Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Twirling With The Enemyen

Kenya Moore RHOA

Apologies in advance if the recaps come out a little slower tonight. I’m having laptop issues on my end and using a temporary keyboard I am not used to. We start tonight with one of those staged husband and wife scenes where Nene and Gregg recount for the cameras the previous nights events. Let me just start by saying that Nene is telling it all wrong.

This “she said,she said” that happened last week about the event being to “honor Nene.” Is manufactured. Kenya held a charity event and selected a charity that Nene claims involvement with as a way to smooth things over with Nene. She did not use Nene’s name to invite people to the event. She selected a charity that Nene claims to support in an attempt to placate Nene after the whole Pajama Brawl situation. Nene made herself look stupid. No one else had a hand in that. A simple, “Thank you all for coming out for this worthy cause. I hope you will all consider making a donation to one of my favorite charities.” would have sufficed. Now Nene is trying to say she was bullied into attending the ball.

Peter Thomas RHOA

Meanwhile, Cynthia is telling Mal about how the whole thing went down and how Nene is her friend, but her behavior at the ball was dead wrong. Cynthia says that Nene came and gave them Silence of the Lambs. Cynthia and Peter are fighting because Peter confronted Nene over her behavior. Cynthia thought it was the wrong time and place. I don’t understand the whole concept that men are not allowed to express their frustration at being embarrassed by someone’s behavior at an event. I don’t think husbands need to get into their wive’s  gossip. But if they are at an event when something goes down, they have a right to their opinion just like the female attendees.

Hold up, wait a minute. Is Gregg seriously drinking coffee out of a cup that looks like a toilet? WTF? Nene seems to think she is perfectly civilized unless her inner NayNay comes out. I disagree. NayNay is the dominant personality in her Sybil-like personalities. Cynthia is throwing a surprise birthday party for Peter and Nene and Gregg think they will go on to the party because Cynthia is Nene’s friend. Although recently, Nene told the ladies on  The View she is not friends with any of them.

Kenya and Marlo meet up to discuss the ball and Nene’s aggressive behavior lately. Marlo says that she will talk to Nene about it and try to smooth things over. Marlo still considers Nene her friend, but that too is about to change.

Good Lord, Cynthia Bailey is drop dead gorgeous. I love her seventies retro dress for Peter’s party. LOL at the white reggae band. I would think you would go see a band before hiring them. Is it just me or is Kandi is kinda street this season? Maybe things with her mama just have her more pressed than usual. Peter comments on Kenya and Marlo being besties all the sudden. You have to admit that is sort of an unholy alliance. Kandi says that Nene is very territorial of her friends and Nene is not going to like that pairing. I think that is the understatement of the season.

Nene has arrived bitches! Kenya greets Gregg warmly. Nene has always had a thing for Peter. She is play acting like she is not over their confrontation, but she is. She can’t even work up a decent stank face to give him. I know I am in the minority around here but I kinda  like Peter, and think he has moments of hotness even. What’s that you are saying? Don’t try me on this! :)

Kenya tries to talk to Nene. Oh Kenya, it’s too soon! Just be polite greet her and walk away!  I have to agree with Nene here that Kenya is a bit full of shit. There was definitely some shade intended. But honestly, I think Nene brought most of this on her damn self. Nene is correct that Kenya should have called. Nene is losing ground with the whole “bullying” nonsense. Kenya apologizes for her part in the situation and demands they hug it out. Nene is leery of her motives. I don’t blame her. Kenya has been all over the place since arriving on the scene. Time  will tell what her true motives are. I thought for the most part Nene and Kenya both handled the situation well.

LOL at Kandi throwing “bride maid” shade at Nene. She knows something is up with Nene sitting next to her instead of Marlo.  Kandi needs her girl Phaedra who is conspicuously absent from this event. And we have not seen Apollo since the Phaedra and Apollo rehash of Pajama Brawl.  Now we all know Phaedra loves a camera. Looks like this whole federal investigation done messed with her filming time! Bravo can’t be happy with that. What does Phaedra do, call up Carlos King and say, sorry, I can’t make filming today, my husband is about to catch another federal case?

Nene is pissed because Marlo and Kenya are practically feeding each other like love birds so she leaves. And that pretty much ends the party scene because without Nene there is not brawling or drama.

Nene and Porsha are getting along and apparently still neighbors. Porsha still doesn’t know the name of the role she landed for Kandi’s play. Her role is Jada, but she thinks it is Jade. Meanwhile, I know y’all are going to talk about Nene’s wig, but I don’t hate it and at least it is long enough to cover her kitchen. Porsha’s character is in an abused relationship. Nene is trying to coach Porsha on how to act. I can’t.

I guess y’all were right. SIGH. God I hate when that happens. Apparently, it was Marlo that Nene was saying was the opportunist. Fine. You were right. I was wrong. MOVING ON. :)

Kenya and Miss Lawrence get together for some tea. And yes she refers to Miss Lawrence with female pronouns because he is a cross dresser that self identifies as a “queen.” Don’t be running up in here now talking about Brandon and trying to compare the two. Brandon does not go by Miss Brandon or identify as a cross dresser or a female. BIG DIFFERENCE! Huge.

Anyway, Kenya is apparently the planner for the Mexico Trip.  If you click that link you will see that I reported at the time that Todd and Kandi got married in Mexico. All I am saying is that is was reported to me by someone at the hotel they were staying at.  Now why Kenya is the one planning this trip… because production chooses the hosts… seems a bit odd to me because Kandi and Kenya do not really get along.  I am starting to think maybe Kandi and Todd just decided to have a non official commitment ceremony or something.  I don’t really know what to think anymore. Kenya is trying to get Lawrence to go to Mexico as her date.

Forgive me, I am trying to get the timeline straight on Apollo. It was September 13 that the feds had the warrant for his laptop and he was set up by Gayla. Peter’s Party was October 2 and Phaedra and Apollo were no shows. And the Mexico thing was. October 23rd.  I don’t recall seeing any pictures of Phaedra on the Mexico trip.  I don’t have time to search my site extensively at the moment if I want to get this recap out on time and I need to because I have two more recaps tonight and something important to work on for tomorrow. So help me here. My search box works pretty well for finding important posts.

Oh look. Phaedra and Apollo have the 40 minute mark thing. That ensures Phaedra gets paid for the episode. And I am guessing that is all we will see of them for the remainder of filming.

Bailey Bowl Team RichTime for Bailey Bowl (October 12th) with referees Derek J and FUNKY DINEVA if you don’t know Funky Dineva, click the link. But please swear me a blood oath that you will come back because Funky D is hysterical, y’all.  And he is also one of my partners in crime when it comes to Sheree Whitfield. While sitting up in court all day was tiring, having Funky Dineva AND Atlien from there? That was cool as hell. If you are new and don’t know about the original reason for the tip jar? Honey… get caught up.

Nene says all of her bri maes are on her team. Well that is not exactly true. One of them is on Team Twirl. And Nene don’t want NOBODY twirling with her enemy. Oh Phaedra is there but Apollo is not. Cynthia finds this interesting. Kandi is late with her team. She shows up with her team of winners. Marlo is also “late” (If you are new, nothing starts until everyone gets there so these late arrivals are all due to production decisions.) Kenya says that Nene did not invite Marlo to be on her team so she was happy to put her on her team.

Damn so much cheating going on. Nene is already hot and so is Kandi. The win goes to team Nene. I don’t even care enough to keep rewinding this shit.

Marlo starts trashing talking Nene saying that they left her out so she is going to make sure Team Twirl wins. Next event, everyone cheats again. Marlo talks to Lexis about her not being invited to be on the team with all the Brie maids. I can’t even follow this. Nene starts throwing water bottles that supposedly hit a producer. Marlo starts going all ghetto felon on Nene and it’s all awn like popcawn. Nene is having a fit and leaving. Marlo is asking her why she is treating her like shit just for talking to Kenya. Someone is screaming at Marlo for her not to “give them this” which I assume means her losing her mind during a filming.

I’m gonna need y’all to splain all this to me because despite having a two hour block or Bravo taping… I think I missed some. WTF just happened?


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131 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Twirling With The Enemyen

  1. pfffttt

    Phaedra was at Peter’s Birthday, there are pictures of her and Apollo at the party. Previews for next week show that Phaedra and Apollo go on Mexico… Apollo flirts with Kenya… Kordell appears to talk with Peter…

  2. Just when we thought the Olympics were over we get the Bailey Games. SIGH

  3. ab

    Omg Nene must have wet herself when Peter kissed her. And it seems like Apollo was after Kenya in Mexico….what a clown

  4. Fahlina_G

    I am just so done with Lenethia Leakes. (And her bride-maids)

  5. myinfo

    Kenya and Marlo are both going for Nene. Both of them are not scared of Nene which Nene is not use to so Nene does not know how handle anyone finally coming for her.
    Nene looks worst each eposide.
    I love that Kenya is playing Nene like fiddle.
    This season is so good.
    Nene is no longer Queen B, she is behaving like a fool. Kenya is bringing the Rich Bitch DOWN.

  6. I saw on the clips for next week Phaedra and Apollo go to Mexico

  7. Fahlina_G

    Looks like Apollo completely clowns Phaedra next week. I guess when you know you have nothing else to lose….And Peter and Greg? Side effects of Viagra or just senile dementia? Have a geritol and a seat before you bust a hip! Good gravy…Messy messy messy!

  8. Bdrizzle

    I had to rewind the confrontation with Marlo, NeNe, and Kenya a few times to see what happened… but it seemed as though Kenya or Marlo accidentally ran into NeNe, causing the whole fight. The whole scene was a big mess

  9. myinfo

    P. S.
    Greg seemed not to agree with Nene regarding her behavior at the SOD event.
    Get rid of Nene and bring on Marlo and Mal.
    Nene has to be pissed that her shine is now dull.
    Marlo’s Trump Hairdo comment regarding Nene’s tacky wig was LOL.

    • I almost fell out in the floor laughing when Marlo said her little piece about Nenes wig looking like Donald Trump. Yes it does. Nenes looking worse and worse all the time. I liked Nene before dhe moved to the west coast, that really changed her. She began acting like she was so much better than the others and when her short-lived career ended and she had to go back to Atlanta, I almost felt bad for her….but that changed when she flipped out om Pordha bc Porsha had gotten herself a beautiful home right in NeNes neighborhood. Listen up NeNe Leakes, you are NO better than anyone else.

  10. beth

    I mostly like Peter too. Here is another example though of people saying something that is not true, then it becomes fact. Tonight, it was NeNe and Cynthia claiming Peter got up in NeNe’s face, when it was NeNe that went over to Peter to ask why he was leaving the ball, and then NeNe didn’t like it because he said it was because NeNe’s behavior was embarrassing. It makes me ill that Peter is now trying to kiss up to NeNe … ick.

  11. papa smurf

    Ok, I’m so over Nene pulling this, “Why is Peter even getting involved in this? He’s a man, and men shouldn’t get up in a woman’s face…bitchassness” She just didn’t like being called out for being an ass at the charity event. Peter wasn’t up in her face, she came to him, and he was 100% correct to want to leave after her display. Cynthia shouldn’t be upset with Peter, this was all on Nene. Then Nene shows up with the same stank face at Peter’s b-day party. Kenya is doing everything right, I know there is an agenda here, but I have to give her credit, Kenya is looking good in all the edits. Kenya was right on the money with her Zoolander comments about Nene it was hysterical. Then the Bailey Bowl fiasco…Wow, Nene can’t help herself. Showing she’s learned nothing she invites all the bridesmaids to be on “team rich”, except for Marlo, just to magnify how petty she is regarding Marlo & Kenya’s budding friendship. You just know Kenya was going to jump at the chance to twist the knife a little more.
    And Marlo being Marlo, has to show her true self, but I do think Kenya was being fake chasing after Marlo. It seemed to egg Marlo on even more, and of course, Nene had to storm off in a huff. You said she hit a producer, perhaps that’s why she’s not getting any preferential editing this season.

    • diamondgigi

      I’m with you when you’re right and you are RIGHT!

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      I don’t think Kenya was being fake when she tried to hold Marlo back. She was being fake whe. She tried to drag Marlo by nene in the first place to make up. Kenya has a real passive aggressive way of fighting and Marlo isn’t with that plan. She goes for the jugular and kenya wanted her to stick to the script IMO. By the way does anyone else think that little crying fit of Marlo’s was fake as hell. Nene is not ready for this. Lol!

      • sarcasatire

        Yea…i think Kenya brings people to fight her battles. But once she saw Nene wasn’t looking for confrontation and wanted to be civil, Kenya tried to call off her dogs. She should’ve given Marlo a code word because she did not get the hint! Chasing someone who is trying to walk away. Sorry, Nene looked like the bigger person in this case.
        You hug her son, then chasse down his mother. Ugh…desperate for those cameras that followed Nene, Marlo ended up chasing them down the block! Lmao!

    • An especially when NeNe found it perfectly acceptable for Christopher Williams to get all up in Kenya’s face/space AND became angry when Kenya didn’t sit there and take it. NeNe is not only delusional but she’s a self-righteous hypocrite too. SMH

  12. beth

    I usually like Kandi too, but I thought it sucked when she talked about Kenya should have waited to kiss NeNe’s ass. What is is with these women always excusing NeNe’s behavior.

  13. KB

    Can someone say “déjà vu”? Doesn’t the Marlo and Kenya love fest remind anyone of the Kim Z and Sheree add water and poof…instant besties relationship? Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, even tho I’m not a fan of Nene right now (huge ego) I do feel that Kandi made a good point. Kenya could’ve given NeNe her space instead of trying too hard to please her. When someone is mad at you anything you try to do whether you have good intentions or not, will be nothing but an irritation to them. But I guess since they all have a show to do no one has time to wait for Nene to get over herself. The show must go on. As far as Marlo goes she had me on the floor with the way she was coming for NeNe. When she said her hair look like Donald Trump…lol! Finally if that argument scene was actually real, they lost all points with Marlo’s fake crying scene at the end. #cuttryagain.

  14. pfffttt

    Marlo just said Nene had “Mr Ed fake teeth” on twitter, and she tweeted it directly at Nene. Hilarious!!

  15. jellybelly

    Nene, is always Nay Nay! And I don’t have time for it!

  16. diamondgigi

    Ms. TT I’m with you on this I’m going to need someone to break this down for me when it comes to the Marlow/Nene misunderstanding. I must have blinked and missed something. Now as for NeNe explaining her side of the story that thing was off by a mile. I’m not sure if Porsha sought acting advise from the correct person, not sure NeNe can give that kind of critical advise. Can’t understand for the life of me why the disagreement Peter and NeNe had would affect Peter and Cynthia – NeNe stepped into that discussion that Peter was having with his wife and Cynthia gladly stepped back to allow him to explain his feelings. Cynthia did nothing wrong in my eyes, except to carry the argument home and for it to cause issues with her and her man. Although Kenya may not be my cup of tea, she has apologized enough about all the incidents lets move one to next. We all know that NONE of these women are friends (except for Kandi and Phaedra) so there is NO love lost when they carry on like they do. However, it is upsetting that the folks in Atl are now having these physical fights. Really not liking that at all. They’ve come all this way to start with the physical stuff not good.
    Ms. TT love your blog, You do an excellent job and I will follow the rules as you have so stated.

  17. Urethra Franklin

    OMG I died when Marlo slayed Nene and told her to get her Donald Trump hair redone.

    Nene’s hairline rose & descended with each scene wearing a different wig-weave-whatever-you-call-it, and it was distracting. And that reverse ombre’d Veronica Lake wig was NOT her friend either.

  18. Hannah King

    OMG did I just actually hear Nene Leakes tell Porsha in order to act you have to dig deep down in yourself and be someone you are not? I must have heard that wrong especially from someone who’s acting career consisted of playing a slight watered down version of herself. Somebody or their bridemaid tell me I was dreaming.

  19. myinfo

    What is killing Nene is that Kenya refuses to suck up to her.
    Also I do not think Production likes Nene any more. WHY?
    Production is showing shots of Nene’s big butt non stop.

    • lori

      I don’t know, but the last time she was on wwhl, she had an argument or something with Andy prior to that. Then when she was on, she was being a total bitch.

  20. KB

    I’m watching rhoa for the second time. I don’t think Nene thought that Marlo was going to react the way she did. She probably thought Marlo was going to suck up like the rest of them do when she gets into her moods. Marlo let her have it tho. If that was Kenya or Porsche she would have stuck around for the argument. Not this time.

  21. Yamoah Asiedu

    That episode was interesting. Nice recap TT. You are so prompt.

    What stood out to me:
    Why was Kenya so eager to hug Nene, apologise to Nene, get Nene a drink and generally brown nose?
    Kenya acts very differently towards Nene in person than what she writes in her blogs. Kenya is angling for Queen Bee status. The gold dress wasn’t a good look. IMO
    Marlo likes to make an entrance. Notice how she arrived later than everyone else, hugged Brent, posed for a photo and sauntered across the basketball court? Didn’t she arrive late for several of Nene’s appointments on I dream of Nene too?
    I think Marlo is an opportunist. Diana was right. Pretending to cry at the end was too much.
    If Nene is truly upset that Kenya and Marlo are ‘besties’ then she is far more immature and sensitive than she should be at her age.

    Nene is NayNay 95% of the time.

    Peter often looks attractive to me. He has lovely skin and he looked really good in his suit. Cynthia always looks gorgeous to me. Her summer dress flattered her shape.

    Do Peter and Cynthia really have the funds to hold such lavish parties?

    Nene is not “the one to be played with.” She has put herself on a pedestal and expects “the girls” to conform to her standards.
    Kandi is seeing everything correctly

    Nobody should be taking acting tips from Nene two shows Leakes.
    Porsha is harmless.

    The Bailey Bowl ended abruptly, it makes me wonder if they edited it out of order.

    I don’t quite understand why Nene was so upset. I don’t have enough time to watch again.

  22. KB

    P.s. I do not like Porsche’s hair on WWHL. Too big! I usually like her hair tho.

    • sarcasatire

      I agree. It’s okay to wear a few pieces, but don’t make it obvious.

      • Mrs. Barber

        She looked like Mustafa from Lion King, she looks nothing like Kordell’s wife. She need to get an apartment so she can get better hair and makeup, I am also tired of seeing tem in stretchy pants, so tacky.

  23. "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

    I think nene is upset because she believes that there is a conspiracy to dethrone her involving the production team, kenya and now I guess Marlo. I’m sure she recognizes a conspiracy with all the people that she set up. So the fact that Marlo is over by Kenya pissed her off. As fr as the talking heads, they come month sfter everything happened, so a lot of times you get the vibes from the way that they felt about each other once the filmed. Nod they hate each other now ( nene and kenya)

  24. sarcasatire

    Here’s what happened. Marlo showed up, ran in front of every camera there and started bitching about Nene to anyone that would listen. Ever since Kenya invited Marlo for that drink/bitchfest about Nene, Marlo tried to figure out a way to insert herself into the drama. Even as Kenya and Nene decided to be civil, Marlo came there ready to fight. Nene took the high road, tried to walk way, but Marko chased her down, screaming! Ugh…she is so ratchet.

    Marlo is just mad because she would’ve been a housewife…has she passed the criminal background check. #felon #thug #knifeskills Nene was smart to walk away from that.

    Marlo might be trending now…but in two weeks, she’ll be irrelevant again.

  25. "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

    Kenya is beginning to annoy me again, she just carries the victim thing a tad too far. To many adjectives ” I was nothing but a loyal and kind friend to her”. I’m having trouble with the brow nosing. I don’t get it. Is she trying to set her up or does she genuinely not have a clue when someone can’t stand her. Nene has been dogging Kenya ( just like she does with everyone else) since the day they met. It makes me wince to see it. And her and Marlo’s friendship is ridiculous.

    Btw I’m SCARED of this Mexico trip Apollo is watching Kenya’s body like a hungry dog. Nothing good can come of that!

    I know that a lot of people are getting on Apollo this season, but I’ve been waiting for their divorce since season one, because from the jump it was very obvious that phaedra doesn’t respect him and I know that’s a lot for a man to deal with on day in day out. I feel bad for him. He’s trapped in their illegal and marital relationships even tho it’s more and more clear he wants out!

    • sarcasatire

      Ever since Brandon got a Beatdown, Kenya’s been trying to how a new bodyguard. Lawrence wants no parts of her foolishness so she hired Marlo. I think Marlo can take Apollo in a fight. Check her charges.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        @sarcasatire If Kenya conducted herself with more tact and decorum, she wouldn’t NEED a bodyguard. Having a bodyguard is a sure indication that YOU THINK there will be trouble.
        Yes Kenya, there will be trouble if/when you start it. (Same goes for Nene.)
        Trouble/drama/conflict is rarely initiated by the other housewives…Funny that.

  26. I am trying to figure out what is going to happen next week with Apollo and Kenya. Am I the only one that seen sexual tension between them two

  27. I usually ride with NeNe, but nothing is more childish than watching someone get jealous over a new friendship with one of your friends.
    The truth is she’s insecure because Marlo is riding with the new “spotlight” of the show (Kenya), which is more evidence that her star is falling.

    • sarcasatire

      None of y’all missed Marlo in her absence. So now that she’s back, only to appear in scenes to disparage Nene is obvious…Marlo is jumping on an opportunity to get on TV. Only time the producers hand you a mike is when they know you gonna cause drama. You think all those randos at the Bailey Bowl were miked? Of course not. But here comes in front of every camera (even the one that shows Lexis NOT drinking) bring confrontational. It’s not irrational to not like Nene, yet still see Marlo as the opportunist she is. Can everyone be wrong?

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        @sarcasatire I agree with you in calling Marlo an opportunist. She likes attention. She wants attention. Look at her late arrival and mini photo shoot! After ‘confronting’ Nene, she made sure to position herself “crying” with popular girl, Kenya, “comforting” her. The producers are definitely complicit. Marlo achieved her mission.
        Good point: none of the other randos at the Bailey Bowl were miked.

        Maybe Bravo and Andy Cohen have forgiven Marlo for using the ‘f’ word. Maybe we’ll see her at the reunion or she’ll be REINSTATED as a “friend of” …Kenya,

        Or, more cynically this is a calculated move to set two popular African American women against eachother. For ‘entertainment.’

    • bunny78

      i don’t think nene is jealous; she just knew that she was being set-up. the tension with marlo was shown on “i dream of nene”, which i guess most people didn’t watch lol.

  28. Kate

    I think NeNe wants credit for all she’s done. She believes she got Marlo on the show and now Marlo owes her somehow. It was a similar dynamic with Kim. She seems to feel wronged and betrayed very easily.

    • pfffttt

      Yes, Nene’s rants about Marlo are the same rants she had season 4, when she ranted and raved about how she got Sheree and Kim on the show and how they were “riding on the wrong team.”

      Nene wants people to kiss her butt 24/7 and she counts things and holds things over the heads of her friends.

      She recommended Sheree and Kim to producers, and when they became friendly she flipped out. She befriended Marlo and put Marlo on her spin off and when Marlo started filming with someone else she flipped out.

      • bunny78

        i’m torn, if your friend or someone you have confided in knows that you have beef with someone, why would they seek that person out to secretly film with them? i just think nene saw through the BS…

      • RVA

        bunny78, I doubt that Nene confided in Marlo.

      • pfffttt

        “Secretly film”? You make it sound like Marlo was apart of some conspiracy. I think Marlo is obviously on good terms with the EP Carlos King. He produced I Dream of Nene and Marlo appeared more than anyone except Nene herself… When Carlos left RHOA after season 4 — Marlo didn’t appear on season 5, now that he is back as EP — she has started filming again.

        I doubt Marlo had an agenda. I think the producers called her, and told her we want you to film at this location with Kenya, and she agreed. Nene being very jealous flipped out, and the producers knew she would, because they know Nene’s history.

        If you read tweets during season 5 people were complaining about how “above everyone” Nene was acting, and how she was never confronted about anything all season long. I think the producers saw the tweets, and they knew just what to do to bring out Nene’s bad side.

      • Katrina

        Marlo filmed in season 5, they edited her scenes out.

    • O.O

      When nene was on the view last week she said phedra brought Marlo to the show , so she needs to make up her mind.

  29. JenB

    When NeNe was walking up the hill to her car, did she remove her mic and throw it to the ground? I replayed it several times and she reached under the front of her shirt and removed the mic and then pulled the battery pack off of her back and threw it really hard onto the concrete. I understand those things cost at least $3k.
    It seems NeNe is being difficult this season with attending the functions. If she attends, she leaves quickly. I am just wondering if she has burned bridges with production and that is why she is getting the edit from hell.
    I like Kenya, so I am not defending NeNe. I have been sick of everyone kissing NeNe’s ass for the past 3 years. So anyone who can stand up to NeNe is great in my book.

    • papa smurf

      She’s made someone unhappy at Bravo. They’re not helping her at all, just giving her all the noose she needs.I’ve noticed she’s only staying at the events for the shortest period of time before making her exit.

      • bunny78

        in this case, i don’t blame her for leaving. brent was there and witnessed marlo yelling insults and chasing after his mother. i would have left, too, honestly.

      • Lisa

        Bunny, I am sure by living with Nene Brent has seen far worse! Remember this is Nene that we are talking about here. LOL

      • Brentt has no business being there at all. Once again.

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  30. DJ

    Will somebody PLEASE teach Nene how to say bridesmaid???? Kandi can’t say it right either!

  31. Megan

    I laughed so hard when they played joker music when Nene was talking about her acting. Major shade by production. Nene is looking awful this season. I hope Marlo becomes a housewife next season and replaces Phaedra or Porsha. Phaedra is barely being filmed and you know she won’t want her legal drama brought up. Porsha is boring as hell.

  32. Barbara R.

    Did anyone else notice Lexis scampering out the door right after Nene at Peter’s birthday party? She seems to follow Nene around like a puppy. How long until the reunion? I can’t wait.

  33. Happy lyfe

    Judging by the percentage votes on WWHL, the viewers agree with Nene as I do. I see right through kenya! No need for me to mention marlo, shes just a minor piece on kenyas chess board.

    • Lisa

      I agree with you that Kenya is doing anything she can to embarass Nene.(although she really doesn’t have to because Nene can handle that all by herself) Kenya is out for revenge, but Nene has set up the other housewives as well.(pajama party) Nene likes to dish it out but she can not take it when the others fight back. It’s clear that Nene thinks she is the queen rich bitch, but now she is being knocked down a few pegs and its obvious she does not like it one bit!

  34. pfffttt

    Because they have to get approval from the judge to have cameras in court, and approval from BOTH parties involved, ie Phaedra’s clients and the opposing side. However, I’ve read here that Phaedra isn’t lawyering that much anymore.

  35. lori

    What’s up with this ridiculous NayNay shit. So stupid. I guess the only way she can SORT OF admit any wrong doing on her part is blame it on an alter ego now. God forbid she says that I, “Nene” messed up. Nope. And since she can’t blame anyone else for that whole charity speech, well, enter Naynay! The newest cast member. Bitch is falling apart! She is so immature it’s ridiculous. Why does this woman think she is supposed to have power over everyone else? Who can or can’t be friends, etc. She’s the one who is being a terrible friend. Not Marlo. And I swear Nene is trying to copy Kim Zolciak in her last season on RHOA. Walking out of everything lately. Didn’t she have a lot to say when Kim was doing that? I really hope that Nene gets pummeled at the reunion.

    • tobaccorhoda

      She won’t get pummeled because whenever anyone tries to talk, she just talks louder.

      Also, she says Phaedra brought Marlo on the show, so what exactly does Marlo owe her?

      I’m not sure I’m watching the same show when I read people who talk about Marlo going in on Nene. Did I not just see nene say Get off me, motherfucker when Marlo approached her and tried to embrace her? Did she not then throw a bottle at her? Tell you what, somebody does that to me unprovoked and it’s ON!

      I’m not defending Marlo, she’s a skank, but then, so is nene.

  36. Luvlee2u

    Hands down the best part of the episode was Kandi throwing “bride maid” shade at Nene. I randomly laughed the rest of the episode thinking if that.

  37. jasmine

    Marlo was initially brought on the show to cause drama with NeNe over the Grant guy; however, NeNe played it smart and became friendly with Marlo. Someone needs to explain how the word “opportunist” became so negative. We are talking about a unreal reality show. What’s wrong with taking advantage of an opportunity? What principles or consequences does Marlo or Todd not subscribe to. The word definitely doesn’t equate to Todd’s actions and Marlo is Marlo. All these women have been in the game for a long time in different capacities. Marlo owns who she is without any apologies. Kenya seems annoying because she will speak her truth and call you out on yours. NeNe aspires to be the HBIC without any real substance to stand on. Her ascension is on the lower tier of entertainment; thereby without any real credibility. That’s why she once threw Donald Trump’s name around so often; however, that has cease.

    Kandi opinion of Kenya’s actions may be inaccurate. Kenya just playing nice to appear to be the bigger person. Kindness is the best way to shut someone down when they constantly attack. If someone attacks you, listen, say ok, my fault and the attacks end. Where else can the attacker take the attack? NeNe felt backed into a corner. Once Kenya played nice, where was she going with her attacks other than to say, she doesn’t trust her. Which is a normal response to her truth.

    For me its like watching a chess game. Never let your opponent see your frustration and annoyance. NeNe lost control and gave Kenya power when she acted out of character. Meaning the BS character she attempts to portray. You know, her acting.

    • Mari Anne Souza

      “NeNe felt backed into a corner.”
      Aaaand we have a winner! That is what Nene should have called her feelings about being pressured to attend the charity escapade. Not bullied – I can’t imagine Nene ever feeling bullied.

  38. I swear I saw Marlo’s outfit online on one of those who wore it better things. Katy Perry was one wearer. And some Hispanic chick I don’t know was the other.


    I’m sorry but Nene’s ego is just too painful to watch. I fast forward through her scenes. Nene acts like she’s Lee Strasberg or something. She should not be giving acting advice because all she’s ever really played is herself. Much like Marisa Tomei winning the Oscar for best actress for My Cousin Vinny. She’s an Italian girl from Brooklyn playing just that. Not a huge stretch of acting chops. If you want to be a serious actress you should probably try to learn proper English too. What’s with the not pluralizing nouns? “bride maid’? They only go to “Kenya house”, Phaedra house”, “Kandi house” they never go to Kenya’s house, Phaedra’s house or Kandi’s house? That butchering of the English language is disgusting and annoying beyond belief. Say what you will about Kenya but she is the most articulate one of the group. I’m sick of Nene getting upset when she’s not the constant recipient of @ss kissing. She has become completely unlikeable and Kenya was right on with her impersonation of Nene at the charity ball. Nene made herself look like such a fool. The thing that ticks me off the most is that she really feels that Peter had no right to say anything to her. Really? She approached him in the parking lot and dared to be honest with her and point out that she was 100% inappropriate and because of that, he’s trying to be in “women” business? She’s so out there. Fire her @ss and bring her back to reality NOT reality tv. Back to the pole with you Ms. Leakes.

    • SoCalCPA

      I agree with your comments regarding the lack of proper English. Unfortunately, I do feel that these ladies are prided on speaking that way because it’s part of the RH of ATL shtick. Bravo, I’m sure, enjoys hearing new slang/verbiage that none of the other RH franchises can produce (shade, tea, queen, etc.) Nene is the worst, followed by Kandi. Anyone remember Nene saying the word “supposively” instead of “supposedly”? I’ve been watching House of Cards lately and heard one of the characters call someone a junk bond — no use in investing in it. Well, Nene is just that – a junk bond.

      • LORINYC

        SoCalCPA… are so right! Junk Bond indeed!

      • jelley

        I think the intentional misuse of words (mostly involving the letter s) is a cultural thing, similar to Ebonics. I live in a predominately black city and hear this all the time. It hurts my grammar nazi ears.

  40. Mari Anne Souza

    The best part of this episode was seeing precious, adorable, spunky Aiden. OMG, I love that little boy, I just want to hug him. And how about him refusing to hold hands during the blessing? Mr. President is adorable, too!

  41. Lisa

    Nene did pull off her microphone and throw it while she was stomping through the parking lot.

    And she made what I think was the stupidest statement of the night when she said “Donald Trump will make sure this shit happens!”

    Meaning her “career”, of course. Donald Trump will make sure Nene’s career happens.

    Didn’t Nene quit Donald Trump’s show? Because she couldn’t get along with Star Jones or Dionne Warwick or some crap like that?

    Bravo must really hate Nene now, to air that comment. And I stayed up to see what Andy had to say about it on WWHL. I was a little drunk by then, but I don’t recall him saying very much about Nene, which might even be a bigger slam on her.

    Treating her like she doesn’t matter.

  42. Tamar voice

    NeNe/Nay Nay is so insecure and I’m so glad Marlo called her out on it. So Marlo has to get NeNe’s permission to hang out with other women? Girl please. And NeNe knew better than to go head to head with Marlo. For the people that are saying “NeNe was the bigger person by walking away” are we forgetting that we are talking about NeNe Leakes here? The biggest sh*t start in teh RH franchise? She knew what was good for here because Ms. Marlo would have got in that tail…with that Donald Trump hair, lol. Loved it!

  43. Natgrease

    I think Nene is delusional. Nay Nay and Nene are one in the same, not the alter ego. Nay Nay is Nene with the new Nene being the alter ego. Nene seem agitated throughout the whole show.

  44. Natgrease

    NeNe is NayNay 100% of the time. What does she mean alter ego?

  45. Brewhaha

    I might be in the minority here, but I thought that Marlo ‘s tears were genuine. I believe she was really hurt that Nene didn’t include her on her team when just a few months ago she was her bride maid (lol). So she went from being accepted by Nene to being rejected in a short period of time. That’s why Marlo went off like she did … She didn’t know how else to handle it, especially because her and Kenya are mere associates.

  46. Interesting how we got to see Phaedra and Apollo saying grace before their meal at home last night. Phaedra’s twitter is all church services and her blog is lessons learned and finding peace. Do you think Apollo prays over those strippers at the strip club? Did he pray for the poor folks he stole from? Reminds me of when Paris Hilton started carrying a Bible around everywhere before she went to jail.

  47. sarcasatire

    Let me for the amazingness that is Funky Dineva! I live for the YouTube show recaps…go in and let have!

    But even he sees through Marlo. Miss Dineva made a good point…”Miss Marlo, we see you on the show, and you’re all about your fashions, designer everything…but what do you do? Having all that Chanel is cute and all, but we don’t know what you do to afford it. At least we know what the other ladies do for their coins.”

    Peep that shade.

    I doubt that felon could get a real 9-5, and she didn’t promote any entrepreneurial business, so I’m going to have to go with the rumor buzzing around town…escort.

  48. Bombshell_diva

    Marlo as Nene’s replacement and Kenya’s new bestie will make for great ratings next season. I’m just saying! I hope Nene don’t break anything on her way DOWN!

  49. myinfo

    What is wrong with Nene? She actually negatively talks about Kandi’s mother in her blog.
    Who does that????? I think that is a new low.

    TT, you said Nene was having a meltdown and this is another example.

  50. kym

    Kenya is being used to take Nene down a peg and its working. Nene is very terroritorial, Kandi knows because she was that way when Kim and Kandi became friends and recorded that song. Nene was jealous and “hating”..You guys better check Marlos record, she is wild. She kept going after Nene and taunting her even though Nene ignored her.

  51. myinfo

    Nene just twitted that Bravo took some her comments out of her blog and she will be posting her unedited version on twitter.
    I checked her blog hoping they took out her negative comments about Mama Joyce. NOPE!!
    Nene gets pissed when someone talks about her kids but she thinks it is ok to talk about someone’s mother. Really ! Talking about someone’s mother gets you butt kicked in most towns.

    Kandi might to driving over to her house now : )

    • Her blog was heavily edited and or ghostwritten this week….or else she has taken an English course in the past 24 hours.,…

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 2:45 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • My vote is for ghostwritten. It included the words “with” (she typically uses “wit”) and “fraternizes”, which I doubt she can define. I was so looking for the word “bridemaid”! :-)

      • ALSpain

        They took off her statement that Marlo had slashed a friend’s face with a knife over a dispute about a man/boyfriend…

  52. eastjames

    I believe I distinctly heard Kandi say “bri mae.” Or perhaps I been reading too much T. Anyway, I like Peter too but I’ve always been a little afraid to admit it. Also Miss Cynthia might be the prettiest of all the housewives from any season, with that Joanna chick from Miami a close second.

  53. Katherine

    Funky Dineva is the reason I actually started coming to your page. I love you both!

  54. Priscilla

    Hello Tamara, i think i posted once on your blog but never properly introduced myself. I am from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and very much appreciate your blog! I was a hardcore Nene fan untill the comment “i am above all these woman” and the way she behaved during the find raisor grrrr! But i am also not a Kenya fan, at least for now because of the Walter situation last season. I like kandy though, and i hope she and Todd will survive Mama Joyce!

  55. bunniecarrot

    My favorite part of this episode was with Nene and Greg were in the kitchen. Greg said , “this is a charity, a real organization” Lmao!!!! I bust out laughing, did anyone else catch that ?

  56. Danielle

    Fix the link to your Sherrie post, baby girl. It’s broken.

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