically to provide legal support if need be, if anyone was arrested, and the paperwork. She had the hookups. She provided the paperwork, and then her — and Angie and E could carry out the work.

Q. Okay. Other than this situation, were you ever personally a witness to Ms. Parks being involved in any kind of criminal dealings?

A. Other than that, no. I mean, I couldn’t say because I am not trying to tell on Ms. Parks. I personally don’t have a problem with Ms. Parks. But I was made aware, I think, when Angie came home from prison the lady pretty much alienated her, acted like she was just too good to offend her. Whenever you are in a position when you need help, you call on your friends. But I understand Ms. Parks’ position. I  mean, I understand. I am not angry with her for that. But, I mean, what happened is what happened. So…

Q. Okay. I think that’s about all the questions I had. Anything else that you can — that stands out in your mind when you think of Ms. Parks  and Ms. Stanton’s relationship with her?

A. Yeah, well, like I said, I don’t — I am not trying to just throw dirt on Phaedra; but, I mean, I know that there were computers. There were different office products and things that sometimes  Angie would go out and they had a little check thing  going on, fraudulent checks and whatnot, that she would buy things from her. As a matter of fact, one thing I remember delivering a computer to her office, a desktop computer. So she definitely knew what was going on. I wasn’t mad about it, but she definitely knew it was going on.  I was there. I actually witnessed paperwork from her given to Angie. And I looked at it. I saw it. I personally walked the computer in a box and dropped it off on her desk, laptop, stuff like  that, so…

Q. And those were items that you had known had been bought through a false check?

A. Oh, yeah, definitely. That was the scheme. That was the money-maker back then, the  checks, the false paperwork. Like I said, even with the car thing, it was just take — you know, take that information, those titles back to the dealership and the dealership with the ID would give you the actual car — I mean give you the key to that car. And then that key will go back to the dealerships and take the cars off the lot.

Q. Got you. All right. Well, I really do appreciate you taking some time to talk to me. If you  think of anything else, you know my address and everything. So feel free to get in touch. And, again, I really do appreciate your time.

A. Okay. Not a problem. You have a good day, sir.

Q. All right. Thank you. You, too.


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  1. SoCalCPA

    Wow. This is incredible — thank you for posting. I have a ton of work to do, but this is just making me procrastinate, lol! Lots of good stuff.

  2. CityGirl81

    Clutches my pearls. Shady Phae Phae should have left that woman alone.

  3. Red hot mama

    Lol. Lord, Angela should write a new e-book on how to be a head doctor. But then again, Shady Phae Phae might sue her for stealing her ideas.


      Oh boy can you imagine that deposition? Phaedra: I will not be answering any questions about my lips and tounge.
      Attorney: Do you have lips and a tounge?
      Phaedra: Not that I recall, no.

  4. kat

    “A. Yes. I was actually there with Angie picking up some of the paperwork from Phaedra…..”

    Just wow. Justin Cody was hard to belive but this guy is muc more beliveable. Shady Phae should have let this go, let her sell her book, and continue on with her new RHOA and mortuary career.

  5. Popcorn and Vodka (@popcornandvodka)

    “Why would you not want to make your claims under oath and on the record?” Because they can ask you anything and you have to answer. Questioners aren’t subject to the rules they must follow in court. And most important: Because your answers are recorded forever and from then on if you change your story you’re in big trouble. There are many reasons why you would NOT want to be deposed. Whether you can get away with refusing is another story. But it’s not surprising at all that Phaedra would want to avoid a deposition.

    • the only reason she filed the lawsuit to began with was to throw shade off of her and onto this lady….but karma always come a knockin when your house ain’t in order..dumb move, Phakedra!!

  6. Kate

    Now I am very suspicious of why she is pursuing this mortuary career.

    • JenB

      My boyfriend worked for the IRS money laundering division. He said that funeral homes receive large cash payments and also they have the SS numbers of dead people. So it is a great way to sell SS numbers and ID for Identity Theft. Part of Apollo’s recent charges were Identity theft. I think Phaedra was looking for another way to do fraud.

      • Kate

        That makes sense. I thought the whole mortician idea was bizarre for a lawyer but in light of today’s post it now takes on another tone. Good WORK TT. WOW.

      • This is just so crazy to me. Phaedra Parks was intelligent enough to get a law degree. Why on earth would she lower herself like that? She must be crazy. Why woukld she choose failure when she could have success?

      • @kate; I also thought this was a bizarre business venture. But that was before all of these events. Just WOW at what has been revealed so far, and outstanding TT blog content. I’d always said, after Angela’s book, that Phaedra married Apollo for security against defamation. And that “head doctor” bit has been referenced before, just can’t remember if it was Kenya or Nene?

      • Being a mortician and/or having a funeral home is also a good way to get rid of bodies. Just say’n there may have been more than one reason for that move and I don’t think it’s because Phaedra loves dead people as she claimed, lol.

      • Fahlina_G

        Cammie, your comment gave me chills! And to think this woman is raising two children! She is SICK!

      • Mina

        Oooh! that is good! I bet you are exactly right. They were about to expand the biz! I never understood why a supposedly successful attorney would decide to be a mortician.

      • Because dead people tell no tales….

        On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  7. kat

    I don’t understand how she thinks she can prove her case if she doesnt allow herself to be deposed. When you make a complaint like this, the burden is on the complaintant (Phaedra) to prove defamation. How is she going to prove she isn’t a mastermind or head doctor if she does not depose?

    • Teerii

      Phaedra’s attorneys quit her case after Apollo got caught again for the very things Angela revealed in her book. So maybe she, Phaedra lost her nerve because she didn’t have a defense team in place.

  8. LoLo

    A lot is telling about Phaedra’s character by the company she kept. You mean to tell me you went through 4 years of college and 3 years of law school to hang out with shady criminals? I beginning to think she may be schizophrenic or bi polar. I’m no lawyer..just a lady trying to make it in the corporate world…but I can tell you this..if something goes down with me you WONT be reaching out to anyone in the penal system! (no shade intended) come on now…..she is portraying herself as a southern belle and she allegedly been passing off fake checks and stealing car titles.Her and Apollo need to excuse themselves from any future seasons of RHOA. This is ridiculous…I can stop SMDH and this “head doctor” title has come up way too often…..geez

    • Bella

      Schizophrenia and Bipolar have nothing to do with this. Schizophrenics hear voices and Bipolar’s have mood swings. Phaedra is a criminal pure and simple. She is crazy on a deep, deep level. Who goes to law school with the intent of becoming a criminal? I mean really? It’s an insult to Bipolars and Schizophrenics to be likened to this woman. She is on another level of cray cray. I hope she goes away for a long time. Southern Belle my A!

      • I loved your post! You nailed it!

      • I’ve always thought that Phaedra was a sociopath. I was married to someone who portrayed himself to be a normal, loving guy. After I married him, it quickly became apparent that he had no soul. Sociopaths are, without question, the definition of selfish. They could care less about other people. Everything they do or say is self-serving. And, they are very concerned about their image. It’s extremely important that they maintain that imagine of the good guy/southern belle. Once you get to know a sociopath well, you can spot other sociopaths. Phaedra has all the tell-tale signs. The smart sociopaths are extremely manipulative and cunning. She’s the real deal.

      • 1benna, Sociopaths are formed when there is a failure to form a bond with the parents in the early stages of their development. Because of this they are unable to feel sympathy or compassion for others. It’s easy to imagine with her considering everything we know about Phaedra. She has nothing but contempt for everyone. Just thinking about the southern belle thing makes me sick to my stomach. How she can fool ANYBODY just amazes me.

    • Fahlina_G

      People in glass houses are usually the ones throwing the biggest stones! She made such a huge deal out of trying to make Kenya seem “crazy”, which let’s face it, she does get out there sometimes, but a lot of that could have been projection. After reading all of this, she sure sounds like has sociopathic tendencies at the very least! Prayers for those poor boys!

  9. I love this blog

    Gasps! Oh my!

  10. Traci

    wow! thanks for posting! Phadera should have left it alone.

  11. Looks like Phaedra is hoping to come out as “just the attorney” in all these schemes-and she certainly seems like the only one involved with a brain and without a criminal record. Sadly for her however, the more the accusations pile up, the less true that may be.
    I wonder what her mother thinks-remembering that Phaedra didn’t want her to know she was already pregnant when she married Apollo.

    • Sure, and she probably will want to claim attorney client privilege and confidentiality. The problem with that is that when an attorney knows a client is going to commit a crime, that privilege does not exist. And, no attorney is allowed to counsel “clients” on how to avoid getting caught when committing crimes.

  12. RVA

    *Jaw drop*
    *pearl clutch*
    *southern belle faint*

    Not ” Ms Prayer Cloth over the knees “

    • RVA

      I had to crack up at the “head doctor” bwahahahahahahaha
      Phaedra must have thought this woman wasn’t going to spill the beans on what she knew, that she’d go quietly into the good night and let her bully her.
      hindsight is always 20-20 but I bet now she wishes she’d just issued a statement denying the claims in the book and chalking them up to the rantings of a former friend or something.

  13. kat

    I’m curious as to why Bravo has not made an official statement about this or the Teresa Giudice thing. Either they support criminal behaviour or they are sucking up the ratings. If this were NBC, ABC or CBS they would have dropped these people like hot potatoes.

    • kat: I’m really curious as to why you think Bravo should make an official statement. Neither Phaedra nor the Giudices have admitted to any wrong doing at this point. Last I checked our legal system is founded on one of the tenents “innocent until proven guilty”. And that proof lies within the court system, not on reality TV blogs.

    • Barbara R.

      They are innocent until proven guilty.

    • Fahlina_G

      Isn’t NBC Bravo’s parent company? I could be wrong…

    • Rets54

      @kat-I believe NBC owns Bravo.

    • amy

      Yes that makes perfect sense they must support criminals. If you ask me I think Its pretty stand up that they don’t ditch their employees because of mistakes these people made a decade ago. Sure they were criminal mistakes but I believe they are both paying the price for those mistakes, and they will continue to pay for a very long time. Wow, it must be amazing to lead a perfect life. I wish I could say I had never made any life affecting mistakes in my past, but if I hadn’t then I might as judgemental as some of you are, and that would be trajic. You should walk a mile in Teresa and Phaedra s shoes and then you judge when you know ALL the FACTS……

  14. Lord of the Flies

    Honey! I just want to say that you definitely been supplying some of the greatest tea I’ve ever read. Just Keep up the good work and I will make sure and put something in the happy pill jar Because I am such a fan

  15. puravidacostarica2

    Alrighty then, we now know why Apollo is with Phaedra…

  16. papa smurf

    Great stuff!
    This has to be devastating to her case. Alone these 2 baby daddies, might not be the most reliable sources, but combined… They are pretty much painting the same portrait of Phaedra. Her problem was she has such a big ego, she thought she could squash Ms Stanton, and intimidate her.
    This is just getting messier and messier for her. I just can’t see anyway of her getting out of this unscathed. Makes you feel bad for the kids.
    Minister’s daughter/southern belle/head doctor….tsk, tsk, tsk

    • “Devastating to her case”? Bless your heart.

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      I read that book angela wrote. She definitely has more than 2 fathers to her kids. I think it’s four dads for the 5 kids. Don’t quote me tho.

    • “Makes you feel bad for the kids.” Seriously, when I was watching this last episode and Aiden was telling everyone at the dinner table they couldn’t hold hands to pray and both his parents just let him rule their actions and they dropped hands, all I could think was OMG they better stop spoiling this kid with a quickness. Whoever ends up caring for him is not going to jump when he says jump like mommy and daddy have been. It’s not his fault he’s been spoiled silly but he’ll definitely suffer for it, on top of losing his parents, poor kid.

      • Phaedra is a planner. She thinks ahead. She marries Apollo, has his kids. Somewhere in that twisted mind of hers, she thinks appearances of motherhood and family will sway public opinion or at least show her some measure of mercy when judgment time comes. No matter what, her reputation is decaying like the dead she now hopes to shepard to their resting place and they’ll be no forbearance. And it’s very strategic (planner that she is) that she now wants to be a mortician/funeral director in that she most certainly will be disbarred and in need of another career. Great back up plan, but as someone else mentioned, also another way to get SSN’s and exploit the dead. The good that could come from all of this is that new laws are passed to protect the dead from people in the death business from exploiting their privacy. Other atrocities have occurred regarding people in this position — Michael Mastromarino comes to mind — but if she thought she could just press on into the good night and continue her criminal ways, it’s really good that attention has been brought to these low lives and their abuse because it just brings about necessary changes in the laws to preserve our privacy from predators like Parks and Nida for the living and the dead.

  17. ab

    Head Doctor…Chuck must be in a corner laughing

    • baybek8s

      I’m ashamed to be laughing at Phaedra’s pain (Please forgive me) but, I was thinking the same thing. I bet old Chuck and Nene are having a good ole kee kee with this piece of dirt.

      • Fahlina_G

        What was it Nene said at the last reunion? “You never can win when you’re dirty”? Sounds like she knew exactly what Phaedra was all about, which makes me wonder just who else on that show did too.?

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      Lmbo! Isn’t chuck always in a corner?

  18. Barbara R.

    How many baby daddies does Angela Stanton have?

    • I posed the same question in the other thread, although I added “currently incarcerated” before “baby daddies”. No answer yet. :-)

    • CityGirl81

      I believe five.

    • Why does that matter? Phaedra chose her because she is that way. No way Phaedra is going to ask a woman who is responsible and law abiding to commit a crime. Phaedra asked a criminal to commit a crime and advised her on how to do it.

      • “Sigh”. Some folks just shouldn’t procreate.

      • I just find it amazing that she had so many “associates” with criminal histories. I think I have been friends with one person in my entire life who has been to jail or has a criminal record. She was hooked on pills and did some petty theft stuff to support her habit. I have no idea what happened to her. I stopped associating with her when it became clear she was not on the up and up.

        Just having these people in her circle, most of whom were not clients, is extremely odd to me.

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  19. Iwilllive

    I feel bad for the children.

  20. Bravogirl24/7

    Lawd, lawd, lawdie me. If it were not for TT we would never get the fresh brewed tea. I can’t rely on blogs coming out of Atlanta to even cover this. That’s why I continually asked how Phaedra made her money. Coming from a family of lawyers I found it very hard to believe that she could spend so much of her time on camera away from her legal practice. It takes a momental amount of time to run a solo legal practice. We should see her practicing her profession as her story line and not holding elaborate over the top children parties.

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      Not only that but she always blows an exorbitant amount of money for a lawyer. If she made top dollar I would imagine no more than $200,000 a year, I can’t see more than that with mostly stripper clients. but she has a smallish house where her husband does manual labor ( can’t afford workers?) yet blows 30,000 on a kids birthday party? Her lifestyle makes no sense.

  21. Typical Phaedra, always wanting to come off like this prestigious clean God fearing diva before the camera’s, but as shady as they come off camera…I hope they nail this chic, I’m so sick of her fakeness!!

  22. DeeDee

    TT you ROCK!!! Devastating, nonetheless. And as the appropriate caption says at the beginning of this particular article, and to quote a belle, “Somethin’ in the buttermilk ain’t clean.” Wow…..

  23. DEAR GOD! Thank y’all for not pointing out my subject verb disagreement up there that I just fixed. How embarrassing! :(

  24. Naa

    “Head Doctor” made me giggle.

    • And you didn’t think this site was educational….

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Naa

        I have learned a lot and I can almost read ghetto. It’s better than college!

      • I heard the thuggy little thieves over at lipstick alley could use some help pronouncing the big words today, if you have some free time. I suppose I should have someone sort through all the DCMA violations over there at some point. I like my current atty too much to ask her to wade through all that. I guess an intellectual property atty could put some minions on it.

        LOL at me using the term intellectual property theft with regard to that site. I bet they are familiar with some of the terms though, like “head doctor” and “incarcerated.” #ThugLyfe #GangSigns #WeBeStealingShytFromThatBitchAgain

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 4:26 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Naa

        Yes, I’m sure Ashley would be very impressed with their logic: “She accused of stealing so we’re going to steal it and not give her credit.”

        I think that’s what the legal folks call an admission of guilt. If I’m really bored one day I will have them shut down.

      • It’s not hard to do, but so far I haven’t because I just want to keep them contained over there subvocalizing en masse. But now that they are offering me damages and lost income, well the pot did just get sweetened.

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 4:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • puravidacostarica2

        What? You don’t want to get “grouped”? Bwahaahaaa. Had to check it out and that was the first headline-grabbing piece of failed education that I saw. #gobacktokindergartenandstartover

  25. Mrs Smith

    Phony phake Phaedra bout to go down in phirey phlames.

  26. myinfo

    Phaedra never had a good answer as to Apollo’s job description. It always sounded like a lot of BS.

  27. I was done reading this post after the lengthy discussion of being a “head doctor.” Sorry TT, I’ll have to come back & read the rest later when I’m not laughing.

    Good tea as always.

  28. Mrs. Barber

    Hello everyone, I have a brother who has been in and out of prison several times and they do not snitch on people in or out of prison, so based on the fact hat this dude is naming names makes the story appear false. I do not think Phaedra was heavily involved at all, maybe a little bit, but she would not risk her license for this crap.

    • While you do seem to hold some credentials on the subject. Everyone who they are talking about was arrested EXCEPT Phaedra. That was because NO ONE rolled on Phaedra. But now she is essentially messing with their children’s opportunity to make a living.

      That said, EVERYONE going to the federal system snitches. I know this because I watch Mob Wives. Duh.

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Mrs. Barber

        Mob wives, come on Tamara, I am talking real life. Your funny, I guess I don’t want to believe these things about Phaedra, I can see her being the head doctor though, with those lips. Remember the stupid pic she and Apollo took with the pickle.

    • Wait…what? People in and out of prison don’t snitch on people in or out of prison? That would pretty much exclude any and all snitches.

      • And your qualifications on this subject are what exactly? So far it is the chick with the brother in prison, (qualified) and the chick that watches a lot of Mob Wives (super qualified).

        Please state your credentials for the record. Unless you frequent LSA on the regular, you prolly just some fancy white lady that don’t know nuthin.

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 5:35 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • amy

      I agree with I have a brother in prison and he would never snitch under any circumstances no matter how small the crime I think aI after reading the first deposition from the other baby daddy that when Phaedra got famous that girl saw an opportunity to make some money otherwise why didn’t she snitch on Phaedra when she was first in custody when it could’ve gotten her less time? I think she probably gave them advice but I do not think she was heavily involved in this. Otherwise she’d be locked up everyone else involved was why not Phaedra?

  29. PlusOneForLuck

    It’s says everything to me that these men tell such similar stories. It also speaks loudly that as everything comes crashing down on her she suddenly doesn’t want to give a deposition. Her RHOA blogs have turned into lists of her appearances only (certainly not written by her – of course, that’s not unusual) & she seems to be featured less & less on the show. All of this does not say good things are coming for Ms. Parks. As a victim of identity theft I find it particularly offensive. It took me YEARS to sort out my finances. Knowing this was going on the entire time SHE thought she could give ME advice on my behavior is appalling. (ok — getting off my high horse now.) Congrats on getting the documents TT! What a coup! :)

  30. “Sigh”. I really didn’t want to pull this trump card. My number of prison tatoos exceeds my IQ.

  31. Alexa

    Juicy, juicy!!! Do you guys believe them? I do! Even if they are ex-cons who had sexual relationships with the accuser and a lot to gain by corroborating this story! LOL! Can we see Angela’s deposition? I know Phaedra is shaking in her boots!

    Funny clip on the Bravo App called “The Real Shade of ATL”. Both Phaedra and Nene made some comments that were so hypocritically I had to share….

    • Well, since they are both currently incarcerated, I don’t think ex con is the best description.

    • Alexa

      Also, do we know the date on these? Were the depositions taken before or after Chuck and Nene called her a head doctor on TV? Of all the things to be known for

      • ??? As TT clearly states in the postings, Justin Cody’s depo was taken in Nov. 2013 and James Holland’s in Dec. 2013.

      • Alexa

        Ok Tootsie! How about answering the real questions in either post instead of correcting unimportant things? I think they call that a Troll?! You missed one, I typed hypocritically instead of hypocritical!

        I guess I’ll break the questions down:

        Were the depositions before or after the Chuck/Nene “head doctor” comment?

        Is Angela’s deposition available in a previous post I missed perhaps?

        Do you believe them?- surely you understood that one!

      • Cody was deposed in November and Hammond in December… when was the head doctor episode?

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 7:20 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Angela’s depo was five hours and over a hundred pages…. tomorrow. :) BUT I AM IN IT! Seriously!

      I’m too tired to even recap tonight. I’m gonna watch the bachelor instead. I know, I’m sorry I am just brain dead.

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Alexa

        I used your handy dandy search took and found “Head Doctor” first mentioned regarding Phaedra on a RHOA recap from the December 8 episode.

        Can’t wait to read the depo of Angela tomorrow! You may need to change your Name to Tamara Lipton after all this tea you spilled today. Love it! And how exciting for you to be mentioned in this case!

  32. Alexa: Obviously I’m a troll with a substandard IQ. I’ll leave it to others to respond to your questions, as I’m not qualified.

  33. thedisher

    Amazing tea! Great job. These aren’t great witnesses (though entertaining), but I suppose you won’t have credible witnesses in this case cause everybody involved is shady. Phaedra’s best defense is she wasn’t arrested in the federal case, so she must not have been involved. Interestingly, because Phaedra’s the one that brought the lawsuit, I don’t think she can plead the “5th” in a civil case, so she’d have to answer questions — which could get into the current Apollo legal issues. Keep the tea coming!

  34. beth

    gawd I’m old … when I saw “head doctor”, I thought you meant a shrink … :-)

  35. Pha Pha….. I thought you were smarter then this boo!! You let this woman take the rap for your illegal enterprise, and when she went to jail, you couldn’t even make sure she had money on her books, or that her mother had money to take care of her babies??? And you thought Angela was gonna let you get away with it??? Seems to me Angela was smarter then you gave her credit for! Pha Pha, you can’t do dirt and not think you will get dirty,…. Seems to me if you would have just held this woman and her kids down while she was doing your time, then maybe she would have carried your secreats to the grave. She was a loyal friend to you, but she was just a peon to you Pha, someone to take the fall if things got deep. I hop the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God come out about you and Apollo, and it seems to be… I hope that both Pha and Apollo get indited and get time, and that Angela’s book hits the New York Best salers list, and that she writes another bok about you and him and gets paid some more money…. It won’t pay for the years she spent in jsil holding your secreats, or for the way you used her and then tossed her away like a paper napkin…But at least it would make her financaly stable to take care of her five babies.

  36. And Tamera, thanks so much for this piping hot sweet t!!

  37. JoJo

    I don’t know how I missed this blog post.
    This guy comes across completely believable and speaks very well. Makes the other guy more believable too although he didn’t answer as well.
    I think Angela is very fortunate to have a pretty darn good attorney, too. This whole lawsuit could have fallen apart if she caved or if she didn’t end up with an attorney that believed in her and is doing the right things.
    Again, great getting this depo TT :)

  38. Sydney

    IMHO Phaedra`s entre into the funeral biz is just another way for her to make an easy income bilking money from grieving families. Let’s not forget that Blacks prefer over the top funerals, with all the bells and whistles, fancy caskets, etc….as compared to this Honkey’s family who chose to go the cheap route via cremation. No fuss, no muss and far cheaper. The funeral industry in and of itself is a license to steal, but when you factor in the likes of one nefarious Phaedra you’ve got a perfect storm just waiting to happen.

    • I see her transition to funeral business as a back-up for when she gets disbarred. That’s Phaedra, always thinking, planning, and plotting (excuse the pun).

  39. Sara

    lolz, you have no sources. These were released on James Strafford website the same day. Gurl, quit trying to front.

    • LOL Mine were up first, jackhole. Do you need help finding the door? Or can you just wander back to wherever you and your type hang out?

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 3:13 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  40. Matzah60

    “Because dead people tell no tales….” What a great line, Tamara! After reading these depositions, everything is coming together for me. I thought Phaedra becoming a mortician was just some phony storyline. It seems obvious in light of reading through your blog on the Stanton case that this was just another illegal money-making scheme. Phaedra is really a low-down skank. And the head doctor comment really gave me a good laugh. It seems Nene’s comment was quite relevant and actually true. Really great post, Tamara!!!!

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