The Truth About “Saving Our Daughters”

So emabarrasing

I really don’t want to make this post. But I will because people who try to seek “fame” in general make me wonder if their mama didn’t hug them enough.  The older I get, the more I take a self inventory. The past few days have in fact wiped me out as I did that.  I won’t over share for once, other than to say, I have been in some negotiations for my services lately and I acted like a total jackass during those negotiations. As a result, I was forced to take inventory of myself and why I react the way I do in certain situations. I’ve had a painful few days where I acted like an asshat in my professional arena, and have tried to grow as a person with the help of some much needed therapeutic assistance. My therapist’s advice was essentially to learn from your mistakes and try not to make them in the future. Please deposit $180 in my tip jar for that So  advice. Fine. I paraphrase. $18 will do. lol. These are the jokes people. Sort of.  But I share that because I think it relates to this story.

I am growing tired of people posting in the OTHER Saving Our Daughters post comments “Didja hear they are  not a real charity?” Yes. Yes. I did both in comments HERE  and HERE! So I am updating y’all on what we know. I am changing to purple font at this point.

Despite the HUGE spotlight placed on Curtis Benjamin and his “charity” the site continues to portray themselves as :

Our Vision / Approach: Saving Our Daughters is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose philosophy is to build a movement that begins with experiential literacy and effortlessly flows into recurring civil actions (words and actions).

First, let me introduce Curtis to you..

From the Saving Our Daughters Facebook

From the Saving Our Daughters Facebook

Saving Our Daughters (SOD) initiatives focus on reaching thousands of teen girls and youth across the country with our celebrity, corporate, and community partners making it possible to spark positive activism.  Our words and actions model empowers teens to forward the mission as well as further ignite their inner purpose individually or by leading a group at their home, school, or community.

Later in the site they repeat this claim while holding up their ten-year old daughter who died of brain cancer as proof of their …..genuineness????  Does this look like a man who is hell bent on some charitable endeavor?

History: Saving Our Daughters, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, drives a celebrity-inspired book series and empowered community activism.

Since 1998, Saving Our Daughters’ themes have drawn from life issues and topics illuminated by popular films.  The organization and book series originated from screen actors emerging out of their film roles and into open personal perspectives of the subjects prevalent with youth, especially teen girls.

Under the original name, It’s Cool to Be Smart, the organization was a solid mentoring and scholarship program based in Atlanta with affiliates in L.A., New York, Chicago, and Cleveland.

In late 2008, the founder, Curtis J. Benjamin (Curt B.) prepared to reorganize and extend the organizational mission based on overwhelming response from teen girls, their mentors, and celebrity advocates.

Um, because it was not cool to be smart anymore? And by smart it seems in your mind to mean stringing together words you don’t know the definition of? What does your “charity” actually do?  Can you show us some of your charitable endeavors?  What do you have exactly besides lots of accolades for some people who share your skin tone who may or may not know that you exist? What have you done for these “daughters”? Where are your charitable event sites?  What do you do exactly other than wish black celebrities happy birthday and promote their books?

Shortly after undertaking the new vision, Curtis and Debbie Benjamin’s youngest daughter, Iliss (photo featured above) was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor at the age of 10.  The newly selected organization name, Saving Our Daughters, took on an even deeper meaning.  His daughter supported and often encouraged him to continue his work even during the hardest of times with the disease.  His sweet daughter lost her battle in 2011 just days after the volume, “Who Will Save the Little Girl?” was published.  In Iliss’ honor, we strive to save all daughters from the issues and tragedies preventable through awareness and powerful community bonds.

Wait what? Awareness and celebrities could have prevented your daughter’s death? Really?

Does this turn anyone else’s stomach or is it just  me? But things get worse.  These are FAME WHORES who just so happened to have a daughter affected by brain cancer.  The claims they make about “corporate sponsors” are bullshit and The Brain Tumor Foundation is particularly appalled. I know this because I was cc:ed on some inquiring emails  by supporters of their foundation who were appalled by their iNclusion on the website.

They appear to have added “corporate sponsors” without their knowledge.

“Thank you for your email message today.  You are right in that the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children is a reputable charity and has been so for 30 years.  While we are not a sponsor of Saving Our Daughters and have never given them any funds whatsoever, we do know of this organization and their desire to raise funds to assist our organization.  I was not aware of this IRS tax exempt revocation and am therefore looking into the matter.

Thank you again for your message.

Mary Moore
Executive Director
Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc.”

Speaking of people who no longer wish to be associated with a site that has not submitted any proper IRS forms in years and is not a tax-deductible charity according to the IRs. Very few  images of “daughters” of any kind they use on their website. Or their facebook page. Which is all birthday wishes and free advertising to anyone who is black and on a reality show. Not surprisingly, several of those celebrities have asked me not to mention them in this post as they are asking to be removed from the site at his time.

It seems to me that their motifs operandi was to stroke the ego out of any successful black person with a fan base and lure them to “supporting the children.”  And it seems to have worked for the really dumb ones.

Meanwhile, their  “corporate sponsors” have no idea they are being mentioned on their site, and are outraged and will be coming for them despite not being sent for. heh I crack myself up. Sorry. And there is yet another  ghetto aspect of crime and ignorance on the part of RHOA.  And somehow, some way we had to have a yankee bitch from Detroit lay it all out for us.

Congrats Atlanta for continuing to highlight the ghettoassedness ! We can do better than this.


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  1. Bombshell

    Oh goodness! These reality shows will kill me!!

  2. N Dot

    Excellent reporting. This is scam. They gain their legitimacy from the people that support them, not necessarily for the things they have done.

  3. barbinga

    I wouldn’t let that Curtis anyfuckingwhere around my daughter.

    Shady asses.

  4. beth

    So, anyone going to be in The View studio audience tomorrow ? On Twitter yesterday, NeNe claimed she will be on the show Friday to spill some tea – oh how I would love to be there so I could ask her what she has to say about all of this …

  5. Sorry you’re so wracked. But good work on all this. I hope this does some good and gets contributions funnel led to real causes instead of some jackass’s pocket.

  6. beth

    p.s., excellent post TT!

  7. WestCoast Feed

    Thanks, TT, for reporting this and for informing others of what they are doing. From what I have been able to gather from Kenya Moore’s twitter time line, she was as taken in as many other celebs have been in the past. On the 16th Kenya was tweeting people and encouraging them to contribute, but by this morning, she had obviously been informed of SOD’s lack of IRS certification. This is a big mess. And the funny thing is that had SOD not put out that press release insinuating that Kenya was being shady, none of their past would have been exposed.

    • puppylove

      In TT post the other day wasn’t it said that Kenya hadn’t given any monies to this fake organization. I thought it said she gave a Christmas donation of $500.00, can’t remember what title the 500 was for, and that she kept the rest. Boy you talk about a scammer, this is a scammer being scammed. I think you may see Kenya eating a little crow , naw she would never admit to being wrong about anything, even if it bit her in her fake ass. Maybe she knew it was a scam and that’s why she never sent any money from the “Man auction”.
      Thanks for all your hard work TT. You probably saved some money for some people that would have donated to this CRAP organization. Hope the IRS gets them good.

  8. beth

    p.p.s. On the off-chance they are operating under another new name, two days ago I filled out their contact form at the SavingOurDaughters web site, asking them for their EID# … can’t think why I haven’t heard from them yet :-)

  9. Megan

    Wow! Has a reality tv show ever been this real? I mean so far in Atlanta we have seen identity theft, a fake charity, cocaine use, and video evidence of a man denying he was married. I hope Sherri is aware of this before she backs up Nene. She has already looked dumb in the past for her lack of knowledge in science and history.

    • Skeeter

      Cocaine use? Where did we see cocaine use?

      • We have not. I think that’s from the “say it enough times and it’s true” collection. Along with Kenya “Charging” innocent people and the event being held to “honor” nene. I guess we can throw “Kenya stealing from charity” to the pike too, since even with no proof, there are still lots if people screaming that from the top of they lung.

  10. TT – thanks for this post. Bless my heart, I fear I belong on the short yellow bus. Did Kenya and NeNe know, or were they both taken in?

  11. myinfo

    Wow. This gets worse by the minute.
    I knew after they put out that statement something was wrong with this charity.
    TT great reporting. Maybe you should also be a PI.
    Nene’s appearance on the view will backfire too.

  12. myinfo

    I don’t think Nene or Kenya knew the charity was shady.

    • WestCoast Feed

      It’s pretty obvious from Kenya’s tweets that she did not know. I doubt that NeNe knew either. After all, the charity claimed that they had a 501-3-c right on their website. And that claim was still there when I looked earlier this afternoon.

  13. JenB

    Damn good blog with all of the details. Their entire website is all BS and no substance. I hope this does not reflect back onto Kenya in a negative way. I guess she assumed since NeNe’s name was attached to their website, etc that SOD was ok.
    I hate shit like this because it discourages people from donating to any charity.
    T, I hope things look up for you. I am sorry you had some bad days.

    • I think that for me, it reaffirms that “charity begins at home”. My mom used that phrase so often. I’m not sure if it’s a real saying or just something she said. Anyhow, I give to people I know (or friends of friends, etc) who are having a rough time. I’m not rich, so it’s not a lot. But no one is taking a salary out of it, so it’s 100%.

  14. Wow a scam, I feel sorry for the people that have been taken in

  15. I love this blog

    I love you TT
    I am your biggest fan . Winks

  16. Jarlath

    Will someone please think of the children! Nene better demand back the “thousands” she’s donated to this “charity”.

  17. I’m not feeling good about this. I am pretty horrified that people do this. Just saying.

    • naa

      yeah, it has felt kind of shitty finding out all of this stuff. :(

    • Jarlath

      I kinda began to have my doubts about this “charity” after the statement they put out. I guess it makes sense that Nene would be a big “donor” since she too had her fake charity. Maybe she did some consulting for them?

    • Reading Beads

      Somehow, somewhere, deep in my heart, I knew that Nene Leakes had one charity and it was her shoe habit. I remember her gathering at some gazebo with the RHOA ladies and at that ‘gathering’, Nene had little or no interest in encouraging donations. The entire taping was under 5 minutes of air time. I see this a lot, actually. We have a pandemic of charitable organizations in my area, most of which are simply tax havens for those who refuse to pay their share.

      Wouldn’t it be funny if Kenya figured all this out and did this to expose Nene? Everyone keeps saying Kenya is the dumb one. I think she’s smart like a fox. Nene is the one with intelligence issues, she cannot speak English or string a sentence together with a script and cue cards. Let’s hope the law gets these charity critters and locks them away. And, may Nene eat her words about her many charities. I’m enjoying Nene’s comeuppance. She needed to an attitude adjustment and a reality check.

      Now, if only Andy could get his much needed attitude adjustment. Smug is so unattractive. His favorites playing is getting really old. The unflattering edits of the housewives who fall out of favor with his drama queens is bad practice and worse television.

      No Vanderpump Rules for me. In fact, I’m almost Bravo free these days. Kenya is why I’m still watching RHOA. Well, that and breathlessly awaiting that smug Phaedra’s take down along with the queen of the underground railroad, Miss Perfect Marriage Porshia.

      That Phaedra thought she had the right to ask to use Air Force One for “Mr. President’s” birthday made me need to vomit. That she refers to him as “Mr. President” makes me gag. She and her convict husband should not be on TV. Phaedra’s porn and sex worker clients are nasty.

      RHOA does notthing to empower black women or women of any race. These are a bunch of drunk, uneducated ghetto thugs. Kandi and Kenya are the two bright lights in the whole mess.

  18. GIGI

    according to Kenya’s twitter she was spotted at the Dollar Tree in L.A today. No shade given, A fan saw her there and she responded on twitter she was there.

    • WestCoast Feed

      Yes, I saw that twitter exchange. Kenya mentioned she had just gotten off a 12 hour flight. Must be on her way home from Nigeria.

    • "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

      I honestly think that’s cool. I hate when people “arrive” and start behaving like they won’t be caught dead doing this or that. Part of being wealthy is staying wealthy by being frugal. Plus Louis Vuitton doesn’t sell Q-tips sooo…

  19. Kate

    Didn’t Dina Manzos charity have a problem with the IRS too? Was Deshawn Snows charity real?

    • Cammie

      Having an issue with the IRS is one thing, could be a small thing or a big thing, most likely a fixable thing. But not filing ANYTHING for a charity for three years is a whole ‘nother deal. It makes you wonder if a cent donated to this “charity” ever went anywhere but in someone’s tax free pocket.

  20. Barbara R.

    I’m sure there are a lot more phony charities out there but this one was so blatent.

  21. I bet if you looked too close at Porsha’s family, you’d find something close. How does a preacher and civil rights activist get so damn rich?

    I guess black on black crime is blue collar and white collar. Sad that a people so oppressed for centuries by the whites would take advantage of each other this way.

    • Greenwood

      I was wondering that same thing, teecee. Something is NOT right in that situation. Tamara, what do you think?

    • Shellbelle

      You are right about Porscha’s family. People here have been giving them the side eye for a while.

      • Tamar voice

        I just wonder what make people think that Porsha’s family is rich? I don’t live in Atlantat, so I’m not in the know, but from her appearance and intellectual skills, it just seems like she had a short time come up with Kordell. Now that he’s out of the picture, she’s trying to hustle like all the other houseives. She’s not sitty pretty like Marlo or a rich woman, lol.

  22. SoCalCPA

    Excellent post. People are throwing around the word “charity” too loosely these days. It’s lost its intrinsic value.

  23. lori

    Terrible. Smdh. If they are found to be committing illegal activities, I hope they are held accountable to the fullest degree. Using young girls in need as a platform to rip people off is as low as it gets. Especially using the death of your own child in any way to help you in doing so.

  24. Great post TT. Yesterday at Costco food court I went up and handed a homeless man $3.00 for lunch. I did it as the store manager was evicting the man from the food court. The man wasn’t begging, looked as if he already had eaten and was resting there.
    I “get it” that the homeless often need to be moved from where they sit to a better area but it can be done in a gentle manner. This manager brought backup and was over the top stern.
    After the man was moving away the manager approached to where I was sitting and began telling me he did not appreciate me giving them money. I was the cause of … WTF!
    I blew up at him how he should clean the bird shit from the tables instead of moving a homeless man.
    I was loud, abrupt and did not handle that as well as I should have.
    I should had told him I had a long standing membership or that he had no right to tell me who I can money to. There were so many better ways to say what I did other than blow up about bird shit on the tables.
    So young lady I understand about handling situations poorly. Hang in there.

  25. If you go to the SOD website, they have made a post within the last hour or so entitled “Saving Our Daughters Tax Exempt Status”.

    • naa

      Ridiculous and in desperate need of copy editing.

      “Saving Our Daughters’ has been a non-profit since 1997 and received its 501 C-3 in 1998.

      Many people are aware that in 2009 the founder of the organization, Curtis Benjamin, youngest daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor that required immediate chemotherapy and radiation in Atlanta. During this time, all of Mr. Benjamin’s time and energy was solely dedicated to his daughter and family. After 2 1/2 years of battling this disease, Iliss Marie Benjamin died in 2011, one month before her 13th birthday.

      During these unfortunate times, Curtis disengaged in any organizations’ duties and in the meantime, the organization unfortunately lost its tax-exempt status. After grieving his daughter’s death and wanting to fulfill his promise to continue to help young girls, Curtis resumed his duties and passion for Saving Our Daughters. As of December 2013, the non-profit organization Saving Our Daughters has been engaged with the IRS and has re-submitted for its 501-C-3. It is expected that they will be reinstated in mid –year of 2014 and continue its programing causes for young girls in 2014.

      All donations received past and present made to Saving Our Daughters will still be tax-deducible this year and in 2013 as well.

      Curtis Benjamin


      Saving Our Daughters”

    • WestCoast Feed

      Thank you, tootsie. I’ve been checking them periodically all day. Now, I wonder will there be an update to that anti Kenya, press release?

  26. Cammie

    Did I read correctly that this charity claims to have published a book or several books in a series to help guide young women? What books are these? Has anyone seen them or know who the publisher is?

    They also claim to have developed a model which “empowers teens to forward the mission as well as further ignite their inner purpose individually or by leading a group at their home, school, or community.” Where has this model been implemented? Who developed this model and who teaches it?

    Scholarships? Who’s received a SOD scholarship? How much was it for and what school did they attend?

    These are the questions I would be asking if I were a supporter/donor (i.e. NeNe/Kenya) and hopefully the questions the IRS will be asking before kicking back that exempt status.

    • Michelle

      I’d bet dollars to donuts their mission statement was stolen directly from another charity.


      My thoughts exactly! I would like to see some of the work they do and the way girls benefit from it. Their website shows many celebrities and corporate sponsors supporting their cause. I haven’t seen any mention of how many people have been awarded scholarships, how often outreach sessions are run etc. As a potential donor, I would prefer to see actual examples of their work on the site. The number of celebrity supporters they have only carries so much weight.

  27. Sarah

    Great work Tamara. As tootsie stated above, there’s a message on the SOD website re their Tax Exempt Status put up (2 hrs ago) by Curtis Benjamin. Seems that though they received a 501 C-3 in 1998 they lost it when Curtis’ daughter died & he “disengaged in any organizations’ duties”. States they just recently refiled!

  28. Sarah

    Bizarre Naa — When I submitted my comment the last one was Tootsies from 8:37. Oh well :)

  29. LoLo

    Oh what tangled web they weave….smdh

  30. Witchy

    I apologize for asking Tamara,
    What makes me sick is the reason they gave for losing their status.
    It says to not post links, but loveBscott posted it and its alarming after reading this post.
    People are sickening.

  31. Hmmmm. It appears they lost 501(c)3 status in May 2013, that information became public knowledge in August 2013, and they began working with the IRS in Dec 2013 to reinstate by mid-2014. In the posting on their website, they claim that all 2013 and 2014 contributions will be tax deductible. I find it hard to believe that any entity would go toe to toe with the IRS and make that claim in such a public forum if it weren’t true. Maybe I’m just naive.

    • I love this blog

      Oh! You mean just like them BOLDLY listing The Brain Tumor Foundation. As a “corporate sponsor”. When clearly they were not a corporate sponsor. Slime balls have the guts, to be that bold. Surely they can go toe to toe With the IRS. With yet another BS statement.

      • With all due respect, no organization or foundation has the clout of the IRS.

      • I love this blog

        I didn’t mean that they are above the IRS. Just that they are bold. To say they have been, in contact with the IRS. Why would the IRS give them leeway, when after their exempt status was revoked. They continued collecting donations. This “charity” should be ashamed.

    • jasmine

      The question is? If an organization doesn’t have tax deductible status, why would the IRS consider a contribution tax deductible? If an organization has been remiss in keeping their 501 (c) 3 status current, contributions are not tax deductible unless they attach themselves to another legitimate organization with current 501 (c) 3 status. Some people are foolish in thinking they can outsmart the IRS. Wesley Snipes, Ronnie Isley, Lauryn Hill ect… all went to jail for tax issues. One person can never fully understand another person reasoning.

      With charitable organization, the public has the right to request information regarding how contributions are spent. Often more money is spent raising money than servicing their cause. The cause may be worthwhile; however, the percentage of expenses vs contribution should be balanced appropriately. Saving Our Daughter should have expense reports outlining how money is being spent. Make a request and how Mr. Benjamin responds should be a clear indication of the legitimacy of the organization.

  32. vivaladiva831

    SOD should have neeevvveeerrr opened their mouth and made that bs “statement”. I’ll bet they are really kicking themselves now. This would probably not have happened (not like this anyway) if they had just minded their own business and kept their statements to themselves.

  33. jelley

    So did Kenya know SOD was a joke and orchestrated the event to embarrass nene?

    Serious question and I’m not even wearing my tin foil hat.

    PS I owe you $18! Kudos

    • Gingersnap

      I haven’t gotten the impression that Kenya knew anything about SOD (isn’t sod dirt?) or NeNe either. Personally, I doubt either one was paying much attention to the balance sheets. I guess SOD is the flavor of the month charity for the “happening” crowd, or some such shit.

    • I love this blog

      We can’t answer for Kenya.
      I think that is something, she has to answer to for herself.

  34. Barbara R.

    We don’t disrespect Tamara here. She works very hard for us.

  35. If you had bothered to consult your dictionary prior to commenting, you would see that it is “modus” [not “modis”]. Although not usually used with operandi, motifs does convey a similar message.

  36. Gingersnap

    QB: Must suck being you.

  37. Don

    So…. where does this leave Kenya and her “Charity” event?

    Did she end up posting receipts of her “Lot of Money” donation raised that night?

  38. If you’re going to correct someone’s spelling, make sure you know how to spell, you ignorant heifer.

    • tobaccorhoda

      Oh, and while you’re at it, look up the definition of usury and then take several seats.

    • Jaded

      Don’t you love it when someone tries to prove their superiority by using words they clearly don’t understand and/or can’t spell? If they are going to be pedantic when they clearly understood the intent, then surely they would ensure they had their own post entirely “en pointe”. This one takes the cake though because even when trying to defend themselves when their own errors are highlighted, they further demonstrate their ineptitude by failing to understand the points made to them.

      Bitter trolls make me laugh because without exception they always look like far bigger fools than the people they are trying to humiliate.

  39. spk

    ( Wishing you well TT – sounds like a rough couple days. You’ll come out fine, that was some fine $18 advice! 😉 )

    Wow, what a mess they stepped in––promoting celebrity as if that is equal to being “smart” or “intelligent”. It’s so nauseating.

    Maybe that’s why Kenya’s event was held outside, maybe it cost more to use the interior of the house. I kept waiting for one of those mask wearing tattooed women to fall in the pool.

    I just hope this story btw Nene & Kenya doesn’t give Phaedra and Apollo a pass at the reunion, by being a distraction.

    Did anyone see Kandi, Todd & Mama Joyce on the view today….? I know this isn’t the right place but….had to ask.

    • Michelle

      I didn’t see the view. Did Mama Joyce make a fool of herself?

      • spk

        It was kinda funny, to me. They did the intro, showed the clip where Todd said he might have to “move on” if things didn’t change. And right out of the gate, Joyce tried to act like she didn’t know what he did for a living. Total shade.

        But the guest host Jerry O’Connell, bam!, he called her out on it — so she acted a wee bit better. She did make one interesting point; that when Todd was interviewed about the situation elsewhere, he’d worry out-loud about the shows impact on his kid but never mentioned Kandi’s daughter. That would bother me, I have to admit.

        They had all of 4.5 minutes of time on stage, Kandi cried. That sucked. I want her to kick ass and take names and move forward.

        **I’M SORRY TT, I couldn’t help but talk about this here.**

      • JoJo

        I saw it. The most animated I’ve seen Whoopi when reality TV guests are on if I’m not mistaken. Mama didn’t take her shoe off, she was composed I guess, but she talks in this monotone mutter and it’s hard to understand. Her points against Todd have to do with him taking 2 months off work after his stint with Kim’s show ended and he met Kandi. The other was he said somewhere he was worried about the show’s impact on his daughter and someone else’s, but failed to mention Kandi’s. Mama has nothing on him, she just plain don’t like him!

    • lori

      I watched. They all looked so great. All I could think is what a shame it is that they can’t just be a happy family.

      • spk

        Totally agree. They all looked so pretty and I kept thinking it’d be great if it could just work out for them as a family. I thought Todd spoke well for himself too.

  40. "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

    @Que Bee If the sorority is sad, why are you here? And apparently you come often based on your comments. You seem to take joy in going on the internet and riling people up. Witcha broken spell check. Go buy a puppy and bring some joy into your life, you seem miserable.

    • lori

      Doesn’t sound like they deserve a sweet puppy. MAYBE a goldfish. They wouldn’t be able to hear this angry person spewing bullshit.

      • I love this blog

        ” Doesn’t sound like they deserve a sweet puppy. MAYBE a goldfish. They wouldn’t be able to hear this angry person spewing bullshit.” LOL! Dead!

  41. "New kenya fan" to "The Jam"

    *sigh* why do my replies never end up in the right place?

  42. tobaccorhoda

    QB sure is wordy, and all of them incorrectly used and misspelled. Oh well, every day there’s fresh hope.

    • naa

      Oh, I hope she sticks around. All of the page views and posts are just putting money into Tamara’s pocket.

      Thanks Queen Bee! Click click click….

  43. Takeagoodlook

    I knew something wasn’t right from the first time I heard the story. I used to host events for charities and in my experience a legitimate organization would never contact a blogger or media to state they did not receive any monies. He just wanted fame. But what I don’t get is why try to expose Kenya when he was not on the up and up. Doesn’t he watch Scandal?? As soon as you become public you will be put under a microscope and get vetted. SMH!!!

  44. Jarlath

    Because we don’t all make mistakes when writing?


    @TT: I’m sure all the RHOA drama has kept you phenomenally busy this week. We all get to the end of our tether sometimes and act inappropriately. To reflect on how you behaved, acknowledge your shortcomings, apologise and work on bettering yourself, makes you a reasonable, sensible and mature adult. Some people you blog about could very well follow suit and learn some humility!!!

    You make a good point in your blog: where are the results from this charity? What have they done with donations to actually save our daughters? I’m from the UK and I’ve never heard of SOD before. UK charities usually post follow ups on their webpages to show the result of their work. It’s an incentive to keep you donating as you can see where your money is going. Has anyone found any posts/links for the work SOD does regularly or has done following a fund raiser?

  46. Bren

    I’m beginning to wonder if anyone from RHOA can do anything legitimate at all.

    OT, but this brandi/child support drama has me shaking my head. Those children do not even need to be aware of this and she can’t pretend they don’t know about it as there is no way the older son isn’t being told about it, if he isn’t reading it himself. I don’t know what the truth is in this he said/she said shitshow, but I know that the kids shouldn’t have to worry unnecessarily about money.

  47. Mari Anne Souza

    Sounds like someone’s got a ‘Que Bee’ in their bonnet. No one’s begging on here – donate or not! #afewdollarsforatonofvalue

  48. Jarlath

    Strange that the charity did not seem too disengaged to collect donations.

    • LoLo

      LOL…now that’s the truth…why continue to collect donations if you’re disengaged. Who took the funds to the bank? where were these funds used? This is just a hot mess…that’s why I stopped donating to organizations a long time ago. When I know of someone or a family who is in need of food..I just take a grocery store gift card to them. When I am aware of a person struggling to get to work..I have given a gas card or rapid transit card. I have folks in need right in my own back yard…that’s where I give. Folks are struggling in REAL life…I don’t have time to donate to someone’s new card or international vacation…geez

    • MTQ

      They have submitted the paper work and Is working with IRS to regain their non profit status and it is a possibility that IRS will make it retroactive back to the date their status was revoked. If granted, all donations made during the revoked period, will be tax deductible.

      • Jarlath

        Why did they delete the RHOA statement?

      • Michelle

        But in the meantime they CANNOT state that all donations given last year and this year are tax deductible. That is just not true. It is black and white with the IRS and that money can be accepted by the charity but is considered INCOME, taxable income. No one can claim a donation for the donated money either if the charity is not current with their status.

      • spk

        Not to defend this institution or to suggest I know tax law from creamed corn. But individuals file for extensions every year and proceed to collect income for upwards of 1 and 1/2 years, until they come to a settled solution with the IRS. The IRS doesn’t view that as a scam… they view that as a regular course of business, don’t they?

  49. Shellbelle

    What a bitch you are.

  50. kat

    TT you are killin it in theses blogs…this was an incredible read! I’m sure Nene would have been prepared to really go in on Phaedra at the reunion but this entire fiasco is going to keep her sitting quiet. Kenya on the other hadn is going to have a field day with everyone.

  51. MTQ

    Depends on what instructions were given to them by the IRS, which neither of us know. I am pretty sure given their situation and all of this attention that they would NOT continue to operate against IRS rules.

  52. Was nene on The View? I missed it.

    The most recent statement from the charity is odd. The whole thing refers to the CEO in the third person, but is signed by the CEO. What the fuck?

    That’s like me saying: Tobaccorhoda disengaged from this website because her beloved hamster died.

  53. Naa

    Sorry about your hamster, TRho. :(

  54. Free Kroy

    It would be great to research all the charities that are supported on all the housewives franchises, categorized by city, and see how many of these charities have issues. Just like Kenya, theses ladies do not research these charities very well, they just throw theses lavish event to get sponsors and look good on TV. Looking good by making the viewers think they actually do charity work or just as a conduit to get sponsors to pay for their lavish event. If the latter is true, this needs to be exposed. This would be a great article or book. Raising $10,000 and only contributing $500 is shameful. But something tells me this is the norm for many housewives, not just Kenya. Kenya just got exposed because she was dumb to do it in NeNe’s name when she knew they were on bad terms. I want to see the receipts for all the expenses. And why were donors instructed to make checks payable to Kenya Whore? This would be a great book “Housewives’ charity efforts exposed as fake”. They are using donors money to throw parties that they can not afford. How do the ladies that bid on guys in the mane of charity feel about Kenya pocketing their money to pay for a lavish party that she can’t afford or does not want to pay for? Even if the charity was debunked, that is out of her control. But, to have a party for camera time disguises as a charity even is sickening.

    • Where on earth did you think she raised $10K? The only money raised appeared to be from the man auction. There were six of them and they all went for $500 or less. So that is under 3K Those checks would have been made out to the charity, not Kenya.


      On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


      • Naa

        I’m willing to bet Bravo spent $10K on the event or thereabouts. Kenya spent exactly $500, which is sort of skinny as contributions go, but it is something. And if there is another $3K in auction proceeds behind that, it is a decent day for Saving our Daughters; of course only $300 of that will actually go to recipients. LOL. Plus Bravo can write off the $10K.

  55. AfromOz

    Que Bee, get off the fucking site.

    I am no ones alcolyte. I, as does everyone who visits, have freedom of choice as to donating to TT. That is the beauty of free will.

    I haven’t donated, nor will I. However, to have some smug, condescending twat suggest that I (or any of TT’s readers, for that matter) am not smart enough to make my own choices makes me see red. You’ve taken my ‘escape’ and tried to turn it into something ugly.

    So, fuck you, go read a newspaper instead, and keep your thoughts to yourself.

  56. Naa

    Look, this Curtis guy is probably a well-meaning fellow. But he seems to be in way over his head here.

    – He was informed in May 2013 that his 501 (c) 3 was at risk of being revoked and it was revoked in August. Really, I get grieving, but his daughter sadly passed in 2011 according to the site. Not filing for years is inexcusable and I really don’t get why you’d wait from August to December to finally contact the IRS.
    – He runs a charity where 90 cents out of every dollar goes to overhead. Are you kidding me? The best run charities spend 30 cents on every dollar in expenses. Do all of the famous-ish people whose names are on the site know this?
    – The letter-writing fiasco frankly disqualifies him in my mind from running a charity. It was childish and immature. And based on his texts, he actually knew better. I know some of you keep asking “where’s the money?” I’m not sure it matters. Kenya threw an event (or really Bravo did) that was no more made-for-television than many of the entertainment events that Saving Our Daughters is involved with. I’m sure a few hundred were raised on top of her $500 check. She’s guilty of being a media whore. Not much more here.

  57. tobaccorhoda

    @savingdaughters is currently tweeting that all negative comments on their sites will be deleted and blocked.

    In related news that brain cancer charity no longer appears as a corporate sponsor on the site. I guess they were negative.

    • The Brain Cancer Charity had no idea they were listed as “corporate sponsors.” Curtis doesn’t seem to understand what Corporate Sponsor are. They are not charities, they are corporations who provide contributions in the form of cash, services or volunteers… Other charities are not corporate sponsors. They have their own fund raising to worry about.

      On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 1:41 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


    • Naa

      There are currently 72 “celebrity” sponsors on their website.

      Let’s say I make the over/under 50 in 12 months time. Do you take the over or the under?

    • wikunia

      I think this Curtis fellow may get away with it. I’m sure he’s selling IRS that touching story about a well-meaning fellow who lost her daughter.
      Where were SOD trustees during this time?

  58. Naa

    So, the Red Cross happened to come up as an ad on your site and i clicked it for a little compare/contrast. One thing missing from SOD is the testimonials and stories about all of the young women they’ve helped. Unless I am missing it. It would/should look something like this:

    If links aren’t allowed, please delete. You can find what I am talking about by going to the red cross site and clicking “stories.”

    • MTQ

      You missed it…there are a few testimonials. How on earth do you compare the Red Cross with SOD? It’s a much larger organization, been around since forever, receives government grants and donations from around the world…it’s a global operation. SOD is barely known outside of Georgia.

      Let’s be honest, the only reason that some of you are interested in SOD is because they outed your girl, Kenya. Had it been NeNe would this conversation exist?

      Some of you are so emotionally invested you can hardly think straight and fail to remember the point of it all; “Where is all the money”?

  59. tobaccorhoda

    I’m currently asking them on twitter if they are going to publish their current financials. Radio silence.

    • Another thing I noticed about their Staff listings on the website of the three or four people listed none were community organizers or in charge of charitable distribution, or accounting. But there were two social media people.

      On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 2:27 PM, Tamara Tattles wrote:


  60. I mentioned that this charity really is not one and had a couple people go back and forth repeatedly with me about what a 401c and 501c status is because apparently within the last few days SOD has changed the status on their website! The site even LOOKS shady. In just a quick glance anybody can come to the conclusion SOD did not do the work it took to get sponsors and for some reason the celebrity affiliations seem suspect as well, known and unknowns.

  61. If SOD deal with domestic abuse??? Where’s the beef in all this? They should have education forums on domestic abuse, shelters with information about domestic abuse, instead….we got this dude and that’s it? No wonder NeNe is ticked off…Kenya exposed you and your bogus charity!!

    • Easy_Green

      Simmah down nah. NeNe isn’t even a listed celebrity on the SOD site. There are 72 (?) celebrities with glamor shots, big names such as Kelly Rowland, Janet Jackson, Maya Angelou who have donated either time, talent or money to help produce books, clothing, money, etc., which goes towards their mission statement (however murky that may appear). By all the accusations on here, the 72 would be guilty and no doubt in cahoots with Benjamin Curtis. But no, it’s just NeNe the Mastermind who is behind this and maybe it’s Kenya Brockovitch who has borrowed the Vanderpump chess board and created an elaborate outing of a false charity and a reality tv HBIC. C’mon…

      Yes, NeNe’s picture shows up on the corporate sponsor, but she’s depicted on a Price Is Right still, and she’s not a corporation; the Shoedazzle shizz, however, is listed. That’s what I think the thousands that NeNe has raised goes with: Shoedazzle. I think TT said that in another post.

      Just too much NeNe thrashing and she hasn’t even crossed the Delaware River yet and onto Valley Forge. (Loved the Johnny Tremaine reference!)

    • Easy_Green

      Neither NeNe nor Kenya knew if this charity was legit, and I think it is legit, but I’m just trying to stay positive that it is not as sinister as many here believe, which doesn’t mean it may not end up being that way. I am just holding out hope that they are what they say they are. Losing a child the way they did can really screw them all up personally, so I think professionally they’d have problems, things sliding. I feel as if it’s more items-to-donate rather than a money-raising charity. Also, Kenya surely didn’t know since she tweeted one day to keep donating to SOD and the next to not.

      I can also believe that NeNe really didn’t look at the evite. She’s not sitting around Atlanta when this event was happening. When Kenya says that NeNe has nothing to do that really is not true. Her timeline indicates that she was in other states out promoting I Dream Of NeNe the day and days before, and I bet there’s a poor Tobias Lear-like assistant (Hell, Kenya has Brandon as her “assistant” so I’m sure each lady has handlers) who opened the evite, and told her about Kenya’s latest stunt, er, event. I can see the “eyeroll,” feel the hurricane lash wind from the blink, the fat ducklip of disgust. It’s clear she was sick of Kenya (as all the ladies seem to be) because Kenya does play games and doesn’t play nice with others (great for television but not for “friends” on any rhoa level.) Not one lady seems to like her because they can’t trust her. They tolerate. Even Kandi was visibly annoyed with Kenya on WWHL when RHOA season premiered.

      (sorry for megaposting.)

      • JoJo

        So many revelations in a couple days, so who knows anything’s possible, so I understand you trying to remain positive & mentioning both ‘lady’s’ have shady parts in it.
        But I did want to mention since no one else has, there are varying types of ‘charities’ and all are called that by most people when referring to a non-profit. There are many animals under the IRS code for charities and one is ‘public charity’ which does not have to file an IRS return.
        This means that the org. has officers, etc. but doesn’t generate any income by raising money and no one’s paid. They raise awareness and receive in-kind contributions. I was the president of one (SALT – Seniors & Law Enforcement Together) while I was employed for a gov’t agency.
        I inherited the role when some wanted to dissolve it. I then went through holy hell and an audit with the IRS because the previous ‘president’ threw away the yearly IRS, 1-page letter, that had one box to check that said “status not changed” – we didn’t raise $$ other than yearly dues from the 20 members.
        So there’s that far-fetched possibility ………..

      • MTQ

        Very well stated Green & JoJo.

      • lovehope

        Jo jo on,
        They do accept donations and are required to file.
        Believe I too have been hoping it’s legit even as I search them out for clarity. It’s a bit confusing to say the least, but what is clear they are revoked after receiving an informative notice/ letter 1/28/12, then revoked 9/1/12.

        Reasoning they’re going through what’s sure the worst time of their lives, but that’s quite some time allowed.
        I don’t know, I too question myself -whether to share what I come across or not because I do hope everything is good!
        I have just come across sooo many that weren’t because it is soo easy to to get incorporated. My radars go up with certain telltell patterns found often in records.


  63. The only thing missing in this is a good Hitler analogy. :/

    • JoJo

      Well there’ve been at least an analogy to King George III – a tyrant – via the Revolutionary War and all and Nene’s hair.

  64. lovehope

    I understand according to SOD’s site they say “It’s Cool To Be Smart” is the original name, but according to an article in Non Profit Quarterly (NPQ) who refers to information from Guildstar that appears to be untrue or somewhat confusing, however one chooses to look at it, but check this out.

    NPQ writes:
    “The last return we could find was for 2009.  

    The returns logged on the GuideStar site add even more confusion. The group is searchable under “Saving our Daughters Publishing Inc.,” but its 990 in 2002 was filed under “Stretching the Limits II” but with the same EIN. In 2006–2009, its return was filed under “It’s cool to be smart.” All are signed by Curtis Benjamin, and in general are hard to make heads or tails of.—Ruth McCambridge”

    Also… here you will find mention og “Stretching Our Limits” and another non for profit of Curtis Benjamin, as well as his affiliations with lots of well knowns

    • lovehope

      This one entity appears to have had 3 names which is confusing as to which came first. Did it start out as SOD, to STL then to ICTBS and back to SOD?? BUT… according info. on Zoom info site (listed above) It’s Cool to be smart was incorporated in 1997. BUT… filing history of it with State didn’t began until 8/09/2002 in OHIO! Can’t consider present name and current address as original. However, there has been only one change of name filed on 6/22/04 which Guildstar records so filing taxes under the name of It’s Cool To Be Smart not SOD 06- 09. History is not showing a name change since 09. There is an amendment that I did not open in Secretary of State of Georgia records, but no additional name changes or change of addresses.

      This is a MESS!!!!!

  65. Michelle

    My partner was sought out and contacted by Curtis Benjamin because of her work with girls in need. He convinced her via celeb name dropping and promises of involvement in events to give him $75 to become a partner in saving our daughters. He then ordered t-shirts with the assurance that he could “get them cheaper” but ended up charging her twice the price. He created a Staples account in her name, never paid the bill and pocketed $250 for nothing. Btw-she only got 30 shirts. We called Staples and got that straight (they also took his “little line of credit”).
    BTW It’s a good thing Nene Lakes didn’t give up that 20k! LMAO
    So that said…he’s a fraud
    I’d just love to shut him down. Did I mention he’s using two tax id’s? We did report that to the IRS…muahahaha HE JUST GOT HIS FAKE 501C3 LAST MONTH (NOVEMBER 2014)

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