Carole Radziwill on WLNY’s The Couch Discusses Her New Book and RHONY Season 6

Carole Radziwill appeared on her local CBS affiliate WLNY to promote her new book, The Widow’s Guide to Sex &  Dating. This fictional account of a young woman who suddenly becomes widowed, seems to pull a lot from her own life experiences as a young woman. Unlike the usual, “housewives books” Radziwill was an accomplished author before appearing on the Real Housewives of New York.  Oddly, her success as an author is front and center as a dramatic storyline on season six of The Real Housewives of New York.

Radziwill generally tries to distance herself from the over the top drama that is the focal point of all the housewives franchises; however, according to Radziwill, Aviva Drescher says some “insulting and nasty” things to her that she just cannot let go.  The word on the streets of NYC is that Aviva accuses Radziwill of using a ghost writer.  Aviva herself has capitalized on her RHONY exposure by writing a memoir of her own entitled Leggy Blonde in which she details her own young life. One wonders if the whole ghost writer accusation comes from her own knowledge of the subject. It is clear that many women on the Real Housewives franchises have never read a book, let alone penned one. Ghost writers from New Jersey to Beverly Hills  are quietly bemused that their work has landed atop a New York Times Best Seller List along the way.

Aviva Real Housewives of New York

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But Aviva is the product of a very fancy pants education. She attended The Fieldston School, a NYC prep school that requires an arm and a leg to attend, and where she apparently got a half price rate, and has a BA from Vassar College, a Masters in French Literature from NYU and her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. So with all of that education, one would hope that she actually wrote her own memoir, which just so happens to be hitting a Barnes & Nobles near you next Tuesday, February 25, 2014.  So um, see you next Tuesday at B & N? Errr….so to speak…

Carole says she does a good bit of dating on season six since she had broken up with her musician boyfriend before filming began.  From the sounds of things, it doesn’t seem like we will see her make a love connection on the show.

Carole says she still hasn’t forgotten the cameras are in the room, but is learning to be relaxed around them. She says that speaking for herself, she does not over dramatize things for the cameras. She speaks highly of Kristen  when asked, saying that she is a gorgeous, nutty addition to the cast who has a nutty Elvis fetish.  Sorry. She’s still coated in Brandi Glanville taint for me.

Real Housewives of New York, season six premieres March 11 on Bravo. For a breakdown of the new season’s storylines, go here.


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30 responses to “Carole Radziwill on WLNY’s The Couch Discusses Her New Book and RHONY Season 6

  1. PlusOneForLuck

    I am such a fan of Carole’s!! I read her first book and it was AMAZING!! She is the epitome of a chic New York woman. I’ve heard she gets a little bit more involved in some of the drama this season… I’m glad to hear that because I think she was in jeopardy of falling off the radar & that would have been a travesty!

    • distressed

      I never read it, but thanks for the review. I liked Carole a lot last year. Did you read it after seeing her on the show or did you recognize her on the show after reading it? Just curious.

  2. Guccinara

    I just don’t like her at all. I hate how she acts all high brow but the fact that she agreed to be on this shows means that she isn’t. Her snide comments about Luanne and issues she had about stupid things (borrowing jewelry or a HW wears a cloak so must want 2 be like her I mean really???? does she say the same thing about people who wear shoes?) makes her a typical HW so time to dismount off that high horse. And yes we’ve got the msg she was friends with the Kennedys – always throwing that in whenever she gets the chance. Has her dentist ever come up with a solution to deal with that awful overbite she has?

    • It’s sad to me how we degrade the educated, civilized people who dare to appear on these shows and deify the felons and strippers.

      On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 4:48 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Kitty Kat

        Right?? Isn’t someone such as Carole who we viewers want to see? An accomplished, moneyed, well-connected socialite who actually runs in the correct social circles of said city? At least, that was the original premise of the Housewives franchise many moons ago. I think…

      • You are correct, my dear. That WAS the idea until Bravo decided to cater to the lowest common denominator (um, that would be us) and now we long for the FEDS to allow taping in the big house….

        On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 7:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Patti R.

        @Tamara Tattles. I agree!

      • Patti R.

        TT, I’m with you on this. I admire anyone who graduates from college and puts all their time into getting an education. It’s not easy and takes tenacity to keep moving forward in college. And I am so INTO “civilized” people. And people who do not twist other people’s words around to suit there needs.

  3. Brandi Glanville taint is pretty much the worst thing I can imagine being covered in.

  4. pfffttt

    I love Carole and her snarky comments. I think she is more snarky and funny that Bethenny and Lisa Vanderpump. She’s my favorite on RHONY.

  5. thedisher

    I obsessed with that dog. No, I don’t mean Carole. That adorable pup. What is he doing on the show & who does he belong to & where can I get one.

  6. Lisa

    I like her but she is sooooo BORING!

  7. I think Carole knows what she is doing…….

  8. Carole is my favourite on the show. I liked her when she first appeared last season. She comes across as sincere, genuine and thoughtful. I hadn’t heard of her until HW’s and I found her likeable and very bright. Bought her book and loved it. I will buy her latest book. I look forward to seeing her put Aviva on blast! Aviva makes my skin crawl and her father is vomit worthy. I feel vindicated hearing Carole call out Aviva as a psychopath as I knew they was something extremely disturbing about her but couldn’t put my finger on it, just knew she was really “off.”

  9. I also enjoy Carole. She is what I thought the NY franchise would be.
    I loved the scene when Carole and her boyfriend took a drive in his convertable, music playing, amid the night lights of New York City.
    Yes, Carole is what I had expected and wanted from RHONYC.

  10. Mrs Smith

    Aviva got a half price rate……LMFAO!!!!

  11. If Carole is going to go off on Aviva this season, I might just have yet another reason to break my self imposed ban on watching Bravo and the HW’s. No one deserves a verbal slap more than Aviva!

  12. distressed

    I agree with many of these points here. Aviva is one of the worst all time and the father is just horrendous. Why did Bravo put him on again? For hate viewing? After BH and VPR, I’m so fatigued I’m not sure I can have my spring and summer ruined by cynical casting choices so soon after they ruined my fall and winter. Ruining my winter in New England is one thing, if you’re telling me you’re coming for my spring then we’re going to have a serious problem, Andy.
    I always wondered why she had so much education and nary a job outside of modeling.

  13. distressed

    I also looked closely at the new girl in the preview they posted. I was really trying to warm up to her since the landscape is pretty desolate, but alas, survey says: no. I just know that it’s no.
    What is it with these women that marry these rich losers that treat them like an employee and then bitch and moan about being married to a rich loser that treats them like an employee? Hopefully they have a cute dog or a cat with double paws, that’s at least something I can get interested in.
    And you’re right about the Brandi taint. That’s a stench strong enough to effectively span of the North American continent. How many blogs for the new girl before she starts trying to explain in detail how she doesn’t really know Brandi that well?
    If she’s smart that’ll be her opening line to her first blog. So I’m guessing it’s about 15 or so in.
    At least we still have Carole’s leopard couch and Heather’s sassy pants. That’s at least something.

  14. Hannah King

    I have always liked the fact that Carole has never seemed to sweat the petty things on the show. Sounds like she may be petting a few of the sweaty things considering a possible love connection this season. What I am glad to see is her ‘OMG I will cut you into little pieces and hide the body parts’ reaction when Aviva pushed that one button that matters to her, her writing. Aviva attacked a part of Carole that is very dear to her heart and she can’t just laugh this one off as just Aviva being Aviva. You can only push a passive person so far before they push back.

  15. JoJo

    I absolutely love that Carole but was a little worried about how she’d be received on this new season if she stayed so calm & neutral. She is the coolest Greek Chorus for the rest of these batty gals. And because I like her so much and think she’s uber aware & smart, I am ok with her putting Aviva on blast and believe she’s right about Aviva.
    Ghostwriter and Carole, I highly doubt that and at least the accusation gives Carole a reason for a little drama to make her more exciting for ‘the lowest common denominators’ -us.
    As yucky as it sounds being ‘covered in Brandi’s taint’ – if Carole thinks the new girl Kristen is ok, that’s good enough for me to give her an objective pass and hope it turns out to be true.

  16. lori

    Aviva: “a NYC prep school that requires an arm and a leg to attend, and where she apparently got a half price rate”. That is fuk-ing hysterical!

  17. spk

    Big fan of Carole – it was clear that she directed a large part of her ire at Aviva but man, Aviva deserved it most times. As did The Countess … “I was athletic. Me too, I was more athletic!” Luann was completely gauche with the way she handled that jewelry issue.

    It seemed that the HW originally appeared to be portraying upper echelon, although there wasn’t a single HW in the original OC group that I’d describe as classy.

  18. Sunny in the desert

    NY is the only HW show I watch and I don’t even watch it faithfully. I like Carol too and her first book is really good. I’m sure the ghostwriter comment is more manufactured drama. I don’t think Carol is hurt by it as much as she has a legal reason for responding. She knows she is a good writer and Aviva is not a likable character, she has to do something to stir the pot. I feel really bad for her though, money doesn’t change what happens in your life and in Aviva’s case, it didn’t help at all, she’s really fucked up. I hope Carol maintains her class, I don’t want to see another one sell their soul for a buck.

    One of the saddest scenes on any of the HW shows I’ve seen is when Kelly was taunting Bethanney about being a “cook” instead of a chef. Bethanney sitting on the couch out of their eyesight with big fat tears rolling down her face. I know what it feels like to work hard and have someone cut you. It hurts. I hope Carol realizes her gift and doesn’t let Aviva affect her.

  19. Aaron

    I don’t know if you did it intentionally but I cracked up when you said the school Aviva attended requires “an arm and a leg” to attend. I love your blog :)

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