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We begin with Abby Lee Miller letting us know that Kelly Hyland  and her daughters Paige and Brooke are out of the company. Abby doesn’t seem to think she has any responsibility for that went down in NYC. Despite Abby Lee still pressing charges against  Hyland,  last I heard so far nothing had happened other than one court appearance where both sides were granted restraining orders. Meanwhile, Kelly is suing Abby Lee and the production team for all sorts child labor law infractions, assault and a variety of other issues one of which includes Abby hiring a choreographer who forced the girls to learn a provocative dance and was later charged with child pornography charges. Allegedly. Maybe.

Nia is getting a solo. I’m worried for her already. Maddie and Chloe have a duet but they are not getting along after Maddie stole Chloe’s duet glory last week. Kalani and Kendall will be doing a duet against Maddie and Chloe. If they win, Abby will take that out on Chloe.

Melissa invites everyone over for wine and cheese. Christi says she is not going.  AlHl the ladies seem to think that Melissa lied. It seemed pretty clear to me last episode that Melissa did not know and begged Abby to not have the Maddie’s duet judged.  I don’t know why everyone is so quick to jump on the Melissa hate wagon.

Abby is grooming Mackenzie to be a singer. I thought Abby didn’t like the girls doing things other than dancing!

Open Auditions for DanceMoms 2014

I think Abby must be going through the change. I totally recognize the fits of anger and rage over things that don’t warrant them.  She has no patience with Kendall who is working with a new duet partner. She is also psyching Chloe out. AGAIN.

Kalani is a little snot behind the scenes talking about Kendall and her lack of listening to Abby’s corrections.

Abby is very unsupportive of Nia’s solo which is a contemporary piece set to a spiritual. At one point Abby just walks out on her and refuses to coach her.

Kalani and Kendall’s duet went very well. They have a shot at first. Also, the competition does not look very strong this competition from what little they have shown. They are only showing super short dance clips for some reason on this episode.  I don’t get the point of the choreographer’s cuts. They ought to just make all the shows with the entire dance entries shown in the first place. Chloe and Maddie did okay. Their choreography didn’t seem to be that exciting. We shall see what happens. Chloe seems worried.

Nia’s headpiece slipped off and Nia had a little freakout. I did not like Nia’s choreography. Abby always gives her tribal like choreography. She is good in that genre but I think she needs the chance to break out into other areas.

Abby is furious with Christi for monkeying with Nia’s headpiece before she went on stage. Abby came screaming into the room like a bull in a china shop. She is really losing it. I swear she needs some bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

The group number went well and was cute.  The judging is not so cute. They just toss all the performances in a pot and pick the winners without regard to whether they were solos, duets or groups. So I have no idea how Nia or Kalani and Kendall did.  The group came in first and Maddie and Chloe tied with some other kids for second.

Abby tells the women they might as well stop missing Kelly because she had her arrested and she will not be back. I found the weird judging this episode to be a major let down for the show.


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  1. “I think Abby must be going through the change.” I so get that :-)

  2. Kitty Mamma

    It was only a matter of time something like this fight happened. Those poor kids must be a ball of nerves. And I never thought Abby really nurtured Nia’s talent, either.

  3. Xanadude

    Its just not a pleasant show to watch anymore. Its one thing for adults to act crazy and act a fool around other adults (vanerpump rules, shahs, housewives, heck even couples therapy) but when the thrust of the show is about children, it becomes grotesque. I’m out.

    • Fahlina_G

      I agree completely. I still read the recap, but stopped watching last year. I have three daughters and the behavior of both Abby Lee Miller and the parents are just reprehensible and disgusting. These adults ALL belong locked up somewhere, As far as Abby and Kelly go, I have always had the impression that Abby herself had a “thing”” for Kelly. I don’t believe for a second that their falling out was over a guy. I think Abby wanted Kelly for herself. She is way too…..Single White Female. Those poor talented dancers…

  4. Did you watch the same show I did? Lol. Kalani was just stating the truth. And Nia has very little talent. She’s like a bull in a china shop.

    I wish they hadn’t made poor little MacKenzie sing that song. That was just sad.

    Abby’s rage is familiar to me too. I had those fits before I had my fibroids corrected. Frankly, and I don’t usually say things like this, Abby’s body probably has such…buildup…from not…you know….she probably is a ticking time bomb.

    I’m glad kelly is gone. Now she and kristie can’t tag team anyone Kirstie doesn’t like. And we don’t have to watch Brooke brood her way through anymore routines. Have you noticed that Brook seems to have stopped growing and is really short? Her sister and Chloe tower over her. Chloe got super tall and looks better as a dance with longer limbs.

    Abby asking Kalani’s mom what the women were saying about Kelly was comical. She seems very likeable, but they are going to try to devour her for telling Abby the truth. And Melissa is going to shit twice and die at the prospect of Kalani’s mom being the favorite.

    I almost said it’s refreshing to talk about a show without criminal activity. But I guess that’s wrong. But these people seem cleaner and less messy.

  5. brillke

    I thought it was wrong of Abby to talk about Kelly getting arrested in front of the girls like she did. They were already freaked out by what went down, they didn’t need Abby bragging about it.

    Melissa didn’t know Abby was putting Maddie’s duet up against Chloe’s until that morning. She had time to let the mothers know before they danced, and after they had asked, later that afternoon, if I’m remembering the timeline correctly, and that’s why the moms say Melissa lied.

    I felt bad for Nia too. I don’t understand how Abby can spend such little time teaching the girls a new routine and expect them to win. Nia is no Maddie but if Abby spent more than a day giving her direction and positive reinforcement, who knows what that kid could do.

    I thought the group dance was adorable and the girls seemed to have fun with it. Sometimes Abbie’s choreography makes no sense to me but this time it was well done.

    Not a fan of the new girl or her mom. Hope they don’t stay long. Let’s hope Christi can learn to stop freaking out all the time were were at it.

    Abbie yelling at Christie about not putting her hands on another kid again was beyond ridiculous and should hurt Abbie’s reputation but I seriously doubt that will happen.

  6. Shellbelle

    I wonder when the pre show reunion was filmed. Kelly was there with her girls and remember Abby brought out Talia and her mom who was in a wheelchair? I’m just curious about the time line of filming that and the fight.
    I agree with TC, Brooke brooded the whole time she was there and looked as if she’d rather be anywhere except that dance studio. I did like kelly and Christie together, sometimes.

    • Kelly claims that she has tried to take her girls out several times but Abby threatened legal action if she did.

      Make of that what you will….

      On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 10:44 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • jb44

        Abby also wanted Kelly out. It was the producers that threatened legal action if Kelly left before their contract was up.

      • jb44

        Uh oh. Maybe I have it wrong. I didn’t realize I was responding to TT. I could have sworn I read that Kelly wanted out and Abby wanted her gone too, but the producers wouldn’t let her out of her contract. I apologize if I have that wrong.

  7. I also can’t watch Abby any longer because if the kids. As adults my sons have told me how horrible they felt when I yelled. I didn’t lose it often but it made bad memories for them.
    I can’t imagine how messed up a few of these girls will become.

  8. Anne

    As a dance teacher myself I find abbey’s manner offensive.She is a bully and if she was a real professions she would know how to get the best out if her pupils without bullying them. The way she plays the girls off against each other shows how ignorant she is

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