And the Worst Journalism Award of the Week Goes To….

Oscar the Grouch

…Shamekia Jackson for the hilarious Phaedra Parks fictional piece below. I can’t believe this website/station is affiliated with NBC.  In fact, I just tweeted NBC to double-check.  Now, I get the occasional chickenhead in here squawking from time to time about my bias, or my typos, or my grammar, all in the name of journalistic integrity. What they fail to understand is that journalistic integrity applies to journalists. I’m just some chick on a couch yammering on about my opinions of really bad television shows with some trial news and pop culture news sprinkled in. I am certainly not paid by a major media outlet to present an accurate account of what is going on in my community.

Check out Shamekia’s  journalistic skills. Warning: If you are drinking a beverage, please set it aside and swallow before continuing, because this puts the ‘gomer’ in Montgomery.


Best known as one of the popular housewives on Bravo’s reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Phaedra Parks spoke to students of Alabama State University about leadership, black history month and the steps she’s taken to reach success.

Well, ain’t that special. Phaedra Parks is speaking to our future generations about how to become successful.

Phaedra and Kandi LOL

Parks was guest speaker of ASU’s Student Lecture Series and spoke about the promotion of her new book “Secrets of a Southern Belle and gave the first 100 students at the lecture a free copy.

This sentence gives me horrible flashbacks to the time I was forced to teach English 099 at an open door college. This writing sample would not gain someone an exit ticket from the program. It also makes me wonder what happened to Phaedra’s left over books.  

In “Secrets of a Southern Belle”, Parks addresses topics such as fashion, grooming, manners, dating, careers, friendships and more.

A native of Georgia, not only does she star in a Reality show, but she is the managing partner of The Parks Group law firm, a licensed mortician and funeral director, a TV show producer and actor.

She is a licensed mortician? When did she get her license? Last I heard she was a licensed apprentice and part-time mortuary student. What funeral home is she is she director of with those “qualifications”? What television shows has she produced? And don’t even pretend that “consulting” on Tiny and Toya makes anyone a “producer.”  Please share some of her acting roles because I was unaware she even had a SAG card. Why not add rocket scientist to this list?

Parks is the wife of fitness expert Apollo Nida and she is involved with multiple charities and sits on numerous boards, including the Junior League.

While Apollo has earned a certificate that allows him to teach classes at 24 hour fitness, that’s not really what he is known for, dear.  That’s like saying Bernie Madoff is a financial advisor. So you weren’t able to come up with the names of any charities that Phaedra is involved with either?  I am pretty sure that the Junior League Advisory Board of the Atlanta Chapter is furiously clutching their pearls over that last part.

The only board Phaedra Parks has to look forward to sitting on is the one in the visiting cubicle at the Federal Penitentiary. It remains to be seen what side of the glass she will be sitting on.


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40 responses to “And the Worst Journalism Award of the Week Goes To….

  1. Mel

    The only thing that makes me believe Ms. Jackson is not on Phaedra’s payroll is that she acknowledged Phaedra is best known as a housewife on RHOA and not for her other “accomplishments”.

  2. myinfo

    It appears the person used Phaedra’s press release without fact checking.

  3. JentheAUfan

    This station is from my home town, i moved away. That being said I follow them on fb and well this is normal from this person. You should look up more of her stories for giggles.

    • OH GAWD! There are more? She really is a paid employee and not some special education kid at Montgomery Junior High whose essay on her personal hero was chosen by the station?????

      On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 7:17 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • JentheAUfan

        No. This shit is real!

      • Megan

        lol Tamara, you about killed me this comment. You are so funny!

      • “not some special education kid at Montgomery Junior HIgh…”

        TT, I have been following your blog for the last four weeks and admired your candor. HOWEVER, when you used the developmental disabilities of people with special needs to insult another, you revealed that you lack sensitivity and compassion towards this population group. Surely, you don’t want to stoop to NeNe’s level, correct? IJS

      • I

        On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 6:58 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • I see it more as comparing people with developmental delays. Obviously, I have no ill will toward children with learning disabilities, or adults with them either. However, I don’t think that being employed by a network as a writer is a good fit for someone with developmental delays. I just don’t.

      • Fahlina_G

        I am dying. You’re on a roll tonight!

  4. JentheAUfan

    Honestly last week they did an investigation of why the walmart in another town had empty shelves.

  5. Kat

    Who dud Phaedra pay at NBC to write this piece of

  6. Shamekia is ghost writing Porsha’s book: “Tales From the 3rd Grade – My Experiences In Returning to School”.

  7. Judy McKenzie

    Uouoooo!Think I might have thrown-up a little in my mouth.

  8. Red hot mama

    Lord, she must have been absent from school on the day they taught about commas.

    Bless her heart.

    • Sham eek ia. SHAM. lol. And I can’t believe I don’t get paid for this shit.

      On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 8:38 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Megan

        How did she get that job? You would be much betters suited for that position. I wonder if you could link this website and it’s popularity numbers to a tv station affiliate to make a case for them to hire you.

  9. SoCalCPA

    This, to me, is very laughable. Phaedra is always the one that gets under my skin simply because she’s a faux-professional. I have professional credentials myself, but I would never dream of inflating the truth just to make myself look good in front of students. She doesn’t deserve to speak at any event unless it is one that focuses on coaching others on the art of fraud. She’s not a vision of success, and she DEFINITELY does not deserve to be taken seriously, especially with the type of clientele she usually has.

  10. SB

    Wow the best the university could get was Phaedra??

    • Irish Tara

      OMG, LMAO
      Our First Lady, Michelle Obama was booked.
      Thus, the obvious choice was Naturally, Phadera Parks Esq .???
      God, help the Students of ASU!
      Awww, to be a fly on the wall during, “Q & A”!

  11. Kisha

    Well, that was painful to read! Hahaha.

  12. Irish Tara

    I was just remembering when there were actual Journalists. Tom Brokow, Dan Rather….
    Isn’t Bravo, NBC’s ” Sister Station”?
    Perhaps, they are allowing Alternative School Students to
    Intern and proof read and edit the copy! LOL!

  13. Tigerlilly

    It remains to be seen what side of the glass she will be sitting on.


  14. Jarlath

    This is more akin to stenography. She transcribed Phaedra’s press release by the look of it

  15. Dlister

    So it appears that NBC is saving money by not hiring copy editors. This was atrocious. I am a professional copy editor and I would have given it back to her to obtain the citations (as TT has pointed out in purple text above). The punctuation is horrible and the language stilted. I would have had major issues with this, but I would have taught her how to resubmit it, and given her a second chance. Writers learn how to become more effective when working closely with editors.

  16. distressed

    So let’s see what we have here. Phaedra spoke about leadership, black history month and steps to success. What did she have to say about leadership, black history month and steps to success? Sounds like this woman wasn’t even at the event and missed out on her free copy of the book. Poor thing.
    This article also seems to be posted and updated at the exact same time. Why would an article devoid of facts or even one properly formatted link need updating in the first place?

  17. CityGirl81

    Laaawwdd Tamara, that was a hot mess.

  18. JoJo

    “Parks was guest speaker of ASU’s Student Lecture Series and spoke about the promotion of her new book” …that sentence is what stood out to me as the best example of the writer’s journalistic skills.
    Why would Phaedra talk about the promotion of her book? I was thinking the next sentence would be Phaedra giving the students inside information on what it takes to promote a book, but no it wasn’t.
    Or did she mean “Parks, promoting her new book, ‘Secrets & Lies of a Southern Belle.’ was guest speaker at the ASU’s Student Lecture Series”?

  19. SumTypeOfWay

    Phaedra also produced Bobby Browns show. I don’t care for her much but let’s be honest she’s a criminal just like the rest of Hollywood. Everybody actor has a fake charity to scam from and hide assets, along with an entourage to open trust and avoid having it placed in their name. Bottom line is phaedra and the guidices scammed banks that have insurance. After how the banks scam every American we should be delighted that the Karma came back to bite them.

  20. SumTypeOfWay

    And as for Angela I don’t feel she is lying but I think she’s a scorned lover and is very jealous. No one can make you do the crimes that she did, she was a part of them because she wanted that lifestyle. This should be a lesson to women but also to black women take ya ass to college and get an education. Maybe she would have had a smarter mindset and stable job to avoid having a felony record.

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