Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Exotic Flowers, No Carnations, No Daisies Please!

BSH stupidity

Dear God in heaven the show is almost over and I am just beginning. I am just going to have to set my alarm for tomorrow because it is going to be such a busy day. I am going to make this short and sweet.

Newsflash: I ADORE Demetria. I love how she has a blog full of smart, educated like-minded women. If you guys are going to be on the Mica train then this is not the blog for you. I am team Demetria and Geneva all day long. Deal with it.

Demetria smartly is not inviting Mica to her blog anniversary party. Because, NOE. Did I miss who this little short-haired girl is? I have no idea who she is.  Enlighten me.

Frankly, I don’t even want to blog the Mica scenes. Is there nothing these people won’t discuss on camera? Now her mama wants to come on and talk shit about her dead daddy? Um noe. Fast forwarding.

Demetria BSHDemetria is trying to be nice to Melyssa. Who is mentoring children. Wait, Daisy is having another book party? How many book parties can she have? Demetria wants no part of Daisy.

Melyssa and Demtria go to a book club. I am sorry. I am not even feeling this tonight. I have so much tea coming in! Maybe, I should not even recap this tonight. I do sort of love this book club though. These kids are awesome. I’m really starting to love Melyssa. I LOVE she admits her pocketbook is light at the moment. I respect that so much more than the bullshit.

Daisy is doing another book related event. Sigh. #FF Mica spills her drink all over Daisy.

Terry is trying to get Brie to make up with Mica. Terry was not there. He needs to shut the fuck up about this. Mica is a cunt. End of story.  Sure Geneva should know have jumped into the colorism place with the high yella heifer comment. But Mica is still a cunt.

I love Demetria… I am gonna wear ho shoes tonight! I am so sorry. I keep getting info from sources tonight. Lots going on. I know this recap sucks because to be honest I am not paying a lot of attention…

Daisy is crashing Cocktails With Belle. This is better than Mica crashing, but ain’t Daisy supposed to know what an iron is? She’s wearing some dress that looks like it has been stomped in the bottom of the closet!

And we will see the rest next week. Thank God. I have so many things to do. Tomorrow, expect big things on Tamaratattles if I get the docs I think I am going to get. We shall see.








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31 responses to “Blood Sweat & Heels Recap: Exotic Flowers, No Carnations, No Daisies Please!

  1. Demetria is fierce but far too cold and unforgiving. She will end up highly successful and alone if she isn’t careful. Everybody can’t be “strong like bull” like she is.

    Geneva is too extra for me. I find her trying too hard.

    Mica is a mess from the inside out, and I am not surprised to hear about 3 cheating fiancées. Unresolved Daddy issues will do it every time.

    Brie is far too boring and bougie for this show.

    Daisy is goofy, but I think we’d be friends in real life.

    I like Melyssa a lot. It’s unfortunate she made her original choice of profession. Who knew she was so smart?!

    • Deborah

      I agree with you especially re: Brie and Dementria .

    • LAC

      I agree with all you said. I wish that these women would at least write a blog about the show on bravo. Geneva and Demetria eye rolling and giving lessons on giving shade is tiresome. It makes them unlikeable.

      • Bombshell

        Please even if they wrote a blog I doubt they would not take any heed! You should have seen how Geneva was advertising her essence article about mica on twitter! No shame that one! I commend terry for defending his lady but I don’t think he has the full story but those ladies didn’t even give him a chance to speak! Brie totally misunderstood what he was trying to say but she wasn’t listening either!

    • Yamoah Asiedu

      Interesting assessments.
      I don’t think Melyssa is smart at all. She’s likeable. If she was smart she would have handled her profitable times more sensibly. She could have set herself up to be financially independent with a little bit of foresight/planning. It’s pointless to compare ‘video vixens’, but, isn’t her contemporary (whose name I cannot recollect) an ‘almost milionnaire’ after parlaying her craft into other avenues?

      Demetria is a bit too self righteous and cold for my liking. Who is THAT ‘invincible’? Showing a little vulnerability makes you strong. Kudos to her for the success of her blog. Wish she was a bit warmer to her partner. He looks like he’d appreciate a hug.

      Agreed! Daisy is goofy. This makes her endearing. IMO. Her mother looks like a lot of fun. She’s blessed to have two parents who love her so much.

      Yep, not overly impressed by Geneva but I think she has substance. Her hair/weave and makeup do not flatter her beautiful skin tone.

      Brie needs to cross over to Beverley Hills or go for drinks with Heather Dubrow.

      I have no words for Mica. Except what a mess.

  2. JoJo

    Funny you even mentioned the only thing really noteworthy about the show tonight, the ugly dress Daisy wore. I looked like a linen, unflattering taupe-colored, shirtdress that was ill-fitting and definitely in need of an iron. Maybe she was in a cab for 8 hot hours?
    And Mica has some real likeability issues for me now besides the excessive & sloppy drinking. Still love Demetria, even if she is a little too tough.

  3. NolaNurse

    Such a tease TT!!! Can’t wait for u to spill it!

  4. Bombshell

    Ok I’ve heard of Melyssa but I’ve never seen one of her videos so maybe someone can fill me in on whether she was behaving scandalously in these videos. I’m tired of Geneva and Demetria making overt and subtle derogatory remarks about her video ‘heaux’ (I hate that word) days and her using her body to make money. She had an opportunity to make a lot of money and she did and she had a wonderful ride I imagine and now has chosen another path! Can we let her live??? She isn’t hurting anyone and I have to say Melyssa is the only one who has not been saying nasty stuff about anyone behind their back. She treats everyone fairly and really is about everyone supporting each other! Clearly Demetria and especially Geneva have issues about how Melyssa made her money! I hope after watching the show they realize how judgemental they are. Geneva is still angry with mica and Melyssa and understandably so because I’m not sure either woman offered an apology. But can we stop acting like a 5 year old who comes to fight every time on the playground? I don’t like how she presents herself and really is doing nothing to positively promote her brand! Isn’t she a brand consultant? She should know better! Demetria I like but she is so cold and aloof! I imagine she is a different person around CBW (chocolate boy wonder according to her blog) he seems to soften her but she is not doing anything to show her softer side with these women. Again this week she makes that shady comment about whether Melyssa can make money without using her body. Hello?!! Appearances help to create an image so even if she is not doing videos it her body image still plays a factor! Gosh daisy is so bubbly and always glass half full! I think some if the women can’t understand it and chose to label it fake. Unless there has been some drastic editing I’ve seen nothing to label her as such. Also I have seen nothing to indicate that Melyssa isn’t as smart or articulate as Geneva or Demetria or the others except for her inability to spend properly. Poor thing!

  5. KB

    I like Melyssa. I saw her on WWHL last week and she conducted herself with such grace even tho she was being insulted left and right by the other guests. I think there seems to be a lack of understanding about people in general from the other cast mates which makes them appear judgmental. That might be what’s turning people off. We ALL have problems whether we “got them honest” from having parent issues or not and some people have good coping abilities and some people don’t. Whatever the case may be, it’s always nice to know that we have people around us who can empathize and are willing to help but without being judgmental. And if you can’t be a source of comfort or support because you can’t deal with that person then just be nice and keep it moving.

  6. sandra

    TT, You know I think Demetria and you are Evrrrrrythang! I love the nerdy side of Melyssa. Mica is a huge mess, and I don’t see her and Terry staying together.

  7. I love this blog

    Sadly I like Mica. :)
    And Melissa.

    • Brewhaha

      Love Melyssa…and Mica, I think. I can deal with Daisy but the rest I can’t. They are very judgmental and self-righteous to boot. It will be interesting to see who comes back for season 2.

  8. diamondgigi

    Ms. Tamara the recap was good given that you have us waiting on some more serious tea. I too love me some Demetria. She may appear to be cold to some, but she is ok by me. Melyssa has always had a quite, honest likeability and seems to be a genuine friend and knows where to draw the line when it comes to being in everyone’s business. Mica has issues but I believe she too is has a good heart just living with some unresolved daddy issues. Brie needs to step down off the high horse and see and know that friends comes from walks of life. Daisy is a bit too much for my taste. I like bubbly personalities, but I find it hard to take her as a fashion consultant when she wears that horrible wig and some of the ill fitting, tacky clothes and the orange/pink lipstick is hard to take. As for Geneva, she thinks way too much of herself and by no stretch of the imagination is she the beauty that she believes she is. Can’t say Mica was wrong for the Wesley Snipes comment, may have been a blue comment but it surely was on the mark.

  9. kym

    Geneva and Demetria, they got past their issues about Demetria’s blog. I thought they all could. But I don’t think that Demetria really likes Daisy, her entire attitude gets on her nerves. I wonder what Mica and her man, are thinking now that they saw the scene where Mica was screaming through the yard and attempting to break down the sliding glass door? And “diamondgigi”, Geneva has to think highly of herself because people like you will keep her down.

  10. We have to admit when Bravo put up the picture of Geneva and Wesley, they do look alike. I have to agree with most of you Demetria is alittle cold, Mica is messy at times because of daddy issue and alcohol, I have to sympathize with her. Daisy is bubbly and seems to be happy every minute of the day and Melyssa has definitely proved to be the star of the show because she knows how to treat people right or wrong. And Brie should climb down from her high horse. Great recap TT!

  11. sandra

    Mica’s comment to Geneva was cruel, and so was Bravo, for putting the picture up.

    • I totally agree. Because of Mica’s unhappiness that she is often mistaken for white due to her complexion, I found it all the more despicable.

      On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 3:54 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • And Geneva’s “Detox” comment wasn’t?! She got what she gave.

      I am not supporting colorism by any stretch, but Geneva deserved a comeback that was just as sharp in tone.

      I agree that Bravo shouldn’t have gone there, but I’ll give them a pass because I don’t think they “get it”.

      • DETOX is a very HELPFUL suggestion for Mica. She has a PROBLEM. And there is not much you can say to a drunk in that situation other than DETOX and get back to me.

        Remember this later… /drinks/.

        On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 9:19 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  12. prince12

    Yes detox is helpful but come on and be for real, Geneva did not make that comment out of concern it was shade and meant to be cruel so please!

    • WTF else was she supposed to say? The bitch was light up 12 ways from Sunday? DETOX was the most polite thing anyone could have said. Cruel would have been, “What would your dead daddy think about you showing your vagina all over TV and then coming to some ladies house in fancy town and tryna break down their glass door to get in the house because you are so blacked out drunk you don’t know what you are doing on national fucking television, you trifling whore?” I mean that would be cruel. WTF? We gonna make Detox the D-Word now?

      Have a seat.

      On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 12:05 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Hahahah…yes, yes…that comment would certainly qualify as cruel. Where I’m from, you come for somebody…they go for the jugular. Geneva is always coming for someone in over dramatic fashion. “Wesley Snipes” was quite appropriate and well articulated for a drunk who flashes and flaps her vagina.

      • AnaBanana

        She could have said nothing. What sense does it make to argue with a woman who was “light up 12 ways from Sunday”? Detox is NOT the D-word but Westley is not the W word either. Mica felt insulted, so she said something she knew would be insulting.

        [add] If Mica was the same skin tone as Geneva, would we still be talking about this?

      • prince12

        So having a difference of opinion is kind of like out of the question I guess. I think that Geneva’s comment was made out of shade and I think Mica acted inappropriately and she really should have never went. I come on here to read the post because I find them entertaining and share my thoughts. Didn’t know that I had to agree with everything the blogger writes or risk ridicule and being told to “have a seat”. I get that this is your blog and I respect that, but please don’t bite my head off because I don’t agree 100% with you. But now I know what it is so I’m good I guess, really was not that deep. But enjoy your blog! :) Peace Out!

      • ATTN. We have a NUMBER SEVEN! ATTN!

        On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 9:59 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  13. This show grew on me….wasn’t sure about it at first!! I too saw, Mylessa on WWHL & LOVED how she OWNED all the funky insults thrown her way buuuuuuuuuttttt when asked if she thought Micca had a drinking problem and she said, “No”…..I had to give her some MAJOR SIDE EYE!!! O_o

  14. I’m not a real fan, so theres not much I can say, save for the fact Wesley Snipes has gained a lot of weight, yes?

  15. I’ll tell you another thing funny on this show….all these short diva’s talking about kicking somebody’s unowa….like GTFOH

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