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Real Housewives of Atlanta Nene Leakes Episode 15 Season six newsApparently, Kandi and Mama Joyce and Todd were on yesterday. Mama Joyce continued to lay into Todd, Kandi was crying and they are all still talking about it today. Apparently, Whoopi told Mama Joyce to mind her own business and have a seat. I have to wonder if any of this is real. Why would you go on national TV with your mother and your boyfriend when you know full good and well your mama is going to trash your man. On the other hand, why would you allow it as a fake storyline either?  RHOA is just a hot mess these days.

By the way the Friday shows are the View are filmed after the Thursday shows on Thursday so it is likely that Nene ran into Kandi and Todd and Mama Joyce backstage.

They start with Nene’s crappy speech at the charity ball. She is wearing a black cocktail dress and her Johnny Tremain/ George Washington with that seems even bigger than usual.  Sherri starts by asking her opinion on Mama Joyce and the whole Kandi situation. Sherri ass what she has to say about that situation, Nene says, “Nothing.”  Oh so it is going to be one of those “interviews.”  Sherri ass again if she thinks Mama Joyce should let Kandi make her mistakes.  Nene says, “She should let Kandi make her mistakes.” Why is everyone so sure Kandi is making a mistake?

Whoopi asks her when she found out about this charity event in her honor? It seems like it came out of the blue. Nene says that she had heard through the girls that she was being honored at a charity event. She says she is a big supporter of Saving Our Daughters…women against domestic abuse (which by the way does not even seem to be platform that SOD discusses on their site. She says she found out about it the night before from Kenya. She felt like she should have been contacted ahead of time.

Sherri ass if she and Kenya have made up not. Nene says no.  Sherri says that Kenya has said that she is tired of being the punching bag for all of these girls and she might not come back for another season. Nene says “Really girl? You haven’t worked in ten years!’  Jenny asks her if the other girls are jealous of her popularity. Nene says she doesn’t want to say they are jealous of her. She says, “it’s a bunch of women that work together and we are unsupportive of one another. ” Sherri asks I they are friends. Nene says no. Barbara asks her if she would like to say something now to make her peace with Kenya.  Jerry O’Connell totally cuts Barbara off and asks about Marlo. And Nene does her “Who?” routine. Jerry says she invited Marlo on to the show. Nene says she did not invite Marlo on. Marlo came on through Phaedra and Marlo and Nene became friends.

Barbara asks if marriage is better the second time around. Whoppi and Sherri seemed very into Nene. Half the time Whoopi doesn’t even acknowledge the reality show guests on The View.  I think it is hilarious that Nene continued to mention her support for SOD.


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  1. TheHousewives

    It was really no point of her being on she could have just gave an radio interview and kept it moving. Marlo and Kenya were the topics of course and I’d prefer them over Nene any day. Oh and she says none of the girls on the show are her friends, not even ms. Cynthia bailey honey lol.

    • TheHousewives

      Oh and when the host were saying how much money and business kandi has, nene must must have been backstage cringing lol

    • Crazy Sweet

      time to break out that friend contract and read the fine print! nene must have had a 3 year clause written in.

    • TheANDROgynous

      Am I the only one that likes NeNe she’s very entertaining I think she is just going through things personally if u take NeNe off of real housewives of Atlanta it would be hells boring the other girls are dull besides Kenya she’s kinda funny but if they keep Kenya and lose Ne Ne. That’s boring what would be Kenya’s story line… Thats like kick joseline Hernandez of of Love and hip hop Atlanta pure death.. Oh yea Tamara why don’t u blog about love and hip hop?

      • You did that on purpose, right?

      • pfffttt

        I don’t find love and hip hop entertaining. They make RHOA look tame by comparison. Ugly hood rats.

      • Enough Already

        What exactly is NeNe’s storyline…how my shows got cancelled…

      • Yes. It appears that production did not consider her losing her small Hollywood roles and had no plan B. In addition, Nene freaked out about losing those roles and reverted back to the PITA to film with she always had been so no one really wanted to do anything with her. Thus the stream of potential friends for Nene. They tried sending everyone to Savannah with her and that only marginally worked for an episode or two.

        On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Enough Already

        Oh and how I’m so “rich” but I wear a small dead animal on my head….

      • beth

        Maybe her clothing line is her pitch for a story-line for next season?

        BTW, what is it that NeNe has Produced? She has “Producer” listed on her Twitter header .. just wondering.

      • She got a “courtesy credit” on the wedding show where she got an executive producer title and a chance to put up a picture that said Nene Leaes Prodution or something. She is not a producer, and has no production company.

        Some of the Leakes boys have tried to put together a “Production Company” called Leakes production or something. So far they have not produced any major motion pictures. lol.

        On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 1:29 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  2. beth

    Not surprised that she continued with the lying about Kenya, but I was surprised that she said she is not friends with any of the women; wonder how Cynthia feels about that?

    • Anna

      Cynthia probably feels stupid but she is too dense to believe it. NeNe told them recently that “NONE” of them are on “HER LEVEL.” Chile, they should believe her because she is a Hollywood actress now. Puh-leez.

      • sarcasatire

        She wasn’t talking about her costars…she meant the women at the party weren’t on her level!

      • um. noe. She was very clearly talking about her costars and how she was not even going to engage them.

      • Yamoah Asiedu

        Yep, that ‘Hollywood level, Hollywood actress’ where you play yourself for a few months in one cancelled show, then you overact in a few scenes on a popular show (that is in its last season). Your role didn’t develop, expand or change. That Hollywood level? Or is it the LEVEL where directors/writers and/or producers are NOT Fedexing their scripts to your agent AND the phone is NOT ringing!? Of course, THAT Hollywood level.
        Double PUH-LEEZ

      • JoJo

        It’s dawned on me that she’s talking this crap about levels & she had just said a couple episodes earlier she’s at a place where she can afford to turn down roles and is being sent all sorts of scripts? Knowing her 1 show was cancelled and the other she was a barely-recurring character before it was cancelled. She should have taken Kandi’s play, delusional woman

  3. puppylove

    Oh boy I hope so much that Kenya doesn’t come back for another season. The best news I have heard yet. I hope Nene doesn’t get renewed, I just can’t stand her anymore. Nene is so rude I don’t how she gets away with it, and it is with real celebrities like on the View. Who the heck does she think she is. What is she a celeb for, one hot second on TV that faded faster than you can say “flash in the pan”. What can she really do, but act like an ass, but I think that is what Bravo has come down to. The dumber you act the better they like it.
    By the way TT, thanks for all the great posts. You do a fantastic job !!!!

    • I’m kinda digging Kenya this season! She has played Nene like a true master imo. And Nene needs to be knocked off her perch. This preening delusional homely woman is beyond obnoxious. She blew her fifteen minutes and hopefully has less than a minute left.

      • I agree. I caught some of the refun of that “last supper” lunch where the common law not wife women started throwing shade at Todd and they panned to Kenya who was miming shoveling shit. I cracked up.

  4. I love this blog

    Nene could have said this all, on is it Tom radio show? She just wanted to be seen, for the cameras. She backed herself into the corner. With that “charity”.

    • Anna

      She probably got her “manager” to get her on The View after she heard that Todd, Kandy and Mammy Joyce were going to be on. Joyce looked and sounded stupid. The only thing she could come up with was that he didn’t have a “job” for two months (someone should have asked her if she works and if not, how does she make a living) while he was actually between jobs.

      • I love this blog

        I’m in the middle with Todd.
        I don’t know, what it is.
        I think I should blame ,Mama Joyce after she said. ” he’s too short with a big head” lol.

    • Linda

      Would someone pleeeeease get her a “real” hairdresser as that mop is a true mess. The front is funny looking and then you have the “back kitchen” hanging out. Please someone show her a “full lace” wig. Where’s Kim?

      • Jarlath

        Maybe Tamara can start a charity to get Nene some professional help. The George Washington hairdo is not happening

      • I love this blog

        “The back kitchen hanging out”. LOL! Tears.

      • JoJo

        jarlath: although the paperwork and red tape are beyond a nightmare to start any type of charity under IRS code, if someone did get a public charity going for in-kind donations (professional opinions, wig specialists & hairstylists with a degree in re-growing one’s own hair) and public awareness (this is your head if you choose this style and this wig (kinda’ like the ‘this is your brain on drugs’) – that would be a charitable gift to the TV viewers around the globe!!

  5. khintx

    Nene is still in full show your ass mode. At this point, if Kenya has a receipt for money donated to SOD (even if it is a pitiful amount), she’s in the clear. She supported this charity on the basis that Nene endorsed it so she thought it was legit. Understandable. Nene however has bragged about all the money she has raised for them and how deeply involved she has been involved with them….. she looks like an idiot and continues to act like one. I think during her meltdown Nene asked SOD to make a statement to make Kenya look bad. But that has backfired terribly. If she thinks she’s in the clear she is delusional. kh

  6. Mari Anne Souza

    IIRC, it was about Joyce and Kandi that Andy asked Nene, the last time she was on WWHL, what she had to say about them; her comment was the same, ‘nuthin’. I feel it’s more that she wants to talk only about herself, rather than wanting to stay out of someone’s personal business. And speaking of the last time Nene was on WWHL, did y’all notice how cold and aloof she was? She’s usually laughing and blooping. Guess she knew what was coming.

    • Raven Beauty

      Get out of here. So if NeNe had made a comment about Kandi and her mother’s situation you all would have taken issue with that too. That is none of her business so she shouldnt be speaking about it and as you all seem to be quick to point out they arent friends. So why should she be speaking about it.

  7. kat

    “Sherri ass” lmao!!

    • Jarlath

      I don’t know if the ass used throughout the post was intentional but it made me lol each time.

      • It was not. My speller checker has a mind of it’s own lately. I corrected it SEVERAL times and thought it stuck. lol. I had a similar problem recently with spell check REFUSING to let me type competition and instead making it completion. Every single time.

        Ah such is life.

        On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 1:12 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Jae

        I’m so glad I’m not the only one who laughed her “ask” off!

        As for the pointless interview; well, that was pointless. From what it sounds like, everyone on The View skirted the real issue.

        Tamara, I hope you’re having a better day today.

  8. Beverly

    I think when she mentioned SOD and domestic violence she was alluding to all types of charities she’s involved with. Also what a waste of time appearing on The View. I think they wanted to stay away from the SOD controversary. How long was she out there– 3 minutes? I’m guessing but it sure did seem that they couldn’t wait to get rid of her. I’ve never listened to Tom Joyner radio show but I’m pretty sure she would have gotten more time on the air. But that’s the problem. Nene didn’t want to face any pertinent questions from anyone. She had a fluff interview and stii shows her ass.

  9. Michelle

    That sure was one short, pointless interview. I wish I had seen yesterday’s show. Nene really should stop mentioning the charity.

  10. Jarlath

    Maybe Nene plugged SOD because she’s getting a percentage of the donations.

  11. pfffttt

    Nene is really just a horrible person. She no longer considers Cynthia or Porsha friends? Well, I guess it’s time for you to get the Bravo boot Nene…

  12. Megan

    Well Nene did not deliver on any Tea she promised on her twitter. Just damage control a bit on her image. I can’t believe she backed up SOD. That’s going to bite her at the reunion.

  13. spk

    Oh, that was ass-tasticly-funny. And it was followed by a segment on how to make your ass look better. Nene was on the right show, for sure. How can she claim she was only contacted the day before and keep a straight face? On the one hand, I love Whoopi. On the other, she makes ridiculously supportive statements of some horrid people. This happy-face she had for Nene baffles me.

    Michelle – I think the segments are available on the abc website.

  14. Please, oh please, did y’all catch what Whoopi said to Nene as they were going to commercial? Whoopi said, “I hope she DOES go away because she is ANNOYING!” This is clearly referencing Kenya’s threat to leave the show.

    I love NeNe for TV. I know y’all hate her, but she gives Gooooood TV.

    • Megan

      Ugh I liked Whoopi.

    • spk

      Saw that exchange happening but had just muted for the commercial — is that what Whoopi said?! Cripes Celie! Her radar for who to get in support of is wildly off. Kenya may be annoying or manipulate on occasion but has she tried to choke someone or physically stand over someone and threateningly scream at them? No, Nene, you own that stinky mess for yourself.

    • pfffttt

      What good TV? Until recently, we barely even noticed her on RHOA. She’s boring and she sucks.

  15. LoLo

    I think NeNe started showing her behind and getting too hard to deal with last season after she thought she was going to be living in Hollywood and co-staring on two television shows. I believe the Hollywood gravy train is over for her…now that she sees this…she is beginning to back track to keep her “place” on RHOA. She is nervous…she can tweet all she wants about how good her life is…but the truth is she has NO storyline….Her “I have arrived” storyline is done. She tweeted last week “YALL see who is trying to take over, NOT” Well its suppose to be the Real Housewives of Atlanta–not one housewife. And if she has other things going she really would not care. I don’t care for NeNe, but right now she needs to stop buying $1500 shoes and concentrate on her next career move..seriously. She has a husband that doesn’t work and a teenage son she still is responsible for. This mad black woman crap is playing out and she is losing her fan base…Whats really next for you NeNe??—REAL TALK

    • She really hasn’t had a storyline all season. Shopping for frozen pizza with Cynthia…. hosting a shit show of a pajama party. What else? Kandi is carrying the show.

      On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Megan

        It helps when you are with a guy that was in reality tv production. I think Todd is perfectly fine with being called an opportunist. I also think Kandi’s mom is the real trouper willing to take all that hate so that her baby is still on the show.

      • I agree and also suggest that Kenya is doing her best to keep a story line going.

      • Easy_Green

        I agree with TT. The only one on the show with an actual storyline is Kandi. The rest are trying to fill roles: the messy go between, the naive but sweet good girl, the twirling instigator, the self-anointed HBIC who comes down to their level only to talk show shame them, the shade-throwing, supposed belle…something like that. Wind them up and watch them go.

        Carlos King loves it.

      • Witchy

        Hi Tamara,
        I have not had a chance to read through the comments on this post; am I reading this right.. Nene said she just found out about sOD?

      • Witchy

        Sorry, i hit send.
        I am asking because didnt this charity say Nene raised $ in the past for them?

  16. JoJo

    Damn I wished I had seen it, but the recap is probably just as if I did. I can see that mug in the pic above on her on the show when asked about Kandi or Kenya. I can’t see the View or any reputable show asking her back with those obnoxious, one-word answers to show her disdain for anyone else on the show. I remember at the charity event episode when Cynthia said it’s for charity, she something like “My charity is Nene.”
    I really believe Cynthia and her breakup might have to do with Cynthia urging her to show at the charity event. Maybe Nene thinks she was in on the set-up too.
    The worse the press she gets, the more unbelievably obnoxious she gets. It’s almost delusional that she thinks she’s untouchable.
    God, her ass has got to be getting cold – it’s showing so much lately.

  17. D J Goodman

    If the real housewives want a REAL fund raiser to donate to ….. they should try … Save Our Levee ….. a small Southern Illinois town is trying to fix a breeched levee before spring flooding on the Mississippi River near Grand Tower IL. The town will use 100% of the money to repair the towns levee.
    FEMA and Core of engineers have refused to help.

  18. LoLo

    Porsha is in need of a storyline, NeNe is in need of a storyline, Unless Kenya is going to walk us through her fertility treatments which I am NOT interested in..she needs a storyline, Kandi needs to start planning a wedding or she will be in need of a storyline, Cynthia is in need of a storyline and Phaedra needs to graduate from mortuary school and start embalming folks or she will need a storyline. Its time for an overhaul of the housewives. Unless something big happens and I’m not talking about another fight…I’m going to have to find another TV show for this time slot! Hell I’ve got juicer story lines in my life then they do…and that’s not good…smh

    • Suggested story lines for all of the ladies related to their opportunity to write a New York Times best seller. If Teresa and Brandi can do it, how hard can it be?
      Nene – “The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Queen – My Journey Into Mainstream TV and Back”.
      Porsha – “Tales from the 3rd Grade – My Experiences in Returning to School”.
      Kandi – “Ta Ta Bitches”
      Kenya – “Twirl You Way Into Fame”
      Cynthia – “The Model’s Guide to Friendship and Marriage Contracts”
      Phaedra – “Shady is the New Black – A Memoir”

  19. Angel

    With my big new TV I can see more clearly. On The View, Nene’s real hair was showing at the temples and about 2″ at least at the back. That cheap looking wig is a joke, it looks similar to the gray one Johnathan Winters used to wear in old woman sketches. His was better, actually. I think Nene has looked from day 1 of RHOA like the same jealous, transparent, ignorant woman she is today. I was disappointed that cool, intelligent Whoopie, who often appears disinterested in many guests, practically fawned over Nene’s dumb ass.

    • JoJo

      Say it ain’t so, not Whoopi :(
      Yesterday I saw her with Mama Joyce and Kandi and she seemed more animated than I’ve ever seen her when Reality TV guests are on. I thought it was a one off, but maybe Whoopi’s a RHOA fan?

  20. The Q

    NeNe has done nothing to humble herself to the public that made her. She is vile and vituperous. However, without Kenya thie last two seasons of RHOA would’ve been unbearable. Bullwinkle should go, not anyone else! This I will bet. If Kenya in fact, leaves, she will get offers to do something, because….unlike Bullwinkle, she actually has talent!

  21. Surely the audience thanked Nene for allowing them to catch up on their zzzzzzzzz’s?

  22. lori

    Ooooo… this and yesterday’s “The View” just made me realize how amazing it would be if Jerry O’Connel ran the reunions. He’s a hard core RH fan, and he calls then on their crap asap!

    • JoJo

      100% agree. He is the “fan” part of “anatic” and I would love his doing reunions, even some of the WWHL. Andy seems to like him, maybe he’d let him sub. Jerry & Rebecca are both HW fanatics. Jerry calls things out though.

      • lori

        Sadly, I don’t think Andy would ever give up the reunions, though I really wish he would. He doesn’t do a very good job at getting to the root of things we all want to know. He lets their lame answers stand. Jerry or Bethenny would try to get to the bottom of it, or at the very least, call them on their crap.

      • JoJo

        lori – sadly I know you’re right. After all, what else does Andy have left with Bravo but the reunions & WWHL. Take those, and Bravo has no need for him.
        Second best is Bravo having a real “Housewives Up Front” – and have Jerry interview the cast of each RH show throughout the year :)

  23. lori

    I was disgusted at how they were all kissing Nene’s ass. That’s exactly why she’s the monster she is today.

    • Sharnee

      Nene knows that her rein is gradually fading. She’s angry because she thought she would be this big hollywood star. She’s in her own way and doesn’t know it. I know that she’s wishing she had taken Kandie up on her offer, the connections and networking she would have had. Now Nene, you live in the world of what ifs.

  24. I once read that talk show hosts HATE the guest with one word answers.
    NeNe showed out her ass this time, especially with the complementary Shit Eating Grin after each response.
    Her daze as a stahr be gone.

    • JoJo

      The only star I can think of that could get away with the one-word and a look is Samuel Jackson. However, he’s even too classy to usually do it unless someone asks him something REALLY STUPID (like the TV host asking him about his Super Bowl ad thinking he was Laurence Fishburne :)

    • Angel

      Right, I noticed Barbara was not happy with Nene’s one word answers. It seemed like Sherri or Jerry would jump in quick to ask a new question so Barbara wouldn’t probe her on what Nene didn’t feel like talking about.
      I have seen Jerry and wife, Rebecca on WWHL, they seemed to favor some of the nut jobs, or at least the ones I don’t like, as do Kelly Rippa and Mark C. I always was curious if Andy coaches them to be on his team of favorites. They all liked Melissa and Joe of RHONJ, they make me gag. Not much to pick from from either show in likeability now. The better we get to know these people, most either have been in jail, should be, or are on the way there. If not that, they are defective in the brain, dumb, or delusional about themselves. I have to be defective too for wasting time watching their fake lives.
      I so wanted these shows to be ultra rich women doing fabulous things that I could experience as a voyeur. Instead, they mostly act trashy.

      • I love this blog

        You’d have a better chance , going to Madison Park. Or Murray Hill. And observe wealthy women, their nannies living it up. Much more authentic , and entertaining . Than this fake BS, Bravo shoves into our faces. Old money people , stay off these reality tv shows for a reason. (Reputations).

    • Sharnee

      Exactly. She doesn’t even know how to act during interviews. Can you imagine if a producer or talent scout, etc. looking for that person while watching the View and sees a person that they already know will be hell to work with. Nene take some charm classes or some thing , enhance your craft.

    • CityGirl81

      That was a horrible interview. I am like really chick? UNREAL! She is unraveling and her PR people if she has them to to check her immediately.


  26. bunny78

    i just saw a clip from sunday’s episode in which kenya and nene are hashing things out. has anyone else seen it? kenya apologizes to nene for her role in the pillow talk fight, which makes me wonder if she is only acting like the victim on twitter to gain sympathy and new team kenya fans. it’s still curious to me that everyone has a similar story about that mess except kenya. i want to see what got left on the cutting room floor! kenya also didn’t have much of a comeback when nene rehearses her version of what happened with the charity event. nene says that the night before the event, kenya sent her a text message telling her that she will look bad if she doesn’t come to the charity event, “bullying” nene into attending. after some more chit chat, they hug it out.

    wtf? i really don’t understand this show sometimes. do people just kiss and make up in the moment and then flip out when they see the show (as crafted by the producers) and the shade that’s thrown during the talking heads? now cynthia and nene seem to be on the outs, but they spent new year’s together. i’m so tired of 40+ year old women having (fake) twitter beef. i’m no pollyanna, but i really like it better when the ladies get along and have fun…like, give me 40% low-key drama, 60% fun times. the drama this season is just unsettling. is it time for the cast vacation yet?

    • I love this blog

      Nene said she had no idea, about the charity. Yet said on the view . “Kenya did text me, about the charity” . Her credibility is shot! Kenya isn’t leaving the show. She planted that story out there. To negotiate a higher pay . 1million.

  27. So yeah. Why are the RHOA doing press on the View this week? Is this maybe a request from Jerry whatists? So he can have some c listers below his c list status to talk about something he follows so he can seem smart?

    And yeah. Whoopi Goldberg deigned to sit near nene??? She usually sits all the way to the left and sleeps. I’m sure this is not going to go over well, but I find whoopi to be racists. She honestly takes the black side on any topic right or wrong. And somehow she has convinced herself that she is this widened sage whose opinion is the last word. In reality she is an uneducated burnout who has wasted way too many brain cells on reefer.

  28. Raven Beauty

    I wonder do you guys actually listen to yourselves. NeNe this and NeNe that. honestly she kept her mouth shut for once and didnt bad mouth anyone and you ppl are taking issue with that. But isnt that what you say you want for her to shut up? If she said the sky was blue somebody would debate it b/c she didnt call it a pale blue. And yet Kenya is someone you are looking up too.

    • Are you rollin on molly? just curious.

      On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 1:15 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • I’m not quite sure why Barbara Walters wants a pothead on The View who seems high half the time and either does her bizarre valley girl routine all spastic like or sleeps LITERALLY during interviews with people she doesn’t like. I think we could all do without the pothead view. But that’s just me.

      • Raven Beauty

        And on a random note Tamara I regularly read your blog and advise people to check you out because you do great blogs and you try to be fair in what you talk about. You do have a flare about you and if there is something that needs to be corrected you will do that as well, not many others will they will continue on with their first story. All said and done I will overlook the snarky comment and continue to be a Tamara Tattles Fan.

      • You probably should not overlook her snarky comments.

    • People are going to side and because it’s mostly human nature. But I doubt SERIOUSLY that Nene knew SOD was a scam. Last season she threw the Shodazzle thing (where Kenya showed up with ass pads on) for SOD and they still were a charity. IRS did not revoke their charity status until months after last season had stopped filming. Remember that the PR company informed SOD that they were pulling out of Kenya’s plan for the benifit and I can only speculate it is because they researched SOD and found out they were not considered a charity according to the IRS, or perhaps they did what TT and I did and really examined their website. Anyhow, I have to wonder if the PR company told Kenya what they found out and she went full steam ahead to get Nene knocked out (I doubt that too)? We will never know until we see it unfold.

      • Raven Beauty

        I cant stand Kenya but I will say this. Once the PR Team pulled out she should have backed out too. Some say its to continue with her PLOT to Dethrone NeNe, but I dont think it was that calculated I think it was so late in the game she didnt want to cancel and lose a moment for her to play dress up and be center of attention once again. Now I dont mean that in a nasty way, but its no secret that she loves attention.

      • Y’all version of events regarding the PR team stuff is um….flawed. Let’s just say there came a point very late in the planning where Kenya and April Love parted ways….

        On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 6:11 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Raven Beauty

        I agree with you I think they did actually examine the site or at some point were made aware of their status and thats why they jumped ship. Although I dont think Kenya’s intentions were all together innocent they were evil either. really gonna have to work on not defending her.

      • Wtf are you blathering about? Who has to work on what now??

  29. Just to add to my last comment I have always loved Nene and have tried to stay loyal but this season has made me question that loyalty. I have NEVER liked kenya so my loyalty yhere still stays unwaivered.

  30. Beverly

    Why would you spend $10,000 on a charity event to raise $500 for same charity? Knucklehead!! Just donate the $10,000 directly to said charity. Of course, we have no drama for RHOA when we do it that way.

  31. Nuna

    Is Nene’s twitter gone? I got an error message when I searched for it.

  32. Like I said in my post, I CAN ONLY SPECULATE but since speculating is flawed I just won’t comment anymore.

    • JoJo

      Everyone’s speculating regarding motive – it’s all just opinion & you have a right to one. Unless we can see, hear, taste, touch, or read a notarized document, it’s all opinion and speculation. I’ve been told mine’s flawed before – I just regroup & speculate again :)

  33. Jeje

    I just read on several sites that Glee was picked up for another season. I guess Nene wasnt asked back .lol.

    • It’s a rule three and FIVE example!

      “read” on several sites, something they think hasn’t been discussed here many times and their comprehension skills seem to think the show is renewed rather than ending next season as planned all along!

      I feel a rule seven violation headed our way any moment! I plan to post all 99 of her this is my last comment, I am such a bitch, she is leaving this board forever comments for your reading pleasure. See? I am nice like that.

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