Gina Marie Zimmerman, The Gift That Keeps on Giving

BB15 Nick and Gina MarieBy: Urethra Franklin

Big Brother 15 drama is like herpes. It goes away, and then flares back up again.  So take some of your friends’ #Valtrex and wash it down with this hilarious hot tea….. Remember last week when I talked about Nick dumping Gina Marie out of his life because of her extreme jealously about his social life with friends? Well I wasn’t specific then, but Nick is friendly with Liza Stinton from Big Brother Canada who had a showmance/romance with her fellow BB Canada HG Tom Plant.

Back when GM was still in the BB house Nick went to Las Vegas with several former HG from BB USA & BB Canada.  Liza was there, and there were rumors on Twitter that Nick & Liza had hooked up. GM only found out about the rumors later from Amanda Z (I think), and she freaked out on Nick around Halloween time when she found out Liza was in Los Angeles too. Nick & Liza are only friends, and last week my source told me the same thing.  Nick ended the ‘friendship’ with GM & ICED her out of his life at this point.

Fast forward to present day & Gina Marie has been engaging in a public flirty ‘twittermance’ with Tom. Last week Liza tweeted: “TOM trying to use GM to make me jealous is pretty silly. And she loves it because of my rumoured fling with NICK. This BB drama is nuts.” Then Liza retweeted this from some random follower: “Sorry but that would be like me trying to make Megan Fox jealous by flirting with Tan Mom.” #ROFLMAO

GM and Tom on Skype

Early this morning GM & a shirtless Tom were engaging in a Skype video chat, and they both posted pics of themselves in the midst of it. GM tweeted to Tom: “lol love it. I wash[sic] I was next to you awwww.” YASSS she mixed up wish with wash. LOL I’m dying here.

It wasn’t long before Liza went IN DEEP on GM & Tom: “They deserve each other”, but dismissed anything serious between them “Its all a show” followed by “I FEEL A CONTROVERSY BREWING” and ”

Tom was in love with me. They can post all the pics they want.” And then “Attempting to make someone jealous is a weak move. Ahh well.” For those that aren’t familiar with Liza, her twitter personality is a blunt shit stirring pit bull with NO filter. She is tons of twitter fun!

Well then Liza implied she had sexy pics of Tom ”

Man, do I have some pics that would piss GinaMarieZ off. But who posts that shit to Twitter? Tell Tom to put a fucking shirt on.” Gina Marie replied “I love to see them…what up!!!  Post them shits.”  Then Liza referenced Nick in this tweet: “If GM is pretending the Nick rumours didn’t piss her off, she’s lying,” and slammed GM with this, “At least Tom & I had something. I didn’t obsess over a stranger who didn’t like me.”  #Boom! Then Liza tweeted Tom, “Look out, Tom! GM is already planning your wedding! Don’t lend her any if your hats!” #DoubleBoom! I need oxygen from the laughter. #WaitingToExhale

With this tweet Liza channeled GM: “This is gonna be a fun day!!!

#Favourite#Retweet Come at me, BRO!”  I think this was GM’s first direct response, @LizaStinton “I never said anything about you taking[sic] to Nick so leave me and Tom alone !!! I don’t even talk about u .u don’t even know me.”

The back and forth tweets are currently still flying between all parties and their followers as I type this. So if any of you give a shit you can go directly to GM’s, Liza’s, & Tom’s Twitter time line to read all the FOOLERY between 30 something ‘adults’.  I’m not surprised that the tweets turned adolescent with tweets and sub-tweets about GM’s past use of the phrase “nigger insurance” & personal attacks about looks from both sides & and a debate about whether Nick or Tom have better sexual stamina. #ForRealz!

But Gina Marie always says she “keeps it real”, but not so real that she wants her fans to see her defensive vulgar tweets to remain in her timeline.  I captured a few to show you the BOMBS that were dropped. They may be out of sync but GM deleted them to sanitize her timeline so that she can look like an innocent victim to her gift giving fans, and to manipulate them to attack Liza this week after Nick got the same fan wrath last week.  It has been going on for HOURS. It’s crazy go look.

GM warring with Liza

BB15 tweets

GIna MarieTwitterGMTwitter

Then to add a rancid cherry to this sour dessert fellow BB alum-racist Aaryn Gries jumped into the fray along with Jersey Shore alum & GM’s friend Angelina Pivarnick whose nickname on Jersey Shore was “The Staten Island Dump.” This is too much #FUCKERY for one post.  #MeanGirls

The hilarious part is that during the peak of this drama Tom was tweeting about hockey the whole time; and BB HG & GM’s buddy Spencer happened to be innocently tweeting Liza about cat allergies. You can’t make this shit up. Big Brother 15 post game drama is the gift that keeps on giving…. YOUS all can stalk and hate tweet me @Urethra_F .  #Boom #KeepingItRealWithUrethraFranklin

Pssssst You can see all of UF’s BB posts by clicking his name in his byline…  You can read his first post on this current #BB15 stupidity by clicking here.



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14 responses to “Gina Marie Zimmerman, The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  1. Urethra Franklin

    Hey peeps as some of you know my style that I use #Hashtags in my writing for creative purposes. I realize now that it was a mistake to do that here in this blog with so many twitter quotes.

    There are a couple in my narratives, But usually the ones at the end of the paragraphs are my #Hashtags. Just me tryin’ to be funny.

    Something happened with the upload and the fonts are off so I apologize for the funky fonts.

  2. Prof

    I saw the whole thing play out and Liza was reading GM like a large print book young adult book. Tom played that really well, he probably had a nice laugh but it’s only a matter of time before toying around with GM bites him in the ass. I think he’s still sprung on Liza, I won’t be convinced he’s really into GM until he gets a matching tattoo with her like he did with Liza.

  3. JoJo

    What is this???? I thought you were released from the radiator & poo-poo’d any further radiator action!!!
    I don’t watch this show and just clicked on your response to the blog post to see what funny thing you might have said and lo and behold it’s YOUR post.

    I don’t know what to do now, but just in case what or who is “HG” in all this? Usually you spell out the name/thing the first time you use it then use the initials, but you didn’t this time :(

  4. Urethra Franklin

    HG is short for House Guest…. as in House Guest contestant on Big Brother.

  5. JoJo

    (bet a lot of people + TT happy you’re back – I just wish she’d had a poll to choose which show or better yet, I could choose:)))

    • Urethra Franklin

      TY Jojo, but this GM drama was too juicy for me to ignore. I still am super busy in my real life currently. I can’t commit to anything weekly shows right now so that’s why I am blogging stupid mindless shit like GM news. I just wish she would go away, but she is too ridiculously stupid to ignore if you are a Big Brother fan. Plus Big Brother Canada starts soon, and I hope the focus would shift away from this group of assholes.

      • JoJo

        Duh, I’m slow, but I get it now! You’re not weekly recapping this shit, but periodical highlighting batshit crazy. I feel better now, and can follow your batshit crazy highlighting without watching the damn thing.
        (See if I ended up with power beyond the average follower at TT, I’d have you chained or duct taped to recap Sons of Anarchy or Justified :)

  6. wow, that Gina sure had a lot of plastic surgery, fiillers, botox from last I saw that face.

  7. Shellbelle

    GM is bat shit crazy.. She’s a bad wreck that you can’t look away from.
    Thanks for blogging on this- my attention span is too short to try to figure out twitter.

  8. Urethra Franklin

    So you guys know how I have been telling you all that Gina Marie is using her fans for gifts/money? Well her good friend Angelina from Jersey shore who I mentioned above tweeted this today:

    Angelina Pivarnick ‏@angelinamtvjs 7h
    “I am sooo happy that one of my fans sent me money thru pay pal to buy some cute things. Love this ! True fans are amazing u know who u are.”

    Angelina used to be on the very popular Jersey Shore. Birds of a feather scam together. It is my guess that she taught GM the ways of “accepting” cash through paypal and the hustle of receiving gifts to the PO BOX that she has on her twitter profile. SMDH.

    • Um disclaimer? I have a donate button on my site right here. Perhaps you have not noticed. I don’t have an issue with anyone supporting any one they enjoy online. It’s how some of us afford groceries.

      On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 12:08 AM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  9. Liza

    This is a hilarious account of today’s drama. I love the recap. XO

  10. PlusOneForLuck

    I just can’t with Gina Marie… I LOVE BB. I’ve loved it from day 1 — but the people last season were so vile that I just can’t. I will love BB again. But GM and her racist, ignorant, low class mess of a life just needs to go away.

    • PlusOneForLuck

      One more thing — let me give credit where it’s due… GREAT JOB capturing the screen prints from twitter before she deleted them :)

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